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Getting noticed begins by creating a persona or look that is so enchanting that it actually compels people to look at you and pay attention to you.

This ‘persona’ has to be well thought out and must be executed in a methodical fashion, very much like an election campaign. You must first create the look of this persona and perfect this new guise until it becomes incredibly appealing to all senses.

If you read ‘Do Blondes Have More Fun?‘, then you have an idea of how important a commanding visual presence can be. In order to develop this visual presence, you must begin to study a bit about what makes a good picture/photograph. A visually stunning picture must have:

  • A focal point that preferably leads a person’s eyes directly to it. The eye will naturally gravitate towards the brightest spot so this focal point must, if possible, be brighter than the surrounding environment.
  • Good contrast so that there is a definite differentiation between foreground and background. There is nothing that is less visually appealing than a grey on grey image. The eye will pass over such a sight without even registering a mild interest. Certainly a good way to become invisible is to wear grey and muddled tones that blend in to the background. That is why a police ghost car is usually grey.
  • A great form; that takes the eye from the central focus and entices it to explore the figure that makes up the picture.
  • Strong warm colors. A color can have an incredible effect on a viewer, therefore always make sure that you include enticing strong colors that further capture the eyes attention and fill the viewer with pleasant emotions.

The reason that I have outlined the attributes of a good picture are that; every time that a person looks your way, they are essentially taking a picture of you. The eye acts very much like a camera and sends an electrical impulse that essentially plasters a picture of you in their brain. Just imagine how powerful that statement is; when people look at you, they are receiving images, which turn into subjective judgments that are being impressed directly into their brain. You are effecting others by how you look!

It is essential then that you do everything in your power to create a visually stunning picture of yourself. To do this, you will want to use all of the elements that I have outlined above.

But before we do that, lets get back to that persona that I was talking about earlier. The best way that I can describe what I mean by this persona is by using an example from Hollywood: In the 1995 Batman movie “Batman Forever” the character of ‘Two Face’ is lucky enough to have two girlfriends, which is most appropriate for this character of course. His two girlfriends are “Sugar” and “Spice”. One (Spice) is a very sexy dominatrix looking girl with tight leather and all the trimmings while (Sugar) is a delicious blonde that looks like an angel from heaven.

These two girls are great examples of the kind of persona that I am talking about. You could for example take on the persona of the dark dominatrix ‘Spice’ and try very hard to exemplify Spice in everything that you say and do. In order to be successful though, and to outdo all of the Betty Page look alike out there, you must use the elements outlined. You must also strive for iconic simplicity.

What I mean by iconic simplicity is that you must be very much one thing and not anything but this one thing. You can’t be mostly Spice and just a little sugar. You must be all Spice (most puns intended) to the point that you actually become one dimensional. A character can be one dimensional and still be very powerful, the reason for this is that the mind tends to see characters of such powerful singularity as all consuming so that all Spice becomes the very representation of all that is Dominatrix goodness. The eventual outcome of this is that even a glimpse of you in a crowded room, begets mental ideas and ideals of all that is Spicy fun. You become an icon that is larger than life.

Spice is definitely not the brightest object in a room so in order to take advantage to the first element of visual composition, try to look for accessories that would help in this area. For example you could wear a blood red ruby necklace that sparkles in the darkest room. All eyes will turn to it and as they do they will focus on you.
Contrast yourself against your background. If you are going to go into a light room, then there is nothing more contrasting then midnight black leather, spandex, rubber or the like but if you know that you will be going to a dark place (perhaps a nightclub or bar), accentuate contrast by mixing colors. You don’t have to wear all black; you could for example wear a blood red overcoat or cape. Bright metallic blues or purples are also great for contrasting your form against any background. Also don’t forget the power of make-up to create contrast and focus.
Your form must be very appealing of course. Sexually suggestive curves and lines are the perfect way to entice the viewers eyes to follow you. Accentuate your God given beauty.

There is nothing more sexually impacting than red. Use it.

This is of course one persona that you might want to try. There is also Sugar and a host of other great guises that you might want to try. Men of course can also apply all the same techniques to command attention in the very same way.

If you are stuck for ideas on what characters you might want to try, I suggest comic books. There are no more iconic characters than the ones that you will find in the comic universe. I personally prefer the villains, I think that they have more character and are sexier. Also I have always thought that villains get noticed more.

Have fun, Halloween is everyday!



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