• Become a Leader +

    First and foremost: becoming a leader means that you take responsibility. Whether this means responsibility for your general situation in Read More
  • Persuade Others With Voice Power +

    The ability to persuade others to your desires is an incredibly powerful thing. It is hyped about in many articles, Read More
  • Calculate and Win +

    In order to be a good leader, you must be able to conceptualize and implement strategy. Any action that we Read More
  • All Objectives Have a Cost +

    Every single objective has cost. Leaders must understand that any goal comes with a certain price. Nothing is free that Read More
  • Be Swift and Win +

    Great leaders must be swift. Whatever it is that you need to do and whatever it is that you have Read More
  • Leaders are Masters of Paradox +

    Those that would be successful leaders must master paradox. Leaders must be in it to win. Weather its overcoming an Read More
  • Meeting Goals +

    Many people set goals for themselves, which is a good thing. Unfortunately following through on those goals becomes a very Read More
  • The Power of the Eye to Persuade +

    Would you like to learn a technique that can persuade others and bend them to your will? How about a Read More
  • Measure The Risks Before You Act +

    Before you act, find out how risky any action is. Many things in life tend to be mundane, that is Read More
  • Use Physiology To Control Yourself And Others +

    Your physiology is an incredible indicator of your mental state. It is possible that you have read or heard something Read More
  • Learn To Not Explain Yourself To Others And Win +

    There is no need to explain yourself to others. The time that you waste trying to explain yourself and your Read More
  • Learn All The Rules Of Any Game You Play +

    Always learn the rules of every game. Every game has certain rules, and it’s very important that you learn then Read More
  • What Is Persuasion? +

    Persuasion is an incredibly powerful ability. It is the ability to be able to get others to do what you Read More
  • How To Develop Charisma +

    If you are constantly dealing with people, or if you find that you are having difficulty dealing with others, it Read More
  • To Be A Good Leader, Act Like A Leader +

    In order to be a leader, you must act like a leader. It is possible that you could find yourself Read More
  • Leaders Simplify The Message +

    A good leader needs to simplify the message. It is most important that as a leader you are understood perfectly, Read More
  • Great Leaders Always Pay Close Attention To Others +

    Great leaders always pay great attention to the people that they are dealing with. Every interaction no matter how small Read More
  • Good Leaders Lead Through Motivation +

    As a leader you must be perfectly clear about the fact that you have to tell other people what to Read More
  • Never Make Yourself Second Best +

    You must never forget that you are the most important person in your life. Some, especially parents, would disagree with Read More
  • Always Try To Build Powerful Alliances +

    Always try to build alliances. An alliance is a cooperative venture that you make with someone else or a group Read More
  • Don't Be Afraid To Take Risks +

    Life is risk. We can definitely minimize the amount of risk that we experience in our lives but if we Read More
  • Leaders Must Always Be Tactful +

    Leaders must always confront things in the most diplomatic way possible. When you are a leader you are in the Read More
  • How To Make Hard Choices +

    Life is all about making choices. The wonderful thing about life is that we choose most of the things that Read More
  • Leaders Work With Their People +

    Leaders always work with their people. A leader must always be able to collaborate with all of the members of Read More
  • Learn To Be Flexible +

    You must learn to be as flexible as possible when you're trying to accomplish your goals. Life is a very Read More
  • Why And How To Be Assertive +

    In order to become successful in life you must be willing to assert yourself. The ability to be assertive is Read More
  • Always Have A Contingency Plan +

    In all facets of life is always a good idea to have a contingency plan. You must try and get Read More
  • For Difficult Conversations, Have an Ace Up Your Sleeve +

    Interaction with others is very difficult to plan. People are dynamic beings and it is very difficult to completely direct Read More
  • Good Leaders Must be Able to Laugh at Themselves +

    Being in a leadership position can be quite difficult if you are too stiff. I have personally seen people in Read More
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