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I remember that as a kid I used to love the poltergeist movies. They scared me silly but I used to love to watch them because I suppose I used to love to be scared. In “poltergeist two” I remember that there was this great character that made a huge impression on me. He was a kindly preacher that did his best to impart great wisdom to all those that he came in contact with. His greatest line, and the line that I believe had the greatest amount of insight was, “you’re all gonna die!”

If you take it to heart, this simple, yet emotional statement, can completely change your life. What our friend the preacher was trying to tell us was that we are all mortal beings and that we only have a certain amount of time in this physical reality. This kindly soul was trying to use a firm hand because he believed I suppose that the people around him needed more encouragement than most. By letting them know that their existence was finite, he was showing them how they could pool their internal resources and overcome their fear and pain.

The knowledge of your death can be a great friend and ally if you are willing to take this information and turn it into a great challenge for yourself. By turning it into a challenge you turn the finality of your physical existence into a resource that allows you to motivate yourself to do your best at every single moment. It allows us to appreciate every moment and to dedicate our best effort to every single thing that we do.

Even if you believe in the afterlife, knowledge of your death reminds you that while you might continue consciously, you will no longer be here. Being here in this material world is a great privilege, within it we experience infinite sensual experience and through this experience we are able to grow and develop into greater beings. This existence must be cherished therefore and every moment must be savored because death is an uncertain thing that can overtake us at any moment.

Our great adviser can cure many ills. While it cannot cure fear per se, it can put fear in perspective and make us love fear because this fear is also a part of this existence, and as our advisor tells us, this existence is very precious. It is also sometimes the case that we get very full of ourselves. We all have had times when we have acted rather jaded towards others and the world. This adviser is also wonderful at pointing out to us that while we might have even become kings of our small or great empires, we cannot escape its grasp and that at least in its eyes we are as common as any man.

Make sure that you to take the preacher’s advice to heart. He might be a little odd and perhaps a little frightening but you must realize that he really has your best interest in mind. He is letting you know that life is short, that no matter who you are or what you believe, you will eventually have to return from where you came. Take his advice to heart and begin to live your life with zest and power so that when the inevitable happens, you will not regret what you have not done and what you have not felt. So in the words of that wonderful old man, please never forget that, “Your all gonna die!!”







  1. Hello John, I would like to ask you what exactly are ghosts. Can ghosts be considered servitors? I remember watching a video about 2 males exploring a haunted house when they encounter a ghost female. I’m not sure if the video is fake, but the reactions seem very real. This ghost female begins to purse these males, but without showing aggression. This creature seems to notice that the two males in the house are terrified. As a result she goes easy on them.

    The history of the house is that a 10 year old girl died in the house, however, this ghost girl looks nothing like a 10 year old. Did humans create a accidental thoughform?

    Can ghosts or servitors manifest physically temporarily?

    Thank you.

    1. Well, that is a tough and long reply Ak, as with most things, what people refer to as ghosts is more complex and made up of more phenomena than most imagine. I am not sure if you have read my books, Create A Servitor and, Vampire’s Way to Psychic Self-Defense?
      In the servitor book, at the start I answer many of those questions that I think you have and explain how thoughts can form and indeed create more complex orders through combination, that they can at times seem sentient. In the Vampire book I also describe the power of thought forms and non organic beings and how these represent a force that some have classified on many (most) occasions as a ghosts or poltergeist.
      And as to how physical these things may become(?), well that has to do with how powerful they have become either through power spots (energy areas; see video) or focused human concentration on them as I explain in the servitor book I mention above.

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