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I’m not sure if you have heard of the power of body language, but if you haven’t let me tell you that its pretty amazing stuff. People that have a good understanding of body language can read others like a book and it appears that most(perhaps all) of our internal reality is expressed either consciously or subconsciously through body language.

What is perhaps even more amazing; by consciously controlling our body language, we can actually control our feelings and how we interrelate with the world around us. For example if you were to smile right now for no good reason, you would find that you are actually feeling quite happy.  The body is a brilliant machine that maintains holistic union at all costs, and body language is a great way to control this machine. The reason for this is that there is very little maybe in body language, You either are or you are not. We can use this bit of fact to our advantage, or as that famous little dictum says, we can literally “FAKE IT TIL WE MAKE IT”.

Perhaps you are an Alpha Male or perhaps you are not (Read the Secrets of the Alpha Male if you are not sure). I am assuming that you want to be a dominant male and that you want to act accordingly at all times, and that is why you are reading this article. Why would you want to be the Alpha Male; because they get respect, get noticed and get most of the girls. Reason enough I would imagine.

So if Body language controls your internal representations and also controls the way others see you, perhaps the best way to begin to become an Alpha Male is to control your body language. To master this body language style, I am going to break it up into three distinctive techniques:


Always keep your chin up, try to never look up at anyone.  Why do kings address others from a throne on a pedestal? Why do you stand on a podium to speak? Because being higher up denotes authority. You might think that you stand on a podium so that everyone can see you and that is part of the reason but the critical reason is that on a podium you command attention. Others look up to you in deference.

Therefore to command attention and denote your higher status, keep your chin up at all times. Don’t overdo it as you might crash into a coffee table or something but generally keep your chin higher  than anyone else in the room. If you find yourself in the presence of a very domineering person, make sure to keep your chin higher than theirs and whenever possible look down your nose at them. Again don’t over do it. The more subtle that you can be, the better.
Be tall. Don’t walk around or sit with bad posture. Expand your limbs so that you are always as stretched out as possible. The key is to strive for height.

If you happen to run into a very tall person and literally have to look up at them, arch your back with your chin raised and look up at them that way. What you are doing is basically arching yourself so that you can still look down at the giant.

Do not go up to a girl and snuggle under her and look up with you big Bambi eyes. Girls like Bambi as a stuffed toy not as a potential mate. Once you get to know a girl and you like each other, then you can start being more yourself but in order to subliminally tell her that you are an Alpha Male to keep an eye on, make sure that you look down on her for a while.


Alpha Males take up more space than insecure lower cast males. They conquer their space and they own it. They are not afraid to expand their body and take up more room than their neighbor. Subtlety is again the key here, don’t walk around like a paranoid King Kong on a mission.

Try to keep your feet shoulder width apart when standing, expand your chest and open up your arms a bit.  When you sit, make sure to open your legs wide, remember you are not a lady. Use your hands and arms to own your space.


Make sure to let go of any tension in your body, alpha males are seldom nervous. Don’t try to not be nervous or scared, just don’t be tense. If you feel your body tensing up, just focus on the tension and relax it. Focus on your posture if you get nervous; concentrate on keeping your dominant posture and this should divert some of your uneasiness.

Remember also that posture actually affects our internal feelings so as long as you relax your body, keep your chip up and take a wide stance, you should begin to feel pretty comfortable. When standing, I recommend that you keep all your weight or most of it on one foot, this gives you a nice relaxed look and should help with most of the body tension.

Lastly; did I mention not to overdo it? Body language is essentially subliminal so you want to make your point but you don’t want others to notice that you are making a point…get it?


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