Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

One of the duties of every businessman is to employ the most competent and trustworthy help available. To be constantly surrounded by men of practical ideas and strong personal characteristics, gives prestige and confidence, and is sure to result in a more thorough and satisfactory management of affairs in general.

It is small details, and the apparently trifling affairs of business of any magnitude, that requires a caring close attention of a practical assistant. For as a rule, the proprietor of a concern will lose time and money in the attempt to devote the necessary attention to them, and especially so should he belong to that class of men known as salesmen.

There are, perhaps, no class of salesman more in need of instruction or information regarding their business than the average clerk.

This can readily be accounted for, from the fact, that in the generality of cases the proprietors themselves do not know what constitutes first-class salesmanship, and those who are not experts themselves and never having employed the best talent, cannot realize the vast difference in sales during the year. The great difficulty usually experienced in employing clerks is, that they are liable to fall into a certain rut from which they scarcely ever extricate themselves.

Uncle J.P. is letting us know here that we must be very discerning when it comes to hiring staff for our business. That the ability to be surrounded by individuals of strong and positive character can only help us increase our business because they are a positive influence on ourselves and on our customers.

He tells us that it is indeed the case that any good business person needs a good assistant. That a business person needs to allow a good assistant to take care of those day-to-day matters that can rob the business person of the time that he or she requires to get out there and promote and expand the business. He says that this is most important if the business person is the salesman that must be constantly focused on getting new business by selling both his firm’s name and his product. This kind of person needs to be constantly focused on getting out there and pushing his product and does not have the time or the energy required to take care of the administrative duties that are part of every business.

He also lets us know that if we do hire individuals that will be selling our product themselves, that it is always a good idea to make sure that we instruct them properly. This is the case because a new clerk to any organization usually does not have as much of an idea as to how to go about salesmanship. He says that this is quite often the business owner’s fault because they are not themselves good salesmen and therefore do not know how to instruct properly.

It is up to the business owner then to make sure that the new clerk is instructed properly on how to go about selling your particular product, and that you make sure that you keep track of all of your clerk’s sales so that you are sure to motivate him or her when they seem to be getting into a rut. Make sure that you hire good and competent people but also realize that it is up to you to make sure that those people know what they’re doing. It is up to you to motivate them on a regular basis so that they are always performing well throughout the year.


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