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Many like to believe that looks are not important. That a good person is involved with more than just physical appearance. That judgment should not be based on external appearance but should actually be based on performance and what the person is like inside.

You must realize though that external appearance is important because there are many that will judge you on what you look like. Unless you live alone in the middle of nowhere, it is impossible for you to go a day without having someone else judge you by how you look. External appearance is very important it tells others many things about who we are personally, how fit and strong you are, and how confident you feel about yourself.

While it might seem that this is not the right thing to say if you’re looking at things from a spiritual perspective, the reality is that external appearance is very much a spiritual thing. The problem in perception really lies in the fact that many believe that external beauty is all external. They believe that beauty comes from without, either through makeup, good genes, wardrobe, or even medical surgery. Spiritual perspective though takes it for granted that beauty comes from within and that even though some of us are born naturally better looking than others, true beauty can only manifest itself from the inside out. What is meant by this is that in order to look good on the outside you must feel good on the inside.

Seen in this way, beauty is in external manifestation of an internal beliefs. The body is seen as a sculpture created by the spirit and not as a separate husk that exist separately from it. Essentially you create the body and the external appearance that you see. You are like a fine sculptor that is in charge of one incredibly beautiful sculpture which is you. You do this sculpting through your beliefs and how you feel about yourself. Two identical twins can seem completely different if one of them holds the belief that he or she is beautiful while the other one holds the belief that he or she is quite ugly.

In order to change your appearance then, you must begin to explore how your beliefs about yourself shape the way you see yourself, and as a result how others see you. A good way to do this is to stand in front of a mirror and honestly ask yourself what you think of the person that is looking back at you. Explore your thoughts and feelings and discover what you believe about yourself by asking yourself why you are feeling what you are feeling.

If you have low self-worth and believe that you have a gigantic nose, ask yourself why you believe this. It seems almost ludicrous to question something that you believe to be fact, that your nose is indeed large and aside from surgery there’s nothing that you can do about it. You might discover though that your feelings of ugliness really stem from some core belief that you have about yourself. If for one second you are able to view yourself through a different light, it is quite possible that you will see that your nose is not so large or that the way that you perceive your nose has everything to do with how others are treating you.

Most of the time people see in us what we want them to see through our personal projections, which they pickup telepathically or through body language. By changing your beliefs and therefore the way you act and the way that you feel, you can greatly alter the way that you look. A change in belief will also get you to try harder to become more fashionable and better dressed. These efforts can greatly alter the way you look.

It is also possible that by changing the way you feel you will alter physiological things that you consider a detriment to your looks. For example many skin conditions can be said to have some kind of psychosomatic aspects. What this means is that your mind is causing these symptoms to one degree or another. By changing how you feel about yourself, and essentially fundamentally changing the beliefs that you have about your looks, you can clear up many of these conditions.

Never underestimate the power of your in internal being. Beauty is an internal matter and it is projected from the inside out. When you get a chance, stand in front of the mirror and explore your feelings. Discover these beliefs and realize that you can change these if they are detrimental to you. If you want to know how to go about changing these beliefs I suggest you read the article” How to stop negative energy permanently“, there I show you 3 very good ways to change belief.


  1. Good behavior can cover the lack of beauty but beauty can never the lack of behavior

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