Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

There are many habits resorted to by the average businessman which could be improved upon generally to his advantage. One is that of rejecting as often as possible the different agents, drummers and canvassers who call upon him. Those who do so cannot estimate the many valuable ideas and the number of profitable investments they possibly lose in a single year.

The business man who has strength of character enough to conduct his business on his own judgment will not often be influenced by this class of representations to make investments detrimental to his affairs. And those who are weak enough to do so can at least have the satisfaction of profiting by their experience. It should not be forgotten that the great army of representatives above referred to are usually men of wide experience, many of whom have often visited every corner of the globe, and are certain to possess ideas often worthy of consideration.

Another mistake many make is not giving more special attention to circulars and advertising matter received by them. Instead of immediately throwing them into the waste-basket, let a suitable receptacle be provided in which to place them until such time as they can read and consider every word contained in them. They would often obtain “valuable” pointers, which could be used in their own business, besides occasionally finding something new on the market suitable to their trade.

While there are any number of impostors constantly flooding the country with their advertisements, in must be conceded that there are more than a corresponding number of wide-awake, energetic houses doing a strictly legitimate business exclusively by advertising. As it is an easy matter with the modern facilities we have to ascertain the true standing and business rating of every house there can certainly be more gained than lost by giving a little special attention to it.

There are but few business houses who can afford to defray the expenses and use valuable time required in sending out circulars, etc., without a feeling of confidence in their own minds, at least, that they are introducing something of merit.

In this day of inventions and progression, every business man should do away with hobbies and old-fogy ideas as much as possible, and take an interest in the investigation of everything placed before him.

He should not overlook the fact that a single thought or idea whether absolutely original or the outgrowth of someone else’s ideas or inventions may prove the turning point in his life.

The reading of advertising matter is likely to give a general idea of other people’s methods, and will at least be likely to advance one mentally if not financially.

Uncle J.P. is giving you the keys to the palace when it comes to advertising your wares. There is no better way to learn about what to use and what to try, then to read every single scrap of advertising material that you get. Spam is spam but there is a difference between spam and newsletters and articles from those that have proven themselves to be leaders in their field.

If there is an advertisement in a magazine that looks promising, then pursue this lead and see what you can dig up in the way of reviews for this agency or system. All leads are good leads and it’s better to go through something and find that it’s a waste to you, then to give up a possibly great piece of information or resource. If you found the wrong thing then you found one less thing to get caught in and have learnt a way to focus your efforts even further. Inspiration can be found everywhere.


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