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It is really important, whether you are a man or woman, that you learn how to flirt. The reason for this is that flirting is the best way to break the ice in order to get to know people that you are in interested in. Flirting is as natural as a bird showing its feathers or as a horny frog singing a midnight Serenade.

Flirting can really be said to be in art. There’s great subtlety and delicacy in how you approach this art and there is definitely a learning curve that can only be surpassed with in the field experience. The great thing about flirting though is that it allows people to interact without the problem of facing rejection directly. You can essentially flirt with people all day long without committing yourself in any way to a cold face to face confrontation. This makes flirting the best way to instigate sensual relations with someone that you are interested.

Here are some tips to get you going in the art of flirting. As I have said flirting does require practice but it’s fun practice that you can do anywhere for your amusement and for the amusement of those around you. Flirting is really having fun, enjoying life, and doing a little coy showing off.

How to flirt 101:

Look approachable; the first step in being a good flirt is showing the people around you that you are relaxed and confident. We are all in a constant state of tense awareness, essentially in the state of fight or flight. Learn to relax this feeling by relaxing your entire being. A little Mona Lisa smile is also a wonderful little add-on.

Learn to read people; in order to become a great flirt you must become more empathic. As a flirt it is a great virtue to be able to read other people and to know what they are thinking so that you know when to push and when to back away. Try to learn a little about body language and also practice the ability to imaginatively put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

Look but don’t stare; a good rule of thumb is to look at the other person for 2 seconds and then look away. You never want to stare at anyone because this will scare them away, even people that might actually be interested in you will be repulsed by stare because a stare from a stranger, even a good-looking one, can have aggressive overtones. Empathy is your best friend here and while there are some rules the to apply, these rules are not set in stone and it is better that you become empathic rather than robotic following some standard routine.

Smile; now this is a tricky thing because you do not want to smile too much or too broadly. The smile is part of that art of flirting that I was talking about. The half-smile is a wonderful thing because it keeps others guessing, you seem happy and coy but, there is always that little ‘but’. When you do approach someone, remember to smile. If the other person seems to be interested in your flirting, and you are confident enough to be able to and try to engage them in conversation, make sure that you to have a broad and happy smile at that time.

Share of yourself; now it is possible that you might want to flirt and leave it at that. Some people just like to flirt and that is all that they are really after. If you do want to meet people though there will be a time when you will have to go up and talk to them or they will come up and talk to you. If this happens, remember to be open and to share of yourself in a natural and confident manner. Open up to the other person in the nice gracious way and try to mirror their body language.

Try to touch the other person; once you are talking to the person that you were initially flirting with, one of the best ways to get the conversation moving in the right direction is to try and casually touch the other person. Try to do this in an offhand manner that does not seem aggressive in any way. In this way you can discover how interested the other person is in you and you can get things really heated as well. If the person pulls back from your touch then you will know that they are not that interested in you or that you are just moving a little too fast. If this is the case then to not react negatively in any way, just move your hand away and once again casually start talking about something that you are both interested in. You can try to touch the other person a little later and see if they are more receptive to your touch then.

Ask them out; if your flirting went well, you are having a great conversation, and there is a little friendly touching going on, make sure that you do not waste the opportunity. If you’re this far then the other person is interested in you for sure. Make sure to seize the moment and ask them out on the date. Let them know that you find them incredibly interesting and that you would like to continue the conversation in the future.

Flirting is the human way of showing your feathers off. You do not need to put yourself in a difficult social situation in order to flirt, you can flirt anytime and anywhere. If you become good at reading people then you will know instantly how good it is going. Someone who is good at flirting can get find a date at an insurance convention.


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