I try to write the articles from both male and female points of view, but if there is an article written from a male perspective instead of female for example, please realize that all these articles are applicable to both men and women.

I will be adding more and more as time goes on and the articles will touch on more complex ideas as time goes on as well. They are meant to encourage, entertain, and educate.

  • A Positive Attitude Gets Girls +

    I know that it is something that has been smilingly done to death but even when it comes to getting dates and picking up girls; YOU MUST HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE.A positive attitude is not just a type to thought process that you have or have to fight all day Read More
  • Become Memorable And Get More Dates +

    Whenever you interact with anyone, you are always leaving a memory of yourself with them. Realize now that it is your responsibility to leave the best possible impression of yourself so that when the people that you are interested in look back, after you have left, they are filled with Read More
  • Body Language of the Alpha Male +

    I’m not sure if you have heard of the power of body language, but if you haven’t let me tell you that its pretty amazing stuff. People that have a good understanding of body language can read others like a book and it appears that most(perhaps all) of our internal Read More
  • Bragging Gets You Dates +

    Men tend to think that bragging is somehow a bad underhanded way to get a date. I will tell you the only way that bragging is underhanded; It’s underhanded when you are lying, period. Think of yourself as a product that you might be selling. I know this does sound Read More
  • Do Blondes Have More Fun? +

    There has not been a more heated discussion than; Do blondes really have more fun? The answer to the question is simple; If you believe that those that get more attention have more fun, then yes blondes definitely have more fun. Scientist have been debating the whole blonde issue for Read More
  • Get Noticed +

    Getting noticed begins by creating a persona or look that is so enchanting that it actually compels people to look at you and pay attention to you. This ‘persona’ has to be well thought out and must be executed in a methodical fashion, very much like an election campaign. You Read More
  • Good Relationships Start By Knowing Yourself +

    Good relationships are key and a fundamental in everyone's life. Even if you are completely alone and do not have a relationship with anyone, you actually do have a relationship with others; this relationship is a relationship of no relation. You are choosing in one way or another to separate Read More
  • Great Relationships Start With Rapport +

    Relationships are a very important thing. They are the foundation of most of our lives and they bring us joy and can even bring us success. As a dater relationships are the main focus of all your efforts; as a dater what you are basically trying to do is to Read More
  • How to Avoid Conflict in a Relationship +

    Relationships can be quite trying sometimes. Sharing a life with the love of your life requires a lot of growth and compromise by both partners. While there are many things that you will probably agree on, there are also many things that you will require some kind of compromise from Read More
  • How to Call Someone for a Date Part 1 +

    The first time that you call a person for a date can be incredibly scary. Even the follow-up to a second date can often be quite difficult. The only way to get over this fear is to be well prepared so with that in mind here are some points that Read More
  • How To Flirt +

    It is really important, whether you are a man or woman, that you learn how to flirt. The reason for this is that flirting is the best way to break the ice in order to get to know people that you are in interested in. Flirting is as natural as Read More
  • If You Can Get Them to Laugh, You Can Get a Date With Anyone! +

    Humor is one of the greatest things that you can use when you're trying to get a date. It is a communication strength that you need to master in order to get the opposite sex interested in you. If you can get the person that you are interested in to Read More
  • Learn To Listen And Get A Date +

    Do you want to know how to go from someone you have just casually met to a hot date? It’s easy to get a date with a “hottie” if you are just able to do one very simple thing; LISTEN. Let’s say that you have just been introduced to a Read More
  • Nice Girls Do And Here Is How +

    Nice girlsare always the most beautiful. They seem unspoiled by the silliness of pop fashion and they seem to keep a level head while all others are desperately trying to replicate the Hilton lifestyle. Their skin is less dry and brittle because they don't seem to have the need to Read More
  • Pay someone a compliment and get a date +

    If you follow the ‘Pick up artist’ community and try to practice their techniques, you will know that the last thing that most of them recommend is to give someone a complement. Most of them actually tell you to do the opposite so as put yourself in a superior position Read More
  • Question To Get Your Look Just Right +

    In an earlier article I discussed the importance of external appearance. I said that from a spiritual perspective, external appearance is also important because external appearances is created from internal beliefs. As such, your external appearance is really an indicator of what you believe about yourself. That you are a Read More
  • Rules of the Successful Dater +

    Dating can be a difficult game to play. You are sticking your neck out there in the hopes of making a meaningful connection or perhaps in the hopes of connecting with someone sexually. This is very natural, we all need companionship.Unfortunately dating can sometimes feel like you are going to Read More
  • Secrets of the Alpha Male +

    What is it that women want and why is it that they always seem to end up with jerks? In a previous article Understanding Human Attraction, I discussed how we should use the idea of a complex society, tribe or pack to understand what human beings are attracted to and Read More
  • Start a Conversation With Anybody +

    The best way that you can begin a conversation with people that you have never met is to convey to them as clearly as possible how much respect you have for them and their opinion. The best way to do this is to let the other person dictate a topic Read More
  • The 2 Types Of Voice Tones To Use When Meeting Others +

    As a dater you need to pay attention to your voice. You need to realize that it has a great impact on the person that you are communicating with. The voice can let another person know how confident you are or what you are feeling at the moment. The voice Read More
  • The Importance of Internal And External Beauty +

    Many like to believe that looks are not important. That a good person is involved with more than just physical appearance. That judgment should not be based on external appearance but should actually be based on performance and what the person is like inside. You must realize though that external Read More
  • Top 7 Things Guys Judge Girls On When On A Date +

    While dating, guys are far sharper then they might appear. Make sure that you stay on your toes. Here is a list of the top seven things guys notice while out on a date. With the list in hand, make sure that you are prepared for the next date.Does she Read More
  • Top 7 Things Women Judge Men On When Dating +

    When it comes to dating, you always have to be on your toes. This is at least the case until you both know each other better. Here is a list of the top 7 things that a girl will notice about you when you are on a date. Now that Read More
  • Understanding Human Attraction +

    According to science, and the law of electromagnetism, "opposites attract". But is this a human law of attraction as well? It could be? This might explain the reason why you always see all those classical teams like Abbott and Costello or Tom and Jerry. But just as often we end Read More
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