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Would you like to learn a technique that can persuade others and bend them to your will? How about a way to stop another person in their tracks and totally invade their soul? Would you like to learn a technique that creates instant sexual tension?

I hope so because this is just what I am going to teach you and if you are able to master this technique, you will be able to exert your will with incredible results.

Have you ever been to the Greece or Southern Italy? If you have been lucky enough, you might have noticed that most of the old fishing boats are adorned with a single eye. At first glance it’s easy to imagine that the locals are doing this give their boats a bit of personality.

But the reason for this eye is actually a little more sinister; this is actually the eye of Hera(Greek Goddess), and the reason all the boats are adorned like this is that they are being protected from “The Evil Eye”. The power of the evil eye is a belief that is held by just about every culture in the world; from Greece to Rome, Egypt, Latin America, to Sub Saharan Africa and beyond.

This is not the place to go into theory on why this belief is so prevalent but I use it to illustrate the power of the human gaze, and the fact that this power was recognized by just about every single ancient culture on earth. Unfortunately most of these cultural beliefs dwell on the negative aspects of the evil eye; which is said to be the result of envy and spite brought about by the powerful stare of certain others, this stare curses and brings destruction and ill health.

Why an eye to battle The Evil Eye? Because the evil eye is really the projection of evil will upon others. This evil intent is projected through an unblinking stare and the only way to beat the power of this unblinking stare is to fight it with another unblinking stare. A boat adorned with the eye of Hera will not blink, hence you have instant protection.

If you think the modern North American culture is beyond the power of The Eye then all you have to do is watch a couple of people arguing. Confrontations are always staring contests. Even when someone else loses at something, we are often apt to say, “He blinked”.

This strong gaze then, is really a projection of a strong will. If that person has evil intentions, then this is what he or she projects. But a person that has mastered this technique (the technique of the powerful gaze) can project good things as well. He or she will project their intentions whatever they may be and they will be able to project these intentions with great force.

In this article I want to give you the basics of learning how to develop a very powerful gaze. This gaze we are going to use in order to captivate others, persuade others, and to create sexual tension. You are going to learn how to stop another person in mid thought and if you are so inclined, to put a tingle between their legs.

To begin I am going to ask you to practice the following exercises:

•    Take a piece of white paper, draw a small dot on the paper, stick this paper on a wall just below eye level and stare at it for fifteen minutes. The idea here is that with this exercise you will develop focus and concentration . This exercise is also a great way to develop the power of your gaze.  You will find that your eyes will want to wander away on their own; if they do, then refocus them and make sure that you keep staring at the dot in front of you. Commit yourself completely to staring at the dot, do this until you feel that you are putting the full force of your being into this effort.

As you do this exercise, you will notice that within short order your eyes will wander and you will have a bit of difficulty keeping your eyes focused on the dot. Most people are not use to staring at a fixed point and they must train themselves to develop this kind of visual strength.

Begin by trying to stare at the dot on the wall for fifteen minutes. Blink as often and as much as you like but keep your eyes on the dot. If your eyes wander, then refocus them and keep staring at the dot. See if you can do it for the entire fifteen minutes without wavering.

•    Next I want you to look up to the top corner of a room. From there I want you to follow, with your eyes, the line that connects the ceiling to the roof. Follow this line from one corner to the other, so what you are doing is following a straight line from one point to the other. Move your neck when you do this but keep your eyes focused on that line. If your eyes waver from that line, start again. Do this fifteen times, blinking as much as you need to. Do this exercise until your eyes are not wavering from the line.

•    Finally I want you to go to a mirror. Stand in front of the mirror and stare into the reflection of your eyes. I want you to stare into your eyes without blinking. Do this for as long as possible.

Your eyes are going to start to get itchy and water after a while but you have to persist. When your eyes water and you have to blink, take a break for a couple of minutes until you feel normal and then begin to stare into your reflection again. Try to go for as long as possible without blinking. See if you can do this exercise until you can go for 30 seconds without blinking. (The Greek Evzones guards are said to be able to stare out like this without blinking for their entire watch!)

Continue to do the above exercise until you feel very comfortable with the power of your gaze and you can stare without blinking for at least 30 seconds.

With this technique, timing is very important. What you want to do is to catch the object of your intention or affections by surprise. One minute everything is going great then boom, you let them have it. Actually the name for this technique is called “dropping the stone”.

So try to use this when the other person is not expecting it. If you want to use this technique to get someone sexually interested in you then use this technique after you have struck up a personal conversation with them. One minute you are making small talk and then they look up at you and you drop the stone.

If you want to win an argument or persuade a person to your way of things then you must be patient and catch them by surprise as well. Let them ramble on about whatever is not important to the conflict in question, then just at the right moment, bang; you drop the stone. Fix your gaze on their left eye and in a calm unemotional way state your argument. Keep stating your point, blinking as little as possible, until the other person gives in or walks away.

The other person will become very uncomfortable but that is what you are going for really. This is the moment when you act. If you want to win an argument, then this is where you tell them just what you think. If you are going for a more sexual intention then wait for them to get a little entranced and then touch their hand or tell them how you feel about them.

Here is the tricky part;

•    If you are trying to persuade another or win an argument then you must remain totally calm and un-emotional. The trick is to let the person talk as much as they want about anything that is unimportant and then to drop the stone whenever you are making a point. Logically and calmly say your piece while staring into their left eye. Do not become frazzled or impatient, just keep gazing and making your point. Once you have dropped the stone, do not look away anymore, just keep gazing and making your point in as polite a way as possible. Do this until they blink (metaphorically and otherwise).

•    If you are a man or dominant woman then you will want to stare at the object of your affection until he/she blinks or looks away. DO NOT stare down the person. There is a difference between winning a staring contest and being provocative. This all has to do with intention; don’t think of it as a contest but more as a way to show him/her just how much you want them. If they start to talk to you then talk to them back but don’t blink; you can’t blink until he/she blinks.

•    If you know yourself to be a more submissive person and are interested in a more aggressive person, then you have to develop great timing. What you need to do is to stare at your love interest but give in to the man/woman at the last moment. As you lock on to each other with your strong  gaze, you will feel a certain connection(tension) with the person that you are staring at; when this happens, hold that gaze for a second then smile and look down at the ground slowly.

If the other looks away before you can look down as instructed then he/she is either totally uninterested or he/she is a really shy person that is expecting you to be the more dominant one. In which case you will have to instigate any contact and you will be running the show.

Once you have performed your power gaze, look somewhere else and act as if nothing happened. If the person is interested in you then they will begin to send you signals letting you know that they want to step things up a bit.

But even if you don’t hear from them for a while or ever; if you have practiced your exercises and you have given them ‘the eye’ correctly, you can be sure that you will be entranced in their minds for a very long time.

Do not underestimate the power of your gaze and of a strong focused look. Next time that you want to exert your will or create sexual tension, ‘drop the stone’.


  1. Thermo uchiha

    I have been aware of my visual prowess,or Gilmore, or piercing eyes, since I was a teen. At least I thought I was aware. It was only the beginning. At the age of 20. I started to wonder is there really something about my eyes? The main thing that made me wonder and realize, was the things an occasional person say or mention. For someone that I didn’t like or take kindly to. Might say I was starring through them or into them. It has been described as terrifying and chilling or intimidating. To someone I like or adore such as females would grow attached to me or in love. I’ve been told,i was sincere, charming, romantic and more. Charming is the best description if you get me. But I was using these powers or techniques randomly. I wasn’t aware I was doing this. Or of my many starres. I was taught to look people in the eyes when I talk to them because it shows comfedents. I’m a little shy so I had to learn to do that. But I soon realized it wasn’t just the starring. It was the focus. Ahh! Another thing I had realized is that it was happening when strong emotions where involved. So I taught myself how to concentrate my focus. And it was working. But that was only the beginning. Just to make sure this was really happening. I kept on testing myself. Here’s when you become greater. When you see it’s real then your mind says it’s real. Now you know. Now you are free. Unlocked. Confident! Your confidence plus focus is your source. So you want a strong mental and strong focus. If you are social. Then the mental part may come naturally. For the most part you want focus. I’m 33 now. My visual prowess is pretty strong. when used intensely on a female we both become trapped in an ora with a feeling of being high and everything around us is there but it’s not there. Sounds crazy don’t it? Better yet sounds like love. Feels like it too. But it’s not. I can break it but she can’t. but if I stay in the trance to long can become lost in the moment.I can ever boost my adrenaline and slow things down fast enough for me to be aware. Or dodge or catch. One way i learned this trick was with a ceiling fan. Paint one of the propellers or blades a color you will notice. Start with the fan on slow. Focus on catching the marked blade with your sight and follow it. If you do this correctly with good focus your mind will speed up and it will appear that the blade has slowed down. When you can catch the blad instantly turn it up a notch. I have a few other techniques as well. But can’t share everything. sorry. Oh and one more thing! There are problems and casualties. Abusing your visual prowess or becoming to strong to fast before your eyes can adjust can cause blood shot eyes and broken vessels in your eyes.eyes can become sore and sensitive to light. Headaches and blurred vision. Careful! If your focus is over powering your mental it cause to randomly zone out. Even in the middle of a conversation or being constructive. If you use your visual prowess on someone to attract them, have sex, or fall in love. Understand that the mind can be very powerful. And somethings you can’t just undo. There and consequences and repercussions.

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