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We are all members of a very shortsighted species. As I have discussed in other articles in this paranormal section, our perception of the world is very limited and yet we insist that our perceptions of reality are the only things that exists.

We are like the frog stuck inside a well who thinks that the sky is only a 3 foot by 3 foot circle above him

The frog having never seen the expanse of the sky outside of the well, only believes that the sky is a small and insignificant patch high above him. This frog might even start all sorts of different mythologies and scientific theories comparing the sky to a small lily pad that exist far above. It could come up with all sorts of theories to try to explain why the sky is so small and yet holds so much light, and it might be very satisfied with its answers thinking itself to be very logical.

Like that frog we believe that life only exists within certain parameters. Because of our relative size and our limited perceptive abilities, we believe that life is a hard commodity to find outside of our little well and that it only exists within the parameter of certain rules, which we consider to be quite logical and factual.

We tell ourselves that a rock is not alive because it doesn’t fall within certain criteria for example; criteria which we have rigorously developed using the vast amounts of knowledge that we have been able to gather inside our little well. Seen in this context, can you see the problem with our logic?

The reality of it all is that we are ignorant fleas riding on top of a humongous elephant who sits upon a gigantic turtle the coasts along an infinite river that is filled to the brim with the most exotic and beautiful things imaginable.

We consider the lady that talks to her plants to be a little eccentric. Those that would think that the Earth is a living sentient organism are considered to be outright fools by most of us. Life beyond our perceptive range is as impossible now as the Earth revolving around the sun was 800 years ago in Europe. We might not burn heretics anymore but electroshock treatment is not out of the question.

When we look at something like a rock we cannot consider the possibility of it to being alive. We don’t think that it’s alive because it does not meet certain criteria which we use to separate life from nonlife. For example it does not move on its own, it does not procreate, it does not breed, it does not breathe, and it does not seem to have a will of its own, so it is definitely not a sentient being to be sure. But in many ways this criteria only holds true because of our limited perception within time.

Within our time frame, a rock does not seem to move. Yet if we were to look at the life of a rock within the timeframe of the thousand years or perhaps even longer, we would see that that rock does move. It is moved by the shift of the Earth, the wind, the sun and the very atmosphere in which it exists. It procreates by acting with other geological life, it absorbs certain gases and liquids over time and it even evolves into other states as a coal is transformed into a diamond for example.

Certainly any rational person would tell you that this is not exactly moving or acting on its own since what the rock is really doing is just riding and being changed by the atmosphere all around. A rational person would say that this isn’t exactly moving and it is definitely not any kind of sentience because the rock hasn’t chosen anything for itself it’s just riding a wave.

An economist though would most likely point out that in many ways most of us are very similar to that rock. If we are to look at an individual moving by himself in the middle of the street, we could say that that person seems to have an individual will and is moving as a result of his or her desires. But when we study people statistically and we study thousands of them at once and over a large period of time, statisticians and economists have sometimes concluded that our ideas of free will and independent movement are really a kind of illusion.

People are moved by the forces all around them and are shaped by these forces just like a rock. The individual desires that they hold so dear, and classify as one of the most important parts of their individuality, seem to be shaped completely by external forces. In other words, seen from a certain perspective and within a certain timeline, people are very rock like in their nature.

Looking at a plant we have no qualms about stepping on it or exploiting it to our own benefit without ever considering the fact that it could be a living, thinking, and feeling individual. By our standards, that plant is not alive because it doesn’t react the way we do. And yet if we are to take a time lapse camera and in this way to watch several days’ worth of action within a few minutes, we can see that the plant does move. Within the time lapse film we can see that the plant moves towards those things that it likes and shies away from those things that it does not like. The plant within its own time field, seems to communicate, feel, and even think in ways that are very similar to ours.

Perhaps a brain is just an organ that is required by certain beings living within our particular time frame!

We will never be able to discover the paranormal until we can begin to understand and overcome our perceptive limitations. These perceptive limitations cloud our judgment as to what life and even sentience are fundamentally.

This is really the fundamental secret that allows a small few to control the many.

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We tend to be very sure of ourselves. You could ask just about any person on just about any topic that you like and he or she would tell you the way things are. When they tell you the way things are they will tell you in such a way that you will know that they are quite sure about what they’re talking about.

But can we be that sure? Can any of us be that sure about the things that we see and what we perceive of the world around us? The problem with being so sure arises from the fact that our perception, the sense data that we are able to perceive, is not that powerful or that exact.

Looking about you, you would most likely say that you are quite certain about the things that you see before you. Certainly, if you see a book and you reach for that book you will find that the book is there. We are all quite certain that if we hear a bus and see a bus then that bus must be there, and if we don’t get out of the way then we will surely feel the consequence of that mistake. The world is not an illusion, we prove that to ourselves every day, this is not the problem. Our problem lies in the fact that we believe that the world is just like the way we see it, hear it, feel it, smell it, and taste it.

Unfortunately our senses have a very limited range. If we were to study every single one of our senses, like hearing for example; we would realize that within the broad range of possible noises, we are only able to hear only a very small range of them. While humans have an average range of hearing in between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz, there is an infinitude of possible sound above and below this limit. To give you an example, the lowest sound ever perceived in the universe is said to have been 0.0000000000000016 Hz; this sound was detected by astronomers studying the Perseus Cluster.

Imagine the amount of noise that you can’t hear right now. If you ever see your pet lifting its head and caulking it ears one way or the other, without you ever having heard anything at all, then you get a basic idea of just how limited our hearing is.

The point of all this is to illustrate the fact that our sense perceptions are very limited, and yet we seldom stop to consider the fact that there could be entire universes existing around us that we are not able to perceive in any way. The size of our universe is limited by the range of our perception, and even with our most subtle instruments, this perception is still quite limited.

The world out there is not an illusion, but we are only able to perceive a small fraction of it. Even our most sensitive instruments cannot begin to perceive all that is going on around us. These instruments can even give us a highly skewed interpretation of the world around us because we tend to create instruments to perceive what which we think we should perceive.
Realize then that wherever you are right now, there’s far more going on around you than you could possibly imagine. While it is possible that you could have a very large imagination, that imagination is still limited by your senses, because it is nearly impossible to imagine that which we can’t even conceive perceptually.

We live in an infinite world made up of the known and the unknown. Our mistake comes from our insistence of trying to fit the unknown into rules that we have developed through the little that we do know. Instead of looking into the unknown with a broad perspective, we tend to look into it with a narrow focus, trying to see what we expect to see because of what we already know. But the unknown is the unknown because it exists in a realm beyond our current perceptual and intellectual capabilities. The only way that we will be able to make any headway into the unknown is by expanding our intellect enough so that it is able to understand that the broad range of possibilities out there can only be accessed by swiping clean our current expectations.

There’s an old Zen story that illustrates this point:

An academic from a local University once approached a Zen master wanting to learn the Way. The master asked the academic into his home and served him tea. While they were having tea the master politely told the academic that he could not possibly teach him the Way and that the academic would need to go somewhere else. When the academic asked why, the master asked him for his teacup; he told the academic that he was like that teacup and that what the master had to teach was like the tea in the teacup. The master grabbed the teakettle and began to pour tea into the teacup, but soon the teacup was full and the tea began to run over the teacup and fall to the ground.” You see,” said the master, “if I were to teach you about the Way, you would never be able to grasp it because you’re teacup is already full.”

When we walk around being ever so sure about what we perceive of the world around us, our teacup is full. The problem with normal human perception is that it lies to us, but just like the best liars it doesn’t tell us an outright lie, it just tells us half-truths. In order to empty our teacup, we must begin to realize that our perceptions are highly limited and we tend to see only what we expect.

But even with our limited perceptive abilities, there is the possibility of extending our awareness. We do see very little of what is around us but we can learn to see more. In my book The Occult Experience I show you different ways to expand your perceptions, and I do recommend it to you if you are interested in trying to empty your teacup.

Anyone that tells you that the paranormal does not exist is someone who is completely unaware of just how little of the world they see, hear, smell, taste, and feel. Anyone that tells you that UFOs, Bigfoot, ghosts, psychic abilities, etc. CANNOT be real; has deluded him or herself into believing that the unknown is only made up of different combinations of the infinitesimal parts that they do know.

Am I here now? This is probably the greatest question that you could ask yourself whenever you are trying to decide whether it is your mind that is clouding your perceptions. The concrete world around us exists because of the fact that our minds have been conditioned to only see this things around us in a certain way.

Have you ever gone into a situation expecting certain things? Have you ever judged or looked at something with the expectation of seeing things in a certain way? I’m confident that you would say that you have, but would you believe me if I told you that you most likely do this all the time? That there is nothing that you perceive without the clouding effects of your mind.

The truth of the matter is that our minds are constantly telling us what to perceive and how to perceive it. The ‘conditioned mind’ can be that little voice that tells you what to do or how to think. It’s that little voice that just won’t go away even though you want to see things in a better way or a different way. The mind is also those rampant thoughts that you can’t seem to get rid of. These rampant thoughts usually create different scenarios and outcomes that often times seem to be totally contradictory to what we intend.

Most of us understand this to be that difficult part of our minds, that we would love to get under some kind of control; this is definitely PART of the conditioned mind. But this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to witnessing the unknown. The conditioned mind can be far more insidious than we would realize, it often operates beyond our conscious control. What it does is that it tells us how to see the world and any deviation from that standard perception can cause great emotional and psychic trauma.

The conditioned mind is a robotic entity of our own creation. Another and perhaps better way of understanding this is to see our mind, that conditioned mind, as a rut or a well-worn path which we can’t seem to deviate from. This path exists within our brain, conditioned through endlessly repetitive thought patterns that have literally created a superhighway of neural synapses within our brains.

The sad part is that there is an infinity of other roads that we could take. There is a giant world out there for us to perceive but we insist on taking our well-worn path. This well-worn path or rut, has become so entrenched within our psyche that it has gotten to the point where any that would stray even a little from this perceptive path, become pariahs in our society that must be reconditioned or eliminated.

Some have tried to get rid of the mind altogether and in this way find some kind of peace. But in order to experience the paranormal we must go beyond merely eradicating the mind altogether because it is this mind that we must use in order to find different paths and different avenues of perception. To eliminate the mind altogether can be a very freeing experience that brings to those that can achieve it a happiness so profound that it is usually termed bliss.
But those that would study the paranormal, those that would venture forth into the unknown, need to be able to use the mind. For those that seek the paranormal, it is not a battle against the totality of the mind, it is a battle against the conditioned mind.

We psychonauts; those that would travel deeply into the spaces beyond, must learn a different method. We battle the conditioned mind and in this way we search for different roads within that infinite map of perception.

You are sitting in a room, you look about you and you perhaps see a plant or a table. Unless you are extremely sick or have ingested some kind of mind altering drug, you can be quite sure that what you see out there is real. Most of us do not question the things we perceive with our senses.

We can all say that what we see out there, what we experience,  is real. We take it for granted that whatever we see in the outside world, whatever we perceive through our senses, is what is out there.

It would be very laughable if I were to tell you that what we see out there is really a type of indoctrination. Many throughout history have been ostracized and sometimes destroyed for far less. For example if I were to say that a certain country is bad or that a certain religion is wrong and that the perceptions or logic that you used to come to the conclusion that those things that you believe are right, is faulty; then I would be questioning a fundamental assumption or belief that you have about what is really out there. I would be questioning your perceptions and that can be a very dangerous thing.

In my book, The Occult Experience, I do not only question singular beliefs like religion or patriotism, I question the entirety of our external perceptions. What I am essentially saying in my book is, that our external reality, that which we consider to be the real world, is actually an imposed illusion. I argue and make the point that what we perceive to be out there is only the result, or mostly the result, of a type of belief structure that has been imposed on us since the day of our birth. That this imposed belief structure clouds our judgment, and limits our possibilities. That this imposed belief structure relies mainly on our assumptions about the existence of an objective world. An objective world in the sense that we, and all the things around us are essentially objects. That we do not have much more to us than does that table or that plant that you might be looking at in your room. That boundaries are defined and nothing exists beyond these boundaries, that we are mechanistic creatures; the pinnacle of a mechanistic evolutionary process that is brought about by definite and arbitrary laws that govern the entire universe.

In my book I give you some concrete examples of why even scientists are beginning to believe and agree with the fact that this very object oriented world that we perceive is a lie. Modern scientific advances like the FMRI are allowing scientists to see our brains in a completely different light. We are beginning to discover that our sense perceptions are far more malleable than we first supposed. That our brains can create many diverse external realities.

Studies into the cognitive processes of different cultures, of feral children, and people with certain kinds of brain injury are beginning to show us just how malleable our cognitive perceptions really are. The study of hypnosis and mass hypnotism have shown us for over a century now that human perception can be incredibly altered through different methodologies.

Now I’m not trying to say here that this belief structure, this indoctrination that is imposed on all of us is a type of evil plan perpetuated on us. Then again I am not saying that this is not the case either.

Certainly we can see that a group consciousness, or a groupthink as it were, has allowed us to do some amazing things. For example our civilization would not be possible without this indoctrinating system. Through our integrated group psyche, through our ability to perceive like those all around us, we have been able to create great civilizations and masterful works of engineering. It is indeed the case that it was most likely an advantageous process to be able to have all of us be able to participate in a reality that we could all see clearly. The development of language and writing made this group mind or psyche even more concrete.

There is an advantage to this matrix, and our ancestors knew it.

Unfortunately this group mind, this indoctrination that has been imposed upon us is also a trap. And I say that this indoctrination has been imposed upon us because of the fact that while it is indeed the case that this belief structure is most advantageous, it is also a cage and a trap. One that we must now agree to since we don’t have any other choice.

Perhaps at a time long ago, perhaps before the invention of writing, people had much more freedom within this group belief structure. Unfortunately it is the case that we are now caged within our reality structure, a structure that does not have much flexibility and any deviation from its imposed beliefs can mean quick and certain punishment.

As an individual, you are no longer able to question the system. Certainly we can see through our history that questioning the system would bring about certain punishment. As I said we can look at the witch trials or other such events where people who questioned or acted in a manner outside of the belief structures imposed on us were quickly and ruthlessly weeded out.

With the advent of our new information age, this indoctrinating group mind has gained incredible power.
I’m sure that using this group mind we can certainly grow as the species even more, that  we can and will  create even greater things together.

But with the development of this incredibly powerful information system that connects all of us around the world, we are also at a cusp. A time when it might become impossible for any of us to even contemplate that there are more things out there than we have cared to dream of.

But why exit this group mind if it has so many positive attributes? The reason why we need to learn how to step outside of this group indoctrination is because this group mind is incredibly limiting. As I said it turns a magical creature into a mechanistic meat sack. A meat robot existing in a flat and soulless universe, a universe that is destined to wither and fade away through total entropy.

My book explores ways to exit this group consciousness. It tells you how to escape this matrix that we have imposed upon ourselves, imposed upon ourselves so well that we have forgotten that we were the ones who imposed it upon us. Imposed upon ourselves so well that we have forgotten that there is anything else but ‘it’.

We need to exit this matrix in order to find our true potential. My book “The Occult Experience” shows you how to escape this imposed group mind. It tells you how it happens and how to get out of it.

Using the methods outlined in the book, you will be able to expand your intellect, perceive a greater range on the energetic radiation all around us, begin to access far greater ranges of subconscious information.

This book is designed to prove to you that the Occult experience is real and that this experience can be quite beneficial to all.
Whether you are interested in proving to yourself, once and for all, the reality of paranormal phenomena. Whether you are a paranormal investigator that needs new ways to truly expand and begin to really see that which you seek, or whether you are an advanced Occult practitioner that wishes to try new and powerful methods to go beyond where you currently find yourself;

This book is for you!

The occult experience is real and it is as meaningful and as pertinent as the objective reality that you so take for granted now. The occult experience requires focus, practice, and patience but I do believe that it is the one thing that will start filling some of the holes that we all have, some of the questions that we all have about our existence and about our place in this infinite and magical universe.

“the world is indeed comic, but the joke is on mankind.”  H.P. Lovecraft   


Is it possible that H.P. Lovecraft was a dreamer?
His writing forever changed our conceptions of the world around us and even though he wrote as a fiction horror and science-fiction writer, his concepts of reality have expanded the possibilities of our minds. His perceptions of the reality around us were so far ahead of their time and so completely unique in so many ways, to other Western writers of the time, that one could say he either had an incredibly powerful imagination or he had access to a fountain of experience and information that was denied to the rest of us.

What do we know about H.P. Lovecraft:

  •  He was born August 20, 1890 in Providence Rhode Island
  •  He was a man who preferred to be alone, and aside from some notable exceptions, he was a loner his entire life
  •  His propensity for wanting to be alone made him a real 40-year-old virgin
  •  He change the face of horror, fantasy and science fiction
  •  He was one of the first and definitely the most eloquent writers on what could be called trans-dimensional entities; in many ways he introduced the concept to the West
  •  First to introduce modern popular culture to the dreaded Necronomicon


It is funny to think that such a well-known author had very little success during his lifetime. Aside from having his stories published on ‘Weird Tales’ and doing some ghostwriting, his work saw very little success during his lifetime. But is this not something that one would expect from a dreamer? By dreamer I do not just mean someone with his head in the clouds, but someone who actively engaged in deep dream projections and astral travel.

Those that are active dreamers (astral Travelers) tend to love to be alone and they have very little skill in dealing with the world around them, especially the people that they must interact with. H.P. Lovecraft’s work did not see much success during his lifetime I think because of the fact that he just really didn’t try that hard to get his stuff out there. Something that would be expected from someone who essentially spent most of his life traveling trans-dimensionally through dream worlds. He was essentially not too thrilled by this dimension we call ‘waking reality’.

“That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange eons even death may die.”      H.P.

He is best known for speaking of a type of life that was beyond the conception of many of the readers of his time.  He spoke of monolithic and epic trans-dimensional beings, beings that did not care about humanity, that were so above us that to even look at us was beyond them. He spoke of immense lumbering and slobbering creatures that treated humanity like cattle to be consumed and used. He often spoke of things which could not be described, and the horrors that awaited us within odd and demented angles. He spoke of the existence of an epic and insurmountable hidden universe; a universe that awaits those that sometimes clumsily open doorways into the true reality of the outer cosmos.

Those that have the ability to travel on the astral planes, mention similar things. They speak of a world which is far removed from the one that we believe to be real. Their visions speak of a greater reality, a greater truth where humanity does not exist as the pinnacle species, but just as one small speck within an infinite cosmos. Those astral travelers tell us the same tales that H.P. Lovecraft spoke of, I suppose the only difference being that H.P. was far more eloquent.

While it is possible that H.P. Lovecraft could have looked up this information in his beloved library or imagined such incredible worlds; there is a certain strength and intensity to his work that in my opinion would be impossible to replicate except by someone who has seen this hidden universe himself. Indeed those that read his works and have not experienced or have any conception of the astral or dream worlds in those odd angles, tend to think that H.P.  was a bit of a nut. Many of his biographers tend to portray him as a very odd and disturbed character with many psychological flaws that they attribute to his upbringing. A dreamer on the other hand sees a kindred spirit when he hears about the life of H.P. Lovecraft.

True clairvoyants, unlike those on the psychic channel, tend to be people who spend most of their time alone. Many of them have nearly nonexistent sex lives because they either know on an instinctual level or directly that ‘sex energy’ is ‘dream energy’ and should therefore not be wasted. They are usually alone because being around others can be quite disturbing since it is quite easy for them to pick up on the terrible machinations that makes up the mind of man.

Astral travelers or dreamers tend to be an even more sensitive lot. They seem to be odd characters with many psychological problems just like H.P. himself. But this is the result of those deep trans-dimensional travels; a being traveling into those macabre dimensions is usually torn asunder by the things that he is witness to. The psyche itself is sometimes pulled and torn in different directions because of the intense trauma caused by the very makeup of those strange worlds. A dreamer returning to what we consider to be the ‘normal world’ can sometimes bring back scars. Who can blame them for thinking our world trivial after having experienced such amazing interdimensional adventures.

The world sees H.P. Lovecraft as a strange and odd fellow, but I see him as a courageous individual that lived a life of great adventure; a rebel who did not bow before the social pressures of his time. His adventure existed in those worlds that he wrote about in his books and his treasure was found in the infinite inner cosmos; no money could ever be enough to surpass this. I think he was interested in having enough wealth and possessions to be able to keep his beloved library, enough to eat, enough to take care of himself, and a quiet and comfortable place to write. In my opinion H.P. was a dreamer of remarkable ability, an astral traveler who forever changed our conception of the vastness around us.



An interesting note on the Necronomicon involves H.P. Lovecraft’s one and only love, Sonia Greene. Sonia was a very eclectic woman that had an extensive group of friends and acquaintances. Some researchers have postulated the possibility that Sonia Greene came in contact with Alastair Crowley before she met H.P. Lovecraft. Crowley did live in New York for a while and his time there seems to coincide with the time that Sonia Greene would have been living there as well.

Alastair Crowley is a famous magician of that era who in his own way reintroduced the Western world to the world of magick. Crowley was very open about his endeavors as a magician but he seldom spoke about his sources, and yet he seems to have been engaged in dealing directly with those very trans-dimensional beings that H.P. Lovecraft spoke of in his stories. Some have postulated that Crowley told Sonia Greene about the Necronomicon!

It is quite possible that she could have met Crowley. Sonia Greene seemed to know many of the intellectuals in New York at that time. Certainly she would have known some of the people that Crowley would have been interested in meeting himself. If she did run into Crowley, would he have shared some of his knowledge with her, knowing that she had such great interest in the occult herself? Did Crowley tell Sonia Greene about the Necronomicon because he had the book in his possession? Did Sonia Greene mention this dreaded book to H.P. Lovecraft?
Is it possible that the Necronomicon is more real than we think? Could one of the greatest astral travelers have had a direct connection to one of the greatest magicians of the 20th century through Sonia Greene? Perhaps… probably not. But Definitely an interesting idea worth researching.

A Servitor is essentially a servant that you create in order to do your bidding. It is a creature created on the astral plane that performs a certain task which you require.

I am going to show you how to make a Servitor so that you can use it in order to help you. This is my version of creating a servitor, it is the John Kreiter special which means that it is in some ways simpler but also a far more powerful method of creating an astral being for your purposes.

A servitor could be used to:

  • Guard your property or a loved one(s)
  • Help you create an aura about yourself (for example you might create one that is sort of like a light that fills you with confidence, bravery, luck, etc.)
  • Bring you things that you might need


The general explanation of what a Servitor is, is that it is a concentrated thought form that is created to perform a certain task(s). Esoterically it is believed that thoughts can be concentrated to such a degree that these thoughts eventually become physically real. The explorer and writer Alexandra David-Néel for example wrote at great length about her encounters with thought forms in Tibet, which are called “Tulpa”, and how Tibetan monks were incredibly adept at creating these. She also writes how she was able to create one of these Tulpas herself after many months of effort and eventually this thought form became so solid that others in her expedition party were able to see it as well*.

In order to create a decently functioning Servitor, you do not need to spend months putting it together and certainly it does not need to be so powerful that others can see it.

For those that find it difficult to believe that thought-forms can be coalesced into such a power, that they can actually affect reality or be seen by other people, there is also a psychological explanation that might help. Some psychologists like to expound the theory that the human psyche can be seen of as made up of different parts; that is, what we consider to be a whole personality is actually a personality made up of a whole bunch of different sub-personalities working together. There is a part of you for example that is a whiner while there is another part of you that likes to win at all costs. Since we seamlessly cycle from one part (sub-personality) of our whole personality to another, we do not notice that in actuality we are made of many different parts working together.

A Servitor then is sort of like a part that you are creating through the use of a ritual act. You either create a whole new sub-personality or you round up a few of these sub-personalities in order to manifest a new one that is well-suited to a particular purpose.

When this psychological explanation fails is when you have coincidences or synchronicities that happen which seem to be beyond mere psychological action. Certainly here we could transpose ideas about the personality affecting reality through either the “collective unconscious”, or the remapping of probable events at a subconscious level by this newly created sub-personality.

At any rate I can tell you from personal experience that these Servitors do function quite well and that their use can be highly profitable if you learn this skill.

To create a Servitor you need to go about it in three parts:

  1. Construction
  2. Charging
  3. Casting



The first step is construction which means that you have to create a symbolic representation of your Servitor. This to me is the funnest part because you are essentially using your creative talents to come up with a design for a new being. I suggest that you look far and wide and borrow ideas from any source that you might have available to you.

The one thing that you must keep in mind though is that you want functionality above all else; think of what it is that you want your Servitor to do. If for example you want a Servitor that will go out into the world and get something for you, you might want to give it really strong arms or perhaps even tentacles that it can use to latch on to what it wants in order to bring it back to you. If you want a Servitor to protect your home, you might want to give it armor of one kind or another so that it can protect you in the best way possible. As I said you can do whatever you think is best, just remember to stick to functionality and I might also suggest that you create a smaller creature instead of the bigger one as it takes more energy and time to charge a bigger Servitor.

The best way to do this is to grab some scrap paper and write down on it a ‘statement of intent’. This statement basically represents what you want your Servitor to do or what you wish to accomplish with your Servitor. Once you have the statement of intent, think of a creature that you believe would best be able to perform that duty that you want it to accomplish. As I stated above, use your imagination here and create something that you really like and that you think will be able to do what you want it to do. You can even borrow certain creatures that already exist and use this image as your personal servitor. For example it would be a great idea to use something like an ‘angry bird’ to guard your home; at the first sign of trouble, it flies off and explodes driving away any evil person or energy.

Once you have your statement of intent and you have created a good representation of what your servitor looks like, the next step is to create a more cartoonish or simplified version of this servitor on paper. For example if you have created an armored turtle to protect your home, draw a really simple stick figure of this turtle. You might want to just draw a simple hexagon to represent this servitor that you are creating. It will essentially be the symbol by which you will know your servitor; think of it as a logo of your servitor.

The final step is to give your servitor name. Again this is all up to you so try and come up with a name that you find suited to your servitor and to what its purpose is. Also try and think of something that you like and that will inspire you when you are using your servitor in the future. Tell this name to no one.

So on this piece of paper you should have:

  • statement of intent at the top
  • a paragraph or a point by point description of what you want your servitor to do
  • a personal drawing of your servitor which should be as complex as you can make it
  • a point by point description of your servitor special powers or capabilities which should be apparent in your drawing (no one else should be seeing this drawing so don’t worry about trying to make it perfect, you just want a good description of the creature that you are trying to create)
  • a simplified version of the descriptive picture that you have made, this is a symbol or ‘logo’ of your servitor
  • the name of your servitor at the bottom



Now that you have created the effigy of your servitor, you need to bring it to life. In order to do this you will be charging it with thought force which is essentially personal attention. Whether you believe in the psychological aspects of creating a different part of your personal psyche or whether you believe that you need to create a thought form of enough intensity so that it can eventually affect the material world, what you essentially need to do here to charge your servitor and to give it your concentrated attention.

You can either use the scrap piece of paper that you used to come up with your servitor or you can get another piece of paper and on it draw the logo of your servitor along with its name. Find a quiet place where you can be alone and put that piece of paper before you so you can see it. Focus all your attention on that logo and begin to repeat the name of your servitor. As you do so imagine as vividly as possible that this servitor is real and that it is alive before you. Keep repeating the name and if you can, try to imagine your servitor coalescing about the piece of paper that you have drawn. But most importantly try to believe with every fiber of your being that this servitor is alive and is now before you.

Try to do this exercise for a good 10 to 30 minutes. I recommend that you do this exercise at least three times, on three different days, before you consider your servitor to be functional. The more times that you do this exercise, the stronger that your servitor will become, and the more powerful that it’s influence will be.

  • If you are creating a servitor that you will only use once, then charging it three times should be good enough.
  • If you are creating a servitor that will be around for a while then you could charge it initially and then recharge it every month or so depending on what feels good for you.
  • If it’s a servitor that you will use once and then maybe use again in a few months or years, charge it as usual every time you need to use it.


The final part of using your servitor is to give it its instructions in a concise way and send it out to do your bidding.

The best way to do this is to first charge your servitor until you have a good sense, a strong belief, that it is indeed alive before you (perhaps floating above its logo and name on that paper). Then once you are confident that it is there; call its name, give it its instruction, and send it on its way. You might say something like; “[Servitor’s Name] go out and protect this home! GO!” And then point in the direction you want it to go.

Think of your servitor sort of like a pet that you have created or perhaps a computer program that you have created in order to do your bidding. Be strong and commanding in your tone whenever you address it and always remember that it works for you and not the other way around. If you ever see it fleeting around not acting in a way that you wanted to, order it to get back to work or tell it to make itself scarce until you need it. If you’re having problems in this area then I suggest that you watch a few episodes of “the dog whisperer” so that you clearly understand what it means to be a leader.

Whether a psychological exercise or a truly alive astral being and thought form, your servitor will be able to accomplish amazing things if it is created correctly. Be creative in your creations and how you wish to accomplish your desires, this is a truly wonderful way to deal with some of the problems that you might have in your life and the sky’s the limit as to what your servitors can do.

For example I know a lady that created a servitor that was a big 1920s oil lamp. This servitor gave off this beautiful green light and its purpose was to hang just above the front door of her house illuminating anyone coming into the house with its light; the green light was beautiful loving energy. The servitor was created to bring harmony to the home and to give good feelings to any visitor entering the home.


There is a magical world all around us and it can be accessed by anyone who is willing to put the time and effort to discover our Occult Reality. If you are interested in learning more about how to become more aware of these powerful though-forms and how to control them, then I suggest you check out my book “The Occult Experience“. There you will find ways to train your mind to see these paranormal forces, and you will also learn how to banish them when necessary.
*1929, Magic and Mystery in Tibet



Hi, I just put together a little ebook, “Create a Servitor: Harness the Power of Thought Forms“, in order to answer many of the questions that people have had about creating servitors. While many of the questions are answered in this article, along with the accompanying comments, I thought that some might appreciate having all of this information in a more ordered fashion. I have also included some very detailed information about how thoughts create reality, how negative thought forms are created, and how to overcome negative thought forms using servitors; so check it out if you are interested!

In the second book “Create a Servitor Companion”, I introduced the concept of ‘companion servitors’. By focusing on this one particular type of servitor, I show you a new method for creating servitors that is more complex, and for this particular kind of servitor, more powerful. In this book I show you how, through the manipulation of the psyche, combined with psychic energy manipulation, you can deeply alter your mind and the neural wiring in your brain, so that new seemingly impossible possibilities become real and you are literally able to bring a magical companion into existence.
I also show you how to create a servitor advisor and lover if you so desire one, and how to create a servitor companion room that will allow you to have vivid and powerful interactions with all your servitors.

If you are interested in using servitors for any kind of wealth manifestation, then I think that you will find the third book in the servitor series, “Manifest Wealth and Prosperity with Thought Forms and Servitors”, highly useful
-In this book you will discover the difference between thought forms and servitors and how you can create your own very powerful thought forms to manifest the material things that you desire.
– How to create a wealth building servitor, and how you can participate in a group-created wealth servitor which I refer to as the “MOlamp Experiment”.
– How thoughts create reality and how they create the objects and situations in all our lives.
– What beliefs are, how to discover your own beliefs and how to change them. This definition and the techniques mentioned are quite different, at a fundamental level, from what many are now practicing.
– About the Obtainability factor, and how this seldom mentioned dynamic can make all the difference when it comes to your success in manifestation.
– How synchronicity, omens, and meaningful coincidences play a major role in getting you what you want.
– How to achieve a detached mental state that will allow you to relax and to attract luck into your life.
– Why it is impossible to be happy, appreciative, and positive all the time and why you can’t use the mind in this way to manifest the things that you desire.
It is my hope that this book will be a valid resource for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike

I just watched an amazing video by an American physicist called Richard Feynman. In it he lets you know about how he sees the world and how he as a physicist and a scientist sees beauty. It is inspirational and it shows you the wonderment and the drive that can propel man into the exploration of his universe. I have attached a link to the YouTube video at the bottom of this article so you can watch it.

In this first video made about a series of talks that Feynman gave in order to promote  scientific literacy, he talks about beauty. He compares himself to an artist friend and he compares how they both see the beauty of a flower. It is a very constructive speech advocating the need for inquiry instead of settling for grandiose views that explain the universe away in incredibly simplistic terms. He asks the viewer to question belief systems that create simple answers to what he believes to be highly complex questions.

Essentially though what he is saying is that the beliefs of non-scientists about the universe are almost always simplistic and wrong, while his beliefs (which he calls facts) and science are right. In many ways of course I do agree with him, in that I also believe that many of these worldviews that are held generally are very simplistic in nature and tend to quell that natural curiosity that everyone should have about the universe around them. I wonder though how well Mr. Feynman is able to conceptualize the fact that he is arguing one set of beliefs against another. And more importantly that these beliefs color his conceptualizations of the universe as much as the beliefs of others color theirs. I wonder if he even considered the possibility that his beliefs are in no way better than the beliefs of others, that while he may stand in what he believes to be unshakable ground, many of those that hold different beliefs, the beliefs that he questions, also believe themselves to be on unshakable ground.

While he does say that he does not wish to argue a point but only give his point, he does tell us that his appreciation of the flower is greater than the appreciation that his artist friend has for that same flower. He says that this is so because he can conceptualize ideas about cell structure, biological growth, and how this flower fits into the universe. A universe that is  incredibly vast and diverse, that he is able to conceptualize as a physicist but that his artistic friend could never understand since he is not a physicist himself.

Is it not possible though that his friend the artist can also conceptualize on a greater scale? That he too can see that there are perhaps things within this flower that make it amazing? When an artist paints on a canvas, he sometimes does not paint exactly what he sees; abstract representations often capture glimpses of the inner knowing that is within each person. Science and scientists do not hold a higher level of understanding than the inner creative drive that is in all people. Mr. Feynman says that he can’t believe the simplistic ideas about life because they all seem to make the Earth the center of the universe but aren’t we all the center of the universe since the universe essentially revolves around us? And isn’t there an infinite universe within the flower, made up of atoms and infinitely small particles that we are barely beginning to understand?

This set of statements is very telling, because it lets us know that while Mr Feynman does try to maintain scientific perspective, he does take the final step towards believing that he is in a far better position than the artist. Without further proof or study, he takes it for granted that he is more aware, because he is a scientist, while his friend the artist is far less aware. Mr. Feynman should not forget though that the scientific method takes it for granted that ‘all theory’ is possible and as such that all theory must be experimented upon to be able to see if this theory is worthy of further scrutiny. This experimentation needs to be ‘impartial’ and the forms of acquisition of data need to always be improved upon. As a physicist Mr. Feynman should be well aware of the fact that many of the physical theories and proofs that he holds to be fact, cannot be measured by a ruler.

As I said I very much agree with Mr. Feynman’s thoughts on simplistic belief systems. I do believe also that you should not settle for some simplistic belief or idea just because it explains the world in a cozy manner that makes you feel better. You must always question beliefs, especially ones that would curtail your natural desire to discover on your own the possibilities of the world around you. Any time that you are taking a belief for granted, without questioning it or your reasons for believing it, you are essentially hurting yourself. You are stopping the expansion of your own consciousness which is one of the greatest things that you can do for yourself and for the rest of the people on this planet.

Mr. Feynman expressed some of his conceptualizations when he looked at a flower. He spoke of his understanding of the cells that make up the flower, and of biological growth in general. He could make these perceptions because of his training as a scientist. As such I would like to let you know of my conceptualizations when I look at a flower as a neophyte mystic of sorts. When I look at a flower I can see the exterior of it just like Mr. Feynman and his artist friend. I also like to use a method which I referred to as ‘empathy’, I have spoken about this method in other articles (Empathy). What I do is I take a part of myself that I project it into that flower and through imaginative conceptualization I begin to feel myself as a part of that flower. This imaginative construction eventually turns into real feelings about the flower in general, which are as real and as pertinent to me as are any of the feelings and beliefs that Mr. Feynman has about the flower that he sees.

Through my methods I do not see these fine cellular constructions like you might see in the video but I do see something that is just as magnificent and in my opinion is far more descriptive of the living thing that I am experiencing through my senses. I see for example fine geometrical shapes that flow and combine into different visual data. This data combines with internal feelings that make me feel certain of the fact that these are the inner constructive forms that create this flower. Modern science calls them cells and since I am a modern person I can identify them as such. I can see these fine inner geometric forms though in a way that is far more vivid and powerful than even the beautiful video that I just witnessed. If I did not know about cells, I would call them living geometry or shapes that work and act together in an incredibly complex union to from the flower. They speak to each other and are individual, yet they are also united in a way that allows them to be one and many at the same time.

Through my internal perceptions I am able to see many incredibly refined colors and interrelation that show me how each part of the flower acts in conjunction with order parts to create a life form that has its own drive and its own inner meaning. If I expand these feelings I am able to see its connection to the ground beneath it and understand in a more direct fashion how it receives life and energy from the earth and from the Sun above it. I can understand these energies as different shades of feeling having to do with love and pleasure. If I expand these feelings even further I can see this flower and its relation to the greater universe around us, this comparison is very similar to seeing the flower as an atom and the world as the flower itself. In this way and through the exploration of my feelings I am able to conceptualize the flowers place in the universe, following its own laws and shaping the universe from its central point. My perceptions becoming an infinite swirl of greater understanding. Beyond this I usually cannot perceive very long because the amount of awe that I feel can be overpowering.

If scientists were to follow true scientific principles, they would allow themselves to also investigate these personal feelings that all humans can experience if they know how. Scientists would try to develop methods in order to try and understand these internal human perceptions, developing new types of objective techniques to be able to further develop this sensual data and also to be able to experiment and create their own proofs with this data. Science does not do this because the scientists that practice it do not believe that this kind of sensual experience is real. Their belief is that humanity cannot perceive in this way, they would trust the ruler far more than they could ever trust themselves. This belief is the underlying belief that allows Mr. Feynman to believe that he conceptualizes the world in a far better way than his artistic friend.

As I said I am but a neophyte, and there are those that can perceive things in a far richer way than I ever could. I am also not as experienced in years as Mr. Feynman is in his years of dedication to science and to his ‘art’. I too believe that unsophisticated belief systems that see the world as a simple black and white reality are an injustice and that we should all strive to continually question our beliefs and expand our awareness. This questioning though should also question scientists that believe that they have all the answers. You should always question any person or groups of people that tell you that they know more than you because they somehow have the right approach. You should definitely question anyone that would tell you that your own internal perceptions are less important than perceptions created through the use of external implements.

My belief is that man needs to combine scientific principle with internal understanding. That he truly is in a place where he must let go of those old beliefs that would tell him that the world is a simple place. That we should all question, noble or not so noble, stories where there is no room for shades of gray. I also believe though that man needs to take the next step and question mechanistic beliefs that can in many ways be just a shallow as old mystical ones. Man needs to expand his awareness and realize that for the most part there is no truth, and that no particular group holds the complete truth, or the right way. There is no real truth, there is only belief. With this guiding principle and using scientific technique in the proper manner, I believe that we can truly begin to discover the infinitude of the universe and our amazing place in it.



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