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As a dater you need to pay attention to your voice. You need to realize that it has a great impact on the person that you are communicating with. The voice can let another person know how confident you are or what you are feeling at the moment. The voice has many subtleties and they all have different meanings that are picked up by others whenever we communicate.

There is no need though to become too intricate and this understanding. What you need to understand is that there are at least two different inflections that you need to be aware of. And either one of these inflections needs to be used a certain time in order to achieve a certain goal.

1. The first inflection that you need to worry about is the kind of tone and the kind of voice that you use when you are first meeting people. This tone should be light with a lot of energy and a rather high tonality. The reason for this is that when you first meet people you want to engage them with a lot of personal energy. It is a good rule of thumb to always be slightly more ‘pumped’ than the people that you are getting to know.

When you first get to know people you need to provide the energy that will sustain the relationship. This is especially true if you are walking up to people you don’t know, or an individual that you don’t know, because those people are most likely reticent to meet you. Since meeting a person out of the blue is sort of like making a cold call, you must engage this person with the idea that you must bring forth the energy that will be required to make this initial union a success.

Whenever you introduce yourself to an individual or a group of individuals therefore you must have a high voice that is full of energy. Continue using this voice until you become well acquainted with the people and you break the ice with them as it were. You will want to have this voice with you at all times so that you continue pumping more and more energy into the group or into whatever individual you are talking to.

2. This second kind of voice that you need to be aware of is the voice that you will use when you’re trying to become more intimate with someone. For example it could be the case that he used your initial voice to get to know a group, and using this voice, along with some interesting banter, you broke the ice. It is possible to that you were able to successfully find some ‘one on one’ time with a person from that group that you found very interesting. It is at this point that you will want to use a different kind of voice to try to instigate a more intimate connection.

The second type voice intonation that you need to be aware of is one that will allow you to create a more intimate and sensual connection. This kind of voice needs to be lower and slower. Now you don’t want to overdo it here by trying to do your best Berry White impression. You are though trying to create a certain mood and this mood is instigated by a slow and very comforting voice.

It is a good idea to try to use a low tone so that he or she is the only person that can hear what you are saying. This makes your conversation more intimate and this naturally creates a type of bond. Make this transition a natural one where the person you are talking to does not notice what you are doing. Slow down the pace of your words and if it is possible try to use dramatic stops in your concersations in order to create slight tension.

It is important that you work on the second of voice and practice it because during an intimate situation the other person will be very interested in not just what you are saying but also in the tonality, the rhythm, and pitch of your voice. It is of course a good idea to practice both types of tones so that you are able to flow from one to the other in a natural fashion. Do though try to stay natural so that these two types of voices that you use sound real and not faked. It is also good to stay natural because sometimes you tend to become very nervous when you’re trying to pull off something that is not natural for you. Use the two types of tonality in order to expand your dating success.








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