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Every person engaged or interested in any way in business, has at some time in his career felt the need of advice as to the best and surest means of winning success in the commercial field. This need has been felt not alone by the beginner, but frequently by men whose whole lives have been spent in the endeavor to make money.

There is but one source from which such advice can come authentically, and that is from the successful men–men whose experience has been obtained, and whose success has been won in the very paths now being tried by those who are in need of advice.

It must be admitted by every candid thinker, that great wealth is not always the surest proof of superior ability.

Opportunity has frequently played a large part in man’s success; there are men whose natural intellect cannot be questioned, whose lives have been spent amid surroundings unfavorable to their development. The shrewdness and intellect of a Vanderbilt, Gould or Sage, may have been cooped up in a X-roads store, where the brightest minds from which they could have gathered the light, were the country schoolteacher, circuit preacher, and the occasional drummer, who dropped in to sell his goods, and tell his latest stories. There is little inspiration in such surroundings, and it is probable that many of our great money kings would never have been heard of, had they been so situated.

However, I believe the most acceptable theory and the science of commercial success is, that usually every man makes his own. In other words, the man who is naturally the shrewdest and most sagacious and energetic, will never lose a chance to take advantage of opportunities; and there is no doubt, that what many persons complained of as being ill luck is simply the result of their failure to grasp the situation that a shrewder man, with less caution, would have taken advantage of, and thereby gain success.

Uncle J.P. is quite frank about letting us know that the only business advice that we should ever take is from a man or woman that has become a business success in the very field that we wish to be a success in. He says that this advice is needed by both the person just starting out and by the person that has been at his craft for a long time.

He also stresses the fact that opportunity is quite often the cause of great wealth and it should not be believed that just because a businessman is quite wealthy that he is actually very good at business. As an example he tells us that many of those born from great business families of the past were not the best of salesmen and businessman, but that they found themselves with the opportunity because of the success of their forefathers. And that many a traveling salesman quite often shows the very shrewdness and spirit that could turn him or her into a wealthy and successful business person on his own.

He does say though that opportunity is responsible for only so much. That a truly good business person is one that makes opportunities for himself. That it is those with a shrewd and intelligent character, that possess “the eye of the Tiger”, that will actually be true successes in the field of business or sales. He says that such good business people are possessed of the ability to take chances when they need to and to be able to make those chances work for them. True business success is born from the energetic ability to take risk and the intelligence to overcome the obstacles on the way to success.


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