Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

Whenever you interact with anyone, you are always leaving a memory of yourself with them. Realize now that it is your responsibility to leave the best possible impression of yourself so that when the people that you are interested in look back, after you have left, they are filled with a very positive memory of you.

Always think of leaving this unforgettable memory of yourself with the opposite sex. Creativity is a wonderful way to do this.  Women deeply enjoy men that have a creative and passionate streak. Sometimes just by going into your creative weirdo, you can come up with many ways that you can make a lasting impression on others. Your wardrobe and fashion for example are great ways to distinguish yourself from the herd and make an impression.

Women tend to feel that men that exhibit rebellious dress are rebellious themselves. A guy with a loud wardrobe and an energetic personality is seen as a loud idiot by other men but that is not what women see. They see a dominant man that is willing to go out and do what he likes, which are many of the qualities of an alpha male. Men hate this kind of individual because he poses a threat to them while women, whether they admit it to others or not, are instantly attracted to his energy.

Men also like exciting and creative women. They are not just looking for the crazy Betty Page, they are actually interested in women that show a sense of independence and personal style. Give up on the frumpy subdued clothes (unless that’s your true style) and experiment with your wardrobe. Think about how you can change your persona so that you become more mysterious and interesting. There is no need for skimpy wear, that’s the easy way out anyway, the idea is to enhance your natural personality and to add just a dash of spice.

Remember to be positive and to always be kind and generous in your nature; there is no need to be a jerk. Try to think about what a woman or a man will say to others and to themselves when you leave. This will give you the basic idea of how you should act and what you should do to leave the best impression possible. If you are having trouble with this concept, think about it in business terms; you are trying to leave a very alluring/professional impression on the people that you are interested in dating, that will get them to think about you after you have gone. This impression has to be strong enough to compel your love interest to seek your company again.

The impressions that we leave on others are sometimes dim and sometimes bright. You can leave a positive, exciting impression or you can leave a negative, repulsive one. You are ultimately the person that chooses the kind of memory you leave in others. You are responsible for this impression so make sure that you work hard to become memorable.


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