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Men tend to think that bragging is somehow a bad underhanded way to get a date. I will tell you the only way that bragging is underhanded;

It’s underhanded when you are lying, period.

Think of yourself as a product that you might be selling. I know this does sound kind of shallow in a sense but you must realize that any time that you are meeting someone else with the intent of getting something from them, whether that be love, friendship, or a date; you are essentially selling yourself to them. You should not think of this as a bad thing or as a shallow thing, we all judge others and others are always in some way or another judging you. With this in mind, think of the advertising industry and how it is that you find something that you want and eventually purchase that item.

Well, one of the most used techniques in advertisement is bragging. Nothing speaks louder than speaking well about your product, playing up all of its qualities and selling features. In essence then when an advertiser uses a commercial or a billboard let’s say, what he is really doing is a form of bragging. What he is doing is making sure that you the buyer know just how wonderful his product is, that you understand all of the wonderful features that his product has and how they can help you.

When you want to get a date then what you are doing is trying to impress a guy or girl so that he/she buys you. Certainly we like to use a different vocabulary such as picking her up, reeling her in, trolling, throwing your line out, etc. It makes you wonder if the first single guys out there were guys in chest high waders with a bunch of old hooks in their hats?

Anyway the point is that advertising your product(s) is a good thing and advertising is just really a different way of saying ‘bragging’. So if you want to get a date, remember that you will need to brag, you will need to let your potential partner know, in the most articulate and dynamic way possible, that you are a great catch. Always remember though that the trick to bragging is to do as much of it as you can but to not make it seem like you are not bragging 😉


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