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Do you want to know how to go from someone you have just casually met to a hot date? It’s easy to get a date with a “hottie” if you are just able to do one very simple thing; LISTEN.

Let’s say that you have just been introduced to a really hot girl/guy that you find very striking, and you begin to make small talk. In order to make a great impression and to have that person fall for your charm, all you have to do is pay attention to what they have to say. But this is a skill that must be practiced and perfected;  most people are terrible listeners, they are mostly interested in making a point or showing off.

Most people tend to spout off about themselves without ever really caring about the opinion of the other person, even the people that they are talking to at the moment. Let’s take a short quiz;

•    Are you doing other things when people are speaking?
•    Is your mind wandering around; are you thinking about something or someone else when others are speaking?
•    Do you fake listen so that you can get your own comments in?
•    Are you just waiting for the first possible pause in the conversation so that you can enlighten others with your comments?

If you answered yes to any of the above then you are sorely lacking in listening skills my friend. And I can guarantee you that you are not going to impress that hot babe that you want to get a date with. You will just seem like all of the other pompous jerks that he/she has met before.

When you listen to someone, you have to learn to listen to them with your entire being. Make sure that above all you stay quiet and you let them talk without interruption. Do ask questions but after you do, learn to shut up. One of the worst things that you can do is to finish another person’s sentence, or blurt out an answer before the person has finished telling you their tale.

Do you want to do something great for someone? It’s a simple thing and it is possibly one of the best things that you can do to make another person’s day.  It doesn’t take very much really, but it is a skill, a skill that most of us have lost or perhaps were never taught. This skill is the art of listening and truly paying attention to the other person.

If you can do that then you will have that hot girl/guy enthralled in no time. She/he will tell others how interesting you were and how sincere and warm you were.  You will then wonder about this, as I often have, because you will later recall that you had not said much at all. Perhaps you asked good questions, you made eye contact, and you repeated little phrases like; “really..”, “amazing..”, ”that’s horrible..”, or “wow!”

Learn to truly listen to others and you will charm them every time!


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