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In an earlier article I discussed the importance of external appearance. I said that from a spiritual perspective, external appearance is also important because external appearances is created from internal beliefs. As such, your external appearance is really an indicator of what you believe about yourself. That you are a natural internal sculptor of your external appearance.

If you have read that article and you did get a chance to work on your beliefs systems, this article will show you some further questions that you can ask yourself to further improve how you feel about yourself and in that way to take both internal and external actions to look good both on the inside and the outside.

When you get a chance, and you have some time to be by yourself, see if you can find a large mirror. Get your wardrobe and try on every outfit that you have. As you are trying on these different outfits, ask yourself the following questions:

What do I think the person that I seem that mirror?

Is what I see externally a good representation of how I feel internally?

Is  this outfit and this external appearance representative of what I am personally or what I am at work?

Is what I see representative of what I want others to see?

How confident does this outfit make me feel? Score yourself from 1 to 10.

If I saw a person like the person I see in that reflection walking down the street, what would I think about that person?

If I were given the chance, what comments would I make him/her; what advice would I give to the person that I see?

With these questions you should be able to make a deeper exploration into the way that you feel about your external appearance. These questions are also very good at showing you and giving you clues about possible action that you can start taking in order to fix your wardrobe and your external appearance. For the last few questions try to see yourself in a detached manor. In this way you will be able to discover new perspectives about the way you look, commenting on yourself as if you are a stranger that you saw walking down the street. Be honest and be brave, and with these questions you will be able to create the perfect look that showcases your internal and external beauty simultaneously.






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