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There has not been a more heated discussion than; Do blondes really have more fun?

The answer to the question is simple; If you believe that those that get more attention have more fun, then yes blondes definitely have more fun.

Scientist have been debating the whole blonde issue for years now and there have been a number of theories that have been postulated to try and clear up the whole debate, in a more scientific bend of course. The latest and seemingly most popular, was the theory that was presented by a scientist called Peter Frost. His theory states that Blonde hair and blue eyes were a genetic advantage that allowed some North European women to find mates at a time when males were scarce.

This theory, if interpreted correctly, gives us the greatest advantage of blonde hair. Blonde haired women stand out!

But this is so only if you are in a room full of mostly dark haired people. If a very dark haired brunette walks into a room full of blondes, then you can bet that she is the one getting all the attention. But this is only part of the blonde secret.

For a number of years I was a professional photographer and as a result I was deeply interested in image composition. Certainly as a photographer, it was definitely something that required my full attention. If I did not take a good picture, if my picture was not eye catching; I didn’t get paid. The study of picture composition therefore can shed some light on ONE of the biggest reasons why blondes are so popular.

Very early on, you learn in photography that the eye always goes to the brightest spot. Basically any time that you look at a picture, your eyes will naturally go to the brightest spot on that picture, then they will take in contrast and shadows, lastly they will put together complex forms and give these forms meaning (form and meaning incorporate the brain which accesses memory, beliefs and learnt behavior).

Every time that you look out on the world, you are taking a small picture. This picture becomes dynamic as you take a large number of pictures, process these until you have a moving and dynamic panorama of your personal existence in 3D space.

If a girl is walking down the street with bleach blonde hair, she will most likely be the brightest thing in the field of vision of any of the pedestrians that share the street with her. She will most likely take first place in any person’s visual field. The pedestrian eyes will go to her blonde head first.

Very light blonde hair is not only dynamic (like all healthy hair), it also naturally reflects and seems to glow with any light source. So even in a dark environment, bright blonde hair seems to come alive and can sometimes almost seem to glow. Imagine how huge of an advantage that is in just about any social situation!

Other earlier studies on this blonde issue have also suggested that blonde hair is also attractive to men because light hair is usually a sign of youth. This theory is based to the fact that most children, of Caucasian ancestry, tend to be born with lighter hair which becomes darker as the child ages.

If you have read my earlier article, Understanding Human Attraction, you will be familiar with my theory that men are attracted to youth, vigor and strength. Since this is the best way to make sure that your genes survive, men naturally want to mate with young women. Men want to have a child with a woman that will be young and strong enough to raise his children to maturity so that they have the best chance of survival.

Blonde hair therefore carries an almost instinctual correlation to youth, and youth is an incredibly huge facet of feminine beauty. Add to that a ditsy attitude that resembles childlike innocence, and you have a killer combination.



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