Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

The great secret of success is energy. He who possesses a strong willpower or force of character combined with energy, honesty of purpose, and a persistent determination to win, despite all obstacles that may come in his way, is most certain to be rewarded with success. For even though he may display very poor judgment and business ability, and make frequent mistakes as a beginner, if endowed with these traits of character, he will in every instance profit by his errors, and with his indomitable willpower and characteristic go-ahead-at-tive-ness, sooner or later accomplish what a more subdued, or quiet dispositioned man, would have long since given up as an impossibility.

Enthusiasm is catching. So be enthusiastic in your work and you will enthuse the man you seek to interest.

The practical definition given by energetic minds to the word “difficult” is–“ a thing to overcome.”

“Men who have risen in the world are not those who have been helped along, but those who have helped themselves by putting their own shoulder to the wheel.”

“Whether you work for fame, for love, for money, or for anything else, work with your hands, heart and brain,” and work persistently.

The man who plans to advance, and follows it out to the letter weaves a thread which will guide him on to success beyond his most sanguine expectations.

Some agents are always looking for success; others are fearing defeat. ”To expect defeat is nine tenths of a defeat itself.”

To not look for trouble or discouragement in your work. Bring sunshine into your business. Let its rays light the business of others. It is an unfortunate truth that “some people are so fond of trouble that they can’t enjoy honey for thinking of what might have happened had they been stung by the bee that made it.”

If you have ambition and intelligence and will work hard along the right lines, you can make what you please of yourself; you can attain to any situation in life, realize any reasonable ideal or aspiration.

It lies entirely within the man himself in a large majority of instances.

Uncle J.P. is giving you here the key to success; the key to success is great energy. He lets us know that those that have great energy combined with incredibly strong willpower and character will always succeed. He says that even though you might make an error or perhaps feel like a failure because you have not accomplished something, if you hold the successful character traits, you will always end up learning from these errors.

Those that do not hold this energetic character will usually give up in short order. He tells you that without this energetic willpower and character you will not succeed at anything that you aspire to; whether it is in your personal life or in business.

He also says that enthusiasm is catching. He tells us that if we are enthusiastic then we can make those that are around us enthusiastic as well and in this way get them excited about our products or ideas.

He is quite vocal about letting you know that the world has no sympathy or respect for those that develop a losing attitude. He says that in order to have the world on your side you need to become a winner.

Uncle J.P. admonishes us to bring sunshine into our business, and to not be stingy with his enthusiasm. He tells us to be careful to not be so fond of trouble that we actually do not enjoy the rewards that we have attained.

His final words are that if you have ambition and intelligence and are willing to work hard then there is very little that you will not be able to become a success at. He says that even when fate comes up and smacks us in the face, the man with the right attitude and enough energy can only learn from his experience and find a way out of his troubles.


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