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There are many peculiarities of the manner in the introduction of goods which have secured the success of many a salesman, but which cannot be initiated by others with any decided advantage.

The original “how do you do?” The Frank freedom of speech and action which characterize certain persons in every walk of life belongs to those individuals naturally and exclusively, and any attempt to counterfeit them or to learn them by rote must always result in awkwardness and failure. No matter if a man has to commit to memory everything he has to say, he should deliver it in his own peculiar manner.

Originality belongs more to the manner of saying everything then to what is said. It is not necessary to say the same thing always in the same way, although we may be compelled to use the same remarks repeatedly. Our actions and modes of expression should at all times be governed by the surroundings, while the words themselves should be those which best express our meeting.

Experience has taught us that it is better to decide upon a certain set of words in describing any particular thing then to rely upon our originality. This made be better illustrated, probably, by reference to the speeches of politicians, actors, and lecturers. No actor ever lived who could step up on stage and improvise the speeches of Hamlet so well as the playwright has written them. Yet in the presentation of that character no two actors have ever been the same.

A politician familiar with his points may extemporize for a time in his speeches but he sooner or later finds a certain set of words which express his meaning directly and plainly and he necessarily drops into these as a matter of convenience, if not of eloquence.

The principles which govern the politician, the actor, and the lecturer in their various roles are the same which should govern all classes of salesmen.

Uncle J.P. is giving you some tips about how to introduce your goods products or ideas to the public. He begins by letting you know from the start that it is never a good idea to try and copy another salesperson. He says that it is next to impossible to try and duplicate another person’s peculiarities and trying to do so will only make you sound unnatural. He says that such frank freedom of speech cannot be learned even if you try to memorize everything exactly the way they say it, and that you should give up on trying to copy these people; that you should develop your own style. He says originality is created in how you say a thing and not exactly what you say. He says that we should let our surroundings be our judge as to what words and expressions we should use and that you should try to express meaning instead of trying to copy a certain style.

Uncle J.P. gives you a very good piece of advice which is that experience has taught the sales community that it is always better to decide upon a particular set of words to use them to try and rely on your originality at the moment. He uses the example of the politician, the actor, and the lecturer to make the point that it is never a good idea to go in there without having memorized a good set of standard phrases and speeches. He says that only after you have developed good and eloquent capability with your set phrases should you try to develop your own particular style, and that this style should develop naturally as you find that there are certain words and phrases that express your meaning better than others.


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