Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

It frequently occurs that a new and inexperienced salesman will do more business the first 30 days, then any other 60 or and 90 thereafter, which is sufficient proof that energy and push are as much required in this particular capacity, as tact and experience; therefore, it should always be constantly borne in mind, that there is no telling what a single effort or an extra exertion in trying to affect sales may accomplish.

You should never forget to be polite, mannerly and even tempered. A failure in the latter will not only be the cause of losing many sales directly, but will drive away customers who do not like to trade with the salesman of impetuous temper.

A stormy or unusually dull day on which a salesperson is most likely to become lax and careless, is the very one on which he should bring to bear his greatest energy and business tact. The duller the day the greater the necessity for an effort to urge the few customers who do call to make purchases, with a view of keeping up a good average sale.

The average salesman does not realize the importance of calling customers attention to new lines of goods as they are placed on sale, but is often too lax to suppose that because he may have failed to make a sale by doing so two or three times in succession that it is too much trouble for the profit gained by it. This is a practice that should not be omitted, for every salesperson should understand that this time belongs to the proprietor, and whether a sale is made or not, he has done his duty and will expect his full salary when it is due.

The most enterprising and successful salesman will never lose the opportunity to sell the class of goods which pays the largest profit, nor make the sale to the customer who had the least thought of buying.

He will always be awake to the interest of the business, and will never be heard to say that he cannot sell the better grade, or higher-priced class of goods. A truly competent salesman will not hesitate to tackle anything from a cambric needle to a threshing machine.

The “I can’t” sort of salesperson, who is always complaining that his patrons will by nothing but the actual necessaries of life, is a thing of the past that should not be tolerated. The salesperson who thus expresses himself, not only exposes himself as a “lightweight” in the art of selling goods, but will sooner or later bring discredit to his business. I remark of this kind may easily be misconstrued, to mean that the customers were no more nor less than a lot of illiterate people who had neither taste nor appreciation for the luxuries or good things in life. Never be too shortsighted to see the possible danger in acting in this way.

Uncle J.P. is giving you a short and good lesson on salesmanship here. Whether this applies to you personally or to any sales clerk that you might hire.

He says that a salesperson needs to make sure that they are always giving their best because it is usually just this desire to do well that gets you the most sales. Something that he says can easily be proved because the best sales are usually made by those that are just beginning because of their enthusiasm and desire to try. It is therefore the case that you should always be pushing yourself even on those dull days where it seems like there’s very little business at all. He says that you must always push yourself to promote the new sales items to every single customer that you see and that you should not get discouraged with yourself if you fail over and over again but that it is your responsibility as a salesperson to always try to do your best for either your business or your employer’s business.

He says that a good salesperson should always be polite because no one wants to purchase anything from anyone that acts in a snobby fashion. That any salesperson that takes on a superior attitude where they believe that the patrons are only buying just what they need, will often create friction with customers and might even bring a bad reputation to the business because a customer can easily believe that those statements mean that they are cheap and uneducated. Whether it is you personally or someone that you have hired to do your sales, make sure that you never allow this kind of attitude to happen because sooner or later it will discredit the organization.


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