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Nice girlsare always the most beautiful. They seem unspoiled by the silliness of pop fashion and they seem to keep a level head while all others are desperately trying to replicate the Hilton lifestyle. Their skin is less dry and brittle because they don’t seem to have the need to add a pound of make-up to their faces or to fake tan all the time. They usually have a true sense of personal fashion; they are not following one pop trend or another but are simply wearing things that they like. I have deep admiration for the nice girls of the world.

And contrary to popular opinion, nice girls like men as much as any other woman. Most men just like to say that nice girls are man haters or prudes because nice girls have very little interest in the average man. Other women also find it easier to label the nice girl as a non entity sexually; imagine the kind of trouble that they would be in if they had to compete with girls that look fantastic even though they are not fashion victims, and  look great without high priced Italian accessories. How hard would it be to compete with a girl that through personal morality and ethics, becomes a catch instead of the just another nameless conquest? I believe that certain egos feel much better with certain labels.

But nice girls are sexual creatures like any other healthy woman. They love men and are very interested in finding a man to be with. They want to experience all that life has to offer just like anyone else. You just have to understand that they tend to be more evolved creatures that are not contented with satisfying simple hormonal needs.       

If you want to meet a nice girl and enjoy all of the benefits of having a decent lady in your life, then you have to understand the fundamental difference between how men are attracted to women and how women are attracted to men:

•    When a man is attracted to a woman, he is usually first and foremost attracted to her body. He will instantly check out her curves and her physical fitness. When he sees a woman that he is physically attracted to, he will then pursue her. If he is interested in a real relationship with this woman, he will begin to find out about her inner self and will eventually, if all goes well, fall in love with her heart as much as he has already fallen in love with her body. I make no excuse, we are what we are and Mother Nature knows what she is doing.

•    On the other hand when a woman, especially a nice girl, is attracted to a man, she will first be attracted to his heart and then begins to be attracted to his body. If she is attracted to your wallet then she is probably not a nice girl.

If you want to find nice girl and you want to become intimate with her, then you have to have her fall in love with your heart. To do this you have to show her firstly that you have a code of ethics or a personal sense of honor that is similar to hers. You have to show her that you are creative and passionate. You have to show her that you are caring and that you are willing to, at least with her, show your tender side. You have to essentially make her fall for the inner you.

It doesn’t mean that you have to turn yourself into a girly man. Actually the opposite is the key here. A nice girl, a beautiful, nice girl, is usually looking for a real man. A man that is strong and passionate. A man that has a code of honor. A man that is willing to share himself honestly with her because he isn’t afraid of the world.

One bit of warning before you go out all hell bent on finding yourself that beauty of which I speak:

It’s quite possible that once you find her, you won’t want to let her go. Nice decent girls have a way of making you realize very quickly what you had been missing. When you have had fine cuisine, it’s hard to go back to leftovers.


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