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In our modern world money has become a very important thing. Money is not just what makes the world go around it is also what supports it. Money, name the currency of your choice, is a draft created by governments that should be based on quantifiable goods. Money has become the way we do all our business and it is nearly impossible to get anything for yourself unless you have the money to do so.

It is most important then that you think about money and why it matters to you. As I have stated above money is a very important thing to all of us but it is always important that you defined what money is to you personally. This personal definition should have both objective and subjective understanding so that you are able to understand why you need money as a physical being in this world and also how and why it is that money is so important to you on a personal psychological level.

Before you begin this definition, begin to realize that wanting money is not a crime; that unless you are COMPLETELY off the grid, you need money to survive. Many would like to tell you that the pursuit of money is evil; if that is the case then we can all be said to be evil because we all need money to survive. We all pursue money in our own way because we all need to pay for our daily bread and to also provide for ourselves and our family. To pursue money at the cost of everything else can be said to be a crime; then again the pursuit of anything at the cost of everything else can be said to be a crime as well. Nothing in life is ever black and white and you should never make an assumption about money either. Money is just a means to an end, that end being a better life for yourself and the ones you love. In your own heart you will know when money has taken over your life.

Begin your definition of why money matters to you by defining your beliefs about money. If you explore these beliefs you might find some very interesting ideas, ideas that you should definitely pursue because it is these beliefs that shape your relationship with money. This relationship will either make it very difficult for you to find wealth or it will make it very easy for you to prosper in your daily life.
Do you believe that working hard is good but that being wealthy is the root of all evil? Why? Ask yourself; What do I believe about money? You might be surprised at what your answers are to these question. If you are poor, or are working impossible hours, question your beliefs about money. Changing these beliefs can complete change your monetary reality. Any answers that you are able to discover can shed great light into your current financial situation.

In defining why money matters to you, you must also define why money matters to you in a purely practical sense. What this means is that you must figure out how much you spend and why you spend in the way that you do. This definition essentially involves your ability to define how much money comes into your life and goes out of your life on a weekly, biweekly, and monthly basis. You must create some kind of chart or some kind of personal financial statement that allows you to see how you’re getting your money, how much you’re getting, how much you’re spending, what you are spending it on and why.

These personal objective and subjective definitions of money will allow you to intellectually attain a greater understanding of the role that money plays in your life. Never underestimate your subjective understanding of money and wealth in general. They are the key principles, the beliefs, that set the tone for how you will acquire money, how easy it will be for you to acquire this money, and what you will do with the money that you do have. Money is very important, you must learn to define it before you can become a success at getting and keeping it.






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