Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

The first thing to consider is, “what am I adapted for in the way of business?” Because others succeed in a certain line is no reason why you should succeed in the same line.

Energy, perseverance and push will accomplish wonders once extended in the right direction; but be sure you are right before you extend them.

Trying to carry on a business for which you are in no way fitted is like putting your head against a stone wall. You will never succeed that way.

A man fitted for an artist’s profession should not engage in blacksmithing; and a man who cannot carry on an ordinary conversation without embarrassment, should not start out as a book agent.

Before engaging in any business, study yourself well. Look over your nature thoroughly and understand yourself. Above all do not place too high an estimate upon yourself. Always consider your capabilities, but do not overlook your shortcomings.

Consider also your training. You cannot walk before you creep. No man can jump into a large business at one sweep unless he has an abundance of capital behind him, and then he will not make a success of it unless he understands all about it.

We are all too apt to want to commence where others left off, or to start at a point that it has taken others many years of labor and experience to attain. Ambition is all right, and it is necessary to success, but impatience brings discontent and is the cause of many failures.

It is a common thing to see a young man impatient to get rich. He thinks that what others have accomplished he can also accomplish, and so he can under the same circumstances if he is willing to endure them; but too often he believes he can, through his own peculiar brilliancy, sweep aside all the obstacles and jump in at once and be at the top. He cannot do so without experience, which he will learn after many hard knocks. Look upon all sides of the business question before you commence.

“All that you do, do it with all your might; things done by halves are never done right. One thing at a time, and that thing done well, is a very good rule, as many can tell.”

If you are going to engage in any business, put your whole soul into it or else don’t go into it at all. It is a waste of time to engage in anything halfway. Either determine to make a success of what you undertake or else don’t undertake it. You can’t keep half your mind on one thing and half on another, for either you will forsake the one and cling to the other or cling to the one and forsake the other.

Many a young man daydreams and fancies himself riding behind a team of spirited horses or in his own automobile, and takes it all out in dreaming.

You must do something besides dream of what you are going to do. Get up and try to do it!

Uncle J.P. starts by letting us know that we should be very careful about starting our business. He tells us that before we engage in any kind of business we need to understand what we are good at. We need to examine ourselves and make sure that we know what it is that we are going to do and that we understand that we are good enough to make a go at this.

He says that many would like to start a business that are not suited for business at all. He says that even though you should be very good at taking business risks when the risks are right, you must first understand every single aspect of the risk you are about to take.

He tells us that many see others in the business world and believe that they can attain the kind of success that this person has instantly. He says that this can be the great downfall of many would be business people because they do not take into consideration the fact that it has taken that other person many years of hard work and experience to get to where they are. He tells us to look upon all sides of our business idea before we begin anything.

After giving us a quote that I have not been able to find the source of, he tells us that if we do engage in any kind of business that we must put our entire heart and soul into it. He says that many people, especially the young businessperson, daydreams all day about how they will achieve business success but end up wasting all their energy on just daydreaming. He says that in order to achieve business success we must stop daydreaming and start acting now!


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