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A Servitor is essentially a servant that you create in order to do your bidding. It is a creature created on the astral plane that performs a certain task which you require.

I am going to show you how to make a Servitor so that you can use it in order to help you. This is my version of creating a servitor, it is the John Kreiter special which means that it is in some ways simpler but also a far more powerful method of creating an astral being for your purposes.

A servitor could be used to:

  • Guard your property or a loved one(s)
  • Help you create an aura about yourself (for example you might create one that is sort of like a light that fills you with confidence, bravery, luck, etc.)
  • Bring you things that you might need


The general explanation of what a Servitor is, is that it is a concentrated thought form that is created to perform a certain task(s). Esoterically it is believed that thoughts can be concentrated to such a degree that these thoughts eventually become physically real. The explorer and writer Alexandra David-Néel for example wrote at great length about her encounters with thought forms in Tibet, which are called “Tulpa”, and how Tibetan monks were incredibly adept at creating these. She also writes how she was able to create one of these Tulpas herself after many months of effort and eventually this thought form became so solid that others in her expedition party were able to see it as well*.

In order to create a decently functioning Servitor, you do not need to spend months putting it together and certainly it does not need to be so powerful that others can see it.

For those that find it difficult to believe that thought-forms can be coalesced into such a power, that they can actually affect reality or be seen by other people, there is also a psychological explanation that might help. Some psychologists like to expound the theory that the human psyche can be seen of as made up of different parts; that is, what we consider to be a whole personality is actually a personality made up of a whole bunch of different sub-personalities working together. There is a part of you for example that is a whiner while there is another part of you that likes to win at all costs. Since we seamlessly cycle from one part (sub-personality) of our whole personality to another, we do not notice that in actuality we are made of many different parts working together.

A Servitor then is sort of like a part that you are creating through the use of a ritual act. You either create a whole new sub-personality or you round up a few of these sub-personalities in order to manifest a new one that is well-suited to a particular purpose.

When this psychological explanation fails is when you have coincidences or synchronicities that happen which seem to be beyond mere psychological action. Certainly here we could transpose ideas about the personality affecting reality through either the “collective unconscious”, or the remapping of probable events at a subconscious level by this newly created sub-personality.

At any rate I can tell you from personal experience that these Servitors do function quite well and that their use can be highly profitable if you learn this skill.

To create a Servitor you need to go about it in three parts:

  1. Construction
  2. Charging
  3. Casting



The first step is construction which means that you have to create a symbolic representation of your Servitor. This to me is the funnest part because you are essentially using your creative talents to come up with a design for a new being. I suggest that you look far and wide and borrow ideas from any source that you might have available to you.

The one thing that you must keep in mind though is that you want functionality above all else; think of what it is that you want your Servitor to do. If for example you want a Servitor that will go out into the world and get something for you, you might want to give it really strong arms or perhaps even tentacles that it can use to latch on to what it wants in order to bring it back to you. If you want a Servitor to protect your home, you might want to give it armor of one kind or another so that it can protect you in the best way possible. As I said you can do whatever you think is best, just remember to stick to functionality and I might also suggest that you create a smaller creature instead of the bigger one as it takes more energy and time to charge a bigger Servitor.

The best way to do this is to grab some scrap paper and write down on it a ‘statement of intent’. This statement basically represents what you want your Servitor to do or what you wish to accomplish with your Servitor. Once you have the statement of intent, think of a creature that you believe would best be able to perform that duty that you want it to accomplish. As I stated above, use your imagination here and create something that you really like and that you think will be able to do what you want it to do. You can even borrow certain creatures that already exist and use this image as your personal servitor. For example it would be a great idea to use something like an ‘angry bird’ to guard your home; at the first sign of trouble, it flies off and explodes driving away any evil person or energy.

Once you have your statement of intent and you have created a good representation of what your servitor looks like, the next step is to create a more cartoonish or simplified version of this servitor on paper. For example if you have created an armored turtle to protect your home, draw a really simple stick figure of this turtle. You might want to just draw a simple hexagon to represent this servitor that you are creating. It will essentially be the symbol by which you will know your servitor; think of it as a logo of your servitor.

The final step is to give your servitor name. Again this is all up to you so try and come up with a name that you find suited to your servitor and to what its purpose is. Also try and think of something that you like and that will inspire you when you are using your servitor in the future. Tell this name to no one.

So on this piece of paper you should have:

  • statement of intent at the top
  • a paragraph or a point by point description of what you want your servitor to do
  • a personal drawing of your servitor which should be as complex as you can make it
  • a point by point description of your servitor special powers or capabilities which should be apparent in your drawing (no one else should be seeing this drawing so don’t worry about trying to make it perfect, you just want a good description of the creature that you are trying to create)
  • a simplified version of the descriptive picture that you have made, this is a symbol or ‘logo’ of your servitor
  • the name of your servitor at the bottom



Now that you have created the effigy of your servitor, you need to bring it to life. In order to do this you will be charging it with thought force which is essentially personal attention. Whether you believe in the psychological aspects of creating a different part of your personal psyche or whether you believe that you need to create a thought form of enough intensity so that it can eventually affect the material world, what you essentially need to do here to charge your servitor and to give it your concentrated attention.

You can either use the scrap piece of paper that you used to come up with your servitor or you can get another piece of paper and on it draw the logo of your servitor along with its name. Find a quiet place where you can be alone and put that piece of paper before you so you can see it. Focus all your attention on that logo and begin to repeat the name of your servitor. As you do so imagine as vividly as possible that this servitor is real and that it is alive before you. Keep repeating the name and if you can, try to imagine your servitor coalescing about the piece of paper that you have drawn. But most importantly try to believe with every fiber of your being that this servitor is alive and is now before you.

Try to do this exercise for a good 10 to 30 minutes. I recommend that you do this exercise at least three times, on three different days, before you consider your servitor to be functional. The more times that you do this exercise, the stronger that your servitor will become, and the more powerful that it’s influence will be.

  • If you are creating a servitor that you will only use once, then charging it three times should be good enough.
  • If you are creating a servitor that will be around for a while then you could charge it initially and then recharge it every month or so depending on what feels good for you.
  • If it’s a servitor that you will use once and then maybe use again in a few months or years, charge it as usual every time you need to use it.


The final part of using your servitor is to give it its instructions in a concise way and send it out to do your bidding.

The best way to do this is to first charge your servitor until you have a good sense, a strong belief, that it is indeed alive before you (perhaps floating above its logo and name on that paper). Then once you are confident that it is there; call its name, give it its instruction, and send it on its way. You might say something like; “[Servitor’s Name] go out and protect this home! GO!” And then point in the direction you want it to go.

Think of your servitor sort of like a pet that you have created or perhaps a computer program that you have created in order to do your bidding. Be strong and commanding in your tone whenever you address it and always remember that it works for you and not the other way around. If you ever see it fleeting around not acting in a way that you wanted to, order it to get back to work or tell it to make itself scarce until you need it. If you’re having problems in this area then I suggest that you watch a few episodes of “the dog whisperer” so that you clearly understand what it means to be a leader.

Whether a psychological exercise or a truly alive astral being and thought form, your servitor will be able to accomplish amazing things if it is created correctly. Be creative in your creations and how you wish to accomplish your desires, this is a truly wonderful way to deal with some of the problems that you might have in your life and the sky’s the limit as to what your servitors can do.

For example I know a lady that created a servitor that was a big 1920s oil lamp. This servitor gave off this beautiful green light and its purpose was to hang just above the front door of her house illuminating anyone coming into the house with its light; the green light was beautiful loving energy. The servitor was created to bring harmony to the home and to give good feelings to any visitor entering the home.


There is a magical world all around us and it can be accessed by anyone who is willing to put the time and effort to discover our Occult Reality. If you are interested in learning more about how to become more aware of these powerful though-forms and how to control them, then I suggest you check out my book “The Occult Experience“. There you will find ways to train your mind to see these paranormal forces, and you will also learn how to banish them when necessary.
*1929, Magic and Mystery in Tibet



Hi, I just put together a little ebook, “Create a Servitor: Harness the Power of Thought Forms“, in order to answer many of the questions that people have had about creating servitors. While many of the questions are answered in this article, along with the accompanying comments, I thought that some might appreciate having all of this information in a more ordered fashion. I have also included some very detailed information about how thoughts create reality, how negative thought forms are created, and how to overcome negative thought forms using servitors; so check it out if you are interested!

In the second book “Create a Servitor Companion”, I introduced the concept of ‘companion servitors’. By focusing on this one particular type of servitor, I show you a new method for creating servitors that is more complex, and for this particular kind of servitor, more powerful. In this book I show you how, through the manipulation of the psyche, combined with psychic energy manipulation, you can deeply alter your mind and the neural wiring in your brain, so that new seemingly impossible possibilities become real and you are literally able to bring a magical companion into existence.
I also show you how to create a servitor advisor and lover if you so desire one, and how to create a servitor companion room that will allow you to have vivid and powerful interactions with all your servitors.

If you are interested in using servitors for any kind of wealth manifestation, then I think that you will find the third book in the servitor series, “Manifest Wealth and Prosperity with Thought Forms and Servitors”, highly useful
-In this book you will discover the difference between thought forms and servitors and how you can create your own very powerful thought forms to manifest the material things that you desire.
– How to create a wealth building servitor, and how you can participate in a group-created wealth servitor which I refer to as the “MOlamp Experiment”.
– How thoughts create reality and how they create the objects and situations in all our lives.
– What beliefs are, how to discover your own beliefs and how to change them. This definition and the techniques mentioned are quite different, at a fundamental level, from what many are now practicing.
– About the Obtainability factor, and how this seldom mentioned dynamic can make all the difference when it comes to your success in manifestation.
– How synchronicity, omens, and meaningful coincidences play a major role in getting you what you want.
– How to achieve a detached mental state that will allow you to relax and to attract luck into your life.
– Why it is impossible to be happy, appreciative, and positive all the time and why you can’t use the mind in this way to manifest the things that you desire.
It is my hope that this book will be a valid resource for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike


  1. Lady Wisdom

    How do you disipatate a servitor? In other words, how do you get rid of one?

    1. This is a very good question so thank you for asking.
      First of all it is very important that before you create a servitor, you are really sure about what you intend to do. Decide right away whether you think it will be something that you will only need once or whether it will be an entity that you will be using many times. If it is a servitor that you will use only once, then the initial charge of this servitor should be enough so that once it is sent on its mission, it will perform its task and then dissipate.
      The truth of any thought energy is that it will never completely fade away, that is it will always exist and essentially take off on a life of its own, creating its own probable events. This is also the case with any dreams that we might have, they do not stop existing after we stopped dreaming them. What happens is that this servitor will continue to exist just like any other thought the we have had, it will just exist in a probable universe that we are not aware of. So the first answer is that any servitor that has your attention taken away from it, will stop existing within our awareness and will essentially be gone from our lives. In order to dissipate any servitor, you must stop paying attention to it or thinking about it in any way, forcefully keep your attention well away from it if you have to.

      In the article I mentioned that you should watch a couple of episodes of “the dog whisperer”. I mention this because any servitor that you will be using on more than one occasion, and therefore paying a lot of attention to, will start to become more prominent in your life. When you create a servitor like this and can’t control it, it can become more of a hindrance than help. Servitor’s are like pets, you are in charge and they do your bidding, not the other way around. Learn to become the alpha in the relationship or just like the people in the Caesar Milan show, don’t get one. But again even this type of servitor will dissipate within a pretty short period of time if you completely ignore it. Be very specific about what the servitor’s task is and then send it on its mission. Once it is sent on its mission forget about it. If you see it buzzing around like a pesky fly, pretend that you’re a giant vacuum cleaner and suck it up into yourself. it’s your creation and it’s using your energy of attention to exist within this dimension so if it starts to act up on you, put it in its place by sucking that energy back.

      1. how do we interact with our servitors and can I interact with mine in dreams

        1. You interact with it in the same way that you interact with your memories; by focusing on it. As a memory becomes more powerful the more you remember it, the servitor becomes more powerful as you charge it. The more powerful your servitor is, the easier it is to bring it up and interact with it.

          Yes you can interact with your servitor in your dreams, and it can be a great asset to you there if you want it to be.

          1. If it chased someone and was perceived by them then it must have had a lot of power but I don’t think you would be able to retrieve such a thought form. Thought forms usually don’t have the kind of cohesion necessary to last as an individual unit for long. That is why there is the work put in into creating an individualized entity when creating servitors, so that they stay cohesive as a structure and so that they have a name, etc. that you can call upon and command.
            It most likely dissipated and joined other similar thoughts to form some other intent and thought gestalt somewhere.

            I doubt though that you would want to have something like this to use again. The intent behind its creation sounds to me like anger and frustration so such a thought form would be just a dark cloud with little positive use.
            If it still lingers in your mind, then this very attention can help some of it to stay cohesive enough to affect your present reality, and perhaps the reality of that relative you mention; even if it affects only through negative thoughts (perhaps re-igniting the original anger you felt), or perhaps even as interesting remembered moments where you saw the power of your own psychic energy and intent.
            If you think it is negative and would like to just stop thinking about it, so that its energy can no longer affect you, then I suggest you go back in time imaginatively to the time you created it and use the methods described in this book to re-absorb that energy; which you can then reuse to create a more cohesive servitor if you like.

        2. Anny Slegten.

          You have a book on kindle and I would like to have it in print.
          It is how to create a Servitor for wealth and wellness, or something like that.
          I am no computer expert and do not know how to get back to your lists of books AND stay on this page.

          I have your printed book on how to create a Servitor. Very interesting. Being a Clinical Hypnotherapist in full time practice since 1984 I now understand what iis really happening to some clients since I kill what you call Servitors by attacking the person who is sending a nasty Servitor to do their work at a distance..

          I am looking forward to your reply, hopefully announcing having decided to put this book in paperback.!

          Anny Slegten

          Yes, I would love to have the book on creating a Servitor for wealth and wellness, or something like that.


          1. Hi Anny,
            Sorry! This book got missed and I have not put it in print yet.
            I will try to get this into paperback hopefully by the middle of October, and will add a link here when its up.

      2. Iblis Al Samad

        Hi John ! This article is highly interesting. i was wondering when i am charging my servitor (concentrating on the logo ) can i close my eyes to imagine him ? i find it almost impossible to do it with the eyes opened . Also its not related but do hou have any tips on how to Astral Project ? i saw one of your articles on it but i can’t seen to find it ! Thank you !

        1. Yes you definitely can keep your eyes closed if you like. I would recommend that as you close your eyes, that you try and give depth to the darkness that you experience when your eyes are closed so that you see and feel that the servitor that you are charging is floating over the logo that you are using. No need to imagine the room inside your mind, just imagine that the servitor is a distance away from you and over the logo, I hope you get what I mean. This is helpful because it establishes your servitor as a 3 dimensional object instead of a 2D thing in your mind.
          Visualization is very important so keep practicing because you will greatly benefit if you can open your eyes and still see your visualizations.

          The link to the article for Astral Projection is here.
          Also I have just written a kindle book on Astral Projection that you will find here.
          I am proud of this book because it is in my opinion, the most concise explanation of how this ability is possible, and of course it provides very powerful techniques to be able to accomplish this skill quickly and without the typical ‘obscuration’ that most books seem to create.

        1. I completely understand Lorena, and I would say that the drawing itself needs to be as detailed as you need it to be in order to clearly visualize your servitor in the best possible manner. But this drawing does not need to be some kind of super quality art render; it just needs to be good enough for you and your visualization process, so no worries, just do your best and focus on your visualizations and not so much on how good the image is per se.

          1. Also John

            I have aphantasia. Can I still create a servitor?

          2. This is a difficult question that honesty I’d don’t feel I can answer. I am not in any way a qualified professional in such matters.

    2. Felix Jones

      I am planning on creating a Servitor companion and wanted to know if a different way was feasible.
      In your book on astral experiences, you mention a technique where you sort of sink into yourself as deep as possible. I have been practicing that same technique for a while now and it has become my main practice aside from a similar practice of meditation.
      I use it to make contact with beings, for dream control, prayer, even just to rest in the voidness sometimes. I was wondering if you knew if it is possible to create a Servitor using this technique.
      I have a certain type of “mood” or style in mind but no particular image but I was thinking of spending a week just resting in the void with the quiet intent of allowing the servitor to arise from the void with an image created from my deep mind. After that just interacting with the servitor until it is nearly “alive” and then using your technique of simply believing in it with all of my being.
      I am so used to this technique of sinking into the void or grey zone as you call it I was just wondering if you’ve heard of it being used in this manner or have any experience with it. Thanks and love your books and writing style!

      1. Yes, most definitely.
        You have quite intuitively come upon what I would refer to as servitor creation 2.0, which is creating a servitor in the Dream Condition.
        This is a very powerful way to create a servitor because in this state you have a great deal more power at your disposal; the power of you attention is much stronger and can therefore create far more powerfully.
        For this reason, and as a result of the fact that in this state you are also far more open to external forces (forces not strictly of the conscious dimensional plane) you need to make sure that you approach this process in a sober and highly attentive manner.
        It is most important that you make you maintain complete control over this servitor right from the beginning; in other words whatever you tell it, it should do instantly and without question.
        Good work Felix, such a servitor will be a fine companion indeed since it will be able to easily travel with you in these dimensions.

        1. Thanks for the reply and encouragement! “Servitor creation 2.0” I like that! I think a whole book could be written about this state and what can be done while exploring it. It seems to get deeper and deeper and sometimes can even be overwhelming as the void overcomes my identity.
          I see what you mean by the power that’s available. After just a few days of allowing the servitor form to arise there’s already a vivid presence coagulating.

  2. Hi John.
    Thank you for the info. Today is the my first day of servitor making attempt :). I do have a question, though. Why can’t the drawing be seen or name be known by other person?

    1. A servitor is essentially a highly concentrated thought form and is therefore susceptible to the thoughts of others. When you let another person in on the secrets of your servitor, you are essentially opening up your servitor to their mental influence. These thoughts are never productive even when the other person has positive intentions. The reason for this is that the servitor works on a highly specific thought stamp with a highly specific task as its goal. When another person knows about your servitor or knows about what your servitor will try to accomplish, their thoughts and intentions could get in the way of this servitor and make its job far more difficult.

      If we take it for granted that thoughts can create things, that they are things themselves, then the thoughts of another person have a power of their own as well. Have you ever wondered why it seems so hard to witness paranormal phenomena around the skeptic? The reason for this is that the powerful thoughts of that skeptic are actually creating an intent of their own which makes any paranormal activity difficult to manifest.

      When you tell someone about your servitor you’re giving them ‘history’ of that servitor and this information coupled with their expectations will be projected just as your servitor has been projected. Knowledge of your servitor’s name or its image are key components because it is sort of like the key that you use to ‘focus in’ on the servitor no matter how far or scattered the thoughts are that make up the servitor. If another person knows your servitor’s name then that focus from them to your servitor becomes even more powerful.

      Keep this task to yourself and never reveal your servitor’s name or its image. Secrets are a powerful thing and that power can help to increase the effectiveness of your mental creations.

      Good luck! And if you don’t get the exact results that you were hoping for, keep practicing. Focus is everything; focus when you are charging your servitor and focus when you are sending your servitor on its task.

  3. So what do you do if you have a thoughtform that is over ten years old, and may be a nearly (if not fully) sentient being that will absolutely not be ignored? Sorry for vagueness, but I’m trying to keep a long story short. The person in question really isn’t a practitioner of any sort of magick or metaphysics, but since putting her thoughtform on the backburner, the thoughtform has been getting aggressive in dreams. I’ve told her essentially what you already advised in the comments above, but the thoughtform is stubborn and hell in high heels and comes off as pretty indomitable.

    I have a few ideas on how to deal with it, but I’m not sure if generate the proper “gnosis” (for lack of a better term) to convincingly send it away. Any tips?

    Solid site, by the way. Will continue to read your stuff.


    1. Hi Walker,

      It does seem like you have quite a situation there. Something that old and with so much attention added to it, can indeed be quite a handful. Something like this can be quite similar to a bodily dis-ease or even a psychological break. The reason for this is that something that has gotten so much attention can essentially become a belief within the psyche. A belief is essentially a thought or a collection of thoughts that has created a neurological pattern within the brain, somewhat like a memory. Changing a belief involves the ability to inject a whole new set of thoughts with enough intensity that they rewire the brain.

      When Alexandra David-Néel, I’m not sure if you know about her but you can look her up if you like, created a thought form with the guidance from Tibetan monks, she commented on the fact that after six months of arduous effort, the thought form that she created turned into a very large pest. This pest required another six months of arduous effort to get rid of it.

      You say that you have implemented some of the ideas that I have shared in the comments above. This essentially boils down to first and foremost, not paying attention to it. This can obviously be quite a difficult task when the entity keeps popping out from around corners or inserts itself into your friends dreams. If your friend is able to completely let go of this entity emotionally, this method would essentially stop that entity within short order.
      I have also mentioned that you can begin to systematically drain the thought energy that this entity uses to maintain itself. This is what I believe Alexandra David-Néel had to do when she needed to get rid of her thought form.

      The best way to do this is to ritualistically take apart the form and character of this entity and then slowly but surely drain every single ounce of attention/thought energy that it has. Now by ritualistically I mean you could help your friend to denote the exact dimensions of this being; what it looks like, what it’s called, how it acts, what it does, and everything else he can think about it specifically. When you have all this together you drain every single aspect of this entity away; for example starting with what it looks like, slowly drain away all the attention/thought energy from this thing until it no longer has a form. Your friend must be completely satisfied that she has drained away all of this creatures energy until the form is no longer capable of existence outside of her psyche.
      The draining away is done by imagining yourself to be a giant vacuum cleaner or a magnet perhaps that slowly and systematically sucks all of this energy into itself. You could for example imagine that you are sucking the light of life from this entity into yourself, doing this for as long as it takes to remove the form. Then you do this with every single aspect of this entity; its name, its actions, etc. Done systematically, this method works but it takes time and effort.

      But this isn’t the only way, do remember that your mind is an infinitely creative thing. If the above methods, or the methods that you are thinking of trying do not work, try something completely different. A great approach would be to create another servitor, or perhaps a whole flock of them. They don’t have to be incredibly strong or complicated in design. All you have to do is create a flock of servitor’s that have only one task; the task being to slowly drain away the energy from this bothersome entity. Sort of like a lamprey or perhaps giant mosquitoes, the servitor’s would slowly drain away the energy from this entity over time. You can create as many as you want and you can have this energy that they suck away either come back to your friend or have the servitors take it to the Earth and deposit it there.

      My final comment, I promise; do remember that this entity did not get this energy by itself. That is while this thought form might have been in the back burner, your friend must have been paying constant attention to it for it to get this strong. I would suggest that you question her on this and that you ask her about the thoughts that guided her. Again you might find that there are certain beliefs that she has that will be the culprit here. If this is the case then I suggest that you have her deal with these negative beliefs.

      Hope this helps!

      1. Thanks, and I’ve known about the Neel book, I just haven’t tracked it down or ordered it off of amazon yet. Been meaning to of course.

        The friend, I should add, is my girlfriend whom I’m quite serious with, and the entity absolutely hates me because, according to my girlfriend, I took away the need for her to exist. The tulpa/servitor started off as sort of the idea of a “Tough, cool grown-up chick” that would look out for her, but eventually became the embodiment of her stage persona during her year-long stint as an exotic dancer (which if you give credence to the sigil > servitor > egregore > godform growth pattern of thought-forms, might explain why she has such a strong presence). So basically we’re dealing with something that is all Id and Ego, but no super ego. There’s been no cases of unwilling possession, just some dreams where the being openly told my girlfriend it was a dream, and proceeded to torment her by doing things like seducing dream-me, causing chaos at a wedding reception — and even going as far as to continue the nightmares after she had woken up, gotten some water, and went back to bed. I think the root fear that keeps the servitor alive is the lack of self-confidence in my girlfriend without the watchful protection of the man-hating hellfire cat.

        Anywho, I’ve been developing a sort of ritual to help with dwindling the presence using your general techniques to reach a gnostic “religious” state (if only for the placebo benefits alone). I’m fairly competent fiction writer so my thought was to convincingly “write” her into a position of less power. I’ve made a couple of attempts to write something, but I don’t think I approached it with enough reverence, so if I’m going to attempt this I’m going to have to write something roughly publishable, that will never be published. No big deal for someone I care about. The difficulty is in getting somebody else to “Believe this will work”, so I’m going to have to design a system of gibberish sigils and find a way to make everything feel “authentic” without accidentally stepping into the creepier bits of occultism that might be offputting. Not sure if it’ll work, I might try it out on a buddy of mine who has a similar problem and would be more immediately open to the idea, just to see if “magic through art” can affect thoughtforms.

        I’ve done some research prior to stumbling upon your site, but none of the fifteen-year-old bronies on the tulpa sites gave any valuable insight. They all equate tulpa supression with murder, so it’s difficult to get any help.Thanks again for the tips.


        1. Thanks for sharing, I really appreciate your comments.

          It sounds like you have some very good ideas so I hope everything goes well. If you’re looking for some more basic information, might I suggest this book by Phil Hine:

          I’m not certain if you know about Chaos Magick, but you certainly seem to know how to play their game.

          I would also recommend my book “The Occult Experience”, but while in the book I give a long and concise chapter on banishings, these techniques are only used to keep certain things at bay; not to annihilate them. It’s sort of like the Incredible Hulk principal; if you can contain it and manage it, it can become an amazing power for constructive ends.

          I had something very similar happened to me with a girl I used to know, it did end up turning into a full-blown poltergeist attack one night which was of course incredibly fascinating to me. This thing had enough power to completely trash part of the ceiling and the night turned into a very powerful battle of wills. if this happens to you, get mad. Remember what I said about Cesar Milan.

          let me know how it goes, I am happy to help in anyway I can.

    1. I’m not sure what you mean by Ellis. If it is what I think you mean, then I would say that most likely not. While such a substance, used properly by trained individuals, seems to have the ability to alter neural synapses and create some amazing long-term change in beliefs, a servitor is designed to affect the external world and not just yourself. Such creation seems to require a type of psychic force that does not just come from complete and utter belief but in the adrenal release created by the struggle engendered when one tries to make a desire real.

  4. Can servitors be created to be self sufficient as far as energy? So that they do not require constant charging if i plan on using it for many years? as in part of its design is to acquire energy that is not being used by any living entity around to feed itself as in to be able to complete its set task?

    1. Yes, theoretically it can to a certain degree. BUT this is dangerous because you would be creating a vampiric entity. An Egregor is not a smart thing so complicated tasks like sucking the life force from certain things only, things that might not need energy for example is very difficult. Your thought form will not be able to make such decisions; decisions in general are beyond it. These beings must be given a very simple task and then forcefully commanded to carry them out. If you get too complicated, you will most likely create an ineffective creature.

      While energy is what keeps it alive, a more important issue with an Egregor is its software as it were. Software degrades over time also so you must feed it energy but you must also make sure that its task and your command are also recharged within it. All energy and no software and you have a poltergeist. Keep it simple and command it strongly.

  5. Hi ive had a servitor sent to me and its attached to my aura. This person wanted to make my life hell. Ive tried everything to remove it. Ignoring it makes no difference as its not my energy that made it. HELP!!!!

    1. Hi Penny,

      I’m so sorry that this has happened to you and I will do my best to help. First realized that this is a most difficult situation for me since I know very little about the situation that caused this problem to begin with. My first advice to you would be to seek help from someone that has experience in these matters, even someone that works with energy directly like a Reiki master.

      If this is not possible for you at the moment, I’m going to give you the four-pronged approach that you can use until you get proper help and realize the root issue as to why this situation has come your way.

      Step one: the first thing that you should do is take matters into your own hands and do something about banishing this negative entity. I give some examples here in this site of how to banish negative energy and entities and I suggest that you look into these if you are interested; specifically in the paranormal section. I am also going to give you a specific conjuration that you can use right away as it is a very powerful incantation that you can use to help yourself as soon as possible.

      It is a conjuration against demons, it is of Sumarian origin and should destroy this thing out right. I want you to wait until nighttime to use it as it is most powerful at this time. It is essentially quite simple to do; basically repeat these words while concentrating deeply on this negative entity (not the person but the servitor) that you perceive as being attached to you. It is very important that you focus on this negative entity as you say these words; either by imagining it in your minds eye as a visual thing or even the feeling of it when it is close to you.
      While you are focusing on this thing repeat the following:

      Arise! Arise! Go far away! Go far away!
      Be shamed! Be shamed! Flee! Flee!
      Turn around, go, arise and go far away!
      Your wickedness may rise to heaven like unto smoke!
      Arise and leave my body!
      From my body, depart in shame!
      From my body Flee!
      Turn away from my body!
      Go away from my body!
      Do not return to my body!
      Do not come near my body!
      Do not approach my body!
      Do not Throng around my body!
      Be command by Shammash the Mighty!
      be command by Marduk, the Great Magician of the Gods!
      Be command by the God of Fire, your Destroyer!
      May you be held back from my body!

      Step two: I want you to practice this particular exercise and to to it on a daily basis;

      I want to do this until you create a positive level of energy around yourself and your surroundings so that this bubble exists within and around you no matter where you go. It will involve some focus on your part and concentration.

      Step three: I want to examine your life and the situations that led to this outcome. It could quite possibly be that there is nothing that you did to cause this but I urge you to study the situation nonetheless to find out how this happened whether accidental or otherwise. As you do this examine your beliefs about the situation and notice any beliefs that you think seem erronous in some way. If you believe that you should change your beliefs in this area then begin to do so.

      Step four: I want you to forgive the person that did this to you. I also want to forgive yourself. Send this person love with all your heart and know that any time that you are sending love to someone, that person cannot hurt you with any negative thoughts or feelings. Open up your heart to yourself and love yourself for who you are; loving yourself in this way and sharing this love with the other will free you energetically from any bonds that this person has placed upon you.

      Finally seek help from someone that you think you can trust and who knows about these matters. Someone who can be there with you physically and can give you advice on how to keep up your strength energetically and spiritually.

  6. thanks for your advice John. Besides rheki masters that ive already seen and they seem to have ‘fed it’ who else would you suggest?
    It was sent to me by someone full of jealousy and they knew I wouldn’t have a clue about what to do. She thought my husband would think I was crazy and leave me, after 27yrs my hubby knows that if I say this has happened then it has and he is supporting me along with my 2 children.
    I will send out love to her and myself and banish the servitor. It is attached to my aura, it scratches me with razor sharpe claws constantly and makes me feel raw. my hubby has 3 deep scratches on his back and I have had them too. Its really awful.
    unfortunately the people ive seen have been mediums and they all treat it like a spirit who hasn’t gone to the light, they have no idea about servitors/thoughtforms.
    I will keep you posted. thanks again

    1. I’m sorry that the reiki practitioner did not work for you. I thought that a person like this might be able to help but if they’re not good enough to be able to distinguish between your energy and foreign energy then indeed this person will only feed this thing and it’s best that you stay away from him or her.

      Thanks to the power of our incredibly all-encompassing media, it has indeed become the case that even the occult has become PC. While there has always been a large amount of people professing to have some kind of power or another, thanks to the many ghost shows and the like on television, everything is now blamed on ghosts or little grey men from outer space.

      While I have seen a number of ads for people professing to be sorcerers or the like, I would not recommend these people since it is quite possible that they don’t have a clue what they are doing either and you could end up in a bigger mess than when you started.

      Why I told you that you should examine yourself and your beliefs, and why I also mentioned that you should find some kind of support, is that things like a servator or a malignant thought form, cannot exist very long by themselves. So unless this person is resending these things over and over, the thought form that is now hurting you should run out of steam if you make sure that you don’t feed it yourself. You feed it by projecting guilt, sadness, pain, and worry. Cutting off these emotions can make you sick so I do not suggest that, but what I do suggest is that you examine what you believe about certain things that relate to this situation so that you can tell yourself, “no, this is not true and I will stop believing it.”

      If you are on your own, so be it. I have full confidence that you can take care of yourself with a little practice now that you know what you are up against, you seem like a capable person to me.

      First of all keep practicing what I told you; that one banishing incantation that I gave you is a very powerful and if you keep using it, with complete focus on the thought form when you say the words, this thing should get blasted from your life.

      Also remember to fight fire with fire. This article after all was created to teach you how to create a servator for yourself. I personally have a servator that protects me and mine on a regular basis and I suggest you do the same. Use the advice given in the article and create something powerful and over time, as its power grows, this thought form will be able to protect you from anything.

      As you already know, life is far stranger than most people would like to believe. If you want to do a little more studying on your own, then I suggest my book ”The Occult Experience”. While it’s not directly related to how to deal with such thought forms as we have discussed, it does give you the general background as to how life and our perceptions work and it does give you many ideas as to how to expand your own abilities. I also recommend anything on “Chaos Magick”; the books by Phil Hine or Andrieh Vitimus are good, just check Amazon.

      Good luck, and do keep me posted.

  7. BabalonSS11

    Hi John,
    I was wondering if Servitors can be of assistance in the Astral, rather than the physical plane? In the sense that one may require assistance in the Astral, say for protection or guided wisdom etc or could a Servitor be used to assist one in the act of projection into the Astral from the physical?

    1. This is a great question! The complete answer would require a book I think, but the short precise answer would be yes. Actually I would use the answer; emphatically yes.

      If your servator becomes powerful enough, so that you can see it in your dreams, then you can be sure that it can be of help to you while you are in the dream or astral state.

      Now, the astral experience is actually a varied thing and can involve different types of conscious and unconscious states. As a result the way your servator acts in these states can also be quite varied. For example if you use The Mental Technique Method that I write about in this article, using your servator in these states can be easy and you will also find that it is a wonderful companion whenever you need its particular assistance, depending on what its function is supposed to be.

      While in a lucid dream state or in a complete astral projection, the use of your servitor is still quite feasible and it is one of the methods used by powerful sorcerers to get across difficult regions of the Psyche or the astral spheres. The problems that you might encounter involve the identification and the control of your servitor. In these states a servitor could appear to as anything from a blob of light or mist, to an amalgamation of all of the different ideas and thoughts that you have about it and what it should look like. If you are able to see your servitor in the astral or in a lucid dream as a complete entity, just like you designed it to be, acting completely under your command, then you are definitely a powerful person and one who has mastered the ability to create these powerful thought forms.

      If you are able to create such a powerful servitor, and this just takes practice patience and effort, then using this servitor in the astral can be a great benefit to you. You can use to protect yourself from foreign energy that you might encounter, you can also use it to light your way and to help you probe distant areas, you can use it as a guide sort of like a deep reconnaissance probe, and you can use it to help you protect your body while you are far away on an astral voyage. You can also use it to help you begin in astral projection, sort of like a door into the other plane; once you see it clearly and feel it, you are there.

  8. Novice Jacob

    I have a question. When you create and charge a servitor, do you see it normally without focusing on it? Or do you have to focus and think about it everytime you want to see it? Im very interested in creating one but I want to see it without focusing on it all the time.

    1. Yes you can definitely get to the point when you call see your Servitor without effort. You can also create one that is powerful enough to be seen without the need to focus; that is it will seem to be an independent creature that moves on its own without your attention.

      To do this you will need to charge your servitor on a regular basis for about six months or so, sorry these things take time and effort. It is possible to get an ‘independent’ more quickly but it requires intense emotional energy at the time of charging; be careful here though as certain emotions can become infused with your servitor, like anger for example, and this could make it more chaotic and mean. Slow and steady charging is best.

      When you are charging, focus on every detail of it and focus on making it real like all the objects and beings around you; plants, furniture, cat, etc.
      With every charging, you will find it easier to focus on your servitor; it won’t take as much effort to see it before you. This will continue until you can see it clearly without much difficulty. Eventually you might see it around without you even focusing or calling on it. The last step is when others can see it as well.

      PLEASE do be careful though and read Walkers comment on this page!! When servitors become this powerful they start to become willful and you must control it like you would control a difficult pet. Remember you are in charge here and don’t be afraid to punish it if it does not obey.

      You might want to read about ‘Alexandra David-Néel’ and her experiences with a ‘Tulpa’ which is basically the same thing as a servitor except that a servitor is given a mission while Tulpas were usually just Tibetan exercises in concentration and worship.

  9. Hello,
    I started to create servitors a few years ago. The first ones were a full success, I even saw them in front of me when sleeping or taking a nap. But then gradually every time I created one it just did not respond, never again could I get the same great results I did at the beginning. The steps I followed were the ones you described. The first servitor I created I did not give any credit and it turned out to work wonderfully. Later on, I think I put more intent on my creations and I even got very anxious when they did not respond. Now that I am aware of that issue I try to avoid making the same mistake but any way I fail. What do you think I can do to get it working again?

    1. Hi Maria,

      I think that you are quite right in your assessment of the situation. Whenever we begin something new, we tend to have a more detached attitude and this coupled with great expectation, tends to give us very good results. In Zen this would be called the beginner’s mind and much of Zen is geared towards attaining this kind of mind all the time. Golfers for example tend to struggle with this kind of issue as well, the more expectation and the more importance that they put on their swing; the harder it is to make the shot.

      The beginner’s mind though is a bit of the illusion in my opinion, you can never go back to that innocence, and results from trying to attain a beginner’s mind once again can be spotty at best. What I suggest to you is that instead of trying to attain that beginner’s mind again, you should try instead to create a more systematic approach to your creation of Servitors. Believe it or not, the problem that you are having is actually a good thing because it lets you know that your mind is indeed powerful and that now you must take more care in how you approach the act of mental creation.

      Instead of trying to create a Servitor by charging it once or perhaps three times as I mentioned in the article, try to take a more systematic but slower approach. Firstly approach this exercise as a fun game instead of a task to accomplish. With this mental attitude, practice creating your Servitor by devoting 10 minutes to half an hour every day for a week or two. During this time focus on trying to see your Servitor before you and to create all the facets of its physical makeup in your mind’s eye. Slow and steady, like doing a fun workout. Do this until your Servitor becomes quite visible to you.

      During this time I want you to also practice giving your Servitor commands. Nothing major, try to make your Servitor go from one end of a room to another and then perhaps to come before you and to hover over your palms. If you are having trouble doing this, I want you to spend as much time as you need in order to try and corral this creature until you can finally get it to do what you want instantly. This might take some time and some effort on your part but it will teach you about the power of your personal intent and it is good practice. Without this kind of control your Servitor is useless so take as much time as you need.

      Eventually, and with a bit of effort, you will once again be able to create Servitors in a quick and efficient fashion. As I have mentioned a few times, you must treat your Servitor like a pet and there is no better teacher on how to treat your pet than Cesar Milan so study how he creates alpha dominance and use the same technique for your Servitor.

      Good Luck!

      1. Hi John,
        Thank you ever so much for all your help! I will start working on my servitors as you suggest because the way they worked for me at first was so wonderful that I would like to attain the same result for so many other issues like helping others in health, for instance… Now you gave me courage and self-confidence to go on. Ah! One last question: Is there any possibility they can be attacked by astral entities once in operation? If so, what would be best to do? program them to face this situation accordingly or what?
        Thanks again!! GOD bless you:)

        1. Sorry, John, just one more question, should I use the same servitor I just created to do this practice and this same servitor reprogram for its original task? or am I supposed to create a new one for my orginal purpose? Thanks!

          1. You are welcome Maria, I am glad that I could help!

            Yes indeed they can be attacked by astral entities just like a small fish swimming through a large ocean might be attacked by a number of predators. Unfortunately if this predator is big enough, there is very little that you can do about it. This is one of the reasons why Servitors fail sometimes, they can become food for certain beings that exist out there. But this is a very rare occurrence since most Servitors do not have enough energy to make them any kind of target.

            The answer to how best to deal with this is actually related to your second question. If for example you plan to create a certain Servitor for healing purposes, you might want to create one that you can use over and over again, one that has all the attributes that you think you would need in order to best heal someone. This is beneficial because every time that you use it, you are actually making it stronger because you are focusing more energy and attention into it. This way you will not need to make a new Servitor every time that you wish to help someone, but you will need to re-charge and re-task this one Servitor every time.

            Make sure that you have a Servitor that ONLY does one certain thing. For example you don’t want a Servitor that does both protection and healing for example, in that case you’ll want one Servitor for each task. In this way your helpers will not suffer from a type of schizophrenia that makes them nearly useless and sometimes even problematic. Remember these are very very simple creatures.

            So if you send this specialized Servitor out to help someone and you believe it has becomes food or sport for an astral entity, something that is unlikely, then what you need to do is to recharge this specialized Servitor and send it out again. Your Servitor cannot be destroyed, as no thought can ever be destroyed, but its energy can be drained so that it is no longer effective. When you think of your Servitor and start charging it again you are bringing this thought form back, you start to give it the energy that it needs to function again; the spark of life that it needs in order to act within this particular area of space and time. The blueprint that is the qualities and the form of your original Servitor cannot be destroyed but you will need to recharge and re-task this blueprint, this thought form, every time that you use it. In this way you have a vessel that you must fill with your intention and your energy so that it might do your bidding. How much time you spend re-charging and re-tasking your Servitor is up to you and comes with experience, but the more you use it, the less time that you will need for this.

  10. Hello, John,
    I just wanted to share with you my results so far with my 2 servitors. I have created them to help me with my work so they are important. I know through questions to my Guide that they are inactive, and the problem has nothing to do with a technique I may be using that is not effective or with a third external factor that desactivates them. I will keep asking my Guide, although this takes some time because I have to ask through yes/no questions, but I wanted to know your opinion and if there is something you think I may do. It is very strange, I got stuck at this point of servitor creation and I wonder why. Thanks!

    1. If you have been creating, charging, and tasking (commanding) your Servitors properly, and hopefully using some of the new techniques that we have discussed in the previous comments, then there is no reason why you should be having difficulty.

      You must realize that in everything you do there is faith; in other words you always have positive expectations. If you say to yourself that you will cross a certain room in order to pick up a cup from a table, you tend to do this without problems and with complete faith in the fact that your body will know what to do in order for you to accomplish this task. Sometimes this faith needs to be learned; this is especially the case when it is a new task, something you have not done before. Create, charge, and command your Servitors in an impeccable fashion, then have faith. Faith means believing even though you cannot see a thing, faith means knowing something to be true even though others tell you it is not; faith can move mountains Maria.

  11. Is it safe to create a though-form that will take control over me and my decisions? For example, in the love area?

    1. No that wouldn’t be safe or practical; as I have stated in other earlier comments, a thought form is not a complex thing and it certainly cannot reason. There is also no way that your thought form or Servitor could take over for you or help you that way.

      If you are interested in a Servitor to help in in getting love then I suggest you create one that hangs and moves around with you and radiates sexual appeal or love. These Servitors work like a shining light that floats around beside you; others can’t usually see it but they can feel its effects. These types of servitors make you seem more sexually appealing for example.

      1. But is it possible to create a servitor that will help me in more than one away? For example, giving my aura more than one trait, as long as they’re connected? Because I don’t find it practical to create one servitor for each characteristic

        1. You can make a servitor as complicated as you like. My advice to you though is that complicated servitors tend not to work or sometimes develop a case of schizophrenia, which can make them rather difficult and impractical.

          I am afraid that you will not be able to get the complicated results that I believe you are after with a servitor or any other kind of thought form. The caveat to this would be that you create one that would indeed become a god or demigod as it were, something akin to the giant thought form that Santa Claus (for an explanation of this please follow the link) has become for example. But this would require huge amounts of time (years) and effort on your part so I don’t think that this is the route that you would like to take.

          But the answer is really there in my previous paragraph; what you are after is a god. This is a different type of magick that involves invoking and evoking certain god forms that can provide advice, assistance and help in general and specific matters.

          This is a complicated form of energy/information tapping that involves accessing certain aspects of your psyche (or personality if you like) and using this focused concentration to access certain powerful energy gestalts called gods, saints, planets, etc. These gestalts represent different aspects of the personality and as such can help with love, finances or whatever depending on which god, saint, or planet you make contact with.

          I have not written on such matters but if you are interested then I suggest you study material on ceremonial magick, Kabbalah, or perhaps even Chaos magick.

          1. Ekkehard Ahrends

            i like your books and i already used same prediator tecknicks to defend my self what i realy need and what i belief in is rhight but i ask my self is creating a servitor the same like creating a slave i would like to have same protection but is it not like using slavery. What if the servitor would like to have a free wiil.
            I would be happy if you would talk about this problem
            Thanks Ekkehard

          2. Thank you Ekkehard. As to the sentience of a servitor, I have discussed this issue to some degree in the comments here. I must admit that this is a really complex issue having to do with how powerful a servitor becomes over time and what you define as free will.
            Basically I like to define free will as value fulfillment, in that the true nature of sentient free will is the movement towards the fulfillment of those things that are valued by that sentience. As such, a servitor will not have such a sentience while still bound to you in this dimension because such a complexity involves more energy and more flexibility of action than are available to it here in this dimensional plane.
            A servitor by its very nature is a servant, and its value fulfillment is in that sense to make sure that your values are fulfilled. In other words its will is to fulfill your will; it is fulfilled by fulfilling your desire.

  12. Hi John I contacted you in January asking for help in removing a servitor beetle that was sent to attach to my aura last sept and everything I tried to do failed.
    Well I tried all you said and now I need to fight fire with fire.
    I have for 3 days at 3 different times for 15 minutes or so been working on my own servitor to remove this awful thing. I think I can feel the energy building but can’t see anything. I am a psychic/medium, I hear, sense, smell and taste, im an empath. Very rare I see.
    As I have this one attached to me I have no problem in believing in them and i feel the energy and my daughter said she could feel something. I know i can do this.
    I’m a complete beginner,how long normally does it take to produce a functioning servitor?

    1. Hi Penny,
      I am sorry that you are still having problems. To charge a Servator so that it is effective, should only take the three days of charging as I have posted on the article. Remember that you can send it out to do as you ask and can also call it back after a while to re-charge it and send it out again if you want to.

      Before you send it out on a mission, make sure that you believe in it and in its power. That your daughter can feel your energy accumulation is a good sign but remember that this energy needs to be bound by the form and the name that you have chosen.

      We all have a modality that we prefer, that is we are either visual, auditory or kinesthetic (feelings). Try to experience your Servitor in the modality that is most powerful for you. If you are not sure what your preferred modality is, then try to experience your Servitor with all three.

      Send it out though after these initial charges. If you don’t get the results that you like, then call it back and charge it again until it is real to you and then send it out to do your work again. Keep doing this and eventually you will be amazed that there will be a creature before you that you will be able to experience as being quite real and alive(perhaps alive like a machine). When your Servitor is this powerful, you will be able to overcome any difficulty with its help. Focus, focus, focus.

      P.S. Don’t forget to try the Banishing that I wrote for you.

  13. I have made this servitor with the intention to remove this beetle from my aura. Im guessing that if ive made it right that it has that capability?
    I will know when its ready as this nightmare will have been removed. I am focusing with all my will. I have good reason to!!
    Been doing the banishing that you wrote for me.
    As an extreme measure I have heard that you can absorb someone elses servitor if it is attached. Don’t really fancy doing it. But if I need to I will. Do you please have any advice about that.
    Its very confusing on the internet, yours is an easy method, thank goodness. Some ive seen are very difficult for a beginner. Going into trance. Visualising colours and auras. Blasting it out of your aura in the appropriate colour. I would find that hard to do.
    seeing your reply to Wilhelm I hope that I haven’t made my servitor too complicated and that’s why after 5 days im only feeling the energy as almost solid and he isn’t going off to do my bidding?
    Thanks again for your help

    1. Yes it is very confusing on the Internet, that is one of the reasons why I write about this, in order to clear up some of the misconceptions. There are people that sometimes try to post advice to others on my site, with very good intentions, but their advice is often quite dangerous and I therefore never post these comments.

      Auras, colors and all the rest are really just complicated versions of something that the psyche does quite naturally and they are not required per se if you use the methods that I teach. While it is true that it could help some people, to make things overtly complicated is wrong. Sorry I don’t know how else to say it and only stress this because you should (everyone should) be most careful in what advice they follow obviously.
      There are also ideas about force fields out there; they essentially tend to intensify whatever you are feeling and experiencing. If you read other articles on my site you will realize that belief is the most important aspect of anything we do, in my opinion. This is especially so when it comes to higher mental actions as in the one you’re trying to perform. I do the best I can; that is why my replies are usually so long.

      I would recommend that you read the advice that I gave Maria, as this relates to what your current problem seem to be. Practice what I told her about moving your Servitor around; you are doing very well, the fact that you have been able to create a form that seems to want to stay put means that you have focused a lot of energy in the correct manner. What you now need to do is to develop your intent in order to move it and have it do what you desire. You have a machine, now you need to practice moving it around. Practice moving it and tasking like I told Maria, then when you send it believe in what you do because it is belief, your ability to manipulate your own beliefs, that will finally free you from any problems you will ever have. Your Servitor is your creation, it is alive and real! It will do your bidding as long as your belief/intent maintains its form and gives it direction. Your belief/intent keeps it together and tells it what to do.
      I believe in your power, I believe in your creation, I believe that you can learn to manipulate it and move it around as you will; to do as you will!!

  14. thanks again John for the advice.
    I will keep going. There is so much energy in my creation. Its frustrating to me that I can’t see it, just feel it when I put my hands out infront of me.
    Because I know nothing of this subject, only that you had explained, I never thought after creating the servitor that I’d have to make it move!! I know I can do it because my guides have told me so. I am now realising that intent and belief is everything.
    At night I keep saying the banishing that you wrote for me.
    If I keep having these problems then I will accept your offer of a telephone session!!

  15. How do I make sure I really have thoughtforms created by me unconciously during my life? How do I make sure I cleanse myself of all of them without destroying the ones I created to do something specific?

    1. Within the context of servitors; you are only maintaining a thought form that is being constantly charged by you. If you’ll referred to the article, in the section that I talk about charging, you will see that it takes a very specific type of conscious attention to be able to charge a particular thought form.

      You are indeed constantly creating thoughts and some of these can develop into what would be considered a thought form. In order to maintain the thought forms that you like and purge yourself of the ones that you find destructive or disadvantageous, what you need to do is to control the type of attention that you give them. In other words, charge a servitor that you wish to use and ignore, much as possible, those negative thought forms that you think are affecting you negatively. By the way you never really subconsciously create any kind of thought form like this, there is always a conscious understanding of what you are doing, even if it is buried by you using a combination of disadvantageous personal beliefs.

  16. Hi John, i’m fairly new to witchcraft and I was doing some research to realize that within my own household was a spirit of some sort. I do believe it would be most likely a servitor summoned by another ,but it does not seem pleasant. I decided to summon my own servitor and at first after the first few seconds I could already feel some sort of energy coursing through my body as if it was coming alive. Then, out of the page, the bird seemed to almost want to jump out of the page as if it was going to move. Am i doing this correctly? Also, I tried using some lines such as *** I summon thee!
    Is this okay?

  17. Hi John, i’m fairly new to witchcraft and I was doing some research to realize that within my own household was a spirit of some sort. I do believe it would be most likely a servitor summoned by another ,but it does not seem pleasant. I decided to summon my own servitor and at first after the first few seconds I could already feel some sort of energy coursing through my body as if it was coming alive. Then, out of the page, the bird seemed to almost want to jump out of the page as if it was going to move. Am i doing this correctly? Also, I tried using some lines such as *** I summon thee!
    is this correct?

    1. Hi,
      It seems to me that you are a natural; if your servitor feels like it’s about to jump out on your first charge, then your focus and energy transfer are perfect. I also think that using your own magical words is great. Use your instincts and follow your gut, in that way you will be able to expand on my ideas and be able to develop a creation ritual/methodology that works best for you.

      It sounds like you are creating a servitor to protect yourself and your home. This is excellent and it should always be the way you begin any magical act; first cleanse yourself and your space and then focus your will outwards.

  18. Hello!

    Thanks a lot for this article, it’s definitly something really interesting and could help a lot to acheive what we want.

    I have a question: I am quite a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh, a trading card game, and I wonder if I could make a servitor from the picture of the card. For exemple, if I want someone to fall in love with me, can I use a card which represent something that as a link to what I want (like a great angel holding a heart), or to be more clear, can the picture be the actual sigil that will direct the servitor?

    Anyway, thanks a lot 🙂


    1. Yes, you can definitely create a servitor that is an actual Yu-Gi-Oh character. Creating a servitor like that can be fun and perhaps even easier for you since you know the character well and it is naturally very inspiring for you.

      The only thing I would have you worry about is that larger servitors and more complex ones require a lot more energy and time to put together. Smaller and simpler is better sometimes because more of your energy goes into the intent of the servitor; whatever your bidding might be.

      1. Thanks for the quick answer 🙂

        Still have a question, do I need to make an even more cartoonish version of the card’s picture, or can it act as it?

        One of my friend who is studying magick has also a question that I can’t aswer for sure, so I ask it to you: Is it possible to create a servitor that would make someone fall in love for with you? If yes, how? I personatly don’t think it’s possible, because the servitor would need to have a lot of energy to do it? But I’m not sure…

        What do you think?

        1. Hi Thomas, if you are really serious about the creation of servitors, then I suggest that you get my e-book, its only $ 1.99 on kindle and you will be able to get all the answers that you seek.

          In chapter 2 for example I discuss what a servitor can be used for and give an example of how a friend of mine uses servitors for love. In chapter 3 I go into great detail about how to create a servitor and I think you’ll find the answer to your friends question there.

  19. Hi John, that sounds very interesting and it would be really great to have something like this as a companion and protector. I have some little questions:

    1. Can they speak?
    2. Can they be touched?

    It would be great when I could get answers to this questions. 🙂

    1. Yes Sabrina, you can make a servitor that can talk and that you could touch. I must tell you though that it is a difficult thing to do because it requires a good deal of effort on your part. The reason for this is that you need to create a very powerful thought form in order to give attributes like this to it.

      Might I suggest that you take a very long time in putting together the general shape and appearance of your servitor. What I mean is that in all phases of your creation of this servitor, you need to pay great attention to the physical appearance of this creature. It doesn’t have to be incredibly detailed or very big; I would actually recommend that you make it smaller, that way you can focus more on empowering this thought essence so that it develops strong form. You will therefore need to charge your servitor, charge this thought form, until you can feel it. This will most likely take far longer than three sessions and depending on how skilled you are in charging your servitor, it can take anywhere from a week to a couple of months of constant charging (that is charging your servitor at least once a day). When you can touch it, you know that your job is done.

      As far as talking, a servitor is not a sentient creature and therefore it is not able to respond to you in any complicated way. A well-developed thought form though can emote feelings and the way you process these feelings within your mind can allow you to communicate with it; you could say that in feeling basic emotions and thought ideas, you could communicate with your servitor in a quite efficient manner. As your creature grows in age, it will take on certain experience, especially if it is tasked with different jobs. This experience will then become a greater range for it to be able to emote with.

      I have servitors that I find quite pleasing to me and they do provide good company sometimes. I am currently working on a book project but once I am finished this I would like to take some time to write another book on creating companion servants (companion servitors). The potential of these creatures is amazing.

    1. The short answer is yes.

      The long answer is; it depends. It has to do with the fact that there are certainly different levels within what we would consider a ‘thought form’ or a servitor.

      The longer that someone takes to charge a servitor, or the more powerful the person that is creating the servitor is, the more likely that this creation will be able to be seen by another person. What this means is that the psychic force used to create a servitor, has a direct relation to what a servitor can do and how it is perceived.

      A servitor that is given a huge amount of psychic force ( it is charged for a very long time and in a very powerful way) can be seen by another person and its ability to act upon what we all consider to be objective reality, is much greater. A properly created creature like this can be seen by someone who has no idea that this creature is the creation of someone else, but this takes a great deal of force and effort.

      Now if you mean, will I be able to see this servitor? The answer is that if it is your creation then you will certainly see it if you dedicate even a small but intense effort in the charging of it. Whether you are seeing something in your mind’s eye or not, makes no difference; you are seeing it. The more you charge it, the easier it will be for you to see it without focusing on wanting to see it. There will come a time when, if you have had this creature for a long while, that it will be as easy to see this servitor as it is for you o see a (real) object.

      1. Thanks, that helped a lot. And I’m sure I can charge it powerfully if I’m listening to a certain type of music. What I have learned from the short amount of time I spent doing magic is that I have a lot of energy. So much so that it can mess with the electricity in the house if I don’t use it. However, I can’t focus it at all unless I’m using something that causes emotions to well up. I was actually charging my servitor a few hours ago while listening to a song that makes me feel happy. Within minutes a spark arched across the paper. After 15 minutes the paper flashed for an instant. I unfortunately don’t know what either of these mean. If you are able, could you tell me why that happened?

        1. Well, let me start by commending you on your use of evocative music to charge your servitor. Evocation is a powerful aspect of any working and most get lost in silly ritualistic ideals and fail to realize that evocation means evocative.

          I am also glad that you realize your potential and know that you need to use your energy to good purpose. A large number of the haunting phenomena, especially poltergeist activity, is due to a powerful person that is repressing his/her emotions and is not channeling these energies well.
          I have had so many people telling me of their problems with these self created phantasms, or with other things that are attracted to this energy to feed, that I actually put together a book on how to deal with them. I believe that you are very self aware and I congratulate you for it.

          If you are seeing sparks or flashes, this is a good thing. It is basically your psychic energy (which some call; chi, ki, prana, orgone, life force, mana, etc.) that you are projecting in a powerful way. If you are seeing flashes like this then you can be assured that you are projecting energy very well indeed.
          Do though remember to focus on your etheric image as you project. You don’t want to get stuck charging just the paper. You want to use the symbol in the paper to help your intent and your visualization so that you can see the servitor above the paper in as clear a form as possible. When this image is strong and clear, then send your energy into it. Keep doing this until you feel that the servitor has gained mass (as it were). In this way your energies will not be lost in the physical aspect of your servitor but will actually go in to giving your thought, form.

  20. Hi John,

    I just purchased your book for my kindle, and it’s super interesting. Thank you.

    I did have a question regarding how to create a servitor to help a relationship? To help communication? I know that anything is possible, but I’m not exactly sure how to program it to do this. Any ideas?

    1. Hi, thank you for your purchase and I hope that it is most helpful to you.

      When it comes to help in communication with an individual person or couple, it can sometimes be difficult deciding what would work best. Each couple is different after all, and you have to be able to explore your feelings and the feelings of the other person to be able to decide what is most needed.

      It could be for example that a certain person needs to feel that there is trust before they will open up and begin a heartfelt communication. Another person might need to feel acceptance, that they are accepted for who they are no matter what they do, before they can begin to communicate in a meaningful manner. It is up to you to find this information before you can create a servitor to help.

      Generally speaking then the best way that a servitor can help with the relationship is that it can help you project those feelings that you think are needed in order to take your relationship to the next level of communication and awareness.

      My suggestion to you is that you create a servitor very much like a lamp servitor (like the one I mentioned in chapter 2 of the book). What you can do then is to create a servitor that gives off energy and emotion, of the kind that you require in order to put your partner, or the couple that you’re working with, at ease.

      A relationship, is always based on love, so I would then suggest that you create a servitor that shines like a beacon, one that you can call to you anytime you want. So for example you could have the servitor in the room where you or the couple are whenever you need it and its job will be to radiate love and happiness into the area. For this purpose, you could design a servitor that looks very much like a heart (like the classical cupids heart) and imbue it with the ability to shine like a light and project huge amounts of love into whatever room it finds itself in.

      When you are charging this creature, make sure that you are imbuing it with huge amounts of love. In other words open up your own heart and pour love into it so that it can then pour this love out upon those that it radiates on.

      I hope this helps, good luck.

  21. Bought your book on Amazon. Thanks for the material. Powerful. I began to create my first servitor yesterday. Instead of using 3 days to charge it completely repeating the process taught, would I be able to do the same process three times in the same day and then move forward? I didn’t feel tired after all, but more motivated to charge it powerfully and use it. I’d also like to know your thoughts aboud drawing it in the computer as an illustration. Thanks again. Wish you the best.

    1. Hi, thank you very much for the nice comment.

      Yes you can definitely charge your servitor all in one day if you want to. The reason why I ask you to charge your servitor three times is because I am trying to create a link between you and the servitor and it’s not so much about charging the servitor three times in the day but the three individual days. What I mean is that I’m asking you to charge it (for the first time only) during three consecutive days because the charge plus your sleep cycle creates this link that I’m referring to. That is, it’s not the charge that links the servitor to you, it is your charge plus the sleep. After you have done this three day charge, then you don’t need to charge it three times again to send it out, you can from now on just charge the one time and then send it out. Sorry if this was not made clear enough.

      If you want to you can charge it really powerfully all in one day and send it out, but if you do this (on your first charge ever of your servitor ever) the servitor might seem more like an energy bubble that you’re sending out, never to use again, as opposed to a servant that you wish to keep around and task again in the future.

      Certainly if you charge a servitor and use it then charge it again and use it again, you will naturally create this link that I’m talking about but it will be harder and take longer. That is why I asked for the 3 days, but it is certainly up to you what method you would like to take. Follow your own intuitions on this and I’m sure you will be fine.

      As far as illustrating your servitor, I think this is a wonderful idea. Anything that you can do to increase the amount of detail that you have in your brain about how this servitor looks like and how he might act, is always a positive when dealing with servitors. The more real that it becomes to you, and the more powerful your psychic charge, the more powerfully that your servitor will be able to affect the objective world.

  22. Hello John,

    I wanted to thank you so much for writing your book. I found your book from a kindle suggestion- I never look at those, but I chanced looking at your sample and bought it on the spot. It just happened into my life at a point when I am giving myself permission to look at things that before I would have avoided because of what people might think, and something spoke to me that this was something I could use Right Now.

    In any case, I have had your book since Friday. Today is Monday and is the third day of charging- but I think I will focus on taking my time and really focusing. (I had a very clear idea of the type of servitor I wanted, and what it would look like and everything.) I have a habit of wanting things done right now and rushing through them- but this is something I really want to do right, because I really want this servitor to be around a long, long time. I have absolute belief it is already present, but lack confidence in my own ability to detect its presence. I’m really good at imagining it might be there- but I want to be sure I’m not just making things up- and if I AM just making it all up- I want to make sure I’m so good at making it up that it can affect the ‘real’ touch and feel life…

    So no real questions, just a heartfelt thanks at making this available in book form- I wish you much health and prosperity!

    1. Thank you very much Kimberly.

      It is sometimes difficult to push against the web of the world; there is much heart ache and often times little reward. But it is a great day indeed when you know that you have helped a fellow traveler.

      Here is a little quote that you might appreciate, which I happen to be most fond of:

      “What we need to do to allow magic to get hold of us is to
      banish doubts from our minds. Once doubts are banished anything is
      Don Juan

      1. I read one of your books but I have a question, when charging the servitor, we look at the logo and we should visualize it as if it’s in front of me, do I visualize the logo or the other detailed picture that I drew earlier ? so I would be looking at the logo and visualizing the detailed picture or visualizing the logo itself ?

        1. Hi Amer,
          The ideal would be for you to look at the physical drawing of the logo and then to begin to clearly see the visualized manifestation of your actual servitor above it. Look at the logo and see your servitor manifest above it, in its actual form.

  23. Thank you again, John.

    I figure I will just keep at this with a playful yet consistent attitude and not demand instantaneous results.

    In the meantime I did think of a question that I didn’t notice in the book or elsewhere: I am guessing that one would want to keep their picture/ logo of their servitor pretty non-anthropomorphic, in other words not having many human characteristics- because the point of these exercises is to create your own thought form as opposed to accidentally summoning an entity of some sort. Would you agree with this assessment?

    If that is the case, would you encourage or discourage talking to your servitor throughout the day, at a different time from when you are actually charging it? I’ve found myself saying things like “I am really looking forward to working with you.” and similar phrases at different times during the day when I happen to think of it. I’m not certain anything bad would come of it but then I wonder if that could be the beginning of bad training…? Or maybe I’m just overthinking..? In any case, I very much appreciate your time and wisdom.

    1. It is my belief that you should be able to create and treat a servitor any way that you wish. In other words, if you wish to anthropomorphize it or talk to it, its all fine.

      Remember that I mention in the book that you should always maintain “alpha dominance’ over this creature, and that I even recommend a certain animal trainer as the best way to learn to create this alpha dominance in yourself and in the relationship that you have with your servitor.

      If at any time you feel that you are not in charge, then I suggest that you reprimand your creation and I do mention in the book how you can go about doing this. Believe me when I tell you that it is impossible for you to summon or to have this creature become possessed using my methodology. The energetic configurations are completely different. I suggest you focus more on enjoying the power of your mind and it creations instead of focusing of on the fear of what if.

      If you find that you are having problems with negative entities in this matter then I can assure you that this is a result of another malicious persons involvement or because there is something in your psyche that you must deal with. In this case I would highly recommend that you use that techniques that I have put together in this book. I would also recommend this book to the many commenters that have asked for help in this matter in the past. They are actually the reason why I wrote the book in the first place.

      Good luck, and don’t forget to have fun with it!

  24. Thank you again, John. I am having fun with this, and I appreciate your suggestions! Have a great Thanksgiving 🙂

  25. I bought your book on Amazon and created only one Servitor with a complex task, but after a few weeks it seems to work. Thanks very much.!
    My best regards.

  26. Hello John, I know in terms of love you recommend to create a servitor that radiates love over us and make us more appealing. But you also say that we can create it for anything we can imagine. Can I create a servitor that make a girl attracted to me? I imagine it going to her and creating a connection between us. That connection transformed then into attraction and then into love.

  27. By the way I also bought your book on Amazon. I just want to elaborate on this point.


    1. Hi Ben,
      Yes you can definitely create a servitor like this. The trick with the servitor is that it gives you a chance, an opening as it were to state your case to the person that you are interested in. The servitor can’t make someone love you, as I am sure you know, but it can help you catch the eye of that person that you admire.

      My friend’s servitor, as I write in the book, was more a funny novelty to me really. It created some really funny moments among people that were interested in superficial encounters. Love could have grown from those encounters perhaps, given that the two people that met were both wanting this love to blossom, but no servitor could create or impose true love; such imposition negates the true meaning of this complex emotion/action.

      I would suggest that you investigate the person that you are interested in and find out what her interests and desires are. Once you know, you can create a servitor that could shine a light on you as it were (this is a possible clue as to what a servitor could be designed to do). A servitor could also whisper in her ear and help you both find yourselves at the right place, just at the right time. Then it will be up to you to connect with her and foster that love you desire in her by giving that love yourself. Then it will be her choice to love you or to move on. Forced love is not real and is full of painful thorns, but if she truly does love you then you will know that it was her choice and her love will seem all that more precious to you.

      Remember also that a servitor can help you with other aspects of your quest for your girl. It can help you get something she wants, or it can help you have luck, and power. A servitor is your ace up your sleeve, your trusted servant.

  28. Thank you very much, John. That clarifies me a lot of things. I will put that in practice.

    By the way, there’s another site that you find when you are googling about servitors, that says that in order to create a servitor, you first need to master sigil creation, or it won’t work.

    What are your thoughts about that?

    Thanks again.

    1. No, you don’t need to know how to create a sigil in order to create a servitor. While it is true that you can create a servitor using the same method that you would use to create a sigil, and that in many ways this sigil and a servitor are pretty much the same thing, a sigil is really an old ritualistic method, and a highly Western one might I add, of working with intent and the power of thought forms. I go into a little greater detail about this in my book: Vampire’s Way to Psychic Self-Defense

      Those that practiced, and practice, this methodology have different beliefs about the power of the human psyche and it is these beliefs that constrict their mental efforts. My methods incorporate a more expansive mind and a greater ability to work with thought. These methods are possible because we have changed the beliefs that we hold about human psychology and the power of the human psyche; there has been great change since the time of Mme. Fortune.

  29. Hi John 🙂

    First of all, I’d like to say thank you for writing this article, and your books and your site which i have been visiting for the past few days now. This is my first venture into magic and I feel pretty confident I’ve found an excellent source of information, thank you!! 🙂

    I plan on starting creation of my servitor later on today.

    I have a two questions:

    1) Can they bring back actual physical objects for you or would that be too complicated a task? I know you said to keep it simple, but I’m wondering if they have enough discernment to bring back the correct object even if i am just asking for one simple item?

    2) Is it possible that I could have seen the servitor I have yet to create?

    I had a very strange occurrence happen to me the other night. I haven’t put any energy at all into creating my servitor, other than maybe 3 or 4 seconds of picturing what a very simplistic version of it would look like. That is all I did and I swear, I saw it in my house, popping up around a corner about 5 minutes later. I was looking directly at it, I saw part of it, not the whole thing, and then it was gone after about 2 seconds. That just boggled my mind, so I thought I would ask if that is even possible. Have you ever heard of that happening to anyone before? If not, then I don’t know what that was but it totally looked like what I plan on creating. I don’t plan on giving it any time-travel abilities, so I don’t really understand why I might have seen it, but i don’t see what else it could have been. My mind is going in all different directions with this right now so I hope you can offer some sort of clarity or understanding regarding if that is even possible at all or not?

    There are so many possibilities going through my head right now as to why I might have seen it, but I don’t really know, so I will just leave it at.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Gia,

      Yes a servitor can bring specific objects to you and it is not above it to be discerning in what that specific object is. The potential of your servitor is directly related to the potential that you give it. What this means is that your servitor’s effectiveness is directly related to the amount of effort that you put into making it and charging it.

      What you must realize though is that you should not expect the object that you seek to suddenly be plopped down in the middle of your house, even though this is possible, because concentrated thought force (which is what your servitor is made of after all) will naturally seek the easiest and most harmonious path to attaining any goal/action. Look for synchronicities, look for sudden impulses, and even heed your servitor if it pops out of nowhere and leads you somewhere. My experience has usually been that I send my servitor on an errand, and then a little while later what I wanted falls on my lap as it were, like an effortless bit of good luck.

      As far as seeing your servitor before you make it, I find this to be quite possible. If you remember in my book when I spoke of thoughts, you might remember that I said that thoughts are incredibly powerful things and become far more powerful when they are backed up by emotional intensity. I bet that you were quite excited thinking about your servitor and you couldn’t wait to begin your adventure. Emotionally intense focus like this can create instant and powerful thoughts that are far more complex than you could possibly imagine using your conscious mind. I suspect that your intense focus coupled with your emotional excitement, created a powerful thought form almost instantly. You could think of it like a child that is as excited as you were when you thought about creating it. In its excitement it can’t wait to take the next step in its evolution, and this might make it seem a little pushy, but that’s only your mutual desire to enlarge the thought form that you have already started. Continue as specified in the book and you will have no problems in the development of this fledgling.

      Good Luck!


      A little extra on the vision of your future servitor. Thoughts are not bound by space and time and one of the biggest mistakes that current physics is making is to believe that only past actions can affect present reality. Not being bound by space or time, future thoughts can affect present reality; that is a future probability can affect a present action. This happens all the time to us and we usually accepted it by thinking that it was just a gut feeling or something similar that made us change our minds about a certain thing, or gave us the impulse to take this path and not the one. In other words, because of their very nature, thought forms are time travelers; without this ability, servitors would be quite limited in their capabilities indeed.

  30. Should you forget about your servitor after you send it out on a task? Will thinking about its name or form summon it back from the task and leave it uncompleted till you send it out again?

    1. This is a very good question. The answer is yes, you should forget about your servitor as much as possible when it is out on a task. I usually say that you should send your servitor out on the task and give it three days before you call it back to you again to recharge and send again if you did not get what you want. I say three days because I tend to be a bit impatient and want results fast but there are those that believe that two weeks is a better time to give your servitor in order for it to complete its task properly.

      If you focus on your servitor, you are essentially taking some energy away from it because your focus does take away from some of its energy. My suggestion to you is that after you send your servitor out, you forget about it as much as possible for the three days or however long you feel that it will need; in other words trust your instinct on this because it is the best indicator of how long your servitor needs.
      Think of it like this, you are sending out your ethereal machine to do your bidding. In order for it to do the best that they can, you must ignore it and forget about it so that it can do the best job possible without becoming weakened by your stray attention.

  31. Silver Moon

    What do you do with the paper after you summon the servitor? Do you keep it, hide it, burn it?

  32. Hi I just found out about Servitors and I was wondering about a couple things before I charge mine. If the Servitor is visible only to me will I physically see it with my eyes or just in my mind whenever it’s around?

    1. Another good question. Silver moon; some people tend to make a big deal out of this paperwork that is left over when you make your servitor. They tend to believe that this paper should be treated in some kind of ritualistic fashion, even if it is gotten rid of.

      If you have noticed, throughout most of my work I try to stay away from ritual behavior. I tend to believe that rituals can cause problems in that they tend to make a person dark, brooding, and they tend to limit a person’s confidence by making them think that they need to do this kind of ritualistic behaviors in order to truly perform any kind of magic(k). My advice to you is to take this paper and keep it around IF you think it might help you to recharge your servitor in the future. If you don’t think that you will be needing it again then I suggest to you that you crinkle it up and throw it in the trash like any other paper that you have ever had.

  33. Hello John,

    I’ve got a few questions.

    I am having a difficult time believing my servitor is there, in front of me. I believe this may be due a misconception, that being that I am thinking that I need to see it in front of me which is not happening. Perhaps I am looking at it wrong and should simply believe that it is present, inside of the room. If you’ve got any information on how I could overcome this problem please share it with me.

    Next, I’ve created my servitor for the sole purpose of finding an object in the physical world and bringing it to me so that I can do with it as I please, does this require more charging as it has to be able to bring me an actual solid object?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Riley,

      Belief is an important thing, within the context of what you are trying to do, it is most important. That being said, you must explore your own personhood and discover how it is that you would truly believe that your servitor is there; real and alive. What I mean by this is that; would you believe that it is there if you could see it with your own eyes? Or would you believe in it if you felt it deep down inside yourself that it was there?

      Once you can answer this question, you must work to try and experience your servitor in this way during your charging. For example, if it is the case that your belief hinders on the act of seeing your servitor as a real entity before you, then you must strive to see it before you when you charge it. You’ll believe it when you see it, so see it.

      Now you might say that this is easier said than done, but I tell you that if it was so easy then everyone would be a super, conscious magician. My recommendation to you is that you stop trying so hard. When we try hard when it comes to magical work, we only make it harder to get the results we desire. Make it a game, try seeing (or feel) your servitor as being there in the same way that you daydream. Some people believe that they are terrible visualizer, yet we are all amazing daydreamers. Next time you are bored silly at work, in some boring class, or talking to someone boring, you will see what I mean. Next time then, try to see your servitor in a daydream, I bet that you will find this much easier. Afterwards you can go into the charge process with a far better ability to see and feel your servitor before you.

      Secondly, I would have you read the comments above so that you get a good understanding of what your servitor can do. While poltergeist phenomenon is perfect proof that non-physical entities can move and manipulate physical objects, you must also realize that these entities are incredibly powerful things that are very difficult to replicate without a huge amount of psychic force.

  34. Hello,

    My comment refers back to the ‘servitor beetle’ problem further up on the page.

    Wouldn’t the technique of vampire self defense work on that? Just drain it’s energy and transmute it into psychic energy you can use?

    Drain the little bastard of all it’s energy and let it float off into oblivion! 😉

    1. You are quite right. It was actually Penny’s problem that finally motivated me to work hard to write the book, “The Vampire’s way to psychic self defence”.
      I knew that she was still frustrated by the problem that she was having and there was no way that I could explain the intricacies of that self defence methodology in a single post or article. This method would also work for Walker above, and for anyone that is experiencing any kind of psychic attack.
      Thanks Chris!

      1. Hey John, I hope (it has been a while) that Penny was able to use the ideas from ”Vampire method of Self Defence” to get rid of her problem.

        I have created a servator that has a ”caldron” of a sort, and programmed it to just go out there and attract money to me.

        It will just actually use the energy, both positive and negative (as in anxiety, for with money there is much of it) and convert it to energize it’s purpose.

        My theory being that it will fuel itself on the energy that is being dissipated in the trading of the stock markets, which generates both euphoria and panic, and over time, find good ways to bring me cash, here and there, and most importantly, in ways that don’t harm anyone.

        It seems that I managed to sell my house in Portland, pay everything off, move to another market, in which my condo is already up about $25,000.00 as compared to when I bought it two and a half years ago, and I easily got into the Oregon Health Plan, because my cash income from S S is relatively low,, even though my asset wealth is, well, fairly good (cause of the house).

        When I cam up with the idea of selling the house, and retiring, and buying the condo, it seemed as if everything, each step, one after the other, came together with as little resistance as I thought was possible.

        Now, do you advise calling it back from time to time for ”software maintenance” , by recharging to assure it’s programing is, well, more or less ”error free”?

        BTW, your technique in servator construction is the most straight forward and effective of any I have read about, and is, in my mind as good in that sphere as ”Thought Symbols” is with regard to sigil work.

        thank you much!

        1. Hi Chris,
          I am very glad to hear about your success and I thank you very much for sharing your experiences. I think that your ideas on a money servitor are great and that is just the kind of creativity that I was hoping for when I wrote this article and my three books on servitor creation.

          I feel that it is always best that you follow your own intuitions in creating and sustaining your own servitor creations. I will tell you that I personally do feel that recharging a servitor is generally a good idea, but if I do feel that if it is doing just fine without any interference from me, I tend to just let it ride as it were. This does not mean though that you could not talk to it without calling it back to you necessarily, but just talk to it, thank it (a very important part in creating a bond with your servant), remind it of its mission (using your original statement of intent), and send it some of your personal energy so that it continues its kinship to you.
          In this way, it does not stop on its successful mission but your are still able to solidify your bond and re calibrate its orders and purpose.

    1. Hi,
      This is a really interesting question. I must let you know that I am not a radionics expert but can give you a basic idea how you could make this work.
      If you are using the basic radionics device then you could use your servitor’s logo or sigil to find the rate of your servitor by placing the logo in the witness can. Once you have your rate you can use a number of different methods to charge it; it would be a very similar procedure that you would use to help someone who is sick for example by using a psionic amplifier.
      Be careful to not overcharge your servitor like this though. It is in my opinion that many of these devices work by taking from your personal etheric energy, so you could end up depleting your energy if you leave a machine like this on for a long time.
      I personally recommend that you stick to the procedures as I have outlined them since with this method you are in complete control of your own energies and how you are charging your servitor, which has two major benefits:
      – It allows you develop a greater rapport with your servitor.
      – It develops your mental abilities so that you are able to truly understand how you create the objective world around you from your subjective reality.

  35. I found this site when looking up a way to make thought forms so that I could create a human-like one as a sort of companion. I’ve wondered if it’s perhaps best to simply call out to a being that already exists with specific qualities to it instead. I would think though that since creating a thought form is pretty much a spirit being, it doesn’t seem like it should matter either way. Except atleast by creating one I know exactly what it’s charged with. I don’t see why it would be an issue to make one that is more complex and acts on its own but still under the guidelines set by me. Would you consider it safer to call to an already existing being?

    I appreciate how smooth a read this article is. You write rather well.

    1. Thanks for your nice comment.
      I would say that it would be much safer to make a servitor. If you try to bind an inorganic being (or demon or spirit as they are called in classical magick) you could find yourself in some trouble. While it’s not impossible to find a wonderful inorganic companion, they are definitely one in a million and the trouble of trying to find such a creature could cost you dearly; these a tricky beings and it is best not to deal with them if you can help it.
      If you try calling an existing thought form then you are again faced with the similar problem of dealing with a creature that has different aspirations to yours, and this is always dangerous in the subtle realms.

      A servitor on the other hand is created, maintained, and ruled by you. If you don’t think that this partner is working out for you, or if you think that it has zigged when you wanted it to zag as it were, you can dismantle and begin again. To get a good idea of what a servitor companion can be like, I would recommend this book. You will find that creating a servitor companion is more complicated than the basic servitor creation method that I write about in this article, but it can definitely be worth the extra work.

      1. I read the book and I’m excited to get started! I feel already that this is going to be a lot of fun. I wondered though, if one can have too many servitors? lol. You say it’s not good to mix match what you would like to have them do. I did get a little confused because you also mention that you can mix the roles of servitors, but my impression is that when you create a companion one that you can tell it to do things as well but it’s more something along the lines of direct entertainment – vs going out and retrieving something for example.

        I’ve also heard of doing similar things for retrieving information and sending messages, but you’re speaking of manifesting as a general into our physical realities. So are you saying also that thought forms have the ability to bring us anything we are desiring? I understand this from a quantum physics view, I guess I’m looking for validation in the connection between these.

        It’s funny, when I practiced shapeshifting I hadn’t realized I was going pretty much what you’re speaking of here. I even had sensitive people comment on my having wings and a tail. But I fed quite a bit of energy into that so it makes sense, although it never got to where less sensitive people were sensing such things.

        I was also wondering what the difference is between making a thought form to do something for you vs learning to work with your etheric double? I’ve heard of people using their double to do similar things, I even wondered about turning it into a companion at one point. Although I do see how it might be different in a sense compared to a servitor companion since they can develop their own personalities in a sense – which I was surprised to see that you don’t program them with anything in particular. It only just happens through interaction? You don’t say I would like you to have these certain traits?

        Thanks for your help. I can’t wait to get started!

        1. I am glad that I can be of help!
          I do mention that you should not mix and match. The reason is that the intent required by a servitor to perform a task can taint that servitor. Perhaps the confusion comes from the fact that my first book on servitors is about what I refer to as ‘worker’ servitors, while the second is only about companions of one type or another.
          With a companion there is no need to program its function as its inherent appearance and your intent give it the purpose it needs. Your interactions are also the driving force of its ever increasing complexity. ‘Workers’ on the other hand need to be designed for the task required and they need to be given specific instructions on what to do. And yes too many servitors is not a good thing, the more you have, the more energy you are expending to keep them all going.

          As far as retrieving things and the like, I would suggest that you read some of the previous comments on this article, they are a wonderful source of information; I would specifically recommend my answers to Ben, Gia, Riley, Anon13. Sorry I don’t have these set up as a forum but I prefer to keep things organic, it helps with favorable synchronicity.

          A have seen doubles used as familiars but I don’t recommend this. The double should stay as a blank slate or else you are indeed just creating a servitor.

          I have a feeling you will be able to create some amazing things, good luck!

  36. Hello again. I read the comments as prescribed but some things still aren’t clear. I spent a few days visualizing a particular servitor, which became animated much sooner than I had expected. I didn’t quite stick to the process, I found myself the whole time calling it by a name rather than giving it at the end. I wondered after sending it out to retrieve something, what should I now do? I feel like I shouldn’t think about it anymore because it might keep it from doing what it should be (it’d just maybe keep coming back to me instead). Perhaps just wait to be led to what it is I wanted and assume it was because of the servitor? I wondered if it would just pop out at me at random sometime and then shortly after get what I wanted from it. But then that’s how I know I can use it again. So do I feed it more energy by thinking about it and it will help it to achieve its task or simply wait until I feel its presence around again?

    Does it really matter to tell it that it’s alive (like in the final step)? With your process I could see how it is helpful. I imagined an empty shell sort of creature that you are simply working on a structure for it to build from. But I found mine became quite active right away. Since I feel them and see them with eyes closed so well I haven’t waited as long as you recommend to imagine them in my personal space. I’ve found myself thinking about another one throughout my day while I do other things as I don’t always have 30 min to spare to do it all at once – is that ok as well? I wonder if I need to do the final process you mention for companion servitors because it seems to have unfolded quite naturally. I interact with it rather well. Or are there some things you shouldn’t do with companion/lover servitors until there is sort of a final word that makes their existence official? If indeed I should wait till one gets the word to be more alive, should it be done only after you can really see them with your eyes open? I can get a strong presence of their presence with eyes open and a faint image in my head, but it’s not like I’m starting to see it like energy forming before me (that probably comes with time and practice, right?) I’m probably over thinking things, but it seemed to unravel a bit differently than what you are suggesting so I thought I’d make sure.

    Thanks for all your help!
    An interesting side-note. The room you mentioned in creating appeared in one of my dreams. It was neat to feel it in such a way because as you must know, dreams can feel just as real as this reality. I’ve wondered if a servitor could be created to help me with dream work…I sure do a lot of wondering huh? Haha.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experiments.
      Yes you are over-thinking but that’s your methodology so no worries.
      I would suggest that you give your servitor a number of days to complete a task and forget about it as much as possible for that time. And if you don’t get exactly what you want, then just perform your process again.
      Most importantly, follow your own path. If you think that it feels better for you a certain way, then try it and experiment. We are all different so do what works best for you.
      Yes servitors can definitely help in dreaming so I am glad you are experimenting with that.

  37. Bridgette

    Hello John.

    I truly enjoyed reading your first servitor book, I just finished today. I’ve also read the questions already asked and haven’t found anyone asking one like mine. I’m a writer and I’m healing from a lot of trauma, which has affected my writing career. I have three questions, if you can answer them.

    1. I want to boost my book sales. How exactly, might I use a servitor, to fairly and effectively increase sales? Could I tell it, find twenty readers each month who will willingly enjoy this book? Does that go against the proper usage of servitors? I’m open to ideas.

    I’m wondering, because your friend, who used the red light to attract others, and the example of using a servitor to protect one’s home, both are examples where the servitor is having some kind of an effect on another person, without attempting to control them in anyway. So if time and space are no limitations, how might I get a servitor to help with sales? Since my heart and soul is in my books, can a servitor attach itself to my books, even on the web, and work that way?

    2. Also, could I create a healer servitor that will heal this specific emotional block I have about writing and selling my work? What’s the safest way to go about this healing, since the servitor can’t think or solve problems, and even I don’t know all the dynamics of the emotional block.

    3. What sigil book would you recommend for a beginner?

    Thanks for your time and advice.


    1. Hi, thank you for your nice comment.

      1. While I do give some specific examples of how a servitor was used by me or others that I have met in my book, I stay away from giving a general step by step procedure for different problems. Sorry if this is a bit frustrating for you, but it is my wish that you explore the possibilities of servitors yourself. The amount of information and personal power that you gain from this will be invaluable to you.

      For example, you have already contemplated the idea of a light prosperity servitor and have been thinking about creating a servitor to go find you readers. By implementing these ideas with a servitor, you will be able to see the kind of effect that they can have. And the truth is that we are all different so what works well for me might not work well for you, so by doing all this you explore your capabilities.
      Also by exploring and implementing these ideas, you will make new connections in your mind and all this will open you up to new understanding. Perhaps you will explore the connection between personal and group intent and how these affect popularity and wealth. How does your belief affect the belief of others? How can a servitor help?

      2. As you say, a servitor can’t think or solve problems so a servitor can’t solve a problem you do not fully understand. You must therefore explore your own subjective reality and find out what this block is all about. You can create a servitor to help you gather strength or to help you stay in a good feeling place but these would all be just blanket solutions and true healing won’t come until you discover the reason for the wound. Then you can create a servitor to help you fight this, rewrite history if you have to. Remember that servitors have no mass so time or space are not real issues for them.
      If the emotions are too much then I will recommend this book to you. It will show you how to take negative emotions and turn them into positive energy.

      3. Now if you will remember I do not like the sigil business very much. I even like to call my sigils logos because the whole sigil connotation is just heavy with ritual and morbidity. And I must say that you will discover more about sigils by studying the power of fortune 500 company logos than you will ever discover by studying a dusty grimoire…perhaps this is a clue to help you with your first question as well 🙂

  38. Bridgette

    Thank you! Your words have proven out. I got started before you replied and found ideas coming to me that put me at ease. I must say, with stories of servitors that seem to get out of control, I was as intimidated by them as I was fascinated. That’s what made sigils seem appealing. But once I figured out a strategy that I liked, I became very friendly with the idea. I even uncovered an old, not-so-hidden, belief that’s been tripping me up: I suck at selling things. I’m ashamed to ask people for money, even when I have a product that I’m proud of and they’re happy to pay for. I’ve believed myself into a career where I actually do make money from writing books, but I also believed myself into this huge sabotage by thinking there’s something wrong with asking for payment. Whew! Years of therapy accomplished in under 24 hours. Thank you!

    >>The amount of information and personal power that you gain from this will be invaluable to you.<>Perhaps you will explore the connection between personal and group intent and how these affect popularity and wealth.<<

    How old are you, you're very wise.

    You're awesome for taking the time to answer like this. I left you a 5-star review on Amazon, but I want to thank you again for making this knowledge available in such a positive and practical way, without all the tricks and mirrors. And I hope that you please, please set aside time to write in more detail about growing up with your great grandmother and the tricks she played on you. You kinda set the scene and left me wanting more. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you for your kind words and your wonderful review, they a deeply appreciated! You have a brilliant heart.
      I am very pleased to see that you have taken this technique and have embraced it in such a positive way.

      As far as my age…please allow me to be so bold as to quote the great master Chiun,
      “For an apricot, yes (I am old). For a head of lettuce, even more so.
      For a mountain, I have not even begun in years.
      For a man, I am just right.” 🙂

      Perhaps one day soon I will write about the old girl.

  39. I have some curious questions about servitors:

    1. Can servitors be used for sex?

    2. Can servitors be used for luck?

    3. Can servitors become free without charging them but you can still control them?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi,
      The answer to your first question is yes, please see this book.

      The answer to the second question is also yes, but I would have you contemplate what you exactly mean by the term luck. A very important part of this process is figuring out what you want…exactly.

      In order to answer the third question I would encourage you to read this article and read the comments found here, I think everything you need to answer this is here.
      We create thoughts all day, and they all scatter to the wind like seeds. What they become after us is a complex subject that I try to explain in this book. Servitors are servant thought forms, if they are no longer servants then how can they be servitors. In the first book mentioned I give a really detailed explanation of how servitor control is achieved. I hope this helps!

  40. Hi John, firstly thank you for your books. You have been a great guide and help on my journey to creating servitors. At first I was not sure of the information you provided, but after reading other servitor ebooks I quickly realized how great and informative your books really are. I have a couple of questions I hope you don’t mind answering. I’ve read through the previous questions but have not fully found my answer.

    1). Is charging your servitor a process that is much like forcing energy into an object? Like, while charging do I envision waves of energy coming out of me and directing it toward my creation, or is this more of a silent meditation? And is charging the servitor with intent and activating it the same thing?

    2). If I take more than one day to charge my servitor, how do I put it away? Like if I create a sigil and charge my servitor using my sigil, but I know it needs three more days of charging, then after 30 minutes do I just walk away from the sigil and start again the next day? Is there a special process for walking away from your half complete servitor without it losing charge?

    I hope the questions made sense as I am speaking on a topic I’m still learning about. Thank you for your help!

    1. Hi,
      Thank you for your nice comment.

      First question; yes it is the act of forcing (or perhaps it would be better to say channeling) energy/intent into a constructed thought object. This is an active process where you are essentially providing the energy/intent necessary to imbue your servitor with life. This process can be either a relaxing meditation or a powerful thrust, it depends on what you want to accomplish and what works best for you. There is no one right answer.
      Yes charging and intent would be the same thing in this case. I prefer to use the word intent because it has far greater meaning and connotation that can be applied to all aspects of life.
      Re-read the books and be really clear about what you want to create, then experiment using the methods outlined to see what works best for you in each circumstance.

      The second question is a complex one that I try to answer as best I can in the books.
      I could ask you; where do your memories go when you stop having them?
      In the book ‘How to create a servitor companion’ I show you how to create a servitor that takes weeks to put together. There is no special process needed for walking away, all you need is proper focus.

  41. Hi again. So, I purchased both of your Servitor books and it was good reading everything about it. But, I have questions about your Servitor Companion book:

    •When making your companion, advisor, or lover, can they be human size and creating them in that size cannot be difficult, like creating a Servitor like this in the topic that is bigger than a ball?

    •Is there any other options on charging Servitors in a different way?

    •How long does it take for a beginner to fully make a Servitor Room?

    •How can you enter back to the Servitor Room that you have previously created?

    •Is it possible to make a Servitor in less than 24 hours?


    1. I’ll try to give you concise answers;
      1. the bigger they are the more energy they need, that is why I provide that particular construction technique.
      2. experiment, use your intuition.
      3. depends on the beginner. The better the focus the easier and faster it its.
      4. you focus on it. Life is attention, if you did not focus so well on that physical room you are in now, you would not see it. The servitor room is as real as your current room.
      5. yes. Time is a type of illusion, intensity though is far more concrete.

      Practice and try all that feels right to you, in time you will have all the answers you are looking for, and since time is not real, all this can be accomplished in a day if your efforts are intense enough.

  42. Hi !

    I just read your book (thank you for this information), but I have lots of difficulties to concentrate during 10-30 minutes to charge my servitor. Is it really necessary to spend that much time on it ? 10 minutes at staring at my logo is huge for me. Any advices on that would be appreciated.

    Thank you 🙂


    1. If you are having troubles concentrating for that long, just start small. Try doing it for as long as you can and time yourself. Then think of it like an exercise routine; can you do it for longer the next time?
      Can you feel a difference in your servitor when you charge it longer? What is working better for you; shorter or longer charge time?

      Start small then work your way up to longer times. The more you do it the better your concentration and the more psychic energy that you will be able to bring to bear.
      But also experiment to see what works best for you. Perhaps you can get the same results from a shorter but more intense charge time.

  43. Hi John,

    First thanks for this great website and for sharing the information. I would like to ask you about the charging process, I’m not sure if your advise is to concentrate in the logo or instead concentrate in the appearance the entity will have. I’ll really appreciate your feedback.

  44. P.S. I forgot to mention that I bought your book and I’m using it as a guide.

    1. Thanks for your nice comments and purchase Marcus.
      You should use the logo to help you to visualize the servitor that you are creating. Think of the logo as an objective (as in material object) aid to help you focus your energy and intent. Start by focusing on the logo if this is easier, then begin to see and focus on the thought form that is developing right above it. Keep focusing on the logo until your servitor begins to materialize before you, don’t rush.

      Don’t forget to read the comments here to find answers to many of the questions that you might have.

  45. I just bought your book from Amazon. (To prove this, there is a section about a lamp that emits a red light. 😉 ) Your book makes a wonderful read, and is very clear and easy to understand for the most part.

    I do have a question; I’d be much obliged to hear your insights. I want to make a servitor to get information for me. For example, it might be interesting to find out how Hatfield made it rain, or how Orffyreus made a perpetual motion machine that convinced learned men that it was genuine. I could send the servitor to get the information for me.

    My question is, “How would the servitor give me the information?” How would it communicate to me what it has learned?

    Thank you kindly for your consideration.



    1. I must say that I love your project, a wonderful adventure indeed.

      My personal opinion is that you should not use a servitor for this purpose. The reason is that it is difficult to get a detailed description of things from a servitor. Even a ‘servitor advisor’ (which I discuss in this book) would have trouble with such a task I think.

      I would actually recommend that you use this method to get the information that you seek. I think that you will be surprised by what is possible using this methodology. What you can do then is to create a servitor for protection or to help navigate.
      I certainly would recommend a little protection if you are planning on visiting certain places in space and time; the dark side of the moon for example is place where I would like servitor protection with me.

  46. Hi John, I have a question. Please enlighten me on this: can you create a servitor with specific task of retrieving information
    from the Akashic Records? Thanks

    1. Hi Peter, this is a great question and one that I would like to answer in more detail since it is directly realated to what George asked above as well.

      I have taken the liberty of writing an article to try and answer yours and George’s question. Please follow this link then for my answer.
      I also do hope the George is able to see this as well.

  47. Are these books available in print? All I have found are the kindle versions.

    1. No sorry they are only available on Kindle. I thought about having some in print but kindle format is so flexible now, since you can read it on a computer, smart phone, ipod touch and ipad, etc.

      1. I’m an old fashion kinda guy and I would love to have a printed book as I don’t have kindle.

        1. I am really sorry Mark but I am afraid that my books are currently only available as ebooks. Here is a link to a free amazon app that allows you to read kindle books on your PC just in case you are interested.

  48. Daniel 777

    Hello john thanks for your website .
    CAN servitor move objects??? the most difficult thing that i have how to command the servitor like imagining the servitor moving the object?? plzzz how thanks

    1. Hi Daniel,
      As I had told Riley (March 1, 2015) in the comment above, it is very difficult for a servitor to move objects. While it is possible, and this is often experienced in poltergeist cases for example, it would take a HUGE amount of psychic force to accomplish this.
      Quite often a poltergeist is a thought form that is created by a person experiencing hugely intense emotional outbursts. Moreover this thought form, even one being fed in such an intense emotional environment, won’t begin to move physical objects right away. The poltergeist thought form will usually begin as weird apparitions, noises, and smells and then over a period of perhaps years, begin to move physical things around.

      To create a servitor to move objects therefore, would take a great effort on your part. You would need to feed and visualize such a creature for years I would imagine. If you really want to try and do this, I would suggest that you use the charging method that I outline in my book ‘How to create a servitor companion’. I would imagine that you will need to continue charging your servitor in this way for a pretty long time.
      But as I told Gia (December 18, 2014) a servitor can accomplish your commands quite effectively without having to affect matter in such a direct way, so you definitely don’t need such a powerful creature to get what you want. Please read that comment for a better explanation of that.

  49. Daniel 777

    Hello john thank you so much i have one more question please 🙂 after creating this powerful servitor HOW TO COMMAND IT TO MOVE ANY OBJECT …….. like i have to visualize my servitor is moving the object or just by saying to him move this object and he will move …. does my servitor undrestand me ??? OR I HAVE TO IMAGINE HIM MOVING AN OBJECT … please reply thank you

    1. I personally think that any experiment that we do is a worthy endeavor and I do hope that you share your results with others so that everyone can benefit from your experience. That being said, I do hope that you realize that the task you are undertaking is a very very hard one that will most likely involve years of work and effort. During that time YOU will need to work on ways to get your servitor to move around and follow all your commands faithfully.
      I would refer to my books, especially the ‘Companion’ book that I have already mentioned to you for any information on how to move and command your servitor. Aside from that, as I have told others in previous comments, you need to experiment and figure these things out as you go along. The reason for this is that what works for me might not work as well for you, especially in such a complex task. Plus what you learn about yourself will be invaluable.
      Concentrate on that realm that exists in between objective matter and mental imagining. As you go along in your charging and developing of your servitor and your thought form becomes more and more concrete/objective, you will enter a magical realm where the stuff of mind interweaves with the seemingly quite solid world around you. Personal control of your servitor will need to be perfect at this point.
      Exploring these two questions will help you:
      As my servitor becomes more and more solid, first in my mind and then in the objective world, what happens if I try to make it go through solid objects like a cup or a wall?
      As my servitor becomes more and more solid, where does it go when I am not paying attention to it?

      There is nothing else I can tell you, I think that everything you will need is to be found in my books, this article, and the comments found here.

  50. Hi John, there is someone that I desire but I don’t think they are interested in me, is it possible to create a servitor to help with this? Like change their feelings towards me?

    1. Yes Alex this is possible. Please read the response I gave to Ben on Dec. 8/2014, I think this will answer all your questions.
      My personal opinion is that you should contemplate the things that attract you to this one person and use a servitor to attract someone like that into your life, instead of trying desperately to get this one person to like you. Forced love is not real and you will not be happy in the long run, instead use that person as inspiration to define what you want in another. If that person then does become interested in you, you will know that they are truly open to a relationship with you and you won’t be subject to feelings or resentment or guilt, which can sometimes happen when you try to force another person to do or feel something.

    2. Hello, I have read your information and have created my own servitors before thanks to your inspiration. Ones a ladybug that attracts good luck. I do have some questions that have pondered me very much lately. 1. Is it possible to time travel using a servitor or perhaps giving it time travel qualities to jump timelines?

      2. Is it possible to heal physical ailments using a servitor creation? Diseases , viruses and such.

      3. What about servitors as places like a box perhaps?
      4. Shapeshifting servitors ? Possible or not
      I’m aware that despite some cultures and practices that are occult your method as well as the idea of servitors is simply energy with a task. A sort of representation of our psyche our thoughts and intentions made manifest which is something I’ve always thought was possible. Thanks n keep it up

      1. Hi AKA,
        1. Yes it is possible to do this but the harder part is your ability to understand what your servitor has to report back to you. I have discussed some of this communication problem in the comment questions and answers on this page. I would recommend that you go through them as they can be a great source of information.
        2. A servitor can do amazing things in this regard but the power of the servitor to do anything is directly related to its power level (how much you have charged it and how clear and distinct its form is in accordance to your construction prowess). I hope that you get what I mean.
        3. Not sure what you mean here? If you mean a servitor attached to a physical box, then yes, such servitors are often created for protection of that box for example. If you mean a servitor that looks like a box then yes as well, but having it look like the thing that is the servitors purpose (a protector servitor looks like a shield for example) is most advantageous in that the more distinct and specialized that it can be become (that you can make it) the more powerful that it is.
        4. Well servitors can shift, and usually do if you try to find them in your dreams for example, but over complications in your creations, like an Auto-bot servitor for example(:)), are really just draining and may make your servitor weak.
        Yes, I agree completely AKA. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.

  51. Mr. Kreiter:

    Thank you for your indepth explanation of servitors, and how they may not work in situations in which time-travel is involved. I understood it, and also the explanation given to the subsequent poster. It all makes sense.

    On an unrelated note, have you ever thought about posting your own experiences (and successes–and even failures) with servitors? An article would make fascinating reading; a book would be even better.

    I think a lot of buyers probably think,”Does this stuff really work?” A book of personal experiences might help allay some of those concerns, while making absolutely absorbing reading at the same time. (I know I’d certainly buy a copy.)



    1. Hi George,

      Thank you very much for your comment and your very good suggestions.

      I can see your point and I think that you are right, I think people would benefit from hearing about some of the successes and failures that I have had.
      Bridgette on June 24, 2015 had commented that she would like it if I wrote more about my Great Grandmother, whom I briefly mention in my first servitor book.

      It makes me seriously consider writing about my Great Gran and about my success and failures in this ‘inner quest’, as I like to call it.

      I am currently working on a book on the creation of servitors for wealth and prosperity which will be the third book in the series, and I could certainly add some of my successes there but I wonder if this new project you propose might require a whole new book in and of itself as you say? I will have to give this some serious thought.

      Thanks again for your suggestions and inspiration, I hope your ‘inner quest’ is always filled to the brim with great success!

  52. Dear Mr. Kreiter:

    I look forward to seeing your new book in print. I have already bought both your previous books on servitors and have devoured both of them with relish.

    Apropos our last conversation, I, too, would love to hear more about your Great Nan, and how she manipulated reality, as well as your own experiences with servitors, including the failures. In short, I’d love to hear it all.

    I personally think it would be a great topic for a full-length book, if there is enough content. I don’t of course know how commercial such a venture would be on a wide scale, but I can say I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to purchase it. I think it essential to include your failures–and even your disasters, if there be any–because it reflects an honest character on your part, which, in turn, will lend verisimilitude on the topic of servitors in general.

    On a completely related note, I wonder if creating a servitor to make it rain would work? It sounds goofy at first glance, but in 1960 the Indians did a snow dance at Lake Tahoe; shortly after, it snowed for a solid 24 hours. Similarly, a minister and his congregation prayed for rain on the steps of the State Capital in Georgia one year; a week after, the area was absolutely deluged by a torrential rainstorm. Might these individuals be creating embryonic servitors without their knowledge?

    I sure would like to try it. We haven’t had a good rainstorm for months now.

    Sincerely yours,

    George A.

    1. Embryonic servitors is a very good name for what they are creating. Embryonic servitors are a part of this new book I am working on.
      I would not boldly state that these people are creating these without their knowledge though. The native people of North America had a deep understanding of the power of intensified thought and of group intent. And the church, through its core teachings, has at its disposal much of the same knowledge.

      Yes I definitely think that a servitor could be created for the purpose of weather control, I have had some interesting success in this area and I am certain that you can come up with some good ideas in this area yourself. I would love to know about your outcomes in this.
      Please note that both of the successes that you mention, the native people and the church, involved a group of people working together, which I think is important because it shows the amount of energy that this effort requires. I suggest you look into the work done by Wilhelm Reich to get some ideas into what might be possible.
      I believe that work in the area of weather control is of great importance right now.

  53. i have a question , as i am beginning to make a servitor.
    I want to construct one to help me with success and advancement in my music career.
    like i want it to go fourth and bring fans of my music..
    Im stuck on how i would word the general statement of intent

    1. Hi Max,
      The statement of intent is always directly related to what your servitor can do; that is what abilities your servitor has and how it must go about performing your will.
      I think that you would benefit from reading the response I gave Bridgette on June 23, 2015 above. Experiment, think about how you will get the fans that you desire then create a servitor for this purpose. When you have all this figured out, the statement of intent will be easy.
      Something simple like “I want [Servitor’s Name] to_______. He will do this by ______.” is perfect.

  54. Hello John,

    I purchased both of your servitor e-books and very impressed by them. The procedures are simple unlike other books who requires elaborate and more detailed efforts. I would like to share one very interesting experience that happened just after I finish reading your servitor companion book. Right after I finished reading that book, my nephew turn on the cartoon network channel and it shows the series of “Foster’s Home for Imaginary friends” . I don’t know if you familiar with that tv series but that really struck me ( and I don’t believe it’s a coincidence). It is as if something is trying to tell me and emphasize on what you mention in the beginning of chapter 2 and I quote “….Servitor is more complex than imaginary friends”. So, if I have to summarize it, would you agree if servitor companion is imaginary friend 2.0? What do you think?

    1. I had to look Foster up and I am glad I did, what a wonderful show.
      Yes I would definitely say that servitors are imaginary friends 2.0. Like Fosters friends, I believe, they can interact with reality in a much more concrete way, especially companion servitors.
      The child’s mind is truly a magical thing; it can create entire worlds without hardly any effort at all. Unfortunately we lose this power to some extent as we grow older but we do gain something of equal importance, and that is the power of focused attention.
      In order for our servitors to become more concrete, that is for mere imaginary friends to turn into servitors, we need to focus more and more concentrated attention, of the kind that I mention in my books, into them. The more focus, the more power that they gain.
      Thank you for telling me about Foster and his friends, I don’t believe in coincidences either!

  55. Hi,
    I can create a servant to one function and add others later?
    and Is there a way for me to give intelligence for him?

    1. I would not recommend it, you should try to make each servitor have only one function. Specialization and simplicity make them more powerful.

      You can augment experience by using them more often which is a type of intelligence. In this way your are increasing the complexity of their neural network. You can also create a servitor adviser that can seem smart but is actually helping you with your own personal knowledge and experience.
      I suggest my book Create a Servitor Companion if you are interested in knowing more about this.

  56. Hi mate! Great text!
    A few days ago i casted my servitor and i was wondering, should i keep feeding it? Or just leave it to do it’s job?

    1. Hi, thank you.
      Let it do its job for as long as you can. I usually advise people to wait 3 days before they recharge and send their servitor on a mission again, but if you can try to wait for a full 14 days. If you haven’t gotten what you wanted by this time, then re-charge it.

  57. hello John, if you create a servitor for your protection from negative energy and from people who might want to harm you, how often would you have to charge that servitor.

    1. Hi,
      I would recommend that you follow the same advise that I gave to Raiuri above. If this negativity is really strong then charge it every 3 days until you feel that the servitor is powerful enough to withstand these people’s attack.
      If you find that you just don’t have the time or energy left from these attacks to create a servitor powerful enough to fight against this, then I would recommend that you implement the techniques that I describe in this book.

  58. It is possible to create a Servitor to be a companion or to have them physically interact with you?
    For example, to rub my neck, or touch me on my shoulders to help remove stress. I am looking at the limits. I am single, and work in a stressful job, and would like to have someone that can help me with stress at the end of the day.

    Wichita, ks

    1. Hi Edward,
      Yes this is definitely possible.
      I would recommend my book, Create a Servitor Companion to you.

      I can tell you that I have such companions and they are all incredible assets to me. One in particular, which I refer to as Blue in the book mentioned above, is very good at relaxing me after a difficult day. Our interactions are incredibly rich and rewarding, and I am constantly smiling and goofing around while in his company. I can honestly say that our interactions are in some ways far more rewarding than the interactions that I have with regular people.
      In the book you will discover how to create a being like Blue and how to develop a relationship with it that will even allow you to feel its touch.

  59. Have some danger create one servitor lasting example 10 years could cause a problem ?
    It’s possible to give chackras to make and become independent and conscient as a spirit?
    Thanks for informations ^^

    1. There is never a problem with a servitor, no matter how old it might be, as long as you manage it properly. In the article and in my books I always make reference to managing your servitor like you would manage a working animal, and I like to use the example of the “dog whisperer” as a correct way to maintain your dominant status. Do this and in ten years you will have a truly powerful ally indeed.

      While there are instances of mental practitioners devoting years to the construction and perfection of servitors, to my knowledge they do not engage in trying to create a chakra network within their servitors. The reason for this is simply that we are limited as to what we can create within this objective three dimensional space.
      The short answer would be no to sentience and independence. You are welcome to try, but my personal opinion is that your time is better spent trying to create a really detailed and powerful servitor than to try to create a sentient entity that would turn on you the minute it had enough sense to know that it did not need you anymore.

  60. Hi,
    As promised, I have just finished my latest book on servitors, Manifest Wealth and Prosperity with Thought Forms and Servitors. If you are interested in using servitors for any kind of manifestation, then I think that you will find this book highly useful.

    Besides showing you how to create a specialized wealth servitor, it also discusses thought form creation for manifestation, how thoughts create objective things, what beliefs are and how to change them, synchronicity and the power of omens, the ‘obtainability’ factor, luck and the power of Detached Expectation, and why using the mind to be happy and appreciative all the time will not manifest what you desire.

    I even share a few personal stories about how these techniques have brought interesting coincidences and prosperity into my life. Enjoy!

  61. HI John
    Please help me.
    I bought your book on Amazon and have set about constructing a servitor. I have charged it for 4 days now but still can’t see it. I see wisps of smoke but other than that – nothing!
    What am I doing wrong?

    1. The fact that you can see wisps of smoke is a very powerful sign that you have moved a great deal of energy and have created a self-sustained energy presence outside yourself.
      Contemplate this; you are taking a thought, an imagined thing, and you are making it so real, just with the power of your being, that you can actually see it superimposed (as a wisp) upon what you know to be solid reality. This is such a powerful act that it essentially negates what most believe to possible. You should be very proud of your efforts.

      Two points:
      1. Keep working on your servitor, as you charge it more and more and as you take what you see in your mind’s eye and superimpose it on the world that you see with your eyes open, you will be making this wisp more and more powerful over time. It is possible to eventually see it so clearly that it can literally block the physical objects behind it.
      2. A servitor does not need to be completely objectively real and so powerful to affect reality and do what you command. Certainly the more ‘real’ the better but I think that you have now at your disposal an energy base powerful enough to be sent on a mission to do your bidding. This is what the instructions that I put in the book are after all, the basic charging time needed to create a self-contained psychic mass with a built in intent (or software programming if you want to think of it like a computer) to do your bidding.

      What you have done so far is perfect. What you can do now is send this servitor you have created on a mission or you can charge it some more until you feel that it is perfect. The more you use it and charge it, the more powerful it will get; which to you subjectively will mean that you will see it more and more clearly. Perhaps this psychic mass that you have now might not be able to get you exactly what you want, but I think you will be very surprised how powerful it now is.
      Keep working on it, you are doing very well so far. I suggest also that after you send your servitor on a mission, that you keep an eye out for what will seem like interesting coincidences; sometimes a servitor does just what we want but we fail to see what it did or provided for us because we were not paying attention and taking advantage of ‘lucky’ opportunities thrown before us like gifts. Or because we just can’t believe that such an amazing thing that happened or is happening could possibly be our servitor in action.

  62. Thank you so much John. I will definitely keep going. This is thr first time that I feel that my efforts in magick are worthwhile and working. Thank you

  63. Hello John!
    First let me thank you for this post!
    Some months ago i created a servitor to help me achieve a goal, and it was succesfull. Now i’d like to know if he already ceased its activity or i have to destroy it.
    Second, i would like to know if servitors can be created to improve some aspects of my personality, since i haven’t obtained good results with sigils.

    1. Thank you and congratulations on your success!
      The answer to your first question depends on how you created your servitor. If you created it using the techniques mentioned in the post then you don’t need to destroy it, you just need to task it with a new assignment. Your servitor will indeed keep working away until you tell it to do something else or until it runs out of energy. Since accomplishing a task can be very costly energetically, usually a servitor is just left to keep plugging away and left to go inert (which happens quite quickly after it has achieved its goal) until it is needed by its creator again. So really it is up to you if you want to just leave it as it is for now or task it right away with a new mission.
      When you do need it again, you use its name and your focus on it to bring it to you, feed power into it again, and to give it its new mission. Since your servitor was most likely created for a specific task and is therefore designed accordingly, it is best to use it for a task that is similar in nature (this also avoids schizophrenia in your servitor).

      You can use your servitor for personal psychological work, you just need to be creative enough to come up with a servitor design that will do the job that you need. Your experience with sigil work should come in handy here.

  64. I’m planning on creating a servitor with the capabilities of becoming my lover for quite awhile. Is it possible if I charge it it every night how long would it take for my servitor to become powerful enough to start showing up beyond the realm of my mind?

    1. This is a very subjective issue because it depends on your ability to concentrate and direct energy. If you are interested, I recommend that you look into getting this book. Here I give a detailed explanation on how to go about creating a servitor like this. Using my methods there, I propose that you should have a pretty workable servitor within weeks, perhaps months, if you are able to stick to the creation schedule.
      This type of servitor though is a lifetime project but since interacting with it eventually becomes the only charging work required to have it develop and become more powerful, it is also a very natural and intuitive workflow.
      Please note also that these ’Companion’ servitors are charged and developed initially in a different way than the worker servitors that are outlined in this article. For full information on this I really do recommend the book linked above as I tried to make it as complete and stand alone as I could.
      Good Luck!

  65. Hello John,

    I have read the first two books and am nearing the end of the third book on servitors. You’re books are very well said with simple language and easy to understand concepts. Your examples had me laughing at myself a few times. It was like you were speaking to me directly. You’ve helped me to see the laws of manifestation in a different way. Like many of your examples, I was finding frustration and beginning to think “The Secret” was BS. I could not maintain a positive mind set 24/7 as much as I tried. I will re-approach it now with a slightly different perspective now. I also greatly appreciate the fact that your eBooks are very reasonably priced. I get the feeling that you are more interested in helping than turning a profit and it’s why I decided to buy three of your books. I usually do not do such things at all with “internet gurus”. I’ve grown weary of people making money off peoples need for spiritual answers. Thank you for sharing your personal wisdom with the world. I hope to pay it forward one day.

    I wanted to read all your books before attempting servitor creation. As I near the end of the third book, I find I have many questions and need some clarification. Here’s my list of questions:

      1. I don’t mind at all. Thank you John for taking the time to respond in such a thoughtful manner. I hope that both my questions and your answers will give others additional guidance as well. You gave me what I needed to know and that gives me a good starting point. In fact, I started a few days ago, but your answers certainly helped clarify things.
        You’re right about the belief parts. I don’t believe that it is impossible to achieve grand goals or in the creation of servitors that can be seen or felt. I *know* all things are possible, but in your third book when spoke of the man who was raised believing that hard work is the road to success, that rang true for me. That was how I was raised. While I have over the last several years begun to release this unnecessary thought pattern, I still find it difficult. Even when I have seen and manifested wonderful things throughout my lifetime, I can still feel skeptical about this spiritual journey. On the flip-side, even when I have believed with every ounce of my being in something, I have also been failed by that belief, which then makes me question my own sanity and whether or not I should trust myself again if my belief in something so strong turns out to be false. It’s hard to know when you’re being delusional or when you’re just showing a great deal of faith. When I fail, I tend to fail big and it’s soul crushing when it happens.
        You’ve mentioned it is a personal matter to construct a servitor, limited only by imagination on more than one occasion. I can imagine quite a bit. LOL However, I wonder if it might be beneficial to include example outlines on your site of simple servitor workers as a guide for those needing to see an illustration. Sometimes it’s harder to start with a blank page then it is to find an example of what to start with and then letting your creativity run with the example. Sometimes when your choices of have no limitations, there’s a kind of overwhelming question at that point, “where to begin when you can begin anywhere?” For the novice, having a few starter ideas might help kickstart the process in a positive direction.
        (I had a humorous vision pop in my head of your new ebook ‘John’s Recipes for Simple Servitor Workers that Work!’)
        Thanks again for your thoughtful reply. I’m actually honored it was turned into it’s own article! =)

  66. Thomas O'Malley

    Hi John,

    Please give some serious consideration to publishing your servitors books as paperbacks. You could use the amazon self-publishing approach.

    Kindest regards,
    Thomas O’Malley

  67. Hello there,
    I’ve not attempted to create a servitor yet, however, I’ve been reading quite a lot about them in preparation to create one, and I was wondering– in the books and articles I’ve read, the authors have talked about being able to see their own, and even other’s servitors. Are servitors something capable of being physically seen? Do they mean on the astral plane, in dreams, in deep meditation or visualization? I’m confused at just how they are being viewed.

    Thank you,

    1. When we see a servitor, there are a number of ways that we can see them. First of all there is the imaginative way that we see them when they are our own constructions and we are in the process of creating them. Just like a child might see an imaginary friend while others cannot, we can see something that we are building towards becoming.
      As our servitor becomes more powerful it will begin to take on a presence of its own. The best example of this could be had by examining the concept of a posthypnotic suggestion, where we are told that there is a blue bear in front of us and we can indeed see that bear, even though others cannot see it at all.

      But this is just the mental aspect and as such science and the average skeptic will tell you all sorts of inanities about the mind, delusion, and rational thought. But this is only the surface aspect of things, what you are really doing when you follow this methodology correctly (and for that I cannot speak of others methods and their correctness, only my own) is that you are manipulating and projecting bio-organic energy and then giving this energy intent.
      As such, this energy has a cumulative effect and a disciplined mind can focus this energy and give it form. As he/she does so, this energy can initially be seen by those that can see auras for example. An aura, as science is just beginning to find out, and the skeptic will soon believe without reservation because his religion (science) told him so, an aura is just radiation given off by living energy. Eventually, if the mind creating a servitor is powerful enough, this servitor will not only be seen as an amorphous auric cloud by certain others with the skill or natural talent to see auras, but as a solid thing like any of the objects in your room. This though would take a great deal of mental power and effort.
      I personally would tell you not to worry about what others can or cannot see. If it is relatively clear to you in your mind then you have done some very good work and your servitor is powerful enough to do as you desire. The clarity of the mental picture is the best indicator of how much energy you have been able to accumulate to do your bidding.

      I hope this helps!

      P.S. If you are interested in auras and seeing energy then I suggest this book to you : The Occult Experience

  68. David Elliott

    Hi John,I got your first servitor book last weekend and created a ‘feel good’ servitor as a first attempt.I followed your advice with regards to chi projection and really had fun with the process,treating it like a game but still knowing it would work,kinda ‘as ifing’ it.I made my servitor feel welcome and appreciated and now a week later I can say it’s a very tangible prescence and it is really doing it’s job.This is so simple and you explain it really well,thank you so much for sharing your knowledge,with great appreciation David

    1. Excellent work! I knew that with your experience you would be a natural at this.
      Thanks David.

  69. I started to make a worker servitor for lucid dreaming. I worked on it for 3 consecutive nights as recommended and only felt it trying to help me the first night after summoning. I gave it a chance every night, called it, etc.. nothing happened for over a week and I didn’t even feel it around.
    So I thought I might try combining some of the methodology from the companion servitor and take more time building it, which I started to do 5 days ago, but for the last two nights I’ve not been able to do the mental work due to life interference.
    So two questions here:
    #1 Did I not give it enough time to work in the first try?
    #2 Because I have been interrupted in the mental work in this second round, does that mean I need to start over again?
    #3 Can I treat this like a computer program and simple recode the same servitor from the first try, by spending more time on it and perhaps making it a bit more like a dream companion/advisor?
    Thanks for help!
    FYI – reading your vampire book now! =)

    1. Working on personal dream reality is generally a difficult endeavor. Often times we are going against embedded beliefs about ourselves and what you think is possible as human beings, I would personally suggest that you keep trying and that you keep working on your servitor using the companion method, this is a very good idea on your part.
      I would also suggest that you work on your dream recall, sometimes your servitor is there but you just don’t remember this dream or this part of the dream. Sometimes your servitor is there, but in your dream it doesn’t look like you thought it would; it can sometimes even take on the appearance of a person in your daily life. Dream recall will help with this so that you will eventually be able to see it as you have created it to look like, or you will be able to identify it for what it is because of the way that it acts. I am afraid that the dreaming process takes effort and time, there are no shortcuts.

      1. All of this is relative. You have to feel it out and judge this by what results you get. If you felt it on the first night but not after then this is a good indication that you gave it enough time but that the problem lies in your dream recall. The only fix is to keep working at it until you break through the membrane that is holding you back.
      2. Again this is something that you must feel out for yourself. I personally feel that any work I do on my servitors is never wasted so I think that you don’t need to start from the beginning, just make sure that you feel that there is a presence there to work with and that you keep working on it until you feel a true power coming from your creation. The more you work on it, the easier it will be to see your servitor in your dreams.
      3. Yes, very good technique to employ. This is how I generally treat my servitors.

      I hope that you enjoy the vampire book. I think that you will find that the information found there is also applicable in the dream realm.

  70. Hi, thank you very much, you helped a lot to me
    I’ve got a very important question , what I want to know is:
    Is the servitor visible? Is it physical?
    I’m looking servitor in the form of a human being and I know that is very difficult to make, but I hope to be
    Please help me, thank you very much

    1. This is a good question and one that many are interested in. I think though that you will find all the answers that you seek by going through the comments and answers above. I would specifically recommend my answers to comments on January 22, 2016 to Xana and my answers on February 15, 2016 to Aedan.
      Good Luck!

  71. Hi B,
    My personal opinion, sorry if I sound like a mom, is that you stay away from using servitors to control others. Aside from any moral issue that this might imply to you personally, it can have some repercussions because a servitor created for this purpose can be as negative ( not good to you personally) as any demon that you might have created in your past. These servitors are aggressive and the intent that they have been imbued with can be difficult to control.
    A servitor can be created for any purpose you desire, your only obstacles are your imagination and your personal power.

    Servitors can help with OBEs once you are Out of the Body but they are not particularly helpful at getting you there. I would recommend that you read the answer that I posted for BabalonSS11 on February 4, 2014, I think this will help.
    If you are interested, I am currently working on a book about the Out of Body Experience. I will be going into deep detail on how to induce these on a regular basis. I have been meaning to do a book on this for a while but it has always been a difficult topic to put down for me because it involves so much related data and because it is such an important affair to me personally. I am hoping to have it done in about a month or so.

  72. John, thank you for this informative article, and your continuing responses. I created a servitor for protection, both for property and spiritually as there was a person attacking me on both fronts. My servitor was large and black in color, and could be in several places at once, protecting and guarding at the same time. One night while sleeping, I was subject to a vicious spiritual attack, during which I was defended by my servant. The enemy fled, and I instructed my servant to give chase. After a time, way off on the gray periphery, I felt the enemy’s presence returning (but not to attack) and they appeared to “drop off” my servitor, who was hurt, so badly I thought it had died. The enemy then fled, but not before I gained knowledge of their identity. My servitor remains faithful, but is much diminished and is now gray to white in color. How do I return my good, faithful servant to his former strength? Thanks for your time!

    1. Hi Ash,
      I would recommend that you take a good look at your servitor first and foremost and make sure that he is ok at a structural level and that he has not been tampered with.
      If you judge it to be sound and completely responsive to you and only you, then I would suggest that you use the long term re-charge that I recommend in the second servitor book, “How to Create a Servitor Companion.” You can also use the charging method described in this article; just do it all again from the beginning. Think of it like re-stamping an old faded stamp so that the details and the color (vigor) are clearly noticeable again. You can recharge like this several times if you feel that it is necessary.

      Some people always like to start fresh with a new servitor under such circumstances but if you are loyal to it there is merit in reviving a servitor that has been damaged in the course of doing its duty. The hypothesis is that just like ripping a muscle while working out creates stronger muscle, so will a revived and continually energized servitor become stronger and stronger over time.
      As I said though, do be careful and make sure that what you have there is your old servitor and not something that has been modified with bad intent.

  73. You should do whatever you think is best B, I am sure that whatever you decide will be the best thing possible.

    The trick though is to do, I think that there is enough information here on servitors for you to do anything you think is best and worth doing, just go for it 🙂

  74. Can a servitor do things like opening your third eye? or relaxing your muscles?

    1. Yes, they are only limited by your imagination (how do I create a servitor to do this) and your psychic energy (your ability to empower your servitor enough that it can do this).

      1. Hey John, had a few questions.

        1. How about making a tulpa, a servitor that is actually flesh and matter?
        2. There is an exercise where you can make a thoughtform on the astral plane, sort of like a place to live after death. How can I place servitors in there?
        3. Can you charge servitors with pyramids, crystals, orgonite, etc. and how?
        4. I can’t visualize; when I close my eyes it is dark. How do I then make a servitor?
        5. Do you think, with continuous charging, a servitor can become strong enough to be flesh and blood? I want to try replicating a scantily clad character from an animated show I am a fan of, like a servitor lover.
        6. How would you develop a servitor into a more complex being, like a human, capable of thought, intelligence, intellect, reason, romanticism and emotion?
        7. Can you use sigils to splice off parts of other entities’ personalities and add them to a servitor? Say I wanted to make a replication of a movie star as a servitor. How can I take their personality and give it to the servitor?
        8. Does giving the servitor life force making them stronger? How do you tether them to the Universe, so they don’t die out? And is it wise to create clay figures for my servitors that they live in? Clay is more durable than wood.

        Thanks. I know these are a lot of questions.

        1. I will try to answer your questions as simply as possible:
          1. From my point of view as an inner alchemist, there is no such thing as a flesh and blood Tulpa. There are those thought forms that become so real thanks to the attention power of the practitioner that there is in the no difference between flesh and blood and the thought forms created.
          In order to find out how to create such servitors and thought forms, I recommend the trilogy of books: create a servitor, create a servitor companion, Manifest Wealth and Prosperity with Through Forms and Servitors.
          2. Any servitor that you create is available to you on the astral plane, all you have to do is learn how to commend it properly. Something which I do cover in the books mentioned above.
          3. You might want to try yourself to see what kind of results you get, but my personal perception of the use of accumulators and crystals to charge servitors does not work very well. And when it does work it usually entails the use of Radionics, which can provide a specific frequency charge. Unfortunately, what is seldom known about the use of Radionics, is that the operator is using their own power so in the end there are no free ways to charge a servitor.
          4. If it is impossible for you to visualize, can you remember? You can also use your other senses, you do not have to see something you can feel something; visualize feeling. I highly recommend that you read the questions and answers on this page as they are in incredible resource and I have answered this question on a couple of occasions on this page.
          5. I would highly recommend you read the book, ‘Create a Servitor Companion’. I answer this question in fine detail in that book.
          6. This question is also answered in the book mentioned above.
          7. Again I would recommend the book mentioned above in answering this question.
          8. You will find the answers to this question and much more if you read this article and the questions and answers that follow.

          No worries, I think that all of the questions that you have can be answered by reading the books mentioned above and by reading this article. I hope this helps.

  75. Hi, I just found this site and have been quite interested in Servitor summoning. However, no matter how hard I focus, how long I focus or how small it is, I can’t seem to visualise anything. I have been making constant psi balls to practise controlling energy, but there are no detailed guides on how to move it. I really want to make a shield servitor that banishes any evil entities or negative energies from my home so I do hope someone can tell me how to move energy, or how to visualise my servitor.

    1. Hi,
      It could be that you are trying too hard. The more relaxed you are and he less that you care about outcome, the easier it will be to visualize. If you are interested in moving energy and learning how to control your servitor then I would recommend my book, Create a Servitor Companion

  76. Yes you definitely can keep your eyes closed if you like. I would recommend that as you close your eyes, that you try and give depth to the darkness that you experience when your eyes are closed so that you see and feel that the servitor that you are charging is floating over the logo that you are using. No need to imagine the room inside your mind, just imagine that the servitor is a distance away from you and over the logo, I hope you get what I mean. This is helpful because it establishes your servitor as a 3 dimensional object instead of a 2D thing in your mind.
    Visualization is very important so keep practicing because you will greatly benefit if you can open your eyes and still see your visualizations.

    The link to the article for Astral Projection is here.
    Also I have just written a kindle book on Astral Projection that you will find here.
    I am proud of this book because it is in my opinion, the most concise explanation of how this ability is possible, and of course it provides very powerful techniques to be able to accomplish this skill quickly and without the typical ‘obscuration’ that most books seem to create.

  77. Hi John i created my servitor and i am about to send it on his missions. but i read (too late) that you shouldnt tell the name to anyone .. i told my little sister of 6 years old .. is it so bad ?should i start all over. i feel like i charged him pretty good so it would be sad to start all over. Other question when charging my servitor i concentrated on my servitor i closed my eyes creating him in details while chanting his name but i didnt imagine him above his seal /Sigil. but only in front/beside of me in the room. is that okay ? or should i start all over

    1. On both counts I think you are good.
      In the first case, she is so little that I don’t think it matters, it might actually help. I usually tell people not to reveal the name of the servitor because people’s thoughts have weight. This weight can affect your servitor because as other people focus on it, and specifically on it because they have the name, they will weigh your servitor down with their expectations and intent. Your sister I think will most likely only send cute kid thoughts, plus kids are not heavy (in their thoughts) like adults, they have hearts full of joy and adventure.

      In the second case, that is not a worry either. I usually give that advise so that people have an easier time visualizing their servitor and staying focused on the task at hand; its good policy but not in any way critical. Imagining your servitor beside you is good because you are separating it as an individual thing.

      One suggestion for the future: See if in the future you can keep your eyes open and still see it. This is a hard task but the effort will make your servitor even more powerful.

      Good Luck!

      1. Hi, John!
        I think, no I am sure that I have created a thought form by accident. She took shape as I was reading your book on servitors which I purchased on the 20th along with your other books too. My dire situation with my husband of 20 years has lead me to fill extreme, intense, internal negative emotions that were not the norm for me. Those negative emotions are intense but short lived but because my situation is ongoing, unsolvable & constant, those bursts of negative emotions have become more and more repetitive. I have to admit those mental & heart felt outbursts have been providing me with much needed relief from my daily frustrations & my complete & total helplessness & hopelessness feelings. It’s been like punching a boxing bag with a picture of my husband on it. Therapeutic!
        I think the new knowledge about thought forms being real and my emotions self merged and created her. My negative emotions have been so strong that I have felt, for a good many months now, as if something was always on the verge of coming out from the middle of my chest and then I will be so startled and it will come back in. It will take too long for me to try to find the words to explain it. So this time as I read your book and ruminated on my fate at the same time, that feeling happened and she came out from the center of my chest I saw her in my minds eyes with no difficulties, she was fully formed. Next day I went for a walk and she came with me. I had no doubt that she was there. She hasn’t communicate with me in anyway. Anyway, I have been a little bit anxious about what to do with her and how to feel about her. Because I did not consciously create her, I didn’t call her. I don’t have a purpose for her although I think she would do my bidding, I think. So my question to you John is, if I let her be and allow her to hang around could she become dangerous to me? 2nd if your answer is yes, how do I get rid of her? 3rd Is there a way to bind her to me like a servitor so I can keep her?
        Another question that I have is about how to take control of energy in your book about Vampire. I love the technique and in my case it will be extremely helpful to learn how to harness and channel my own energy as well as the one surrounding me to my benefit. I’ve read chapter 4 over and over. Been practising since yesterday but I am not sure if I am doing it right. Would you mind giving me some extra pointers, I will be more than happy to pay extra for your time. Not sure when you will get the time to answer this, hopefully soon enough so I can know what to do about my thought form. Either way, thank you for sharing you knowledge and just like one of the comments above, I too believe it will be an absolute treat if you could share with us stories about your Great Gran. I was raised by my grand mother and I miss her everyday. The seeds she planted in me are the very ones that have led me to turn to search for knowledge on spirits which led me onto magick then onto you, to try to find another way to save my future and those of my children. This new journey I am embarking on is more about taking charge by protecting, saving and leading my charges and my own boat onto safer shores. Looking forward from hearing from you.

        1. Hi Gabrielle,
          Thank you for your kind words and I am glad that you are enjoying my books. I am also very sorry to hear about your troubles, and I can see from your comments that they have hurt you very deeply.

          I am glad though that you are expressing these emotions, and as you have mentioned yourself, this release can be very therapeutic.
          I will get right to it; First of all these thoughts and emotions that you are feeling, which some people call negative, are in actuality energy that is bursting from you, energy that most likely has been held back behind a tight wall for a long time. If this energy is not channelled properly, or released naturally as you are doing now, it can become destructive. I am therefore quite happy for you that you are finding release.

          Let’s address my vampire book and those techniques first. I am glad that you have that book and you are beginning to use the techniques in it. If you will allow me to jump back to the notion of energy release, you will see how all of this relates to your current situation and how it can be a great benefit to you going forward.
          I mentioned that these thoughts and emotions that you are feeling are great bursts of energy. We are all energy generating machines, and we are constantly shooting that energy out into our environment in the form thoughts (this includes highly energized thoughts like thought forms) and emotions. At times, when we are experiencing wonderful things, or terrible things like you are, we tend to release huge amounts of energy, which means that we are experiencing very vivid and powerful thoughts and all-consuming emotions.
          In the Vampire book, specifically in chapter 4, I talk about how to re-channel this energy. You can use these techniques to put that extra energy that you have to different, more conscious use.

          On the Vampire books kindle page, there is a wonderful review of the book that I think can be most helpful to you. It’s about the third one down, written on Dec. 22, 2014 by Helen. She talks about the adventures that she and her little dog had. Helen tells the story of how when a bully started yelling at her little dog, who seems to have become an adept in the art of energy manipulation, she asked the dog, “Did you get the energy?” Meaning did the little dog remember what the book said and grab the energy that the bully was projecting unto him in the form of wrath. She then said to her little dog, “okay then, that is now your energy do what you want to with it, it’s yours.” To which her little dog popped the button off of the outfit that the bully was wearing.
          In other words, Helen (or her most amazing canine companion) took certain energy, that seemed negative because of the intent behind it, absorbed it, changed the intent of it slightly, and then projected it outwardly back at the bully. The consequence was that the bully’s button popped off, he became scared of the dogs power, and he scampered off to bully someone else.

          Now that you know what Helen and her little pal know, next time that you feel great wrath, or fear, or whatever that seems negative to you personally. Ask yourself, “Did you get the energy?” and then, once you have it, tell yourself, “okay then, that is now your energy, do what you want to with it, it’s yours.”
          So that next time, instead of punching a big boxing bag, which can be therapeutic, suck that energy back into yourself and use it this energy to manifest something that will not only be therapeutic but will also change your life for the better.
          How do you know if you are doing it right? You know because those negative thoughts and emotions lose their power, and because you do feel like you have more life in your step (if you do these techniques before bed you might even have trouble sleeping because of the extra energy that you have). As I mention in the book, you need to do these techniques as often as it takes to make those thoughts and emotions fade away, that means doing this technique multiple times a day if you have to…until it all fades away, to a manageable level at least. And if these thoughts and emotions return in a week, a month, or a year, then you do it again.

          You could then for example, use this energy to create a very powerful thought form, like Helen’s little dog, but instead of popping a button you could use it to try to manifest something that you and your family might need, or put you in a position to easily change a circumstance in your life. You can even use this energy to empower you newly acquired servitor friend even more.

          This then brings us to your new servitor. In the second book of the servitor series, Create a Servitor Companion, in chapter five I go over how to control your servitor in great detail. I basically say, tell/make it do this, and work on it until it does what you told/commanded it to do. Use the techniques I mention there to take full command of your new servitor creation.
          If you think that it is uncontrollable, or that it has too much wild energy and you therefore can’t work with this thought form creation, then use the Vampire techniques to absorb this energy until the creature is no more. This is discussed in specific detail in chapter six of that book.

          You seem like a very intelligent person and I am quite certain that you will get the hang of all of this quickly now that you are studying it. Don’t over think it, remember Helen and her friend.
          Controlling your life means controlling your energy. You have the knowledge, the intelligence, and the passion to master your life.

          My final advice would be to use this energy for constructive things. Destruction is short term happiness and garners no real lasting returns. Instead of attacking, create new and better things for you and yours instead.

          Good Luck!

  78. Hi, John!
    I think, no I am sure that I have created a thought form by accident. She took shape as I was reading your book on servitors which I purchased on the 20th along with your other books too. My dire situation with my husband of 20 years has lead me to fill extreme, intense, internal negative emotions that were not the norm for me. Those negative emotions are intense but short lived but because my situation is ongoing, unsolvable & constant, those bursts of negative emotions have become more and more repetitive. I have to admit those mental & heart felt outbursts have been providing me with much needed relief from my daily frustrations & my complete & total helplessness & hopelessness feelings. It’s been like punching a boxing bag with a picture of my husband on it. Therapeutic!
    I think the new knowledge about thought forms being real and my emotions self merged and created her. My negative emotions have been so strong that I have felt, for a good many months now, as if something was always on the verge of coming out from the middle of my chest and then I will be so startled and it will come back in. It will take too long for me to try to find the words to explain it. So this time as I read your book and ruminated on my fate at the same time, that feeling happened and she came out from the center of my chest I saw her in my minds eyes with no difficulties, she was fully formed. Next day I went for a walk and she came with me. I had no doubt that she was there. She hasn’t communicate with me in anyway. Anyway, I have been a little bit anxious about what to do with her and how to feel about her. Because I did not consciously create her, I didn’t call her. I don’t have a purpose for her although I think she would do my bidding, I think. So my question to you John is, if I let her be and allow her to hang around could she become dangerous to me? 2nd if your answer is yes, how do I get rid of her? 3rd Is there a way to bind her to me like a servitor so I can keep her?
    Another question that I have is about how to take control of energy in your book about Vampire. I love the technique and in my case it will be extremely helpful to learn how to harness and channel my own energy as well as the one surrounding me to my benefit. I’ve read chapter 4 over and over. Been practising since yesterday but I am not sure if I am doing it right. Would you mind giving me some extra pointers, I will be more than happy to pay extra for your time. Not sure when you will get the time to answer this, hopefully soon enough so I can know what to do about my thought form. Either way, thank you for sharing you knowledge and just like one of the comments above, I too believe it will be an absolute treat if you could share with us stories about your Great Gran. I was raised by my grand mother and I miss her everyday. The seeds she planted in me are the very ones that have led me to turn to search for knowledge on spirits which led me onto magick then onto you, to try to find another way to save my future and those of my children. This new journey I am embarking on is more about taking charge by protecting, saving and leading my charges and my own boat onto safer shores. Looking forward from hearing from you.

  79. In reply to Gabrielle.

    Hi Gabrielle,
    Thank you for your kind words and I am glad that you are enjoying my books. I am also very sorry to hear about your troubles, and I can see from your comments that they have hurt you very deeply.

    I am glad though that you are expressing these emotions, and as you have mentioned yourself, this release can be very therapeutic.
    I will get right to it; First of all these thoughts and emotions that you are feeling, which some people call negative, are in actuality energy that is bursting from you, energy that most likely has been held back behind a tight wall for a long time. If this energy is not channeled properly, or released naturally as you are doing now, it can become destructive. I am therefore quite happy for you that you are finding release.

    Let’s address my vampire book and those techniques first. I am glad that you have that book and you are beginning to use the techniques in it. If you will allow me to jump back to the notion of energy release, you will see how all of this relates to your current situation and how it can be a great benefit to you going forward.
    I mentioned that these thoughts and emotions that you are feeling are great bursts of energy. We are all energy generating machines, and we are constantly shooting that energy out into our environment in the form thoughts (this includes highly energized thoughts like thought forms) and emotions. At times, when we are experiencing wonderful things, or terrible things like you are, we tend to release huge amounts of energy, which means that we are experiencing very vivid and powerful thoughts and all-consuming emotions.
    In the Vampire book, specifically in chapter 4, I talk about how to re-channel this energy. You can use these techniques to put that extra energy that you have to different, more conscious use.

    On the Vampire books kindle page, there is a wonderful review of the book that I think can be most helpful to you. It’s about the third one down, written on Dec. 22, 2014 by Helen. She talks about the adventures that she and her little dog had. Helen tells the story of how when a bully started yelling at her little dog, who seems to have become an adept in the art of energy manipulation, she asked the dog, “Did you get the energy?” Meaning did the little dog remember what the book said and grab the energy that the bully was projecting unto him in the form of wrath. She then said to her little dog, “okay then, that is now your energy do what you want to with it, it’s yours.” To which her little dog popped the button off of the outfit that the bully was wearing.
    In other words, Helen (or her most amazing canine companion) took certain energy, that seemed negative because of the intent behind it, absorbed it, changed the intent of it slightly, and then projected it outwardly back at the bully. The consequence was that the bully’s button popped off, he became scared of the dogs power, and he scampered off to bully someone else.

    Now that you know what Helen and her little pal know, next time that you feel great wrath, or fear, or whatever that seems negative to you personally. Ask yourself, “Did you get the energy?” and then, once you have it, tell yourself, “okay then, that is now your energy, do what you want to with it, it’s yours.”
    So that next time, instead of punching a big boxing bag, which can be therapeutic, suck that energy back into yourself and use it this energy to manifest something that will not only be therapeutic but will also change your life for the better.
    How do you know if you are doing it right? You know because those negative thoughts and emotions lose their power, and because you do feel like you have more life in your step (if you do these techniques before bed you might even have trouble sleeping because of the extra energy that you have). As I mention in the book, you need to do these techniques as often as it takes to make those thoughts and emotions fade away, that means doing this technique multiple times a day if you have to…until it all fades away, to a manageable level at least. And if these thoughts and emotions return in a week, a month, or a year, then you do it again.

    You could then for example, use this energy to create a very powerful thought form, like Helen’s little dog, but instead of popping a button you could use it to try to manifest something that you and your family might need, or put you in a position to easily change a circumstance in your life. You can even use this energy to empower you newly acquired servitor friend even more.

    This then brings us to your new servitor. In the second book of the servitor series, Create a Servitor Companion, in chapter five I go over how to control your servitor in great detail. I basically say, tell/make it do this, and work on it until it does what you told/commanded it to do. Use the techniques I mention there to take full command of your new servitor creation.
    If you think that it is uncontrollable, or that it has too much wild energy and you therefore can’t work with this thought form creation, then use the Vampire techniques to absorb this energy until the creature is no more. This is discussed in specific detail in chapter six of that book.

    You seem like a very intelligent person and I am quite certain that you will get the hang of all of this quickly now that you are studying it. Don’t over think it, remember Helen and her friend.
    Controlling your life means controlling your energy. You have the knowledge, the intelligence, and the passion to master your life.

    My final advice would be to use this energy for constructive things. Destruction is short term happiness and garners no real lasting returns. Instead of attacking, create new and better things for you and yours instead.

    Good Luck!

  80. In regards to what ive read here, id like to add a few questions and even answers regarding these thought forms.
    ive gone quiet deep into these things in the past and through my understanding on there tasks they can be imprinted with knowledge..
    They can exist for centuries in a coocoon state thats feed by its makers..
    The group mind that creates it , can keep it feed with an energy umbilical cord so to speak…in any future gathering of the same group that seem to come together, can reaccess that thought form and tap into forgotten knoweldge that was imprinted in our distant past.

    is this possible i ask?
    why isnt a thoughtform able to be idle for centuries in a state of flux until its creators reactivate that servitor?
    i know you will say it needs to be feed by energy but the ancients were able to make these forms and bind them to amuluts with words of power.
    much like the curse of king tut were the artificial forms were put inside tombs that acted like a guardian,,, they existed for centuries.
    how did they feed this form they created so it existed for centuries i ask..
    I think were not privy to certain knowledge that was part of our hidden past.
    There are a lot of unanswered questions in this field that need exploring.
    your article has very good information john.

  81. Hi Tony,
    Thanks for your comments.
    In my books I actually do go into much greater detail on this. Yes servitors can indeed exist for ever as idle things, structures laid idle, once the energy that was originally used to make and charge them wears away. A part of them goes on into other dimensions to fulfill itself. but a part, an idle structure, does remain and can be revived if the conditions are there.
    You might say that the old ones can live again, if you don’t mind me getting a little Lovecraft on you.

    I am not an expert in Egyptian magick but I can tell you that those old curses hold their power not so much because they are re-awaked, even though the intrusion by grave robbers (the emotions that these people give off) does trigger and help these old bindings, but because the Egyptians had mastered the ability to imbue great power into their structures. Their power lay in their ability to work with vibrations, a sound beyond sound as it were. Words as such, and internal words for that matter, had great meaning to them. This power is why their structures have lasted so long without great decay, and why some of their internal structures, like those curses, also have lasted so long.

  82. Hi john! What advice would you have for creating a servitor to help with health of the body.
    No known diseases so far, so I would consider myself in good health although I would not claim to be in good shape, despite being slim. Walking is my only exercise for now. But since stress is part of my daily life and we all know stress can cause all sorts of illnesses eventually. I was wondering if I could use a servitor to warn me of something I could potentially prevent.
    Would be great to get your insight. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

    1. Hi Loraine,
      In my opinion it would be difficult to create a servitor for the purpose of health diagnosis because it requires a great amount of precise independent action and finely tuned communication.
      This doesn’t mean that it could not be done though.

      My personal advice would be to create a Servitor Advisor for this purpose. In my book, Create a Servitor Companion, I go into great detail on how to create a Servitor like this. Basically it is a highly specialized Servitor that does not act as an errand entity, like the ones described in this article, but as a companion and advisor.
      You could for example, create a Servitor like this that could take the form of a wise old healer of some kind that could then advise you on how to have a better lifestyle and how to go about healing yourself if you got sick for some reason. Now, a Servitor like this does not have access to secret knowledge or would not know what a doctor might know let’s say. What a Servitor Advisor does is that it is like a conduit (or channel) to your own inner knowledge. It is a Servitor that you can create to access your own inner knowing. So this Servitor can actually be a repository of GREAT knowledge and wisdom if you are able work at establishing a strong connection with it, and would indeed help you to kow a great deal about yourself and your own healing abilities.

      In the book described above you can also discover how to make other Companion Servitors that can indeed help with one of the greatest causes of health problems in my opinion as well: stress.
      I describe for example, my servitor Companion creation that is wonderful at relieving my stress because just a little time with him has me laughing out loud a playing like a happy kid in no time.

      Good Luck!

  83. Hi John, just finished reading your book about servitors. Deeply grateful to you for sharing your knowledge with the rest of the world and taking the time to answer all of our questions as you do. You have a truly generous spirit.
    I’ve read the book and read most of the comments above and I hope my question is not another repetitive one. Trepidation & frayed nerves are leading me to ask this of you, despite you making it clear in the book that servitors work best if they are given 1 specific task, too much can make them schizophrenic. I have already made a list of different servitors I need to help “fix my life”. It’s an extensive one, which will eat away at my time and energy when it comes to maintaining them. Hence the questions below. I have 2 children I am very concerned about. So my 1st question is, can 1 servitor be used to protect 2 people, not in the same country? 2nd, can that same servitor be programmed to also influence the kids to stay in school, study hard? I suppose the servitor would be like a supper nanny for young adult children. Or do I need to create 2 completely different servitors, 1 for protection and 1 to keep them at school?. Can servitor grow in strength over time to manage more than 1 specific task if the taks themselves were preprogrammed within the servitor? If yes, do you have any idea if it will take the servitor 6months or 1/2 years to start “multi tasking”? I hope I am making sense
    Hope this finds you in good spirits. Thanking you ahead of time for your time and patience.

    1. Hi Rachelle,
      Thank you for your kind comments. I would still recommend that you keep your Servitors simple, the simpler (and therefore less tasked) that they are, the better they tend to work in my opinion.
      This does not mean though that you can’t begin to use a certain powerful (you have charged for a while) Servitor for certain multiple general purposes. The thing with Servitors, and most things psychic, is that their ability to work on this physical plane is directly related to the amount of psychic force that they receive.
      This means that the charging process and the casting process are very important. The more that you can focus your attention and energy on them, the more that you can know them to be real and know that they will do your bidding, the more powerful that they will be.
      So essentially the answer as to whether a powerful Servitor can grow in strength over time to manage more than 1 specific task is yes, BUT try to keep the tasks of a similar nature.

      Now, a servitor could be used, but I would never recommend, to influence another’s behavior. Sorry, but may I suggest that instead of creating a militant nanny, that you create a more loving one instead. You could definitely create one specific Servitor, or a specific kind of Servitor, that could be in two places at the same time. Remember though that this Servitor needs to be strong because it needs to halve its power as it were, but if you are committed to it, I would not worry too much about this as this Servitor would grow in power quite quickly the more you use it.
      It could be a loving creature that might look like a favorite toy, that could grow and evolve as your children do. It could protect them at night, send them feelings of being protected and safe (like a guardian angel), and it could send them positive energy so that it is easier for them to have happy thoughts about a positive future, and what they could become if they work at it. This way they are given support and feel loved as they choose their own best path and face their successes and mistakes.
      Train your attention and work on your ability to believe and therefore focus your psychic energy on what you want to happen. Also don’t overdo it.
      Good Luck!

  84. Thank you for such a detailed article. I was wondering if I could create a server to ask for photographic memory or knowledge?
    Also if it might be possible to make a server for some physical change? It sounds unhinged the latest…

    1. Hi Laurie,
      I don’t personally recommend that you use a servitor to try and develop photographic memory, I would instead recommend that you use them for a particular external task.
      A servitor to create physical change is also not something I would recommend. You could create a servitor to radiate an aura about you so that others see you in a certain way though, which can be an incredibly powerful way to change the perception of others. This would be like the 1920s oil lamp servitor that I mention in the article.
      Hope that helps!

  85. Dear John, your works on servitors are very inspiring to me. You mentioned the servitor lover in one book. Is it not risky to sleep with servitor lover and remain authoritative? Isn’t getting so attached to the servitor a problem? What if she manifested as an independent elemental or even manifested physically?? 🙂

    1. It can be challenging for some to stay authoritative with a Servitor lover, or any Servitor for that matter. In many ways Servitors are a wonderful way to teach us about our mental lives and ultimately how we deal with others in the objective world.
      I love to mention that In order to manage your Servitors properly, that you watch a few episodes of the “Dog Whisperer” so that you know what alpha dominance is and you practice it with your Servitors ALWAYS. Alpha dominance can be simply this:
      If you tell it to do something, does it do it without hesitation?
      If not, then use the techniques I mention in that same book to get your alpha status back. Life is like this, if you are not running it, then others are running it for you.

      As far as manifestations go, there is a possibility that this servitor can manifest in even a physical way. BUT if you are in charge of your Servitor, they are all positive. The best, and I have seen this happen, is that you attract someone that matches this secret Servitor lover perfectly, in which case you now might have a living being to satisfy your desires. If that’s not what you want then you can tell that person to move on, remember alpha dominance, and stick to your Servitor lover. There is also a confidence that comes over those that have, and can properly manage such Servitor lovers, which is incredibly attractive to others and might mean that you won’t need to call on your Servitor so often.

      An independent elemental would essentially mean that you have created a being that you have been intensely feeding for a long time and which has always been in control of you…and you keep feeding it.
      Such creatures are not created overnight. Remember about alpha dominance, remember that this is your Servant, not your romantic soulmate, and there will never be any issues.
      Does this mean you can’t love your Servitor lover? Of course you can! But it is the love of a master for a Servant.

      1. John, would you say that these servitors have real feelings, desires, and can they suffer? Also …since you create them, aren’t they really just you?

        1. As a servitor’s complexity increases, so does its potential, but a servitor can’t be conscious the way the ego thinks consciousness exists; that includes feelings as such. You have to be careful here because to try to see the personal ego reflected on a servitor is in the end limiting to both the creator and his or her creation.
          A servitor is you but it is also not you, in the same way that dream elements are you and yet not you as well. A servitor is like a consciously created dream.

          1. John, thank you for your answer. I’ll have to meditate on this to fully understand better. I enjoyed reading about your “Blue”. He seems as if he has feelings and wants your attention!

            But I think I know what you mean about projecting the personal ego on the servitor. I think people often do that with animals — interpreting their behavior as expressing human emotions. Whether or not animals have the same kinds of feelings and emotions as we do — one day I think so, then I see my cat torturing a mouse, or my doe rejecting her beautiful doeling and leaving her to die if I didn’t rescue her….sigh.

  86. Hello! I am thinking about making a servitor for a reason, but i’m wondering if the reason would be possible before I start. It would basically be to bring a certain arcade game to an arcade I visit. I’m thinking that it’d be fine, since servitors can bring physical items, (at least that’s what i’ve read from the comments) but I just wanted to make sure!

      1. Thank you, John! I’ve just started making him today. I have faith that he’s here with me and hope to see results once charging’s all done!

  87. Oh wait! I have another question, once you’ve finished charging your servitor and put the paper away for the day, what do you do then? Should you just go about your day normally? Do you avoid thinking about your servitor until the next day comes to charge again?

    1. Yes on all counts. Don’t obsess over it but try to let go and put your mind on other matters; the less your thoughts affect your tasked servitor, the better.

  88. Hi John,

    Bought all of your books. Have been working on creating my first servitor. My question is this:

    If I have an actual picture of my servitor (found one online and was drawn to it), do I still need to create a logo or sigil?

    Also, say I send out my servitor, it does what I ask, and returns to me. Can I then assign it something else? Or can I only use it for one purpose? I get that it can’t do a bunch of things all at once – but what if it was to help you with one thing at a time?

    1. Hi,
      Thank you very much for your support!
      If you do have a picture that you really like and you think that it will be enough to really help you to visualize your servitor well, that is all you need. The logo is just in case you need extra help with your visualizations and casting.

      Yes you should use your servitor for multiple tasks, as long as you give it one task at a time. It is actually highly beneficial to use your servitor over and over again because the longer that you use it, and charge it, the more cohesive, and the stronger that it will become; and the better that it will be at accomplishing those kinds of tasks.
      The only thing to watch out for is to make sure that you use your servitor for what its personality dictates. For example, if you have a servitor that you created for home defense and security, you don’t want to use this servitor to get you something you want. Try to give your servitor a tasks that you think it will do well, and won’t confuse its general nature.

  89. Thanks for your quick response!!!!

    This is good news!!! I saw a picture of my servitor before I even created him and I just felt drawn to this being and knew that this was going to be him. It is actually easy for me to visualize him b/c I am using this picture. I even started seeing him around me before I did the 3-day/30 minute charging sessions most likely b/c I had the picture and his name (and wrote out his first task, abilities, etc.) and would think about him and I just started him whenever I thought about him.

    Good to know I can use him for one task at a time as I didn’t want to dismiss him after only one task. I feel a very strong connection already.

    I am off to read your other books! Thanks for writing these – they are very comprehensive and less confusing than most.

  90. Hi John,
    Thanks for providing so much great information in such simple language and practicality.

    I have read the Servitor book and I am now putting together my first servitor’s characteristics in point form. It is meant to be a retriever, to bring me physical objects. As I am putting these points down, I wrote “Brings me objects I command it to without causing stress or harm to anyone”. If it is an extension of me and I wish to acquire objects “ethically” or be at the right place at the right time to acquire things, is it necessary to say something like that? Do I need to stipulate that it can’t go killing people so I can inherit a rocking chair…

    Really enjoy your books and look forward to putting in to action. Thanks!

    1. Hi Yen,
      First I would like to say thank you for donating to keep the site going, it is very much appreciated!

      I do think that it is a good idea to put down a statement like that. Not so much because the servitor will go cause harm, but because it really clarifies your intent, and this intent is infused into your creation so there is no confusion in the future. The servitor will always attempt the energetically easiest way to acquire the thing you want, and of course it will be limited by how powerful (how strong your charging and casting are) it is.
      Causing harm is often energetically taxing, the world is good, and it seeks efficiency, so bad things are usually avoided unless the ‘caster’ (or magician) is full of gloom and doom himself, and therefore empowers bad consequences with the power of his thoughts. But the statement, as you have written it, nulls this problem as long as you are managing your servitor well.

      On a side note, I would suggest that you visualize yourself clearly in possession of the object that you want when you are casting your servitor. This is like inputting a very clear program into your servitor’s drive, that it can then act upon quickly and efficiently.

      1. John, thanks for the quick reply.

        I felt like since I was intending the servitor to bring me things (as an extension of me), it would do so in a way I agreed with, gracefully and harmoniously. It’s the funny thing about once I got the idea of it accomplishing it’s task at any cost, that I got slightly nervous. Then had to work a bit to get that idea out of my head, so it is nice to have your input. I’ll make it clear in the bullet points. Thanks again.

  91. Charging my servitor and felt a surge of emotion so intense my eyes started welling up. Is this my servitor energy?

    1. Yes, this is definitely one possible symptom of strong creative energy moving up through your body, well done!
      Just make sure that you redirect this energy into the creation and manipulation of your servitor. You can do this by vividly imagining that this energy is projected from you and sent into your servitor in order to charge it first, and then to cast it to do your bidding.

  92. Yup – that is what I am doing – I am letting the energy come out and pushing it back into him. I am actually taking my hand and imagining my energy shooting out a light and into him.

    However, I do have an issue:

    I charged him last month for 3 days straight and then another couple of days and then told him to rest up as I was waiting to send him out to perform a task…got side tracked so, the last 4 days I have been charging him again and again, feeling this surge of emotion again but also, I can see him moving and smiling and feel his eyes piercing into mine. So, just to see if he was ready, I asked him to appear in my dreams for 2 nights in a row but he hasn’t.

    Any thoughts on this?

    1. Hi Anastasia,
      Thank you very much for your donation to keep the site going!!
      I hope that you site has been helpful with some of the questions that have had.

      As far as having you servitor appear in your dreams, this can be a difficult task actually. It is not hard from the servitor’s point of view but from the human creators.
      The reason for this is that dreams are a difficult thing to control, and our perceptions within the dream reality can quite often be highly skewed. If your servitor is powerful enough then it can quite easily show up in your dreams, but the difficult part is you identifying it as having been there.
      -First of all, how many dreams do you remember each night? Most of us can’t even remember half of them, so if your servitor was there but you don’t remember, then you will presuppose that it has failed.
      -A servitor can also show up in a dream, but because the dream condition is so fluid and human consciousness is so free in this state, you might perceive that servitor as being something that it is not. A servitor might show up in your dreams, but you might not perceive it how you perceive it while awake. You might perceive your servitor as an object, like a lamp or tea kettle, that you are drawn to, or it might be perceived by you as a stranger or a friend that you might have a long conversation with. And when you wake up, you might never suspect that servitor was there in your dream because what you remember of your dreams is quite different.

      If you are interested in having a servitor help you in your dreams then I would suggest that you make one just for this purpose, and then instruct it with some task, to perform while in your dreams, like to help you wake up so that you become Lucid. In this way the servitor can help you attain Lucid Dreaming and could help you to perform more tasks in your dreaming.

      As for the one that you have already created, try giving it a mission inline with what you had originally thought that you would use it for. If it is a dream servitor then command it to wake you in the dream state and to show up to you as it looks in waking time, or as something that will trigger your memory and therefore help you to remember it and become Lucid.

  93. Hi John,

    You are very welcome for he donaion! This is a great site and I love that you are available to answer questions!

    When I think about it, I do not have any luck with any spirit or entity coming to me in my dreams…I have to rely on other signs so it makes sense that my servitor may have a hard time getting me to remember them if they show up.

    Makes a lot of sense – I will just send him on a task that he was created for….thanks again!!!!

  94. Hi John…bought your book and really learned and enjoyed it. my question is, i would like to create a servitor to help my son (age 45yrs) with a job training that he has to do. it is doing extreme exercise and other extreme physical work. he gets extremely tired and drained from the training. i would like to create a servitor to help him with endurance, strength and speed… is that possible? who would control the servitor? i thought that perhaps i could create it for him (he knows about it), then set the servitor to be with him everyday while he trains for the month that it is needed. am i off the mark or is that possible?
    thanks in advance and hope i hear from you soon…

    1. Hi JZ, that you very much for purchasing my book!
      Yes you certainly can create a servitor to help your son. Do you remember the lamp servitor that I mention in the book?
      I would suggest that you make a servitor very similar to this one; a servitor that would project positive essence and vitality upon your son when he needs it.
      The thing with such an energy projecting servitor is that it can provide only as much energy as you are willing to pump into it. This of course can mean that it will be very tiring in the long run because you will have to project the energy (when you charge it) that it can then project onto your son. The servitor can’t acquire energy on its own, it needs someone to project energy onto it for it to function.

      For this reason I suggest the following to you:
      Make one of these for your son and see if you can convince him of the power of this servitor. You can do this by seeing if he does gain positive energy from the servitor; that is this servitor does provide the energy that he needs when he needs it. In this way you can convince him of the power of your creation, and of servitors in general.
      Then when he is convicted of the power of servitors, show him how to create his own. Tell him to create one and to charge it when he is feeling strong and well rested. Then when he is working and is lacking energy, he can have the energy that he projected into his servitor back, by having that servitor flood him with positive strong energy. He will then have a type of storage tank that he can use to store extra energy when he has it, that he can later tap into when he needs it for his job.
      In this way he can use his own energy, and you will not have to give up your energy, that you might need for yourself through your day. People will then think of him as a person who has this ability to tap into extra reserves just when he needs it, which is indeed the case, but of course this ability will come from the fact that he is able to store extra energy in his lamp servitor and tap into it when he needs it.
      Good luck!

  95. Dear John
    thank you for your great article I really enjoyed and that was very helpful
    I would like to create a servitor to teach me something ,for example, Hebrew language or help me to have lucid dreams ?
    Is it possible?

    1. Hi Serfina,
      It is possible to create a Servitor for this purpose but it does require a lot of patient work since you need to create one that can become quite concrete to you, that is it must be a Servitor that you can see and hear quite clearly.
      I actually go into detail on how to create a Servitor like this in chapter seven of my book, “Create a Servitor Companion.” What you are basically doing here is creating a Servitor that becomes a bridge between you and your subconscious. Such a Servitor won’t be teaching you anything that you already know, but will be giving you a far greater access to unconscious material, and if you know anything about the human unconscious then you will know that the unconscious is a limitless reservoir for amazing information; such as photographic data recall, and the ability to work with the subconscious directly so that you are able to awaken during the dream condition.
      If you are interested in creating a Servitor like this, I would honestly recommend that you get my book, it is not expensive and the detailed information there is pretty extensive. Check out the reviews to see if it is something that you might be looking for.

      Good Luck!

  96. Hi, John!

    So, I’ve created my servitor but I believe I’ve lost or distroyed the paper about her along with some docs… It was working and I know because a friend of mine got stung by it to defend me. But since it’s paper is lost or distroyed, I am not sure it’s dead or alive. Is it possible to call her back and create a decent place for her if the distruction wasn’t meant to happen? Sounds confusing, I know.
    Any thoughts on this?

    Ps; congrats for what you’re doing! 🙂

    1. Hi Cecilia,
      I would not worry about the paper that you lost too much. As I have mentioned in other comments here, think of that sigil, logo, or whatever you want to call it as a mental helper but not as the sustainer or container of your servitor.
      What is most important is the image of your servitor that you have developed, and the feeling that you have when it is near. Paper burns, things get lost, but a name, the image, and the feelings that you have created when you brought your servitor to life can’t so easily disappear. In order to bring back your servitor, I would suggest that you concentrate on these subjective things, like the image of it and the feelings that you feel around it, and that you use the name you gave your servitor to call it(a name which by the way I suggest that you share with no one).

  97. Thank you! I will do that, she probably lost all her energy because I have been “away” for a couple of months… I’ll see if I can call her back! 🙂 I remember her well and the logo I’ve created… Btw, is it possible to change a already created servitor’s name or functions (like and upgrade or downgrade to make it more simple or functional)?
    Another question is how can I buy your book if I don’t have a credit card? I am from Brazil and am moving to Europe in June, so I was thinking of buying the online version on Amazon, but they only take credit cards… and I am really interested in reading your work.
    My best wishes to you and thank you again!
    Love is the law, love under will

    1. Yes you can change your servitor over time if you wish, It might even begin to change itself as it becomes more powerful and defined through your continual attention.
      I would recommend that you bring your servitor to you, try to manifest it as solidly as possible, then just add to it or change what you wish. It’s a matter of using the existing form and the energy already contained in the servitor to mold it and then adding more energy to it to stabilize that change.

      As far as kindle purchases, I know that some people have been able to change their 1-click address and then buy their books using a gift card, but you would need to research this as I am no expert.

  98. I have 4 questions.
    1. What does the simplified drawing do?
    2.I know my Servitor cannot do anything physical but can i give it the ability to do so?
    3. What is god form?
    4. Does god form only occur when any feed a Servitor?
    5. What happens to Servitor if I die?

    these are my questions 😀

    1. 1. This drawing helps you to focus your mind and your intent on the act of bringing the servitor to life.
      2. For a servitor to act in the physical world, I would imagine you mean be seen by others or move objects or the like, it needs to be very powerful. It needs a great deal of attention and psychic force projected unto it. Such a servitor might need years of unrelenting focus and attention on your part, with you specifically trying to solidify its form as much as possible.
      3. I imagine by god form you mean a free roaming servitor. A free roaming servitor is one that is not bound to any individual but one that was brought into existence through the thought and attention of many people (thousands of people, millions perhaps) without their knowledge. The modern thought form referred to as Santa Claus would for example qualify as such a servitor.
      4. Generally yes.
      5. All thoughts, not just powerful thought forms like servitors, continue in time, and fulfill themselves either in this realm or in a different one. A servitor, if for some reason it is known by many and it is a very popular meme, might develop into a free roaming servitor (see above for god form description), but generally these servitors, since they are no longer getting psychic life force from you, fade away from this realm and move on to other dimensions where they expand and continue to evolve or perish just like we humans do in this realm. Our thoughts seed other dimensions.

    1. You start to give it a personality through Construction. While in this process you can think about what kind of being you want and you might also consider what your servitor might be like; is it going to be a kind healing servitor, or an aggressive defensive one.
      Afterwards once your servitor is functional, you develop its personality by interacting with it. If it’s too aggressive for your liking then you control that part by giving no energy to it and by checking your servitor’s actions in this respect. If you want it to be funnier or nicer or whatever, you allow it to flourish in that department; you prune the things you don’t like and you allow the things you like to flourish.
      Finally though, a servitor’s personality develops on its own over time as it becomes more complex and you interact with it more and more. It is quite a wonderful thing to watch this personality develop over time and the unexpected twists in it growth are what makes these relationships so rewarding.
      Just remember to prune (clip/cut out) any personality trait that you think will ruin your servitors better nature in the long run.

    1. In this article you will find the fastest and best way to create a servitor. I personally do not think that a servitor can be created with just a spell, sorry.

  99. Can one create a servitor by using the energy in a church gathering?

    Can a servitor be created mentally without a corresponding physical expression as in without a physical image?

    Does morality affect the energy of one’s servitor?

    1. Hi Maximus,

      -Yes you can create a servitor from the energy from any large congregation of people, especially when they are expressing a lot of emotion. You would really need to be good at gathering and manipulating this energy though or else all of this scattered energy would make the servitor creation harder not easier. I think you would do better doing this in your own private space, especially when it comes to giving your servitor initial tasks.

      -Yes you definitely don’t need a physical expression. I only recommend the physical expression as an ally in helping you focus on your servitor and melding the mental image with the physical world.

      -Intent affects the morality of your servitor, energy is energy, it is your personal intent that drives this energy. If you have destructive, fearful, guilty, greedy, whatever intent then your servitor will begin to reflect some of this energetic direction and it might make your creation a bit difficult to handle.
      Use whatever energy you want to create it, hopefully your own powerful energy, but just make sure that your intent (your will) is very focused and strong so that your servitor has good direction and knows who is in charge.

      hope this helps!

  100. Hello John. I am new to anything like this and am very eager to learn. I bought your ebook about creating Servitors and admit to reading through it very fast out of excitement and curiosity. I have read it twice now. The questions I have are, can a servitor travel, and how far? Like to another country? Can a servitor be instructed to make someone think of or notice you? How would you word that in a command? I find this all so fascinating and feel like due to a very strict religious upbringing, that I have been missing out on a whole new world. I am trying not to rush into this and go one step at a time. Thanks for your time.

    1. Hi Tracey,
      Thanks for buying my book an for posting here.

      -I would say that a servitor is not limited by Space and Time like we are as physical beings and it could certainly travel anywhere that your Will desires. The big issue in this regard is your ability to empower your servitor; the more power it has, the more that it can do and the farther that it can go and act effectively.
      A good measurement of this power is how real your servitor becomes to you, and how long have you been using it. Older servitors, because they have been getting constantly recharged for a long period of time, tend to be stronger.

      -Yes a servitor is a perfect way to get noticed. I will presuppose that the book you got was the first in the series, Create a Servitor: Harness the Power of Thought Forms. In that book I give the example of a friend who created a lamp servitor; that is a great way to get tons of attention. Just create a servitor that bathes you in a charismatic light, a sensual light, or perhaps a golden light that turns the eye of others and makes them see you as a magical and golden being.

      -wording of the command should be as personal as possible, but something along the lines of, “I command you to follow me, obey me, and bathe me in this golden light (name of servitor)…do this now!”
      I hope you get the gist of it from that.

      Good Luck!

  101. Yes, that is the book I bought. I will read it again and do my best to read slower. Thanks for the information!

  102. Hi John,

    I have a question about creating thought forms and servitors. I’m a professional actor and often have to play many different types characters. I recently had to play a character in an intense Shakespeare play and found myself very affected by the energy of the play and the character. In acting we are taught to “become” this character and act truthfully under imaginary circumstances. What I noticed is the more truthful I become in portraying these characters, the more I am affected by the energy. My question is how do you portray a character and be able to act in different plays without it affecting my personal life?

    1. Hi Jay,
      I find your question Very interesting and I find that a response does require a long-ish answer so I actually wrote a whole new article to answer you. You can find that answer HERE.

  103. Hi John,

    This is great information, thank you so much for writing the blog. This question has been on my mind for a while now and I’ve wondering the best way to address it since my work involves creating these characters.

    I do have two additional questions about this. In rehearsal, we do a lot of character work. This involves building up the life of the character, their background story, how they walk, talk, act, etc. During the rehearsal time, I want to keep all the character work I’ve done because I will need it to perform in the show. If I used the technique you mentioned, will it drain all of the energy out and will I still be able to play the character in the show? Also, would I be able to play a character like that in the future for other shows?

    The second question is about the acting techniques we use called repetition and object work. With repetition, it’s about reacting truthfully in the scene to the energy your partner is putting out. With object work, you bring an object from home that is actually yours and place it in the scene so that you feel connected to the work you’re doing. Would you recommend using the technique you mentioned and would that also clear the objects I used from home?

    Thanks so much and I really appreciate your assistance.

  104. Hello John,
    I’ve been thinking about making a servitor for the last 5 months and well…. I have a really hard time thinking about what I want from a servitor because I hear and read that servitors go rogue on you and you know things go crazy. I’m really curious, can a servitor become your own mentor on magic; like the servitor is a mage, sorceress, wizard or any character you find fascinating on creating? like teaching, making spells, what skills they can help you achieve or unlock, give you energy for spell work, gain some knowledge many people but few know about of the occult secrets, etc.

    Many blessings!

    1. Hi Sarai,
      Servitors do need to be handled properly. The mental training involved in doing this can help you in every aspect of your life going forward. One could say that the creation and maintenance of a servitor is perhaps the best magical training that a person can engage in. This is so because this task will develop and hone every aspect of your mind and will.
      A servitor can indeed teach you about magic and be a great mentor in way, but it will not teach you hidden knowledge, it will only help you uncover things you already know but are buried deep in your subconscious.
      I cover both these subjects in great detail;
      -servitor control
      -creating a servitor advisor
      in my book : Create a Servitor Companion,
      and I would highly recommend this book to you.

  105. Hi, I stumbled on this page while doing some research on the topic, and I just want to thank you for all of your detailed responses over the years. From what I read elsewhere on the topic, you definitely come across as a foremost subject matter expert. So I look forward to purchasing all of your books and learning from you. My question is… you said the task must be simple, so what if I’m a business man and I give the servitor a task such as, “Increase KPI”. On paper, that’s quite a simple task which is not entirely vague, but the underlying actions to accomplish the task are complex (or so I would think), so when you say simple task, does that mean the task has to be simply stated or simple in nature with no underlying complexities? And would a servitor know what “KPI” is? Or if a real estate broker instructs a servitor to, “Get me a listing.” Would the servitor know what a “listing” is? I read somewhere that someone created a servitor with the simple task of, “Keep me alert and focused”, yet the servitor kept its creator awoke and paranoid. So how much of our language does a servitor understand and how specific does language have to be without the servitor misconstruing it and producing unexpected results?

    1. Hi John.
      Thank you for your interest, and kind words!
      This can be a difficult topic to rap your head around, perhaps because of the fact that our language is not very good at dealing with internal subjective concepts, and I can certainly understand your desire for more precise definitions.
      Basically try to think of a servitor as a simple pet that has the ability to grow in complexity over time. As it grows in complexity and perhaps power, it is able to become more discerning in how it performs tasks, which in essence really means that it becomes more specialized.
      If you tell your servitor to ‘increase KPI’ it will have a conception of what you want to the extent that ‘you’ know what you want. It will understand you intention, your thoughts, and your emotions at the time of casting, but it will not really understand your words. You could say that your words are more for your benefit, not your servitors.
      To understand how a servitor performs action, involves a deeper understanding of cause and effect from an inner dimensional perspective, which I think you will get a good understanding of from reading my books. Basically a servitor can’t rally/advertise to people per se, it can’t figure out how to trim company’s expenditures, increase output, or help that company achieve key objectives from a business perspective.
      It can though cast itself like a stone into the deep sea of the inner world, creating ripples that will change things from the inside out. It goes about pursuing cause and effect action from the inside out.
      It can from that inner dimension, the dimension that is the true cause for all the things we call objective reality by the way, ‘motivate/incline’ those that would be inclined to seek your company’s business, motive employees with a sense of good purpose for the business, and create favorable synchronicities (good luck/right place right time, etc) in ways that can be amazing to behold.
      Sorry this is a bit wordy. Simply then, when you task your servitor, make sure that the concepts and your intention are very precise in your own mind, and don’t worry so much about the wording, but only to the extent that it helps you to define and feel your intent better.
      And realize that a servitor is not a complex, and probably won’t be until you have had it and developed it for years, and even then it will only become more specialized not more sentient. So keep it simple:
      1—the simpler and more precise the command is, the more likely that it will be able to act in the inner dimensions to get you what you desire
      2—the simpler that task, the more focused it is. This extra focus means that the energy that drives it will not be wasted; more energy equals more chance of success.

      Don’t tell your servitor to ‘increase KPI’, figure out one specific thing that you need to do to increase KPI and then send your servitor to help you in that one specific task. If you think that your servitor failed, then get even more specific and try again.

  106. Thank you so very much! Your response has given me an incredible amount of happiness and hope. Thank you again.

  107. Anonymous_Reader

    In your books you speak of Inorganic beings which vampirically feed from humans.
    This sounds similar to Nag Hammadi Gnosticism.
    Can you say any more about who or what these beings are.
    Do they precede humans on earth, or did they arrive later.

    1. This is a very good question.
      I think that I will try to make a video from this topic as the answer as this is a complex question that deserves a longer answer. When the video is posted, I promise to reply to this comment again and leave a link to the video.

      In a nutshell, the answer is that yes I am speaking of the same beings that are spoken of in the Nag Hammadi, but the answers as to what these beings are depends on points of view and the linguistic symbolism used to describe them. As to whether they precede humanity…well, the deeper question becomes, how long has ‘humanity’ been on this planet. I can certainly tell you that from my personal research, it is far older than most archeologists and anthropologists currently claim.

  108. Anonymous_Reader

    May I please ask a few follow-up questions related to your new book.

    First, thank you for publishing this new book with an excellent exposition of practical techniques which in my humble opinion is valuable information for both beginners and those with some experience.

    Regarding containment and output of helpful energy. What is preventing the Archon swarm from feeding on any type of energy output?

    Is there a difference between energy released between that which is consciously intentioned and that which is simply an emotional (body chemistry) response to external stimuli?

    Isn’t it true that to categorise a “type” of energy is an intellectual convenience comparable to the superficial distinction between good and bad energy? Thus, is not consciously-intended energy also indistinct from unconsciously released energy?

    Or, is there indeed a clear distinction between the various types energy released?

    What prevents the Archon swarm from capturing output intended for any objective, whether conscious (magic) or semi-conscious (a habitual emotional response), or unconscious (an involountary response to stimuli such as, cold winter wind, and so forth)?

    I suspect the answer may lie in the ‘container’ or VOID step.
    Could you please elaborate on this, or provide the chapter number where this is explained?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      Thank you for your gracious words. I hope you don’t mind but I am also re-posting this in this article as I find it a better location for questions about the book, “Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy” on this article.
      my response:
      1. Unfortunately it is the case that the Archonic host is feeding on all energetic projections from advanced conscious beings. This mean energy projections that we consider helpful and not helpful.
      All that we can do as ‘truly’ conscious human beings is to control that output so that we are only projecting energy that creates positives in our lives, otherwise, we must conserve as much as possible.
      2. There is a difference between certain conscious and unconscious emotional and intentional reactions, in the same way that there are perceived differences between one sound and another; pitch, intensity, duration, etc.
      The biggest energetic loss though is the conscious emotional flare. By conscious I mean the many many emotional reactions that we have during what we refer to as an awake (as opposed to asleep) state. These emotional experiences are though unconscious for the most part, for most of us, in that we tend to feel emotions and sudden impulses with little conscious knowledge of how these emotional flares were created, and with very little understanding or control of our own psychology.
      The unconscious tends to create (unless you are in a dream state/cognitive position) feelings, that are sometimes very strong and persistent, but it does not create emotions per se. Emotions are a conscious creation; an ego created indulgence generated by a part of the mind that is really an imposition, or implant, that is projected on the human awareness by the Great Archon.
      3. Yes energy is fundamentally energy but there is a difference from the perspective of the perceiver and projector which is dependent on that persons cognitive position; cognitive position changes the quality of energy. And no the difference between projected energy by the conscious is not the same as the subconscious, again because you could say that the subconscious aspect of human awareness occupies a different cognitive position than the conscious.
      4. The great difference between energy released is wholly based on cognitive position, Which as you point out is totally related to the VOID Polarity in that it is this polarity that allows human perception to move from one cognitive position to another.
      –I have tried to put as much as I could in the above mentioned book. Nuances are hard to go into and questions like yours help. I do plan to create more in depth online courses in the future that can help with all of this and perhaps, if possible, I may even try to host seminars where face to face instruction is possible.
      Anyway I hope this helps!

  109. In your book “A Vampire’s Way to Psychic Self-Defense,” you mention that a talisman is a servitor bound to a physical object. How does someone go about binding a servitor to a physical object?

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      This would need to be done at the time of construction. Just like a self defense servitor may be bound to an area to protect. A talisman is really a servitor that is bound to a physical avatar (being the drawn or somehow physically made talisman) by the creator.
      In most cases this is done through some ritual, but the outcome is the same. Either consciously through servitor construction and binding (that is, commanding the servitor to exist within and bound to this talisman object), or unconsciously through a deeply believed ritual, a thought form essence is bound to a physical avatar. This thought form essence brings this object to life as it were and acts within certain parameters in accordance to what the ritual/spell dictates or the servitor creator demands.

      1. I appreciate the reply, John. Thanks for clarifying. A follow up question I have is: Is it possible to bind multiple servitors to the same object? If so, is this a good idea, or will they interfere with each other in a way that is detrimental to their functions?

        1. It depends. If you are biding the servitors o one geographical place (even a sigil for example) this should be fine as long as they all have different purposes(tasks) and skills that don’t interfere with each other.
          If you are binding them all to the same avatar (their physical body that they consider their own, not just their place of dwelling) then there might be some problems in the same way that a person with Multiple Personality Disorder might have problems.
          The difference is slight and subjective (my home vs. my body), so you must be careful and explore your personal situation, and your desired final outcome in binding these servitors so close together.

  110. Hello. I would like to know, if I make a servitor to help my girlfriend, (to eat healtier) can I tell her his name without disturb the energy of this servitor ? I suppose that I can program for that, but not sure.

    1. Generally I would say to keep the name and your doings in these matters to yourself, but if you think that knowing that the servitor is helping might help your girlfriend, then tell her as this might be an asset to her on a mental level.

  111. Hi john! I have read your lot of material and articles. You write lot of good stub. And you have clarified many things. Your material is well researched. Thank you for such good stub.

    I have stuck lot of negative energy in my middle abdomen area. I live in my uncle house. My uncle is physically and mentally abusive. He hate and anger at me, He give me lot of negative energy in the form of anger, hatred. I study lot of spiritual material and Because of this I have become lot more sensitive to feel negative energy. Because of my sensitivity Plus fear of my uncle I have received lot of negative energy which is stuck in my middle abdomen area. I have lot of pain 24 hours in my abdomen area. Pain has expanded in my chest. This negative energy has become so much thick and heavy almost like physical, but not actual physical so my ultrasound report is showing normal, not any energy because which is not physical. I have used positive thinking. Because of my sensitivity I can feel gratitude and happiness and joy. When I do any positive thinking and meditation I feel happy and less tension, more relaxed in head and other area of my body but my abdomen pain increase. This is how I understand my situation. Because positive energy try to penetrate my abdomen area but because of negative block I is unable to penetrate so it increase my pain.

    Moreover if I give my attention on my stuck energy long enough by mindfulness meditation it start to become less dense, but after that quarrel is happened in my home. And once again my stuck energy become more dense.

    Please suggest me which book should I read and which technique should I use.

    Please Help Me!

    1. I am sorry to hear about your troubles. If I would recommend one book then I would recommend this one; I wrote this as a way to deal with just this type of situation. Of particular interest to you, I feel, would be chapters 4 and 5; where you learn about the attitude, and technique needed, to absorb foreign negative energy.
      Using these techniques, you should hopefully be able to regain your personal energy and be also be able to absorb all future negativity that is being projected at you.

  112. Hey John,

    I read all the comments on this page. And I have three of your books. The one’s that deal with servitor’s.I don’t feel comfortable calling on any type of entities. So I am very interested in this type of magick and it’s many interpretation.


    1- This question is similar to the radionics question that was asked in one of the post. I wanted to know if pyramids, crystals could be used to charge a servitor. This would also include poster with energy images. Like a three dimentional pyramid poster or even a yantra symbol etc.?
    2- I know you mention that servitors should not be used to manipulate people. But the fact is that people get manipulated every day one way or another. Putting ethics to the side. Could a servitor be used to manipulate a person?
    3- Could another person be used without their knowlege to charge a servitor after its creation. This way your energy does not get drained?

    For question 3 obviously if something like this could be done it would be done on a person who lets say is a bad person.

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

    1. Hi Juan,
      1. Yes you can use pyramids. I know this as I have personally used this technique. The other techniques would require personal experimentation on your part but as long as these methods are able to accumulate energy and project that energy into your servitor in a reliable and focused manner then they should work as well.
      2. Certainly if we put ethics aside we can manipulate others in many ways. Social media and commercials do this all the time through repetition and appeal to higher authority. From a higher perspective, as I think you are trying to look at this issue, certainly a powerful servitor could be used to manipulate others, but such a nightmare (which is what it would literally become) is something that is not worth the energetic drain. It is better both energetically and ethically, to use servitors to move towards greater creation instead of destruction and manipulation; when confronted with a noisy neighbor for example, it is better energetically to use a servitor to find a better place to live than to shut the person up.
      3. No I don’t think so. Such a thing would not be a servitor, it would need to be a completely autonomous entity, because a servitor, being a servant, needs its master to give it life. If it can feed itself then it has no master. Such an entity, if someone had the skill to create one, would most likely turn on the creator (another nightmare I’m afraid, that would haunt the creator until it is properly dealt with by that creator) since the creator would then be the easiest food source for such a thing.

  113. Hey John,

    Thanx for the reply. I thought it would be days before I saw something.

    My last question. I’ve seen youtube clips and read books on evoking spirits, angels, goetic demons etc.. They say they get really good results. As you already know I don’t want to go this route. So my question is, can a servitor be as strong as one of these entities.

    Btw way yesterday I ordered your book Vampire’s Way to Psychic Self-Defense. Anyways thanks again….

    1. Thanks for the purchase Juan 🙂
      Yes I do personally believe that servitors can be as strong as evoked entities. But this would not be the run of the mill servitor; it would have to be a servitor that a person has had for possibly a number of years, that they have been charging consistently during that time. I personally have such servitors with me but it has taken me years to have such powerful entities.
      I think that if you create a servitor with the general traits that you want, and you use it and therefore charge it often, then such a servitor will get quite powerful over time.
      Servitors charged with a great deal of psychic force will also attain a great deal of power quickly.

  114. Hi John,

    I was wondering how many servitors you can have at the same time? Will it start to be a drain on your own energy and leave you feeling tired after a while if you have many servitors active?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Yes that can happen so I would suggest that you keep it to a minimum. In this way also, the servitors that you do have will be more powerful and you will not need so many to get the job done.

  115. I have a question regarding the use of a servitor that you would use to gain knowledge of things unknown or hidden. In Tibet, what the Buddhist monks would do is they would create Tulpas called Yidams that would act as a sort of a teacher to them. So for example, I was thinking of making a Encyclopedic Servitor to teach me mystic things. Once it had become physical-ish I’d simply ask “Show me XYZ” or it could just grant knowledge. In your opinion would that work? Or do you know if anything like that could happen? If you could please give me your input I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

    1. I believe this is very possible, I have actually have used, and on occasion do still use servitors like this. I refer to them as servitor advisors, and I describe how to create this type of servitor in my book, Create a Servitor Companion. The construction process is different than the one used for worker servitors, like the ones I describe in this this article so I do recommend the book if you would like to create one for yourself.
      I am not certain about the Yidam (being that I believe they are somehow supposedly connected to the divine mind), but a servitor like this is essentially a type of connective between the conscious ego (you) and the subconscious. As such, this type of servitor, if constructed and maintained correctly, should have access to all of the information available to the subconscious, which is an almost endless reservoir of information as you may know.
      Because the amount of information is so substantial in the subconscious, I would recommend that such servitor advisors be created not as ‘know it alls’ in every subject but as masters in certain subjects only. In this way the information that one is able to get is more detailed and easier to understand.

  116. Thank you very much for your input. I will be getting your book. I believe that the workings and miracles of the universe are not unknowable, they are simply hidden and those who “make” the keys can learn them well. Thanks again! – Lev.

  117. Hi John, this is all very interesting information. As much as I am tempted to create a servitor for myself a part of me is just not willing to put the necessary energy into creating one until I can get a clearer picture of what all these technologies are about before expending vast resources on them. I am very much more driven to creating a ‘body of light’ though. So the servitor is a psychic tool used to serve in ones everyday needs whereas the Body of Light would give one a certain amount of immortality through the cycles of life and death. Would it not be more prudent to expend ones resources on the B.O.L? Excuse me as I don’t mean to be rude in questioning any-ones motives, I just wonder what the point is. (I could just be low in energy).
    I ask this in this post as I am not sure where else would be more appropriate. Have you any thoughts on the creation of this Body of Light, Kesdjan Body, Diamond Body, Rainbow Body, Merkaba, Vimana and how it is related to a servitor. Perhaps this body of light is akin to or a higher order sorceress double or more along the lines of the Teutonic Fylgia. Is creating a servitor a stepping stone in this direction in that it helps in honeing ones will. The answers to my questions may be self evident except that I feel I am missing some information and perhaps this may illicit something new.

    Can a servitor be used to harness energy from the dream realm, such as from CC allies (inorganic beings)? Was the creation and use of servitors a normal everyday practice of our ancient ancestors?

    1. A big question Paul,

      Certainly one that could have a book of its own; a very good question then and one that helps many people because it helps to clear up questions that they may have as well.
      In order to answer the why’s, I suppose all one needs to do is to bring up Maslow’s famous Hierarchy of needs.
      What I mean is that (as I am very sure you know quite well), this is a hard world. It’s hard for example to meditate and to channel energy into a double body when we may not have enough to eat or we may not have a roof over our heads.
      Before we can deal with other dimensions, we need to be able to deal with this one, and this is what servitors are all about. They are helpers, psychic action that is given form and task, that then help us to deal with this hard world. They can help us to find food, have a roof over our heads, they can help to safeguard us, provide companionship, and even advise on occasion. They are in my opinion one of the most powerful examples of inner action affecting objective outer events.
      As such, you are quite right, these psychic actions (servitors) do in fact help us to develop our will and generally our ability to work with energy. If you are familiar with my book, Out of Body Experiences, Quickly and Naturally, you may also note that there is a direct relation between creating an Astral or Double body and creating a servitor.
      So what ends up happening then is that as some of us (along with our ancestors) engage in the act of trying to survive in this world, we have developed over time different ways to use internal force to thrive in an often hostile environment. As a result of such efforts, humans have not only become highly successful, that is they have been able to move up Maslows Pyramid, but they have also found that those very same skills that helped them to move up the pyramid, also helped them to satisfy the next need up the rung.
      So a powerful magician, for example, that can create powerful servitors with ease, will be the person that will have the most success in working with a light or double body. This is so because those energies and techniques that he or she may have used to rule his or her objective world, are the same techniques that will now help him or her to move on into other even more challenging dimensional existences, where the ability to work with energy is of incredible importance.

      P.S. I would like to thank you very much for your donation Paul, it will certainly help to keep this site going!

  118. You are welcome.

    Thank you for the reply. It has cleared up many things in my head. I see that I am too eager to get ahead of myself with the double rather than focus as you say in dealing with this realm first. Nice.
    I will get your OBE quickly and easily.

  119. I am planning on creating a Servitor companion and wanted to know if a different way was feasible.
    In your book on astral experiences, you mention a technique where you sort of sink into yourself as deep as possible. I have been practicing that same technique for a while now and it has become my main practice aside from a similar practice of meditation.
    I use it to make contact with beings, for dream control, prayer, even just to rest in the voidness sometimes. I was wondering if you knew if it is possible to create a Servitor using this technique.
    I have a certain type of “mood” or style in mind but no particular image but I was thinking of spending a week just resting in the void with the quiet intent of allowing the servitor to arise from the void with an image created from my deep mind. After that just interacting with the servitor until it is nearly “alive” and then using your technique of simply believing in it with all of my being.
    I am so used to this technique of sinking into the void or grey zone as you call it I was just wondering if you’ve heard of it being used in this manner or have any experience with it. Thanks

    1. Yes, most definitely.
      You have quite intuitively come upon what I would refer to as servitor creation 2.0, which is creating a servitor in the Dream Condition.
      This is a very powerful way to create a servitor because in this state you have a great deal more power at your disposal; the power of you attention is much stronger and can therefore create far more powerfully.
      For this reason, and as a result of the fact that in this state you are also far more open to external forces (forces not strictly of the conscious dimensional plane) you need to make sure that you approach this process in a sober and highly attentive manner.
      It is most important that you maintain complete control over this servitor right from the beginning; in other words whatever you tell it, it should do instantly and without question, and it should not demand anything in return.
      Good work Felix, such a servitor will be a fine companion indeed since it will be able to easily travel with you in these dimensions.

  120. Thanks for the reply and encouragement! “Servitor creation 2.0” I like that! I think a whole book could be written about this state and what can be done while exploring it. It seems to get deeper and deeper and sometimes can even be overwhelming as the void overcomes my identity.
    I see what you mean by the power that’s available. After just a few days of allowing the servitor form to arise there’s already a vivid presence coagulating.

  121. Hi John, I’ve been reading your book and it is very good and very informative. I am making a Servitor Advisor and I have three questions for you.

    1. I don’t have a color printer. For the Avatar picture could I use a black and white picture? Or do you need to see the color?

    2. I’ve mentioned my project to a few people I am close with, however I did not mention the possible name of my servitor. In your book you mention the name of your servitor Blue, even though you say not to tell people the names of you creations. Did mentioning the project (eg. what I want to learn from my advisor) to close people have any chance to mess this up in any way?

    3. Can your servitor go by a nickname as well as it’s “true” name?

    Thank you very much and I hope to hear back from you.

    – Lev

    1. Hi Lev,
      1. The picture can be in any color that you can use. Think of it from a practical perspective, not a ritual one. Just use the picture that helps you best with your visualizations and intent.
      2. In the old tv show Dragnet they used to start with a guy saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, the story you are about to see is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.” Well I too reserve the right to change the name of my less than innocent creation to protect it 🙂
      Just keep as much to yourself as you can, and in this way you will not have so much of other people’s thoughts and emotions affecting your personal work. The less people know, the less they think about it, and therefore the less that you are affected by what they think or what they expect in general.
      3. For sure, as your relationship grows, so will the way you communicate and talk to each other; a nickname is a great idea.

  122. Hi John,
    You may have gotten asked this a lot but I hope you can bear with me for a bit.
    I have been looking into creating a Servitor but I’m a bit confuses as to WHAT they can do.
    Is there a limit to what they can and cant do with the given supply of energy?
    But my main question is can they interact with physical objects?
    I know that you mentioned about a Servitor bring something for the creator in the part about the Construction but will I be able to witness my Servitor doing that action?
    For example: If my study or personal library is disorganized or just plan messy, will a Servitor be able to aid me in organizing and placing everything in its proper order/spot? Or if I am unable to reach or lift/move something will the Servitor be able to help?
    Sorry if I’m not making much sense.

    1. Hi Mac,
      Interesting question; a most interesting one for us physical beings to be sure.
      What a servitor could do, if it had unlimited energy, is I would imagine unlimited. But who could provide such power?
      We can see in poltergeist activity, which is sometimes the result of thought forms created by highly emotionally unstable people, that such entities can indeed move objects and affect matter.
      But such beings are usually short lived and require huge amounts of energy.
      Generally servitors work in what could be termed the collective unconscious of the world and as such their main focus for action takes place in what is termed synchronistic principles/area. To learn more about this I would recommend my book, Manifest Wealth and Prosperity with Thought Forms and Servitors.
      The amount of energy that would be needed by a servitor, to organize a room for example, would be beyond most. It would be far easier for example to create a servitor to help you manifest a maid or butler.

  123. Hi John, this last week I have been doing the memorization exercise and as of yesterday had finished. Today I started the second step, being trying to picture my advisor with my eyes closed. However, I had some trouble with it and I did a little improvisation to help. I just wanted to ask if this is okay, what I did was is I somewhat skipped Step 2 and went to straight to seeing it with my eyes open. I know this was not how you advised it, but I was just wondering whether it will still work (create the advisor and all) because it was a bit easier for me with my eyes open. I even did some of the “feeling” exercises and self-answering what I thought it would say to my questions and making it fly around the room and stuff. Also, I was wondering if it is normal to have some details a little blurry every now and then as you are visualizing it. (I memorized it pretty well). During my improvising I went a little back and forth with seeing it with my eyes closed and seeing it mainly with my eyes open.

    Anyway, thank you as always for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you soon.


    – Lev

  124. *Continued for question above*

    I also had asked the advisor to do something a little bit weird that was sort of funny, but now I have trouble getting that out of my mind. I haven’t done the final charging yet, but I keep “seeing” it like that around me.

    By the way, I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I feel very weird after doing this visualization. A little queazy actually. Is that normal.

    Thanks again.

    – Lev

    1. Hi Lev,
      Your methodology sounds fine to me. You are finding your own way and that is the important thing, and this could only be possible because you are actually making an effort to work on this, so good job there.
      Seeing it a bit fuzzy is quite natural and will most likely go away to some degree over time as the power of your concentration increases and as your servitor becomes more and more cohesive and powerful. It should be noted as well that when we see things with our physical eyes, we don’t actually see everything in a crystal clear fashion either; our brains are just really good at fixing and skimming over all of this to make us feel like our world is one cohesive whole.
      The queasy feeling may be due to the mental exertion. What you are doing (the visualization especially) uses up a great deal of energy, so do take it easy, rest, eat properly. It is always best to set a time aside to work on your servitor, sort of like exercising, and then to rest. If you think of it like working out, you will get what I mean.

  125. Thank you!

    Oh, real quick, over the past few days I have been doing the black hole “light suction” visualization. In the book it didn’t say how many times to do that so so far I’ve done it 4 times, but being my obsessive-compulsive self I feel like I should do it more. I feel like I might be second-guessing myself while at the same time I’m not sure the advisor has been “fully” powered up yet. Do you have any advice on this subject? Was one time sufficient?

    – Lev

    1. I personally feel that one time is usually enough for this technique but the most important thing is that you feel good about it personally. I would recommend that you try interacting with your servitor and if you feel that it needs more information (more active data), then do this exercise again. There is no reason why you can’t do this in the future as well in order to keep your advisor in top shape.

  126. Thank you! I think I’ve charged it enough for now. I’ve been doing a lot of interacting with it. I make it do a lot of acrobatics. The day of the final charge is coming up soon! I’m so excited!

    Thanks again,
    – Lev

  127. Hi john,
    I just want to say in advance I’m sorry for asking so many questions, but I really want to learn.

    I have questions regarding what you do with a servitor advisor after the final charging. I really hate to sound corny here but this is my first time and I need a little guidance (don’t get me wrong, your book gives a lot of great details but sometimes I have doubt).

    So I finished the final charging today. I couldn’t really see the servitor at all but I tried to see it a little in the air, perhaps like a really vague ghost or something. I know you said you don’t really see it well at first but is it normal not to really see anything?

    My plan is to interact with it and boost the connections and such and I’m not sure when exactly the servitor will be able to tell me the stuff I want to know, so how long do you think that would be in your opinion?

    Thank you so much,


    1. If you are having trouble seeing it at first, don’t worry. I suggest closing your eyes and interacting with it inside your inner mind, inside a created inner room (as mentioned in the book). Let your imagination work with it without pushing it too hard. Talk to it, and feel the possible response that you feel it may give you. Work with these feelings and combine them with your intuitions. In time your inner knowing and the insistence/intent/actions of your servitor will become one, and you will begin to understand the inner aspects of your self that are bringing this servitor to life. By this time you will understand your inner voice, the feeling of channeling this inner wisdom and the connection between it and the servitor you have created. And by this time I think that you will also discover that your servitor will indeed be communication quite naturally with you.
      Take it easy, keep interacting. In time the servitor WILL slowly develop before you.

  128. Hi, Jhon I have several of your books. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I don’t know if this has been addressed lately, I have read the comments before but didn’t find an answer to this. Is it possible to win a lottery with the use of a servitor? Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Cesar,
      You are right I don’t think that I have addressed the lottery question directly, so good question! I suppose my stance on this has everything to do with the concept of Obtainability, which I discuss in Chapter 5 of the book, Manifest Wealth and Prosperity with Thought Forms and Servitors, not sure if you have that one.
      In accordance with this principle, I personally stick to using my servitors in a more focused and personal fashion I suppose, and stay away from the one time big super win of something like a lottery, that can seem both imposing and highly difficult in my mind.
      As an illustration of what I mean, on the linked page shown above, further down on the page you will find a review post by Richard which gives a good example of what I am trying to say. While his win through his servitor (in that case, thought form techniques as presented in the book) may not be the super big win that a lottery prize may be, it is none the less a fantastic win, a real win, and one that stays well within the obtainability principles presented in that book.
      That being said, I think that a highly focused lottery servitor that is constantly recharged for the sole purpose of winning the lottery is a fantastic experiment, and once this servitor gets big and powerful enough, who knows what it may be able to do.
      If you try it, please let me know how it goes, it does seem like a great test of servitor power to me!

  129. Hi John. my question is, can a servitor help with getting customers? I have a website that I would like more customer interaction,, actually to sign -up with my company. I post ads on facebook, I do get a lot of people that go over and look but not a lot of sign-ups. can a servitor help with this? How would I command it to? for instance I have 20 people interested in my email list. can I command the servitor to influence 4 out of those 20 to sign -up? thank-you,, I plan on buying your books.

    1. Hi Isa,
      This is a complex task for a servitor because it involves a great deal of power on its part and a very precise command on your part. In order to get a better grasp of these concepts I would suggest going through some of the other comments and answers on this page.
      Of particular interest to you, I would recommend the comment by: John
      October 4, 2017 at 8:00 am

  130. Hi John, Rather than using your own energy to create a servitor, could you use “channeled energy” like reiki, etc.?

    1. Yes you could use channeled energy, and how powerful the servitor becomes would then depend on how good you are a channeling.

  131. Hey man, I just read your book ” “Manifest Wealth and Prosperity with Thought Forms and Servitors”, and I have a question

    Can I create more than one thought form at the same time or is it better not to do it ? Let’s say that I want more than one thing, I want a new cellphone and I also want to attract more women, so it would be different purposes.

    The same question goes to servitors, can I create more than one servitor for different purposes ?

    1. Thank you for your purchase Emanuel.
      I would say yes on both counts, creating multiples is ok. The only problem is that the more you make, the less energy each may have since you are spreading your energy out a bit. I would personally advise that for best results that you tackle one desire at a time with thought forms, and that you keep only one servitor active at a time at first until the servitors grow in power on their own or you grow in power yourself.
      The comments on this page are a wonderful resource for servitor questions so if you can, check them out.

  132. Hi John! Thanks for this article, it’s been very helpul. I had been looking forward to put this in practice and I worried that I wouldn’t succeed. But finally, I made a ritual to give my servitor life today. I am super excited. Thanks for your help again! And I got a question, I have trouble feeling my servitor and I put it in my amethyst pendulum as his physical home. I didn’t plan on this idea but it just happened to me that since my servitor lives in the pendulum, can I just ask it to answer my question through the pendulum? Thanks.

    1. Yes, even though I have not done this personally, I don’t see a reason why you could not have your servitor reside in a favored pendulum. Just remember that the servitor is not bound to the pendulum and if you lose the pendulum, or something like that, you do not lose the servitor. In time you may find therefore that you won’t need the pendulum to get information from your servitor.

  133. Thank you very much for your donation Stefan. And I really appreciate you getting my books and your deliberate and honest nature, Ps to you!

  134. Teerapong

    Hello John
    Sorry for my English. English is not my native language.
    I bought your books on Create a servitor series. And I have a question in creating a servitor.

    Can I use my native language which is not English in the creation of servitor??
    I can read and understand most of the materials but when its come to writing paragraph or statement I afraid that my grammar might be wrong.

    1. Hi Teerapong,
      Thank you for your purchase!
      Yes you can definitely use your native language. The purpose of the paragraph and statement are so that you have a clear and defined purpose for the servitor to follow as it connects with you in a deep, sometimes even subconscious way. It is best therefore if you can use your native language so you can be really clear and precise about what your servitor is (will be) and what its task will be.

  135. I have some questions about the process. First of all I’m making a servitor that acts as a light, does it make a physical light or does it make a light in your mind? Second, is it normal to hear a trumpet or horn of some kind when trying to charge it? And last, if I don’t feel it being there, is it still there? Thank you

    1. Hi Trey,
      The question of what a servitor can create is a difficult question to answer. It will not create a physical light, but what is real and not real under what context is hard to answer. I would highly recommend that you read the comments on this page as many of them go into this subject of what is and is not real and under what context.
      Hearing sounds, or experiencing anything through any of your senses is normal and it does show that the work that you are doing is most likely working and you are creating a good charge.
      Through the process that I teach, in servitor creation, belief is very important. So the question I might ask would be, can you believe something is there and not feel it being there? If the answer is yes, and indeed you truly believe in this servitors existence but cannot feel it, then I would say that it is indeed there. But if you cannot believe as I advocate in the existance of the servitor, then I would keep working on the construction until belief is undeniable.

  136. Dear John

    Firstly, I would like to thank you for patience and generosity in answering everybody’s questions. Secondly, I have bought three of your books: Create a Servitor Companion, OBEs and The Occult Experience and I love them all.

    My question is about a Servitor Companion/Lover:
    I am a crime fiction writer and, eight months ago, I created an appealing, attractive main character (male human being). I used photo-morphing software to create his physical appearance and always keep his picture in front of me for inspiration in my writing. I think a great deal about this man. I know what he looks likes both clothed and naked. I know every wrinkle on his face and the softness of his hair and skin. I hear his voice and talk to him. In other words, before I even read your book, I feel I have already created quite a powerful Thoughtform who occupies my thoughts day and night (when I’m not asleep!)

    So my question is this: Using his photograph and my existing knowledge about his physical proportions, can I use the charging method described in your Servitor Companion book to bring him even more to life, so to speak? I am happy to spend all the required time necessary if it means creating a companion with whom I can interact even more realistically.

    I would very much value your opinion and advice before I embark on my project.

    With thanks and blessings.

    1. Hi Kate,
      Yes definitely. As a writer you have and are, every time that you writing about this character, done more preliminary work than most people.
      Indeed I would even suggest that you use one of the locations that you like best from your books to use as your servitor room. In this way all the work that you have done already can be further used to interact with your servitor in whatever way you choose.

    1. You can reward your servitor by paying more attention to it and by being kind to it during this time. You can do this by talking to it and simply saying ‘thanks for your loyal service (name)’.

  137. I’m looking into possibly working with servitors. However, I want nothing to do with symbols or magick or occult of any kind. Simply put is it possible to create servitors to do bidding without it being anything related to occult or magic? Simple visualization and concentration of thought and possible pictures along with what we want it to do. Just want to be sure before doing this

    1. Yes, with the methods outlined in this article and in the servitor book trilogy, I do not use any magick ritual symbolism.

      1. Thank you for answering my concerns. My last question is that can a servitor be created instantly or does it take time? What are the given factors that affect it and its visibility? Now I’m getting excited

        1. All these questions are answered in the article and by reading the comments posted. I know that there are a lot of comments, but they are invaluable in answering any question that you might have on servitor creation.

  138. Super interesting article John!

    Amazing in fact! My questions are simply these!

    Can I create a servitor that goes and find information and feeds it to me through speech or feeds it directly into my brain?

    Secondly, Can I give so much attention to my servitor that it manifests visually or even physically?

    Thanks John!


    1. Hi Richard,
      Yes this is quite possible as long as the bond between you and your servitor is clear enough. I personally would recommend the servitor advisor technique that I describe in this book.

      I would say yes again, but I would recommend that you read the comments and my answers on this page (there are a lot sorry I know), because I do try to answer the intricacies of that question on many occasions and from different angles, and I think that you would greatly enjoy some of these interactions.

    1. Yes you can, the way to do this would be to come up with a new statement of intent. You would then recharge and make sure to give this new command afterwards. You may need to do this more than once and the general nature of a servitor tends to stay, so if you created one for defense but this new command/task is about something completely different, then there may be some contrasts that you may need to consider; for example, sending a tiger like servitor to give someone a tender hug.
      I would recommend that you read the comments and my answers on this page as a few of them do go into this topic and you may find them quite interesting.

  139. Dear John
    You kindly answered my question a few months ago about a character in one of my books whom I decided would make a wonderful Servitor Companion, Advisor and Lover. After months of ‘unconsciously’ creating my S, then buying and reading your excellent book and consciously creating and charging him over a period of months, I finally ‘brought’ him to life earlier this week.

    In your book, you said that a well-charged and complex Servitor can act in ways that ‘surprise and delight’ so I feel I must share something wonderful that happened to me the morning after his ‘birth’.

    I was doing my morning meditation when a boppy, catchy 80s tune that I love came up on my playlist. To my surprise, my S appeared in my mind’s eye (very realistically) and started serenading me. Then he took my hands and danced with me! It felt incredibly real and I still smile when I think about it.

    2 Quick Questions:
    – do you think my experience was the real deal? Or just wishful thinking?
    – re constructing my Servitor Room, when I close my eyes, my canvas is black. Should it be white so my S is in greater contrast? Or is it something I need to continue to work on and it will take shape on its own?

    PS I just have to make a donation to your site to say a giant, sincere thanks for opening up this delightful world to me!

    1. Thank you very much Kate your your donation!
      And thank you for your kind words.

      Yes your experience is most certainly real.
      In order to best interact with your servitor companion, what you must be able to do is to let go of all of the rules that have been imposed by the world, telling you that this is so and that only this or that is possible or allowable. When you can do that, and then just allow your servitor to be free to be what it has been created to be, then you have opened yourself to true magic, and your companion breaks a barrier of sorts where it becomes lucid, free thinking and acting on its own. This is the point when things get utterly amazing, and the fun really starts.
      You seem to have done that quite well in that instance and you and your companion had a most magical encounter. To continue this process just remember to let go and allow.

      But don’t be afraid to just reign your companion in at times as well, they are after all independent and can be a pain the posterior at times just like any companion. There are times for example when my companion blue can have me laughing my head off one minute, and me reigning him in and telling him to get lost the next. Its a fun and complicated relationship that always keeps me on my toes and laughing every time…but blue is a bit of a nut and your companion sounds more polite and kind. Every relationship is different, but you are always in charge you see.

      As far as your Servitor Room goes, I would say that it is something that you just continue to work on over time. The more you practice, the better and more detailed that it becomes. As I had mentioned, as your skill grows you can even create real seeming places, that in time become true other places, that can allow you and your companion to travel and to interact in scenes, scapes, rooms, places that add even more excitement to your growing world.

  140. Natasha Coleman

    I am looking for a Christmas gift for my dearest friend who is an empathetic medium, Reiki Master and Yogi, so already a very awake person. She sees run of the mill ghosts on a daily bases that she helps cross over if she can, however, we plan on teaming up for more ghost hunting and before that happens she wants to better equip herself to handle a large number of ghosts and dark entities. Would any of your books help with her development?

    1. Hi Natasha,
      The one that I would recommend is The Occult Experience, it covers a great deal on expanding the senses so as to be able to experience more of the paranormal, and I did write it with a paranormal investigators needs in mind.

      As far as self defense, I would recommend The Vampire’s Guide to Psychic Self-Defense. This is a more energetically complex book that deals with the predatory entities to be found out there, and describes my preferred technique for dealing with them.

  141. Thank you for taking the interest and sharing your knowledge with us. I have read all of your books. However, forgive me if you have already answered this, but would I be able to create a servitore that go out into the world and tap into other creative minds and bring to my mind information , thoughts, ideas that I can sort through and hopefully one idea will land and help me launch towards a path of more growth and satisfaction ?

    1. Hi Colina,
      Thank you for getting my books, I really appreciate it.
      In the second book in the servitor series, Create A Servitor Companion, I show the reader how to create a ‘servitor advisor’. This kind of servitor would be the best for information on personal growth, creativity, satisfaction and much more. This servitor is able to create a bridge between you and the vast amount of information and creativity to be found in your own subconscious mind. In this way you are not trying to skim the minds of others but are able to tap into the vast resources within yourself.
      Actually one could say that since the subconscious is in communication with all other minds, this servitor advisor may indeed be able to look into the creative minds of the world and relay to you the answers that you seek.

  142. Thank you for your prompt response. Your direct and simplified explanations are encouraging to one who seeks to understand more. I am grateful to be able to expand my awareness as a result of your desire to share your knowledge and experiences. Very much appreciated ….Namaste

  143. Hello John, I just recently completed reading Overcoming the Archon thru Alchemy (Jan) and also Manifest Wealth & Prosperity with Though Forms & Servitors (Feb-Mar). I am enjoying your work very much and it resonates with me. It’s actually the answers I’ve been looking for that connects the dots for me in this whole Law of Attraction/Manifestation/Mind stuff. I’ve been at this since the Secret came out. It’s been hit or miss for me. Now I understand why. THANK YOU FOR THAT!!! My question, which book should I read next, in your opinion? While I begin to incorporate the steps/tasks you mention in the two books, I also want to continue reading your work to gain and even higher understanding.

    I’m thinking it should be Create a Servitor Companion or Create a Servitor – Harness the Power of Thought Forms. OR unless you advise a different book. But Im not sure.

    Thanks again
    Carlos M. (new fan)

    1. Hi Carlos,
      Thank you for your kind words.
      It depends I think in which direction you want to go. If you want to explore the power of concentrated thought then I would suggest “create a Servitor, or Create a Servitor Companion“. The first book is shorter but will outline a great deal about thoughts and how they attain ‘weight’ which will hopefully make the Secret stuff even clearer. The Second book is a more advanced book on creating servitors and does show you a step by step procedure for creating companions which you may like if that is your next project.

      1. Thank you for you input. I think I will just get both. hahaha. I don’t mind supporting your business/books. I wish you can publish more. Your books have connected the dots for me in a HUGE way as I mentioned before. I understand why my previous attempts at this whole manifestation process have not worked in the past. I’m so excited to implement the steps in the books. Thanks again. By the way, I’m really digging your website with all the mini articles. They are worth their weight in gold. You should do consulting and charge. I would love to pick your brain for like an hour and pay you for it. Have a great day.
        – Carlos M.

        1. Thanks Carlos for your support and your advise!
          I will think about it or perhaps doing a webinar or something like that in the future.

  144. Hello John! I just finished you ebook “Create a Servitor” and wanted to thank you for all the valuable information 🙂
    I am already a bit experienced with Servitors creation from other magical sources, but I also wanted to learn yours, as far as I value your work a lot.
    I wanted to ask you, because I am not sure if this what you are talking about in the last 2 chapters (you know, regarding the Servitor recalling after 3 days in order to recharge it) : does it need to be fed? Let’s say, I create a Servitor to protect my home, do I need to feed it? Is it done in the recollection you are talking about?
    There are other books that talk about giving the Servitor a location and a way of feeding ; is it something necessary?
    Thank you for reading me 🙂

    1. Hi Natasha,
      Yes it is good to recharge your servitor every once in a while. I recommend three days but you can follow your own feelings if you like. You basically just go through the charging procedure again (repeat the charging after three days). This refocuses the thought form and gives it a boost so that it can continue on its mission. You don’t need to have a re-charge location unless you feel that this ritual helps you, the main purpose is for you to psychically pump up the power of the servitor since it can’t make its own energy. Just charge the servitor as you did the first time and this will be fine, and do it when you think that the effects/results that you are after have weakened a bit.

  145. Hi,
    I purchased your servitor book a few years ago and just recently purchased the two concerning alchemy. I like the way you cut straight to the point. I have a good grasp of creating thoughtforms/servitors. I’ve even had one occasion where one was visible in a picture. Not sure how that happened. I have a public job and someone used their phone to snap a picture and were like “oh there’s a snake around him!” At that time I was working on a snake servitor. Wish I could have looked at the picture but didn’t want to draw any attention to it. Sorry for the ramble.

    My question is can a servitor be programmed to gather up all the emotional bursts of energy and return them to us throughout the day. Maybe not as a primary means but to help ebb the flow of the energy output? A more theoretical question; can a servitor be programmed to travel back in time to gather the energy we lost during traumatic times? Thanks for everything!

    1. I do appreciate you sharing your experience Tom, and getting my books, thank you! These experiences can be very helpful to all who read them by showing them what is possible. If it was seen in a picture then it means that your skill and your power of attentive concentration is quite high.

      Personally I don’t like to use servitors to deal with energy like this. My reasons are twofold;
      -First, servitors are generally not designed, nor do I feel attempt should be made to allow them to be able to absorb energy directly. Energy absorption and then redistribution (to the master/creator) is really a complex thing that can go wrong in many ways. A servitor is a servant for the very reason that it needs the master to stay alive and strong (the master gives it energy). If a servitor can absorb energy, there is a large possibility that it will go rouge being that it will absorb all this negative energy, feed itself on it, and then become a negative energy seeking thought form that may cause trouble.
      -Second, energy absorption of these energy burst that you create is a multilayered and dynamic process that helps you in many ways. As such doing this work yourself in a conscious manner is an invaluable process that can for example, help you to heal many mental blocks. As such, I feel that you will get far more from the process if you do all of this work in a direct manner.

      1. Thank you. That makes sense. I think I understand what you mean I did notice a therapeutic effect when I absorbed the energy back in after a trying situation. I also passed along the technique to my mother without going into much detail about everything else. She is prone to anxiety attacks. Two days later she called and said what I told her to do actually helps! After all the self help books and techniques this was the first that actually helped her she said and quickly to boot. Thanks again. Be well.

  146. P D McCauley-Rowe

    Hi John,

    I am completely new to this, with the added difficulty of not being great at visualizations, as i tend to be more kinaesthetic lead, with the other two about equal of the remainder.
    Given the current situation in our world, do you think that servitors will be able to protect us, should things escalate negatively?
    Secondly, can one have more than one servitor at a time, for different tasks?

    Great reads by the way, as i’m on the fourth and intend to read the remainder.


    1. I do believe that servitors can be great protectors depending on what kind of protection you seek. And their power, that is their ability to fight off even large opposition, is really dependent on the skill of the creator and how much power they have imbued into their creation.
      I must say though that for the kind of defense that you might be referring to, I personally prefer the techniques that I discuss in the book, The Vampire’s Way to Psychic Self-Defense, as these techniques can handle the general and growing negativity of these times, and can even allow you to grow in power from them.

      Yes you can have more than one servitor but each one has an energetic cost, so I would not recommend having too many.

  147. Hi John,

    I’m very new at this and I can use some help here. I want to realise a home for me and my babyson, but I’m blocked as far as it goes to stating my intention and what I want for us. But I don’t really know what functions I’m about to give to my Servitor in this. How can my Servitor (which I’m still creating) help us in this?

    1. A servitor is a helper, it can open the way, ease you into new possibilities, or if it is powerful enough, it can give you what you want straight away. This is a complex undertaking in some respects though and it does take commitment on your part. I suggest you read the comments on this page and/or get my books on advanced servitor creation as they outline this process in detail for you.

  148. John, in “manifesting wealth and prosperity”, you mentioned psychic energy, pore breathing in thought creation. In my birth chart I have the new moon and mars in Pisces but also mercury and sun in Aquarius. When I do pore breathing at night, the moon energies is strongly felt and sometimes in the day, there is a push and pull feeling in such a way, I feel like a magnet which can become discomforting the longer I keep the mind aligned. This energy feels like waves all around the body, a body of water. These experiences make it more difficult to concentrate on the task at hand because of the extremes taking place. Generally this occurs when the eyes are closed and I put my mind into the breath as I pore breath. Are these experiences suppose to be so extreme it produces so much energy or do I have to just adapt to the experiences where they become more settle in the future ? Any suggestions would be helpful 🙂

    1. Hi Jerry, you know your problem is not a problem at all in my opinion. From your comment it seems like you are naturally very good at moving energy through your body and are able to absorb a great deal of power when you’re doing the exercises mentioned.
      When working with this energy in order to manifest, you can think of it like this; you’re basically trying to take that feeling, that intense feeling of waves coursing through your body, and move that energy into manifestation parameters as outlined in the book.
      So, when doing the energetic absorption and channeling as mentioned, continue to the point where you think you have collected enough energy, this being the point most likely when you feel the intensity of that energy beginning to overwhelm you as you say. When you reach this stage, change your focus from this absorption and channeling within the body, into channeling this energy instead into your manifestational work.
      In time the amount of energy that you will be able to withstand coursing through your body will increase, meaning that you will be able to focus longer without being lost in the waves of energy that you’re creating. As your ability to work with energy like this increases, the power of your manifesting work will also increase. For now as I have said, do the channeling and absorption for as long as you can take it without losing yourself within it, then rechannel this energy, and then absorb and channel energy again if you have to.
      Repeating this process over and over again will allow you in time to greatly increase the amount of energy that you can work with without losing yourself in that power that you are generating. Do note though that you’re doing very well and the reason that you are experiencing this is because of your increased ability.

  149. Hello John, I am grateful and appreciated of the quick response. I’m very interested in improving my ability to concentrate, the key principle in thought creation which is why thought forms seems appropriate to me at this time. I have a series of books on the subject and found your series of books practical with a step by step guideline, your writing style is impressive and necessary for those such as myself with a curiosity on the subject. Most magical books I just read but I found myself engaged in putting your technique to practical work so Thank You!

    One of the problems I’ve been having is when to stop flowing the energy and when to start the thought creating process. I do enjoy the pore breathing technique, it gives me something to experiment with and evolve into. I’m glad you left me a few pointers which I will definitely put to use. I’m more confident, after reading this article on Servitors and the reply’s others has left. Creating a servitor isn’t on my to do list anytime soon but is definitely something to look into once I get my head around concentrated thought creation from a energy perspective. In the meantime, I’ll be meditating briefly on the key ideas you suggested in preparation for manifesting work on channeling the energy into the desired task at hand.

  150. MadMystic48

    Hi John,

    I was reading JZ’s comment asking about creating a servitor to boost a person’s physical abilities and it got me wondering. Would it be feasible to create a servitor that could strengthen a person’s nonphysical abilities? For example, you talk a lot about our energy pumps in your books. Would someone be able to create a servitor that could amplify the strength of their own energy pumps? Or do you think something like that is ill-advised?

    1. Hi, my personal opinion on this is that servitors should never be used for such a purpose, and I would refer you to my reply to Tom on April 29, 2020.
      There is just too much that can go wrong or have the possibility to do something like this. I would personally say that you should work always on your own energy absorption.

  151. hey John. Appreciate your work. Could I create a servitor with the purpose of pulling in all positive/negative energy in an environment? Is a servitor programmable to feed itself this way so I can then feed off of its gained energy from that specific task?

    1. Thanks Rockeem, I would refer you to my reply to Tom on April 29, 2020. I think that is servitor that can absorb energy is not technically a servitor in the sense that it’s no longer a servant because it can create its own energy and therefore can rouge as it were quite easily. I personally say that any type of energy absorption should be done by you directly.

    2. Thanks Rockeem, I would refer you to my reply to Tom on April 29, 2020. I think that is servitor that can absorb energy is not technically a servitor in the sense that it’s no longer a servant because it can create its own energy and therefore can rouge as it were quite easily. I personally say that any type of energy absorption should be done by you directly.

  152. Mad Mystic

    What are your thoughts on creating a servitor to strengthen your energy pumps? Is this feasible or is this ill-advised?

    1. If by strengthening you mean absorption then I would refer you to the two comments above MM.

  153. Hey John

    I have a few questions about servitors.
    1. Can I create a servitor together with my girlfriend to for example protect us/our house or to bring us money? Or is it better to create it alone? And if I create one alone, can I share the name and details of it with my girlfriend so that she also could give it attention? Or is it only in the Charging of the servitor it should be given attention in that way?
    2. Could a servitor be used to remove etheric archonic implants or is that procedure too complicated? Do you think this is something most of us have or is it marketing by the pricey implant removers?
    3. If I create a servitor to either repel negativity or bring about luck/benficial circumstances, am I not in a way interfering with some ‘natural’ processes? For example, negative circumstances usually come as a great potential catalyst for growth, so if I’m negating something like that happening, am I also negating an ‘opportunity for growth’? Likewise if I use a servitor to bring me something extremely positive from my perspective, am I not in the same time creating the opposite of that in one way or another? “The measure of the swing to the left, is the measure of the swing to the right” and all that, or is this just a misinterpetation on my part of how cosmic law manifests? Maybe I’m coming at this from a faulty/distorted angle somehow.. any thoughts?

    1. Hi Matias, yes you can create a servitor with your girlfriend for example but it does tend to become a lot more difficult when two or more people participate. In order to overcome the many difficulties of working together, I personally suggest that you come up with a very clear image of what your servitor will look like, as this will be critical in its charging; in other words make sure that you are both very much in the same page as to what the servitor looks like, what it can do, and of course its name.

      -as to whether to use a servitor to deal with Archonic problems, I would say that you should be very careful with this, specifically if you’re using the servitor to absorb energy or deal with energy in any way. As to their reason for this, I will refer you to my comment to Tom on April 29, 2020.

      -this last question is indeed a difficult one to answer in short order, but there are certain basic misconceptions that you’re making. First of all one could say that it is indeed the case that circumstance brings potential for growth, indeed movement through space and time, which is fundamental change for good or bad, dependent on your values and perspectives, has the potential for growth because growth is movement and movement is a constant(I hope you get what I mean).

      But dealing with such opportunity for growth through the use of servitor is in and of itself an action towards positive change, if your values are such that they accept with the use of servitors and mental work to whatever degree in order to achieve this is positive (I personally feel that it is for example).
      As to ‘the measure of the swing’, well that is indeed the case and this is a fundamental principle of alchemy, but the fact that you’re moving through space and time and therefore experiencing change also posits that you are causing change. So, it is impossible to move or to exist for that matter without causing a swing, since the act of existence is the act of movement through space and time; because even if you do not move, the world around you moves and it therefore forces you to move. As such, any and all action or inaction swings the pendulum. The choice then is not so much whether you will or will not do anything, because in essence you cannot stop yourself from doing something even if that something is nothing, but what you will do and to some degree how you will do. Fundamentally then, all action creates change and all existences is action, BUT all such action is not demarcated by a karmic consequential line in the sand that posits that one thing is good and the other bad or wasteful/useless, And that just because you do one thing that you consider to be good or bad, that something else in its opposition will happen.
      This is a complex issue, and honestly I would refer you to my book, manifest wealth and prosperity through thought forms and servitors, as I do touch on this in this book and outline how these concepts are in essence a mental issue (an Archonic issue), an imposed issue and part of the mind and not the essence of existence (not a universal law). In that book I also discuss how it is possible to deal with this mental imposition (this debilitation and control by the Archon) using thought forms AND servitors; which means that the use of servitors is actually a very good and positive way to deal with this ‘measure of the swing’ within the mind (that is again, part of the Archonic problem, and not an inherent problem of the universe at large). I hope you get what I am trying to say here.
      P.S. The book I recommend above is also insightful in how it is possible to create and use a servitor with multiple people.

  154. Hi I have created a servitor whose purpose was to add strength when I work out and regenrate my muscles quickly , do you know how long does it takes this servitor to manifest my desire ? Cause its been taking a long time And a servitor whose powers are change emotions of people like strike fear , happiness , sorrow, anxiety into one’s mind work ? And how long will it take to figure out the how to cause change in the physical realm and can I interact with my servitor in astral plane ?

    1. The strength of a servitor is directly proportional to power used to charge it; that is the amount of power that you were able to give it to during the charging process.
      I have answered this question on a number of occasions on this page and I think that you might find it to be a great source of knowledge for you. If you do not want to read all of the comments and my responses, which I can understand as it is quite long, what you might want to do is use a key word search on the page for things like: how long, change, manifestation, etc.
      I hope that helps Akshat.

  155. Hi, John. First I want to thank you for your books. I own four, The Occult Experience and your servitor trilogy. I am working on the practices in tOE and have worked through the first 3 chapters of the first servitor book, designing my servitor companion.

    Last night I was considering how the stars act as anchors to our life, personality and circumstances. I was wondering if you might address how one would use astrology in the construction of servitors and companions. Would you consider writing a book about it?

    1. A very interesting idea Adam. You know, I don’t know enough about astrology to do something like that, but the idea that the astral world (the outer cosmos) affects servitor creation, and all transmutation for that matter, is serious business. There is a direct correlation between solar flares for example, moon phases, and other planetary alignments having to do with epochs even that are incredibly interesting and powerful knowledge. Perhaps I will tackle this sometime in the future and I thank you very much for your interest and your suggestions.

  156. Hi John, I would love to do effective servitors…
    Do you think the logo or sigil of the servitor is really indispensable for charging ?
    Is it possible to do the charge just by visualizing the servitor everyday and at the same spot in the room ? (without logo)

    1. Yes Damien, while the logo can help at first, if you feel confident in your power to visualize, you can definitely dispense with it. Have it move around your room a bit if you can, this will also increase its power by making it more concrete.

  157. Hi John, me again.
    Do you think servitors could be able to destroy a heaaaavy egregore from more than 20 people ? (at work, it is hell everyday, more and more)
    Suspecting a powerful negative egregore growing…

  158. Hello John,
    I have recently been reading your work on the recommendation of my mother, as she believed that the mindset and techniques you espouse would match up quite with my own mindset better than those which she uses. In particular, I have been reading your Vampire’s Way to Psychic Self Defense and attempting to utilize some of those techniques. Unfortunately, Visualization is by no means my strong suit, and so I thought it may be useful to first read your book on the basics of servitor creation and attempt to utilize the creation of servitors as a method of improving it. To finally get to my point, I had an idea for a Servitor that may be useful, and wanted to ask how feasible such a creation sounded to you as it would be a bit different from most of the examples you outlined. Namely, my idea was to create a servitor in the form of a ball of purple light which would stay near me at all times, and shine brighter when in the presence of a concentration of loose energy; whether environmental or expelled by myself. This seems like it would both be easily verifiable as working as intended, which appeals to my rational and experimental side, as well as be useful in identifying conditions where it would be useful to practice the energy absorption techniques taught in Vampire’s Way. Additionally, having a servitor permanently or semi-permanently manifested nearby me may be useful in training myself to better visualize. Is there any merit to these ideas, or am I missing something due to my newness to the field? Thank you for your time,


    1. Hi Alexander,
      I think that your idea of a servitor to detect energy is a very good one. The kind of servitor that you can create is really only limited by your imagination and the kind of power that you have at your disposal.
      If you are having problems visualizing in a visual way, that is if you are having difficulty trying to see something visually, then do remember that you have other senses that you can visualize with. What I mean by this is that instead of trying to see something visually, instead of trying to see something in your mind’s eye, what you could do is feel something instead for example. While it is the case that developing your ability to see something visually is very important, what you could do is try to feel your servitor instead in the beginning. In this way you exercise all of your visualization senses as it were; the ability to see, feel, hear, smell, and even taste.
      I hope this helps, and I do believe that your servitor idea is a very good one that should allow you to detect energy far more easily, until you are able to develop the skill to perceive this energy more directly.

  159. Hello John,
    the servitors theme is very interesting.
    there are some authors who claim that Goetia’s entities are in fact sophisticated servitors. would this understanding be correct?

    1. I honestly cannot comment on this as I have no real experience with the Geotia, nor have I ever been interested in ‘seeing’ into it. Personally, I would prefer to deal with servitor is that I have created and that I know that I have complete control over than to work with entities that may prove themselves to be dangerous and unruly in the long run.

  160. Dear Mr Kreiter,
    Dear John,

    I am commenting on this article as I see no e-mail address on this website to contact you. I have purchased several of your outstanding books and am currently reading Create A Servitor Companion. However, apparently I was looking for a book on servitors that can perform tasks for me and this book seems to be more focused on servitors for personal development. While I can certainly see the use for the latter I am currently more in need for a servitor who can protect my home and loved ones these days, since I have the feeling our society is currently on a runaway train and will be derailing in the very near future. I live in Belgium, so population density wise, not a great place to be when things go wrong.

    Could you tell me which one of your books deals with work servitors?

    Another question regarding servitors for protection. If I create one for home protection can I also use it for personal protection, as in, can I have it accompany me or is it better to create 2 separate servitors. One for home protection, one for personal protection? Or perhaps I could create 2 identical ones and order one to guard the house and the other to guard me?

    Thank you for your time and kind regards

    1. Hi Sofie,
      You can use the techniques described in the book that you have to create a good working self defence servitor but I can see what you mean by wanting to know the basic fundamentals and perhaps not needing to take as much time in creating a servitor for this purpose.
      In that case what I would recommend is that you get the book, ‘create a servitor: harness the power of thought forms‘. In this book I go over the general description of what thoughts are, how they behave, and how thought forms are eventually created. I also describe the many servitors possible and I do go over certain ideas on self defence. I described the basics of servitor creation in that book in much more detail than I have in this article. There I show you how to come up with different ideas depending on which kind of servitor you wish to create and how to quickly charge such servitors to suit your purpose.
      I would also highly recommend that you read all of the comments in this article, and I do know that there are many comments here, but there is I believe an invaluable information source here on every kind of servitor creation situation that you can think of.
      It is basically a questions and answers comments section where you should be able to find the answer to just about any question that you might have on servitor creation.

      As to your second question:
      yes, I would recommend that you create two separate servitor’s, but it is also the case that you might greatly benefit from this book; Vampires way to psychic self defence.
      In it I discuss a different type of self defence strategy that will work in the most difficult circumstances, and it is specially/specifically designed to work in high population densities being that it is designed to not only thwart external attack, but actually thrive from it, feed on it, and grow in power.
      I hope this helps.

  161. Hie John, is it possible to create a servitor that acts as a Cube cage(room) to bind entities that i can later absorb there energy and feed myself on it, I usually involves in a “exorcism”, and i would like to direct entities into a sort of cage when they are out of an individual, and i would deal with them once and for all cause they usually come back to attack the same person

    1. Yes, but the strength of the servitor would have to be proportional to that which you want to contain and this might end up being a problem, because just like any barrier, as I am sure you know, the stronger the entity, the harder it is to contain. You may find this YouTube video helpful:

  162. Hi John, Thanks for the great content and your great books. They really explain the process of making servitors in a way that is easy to understand.
    I do however have a few questions.

    1. When I started creating my first servitor, thinking of the the properties, powers and the tasks it should do suddenly a little fairy like character popps up in side my head complete with a name and a voice. The same happened with the next servitor I started on. As soon as I had defined its tasks, powers and properties etc. suddenly a new character popps up in my head. This time, it was a protecting servitor and what popped up in my head was what I would expect if Woody from toy story and Sylvester Stallone had a child together… He also had a voice(with a funny accent) and a name and an explanation for why he picked that name. Now after reading your second book I see that these servitors look more like servitor companions as they interact a lot. Anyway, my question is: Is this normal? Should I let my servitor create them selves visually and audibly with a name and all? How ever I do have complete control over my servitors and they are focused on the tasks as far as I know.

    2. Or is it better to basically create a simple shape first( like the orb in your 3rd book) and program that shape with its properties, tasks etc. and try to stick to that first?

    3. In regards to charging your servitors, would you consider asking it to suck out the life force of an apple for instance? Would that work? Or a burning candle? How about asking it to feed of the electrical grid (for a given amount of time)? Would it work and if so, could it figure out that he could charge it self behind my back without my permission?


    1. Thanks Dennis.
      As far as your first question goes, I think that is perfect and you should not change your procedure as you have found your own way quite naturally, and you should pursue it. I think this is a natural approach and going forward you should try to stay away from doing some kind of ritualized activity, and always try to remember this natural way of doing things as you might find difficult in the future once you become more experienced; in other words, always look back to this moment were things are/were natural and the focus came naturally. So, I think you are doing very well and stick with it.
      The next two questions I would answer together by saying that you should not allow a servitor to try and charge itself. Honestly, I do not believe that this is possible for a servitor unless it is really developed for the sole purpose of trying to do this, and even then, such a servitor would most likely end up developing predatory qualities in the long run that would not be good in my opinion.
      You basically charge your servitor by paying attention to it, that is all that you need to do going forward; just play and interact with them. In that sense then your servitor becomes your pet in a way, and they do not have a life outside of yourself basically, they are what they are because you give them the attention that you do. This must be the way going forward and as I have stated on several occasions; servitors are there to serve, not to have a life of their own per se.
      You seem to be a natural at this though, so just keep doing what you have done so far, and remember that to interact is to charge.

  163. Thanks for your reply John, I have a few thoughts I would like to hear your view on. They might be more towards “The Magnum Opus” and “Overcoming the Archon through alchemy” as it relates to charging your “cauldron”.

    1. I have in the past made some Orgone accumulators based on the design from Wilhelm Reich for research purposes. I was thinking of building a larger one to fit a person. Have you tried or have you heard of anyone trying to use an Orgone accumulator for charging their cauldron? I know Wilhelm Reich warned about using it closer than a few kilometers away from the electrical grid as he experienced the energy to lose its healing abilities and could be “toxic”. But if you take “predatory stance” while absorbing energy inside the box I would assume you overcome the toxicity he mentions. I also thought I might use the “cloud buster” as a “charger” as an alternative to the accumulator. Or maybe a pyramid? But before I try… What is your thoughts on this?

    2. From previously experimenting with Radionics I used DNA material or a photo as a structural link to the “target person”. This way I could send information/energy to/from the person via this link. Since the person is “entangled” with the photo/DNA material, would you believe that someone with the skills of a energy vampire could be able to use the photo/DNA to suck a decent amount of energy from this person? If so, how would you go about protecting your self from this?

    3. Now this is more or less related to question no2 about using a “structural link”. In you books about servitors you write about creating a logo for your servitor and you could charge your servitor using the logo as a link. Now, if you take a well known logo like Nike or Coca Cola that many people have an emotional connection to and is looking at right now somewhere in the world, could you use the logo as an energy link and suck energy from it like a “non organic being”? If so, I would belive this could be a massive energy source. What is your thoughts about this?
    Thanks again for your great books and posts.


    1. Hi Dennis,
      1. I am honestly not familiar with orgone accumulators so I could not give you a precise answer here. A seer would need to see or feel the energy output and I can see some of the danger as he (I believe) mentions negative orgone and what that might do, which again it would be good to test this before a large scale development. If this works then such an accumulator could be dangerous in that an unstable mind (attention) could create problems…think Forbidden Planet kind of scenario.
      2. Well, theoretically such a link through the device would not be needed by a true practitioner of such things, only their powerful attention would be enough. I do not know enough about radionics to know how such a battle could be fought as it were in that field. In the end all such matches end up being a monstrous battle to see who the bigger sucker (puller) is, if you know what I mean.
      3. The third question is such a big one, such a world revealing one, such a light upon the murkiness of all those that wish to answer how the world works that in answering it I would need to reveal far more than I would like to in an open space, but I think you get what I am saying here through inference.
      The answer is simply yes, this could and is being done, not through Reich machines (I think but I could be wrong), and it is being used to feed more than just servitor like structures.

      P.S. I suggest looking at the comment answer to Ludovico (Dec. 30/21) in the Defier Q&A (provided at the back Death Defier course book). There is a link between that comment answer and your question that you may find intriguing and enlightening if you pursue this in your own inner seeing.

  164. Hey John, hope all is well. I just read your servitor companion book and I loved it!!!! I truly want to thank you for all of your books and for all of the work you have put in for us. I can’t express enough how grateful I am for you sharing your work with all of us it has changed my life in such a hard to describe way thank you so much thank you. Also I finished your latest book The Way of the Death Defier and wow it was awesome one of my favorite books I have read in a long time I finished it in a week haha it was intense. I am really feeling passionate about this work and becoming stronger. I have been enjoying and loving this process and doing some of the exercises you have shared. I have been focusing on the IN polarity the last several months a lot and decided to get serious about all of this a good while ago and have discovered some wonderful life changing stuff and it hasn’t even been that long but now it’s time to apply the OUT polarity. Anyway I had some questions to ask and I could probably ask a million questions really after reading the Death Defier Book. I hope that soon I can answer many of my questions for myself so I don’t have to bother you with a bunch of questions :)…….Once again I really appreciate what you do thank you John……..

    – So after practicing your energy absorption techniques for a while I came up with an idea to create a band of musical servitors quite like a band of instruments (drums, bass, guitar, keyboards ect) to help me develop my musical abilities and my inner ear. I wanted to do this so I can produce music in my mind instantly anywhere and to help me draw from deeper creative resources within myself and make more powerful music. I was also thinking about creating a servitor companion to act as a window into the creative inner part of myself to help me out with my artistic process and orchestrate the music as well. I wanted to ask you is it feasible to have so many servitors interacting with each other at once and even possible to have them interact in such a complex way and intricate way?
    – Regarding your techniques about creating the personal energy body I feel like this is a very important task for an alchemist and takes a lot of dedication. I read your two books The Way of the Projectionist and Out of Body Experiences and I am kinda confused on when I should start with creating the double. I can see that engaging in crossing the rooms of the Projectionist seems to be a far slower and lucid process as you have said in your book. Currently right now I can’t even pass the first task of the first room yet which is honestly frustrating and discouraging and I am having some trouble with but it has been very revealing to me as I have been taking my time with it and observed and seen the boundaries between the conscious and Ghost self and my energetic state which was quite shocking and enlightening in a hard to describe way. How controlled many of us are by the island of our minds the conscious self. After reading your two books I gained two different perspectives on projecting but I guess really what I am confused about is where and how creating the double body fits into your book The Way of the Projectionist. Would it help me to just start creating the double now even though I am at this stage currently in my journey?
    – How does one dispel and deal with doubt in their magical practices? When I engage in an energy absorption exercise at home I sometimes am sweating and my body feels a lot warmer but this only made me doubt what I am doing even more as to thinking if I’m doing the exercise right or not. Also when creating servitors I feel as if one would definitely need to be as free as possible of doubt as well.
    – What does it take to be “Worth ones salt” as you have mentioned in your last book? I am really passionate about this and am realizing after trying to really apply myself these past few months how much it takes. I have caught myself in my mind feeling infantile and overwhelmed when I stack myself up to some of the great Alchemists such as St. Germain or Hermes Trismegistos and all they have accomplished it makes me feel infantile in a way and dispels some doubt within me sometimes. I feel like this could be a very subjective question but I guess I kinda just wanted to know your thoughts about this. Maybe it will help some other readers too.
    – How does the Ghost in the Machine relate to the Void polarity this kind of perplexes me to be honest. I find the Ghost to be kind of a nebulous thing but very much there and not at the same time.
    – Are the planets in our solar system and all the stars of the Milky way children of the oversoul in a way? Did the oversoul dream everything we know to be of existence in the Universe as we know it? Is the oversoul the supreme God Christians talk about the father of all the Titian’s and the universe? Did the oversoul create humans or did something else like the Archon?

    This is kinda of a lot I apologize in advance for burdening you with so many questions. I got a little carried away.

    1. Hi Sam, thank you very much for your kindness, it is far more appreciated than you know.
      I will get right to the answers:
      -Yes, it is possible to have many and for them to develop unique and stable individualities…you might say that I have such relationships and the only thing to consider is that they can take a toll energetically if you have too many, like a kind of child in a way, so don’t overdo it. And your ideas on making these is brilliant, just allow things to happen and don’t expect instant anything, but allow them to lead you down your own creative doors.
      -Yes, start as soon as you feel right about it. In a way you could say that you are continually creating extensions of yourself anytime that you engage in a conscious and prolonged focus of conscious attention, so in that sense you have started already, but consciously creating an essence of self beyond the physical you is in all ways empowering and will help you in this life and what comes next. Continue in this in your own way, following the techniques that inspire you the most.
      -yes, when we let go of doubt, magic opens up to us. But that process is a slow one being that the conscious-self will barrage us at all times. You beat it by taking ‘profit’ out of the scenario and engage in all this like a child playing a fun game. When you tell the conscious-self that it doesn’t matter to you, it lets go for a moment and that is your chance to see some of the marvel in your being. Just focus and let go of profit and care and then things will become magic, and all the while the conscious-self will tell you to grow up, and then one day will come when the synchronicities and the outstanding (the miracles) will be so hard to ignore, that you will note that quite naturally you are now completely different from what you were.
      -This question relates to my answer above. Being worth one’s salt is not about 10000 push ups and cold showers, it is instead about focus, letting go of the memetic wars, opening up to the inner you which the conscious-self will call a child, and in the face of it (and all of the asleep people of the world), be yourself beyond all the lies of this world.
      -It is indeed nebulous, it is as nebulous as a thought trying to stay crisp and clear in your mind, it is that mind trying to keep that crisp thought, and our task is to make it less nebulous, and the void can help in this in that it is the spice that opens up worlds because it stops the conscious-self and allows the unconscious out!
      -This last question is complicated and hard to answer in a simple yes this and no that. This world is a world and the oversoul (your oversoul) is using it and helping to create it as well, but there is a constant, a world, that exists here as there are other worlds that exists in other here and now locations, and the oversoul did not make this one or those others, even though you could say that it shapes this one to some degree. All of this is the work and the mind of AllThatIs that stands not above these worlds but IS these worlds. As to what Christians worship, well it depends on the Christian being that as hard as anyone might try to become a collective, we are in the end individuals and in a sense that is difficult to explain, we all create our own universe as well.
      I hope that helps. Please don’t stop, just let go and forget being so serious and all the effort of this will fall away in time as you slowly let go of the crazy gravity of this place, think Peter Pan and less Captain Hook and you will get what I mean. Thank you for sharing your efforts and (do realize ) that this is an inspiration to all that will read this, and like a drop against a giant tide, your courage is mighty and makes more difference than you could possibly suspect at this moment anyway, but you will know your true brilliance in time.

      1. John thank you for your reply and kind words as well it meant a lot to me and cleared things up. Your analogy made a lot of sense when you referenced Peter Pan and Captain Hook and explains some of the feelings I have been experiencing recently. After investing more of my time in working with the IN polarity I slowly gained this feeling of what I perceived as emptiness at first but now that I think about it this is a feeling of lightness instead. In a way it feels like I’m a bird learning to fly. I feel more detached but I still very much do care about certain things in my life but in a much different way now. I can hardly even imagine what kind of transformation my life will go through as I progress further and further. I see the world much differently now and it honestly brings me sadness and yet great compassion as well as a feeling of wonder. I really appreciate your reply John and I have personally benefitted from reading many of the comments here on your website. I think it is an excellent idea to share our own experiences and ask questions because there can be so many! In time I do feel like much will unfold and be revealed along this journey and truly amazing one it is. Something truly worth fighting for. I feel like there is so much to come unfathomably amazing things and it is really exciting. Thank you John! Looking forward to any new content/books you put out.
        – [ ] A quote….. “We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.”

  165. Thank you for your Wealth Servitor book. I’ve read it and will probably need to reread it as the steps are unclear to me. As I’d really like to have servitors bring wealth to me and I’d like to use the MOlamp servitor, I have a few questions.

    1. How safe is the MOlamp servitor?

    2. Does it only focus on bringing you wealth or will be there an adverse effect or consequences I have to ‘pay’ if I did it wrongly?

    3. I live in a small apartment and wish to place it the center of our dwelling space, as it’s small and the MOlamp is said to be placed in a specific range, will the energy affect our neighbours?

    4. How do I ‘move and bring’ the MOlamp with me if I move homes?

    5. To stop MOlamp, I just stop thinking about it?

    6. What if I change my mind and decide to have MOlamp again, can I start all over?

    Thank you for your time and for helping us out.

    1. I am not sure if you have had a chance to read the comments on this page, but I think that they will be a great help to you and answering many of these questions with more nuance that I could give them simply here, being that a lot of the people that have commented here have been trying the techniques and working with servitors and do share their personal experiences.
      Another great source of information is the first book in this series which is, Create a Servitor. Why I mention it is because in that book I go into detail about how thoughts go about creating things and how it is that they come together in different kinds of conglomerations and how these conglomerations might separate, how thoughts in such conglomerations move across different dimensions and act upon this concrete dimension in a very unique manner that defies many of the current notions about physical space.
      Servitors are as safe as your intent is precise and there are techniques that I do describe, and I do give details on how to work safely with servitors in the above comments if you are interested in reading through that. You will find that a servitor, especially one like MOlamp, will not act like a physical lamp let us say, but instead will act through intent and that it is not projecting something that you think is light, that should act as light, but is in reality something altogether different, something I like to refer to as intent.
      MOlamp therefore will not affect things aside from the things that you want to affect, but also you must be very clear in your intent, and it is also the case that Molamp exists in a place where time and space are not the same as what you or anyone of us might imagine time to be from a rational perspective, as such you can use Molamp as you choose when you choose and where you choose in accordance with your own intent, and the clarity of that intent.
      I hope that helps.

  166. A friend of mine accidentally created an astonishing thought-form. A bit about him. My friend was born with a number of disorders including severe dyslexia, autism, and D.I.D. (Multiple personalities, though this is due to trauma when he was young) Just recently he has been having out-of-body experiences naturally and I have been helping him understand and explore them as safely as possible. He seemed to have an astonishing talent and can project several times a week and bring several of his Alters with him in the out-of-body state. I think his mind, with all his alters, is astonishing and brilliant in its own way despite all his difficulties. During one of his OBEs, he encountered a woman who claimed to want to help him. This woman had the form of someone he liked quite a lot back in his school days. I was suspicious as this person was rather unclear in her answers as to who she was so I had him ask her several questions. She said she was his old friend and she was not. She said she wanted to help him and protect him. She told him she only wanted to do what he wishes. When he asked if she felt emotions she asked if that was something he wanted. I knew pretty quickly what this was. I told him she was a thought form or a servitor. He had no clue what I was talking about but after a very lengthy explanation, he remembered a time when he was going through a hard time in his life and desperately wished for someone to come into his life and rescue him and protect him. Someone he could love and someone who would devote themselves to his care. That coupled with his natural propensity to create personalities in his mind due to his D.I.D. I think he was able to create a full-fledged servitor. She has actually been a great benefit to him and a staunch protector in his explorations out of the body.

    1. Very interesting Art, thank you for sharing!
      This is also a great example of how our past holds within it hidden and sometimes forgotten creations.

  167. John Smith

    Mr Kreiter,

    Is it possible to create a servitor that would enable me to see in the dark? For example, by creating a servitor that is a ball of light. Have you ever heard of anything like this being done? Do you know if this is possible?


    1. It would be possible, but in order for such a thing to work you would need to be able to perceive energy to some extent, that is you need to be able to learn how to see auras for example. Because that is the case, my personal opinion is that it would most likely be better to learn to see auras and then use this skill to navigate in certain darker environments, as opposed to creating a servitor that would require quite a lot of energy to maintain, being that its function would be to basically expel its own energy so that you could then see it. It would quite literally be like having a flashlight where you have to change the batteries often, most likely on a constant basis.
      But by learning to perceive auric fields, you might be able to find an easier way to perceive in darker environments by just focusing your attention on the aura of the things around you.

  168. Hi John, sorry for my bad english, it’s not my first language.
    I really loved your servitor trilogy, and I have two questions about servitor companions:

    First, can i change the appearance of my servitor lover without losing its vividness and complexity, basically without starting over again? In your companion book you said that if you change your servitor lover often, it would be less powerful. But what if it’s technically the same servitor, only with the ability of having different physical forms or clothes? Maybe I should stick with one form and wait until it becomes a powerful thought form to try to change it. What is your opinion on the matter?

    Second, in others replys you writed about how the more complex is a servitor, the more energy it requires. I can understand if we talk of a servitor with the objetive of change the outside world, but is it the same with a companion? If we keep charging it over and over (maybe years), there will come a time when it will have more than enough energy to interact with you in a very “sentient” and vivid way, being a complex entity. While there will be always a minimal exchange of energy (in all things that we focus our attention), would it be much less draining than at the beginning of its creation?

    Thank you for your time, and for all the information that you gift us with your books.

    1. Hi Dani,
      Thank you for your kind words, and I can understand you perfectly.
      As to your first question, my personal thoughts are that such a change in appearance, being that we human beings are so visual, would I think cause a problem in the stability of your servitor. I think that your idea of sticking with one form and then creating another form would be the best idea. You may even try taking that energy from the servitor you have created, that is moving it from one servitor to the next one (the new one). In this way you will not have to use up so much energy each time you create a new servitor. This is a difficult thing, that may require some personal experience on your part to see how her works for you.You would essentially have to move energy from your older servitor to your new one.
      Another experiment that you might want to try, is creating a chameleon servitor; one that has a very stable inner energetic structure, but that is specifically designed with the intent that it can change physical form for you. This would be an interesting experiment to try.

      As to the second question, you are correct in thinking that once the servitor becomes more complex over time, you do not need to expend as much energy on it. What I meant to say was that in creating, that is in starting out to create, a relatively complex servitor, the more complex it is the more energy that such a servitor requires. But if you have a particular servitor for a while, then this servitor will grow in complexity in accordance with the amount of attention that you give to it, and that attention is power, so you are indeed adding complexity to it with your own attention over time, and due to this power that you have given to it already, in time, as this servitor becomes more complex on its own in this fashion and stable (which is very important), then you are right in thinking that you will not need to expend as much energy on it because it will start to become its own individual stable thing.
      I personally have such well-established servitors and they are highly pleasing because of the fact that they seem to become their own individual entity, without me needing to give them as much attention or energy, and only manage them in the sense that they are my servants, my creation, for my benefit, my entertainment. I hope you understand what I mean.