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It seems like an odd question to ask, certainly we are told once we get a little older that Santa Claus is not real. But could it be that our parents desire to have us ‘grow-up,’ is really a type of short sightedness on their part?

That’s the funny thing about reality, specifically our shared Western reality. For a long time we did believe in those pretend creatures, those fairy tales, that magical world that existed in a subjective realm. Then we experienced a type of revolution, one could call it a scientific or rational revolution. During this time and for a few hundred years after that, the belief in such fairy tales became far less prominent.

People would quite literally believe in creatures like Santa Claus or Krampus, back in those old days. The rational revolution changed all that, and for a very long time now, the West no longer believes in these creatures. Most people in the West can no longer believe in such things, because science cannot prove that this type of existence could be real.

During this change in Western perspective, people literally went from one end of the spectrum to the other. They went from superstitious individuals, looking to often times appease creatures within the magical realms, to ultra-rationalistic types, that eventually began to ridicule those that would show any sign of believing in things, that science could not prove.
So we now find ourselves in an era where children can play their pretend games for a while, but sooner or later they must be made to realize that Santa Claus is not real, because it is money, and not magic that is really responsible for their gifts.

But science, that fantastic modern vice, keeps expanding and growing. Often times against the grain, it pushes forward and delivers new ideas and theories. Theories that eventually even it can prove, using ever more refined instruments and techniques. And so, slowly but surely, science has begun to understand more about the subtle realms. It has begun to explore infinite probabilities, quantum worlds, memes, morphic resonance, and chaotic order.

Thanks to these discoveries, we can once again ask questions that would seem idiotic not too long ago. Against the grain and against most of practical and rational humanity, we can ask ourselves in a new light, is Santa Claus real?

Science has a very long way to go, before it begins to really understand the more subtle aspects of reality, but thanks to many discoveries that scientists have made in some of the above mentioned fields, we can now take a more sober approach to a somewhat subjective realm, the realm of thoughts and the power of the mind.
We can do this in a more sober manner now, because science is beginning to re-discover what ancient and modern mystics have known from the beginning; that human attention, and human thoughts, have power.

In order to understand it from a more ‘rational’ perspective, we could take a quick look into the study of memes, the power of attention within quantum fields, and the psychology of personal intention.
Memes are usually defined as cultural versions of genes. That is they pass along information, like genes, from one individual to another, very much like a flu might be passed from one person to another. The only difference is that memes do this through cognitive processes, instead of wholly biological ones.
But in order to really understand the power of memes, it must be realized that it is thoughts and internal subjective structures that are being amplified and spread across a broad population group. So what this science is telling us, is that these supposedly ethereal things we call thoughts, can affect human reality and quite literally change the course of the world. If you doubt this, then all you have to do is to see how certain religious and political movements have changed the course of our world.

In order to understand how mere thoughts can change concrete human reality, we must understand a little about the power of human intention as it is studied within psychology. This science tells us that human action, is the result of biological need or conscious intention. This biological need or intention creates desire, and this desire causes physical action. Psychology has been able to show that thoughts can affect autonomic body functions and processes, and the study of memes has shown that intentional (or conscious) mental processes can be affected by large and powerful ideas held by a mass majority.
Thoughts therefore can create biological need, and they can cause a person to believe a certain thing and therefore act in a certain way. This essentially means that, thoughts can shape our physical reality by making us feel, and as a result desire, certain things that force us, and those around us, to act in a certain way.

But this is just the beginning, or perhaps it is better to say, this is just one objective end result of internal action, because if quantum mechanical laws are correct, and now there is great evidence to prove that it is, then thoughts and attention might be far more powerful than most would suspect.
Along with providing a far more elegant, and larger model of our physical world, Quantum physics also opens up a new door, that reveals to us a world where there is definitive relation between consciousness, and the quantum state of all matter.  The significance of this cannot be underestimated, because it could fundamentally mean that consciousness might be responsible for matter.
A quote by Max Planck, who won a Nobel Price for his work in quantum physics might be most appropriate here.
“I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.”

Because of my belief in the power of human thought and intention, I often write about how certain techniques, can allow you to focus this power in order to attain certain positive results. Some of my books deal with Servitors, which are in essence highly charged and powerful thought forms.
As a result of this experience, I sometimes have readers asking me if it is possible to create a super powerful thought form, that might be able to provide far more comprehensive help in certain matters. In an effort to answer these questions, I mentioned the possibility of using very complex thought forms. As an example of a very complex thought form, I often use Santa Clause.

I realize how someone hearing or reading this answer might feel that I am joking, but believe me this is no joke. Highly powerful thought forms like this, created by millions of people focusing on one particular gestalt of thoughts, just like a large cultural meeme is created, can become so strong that they can be said to take on a life of their own.

Thoughts are created and experienced by people on a regular basis. Any time that a person focuses his or her attention on a particular mental image, he or she is essentially creating a thought form. Thoughts spring from the mind effortlessly and we are essentially creating thoughts, formed thoughts, in a very similar manner to breathing.

With a little knowledge and effort, we can create slightly more powerful thoughts that can take on certain forms and even develop a type of intention. This type of thought form can be called a Servitor because it is essentially a type of little servant, that one can create in order to accomplish a desired task. These thought forms are intentionally created and intensified through the use of highly focused attention.
Besides these consciously created thought forms, there are also,  huge thought forms existing, ‘out there,’ that were not created in such a conscious manner, and these thought forms can exert a huge amount of power in their own way.

A thought form like this is created, when a large number of people focus their attention on a certain image and characteristic. Santa Claus is a good example of one such thought form. Whether Santa existed as an actual person, or whether Santa is a modern representation of an ancient God, is not a relevant question within the parameters of this video. What is important as far as this video is concerned, is that in some ways Santa is quite real right now.

Because of all of the attention that he has received over the years, Santa Claus has become a very powerful thought form. Every time that a child writes a letter to him, every time people think about him or sing his songs, this thought form is being intensified and charged more and more.

Think of the Santa Claus thought form as a very large magnet. This very large magnet attracts any thoughts or emotions that relate to it in some way, so that every time a person has a thought about Santa, or has an emotional reaction because of the image or characteristics of Santa, that thought is magnetically attracted to this one large magnet. The more thoughts that it acquires, the more powerful this magnet becomes, and with each thought this magnet changes somewhat so that it grows more complex, and develops certain characteristics and certain intentions. Each thought helps to define this giant magnet/thought form, and each emotion that is felt in relation to it gives this thought form more cohesion and magnetic power. A thought form grows and develops in this way, and does not stop until human attention is no longer focused on it.

Big and powerful thought forms like this are created all the time, so that you could have a thought form for, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, the Easter Bunny, Marvel superheroes, or anything else that becomes popular in the human subjective realm. These thought forms dissipate slowly over time, once human attention has been focused into other areas, but these thought forms are actually quite long-lived and can be easily activated with the right focus of attention.

Are these thought forms alive? I suppose it would come down to your definition of what life is, but certain sensitive individuals can relate to these thought forms in ways, that makes it seem like they are indeed living beings. There are methodologies within ceremonial magic for example, that have been developed in order to tap into the power and wisdom of these giant thought forms. Using certain symbology, in order to attain a type of intensified focus, a practitioner of ceremonial magic, can make direct contact with a large thought form, sort of like a radio tuning into a certain frequency. Once this frequency has been established, the magical practitioner can tap into this great reservoir of power, in order to attain knowledge or perform highly complex effects.

Is Santa Claus real? Can he get you the presents that you want?
If you can tap into his frequency, and tap into this great reservoir of power, yes he is, and yes he can!


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