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When researching the paranormal, it is sometimes the case that you run into people that need help. While paranormal researchers might be pursuing the occult, UFOs, and cryptids, sometimes the people that they run into during these searches tend to be normal people that would just like to forget what they saw and return to their regular lives. Unfortunately sometimes these people continue to be plagued by these paranormal forces and they feel that there is no way that they can escape them.

Usually such people feel powerless in the face of this paranormal phenomena. Such powerlessness can make one feel insignificant in the face of something that they do not understand and can make life difficult to say the least. There are two aspects of this:

  1. The fact that they have discovered that the world is far stranger than they thought it was.
  2. The fact that this new strange world that they have discovered does not conform to regular laws. They have no way to deal with it; to stop it, to ignore it, or to control it in any way. This makes it seem like their lives have spun out of control and are no longer their own.


This is a very common theme with many people and it seems to be a growing thing as more and more individuals seem to be affected by what we would call the paranormal. It is not my opinion that the world is getting stranger per se but I do believe that many human beings are becoming more and more sensitive to currents and forces that not so long ago they had been conditioned psychologically to ignore.

The truth though is that we are not powerless against these paranormal forces. The truth is that since we have been conditioned since childhood to ignore a large branch of our psyche, that which we consider the paranormal, we are therefore ill equipped to deal with these strange forces.

As such, I present in this article a technique that is  simple and yet an incredibly powerful banishing ritual. Perhaps ritual is a strong word since in reality this is more of a type of action. Since action is really thought physically manifested, what you’re really doing is manifesting a very strong thought in order to clear an area of energies or entities that you do not wish to deal with.

This banishing ritual can be used against any entity that you might find is having a psychological or physically ill effect on you or your family. This banishment can be used against ghosts, negative energies, certain types of unknown cryptids, and can even be used against much of the negative UFO phenomenon (including alien abduction) that many people are experiencing.

‘To banish’ is generally defined as;– to send away, to forbid, to get rid of

In the occult sphere this generally means a technique that you use in order to;
send away, forbid, or get rid of a certain entity or groups of entities that are endangering you mentally or physically.


A banishment like most occult techniques, requires three major things:

  1. Great focus and concentration
  2. Strong visualizations
  3. Psychic energy


These must all be used in conjunction to create a very strong thought, or group of thoughts, that is projected from your mind into the external world. You are essentially taking a very powerful subjective experience that you have created within your own mind and projecting it outwardly into the objective or physical world in order to create a psychological and physical change.


In order to perform this ritual:


– I want you to take a very long and deep inhalation. As you are inhaling imagine that you are sucking in energy from all around you. As you perform this long inhalation imagine that you are sucking in power from all of the things around you, that this energy is seeping into you through your bones and every pore in your body. Try to inhale as long and as deeply as possible.


– When you finish your inhalation, exhale in a natural and relaxed manner, making sure to relax your body completely as you do so.  Now once again inhale and imagine that you are inhaling all of the energy and power that you possibly can. This inhalation should last as long as possible so that you are sucking in as much energy as you can from the universe around you. When you’re finished your inhalation again exhale and relax your body completely. Inhale like this one more time and exhale relaxing your body completely when you are done.


– You will be inhaling for a total of three times, sucking in as much energy into yourself as possible. Try to imagine that this energy that you are inhaling into yourself is being concentrated into up powerful ball of psychic energy in your lower stomach. By the third inhalation you should have a very powerful buildup of psychic energy that you can actually feel.


– After your third inhalation and once you have a good feeling of that psychic force within your lower stomach, extend your arms before you sort of like you’re about to push something away. Now from the very center of your being push this energy out from within yourself and as you do so imagine that there is a ray of light coming either from the palms of your hands are the very tips of your fingers. This light shoots out from you and goes out into the area where you wish to cleanse or banish.


– It is most important that as this energy is propelled from within you, you vividly imagine a very powerful white light shooting from your fingers or the palms of your hands. Try to see this light coming out from you as vividly as possible, make it a very bright and powerful light, as powerful as you can make it. Also do not just visualize this light coming out of you but also trying feel it as it goes through your being and out of your hands, perhaps like an electrical charge rushing out of from the belly through the arms and out of your hands.


– Imagine that this light energy shooting out of you smashes into the area that you wish to banish and there creates a very powerful white form. This form could either be a big gigantic star that is shining bright with pure light everywhere, throwing all the evil things away, or it could even be an avatar that you might wish to use, sort of like your power animal that comes out in rips away anything that you do not want in this area.


– As this light coalesces into a form before you; that is as you imagine this light being formed into a powerful avatar of some kind, whether it be a powerful animal form or perhaps just a very powerful shining orb, I want you to say out loud, “protect!”. You can use any word you like here but try to make it a powerful word that represents what your banishment is doing right now. This word should come from deep within you just like that energy that you have just projected into the room, it comes from deep within your gut.


This is a very powerful banishment that you can use any time that you feel threatened by something which you would consider paranormal. With this banishment you should be able to cleanse any area and the power of this banishment is solely in your hands; it is very dependent on how well you can visualize, how well you can suck that psychic energy and project it out from within yourself, and how much you can believe in the power of this banishment. Have faith in your ability!

Do not be afraid and do not doubt yourself but learn to use our natural human ability to project energy and thoughts. With this ability you can protect yourself from any paranormal entity or area where you find some kind of psychological or physical danger. This banishment is powerful enough to cast away anything that might threaten you or your loved ones. With practice and some mental effort, you should be able to greatly increase your power by working on your visualizations and your concentration.

With this banishment you should be able to protect yourself, and you should no longer feel powerless before these crazy paranormal events that seem to be happening with greater frequency everywhere. Banish, banish, banish, until you feel safe in your space.

If you are interested in having a far richer understanding of banishments and the paranormal in general, I do suggest my book ‘The Paranormal Experience’. In that book I have a whole chapter dedicated to banishments and I also give a detailed description of what the paranormal is and how it is that we go about discovering it or perhaps even stumbling over it.


  1. Hi John,

    Just a question about the IEAOU pentagram ritual from your “Paranormal Experience” book. I understand that you draw the pentagram as you work your way down from your head to genital areas. On working your way back up (as mentioned in the steps), do you have to draw another pentagram while chanting UOAEI?

    1. Hi Jerome,
      With the Gnostic Pentagram Ritual you need to first activate all 5 points of the body going from head down and then from genital area up using the vowel sounds as specified in the book.
      Then when you are done that, you draw the pentagram once for each of the four corners. So you only need to draw the pentagram once for each corners, that’s it.

  2. Pj Rothery

    Hi John, I think its becoming more and more apparent that our world is changing and a very important part of that is the spiritual evolution happening all over. Its hard to change , even good change is uncomfortable at first, especially when it involves acceptance of incredible and magical happenings. For some people the awakening the is happening all over the world challenges everything they believed and calls for faith in forces they were conditioned not to believe in yet its undeniably happening. I encounter people daily who feel the changes and many of them are confused and dont really know what to do, think or how to talk about it with out feeling that they sound…crazy. Your making it so much easier for everyone to understand and participate in their own spiritual evolution and that is an amazing gift, to both give and have. I will happily pass your ritual and website info along to the people who I encounter and encourage them to do the same. Thank You

    1. Thank you!
      Today is a special day for me and I consider your comment a wonderful gift as well.

      1. Lee Thornton

        Hello. How do you cleanse an energy in your mind, it has a presence, and refuses to clear out of your mind. Its effects seem to be able to manifest.

        1. My personal opinion in this matter is actually that a person should actually use a different kind of technique in trying to overcome such negativity and even negative entities. While the use of such a cleansing ritual can be quite good at times, the ability to remove or cleanse even something that you might consider to be a kind of presence can be done far more effectively by robbing that presents or entity of the energy that it is using to manifest what ever negativity.
          In order to suffocate such a negativity then, I would personally suggest that you use the techniques that I mentioned in the book, The Vampires Way to psychic self Defense.

  3. I have an Issue. I see things as enery, shadows move air moves odd shapes in the air, sometimes made by colored lights, and all that. That’s all fine, but the issue is, that I almost every night get attacked in my dreams by negative entities. Normally I get a creamy nightmare and I wake up, and I can see the face of bad entity, their faces varying a lot, they try to scare, and if it’s a powerful I can sense it attack my whole body as as goose bumps extreme shivers, while it feels like it’s trying to push into my head while looking crazy. Now this sounds kind of insane, and it is, but I’m kind of used to it, but I would just like to know wtf is going on, is there a purpose to me being able to experience this ( I don’t mean in a Jesus way or whatever), and is there a method you can suggest to bring the pain to them, cause I don’t like them 🙂 btw I have all your books, so pointing to a specific passage or book also works. Anyways I hope you will answer because the worst thing about this weird sh%^ is not the attacks or whatever, but hss as bing no one understand, teach me, not seeing a reason for it, well being alone in general. I hope to hear from you

    1. I am sorry to hear about the issues that you are having, but perhaps you can be content by the fact that in many ways it indicates that you are a sensitive person with the ability to stay awake during moments when most other people are quite unconscious. This ability can be harnessed using techniques such as the ones that I mention in the book, the way of the projectionist.
      As to how to deal with these terrible entities that you are coming into contact with, I would personally suggest that you use the techniques to be found in the book, the vampires way to psychics self defense. It is difficult to know whether these entities are self created on your part or whether they are external entities that have become interested in you for some reason. But whatever the case, the techniques that I described in the vampire book should be more than adequate to deal with these forces. Of special note, are the psychic claws that I described in chapter 6 of that book. By developing these claws and then using the psychic ability to absorb the energy of these entities, whether they be internal or external in nature, you will be able to fight back and eventually rid yourself of this problem.
      Of special concern when using these techniques, is the ability to stay relatively conscious while the rest of the body might be at rest, meaning that you are able to enter into different states of consciousness, such as the ones that I described in my books the way the projectionist, and out of body experiences quickly and naturally. I would therefore suggest that you practice that techniques that I described in those books, that way you are able to extend the power of your attention and therefore your waking consciousness. In this way you’ll find it much easier to use the psychic claws and the absorption techniques that I described in the vampire book.

  4. Hi John, when is your book for the Rooms 6 and 7 due? Do you provide personal consultations?

    1. Thank you for asking Relick,
      I am working on the third book in the course book trilogy (this will cover rooms 6 and 7) and I’m hoping to be done by the fall of this year at the very latest, hopefully sooner.
      I don’t do personal consultations but it is something that I might consider for the future, at least consultations through email or something like that.

      1. Thank you, John. already studying your 3rd book. Would archonic force also be pulled eventually beyond event horizon? What is relationship of archon to the black sun?
        Personal consultations even via email would be appreciated very much as not every question or comment can be made public 🙂

        1. Yes, even the archon will eventually die, but it, like us, fights to maintain itself in this dimension. All things, even though they may resist the pull of the Black Sun far better than us humans, will eventually get pulled in; the longer they resist, the longer their lifespan.
          I may try to do a video on this to give you more detail in the future

  5. Hello, I just found this page while doing a general search for banishment spells. I will be looking into your books shortly. I wanted to know if you had any input for me. My situation is bad and a bit odd. I’ll try to keep my explanation short. There is something in my basement and it’s very strong. It goes where it pleases in the house for the most part. I know it feeds on negativity, pain, sadness, and regret. It likes to cause those things as well. It’s mostly active at night. There have been flies in the house, large amounts, for two years straight through winter and everything. My animals have been getting medical issues and everyone’s mental health ( Myself, my husband, and my mother ) in the house has decreased. It’s been here a long time and it likes to hide unless threatened. It isn’t afraid of anything and it feels mean. It specifically hates me and wants me to hurt. I don’t know how to figure out what it is or how to get rid of it, but it’s been feeding on us for a long time and I think it’s probably very powerful. We need help and I’m the only one who dabbles in the occult in the house. Can you shed any light on what I should do? I would be very appreciative.

    1. I would suggest that you seek help from a professional in such matters, if you can have find someone in your area that deals with such things.
      I would also recommend my book, the vampires way to psychic self defence. In that book I go into a general discussion on all of this, what these things are, what they want (generally), and I describe the inner alchemist technique in dealing with such things.

  6. Here’s a word I haven’t found on your site that continues this conversation. EXORCISM. Have you ever performed one (sorry for the personal question)? Josephine McCarthy comes the closest to handling this from a metaphysical stand point as opposed to the Catholic corner. Do/Would you still recommend someone whose performing one to use your Vampire technique of taking its energy – or does it require something more? I feel I’m being called to this specialization of work.
    Great site John btw.

    1. I would personally say that any kind of exorcism should ‘only be performed by a professional’ because there is always an inherent danger in all of this. In order to use the techniques that I discuss in the Vampires Way in such a fashion, such a practitioner would need to be able to be able to distinguish between the energetic essence of the victim and the offending entity and then be able to pull energy only from the entity so as not to hurt the victim by depleting their all ready low energy level. For that reason, only a practitioner with a great deal of ability in manipulating and perceiving energy should practice such techniques in that fashion.

  7. Hi Jhon,

    I am new to your working.. currently reading ur book vampires……I have troubling imaging sucking negative energy…because to me black energy is evil and how I can visualize myself surrounding with this black cloud where I often does white light shielding….doesnt it attract more negativity?

    1. A very important aspect, and one that may be overlooked in first reading, is my whole insistence of the idea of a predatory stance. From such a predatory stance, you are not ingesting negativity, but instead you are a predator consuming energy. It is this predatory stance that allows you to change the intent of the energy, that allows you to take energy that has a negativity intent and turn it into what it truly is, just energy. As a predator (which is the foundation of the book and the reason why I used such an odd name for that book) you are then empowered to take what others might consider to be negativity and see it/use it for what it really is, pure energy. And having done so you can then become stronger in the face of opposition and negativity.

  8. Jhon,

    Is it not negative to zap on and drain? Many works says surround ur self…but imagining one to absorbing black cloud and all…won’t have negative effect coz many teacher says to release darkness

    1. In regards to answering these questions, I would honestly highly recommend the book to you, the vampires way to psychic self defence. There I answer all of these questions and give a really detailed answer as to what is the best practice, at least in accordance to the way of inner alchemy.

      1. Hi Jhon,

        I already read ur book 2 times….i just make slight changes in the techniques which help…what I do is surround my self by a bulb of light…a white loving light…whenever i have to suck energy i draw or suck energy toward the shield which is arround me…as the outer energy touch the shield it transform it to pure loving energy (it’s like a filter)then this pure energy suck up into me…the. I imagine that that light is going into mother earth for more cleansing…and return to me ….at the end all I have is pure energy which surround me ..and i use this energy for I doing right?

        1. It sounds very good to me. I like that you are improvising to suit your style. In the end, all that matters is your inner feeling sense, and if this feels right for you from that perspective, then it is perfect.

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