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The question of advertising has become a matter of great importance, and despite the theory of the old fossil who refuses to pay out his cash for this purpose, on the principle that “bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”, it has been most satisfactorily demonstrated that a liberal use of printers ink, in constantly keeping a firm’s name before the public, is the only absolutely successful way to develop a small business and to assure continued success to a large concern. And the mammoth concerns throughout the country who formerly organized their business by strong combinations, and have for years sustained themselves by careful catering to their old and established trade, are fast waking up to a sense of their duty, only to realize that in the rush for prosperity their smaller competitors are rapidly gaining ground by their liberal expenditure of money in modern advertising; and the same principle will apply to any business, no matter how small. Good results can always be expected from judicious advertising.

I am a firm believer in exclusive newspaper advertising, especially in the larger cities, and while there is no doubt but that more or less results come from any sort of advertising, the whole proposition at once resolves itself into a question of the economy. In other words, how can I get my name or my firm’s name before the greatest number of people, at the least possible expense?

In advertising, publicity itself is a great factor, and for this reason, a photo engraving of the head of the firm inserted with a well-written advertisement, with full black border surrounding it, to appear at regular intervals at the top of page next to reading matter, of a newspaper with a large circulation, is bound to attract attention and bring business.

A newspaper with a large circulation can afford to and will give very much lower rates and proportion to their circulation, then a paper with a small list.

Another thing that I am a believer in, in newspaper advertising is, large space less frequent, rather than small space appearing often. Take space enough to go into detail, in explaining the merits of whatever you have to offer to the public; not with the expectation that every person who reads the newspaper is going to read your advertisement, but with the idea that no one, except those interested in what you have to offer, is expected to read it or even take particular notice of it; yet always keeping in mind the fact that no reader, no matter how little interested, can entirely avoid seeing it, and that sooner or later a percentage of these readers or possibly some friend or acquaintance of theirs, will be in need of what you are advertising.

Uncle J.P. here tackles the question of whether it is prudent to advertise or not. He lets us know right away that he is very much a believer in advertising. That those that advertise will profit while those that believe that they are saving their pennies will eventually get beat out by the more enterprising business.

I great tip that he gives us all, is that smaller business has a possibility of overcoming larger and well-established businesses if it is able to take good advantage of advertising. That while large companies might be set in their ways as to how they go about establishing business, A new company with new and bright ideas as to how it advertises its products, can outperform and out-run a larger and less flexible organization.

Indeed it is the case that in his time there was not much advertising to be done outside of the newspaper but his advice still applies because whatever applies to newspapers can also apply to the Internet. With this in mind he lets us know that it is better to have one big banner instead of trying to have one small banner that shows up on a regular basis. He says that it is better to be seen on a large scale rather than a small-scale that can be easily overlooked. Another piece of advice that he gives is that sometimes it is possible to get a better rate advertising with a large syndicated website or newspaper then it is with a smaller one. The reason for this is that the increased number of views to this site or newspaper makes it an overall winner when it comes to advertising dollars.

Uncle J.P. tells us that we should never underestimate the power of advertising. That a small business can overcome a large one if it is able to creatively pursue advertising, and in that way completely outclass the bigger and less flexible competitors. And if you are going to advertise go big and make sure that it is impossible to miss what you are trying to say.


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