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There is no need for waiting for the unexpected to happen. Make up your mind what you want, and then get up and hustle for it. If you don’t want to much, and it is within the range of possibility, you will get what you want if you try hard enough and are capable of doing what you start out to do. Of course you can overestimate your ability and make a failure of anything.

If you can’t do ordinary figuring, don’t try to be an expert accountant; if you get left every time you try to make a bargain, then don’t attempt to be a horse trader.

If you feel you were born lazy and that it is your privilege to let others work, while you wait for some bonanza to fall into your lap, then make up your mind to be poor, sun yourself on the cellar door like a plant, and wait for something to turn up that never turns.

It is poor policy to wait. There is no use of seeing others ride by in their carriages while you forever walk. Hustle and get your own horse and carriage, or an automobile, if you prefer; others get them, why not you? But don’t daydream. The moss will grow under your feet while you are daydreaming.

Others who hustle will grow rich, while you will live poor and die poor if you never do any hustling for yourself.

If you haven’t any money, that is no reason why you can’t get any, and it is no reason why you will have to work as a servant for others. Start out for yourself on a small scale and stick to it until you are able to do business on a larger scale.

There are hundreds of things that will enable you to get a start. I will tell you about them and I will tell you how to get to work and make money. I can’t do the work for you, but I can tell you how others have done it and made a start on the road to wealth.

Uncle J.P.’s advice in this passage is quite obvious; in order to get the money that you want, you need to hustle. Now what he means by hustle of course is that you need to be a good business person and you need to try to expand your business as much as possible.

It is the case that uncle J.P. was a salesperson but his advice is not limited to sales alone. In order to make any kind of business endeavor a successful one, you need to be able to hustle and to make your dream a reality. You will never be able to get anything done by just sitting around and waiting for something to grab you, you need to make it happen or nothing will happen at all.

Uncle J.P. tells us that if we wish to be poor, then all we need to do is just lay about and take the sun in just like a regular plant. But he says that if you have a plan and this plan is not outrageous, then you can make your business dreams a success. The most important advice that he gives you here is that you should attempt those things that are within your reach. He cautions you not to overestimate your ability or else you will more often than not find failure as opposed to success.


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