Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

Many agents make the mistake of taking on too much.

Don’t try to see how much territory you can cover in a day, but rather try to see how well you can cover the ground over which you go.

It is certainly a waste of time to have to cover the same ground twice, because you failed to stop everywhere on your first visit.

Thorough, systematic work is what you should do. There is a satisfaction in knowing that you have gotten out of a given territory, all there was in it for you.

A first-class agent can make a good living, following immediately upon the heels of a careless man who was trying to sell the same goods.

The successful agent gets up at a reasonable hour in the morning. He dresses himself neatly, and is at his work promptly at eight o’clock. He picks his territory and works it thoroughly, canvassing every house and not skipping some because he imagines the inmates would not be interested in his goods. He is not ashamed of his business, and does not hide his samples under his coat whenever he sees an acquaintance approaching. He works six or seven solid hours every day, and is not in a hurry to stop work and go home or to his boarding place. He keeps a little note-book wherein he marks down the addresses of those people who seem to be interested in his goods, but who have not the money convenient on his first call. He’s thoroughly up-to-date in every respect, reading everything that comes to his notice that has the least reference to his business, thus keeping himself informed on the latest methods of selling and handling goods, and keeping himself posted on all the new articles that are being put upon the market. He does not poke his nose into other people’s business, but keeps steadily and surely plodding onward. He never says anything despairingly of the town he is in, or of the people. Such an agent is destined to succeed and he does succeed.

A man who is proud of his business, is almost certain to make a success of it. It makes no difference what that business is, providing it is respectable, if there is money to be made out of it, the man who is proud of undertaking it, is the one who will succeed, provided he devotes his energy to it. When you are genuinely in love with your business, it is an easy matter to devote your energy to its successful pursuit. No work can be carried on in a halfhearted manner and made to yield its possibilities.

There is no need of being ashamed of anything you may do to make money, if it is honest. If there’s anything to be ashamed of in your business, you should drop it at once and engage in something else.

The agency business is a legitimate and money making business, and as honorable as any in which you can engage.

Be proud of it stick to it, and you will certainly succeed.

Uncle J.P. starts by letting us know that we should never hurry when we are doing our business. Whether we are in sales or whether we are working towards any kind of promotion of our product or business, we need to make sure that we take the time required to make the best effort where we are. You should always strive to make sure that you take your time and do your business well instead of trying to move as quickly as possible; moving too quickly will allow another businessman to come up behind you and take the business that you were not able to acquire because of your rush.

He gives us a basic idea of how to become a successful business person. He tells us that we should be neat and prompt and that we should maintain good working hours. That we should always try to do those things that we wish to do instead of doing something just because we think that we might be able to make money at it.

Uncle J.P. says that the reason for this is that a businessperson that truly loves what he or she is doing will devote all his or her time to doing it well. If you love what you do then you will not be hiding what you do to others and you will be constantly thinking of ways to improve your business and to increase your output and profit. Your business should become an extension of something that you love to do and in this way it will naturally provide the desire that you need to make the most of your efforts.

He says that if you’re proud of your business, you will surely be a success at it because you will make your best effort at all times with it and you will stick to it.


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