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Relationships are a very important thing. They are the foundation of most of our lives and they bring us joy and can even bring us success. As a dater relationships are the main focus of all your efforts; as a dater what you are basically trying to do is to try to build a very good relationship with someone else. This relationship has certain conditions and these conditions must be desired by both parties.

In order to build a good relationship with another, you need to be able to learn how to create rapport with that person. Rapport is the ability to tune into the other person and in many ways become one with that person. Rapport is really a type of empathy in that it allows you to share internally; this permits you to begin to truly understand the other person and to see life from their perspective. There is no stronger technique that you can develop to become a great dater.

  • One of the best ways to begin to develop rapport with another person is to just try to imaginatively put yourself in their shoes. By doing this you begin to naturally allow a part of yourself to become deeply in tune with the other person and you can, imaginatively at first, begin to see the world the way that they do.
  • Another good way to develop rapport is to try and match the other person’s body language. This technique is usually called mirroring in NLP, and it works just like you would think it would. You are essentially trying to mirror the other person and to position your body physically in a way that matches theirs. The trick though is never to mirror a person perfectly or else they will immediately notice what you are doing. Mirroring is a subtle act and the experts would tell you that it’s is preferable to mirror things that are unconscious to the other person, like breathing for example.
  • Rapport can also be developed by asking the correct questions. By asking a person about themselves and about what they believe, you naturally begin to tune into them and therefore build rapport. You could for example ask a person about their personal tastes; whether it is movies, food, or books. You can begin to build instant rapport by getting to know that person better. You can also ask that person about what they like to do for fun and in this way discover about their past and about their personal desires. Another great question to ask is about the person’s family and friends; asking them about their siblings, what their friends are like, or even if they have any pets.
  • Finally the greatest way to build rapport is just to be able to listen to the other person. The more attention that you pay to that other person the more that you will be able to tune into that person and develop rapport with them. By truly paying attention and trying to listen to what the other person says, you will naturally begin to match their physiology and will ask them the right questions because you are truly interested. The best way to build rapport is to make the other person feel important by truly focusing on that person when you are engaging with them.

Rapport is just a fancy new term that gets thrown about a lot now a days. Rapport is really empathy and your ability to empathize with another. Empathy is first and foremost created imaginatively by having you try to see the world from the other person’s perspective. This empathy is fundamentally increased through your desire to TRULY want to get to know the other person. If you can become a master of rapport, or as I like to call it empathy, you will develop incredibly strong relationships that will make you very happy.







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