I have mentioned in the past that meditation is a very powerful personal experience. Meditation allows you to access your inner realm and in this way discover the true infinity of your personal awareness. Meditation can allow you to rest your body and your mind in a much deeper level than can be attained through regular relaxation and sleep. Meditation can also allow you to focus on your goals and to find solutions to problems that might stand in your way. Meditation can energize your being completely and alter your psyche by expanding the parameters of your intellect. It does this by showing you that your personal reality does not end with the five senses.

Meditation has for the most part stayed unchanged for thousands of years. We know that it was practiced in one form or another by people from all around the world and that meditation has become an integral part of many in the modern world as well. What some might not realize is that there have been some great strides made in inner contemplation; small technological advances that can be used by the average person to greatly further their ability to penetrate their inner realities.

A great visionary and someone who developed some very interesting techniques to expand the meditative state, was a man named Robert Monroe. He was a New York radio broadcasting executives who discovered that certain combinations of frequencies could alter human perception. One of his greatest discoveries was what he referred to as hemi-sync technology. What he was able to do was to create two alternating frequencies, ever so slightly different, and to broadcast each one of these frequencies into a different ear using headphones. The brain was able to hear both frequencies simultaneously and interestingly was able to create a third frequency by combining both frequencies together. In this manner he believed that he was able to get both the left and the right side of the brain working simultaneously as the brain tried to cope with the discrepancies from what it was hearing from the left and right ear.

I have personally tried these CDs that were created through his breakthrough and I find them to be very remarkable. Unlike just a regular music CDs, where you might use relaxing sound to get into a more detached and relaxed attitude, Robert Monroe’s hemi-sync technology allows you to obtain an even deeper sense of detachment; the trick is to concentrate on that third sound and in this way stop the internal dialogue. By discovering a method that allows both the right and the left half of the brain to work in conjunction, he was able to create a meditative state that is far deeper than most can attain on their own.

If you are looking for a powerful way to attain a deep meditative state with ease, I highly recommend the hemi-sync product line. Robert Monroe passed away on March 17, 1955. Fortunately his innovation and discoveries were not lost and they have been improved upon. There is now a large range of hemi-sync CDs that you can get to work on many aspects of your inner and exterior reality. By combining the hemi-sync technology with some subliminal messaging and combining all of this with some very good relaxing music, their CDs are able to help you in many different ways. I highly suggest that you check out the site and that you see for yourself if his products can help you in any way.

I should also mention that Robert Monroe was not just an inventor, he was also an incredibly powerful astral projector. He wrote three books on his astral projection adventures, which you should check out, and was able to attain an expanded state of awareness that few have been able to match. In other words he was a man that walked his talk. For these reasons I recommend his product and I believe that if you wish to give it a try, that if you wish to give meditative CDs a try, that this is definitely something that you need to check out first. Hemi-sync technologies are definitely, in my opinion, a cut above the rest. Click on the link below to get 20% off on their product: