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While dating, guys are far sharper then they might appear. Make sure that you stay on your toes. Here is a list of the top seven things guys notice while out on a date. With the list in hand, make sure that you are prepared for the next date.

Does she have a nice smile?
He’ll be nervous and the first thing he will see is your smile. Make sure you have a nice, confident, happy, smile waiting for him.

Does she have a nice body? Men are men so he will notice your body. Wear something nice that makes you look good. Not sleazy, but something that lets him know you are a woman.

Does she have nice hair and makeup? Believe it or not he will notice. If you have nice hair and make up, it means that you care about what you look like and that you are smart enough to do it right.

Is she smart? Guys want smart girls. If he is serious about having a long term relationship with you then he will want to know that you are not an air head.

Is she interested in me or just herself? He will want to feel like he matters. Guys expect girls to do a bit of self-doting but make sure you are acknowledging his presence and his needs.

Is she interested in the stuff I like?
A man loves to know that you like some of the things he likes. He expects to be taking you to games or to share some of his interests with you.

Is she a caring person? Guys want to know that you are a good person. They will know by the way you treat them and others around you. If you act like a B#@$@ then you can guarantee that ‘long term relationship’ vanished from his mind.


The last one is always; Am I attracted to her? This one is a very particular thing and it is best that you be yourself. Some guys like quirky and funny and other guys like serious and dedicated. If you act as yourself, you will know that he is really interested in you and not who you are pretending to be.


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