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It’s really easy to answer this question; if there is a fire in your place or you were robbed, how much would it cost to replace all the stuff that you own? With renters insurance you should be covered for all the losses that you incur which makes renters insurance a no-brainer.

Renters insurance will:

  •  Protect all your belongings in case of an accident. Make sure that you ask the insurance company for an exact detail as to what and what is not covered with your policy but, the minimal coverage should be robbery and fire. If you are in an area prone to some kind of natural threat like tornadoes and earthquakes, make sure that you talk to your insurance provider to see how you can get covered for this as well.
  •  Renters insurance should also have liability protection just in case someone is hurt in your apartment and perhaps tries to sue you.
  •  Renters insurance can also cover you if something terrible happens to the building that you’re renting in. That way you have coverage just in case you are forced to live somewhere else while the owners repair the building. This can be great protection to renters since they don’t have much control over the maintenance of the property.

It has become increasingly the case that landlords require every renter to purchase renters insurance. This is a good idea because the landlord’s insurance policy does not cover the renter so you should always make sure that you are covered for any contingency.

While renters insurance will not cover you for floods, you will most likely need to get some kind of extra protection for this, it will protect you from being sued by someone who just got bitten in the face by your pet poodle. Liability coverage has become a necessity in the modern world and renters insurance can definitely create peace of mind. This liability insurance can even protect you if a repair man or a delivery man gets hurt while inside your property.

Whenever you are comparing policies, make sure to ask exactly what you are covered for with your policy. Please note that:

  • some companies provide coverage for only a certain amount of time
  • some companies have a financial cap at a certain dollar amount, in other words they will cover you up to a certain monetary amount only

Before you get renters insurance, make sure that you walk around your apartment and determine the value of all your stuff. If you can, try to videotape this process and make sure to get serial numbers from everything that you own. Try to keep a copy of this video somewhere safe like perhaps your mother’s house or in the house of a trusted friend. This information can be quite valuable if you ever need to make a claim.

When money is an issue, make sure to ask about any deductions to your premiums. Some insurance companies will make deductions to the insurance premiums if the apartment that you are living in has a security system or smoke alarms set throughout the building. You could also see about saving on the cost of your insurance by asking if the insurer provides a lower rate if you have multiple insurance policies with them, for example you could try to get your renters insurance through the same company that insures your car, in this way it is possible that the company can give you a better rate overall. Also see if your employer is eligible for any discounts through different insurance companies as this can make a big difference as well.


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