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I know that it is something that has been smilingly done to death but even when it comes to getting dates and picking up girls; YOU MUST HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE.

A positive attitude is not just a type to thought process that you have or have to fight all day to maintain. A positive attitude is a commitment that you make to yourself. This commitment is incredibly important when it comes to getting along with girls.

I am certain that most guys are familiar with negative response that most girls have when you pay any kind of attention to them. A positive attitude is the only thing that will keep you in the game and trying. Without an upbeat attitude, this first female impression can have devastating consequences on you psychologically.

The positive attitude is sort of like making a commitment to yourself not to overeat or to stop smoking. This attitude change is for your benefit and it will change your life for the better in all ways. With women in particular, you will find that a positive outlook and attitude will open all sorts of new possibilities for you that you did not see before. The reason for this is that our minds tend to reflect those things that we focus on. If we are negative then we tend to see those negative things, while all of the positive experiences are either ignored or missed completely.

If you must focus on something then, try to focus on the positive aspects of your relationships and your encounters with women. If a girl does react to you negatively, then remember that she is most likely the focus of a lot of male attention, and this attention can be quite annoying after a while. And that’s just the nice guys; think about all of the jerks out there and what the average girl has to put up with on a regular basis.

So if you get negative responses then let them slide off and remember to have a bit of understanding and compassion; let this compassion propel you into a positive state. The road to success is paved in a positive attitude. If you think that this is not the case with women and the dating game then I doubt that you will be very good in the dating game. You see, dating is very much like selling brushes; for every one success, there is 10 failures. And this is if you are good at the dating game to begin with. Therefore a positive attitude is the only thing that will keep you trying after you have failed and failed again.

Make the commitment right now to be positive, to stay positive and to be upbeat about all of your relationships with the opposite sex. In very short order you will see that the good energy that you are projecting is going to be sent back to you. Women will see that you are an optimistic person with a fun and happy attitude and they will become much nicer and open to you. And even if some individuals aren’t nice to you and you are faced with rejection, with a positive attitude you will have the strength and determination to keep trying until you succeed.


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