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We frequently come in contact with men whose failure in business is said to be the direct cause of being incautious. While this is true in many instances, there is no mistake but that where there is one man who is not cautious enough in matters of business, there are at least nine who are too cautious for their own good. They may be possessed of the shrewdness of our greatest financiers, and with their strong perceptiveness see opportunities every few days, by taking advantage of which, they could better their condition; but after one or two days, or perhaps a very few hours’ reflection, allow their bump of caution (as the phrenologist terms it), to come in and play a to prominent part.

The experience of almost every successful businessman is, that to act on his first impressions with force and energy usually results as a victory in his favor. Therefore, less caution and more strict attention to business, instead of more caution and less attention to business seem to be the most profitable stand take.

The one great drawback to the average businessman, is, that he is too willing to let well enough alone. Instead of making his business a constant study (which every man should do), with a view to improvising some new method of conducting it, either by way of advertising or otherwise, he too often sits down with a self-satisfied conviction, that so long as he is holding his own she should be satisfied. No businessman can make a greater mistake than to adopt these old fogy ideas.

Why should any man, who is blessed with good health and ordinary faculties, content himself with a bare living? As a rule, the man who is not aggressive enough to repel such frivolous ideas, would undoubtedly find himself incapable of withstanding the pressure of prosperity, should it unexpectedly be thrust upon him.

Uncle J.P. is telling us here that it could be said that there are many business people who lose great amounts of money because they are not cautious, but that it is indeed the case that while there are some that are quite reckless, the majority of business people suffer from being too cautious. That while they might have the intelligence and the shrewdness to be able to take advantage of many great business situations, they tend to quite often give up on these because of their overcautious nature’s, and as a result lose out.

He advises that every good salesperson should take good advantage of his or her first impression. That they should dedicate energy and strong will to these intuitive impulses because these great impressions are always a cause of great business success if pursued.

He says that the greatest mistake than any business person can make is to be satisfied with just making a living. He says that business study should be prominent on any businessman’s mind and that they should be always willing to expand their business.

He asks why it should be that a business person who is healthy and smart should want to just get by in life. He therefore admonishes all business people to always strive for superior success in their chosen field. He says that it is most likely the case that those that are willing to settle for what they have out of the need for comfort, are most likely the type of individuals that could not handle the stress and responsibility of wealth.


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