• A Blind Spot Can Curtail Your Success +

    We all have a blind spot. We all have areas in our lives that we just can't see because we Read More
  • A Description of Hypnosis in the Modern World +

    Hypnotism is an incredibly powerful form of therapy that is being used with more and more frequency. Even though there Read More
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  • Always Face Your Problems +

    You must always face your problems. In order to overcome whatever obstacles are in your way, you must address the Read More
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    Time is a very precious thing. We are only given so much time on this Earth so its always a Read More
  • Be A Little Selfish +

    I want you to do something for yourself and for all those around you that you care about. I want Read More
  • Benefits of Stretching +

    The body is flexible. It is supposed to be flexible. You must be able to bend and reach that something Read More
  • Better Study Habits +

    In order to become smarter we must either learn to explore our inner reality or we must learn from books Read More
  • Chakras +

    The best way to understand the energetic body is to think of it as a quantum biomechanical entity. What I Read More
  • Control Your Thoughts With Mindful Meditation +

    The power of our thoughts is seldom fully realized. Most people pay very little attention to the thousands of thoughts Read More
  • Cure Carpel Tunnel with DVORAK (?) +

    Getting a handle on the QWERTY (or) DVORAK debate DVORAK is a revised layout of the English keyboard that was Read More
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    Depending on who you talk to, pride can either be a positive feeling or a negative trait. The difference between Read More
  • Diets Don't Work But This Does +

    The fact of the matter is that diets, per se, do not work. I think that this topic has been Read More
  • Do Only Those Things That Empower You +

    We are all busy bees. Modern life has become so fast and so complicated that it is sometimes hard to Read More
  • Don't Be Shy, Think About Your Thumb +

    Are you one of those really shy types? The kind of person that just can’t seem to bring himself/herself to Read More
  • Dream a Little Dream +

    Everyone, at some point of his or her life, has dreamed of being somebody special, somebody big. Who hasn't fantasized Read More
  • Empathy +

    The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines empathy as: em•pa•thy Function: noun Etymology: Greek empatheia, literally, passion, from empathēs emotional, from em- + pathos Read More
  • Empathy Is More Powerful Than Logic +

    Empathy is an incredibly powerful tool. It is the ability to see from the perspective of the other and in Read More
  • Empathy, the most Important Skill of the 21st Century +

    I have mentioned on a number of occasions that empathy is one of the most important skills that you can Read More
  • Ending Trauma +

    We have all experienced traumatic events. These events are a natural part of life on earth. I suppose you could Read More
  • Explain Your Actions If You Wish To Maintain Good Relationships +

    Whenever we have problems with other people, it is usually the case that we are not taking the time to Read More
  • External Mental Influences +

    The law of attraction movement seems to be growing, not dissipating. This is perhaps an indication of the times and Read More
  • Find Balance In Your Life +

    You need balance. The most important thing that you can devote your time to is balancing your life. This means Read More
  • Find Water and Stay Alive! +

    Is it me or do there seem to be more disasters lately? I am sure that if some research was Read More
  • Freedom Is A Choice +

    Personal freedom is something that I believe we can all say we want. Yet it is something that is often Read More
  • Future Shmucher +

    The Future is a Paradox Looking around the world, it is easy to get lost in fear. Natural and man-made Read More
  • Good Manners Give You An Edge +

    Many believe that manners have gone out the window. As we look around it does become somewhat evident that few Read More
  • Good Preparation Guarantees Success +

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    Time is a precious thing. We seldom contemplate the fact enough; that we are all mortal beings. If we were Read More
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  • How To Avoid Mistakes +

    In life we all make mistakes. It is essentially impossible to avoid not making a mistake. We are all human Read More
  • How To Become Excellent +

    The only way to truly become excellence is to develop your intellect. You must learn to keep your mind occupied Read More
  • How to Become More Likeable and get what You Want from Others +

    Having other people like us can be very important. You can see how this is a very positive survival trait Read More
  • How To Bury An Old Memory +

    There are times when old memories can haunt us. This is usually the case when we can't seem to let Read More
  • How to Control Your Anger +

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  • How to Control Your Emotions +

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    Spare time is something that we all seem to be having less and less of lately. The hustle and bustle Read More
  • How to Deflect Any Argument, The Fine Art Of Aikido Arguing +

    No matter what you do or where you go there will always be someone that is critical of your actions Read More
  • How To Develop Real Self Discipline +

    Personal discipline is important in everything that we do in life. You can come up with the best ideas but Read More
  • How To Develop Self Confidence +

    Self-confidence comes easily to some while it is most difficult for others. Self-confidence can really be boiled down to a Read More
  • How To Do Bone Breathing +

    In this article I would like to share with you a very powerful technique called Bone Breathing. It’s an ancient Read More
  • How To Find Your Personal Motivations +

    Finding our personal motivation is very important. Our motivations are really our values and these values are essentially the most Read More
  • How To Follow Your Natural Rhythms +

    We all have a natural rhythm. Being able to follow this natural rhythm can make us much happier, and it Read More
  • How To Get A Good Night's Sleep +

    The prerequisite to any healthy lifestyle is a good night’s sleep. With our hectic everyday routine this can sometimes be Read More
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  • How To Motivate Yourself To Start Your Goals +

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    Everyone in the world suffers from the fear of failure, it is perhaps one of the most often felt phobias. Read More
  • How to Overcome the Fear of Rejection +

    There are few things that can be more debilitating than the fear of rejection. This fear usually stems from a Read More
  • How to Pick Perfect Fruits and Vegetables Everytime +

    On many occasions I have gone on about the great power of empathy. I keep making a big deal about Read More
  • How To Spot A Tornado +

    Your first line of defense in tornado weather is always the ability to spot one. If you know one is Read More
  • How To Stop A Bad Habit +

    Many of us have habits that we would like to stop. Over time we tend to develop habits that we Read More
  • How To Stop Being A Clutter-Bug +

    We can all be clutter-bugs at times. We all tend to want to hoard things believing that we will eventually Read More
  • How To Stop Being Someone You Are Not +

    It is very difficult to always try to be someone that you are not. People have a way of projecting Read More
  • How To Stop Hypocrisy in Yourself +

    If you want to be true to yourself, you must continually be on the lookout for times when you are Read More
  • How to Stop Imagining the Worst +

    Stop imagining disasters. Our imagination is an incredibly powerful thing and if it is left alone to ramble about it Read More
  • How To Stop Lying To Yourself +

    Believe it or not we are all constantly lying to ourselves. We all pretend to ourselves that we did not Read More
  • How to Stop Procrastination +

    One of the most difficult aspects of getting anything done is getting started. Procrastination can be a very difficult obstacle Read More
  • How To Take Criticism Correctly +

    Many of us find it very difficult to take criticism. Generally criticism is taken as a direct attack on the Read More
  • How to use Loving Energy to Help Others +

    There is a very powerful energy that many people are beginning to work with. This energy is usually referred to Read More
  • How to use you Fight or Flight Response to Gain Great Power +

    As we all know it is quite difficult to stay relaxed in some situations. We all have a certain physiological Read More
  • Hunters Must Learn To Empathize With Their Prey +

    Empathy is not just wishy-washy and touchy-feely business. Empathy can actually be a very useful tool that can be used Read More
  • If Life Has Become Endless Work, Then You Need to Redefine It +

    We all want to achieve success in our lives. We all strive for great achievement and personal triumph. There are Read More
  • In Order to Accomplish Anything, You Need to Start With a Good Schedule +

    Having a good scheduling system can be the difference between getting things done and failing at whatever it is that Read More
  • Increasing your Subtle Energy Level Part 1 +

    Very few people are aware of the kind of energy that they have. For the most part they tend to Read More
  • Increasing your Subtle Energy Level Part 2 +

    In the last article, we had discussed how ingestion alone will not allow you to acquire all the energy that Read More
  • Inner Space Meditation +

    In an earlier article I introduced you to a method that would show you How to Beat Insomnia. This article Read More
  • Is It Bad to Play Video Games? +

    A dear friend of mine sent me this e-mail a little while ago. This is a snippet from that e-mail; Read More
  • Is the Future Written in the Stars? +

    I posit that the oldest profession was not prostitution, but that it was instead Prophecy. If we think of man Read More
  • Keep Track Of Your Goals And Accomplish Anything +

    In order to get things done you must keep track of your goals. We all have certain things I we Read More
  • Learn To Be Alone To Find Your Success In Life +

    Don’t be scared to be alone. There is a big difference between being alone and being lonely. To be alone Read More
  • Learn To Express Your Anger Naturally +

    Many believe that they need to control their anger. While it is true that you need to control your emotional Read More
  • Learn To Let Go Of Stuff +

    We all have a lot of stuff. We all tend to accumulate things as we grow and change, which seems Read More
  • Learn To Take Breaks +

    There are times when you just need to take a break. There are times in our lives we to seem Read More
  • Learn To Walk Away When You Have To +

    There are situations that you can't change. As hard as you try there will always be things that you cannot Read More
  • Let Go and Find a Solution +

    You must always try to consider time as your friend and not your enemy. Most of us have little patience Read More
  • Let Go Of Bad Friends +

    Someone once told me that we do not choose our friends but that the universe chooses them for us. I Read More
  • Listening Meditation +

    We all have huge amounts of stuff running through our heads all the time. If we are not thinking about Read More
  • Make Any Task Easy by Using Good Time Management +

    Getting things done can be a very a difficult or a very easy task. The difference between the two is Read More
  • Money Is Not Happiness +

    We all naturally seek more happiness in our lives. I suppose you could say that life and living is really Read More
  • Neutralize A Negative Thought Or Phobia +

    There are times when try as we might, we cannot stop thinking about something that makes us feel awful. Thoughts Read More
  • Overcome Any Fear +

    "I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. “ --- Frank Herbert, Dune I Read More
  • Reality Bites 1 +

    The world is changing very rapidly. We are being bombarded by new bits of information everyday, at a rate that Read More
  • Reality Bites 2 +

    Have noticed that the world seems to be getting freakier; The American Presidential race is incredibly odd this time around. Read More
  • Reality Bites 3 +

    The time has come, the gig is up. No more can we sit around and say that life is happening Read More
  • Self Improvement +

    Improve Yourself and Find Peace Sometimes, when we feel the full weight of all our insecurities and doubt, a little Read More
  • Stop Negative Self-Talk Now! +

    One of the biggest concerns that you might have about negativity is that you might believe that it is completely Read More
  • Swine Flu And How To Fight Back +

    WHO (World Health Organization) has just declared that the Swine Flu (H1N1) has reached pandemic proportions1. This means that health Read More
  • Test To See If You Are An Introvert Or An Extrovert +

    Here is a simple exercise to find your personality type. This is a very good way to see if you Read More
  • The 3 Critical Factors of Success +

    Success is a natural desire that we all have. We tend to define success as the ability to accomplish an Read More
  • The 5 Points That Create Success +

    In order to become a more successful person you need to always have a plan. Success can only be achieved Read More
  • The Benefits of being Empathic +

    There is nothing more powerful in sustaining a relationship then to acknowledge the other person's feelings. A relationship does not Read More
  • The Difference Between Hypnosis and Trance +

    Hypnosis is defined as; an artificially induced trance state resembling sleep, characterized by a heightened susceptibility to suggestion. Hypnosis then Read More
  • The Great Secret to Success +

    Many often wonder what the greatest key to success is. The truth is that successful people in any field, people Read More
  • The Importance of Being Humble +

    We can all be a little prideful at times. When we have devoted a lot of time to certain thing Read More
  • The Positivity Movement Is Not That Positive +

    We have all heard of the positivity movement. This is the movement that tells us that in order to better Read More
  • The Power Of Eye Contact +

    Making eye contact when you are interrelating with others is very important. Eye contact is the most important physiological aspect Read More
  • The Power of Self Esteem +

    Self Esteem means staying positive about yourself, and having a real good Self Image. Self image is the idea that Read More
  • The Power of the Here and Now to Change Your Reality +

    Very few people are aware of themselves. They tend to go about things, trying to change the world and themselves Read More
  • Through Self Acceptance you can beat crippling emotions +

    One of the biggest causes of stress, anxiety, and negative emotions of any kind is our inability to cope with Read More
  • Tips On Developing Personal Discipline +

    I believe that there are two types of work. There is the work that you have to do and then Read More
  • Tips on How to Maintain a Proper Diet +

    Personal diet is incredibly important. Your body is truly your sacred Temple and you must do everything that you can Read More
  • To Become A Success You Can't Lower Your Standards +

    Never lower your standards. Many people would love to bring you down just to make themselves feel better. Don’t give Read More
  • Top Four Things People Think Will Happen On 2012 +

    The end of the great long count is upon us and we are all wondering what will happen on December Read More
  • Truly Listening To Others Is An Art +

    We all need to learn to listen better. The best way to be able to develop good relationships with others Read More
  • Turn A Complaint Into A Question +

    To complain is natural. Complaining just means that you are at odds with whatever is happening at the moment. Complaining Read More
  • Turn A Diffficult Family Member Into An Ally +

    Do you have a family member that just doesn’t agree with your choice in life style? There is always someone, Read More
  • Understanding Your Truths Equals Focused Action +

    Truth is very essential thing for all of us. In one way or another we are all searching for truth. Read More
  • Wake Up To Your Life +

    We all naturally take our life for granted. It seems the most natural thing on earth to think that our Read More
  • Want To Help Others? Get A Retail Job +

    Many want to know how they can help others. They find themselves in a good place in their lives, and Read More
  • Ways To Get A Good Night's Sleep +

    The prerequisite to any healthy lifestyle is a good night’s sleep. With our hectic everyday lifestyle this can sometimes be Read More
  • Ways To Make Chage Easier +

    There are often times when we want to change something about ourselves or our environment. Change, if it is positive, Read More
  • We All Have A Lot Left To Learn +

    We all have a lot left to learn. Through many stages in our lives, we believe that we know all Read More
  • What Does The Black Sun 2012 Enigma Mean? +

    In my earlier article, What Will Really Happen on 2012, I wrote about certain theories, myths (most possibly facts) that Read More
  • What is True Confidence? +

    We all want to be confident. Confidence is definitely something that is of great help when we are trying to Read More
  • What Will Really Happen On 2012 +

    Note: The information in the article below is the result of a decade of personal research. I hope you read Read More
  • Why you experience negativity from family and friends when you practice Self Improvement +

    Any kind of self improvement involves change. Change can be a very difficult thing for the individual because it means Read More
  • Why You Must Never Compete +

    We are all told in one way or another, from the beginning of our lives, that life is competition. Whenever Read More
  • Why You Should Love Yourself +

    We tend to hear a lot of terrible things about the ego. How the ego destroys your life by burying Read More
  • Will-power, how to Motivate Yourself to Accomplish Anything! +

    Motivation is one of those things that seems to go in cycles. Sometimes we are highly motivated to do something Read More
  • Win friends and Influence people, the honest way! +

    We are often told that dealing with people is a fine art. Often we are told that, “you attract more Read More
  • Wise Words From A Kindly Preacher +

    I remember that as a kid I used to love the poltergeist movies. They scared me silly but I used Read More
  • You Are A Psychic Radio +

    We had discussed in a previous article (External Mental Influences), that there are many energies out there that we pick Read More
  • You Are Psychic +

    You must realize that you are psychic. Many people have a natural internal feeling that tells them that they should Read More
  • You Can't Get Rich Working Hard At It +

    It is very difficult to get rich through hard work. You have to be able to come up with some Read More
  • You Don't Have To Change +

    Personal change is a big priority with many people right now. This site for example is devoted to personal change Read More
  • You Must Schedule Your Time +

    We all have a limited time on this earth. There are only so many hours in a day. We all Read More
  • Your Legacy, How to Create a Personal Mission Satement +

    Have you ever heard of a mission statement? I am certain that if you know anything about large corporations or Read More
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