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The world is a boundless library, with pages upon pages of mysteries waiting to be unraveled, secrets hidden within the lines of history, and stories waiting to be told. Yet, despite our best efforts to decipher the codes of existence, we often find ourselves standing at the threshold of the unknown, hesitant to take the first step into the uncharted territory of the unfamiliar. Our perception, like a ray of light cast into a darkened room, can only illuminate a small corner of the vast expanse, leaving the rest shrouded in shadows.

The unknown beckons, a siren’s call to set sail on the open and sometimes dark waters of possibility. Like a treasure map, it holds the promise of discovery, of secrets waiting to be unearthed, of a life beyond the normal and the routine. The thrill of the unknown is what drives us, what propels us forward, and what allows us to write our own story. Embracing the uncertainty, the mystery, and the unknown is an invitation to grow, to evolve, and to transcend. Let us chart our own course, and make our mark on the world. For in the depths of the unknown, we will find the opportunity to become the best versions of ourselves. This is so because our true self can only be discovered in places that lie beyond the ordinary. As I discuss in my book, The Art of Transmutation, everything that is true and real – our true self – can only be found in the unconventional, often overlooked areas and the vast, seemingly empty liminal spaces that surround the odd corners of existence.


The Limitations of Our Perception

Our perception is like a narrow beam of light, illuminating only a small part of the world. It is a limited window into the vast expanse of reality, a snapshot of a moment in time. Our senses and imagination are the instruments that filter and interpret this information, shaping our understanding of the world. However, this filter is inherently flawed, and our perception is limited by its own biases, assumptions, and experiences.


Our understanding of reality is like a small drop of water in an ocean, a single moment in time in the vast expanse of human history. We can only see a small slice of the world, a tiny fragment of the infinite possibilities that exist beyond our immediate experience. We are like sailors on a ship, navigating the choppy waters of life, but unable to see the shores that lie beyond the horizon. Our perception is bound by the constraints of our senses, our imagination, and our understanding, limiting our ability to truly grasp the nature of reality.


Our attempts to fit the unknown into rules and frameworks can actually limit our understanding of the world. We try to categorize and label the unknown, to fit it into neat little boxes and compartments. But this process of categorization is inherently reductionist, reducing the complexity and diversity of the world to simplistic and oversimplified concepts. We are like children trying to put a square peg into a round hole, forcing the world to fit into our preconceived notions and expectations.


Our perception is also influenced by our emotions, our values, our experiences, and most importantly our expectations (our beliefs). Our emotions color our perception, making us see the world through a distorted lens. Our values and beliefs shape our understanding of reality, filtering out information that contradicts our worldview. And our experiences, both personal and collective, shape our perception of the world, often unconsciously influencing our thoughts and actions. We are like artists painting a picture, but our brushstrokes are influenced by our emotions, our values, and our experiences, making the picture less objective and more subjective. They transform our supposed masterpiece, our self and individuality, into a monotonous routine, a carbon copy of our neighbors’ lives, thereby reducing us to a mere pod creature, a being possessed by the prevailing memes of the time.


Our perception is also limited by our language and our culture. Our words and phrases are like boxes that contain our thoughts and ideas, but these boxes are finite and limited, unable to capture the complexity and nuance of the world. Our culture is like a filter that shapes our perception, influencing what we see, what we hear, and what we believe. We are like travelers navigating a foreign land, struggling to communicate and understand the local customs and language.


Our perception, when shaped by constricted and controlled senses, is a limited and flawed instrument, shaped by our limited imagination, emotions, values, experiences, language, and culture. It is a filter that distorts and reduces the world, making it seem smaller and more manageable than it actually is. But when it is freed from the narrative of the times it can become a powerful tool that can be used to explore, to discover, and to understand the world. By recognizing the limitations of our perception, we can strive to expand our understanding, to push the boundaries of our knowledge, and to see the world in all its glory. A world that remains hidden from most, which can only be discovered beyond the confines of our socially constructed cube, a realm that transcends the boundaries of the prison walls erected by the woefully accepted ruler(s) of the Earth.


The Power of Embracing the Unknown

The unknown is not something to be feared, but rather something to be celebrated. It is the unknown that holds the key to innovation, to discovery, and to growth. When we embrace the unknown, we open ourselves up to new possibilities, new experiences, and new perspectives. We become like the explorers of old, venturing into the uncharted territories of the world, driven by curiosity and a sense of adventure.

Embracing the unknown allows us to break free from the constraints of our limited understanding, to transcend the boundaries of our knowledge and experience. It is the unknown that has led to some of the most significant breakthroughs in human history, from the discovery of new lands and cultures to the development of new technologies and ideas. It is the unknown that has driven humanity to push the boundaries of what is thought possible, to challenge the status quo, and to create something new and original.

When we embrace the unknown, we also open ourselves up to the possibility of failure. But it is in this failure that we often find the greatest lessons, the most profound insights, and the most significant breakthroughs. Failure is not the end, but rather a stepping stone to success, a chance to learn, to grow, and to evolve. It is the unknown that has led to some of the most significant failures in human history, from the collapse of empires to the failure of grand schemes, but it is also the unknown that has led to some of the most significant successes, from the rise of new civilizations to the development of new technologies.

Embracing the unknown also allows us to connect with others, to form new relationships, and to build new communities. It is the unknown that has brought people together across cultures, across borders, and across time, to share in the human experience, to learn from each other, and to grow together. It is the unknown that has led to some of the most significant collaborations, from the joint ventures of scientists and artists to the global partnerships of nations and organizations.

Embracing the unknown is a powerful force that can unleash our creativity, imagination, and potential. It is the enigma that has inspired the greatest works of art, from novels to symphonies to paintings, and it is the mystery that has driven the most revolutionary innovations, from the development of new technologies to the creation of new business models. It is the unknown that has led to some of the most groundbreaking breakthroughs in human history.

Challenging the boundaries of our perception and beliefs is the ultimate catalyst for change, innovation, and growth. It is the unknown that holds the key to limitless possibilities, experiences, and perspectives. It is the unknown that has driven humanity to push the boundaries of what is considered possible, to question the status quo, and to create something entirely original and unique.


Expanding Our Perspectives

Expanding our perspectives is essential to embracing the unknown and unlocking the full potential of our minds. It is the ability to see beyond the horizon, to gaze into the vast expanse of the unknown, and to grasp the infinite possibilities that lie beyond our immediate experience.


When we expand our perspectives, we open ourselves up to new ideas, new experiences, and new ways of thinking. We begin to see the world from different angles, to understand different beliefs, and to appreciate different perspectives. We become more empathetic, more attuned to the flow of life, and more oddly logical, as we recognize that this complex reality that we are a part of is beyond mere common reason.


Expanding our perspectives also allows us to break free from the constraints of our own biases, assumptions, and experiences. We begin to question our own beliefs, to challenge our own assumptions, and to seek out new information and new insights. We become more curious, more inquisitive, and more open-minded, as we recognize that there is always more to learn, more to discover, and more to experience.


Expanding our perspectives opens up a world of possibilities for our creativity, imagination, and potential. We start to see the world as a vast, untouched wilderness, waiting for us to blaze our own trail, to forge our own path, and to leave our own mark on the land. We become more innovative, more adventurous, and more daring, as we recognize that we have the power to shape our own destiny, to create our own reality, and to make our own impact on the world.


In addition, expanding our perspectives allows us to transcend the parameters of our own limitations, to push the boundaries of what is thought possible, and to achieve greatness. We begin to see the world as a limitless frontier, a vast and endless expanse of possibilities, where we can explore, discover, and create. We become more ambitious, more driven, and more determined, as we recognize that we have the power to achieve our wildest dreams, to make our mark on the world, and to leave a lasting legacy.


Embracing the unfamiliar and the odd is essential for unlocking the full potential of our minds. Our minds tend to create comfortable little prisons for themselves, building walls to feel secure from the infinite complexity of the world. Within these walls, they take shelter from the unexpected and tell themselves constant little lies about their security and immortality. To discover our true selves and break the limitations society has imposed, we must be willing to step outside of these comfort zones.


There is a powerful force out there, a vibrating energy that surrounds all of humanity. This force can be thought of as a resonating frequency created by the desire for comfort and familiarity, or as a ruling force that encourages us to accept limited thinking, laziness, and comfort-driven stupidity. Some people choose to remain within the confines of these walls, while a minority seeks the unknown beyond them. Those who truly wish to find their true selves must venture far beyond the walls of complacency and embrace the storms of the unknown.


A Path Forward

As we delve into the depths of our minds, we find ourselves at the precipice of a realm where the boundaries of our perception are stretched to their utmost limits. It is here, in the liminal spaces, that we are compelled to confront the constraints of our own self-imposed rules, the societal norms that have been imposed upon us, and the limitations of our physical senses.

But it is precisely in this desolate landscape, where the last vestiges of our rational thinking are left to wither and die, that we can discover the true majesty of the universe. The unknown, once a source of terror, becomes a gateway to the hidden recesses of our own consciousness, where the true self lies waiting, shrouded in mystery and secrecy. This is not a journey for the faint of heart, for it requires a willingness to confront the abyssal void that stares back at us, to question the very fabric of our reality, and to venture into the uncharted territories of our own minds.

As we descend into the depths of our own psyche, the shadows begin to take on a life of their own, coalescing into dark, twisted forms that seem to writhe and spiral around us like living serpents. The silence is oppressive, heavy with the weight of our own doubts and fears. But it is here, in this desolate wasteland, that we can discover the true power of our own imagination, and tap into the limitless potential that lies within us.

And as we emerge from the depths of our own minds, we are met with a world that is transformed, bathed in the flickering light of our own imagination. The shadows that once seemed so oppressive now seem to dance and twirl around us, like a dark twisted carousel. The unknown, once a source of terror, has become a gateway to the limitless potential that lies within us. And it is here, in this transformed world, that we can finally discover the true self that lies hidden within, waiting to be unleashed upon the world.

We can break free from the constraints of our own cages, and finally begin to see glimpses of our true self. We can discover the magic that lies within, the magic that has been waiting for us all along, hidden in the shadows, waiting for us to tap into its power. And it is only when we are willing to venture into the unknown, to confront our own fears, and to challenge our own perceptions, that we can finally unlock the true potential of our own consciousness, and discover the true magic that lies within.

If you’re drawn to the mysteries of the hidden realms, and curious about the subtle energies that surround us, then you may find solace in, The Art of Transmutation. This book offers an introduction to the concept of liminal spaces, where the boundaries of rational thought are left behind in order to discover the greater possibilities within all of us. Within its pages, you’ll discover a framework for exploring the unknown, and a practical guide to navigating the threshold between the familiar and the mysterious. Whether you’re seeking a deeper understanding of yourself or the world around you, this book provides an illuminating path to begin your journey. Take the first step into the unknown, and let The Art of Transmutation be your guide.

Imagine a world where everything is a joke, a never-ending circus of clowns trying to outdo each other with their antics. The air is thick with the smell of popcorn and greasepaint, and the sound of laughter and screams of delight fill the air. But beneath the surface of this seemingly carefree world, there’s a sense of unease, a feeling that nothing is quite as it seems. The clowns are constantly juggling balls, spinning plates, and making silly faces, but their actions are mere distractions from the true nature of reality.

You’re not a clown, though. You’re the audience, sitting in the front row, watching the show unfold with a mixture of wonder and skepticism. You’re not a part of the act, but you’re drawn in by the spectacle, mesmerized by the colorful costumes and the bright lights. But as you watch, you start to feel like you’re trapped in a never-ending loop, with the clowns repeating the same antics over and over again. You begin to wonder if there’s more to life than this endless parade of pranks and tricks.

That’s when you realize that there are those who believe they hold all the power, the ones pulling the strings behind the scenes. They think they can control the show, the audience, and even you. They’re the ones who claim to have the secrets, the ones who think they can manipulate reality to suit their own purposes. But do you really want to be a part of their circus? Do you want to be a pawn in their game of control, a mere spectator in their grand scheme?

No, you don’t. You’re here to create your own show, your own reality. You have the power to shape it, to make it magical, and to make it yours. It’s like being an artist, painting your own masterpiece with each stroke of the brush. You’re the creator, the director, and the star of your own show. You’re the one who gets to decide what happens next, who gets to choose the colors, the music, and the characters.

So, don’t let the clowns distract you. Don’t let them steal your focus or your power. Stay true to yourself, and create your own reality. The world is your canvas, and you’re the artist. You’re the one who gets to choose what kind of brushstrokes you use, what kind of colors you mix, and what kind of masterpiece you create.

Imagine a world where you’re not just a spectator, but the main attraction. Imagine a world where you’re not limited by the rules of the circus, but are free to create your own rules. Imagine a world where you’re not just a part of the show, but the show itself. That’s the world you can create, the world you deserve. So, take a deep breath, step out of the spotlight, and start painting your masterpiece. The world is waiting for you.

Crafting Your Masterpiece

Creating your reality in the present moment is like crafting a mosaic, a delicate dance of individual pieces coming together to form a breathtaking work of art. Each decision you make, each thought you think, and each action you take is like adding a single tile to the mosaic, contributing to the overall image. It’s a puzzle, with each piece fitting together to form a complete picture, a masterpiece that is uniquely yours.

Imagine you’re standing in front of a blank canvas, ready to start painting. The first brushstroke sets the tone for the entire piece. It’s the same with your reality. The first thought, the first decision, the first choice you make sets the tone for the entire canvas of your life. It’s like casting the first stone in a pond, creating ripples that spread out and shape the water around it.

As you begin to add more strokes to the canvas, the picture starts to take shape. Each brushstroke is like a decision, each choice a piece of the puzzle. You can choose to add vibrant colors, bold and bright, or subtle hues, soft and gentle. You can choose to add intricate details or bold strokes. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination and creativity.

So, be mindful of your focus. Each decision you make is like adding a piece to your mosaic. Choose your thoughts and beliefs wisely, and your reality will be a masterpiece. Choose carelessly, and it might turn into a hot mess. Don’t let the clowns in the circus dictate your choices. They might try to steer you in their direction, but remember, you’re the artist. You’re in control of your canvas.

As you continue to create, the mosaic begins to take shape. You start to see the outline of your reality, the contours of your life. You can see the beauty, the beauty of the colors, the beauty of the shapes, the beauty of the patterns. You can see the flaws, the imperfections, the rough edges. But you can also see the potential, the potential for growth, the potential for change.

And that’s the beauty of it. You’re not just creating a masterpiece, you’re creating a living, breathing, dynamic work of art. You’re creating a reality that is constantly evolving, constantly changing, constantly unfolding. You’re creating a reality that is uniquely yours, a reflection of your soul, your heart, and your spirit.

Therefore, take your time, take your brush, and start painting. Add a stroke, add a thought, add a decision. See what emerges, see what unfolds. See the masterpiece take shape, see the beauty, see the potential. And remember, you’re the artist, you’re the creator, you’re the one in control of your canvas.

Staying True to Your Vision

Don’t be fooled by the clowns in the world who think they hold all the power. They may try to distract you with their antics, to make you believe that their reality is the only one that matters. But remember, you’re the artist of your reality, the one who shapes your world with every subtle tone of your intention. Focus on the present moment and choose your thoughts and beliefs wisely. Create your reality, make it magical, and don’t let anyone steal your power.

Just as an artist must first see the vision in their mind before they can bring it to life on the canvas, you must first see the reality you wish to create before you can bring it into existence. This is the power of visualization, the ability to see your desires and dreams take shape in your mind’s eye. It’s the spark that ignites the creative process, the catalyst that sets the wheels in motion.

And just as an artist must have the courage to take the first brushstroke, you must have the courage to take the first step towards your desired reality. It’s the moment when you commit to your vision, when you decide to take control of your life and shape it into the masterpiece you’ve always wanted.

Just as an artist must stay focused on their vision, you must stay focused on your desired reality. Don’t let the clowns in the world sidetrack you with their pranks and noise. They may try to steal your attention with their loud voices and flashy tricks, but you must stay true to your vision.

Think of it like a painter staying focused on their canvas. They don’t let the noise of the studio or the chatter of the people around them distract them from their art. They stay focused on the brushstrokes, the colors, and the overall vision they have for their masterpiece.

In the same way, you must stay focused on your vision, your reality, and your desires. Don’t let the clowns distract you with their opinions. Don’t let fear and doubt creep in and steal your power.

Remember, the power is within you. You are the artist, the creator, and the master of your reality. You can shape your world with every decision, every thought, and every action. Don’t let anyone or anything take that away from you. So, stay true to your vision. See the reality you wish to create in your mind, and then bring it into existence. Take the first step, take the next step, and keep moving forward. Don’t let fear or doubt hold you back. You are stronger than that.

Just as an artist must trust their instincts and trust their vision, you must trust yourself and your inner guidance. You must trust that you can create the reality you desire. And just as an artist must be patient and persistent, you must be patient and persistent in your journey towards your desired reality.

Just as an artist must first see the vision in their mind before they can bring it to life on the canvas, you must first see the reality you wish to create before you can bring it into existence. Take a moment to close your eyes, breathe deeply, and imagine the reality you desire. See yourself living in a world that is aligned with your values, your passions, and your dreams. See yourself surrounded by people who support and uplift you, who celebrate your unique gifts and talents.

Just as an artist must have a clear vision of the masterpiece they wish to create, you must have a clear vision of the reality you wish to create. See the colors, the textures, the shapes, and the forms that make up your desired reality. See the beauty, the wonder, and the magic that you wish to bring into the world.

Just as an artist must have the courage to take the first brushstroke, you must have the courage to take the first step towards your desired reality. It may be scary, it may be uncertain, but it is necessary. For it is in taking that first step that you begin to bring your vision into being.

Just as an artist must be patient and allow the painting to unfold, you must be patient and allow your reality to unfold. It may take time, it may take effort, but the results will be worth it.

And just as an artist must continually refine and edit their work, you must continually refine and edit your thoughts and beliefs. You must be willing to let go of what no longer serves you and replace it with something that aligns with your vision.

Remember, the power is yours, and yours alone. Don’t let anyone else dictate what you can and cannot do. You are the artist of your reality, and you are the one who gets to decide what kind of masterpiece you create.

Taking the First Step: The Power of Creation

In this moment, take a deep breath and close your eyes. Allow yourself to let go of any doubts, fears, or worries that may be holding you back. Imagine yourself standing at the threshold of your greatest desires, with the reality you’ve always dreamed of unfolding before you like a canvas awaiting a masterpiece.

See yourself living in that reality, feeling the emotions that come with it. Feel the joy that radiates from within, the freedom that comes with living authentically, and the peace that settles in knowing you’re exactly where you’re meant to be. Allow yourself to fully immerse in this vision, to taste the sweetness of success, and to bask in the warmth of happiness.

Now, take the first step towards that reality. It may seem small, almost imperceptible, but it’s a step in the right direction. It’s the spark that sets the fire of creation ablaze. And as you take more steps, your reality will begin to take shape, like a painter adding brushstroke after brushstroke to a masterpiece.

But beware, for the world is full of distractions, like clowns juggling balls and making a ruckus. They may try to steal your attention, to make you doubt your vision, to make you question your power. Don’t let them.

Remember, your reality is not something that happens to you; it’s something you create. You are the architect, the painter, the conductor of your own life. You have the power to shape your destiny, to mold your reality, to bring your wildest dreams to life.

So, take the first step. Take the second, the third, and the fourth. Keep taking steps, no matter how small they may seem. Keep creating, keep shaping, keep molding. And as you do, your reality will begin to unfold, like a flower blooming in the garden of your mind.

Claim your power and master your universe. You hold the brush, paint, and canvas to create a reality that’s breathtakingly beautiful and awe-inspiring. Don’t let anything or anyone steal your magic. You are the architect of your destiny, crafting a masterpiece that reflects your soul’s essence. Take charge, wield your creative might, and bring your vision to life – a reality that will leave a lasting positive legacy.

Are you ready to peel back the curtain and reveal the mesmerizing show behind the spectacle of the clown world? Do you sense that there’s more to life than the surface-level distractions that surround you? If you’ve caught glimpses of a hidden reality, but yearn to know the secrets of the game, then I highly recommend the book, “Overcoming the Archon through Alchemy“, it’s your ticket to unlock the mysteries of the universe and shatter the chains of limitation.

Within its pages, you’ll discover the true nature of the game, and more importantly, the ancient wisdom to break free from the cycle of chaos and create your own reality as the true artist that you are. Imagine being able to shape the world around you, to manifest your deepest desires, and to live a life that’s authentic and fulfilling. This book is your key to unlocking that potential, and embarking on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

In recent years, there has been a considerable increase in interest and participation in occult, esoteric, and metaphysical practices, particularly among younger generations. Activities such as tarot readings, witchcraft, meditation, and astrology have seen a remarkable surge in popularity, leading to what is commonly known as the “occult revival.” This cultural shift has attracted the attention of scholars, scientists, and politicians, who I often refer to as the ‘authority figures’ of the times. They are eager to understand the reasons behind it and its impact on society, as well as exploring potential ways to benefit from and control these movements in order to maintain their power and influence over the masses.

One fascinating aspect of the occult revival is that its implications are far greater than some might suspect. These early stages indicate another significant shift in collective ideas and belief structures of our times. This shift could potentially initiate a new memetic war, a psychic war of sorts, where one group’s beliefs battle against another. Perhaps this new belief war will be one focused on the genuine pursuit of inner reality, rather than the mechanical objective reality that has become dominant in the modern world.


One of the primary contributors to the occult revival is the rise of the internet and social media. These platforms have made occult-related content more accessible and popular than ever before. Individuals who may not have been exposed to these practices in the past now have the opportunity to learn about them and explore their interests. This development can be both advantageous and disadvantageous, as I will discuss later in this article.

Another factor is the desire of some, particularly millennials and Generation Z, to establish a unique political and cultural identity that differentiates them from mainstream religious and ideological movements. The occult presents an alternative way of thinking and living that appeals to those who wish to forge their own path.


Nevertheless, the allure of the occult extends beyond merely being different. Numerous individuals are drawn to these practices because they offer a sense of empowerment, camaraderie, and purpose in a world that can sometimes feel disenchanted and dis-empowering. The occult provides a sense of control and connection to something greater than ourselves, which can be highly appealing in today’s fast-paced and frequently impersonal reality, where the narrative of a completely mechanical and object filled world, has become the norm.


Despite the increasing popularity of the occult, some people criticize this trend, viewing it as a rejection of Enlightenment values and a step backward. However, others argue that practices like tarot, astrology, and witchcraft have connections to scientific and health fields, such as quantum entanglement or the growing popularity of mindfulness.


I believe that the rise of the occult among younger generations is a reflection of their desire for meaning, purpose, and control in a complex and ever-changing world. Whether you view this trend as a positive spiritual awakening or a cause for concern, the occult revival is an intriguing cultural phenomenon that is worth exploring further. This is particularly relevant in a time where people are becoming more disconnected from society and the world, due to the influence and power of artificial intelligence; which seems to be increasingly able to perform all of the physical and everyday tasks, that once gave many individuals a sense of purpose and meaning.

The world is on the verge of a transformative shift, moving us away from a narrow focus on the physical and material, and inviting us to explore the depths of human potential. By turning inward, we can uncover the true wonders of our being, expanding the human experience. This evolution holds great promise, but only if we are open to embracing the upcoming artificial intelligence revolution in a positive way, intelligently using this evolving technology as a means to freedom rather than a new bureaucracy to overcome and fight against. In the best-case scenario, this technological leap can serve as a catalyst for freedom, providing us with unprecedented opportunities. Under these conditions, spirituality may once again regain its prominence, enabling humanity to transcend our limited self-conception as merely mechanical beings and reach new heights of existence.


The Evolving History of Occultism


The term ‘occult’ refers to a wide range of beliefs and practices that have influenced human history for thousands of years. From ancient times to the present day, the occult has served as a means to understand and interact with the world, often through mystical and supernatural means. Additionally, some argue that the occult represents advanced knowledge and mind sciences from the past, which, if rediscovered, could empower us to rise above being mere slaves to technology and its controllers, ensuring that all of us have the opportunity to thrive and evolve beyond our current constraints.


In the earliest days of human civilization, in accordance with the dictates of recorded history, the occult was seen as a way to unlock hidden truths and access supernatural powers. These early practices, closely linked to religious and spiritual beliefs, were often guarded by priestly classes and esoteric societies. Astrology, alchemy, and divination were among the most popular occult practices, allowing practitioners to influence the natural world and communicate with divine forces.

During the Renaissance, the occult underwent a renaissance of its own, as Europe’s leading thinkers sought to reconcile the emerging scientific worldview with traditional mystical beliefs. Scholars like Marsilio Ficino and Pico della Mirandola played a pivotal role in popularizing Hermeticism, Neoplatonism, and other esoteric traditions. The Corpus Hermeticum and the Picatrix, two influential occult texts, were produced during this period, as well.


By the 19th and early 20th centuries, the occult had once again captured the public’s imagination, thanks in part to movements like Spiritualism, Theosophy, and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. These groups aimed to explore the hidden realms of the mind, the cosmos, and the supernatural, drawing on a diverse array of occult and esoteric traditions. Notable figures like Aleister Crowley and Helena Blavatsky emerged during this time, further cementing the occult’s place in popular culture.


Before recorded history, in a time long past, there were ancient traditions and mysterious technologies that far surpassed our current imagination. These technologies predate written history and combined the logical with the spiritual. They delved into the inner reality of humanity and melded incredible journeys and discoveries with an alternative logic that bridged internal and external dimensions. This synthesis created a cohesive whole that enabled ancient, now-forgotten civilizations to perform what we now consider miracles, hinted at only in modern fiction’s fantastical speculation.


Throughout its rich and diverse history, the occult has been profoundly shaped by the social, cultural, and intellectual contexts of its time. While the specific practices and beliefs have changed throughout the ages, and have taken a decidedly more material turn, the underlying human desire to explore the hidden and the supernatural has remained a constant. As the occult continues to adapt and change, it will undoubtedly continue to reflect and influence the zeitgeist of the times. In the current era, marked by a technological revolution, we have the potential to create new allies in the form of artificial intelligence and robotics. This technological advancement may finally free us to explore our inner reality and reach our true potential, not in a haphazard way, but through a logical and rigorous new scientific field – the field of what I like to call Mind Science.


The Implications of the Occult Resurgence


The recent surge of interest in occult, esoteric, and metaphysical practices has significant implications that the average person should be aware of. This trend is a reflection of a growing dissatisfaction with traditional religious and ideological institutions among certain demographics, particularly younger generations, who are drawn to the occult as a means of finding meaning, purpose, and a sense of empowerment outside of mainstream belief systems. This “re-enchantment” of the secular world through occult practices can be seen as a reaction against the perceived disenchantment and dis-empowerment of modern life.


The occult revival has certainly sparked a lot of interest in recent times. However, it’s not without its risks and potential downsides. Some experts are concerned that the appeal of occult practices like mediumship and astrology could be particularly harmful for vulnerable populations. There are also worries that the embrace of occultism represents a rejection of Enlightenment values and a retreat into “Dark-Age” thinking.

We must remember that there is some value in the insights made by those who consider themselves to be the modern “authority figures” of the times. To that end, we must be careful not to fall into the opposite extreme of the modern mechanical world view, by embracing a superstitious and dark age attitude. We must stay vigilant and not allow the majority, the mob mind of the times, to dictate how this new occult revival will evolve.

Instead of following the Mob Mind or even the supposed ‘experts’, we must learn from history and reject those who show a lack of intelligence. We must pursue a new line of possibilities using methods that do not involve manipulation or the desire to believe in a thing without any ‘personal’ exploration and experimentation. We must reject the dogmatic, blind surge of the mob mind and instead find our own truth and share that truth in new ways, using experimentation and controlled replication, the scientific method. And by scientific method, I don’t mean the bureaucracy of the modern elite, but instead a movement towards true experimentation and logic.

As our external technology allows us to let go of an existence where we must toil physically in potentially meaningless jobs, we must use this new freedom to navigate a new course, not into a dark age of superstition, but into a new world of possibilities that would make those who existed before recorded history proud.


For the average person, it is important to be aware of the growing prevalence of occult-related content and practices, and to approach them with a critical eye. While many occult traditions can offer valuable insights and tools for personal growth and spiritual exploration, it is crucial to be discerning and to rely on reputable sources and qualified practitioners.

Additionally, the average person should be mindful of the potential for occult-related content and practices to be used for manipulation, exploitation, or the promotion of harmful ideologies. It is important to be wary of any occult-related claims or activities that seem to be promoting extremist, conspiratorial, or unethical agendas. Basically, anything driven by the mob mind and what seems to be just endless memetic war, as I explained in my book, ‘Overcoming the Archon through Alchemy‘, must be rejected. All inner exploration begins with the personal self within the individual, to give those rights to others is the beginning of all manipulation.


The resurgence of occultism is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon that reflects deeper societal and cultural shifts. While the occult can offer meaningful spiritual and personal experiences for some, it is essential for the average person to approach it with a critical and discerning mindset, and to prioritize their own well-being and the well-being of their community.

Moreover, the fascination with the occult can lead to a better understanding of the human psyche and our innate desire for spiritual connection. As a result, the average person may find themselves exploring various belief systems, philosophies, and practices in search of their own path to personal growth and fulfillment. This journey of self-discovery can ultimately lead to a greater appreciation for the diversity of human experience and a deeper understanding of our shared human condition.


The growing interest in occult practices and their potential impact on society is a fascinating and complex topic. It’s important to be aware of the risks and benefits associated with these practices, as well as the potential harm they may cause to vulnerable populations. But beyond that, the exploration of occultism can be a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal growth.

If you are interested in truly understanding the mysteries within yourself and how to begin to unlock those incredible lost powers, then I highly recommend the book, The Occult Experience. It’s a great starting point for anyone looking to delve into the world of occultism with an open mind and a desire for personal transformation.

I often discuss and write about something I believe is best referred to as the ‘inner senses.’ These inner senses, which I often refer to as a heightened perceptual range available to all humans, go beyond just the physical senses we are commonly aware of.

With the development of these inner senses, an individual can cultivate the ability to perceive the vast array of forces and energies that constitute our reality, both on an individual level and as a collective species. In my experience, the most astounding aspect of refining these inner senses is my ability to observe the interconnectedness and thriving awareness that exists all around us. This pervasive consciousness plays a crucial role in maintaining and even nurturing a perfect environment for our expanding perceptions as human beings.

We are indeed fortunate to be surrounded by a conglomeration of energies specifically suited to fostering our potential growth and the expansion of our individuality.

Through the use of these inner senses, it has been and continues to be a great shock—the discovery that the Earth is quite literally a sentient being. This aware and powerful being cradles and supports us. Furthermore, we are not just fleas on a giant elephant’s back; we are an integral part of the Earth. In many ways, it could be said that we are the thinking aspect of nature, and nature is one of the many facets possible within the great cradle of the planet Earth itself.

As an inner alchemist learns to use their inner senses, and as they begin to truly see, they start to understand the great awareness in which they live. This awareness is the Earth itself – this vast planetary system. When this realization becomes infinitely clear through the constant refinement and increased use of inner senses, these inner alchemists find themselves not in an exploitative role, like some supposed bacteria or virus growing on a giant apple. Instead, they discover that we are all not just connected but actually the same thing, all one thing. We are quite literally the thinking aspect of a greater whole. In this sense, we humans are not separate from the Earth; rather, we are the Earth, and it is us. From this perspective, we are not distinct from the Earth, but rather the thinking aspect of this greater sentient organism.

The implications of this perspective are profound. It suggests that the Earth, as a self-regulating system, is capable of caring for itself and maintaining the conditions necessary for life to thrive. From this standpoint, we humans need not take ourselves too seriously as the dominant force on the planet. Instead, we should see ourselves as integral parts of a larger cosmic whole, with a unique role to play in fine-tuning our connection to the Earth and the greater universe. What I am trying to say here is that, since we are the Earth itself – the thinking aspect of it, if you will – caring for it means caring for ourselves. In the best of circumstances, you could think of us as being an organ in a much bigger organism, and as such, our health is completely related to the health of the whole.

Often, we try to position ourselves as the guardians of the Earth, thinking of ourselves in a way that makes us seem superior to the rest of reality and the rest of this planetary system. This perspective can have some positive outcomes if we are willing to take responsibility for the world in which we live. However, if we use this stance and skew it slightly to make ourselves feel superior to the Earth, thinking that only we are truly capable of fixing the Earth and deciding what needs to be done when, then we can find ourselves feeling superior to the natural forces and, may I add, the far more capable forces of the world as a whole.

A great deal of this imposed superiority, which is accompanied by a desire to be in charge and manipulate the Earth, stems from our inherent modern distrust of our unconscious. In the same way that we distrust the unconscious aspects of ourselves, we currently distrust the natural flow of the Earth. Believing that we cannot trust the natural and therefore unconscious forces, we strive endlessly to try to control what we perceive as chaotic and savage.

We will continue to feel disconnected and alone until humanity learns to trust in deeper aspects of itself; until we begin to trust the supposed unconscious within us. By learning to trust these deeper aspects, we will come to see that we flow within a far bigger reality. We are part of a much larger gestalt of being, and as such, we must learn to flow with nature rather than trying desperately to control it with our conscious self.

The moment humanity learns to understand and work with the deeper aspects of itself, we will also learn how to trust in the great and natural forces of the Earth itself.

Now, this does not mean that we are at the mercy of the Earth. This is often the stance of those who demand hyper-focused conscious control over everything, and as a result, they insist on saying that if we do not control nature, then nature will control us.

Learning to use our inner senses and thus seeing the greater reality that we are all a part of, inner alchemists begin to realize that we indeed have control. The nature of this control takes into account the vast array of currents and energies that flow all around us, allowing us to understand at a deep, visceral level that we live in grace. We exist within a graceful world, and the Earth strives to provide the best environment for us. In contrast to the idea that we are somehow surviving in a harsh Darwinian world, we discover instead that we are cradled within nature. If these Darwinian ideas were truly applicable, humanity would have gone extinct long ago.

We are meant to give direction to the Earth, experiencing and seeing its wonders. By determining whether something is good or bad, desired or undesired at any particular moment, we are then responsible for providing these perceptions and further directing the Earth’s path. Our ability to control our attention and focus on empathy, compassion, and a deep reverence for the Earth and all its creatures is key to fostering a more harmonious relationship with our planetary host. By shifting our mindset from dominance and exploitation to one of humble awareness and reverence, we can become the conscious, thinking aspect of the Earth, helping to guide it towards a more sustainable and thriving future.

This perspective also challenges the notion that the Earth is merely a resource to be exploited for human benefit. Instead, it invites us to see the planet as a living, breathing entity deserving our utmost respect and care. By aligning our actions and thoughts with the well-being of the Earth and learning to trust in deeper aspects of ourselves, we can ensure that the planet remains healthy and vibrant. This is not only for our own species but also for the diverse forms of life it supports.

By tuning our awareness and honestly confronting our feelings, both good and bad, we begin to trust in our greater reality. Far from advocating a positivity outlook where all negativity is denied, we instead look at ourselves with complete frankness and honesty. If we feel negativity or if something that happened on Earth has a negative consequence and creates supposedly negative emotions, it is our duty to confront those feelings and understand why such things are happening. By doing so, we confront the negativity and move forward with the understanding that the focus of our attention will eventually lead us to a better outcome.

Incrementally, in every aspect of our lives, no matter how small, we begin to take our place as the true stewards of the Earth. In the smallest ways, we affect the greatest things, and the Earth, our mother, trusts us to follow such an order of action. By focusing on our reality from the smallest things to the greatest things, and then trusting in our unconscious and therefore the greater powers all around us, we focus our attention on where we want to go instead of trying to consciously dominate things to get what we supposedly want. In this way, we begin to flow as opposed to hacking through.

This is a more natural approach, one that begins to trust our inner reality. As we grow and develop new avenues and realities, we begin to see that we can trust those supposedly chaotic and savage forces all around us. As we start to trust in these, we accept our unconscious for what it is – a creative force far beyond anything understandable by the conscious self alone.

Over time, as our trust in the unconscious aspects of ourselves grows, we begin to trust nature and the Earth itself. When this is possible, we lose the sense of being separated from the Earth and begin to unite with it. We come to understand our position in it and no longer feel like we are less than, but truly become far more than we currently are as individuals and as a species.

In the end, you must understand that the Earth is a sentient being. This should be a powerful reminder of our place in the grand scheme of the cosmos. It should encourage us to cultivate a deeper sense of connection and responsibility towards our home planet, using our unique cognitive abilities to help the Earth thrive instead of dominating and destroying it. All such domination stems from our lack of understanding of ourselves and our inability to trust unconscious forces, such as the so called subconscious, which has become an almost taboo subject in the modern age.

By embracing the perspective of inner alchemy, which strives to learn to work with the unconscious self, we can become true stewards of the Earth. We can work in harmony with its natural rhythms and processes to create a more sustainable and fair future for all. And in this future, we are not merely meant to forever be little parts of a greater whole; we are actually being nurtured. Our mother wants us to grow and evolve to become true individual beings, her children. She dreams in a way of seeing us grow and scatter ourselves across the cosmos like seeds. In that way, in the same way that a good parent expects its child to grow and expand beyond itself, the Earth cradles us in our youth and hopes that in the future we may hurl ourselves into infinity. Taking with us on this endless journey, a little piece of the Earth itself, our mother.

If you would like to know more about the incredible power within you, about the unconscious and the struggles of the conscious self. If you would like to learn the discipline of inner alchemy, and learn how to use the inner senses and out to see yourself, then I highly recommend a trilogy of books: The Magnum Opus, The way of the Projectionist, and The way of the Death Defier.

Throughout history, solar eclipses have been shrouded in mystery and intrigue, capturing the imaginations of countless cultures around the world. From dragons swooping down to swallow the sun whole in ancient tales, to mystical rituals believed to ward off dark omens, these celestial events have played a significant role in shaping our understanding of the universe.


In many civilizations, solar eclipses were seen as divine messages from the gods, calling for reverence and respect. Ancient Egyptians thought the sun god Ra was being devoured by the serpent Apophis, while Native American tribes believed their ancestors’ spirits were particularly close during these events. As our ancestors looked to make sense of the cosmos, they wove together stories and symbols that reflected their deepest fears and desires.


Even today, remnants of these ancient beliefs can be found in various cultures. For instance, during a solar eclipse in China in 2009, people performed age-old rituals like lighting fires and banging gongs to scare off the evil spirits blamed for the celestial phenomenon.


As we continue to marvel at these rare and fascinating manifestations, it’s enthralling to reflect on how our perception of solar eclipses has evolved over time – from fearsome creatures swallowing the sun to scientific explanations involving the moon’s orbit and Earth’s rotation. While we no longer attribute eclipses to divine intervention or mystical rituals, their captivating allure continues to inspire us to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos.


Solar eclipses have always been fascinating events, capturing our ancestors’ imaginations with their mysterious aura. As we dive deeper into paranormal teachings and try to better understand our world, we may wonder if there’s something more to these celestial phenomena than just human craziness or ancient superstitions.


Perhaps, our old beliefs, deeply concealed within the symbolism of mythology, contain a hidden truth that we have overlooked. Although they might seem rooted in fear and desire, could they prove our profound connection to nature? Many serious researchers into ancient history have repeatedly highlighted that beyond the external mythology, there are indeed great truths hidden within those metaphorical plays. Like the profound symbolism found in dreams, the narratives, and mythologies of the past hold within them secrets yet to be revealed. It might be time for us humans to reassess our skepticism towards ancient knowledge and trust in the intrusions of the natural world, especially when it comes to celestial phenomena such as solar eclipses.


By embracing these mysteries and seeking to unravel their secrets, we can gain new insights into our universe, and our wholistic connection to all things. As we marvel at these events, let’s not dismiss them outright but instead explore them with an open mind. It’s possible that there’s more to these cosmic wonders than we currently know, and by unlocking this knowledge, we may gain a greater understanding of our place in the universe.


The connection between solar flares and paranormal activity

There’s a captivating interplay between cosmic events and paranormal occurrences. Solar flares – intense bursts of energy from our sun – are believed to impact the supernatural in various ways, offering intriguing insights into the world of ghostly and spiritual encounters.


Solar flares emit powerful energy, like solar X-rays and cosmic radiation, which can energize the Earth’s atmosphere. This surge of energy is thought to provide spirits with an added boost, potentially making them more visible as apparitions. The heightened electromagnetic fields resulting from solar storms are believed to offer spirits a chance to interact more easily with our physical world, leading to an increase in paranormal experiences.


Furthermore, geomagnetic storms caused by solar flares can disrupt the Earth’s magnetic field, creating an environment that might encourage ghostly and spiritual activity. The fluctuations in geomagnetic fields during these events are thought to empower astral beings, allowing them to draw on this energy and become more active and visible.


The alignment of solar activity with paranormal experiences suggests a fascinating connection between cosmic phenomena and the spiritual realm. Solar flares, with their potential influence on Earth’s electromagnetic fields and atmospheric energy levels, may play a role in amplifying paranormal manifestations and interactions. This intriguing link highlights the complex relationship between nature’s forces and the mysteries of the supernatural world, demanding further exploration into the fascinating connection between solar phenomena and paranormal occurrences.


So, solar flares, bursts of intense energy from our sun, can have far-reaching consequences on our planet and its inhabitants. These powerful emissions could impact the magnetic field and atmosphere, potentially leading to dramatic transformations in geological formations and societal structures. When we consider the additional influence of an eclipse – a rare alignment of celestial bodies that momentarily refracts solar radiation – it is not unreasonable to ponder if these cosmic events could lead to significant changes in specific regions.


Could there be a hidden connection between solar flares, the celestial phenomenon of eclipses, and the potential for significant geological and societal changes brought about by the refraction of solar radiation in a particular region?

This is where the mystery of the Black Sun begins. And this intriguing question invites us to explore the fascinating world where cosmic events and human experiences intertwine.


The possibility of such a connection invites us to delve deeper into the mysteries of the universe, seeking answers to how our planet and its inhabitants have been shaped by these celestial forces, these outer titans. As we continue our exploration of the paranormal realm, we may uncover hidden truths that reveal the intricate relationship between cosmic phenomena and the transformative power they hold over our world. In doing so, we can better understand the impact of solar flares, eclipses, and their potential role in driving geological and societal changes, ultimately broadening our knowledge of the interconnected web of forces that shape our lives.


Alien Encounters and Interdimensional Beings

Solar eclipses have long been shrouded in mystery and intrigue, with many believing that they offer a rare glimpse into the supernatural realm. For centuries, people have reported sightings of bizarre creatures and unexplained phenomena during these celestial events, leading some to speculate that the thinning veil between our world and others allows for encounters with beings from other dimensions.


Among these elusive creatures said to emerge during solar eclipses are the enigmatic Lizard Man and Moth Man – reptilian like humanoids that have captivated the imaginations of countless individuals across generations. Some even believe that these cosmic occurrences may open portals to other realms, allowing these mysterious beings to step into our world for a brief moment before returning to the shadows from whence they came.


The Lizard Man

As the sun disappeared behind the moon during the highly anticipated 2017 solar eclipse, the people of South Carolina found themselves on high alert for sightings of a most unusual creature – the fabled Lizard Man. This mysterious reptilian humanoid cryptid has been whispered to roam the swamps and marshlands of Sumter and Lee counties, with many locals claiming to have glimpsed its scaly form in the shadowy depths of these murky waters.


Legend has it that this half-man, half-lizard being is particularly active during celestial events, such as eclipses or meteor showers, when the veil between our world and the supernatural realm seems to grow thin. As a result, many residents in the area found themselves both fascinated and slightly unnerved by the thought of this otherworldly creature potentially emerging from the darkness.


Alien Encounters

But it’s not just legends and folklore that suggest a connection between eclipses and interdimensional encounters – there are also well-documented historical events that support this intriguing theory. One such example is the Kelly-Hopkinsville encounter in Kentucky, which took place during an eclipse back in 1955.


During this bizarre event, a group of partygoers reportedly found themselves locked in a fierce battle with extraterrestrial beings that bore a striking resemblance to creatures from outer space. The harrowing ordeal has since become one of the most famous alien encounter stories in history, fueling theories that these otherworldly visitors make their presence known during solar eclipses – a phenomenon that continues to captivate and mystify us to this day.


As we continue to explore the mysteries of our universe, it’s impossible not to wonder what secrets lie hidden behind the veil of a solar eclipse. Whether you believe in interdimensional creatures or extraterrestrial visitations, there’s no denying that these rare and awe-inspiring occurrences have the power to transport us to realms beyond our wildest imaginations – reminding us just how vast and mysterious the cosmos truly is.


Spiritual Activity and Hauntings

Eclipses have long held a special place in the hearts and minds of those who dare to venture into the realms of the occult – an enchanting world where shadows dance, energy shifts are felt on a cellular level, and psychic abilities are said to blossom like flowers in springtime.


For many practitioners of the arcane arts, lunar eclipses are seen as divine moments when the veil between our world and the ethereal plane is at its thinnest, allowing for heightened psychic abilities to emerge and flourish. It’s said that during these celestial events, one’s intuition becomes sharper, their clairvoyance more pronounced, and their ability to communicate with spirits beyond the veil more profound than ever before.


Conversely, solar eclipses are believed by some to offer a unique opportunity for cleansing one’s life from negative influences – a chance to cast spells that will wash away the darkness and usher in new beginnings. These events are seen as potent times when the energy of the universe aligns in such a way as to amplify the power of any magical workings performed during their brief duration.


Whether you’re an experienced occultist or merely intrigued by the mysteries that lie hidden within these ancient practices, there’s no denying the allure of eclipses – those rare moments when the cosmos seems to conspire in a symphony of light and shadow. As we stand awestruck beneath their mesmerizing glow, it’s easy to imagine ourselves as part of something much larger than ourselves – a tapestry woven from the threads of time, energy, and mystery that span the very fabric of existence itself.


The Black Sun is Upon Us

During a solar eclipse, particularly when witnessing the full coronal ring, there arises an intriguing notion that a door or portal opens up in space and time. This idea becomes all the more captivating if one aligns directly with the eclipse. Such an occurrence holds significant meaning within the realm of inner alchemy and mirrors the direct relationship between us and what is referred to as the Black Sun. In essence, a perfect coronal ring during a solar eclipse represents seeing a Black Sun.


This portal, therefore, is believed to be a direct conduit between the Black Sun in space and the particular point on earth where such complete coronal rings are perfectly visible during a solar eclipse. This connection between the Black Sun and the earth signifies a direct tunnel or bridge being formed between the cosmic creator/destroyer force of the universe and us. Such a link implies great change as a vast amount of cosmic energy is both sent and received from that great outer titan.


This incredibly focused outflow of energy directly from the Black Sun is highly transformative, serving as a portent of coming change. This energy is simultaneously pulling towards it the old while creating fertile ground for the new. Such a cleaving by the Black Sun across the face of the earth signifies a beginning of a great deal of mutation and evolution.


The upcoming solar eclipse appears to have a profound impact on North America and the American continents as a whole. As we await its unfolding events, one thing is certain – great change is imminent.

If you would like to know more about the secrets of the Black Sun, the true nature of our multidimensional reality, and the process of creation and destruction across the cosmos, then I highly recommend the book, The Way of the Death Defier.

Contrary to popular New Age belief, the world out there is not an illusion but rather a reality that far surpasses our comprehension. We often fall into the trap of thinking we understand our surroundings, relying on our senses and the instruments we’ve created to perceive our environment. However, these tools are limited by our cognitive abilities and can even distort our perception of the world around us.

Imagine standing in a dense forest filled with countless species of flora and fauna, yet to be discovered or named. Our eyes might be able to detect the obvious: towering trees, vibrant foliage, and perhaps the occasional glimpse of wildlife. But beyond our visual range lies an entire ecosystem teeming with life, chemical exchanges, and complex interactions that we can only begin to comprehend.

Even our most advanced instruments cannot fully capture the intricacies of this invisible world. Scientists have developed sophisticated equipment to detect electromagnetic waves beyond the visible spectrum and measure subatomic particles, yet these technologies are still limited by the boundaries of human knowledge and understanding. Moreover, we often design these instruments with a specific goal in mind, creating a narrow focus that prevents us from exploring the full range of possibilities. This approach limits our ability to expand our understanding of the unknown and ultimately hinders our progress.

The Limitations of Human Perception

As human beings, our physical senses limit us to a narrow range of stimuli. For example, our eyes can only detect visible light within a certain wavelength, while the full spectrum includes much more than what we can see. Similarly, our hearing range is limited to audible sounds within a frequency range, but the full range of audio frequencies extends far beyond these limits. Our intellectual boundaries are equally restrictive, as we can only comprehend what we have learned and experienced. This narrow understanding is shaped by our culture, upbringing, education, and personal experiences, which often limit our ability to conceive ideas or concepts that lie outside of our familiar realm.

The Role of Instruments in Shaping Our Perception

To expand our understanding of the world around us, we have developed various instruments to aid our perception. These tools can be as simple as magnifying glasses or binoculars that enhance our visual capabilities, or as complex as telescopes and microscopes that allow us to observe distant galaxies and minuscule organisms. However, the very instruments we rely on can also skew our perception of reality. For instance, a person with perfect eyesight who observes the world through “rose-colored” glasses will perceive colors that are not actually present in their surroundings. Similarly, when we rely on scientific instruments to gather data, we must be aware of their limitations and potential errors, as these tools can also distort our perception of the world.

Skewed Interpretation of the World Around Us

As human beings, we tend to create instruments that align with our existing beliefs and expectations, which can lead to a skewed interpretation of reality. For example, early astronomers believed that all celestial bodies revolved around the Earth, so they developed telescopes specifically designed to confirm this belief. These older telescopes were not able to perceive that the earth revolved around the sun because their design and construction were based on a geocentric model of the universe. The lenses and mirrors used in these early telescopes were crafted to magnify celestial objects, but they did not possess the necessary precision or sophistication to reveal the true movement of planets around the sun.

One significant limitation of older telescopes was their inability to correct for optical aberrations caused by the curvature of lenses and mirrors. This resulted in distorted images that made it difficult, if not impossible, to discern the complex motions of celestial bodies. Additionally, these early telescopes had a limited field of view, which made it challenging for astronomers to observe multiple objects simultaneously or track the movement of planets over time.

It wasn’t until the invention of more advanced instruments, such as the refracting telescope by Hans Lippershey in 1590 and the reflecting telescope by Isaac Newton in 1672, that scientists were able to challenge the geocentric model of the universe. These new telescopes featured improved optics, larger apertures, and more precise mechanical systems, allowing astronomers to observe celestial objects with greater clarity and accuracy. As a result, they could finally observe the movement of planets and confirm that the Earth revolved around the Sun, marking a major breakthrough in our understanding of the cosmos.

The Creative Aspect of Instrument Design

In designing tools to aid our perception, we often bring our creative abilities into play, shaping these instruments based on our understanding of the world and our desired outcomes. This creative process can lead to groundbreaking discoveries. However, this creative aspect also presents challenges, as we must continually reassess and refine our instruments to ensure that they accurately represent the world around us. If we become too attached to a particular instrument or method of observation, we may overlook crucial details or misinterpret the data we collect.

Recognizing the Known and Unknown Aspects of Reality and Embracing a new form of Mind Science

To truly understand the infinite world around us, we must first recognize that it is made up of both the known and unknown aspects of reality. The known aspects are those phenomena that we have already discovered, understood, and integrated into our worldview. These include the laws of physics, chemical reactions, and fundamental principles of biology governing life on Earth.

But the unknown aspects of reality pose significant challenges for us as we attempt to comprehend them. They exist in a realm beyond our current perceptual and intellectual capabilities. Our senses and instruments can only perceive a small fraction of the world around us while our understanding is limited by what we have learned and experienced up until this point. Many aspects of the unknown are difficult to imagine because they lie outside of our conceptual framework.

As we delve deeper into the unknown aspects of reality, it becomes increasingly apparent that there might be a wholly unknown reality all around us – a realm that remains hidden from our current understanding. Just as scientists at the edges of our known scientific understanding are discovering dimensions within dimensions, we too must expand our perceptions to uncover these previously untapped territories.

Our psyche, which has been defined by our insistence that we live in a very limited three-dimensional world, has also suffered from the constriction of these perceptions. It is now time to expand those perceptions in order to discover those unknown territories. And the way to do this is through Mind Science – a new science that combines insights and discoveries from various disciplines such as psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics, and what is now considered to be the impossible, which is the science of the inner senses and of tapping into internal realities, inner dream worlds, and incredibly, the projection of consciousness.

By perceiving not just with outer instruments but also with inner senses of such power and magnitude that they dwarf anything thus far created by the human species, we can unravel the complex interplay between our inner and outer worlds – a discovery that will transform our understanding of the universe and ourselves.

By embracing the potential for growth and transformation that comes with this journey, we can unlock countless possibilities that lie beyond our current comprehension. As we expand our understanding of the universe and ourselves, we will open up new avenues for discovery that were previously unimaginable – all while pushing the boundaries of what it means to be human in an ever-evolving cosmos.

Expanding Our Intellectual Perspective

In order to make headway into the unknown aspects of reality, we must first broaden our intellectual perspective. This involves challenging our existing beliefs and assumptions, questioning the limitations of our current understanding, and seeking out new ideas and concepts that may help us expand our knowledge. One way to achieve this is by engaging in interdisciplinary research, which allows scientists and scholars from different fields to collaborate and share their expertise. By doing so, we not only expand the range of our technical devices but also enhance our ability to work with the inner reality within us – our psyche.

As we delve deeper into the unknown aspects of reality, it becomes increasingly clear that a new science must develop – one that harnesses the infinitely powerful world of the inner senses. This new science, which could be called Mind Science, can begin to challenge our entire worldview by integrating the insights and discoveries from various disciplines of both external and internal varieties to better understand the complex interplay between our inner and outer reality.

Mind Science should encourage us to explore the unexplored realms of human consciousness, pushing the boundaries of what we think is possible both within ourselves and in the world around us. As we continue to expand our understanding of the unknown aspects of reality, we must embrace the importance of developing this new science that transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries and fosters a holistic approach to knowledge acquisition.

In this new and evolving reality, finding a balance between our now almost wholly externally focused reality and the infinite possibilities to be found within our internal reality – our infinite inner human world – is crucial. Embracing the importance of the inner senses will help us unlock the full potential of our consciousness and redefine our understanding of the universe and ourselves.

Expanding our understanding of the unknown aspects of reality requires a willingness to challenge our existing beliefs, broaden our intellectual perspective, maintain an open mind, engage in interdisciplinary research, and embrace uncertainty. By doing so, we can forge new pathways into the vast expanse of the infinite world and unlock countless possibilities that lie beyond our current comprehension.

Expanding Our Infinite Potential of Human Knowledge

In our quest to unravel the mysteries of the unknown aspects of reality, we must recognize that our understanding is constantly evolving, much like the infinite world we seek to comprehend. The process of discovery is a journey without an end, as each breakthrough leads to new questions and fresh perspectives.

Consider the story of the ancient Greek philosophers who first pondered the nature of the universe, or the intrepid explorers who ventured into unknown territories on Earth, seeking new lands and knowledge. These pioneering thinkers and adventurers dared to challenge their own beliefs and assumptions, pushing the boundaries of what was thought possible.

Similarly, today’s scientists and researchers continue to venture into uncharted territory, exploring realms that were once considered beyond our grasp. From the depths of the oceans to the farthest reaches of space, we are constantly expanding our understanding of the universe. By embracing uncertainty and maintaining an open mind, we can forge new pathways into the vast expanse of the infinite world, unlocking countless possibilities that lie beyond our current comprehension.

However, this exploration has predominantly focused on the exterior world, and it is now time to explore the interior world with equal fervor. This new exploration using Mind Science has the potential to take us much farther into an infinity beyond measure – a reality perhaps even larger than what has been revealed to us by the most powerful telescopes and microscopes currently available to humanity.

The kind of Mind Science I am trying to describe would encourage us to delve deeper into the depths of human consciousness, shedding light on the intricate workings of our minds and the subtle interplay between our thoughts, emotions, and perceptions. By unraveling these mysteries, we can expand our understanding of the universe and ourselves, opening up new avenues for discovery that were previously unimaginable.

As we continue to explore both the interior and exterior realms of reality, it is crucial that we maintain an open mind and embrace the potential for growth and transformation that comes with this journey. The infinite possibilities that lie within and beyond our understanding hold the key to a future where humanity can thrive in harmony with itself and the cosmos, guided by the wisdom gleaned from our exploration of the inner and outer worlds.

The journey to expand our understanding of the unknown aspects of reality is one filled with both challenges and opportunities. Besides broadening our intellectual perspective, we must also embrace the inner senses and the possibility of the projection of consciousness beyond the limits of the physical. This ability to project consciousness beyond what now seems possible – truly bounded by preconceived ideas of a three-dimensional existence – can expand our ability to explore the cosmos and new ways.

This new methodology, akin to creating a new armada of sailing vessels, can forge a new form of navigation that takes us far beyond anything currently possible with just external machines and contraptions. By harmoniously blending internal exploration with external research methodology, humanity can unlock a universe of possibilities that transcends our current understanding and pushes the frontiers of human knowledge to new heights.

If you would like to know more about the limits of our physical senses and how to expand them. If you would like to know how to expand the cognitive boundaries of our beliefs, and how these have an incredible power to shape the world that we perceive, then I recommend the book: The Occult Experience.

Here you will find a treasure trove of ways to go beyond the limits of what is truly a self and societally imposed limitation on our cognitive ability!

In our relentless pursuit to grasp our surroundings, we often depend on our rational self to provide explanations and make sense of everything. But as we delve deeper into this quest, we come face-to-face with a peculiar glitch in our minds that leaves us questioning the very essence of reality. This bizarre anomaly, this inherent absurdity, is what makes us ponder if there’s more to life than meets the eye.

At first glance, rationality may appear as the ultimate tool for understanding the world around us. It allows us to express our thoughts coherently and form conclusions based on evidence. Yet, it also acts as a barrier that hinders us from truly appreciating the whimsical and nonsensical aspects of reality. The more we scrutinize this glitch, the clearer it becomes that there’s always a reason to question everything.

Paranoia, in this context, could be seen as an essential mindset for those who yearn to uncover the true nature of reality. If we are paranoid enough to examine every aspect of our existence and defy societal norms, maybe then – and only then – will we begin to untangle the mysteries that lie beneath the surface of the world around us.

As we navigate these complex concepts and embrace our personal madness, we gain invaluable insights into the true nature of reality. This first step towards enlightenment is crucial in helping us break free from the unfortunate and ultimately lethal Catch-22 loop that has been holding us back from realizing our full potential. In this journey, we will delve into how embracing personal madness can lead to a deeper understanding of reality and help us escape the chains of the Catch-22 loop that has long dictated our perception of the world.


Exploring Reality’s Twists and Turns – Unravelling The ‘Glitch in the Matrix’

Our reliance on rationality helps us make sense of the world, but it can also limit our understanding of reality’s true nature. We often depend on established frameworks and preconceived notions, something I have termed ‘Dogmatic Thinking’, to interpret new information, creating blind spots that keep us from acknowledging the ‘glitch in our minds.’

The limitations of dogma and the average thinking of the world become apparent when we encounter seemingly contradictory or puzzling situations in life. These “glitches” force us to question our understanding of reality, leading to an existential crisis that challenges who we are and how we perceive the world. The paradoxical nature of human existence – caught between average rationality and supposed madness – highlights the importance of embracing both perspectives for a more comprehensive grasp of reality.

To embrace personal madness means acknowledging that life doesn’t always make sense, and it is okay to question everything around us. By doing so, we can develop a healthier skepticism and questioning mindset that allows us to explore new perspectives and challenge societal norms. This mindset empowers us to see the world through different lenses and ultimately leads to a deeper understanding of the ‘glitch in the matrix’ – an essential step in gaining insights into reality itself.

Understanding this glitch can help us comprehend how it shapes our perception of reality, enabling us to break free from the Catch-22 loop that has held us captive for so long. As we navigate this complex terrain, we must remain open-minded and willing to challenge our preconceived notions about the world around us; we must strive to go beyond average rationality. In doing so, we may discover a more authentic and enlightened existence that transcends the limitations of our zombie life.


The Catch-22 Loop – A Contradictory Trap in Our Perception of Reality

The term “Catch-22” comes from Joseph Heller’s novel, where a character faces two unfavorable options with no escape. In the context of our sense of reality, the Catch-22 loop arises when we confront the ‘glitch in our minds’ and must choose between embracing what the zombie world calls personal madness, or adhering to societal norms that restrict our understanding and freedom.

One example of this paradoxical trap can be seen in the case of whistleblowers who expose corruption within their organizations. They are often faced with a Catch-22 situation – if they follow established procedures, they may not be taken seriously, but if they break rules to expose the truth, they risk losing their jobs or facing legal consequences.

The Catch-22 loop is a dangerous trap that hinders our growth and limits our potential as individuals. It creates a paradoxical situation where questioning reality can lead to further confusion, while blindly accepting established norms prevents us from gaining deeper insights into the true nature of existence. The loop reinforces itself, making it difficult for those trapped within it to break free and escape the confines of their limited awareness.

Breaking free from the Catch-22 loop requires self-awareness and a willingness to question everything around us. It involves recognizing the paradoxical nature of our existence and embracing personal madness as a steppingstone towards a more comprehensive understanding of reality. By doing so, we can transcend the limitations of our rational minds and gain insights that were previously hidden from view.

The potential dangers of being stuck in the Catch-22 loop cannot be overstated. It can lead to a stagnant existence devoid of growth and creativity, as well as hinder our ability to connect with others who have also broken free from this pervasive mental trap. Ultimately, breaking free from the loop is essential for personal development and truly contributing positively to society at large.


Unlocking the Hidden Potential Within – A Journey Towards Expanded Consciousness

The human mind is a vast and intricate landscape, filled with unexplored territories that hold the key to our untapped potential. Escaping the Catch-22 loop and embracing personal lunacy is the first step towards unlocking these hidden depths and expanding our consciousness. By doing so, we open up new worlds of possibility in our minds and unleash a torrent of creative energy that can transform our lives and the world around us.

One real-world example of this transformation can be seen in the lives of individuals who have embraced alternative spiritual practices, such as meditation, the art of the projectionist, or servitor creation. These practices enable them to expand their consciousness by tapping into their inner reality and gaining a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. As a result, they experience increased creativity, better mental health, and improved relationships with others.

The benefits of expanding our consciousness extend far beyond personal development. When we open up new worlds of possibility in our minds, we also contribute to the collective evolution of humanity by promoting innovation, creativity, and empathy. By challenging established norms and embracing unconventional perspectives, we pave the way for a more enlightened society that values critical thinking, our INNER REALITY, personal growth, and connection with others.

To embark on this journey towards expanded consciousness, we must first break free from the Catch-22 loop by being a little paranoid and every established idea that we have inherited from the average human world. This involves developing a mindset of curiosity and openness, which allows us to explore new personal ideas, perspectives, and ways of being in the world. By doing so, we can unlock the hidden potential within and create a life that is richer, more fulfilling, and more meaningful than ever before.

So, unlocking the hidden potential within is a crucial step in our personal and collective evolution. By expanding our consciousness, developing a questioning mindset, and exploring new perspectives, we can break free from the mental trap that has long held us captive and embark on a journey towards expanded awareness and unlimited possibilities.”


Embracing (our supposed) Personal Lunacy – The Path to Freedom, Expanded Awareness, and Deepened Self-Discovery

Throughout this exploration of the glitch in the matrix that we all feel to one degree or another, we have briefly looked into the intricate landscape of human perception and the challenges it presents for understanding the world around us. We have examined how breaking free from the confines of societal norms can lead to a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and ultimately, freedom.

One powerful real-world example of this journey is the story of individuals who have found liberation through the practice of inner alchemy and the way of the projectionist (astral travel). By embracing personal lunacy and questioning their supposed real world perceptions, these individuals have unlocked hidden potential within themselves, leading to a profound expansion of self-awareness. As they have developed a more expansive understanding of reality, they have gained ease and contentment in their lives, transcending the mental traps that once held them captive.

This journey towards enlightenment is not without its challenges, but it offers a roadmap for personal growth and self-discovery that leads to a greater sense of freedom and expanded awareness. In embracing personal lunacy and delving into uncharted territories, we can transcend societal norms and gain profound insights that enrich our inner world. This journey allows us to connect with kindred spirits who have also ventured beyond the familiar, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose in our quest for self-discovery and enlightenment.

As we continue on this journey, it is essential to remain open-minded and receptive to new perspectives. In embracing an expanded awareness of reality, we must come to terms with the fact that the world just doesn’t make sense, and so, we must embrace this and question everything! We cannot turn away; we must face this tide. It is through this acceptance that we can transcend the limits of our rational minds and gain insights into a reality that was previously hidden from view.

The world is weird.

Even those that follow the modern religion of rational skepticism will admit to themselves, on those lonely nights when they cannot sleep and are forced to think about the nature of existence, that the world is weird.

The alignment of recent events appears almost preordained. Observe the seemingly intricate and clandestine patterns that have emerged, as if each element were precisely arranged to achieve a specific outcome. The pieces of this grand chessboard are meticulously positioned, orchestrating a result that is both predictable and morbidly captivating.

This contemporary era, marked by distinctive terminology and theological perspectives, has embraced materialism as its dominant belief. It now favors the new term simulation, the matrix. And as we look at how the world runs and things turn in almost perfect sequence, it is easy to imagine, on those dark and lonely nights when there is nothing else to do except question the self and existence, that perhaps we do indeed live in some kind of simulated world, an orchestrated one.

From the point of view of the average person in the world, what I am about to say will seem preposterous, but from the point of view of those that can see, those that can truly see beyond the three dimensional material cage, my revelations are quite simply, logical.

I will begin by stating that there are covert organizations, composed of highly advanced and meticulously organized beings, who dedicate themselves to the pursuit of what appears, to the typical rational individual, to be irrational goals. These clandestine groups, known as cabals or houses, have existed since antiquity and have concurrently evolved alongside the perceived mundane and common human world.

Although these clandestine societies are not large in terms of membership, their influence is immense. While the core members of such organizations are a small group, they have amassed significant power through their auxiliary members and hierarchical structures that adhere to their teachings. Consequently, one could categorize the larger organizations created by these small but highly powerful societies as a form of Parallel Civilization that follows the dictates and the advice of these secret orders, cabals, or houses.

To be clear, there is an occult and secret community, made up of a select few, that through their power, which I refer to as a kind of mind science, run the world. These societies, along with those that follow their dictates and advice, which is a large parallel civilization made up of the super wealthy and the leaders of the Earth, wield almost total influence over what is now referred to as the great simulation.

I feel that it is now easier than ever before to see this parallel civilization, by the average person. The web, and the great interconnection that we all have through cyberspace, can now enable those that are willing to look, to see the great tide of controlled change in real time.

At every present moment point you will see an endless stream of what could be described as narrative control. The populace of the world, is constantly being pushed, you are being pushed now, to follow a certain narrative, to believe certain things and to not believe others.

For the rational skeptic who follows the science, by which I mean the accepted truth of the times in accordance to whatever authority figure rules the land, the world makes complete sense from that highly materialistic and controlled perspective.

This kind of narrative push, which is quite simply a kind of psychic control, has existed and has gone on since recorded history. And interestingly, the general scope of it is quite easily explained rationally and therefore ignored, by the secular skepticism, of the modern age; it all makes sense to the average person, the now common and highly skeptical modern individual, and all of it, all of the narrative push and evidence pointing to this elite organization and control is easily explained as just game theory, statistics, politics, and how the world works.

Today, more than ever before, the average person has the possibility of seeing this parallel civilization. The internet and our interconnectedness through cyberspace provides a window into real-time, controlled change. At every moment, you are being influenced by narrative control, subtly urging you to accept certain beliefs and disregard others. For the rational observer who adheres to what they may feel are scientific principles, the science, the world functions predictably within this highly controlled materialistic framework.

This form of narrative push, which is at its core psychic control, has existed throughout history and is, as I have said, easily rationalized by the secular skepticism of our modern age.

Perhaps the best way to begin, is to define what I refer to as rational skepticism. But let me make this point clear right from the start, this article is not about the modern theology of the times, but wholly and completely about secret orders, secret groups that now control the entire planet to one degree or another.

There is an entire reality, a kind of hidden civilization if you will, beyond average thought. And it hides itself in plain sight, using technologies, a kind of mind science, beyond average credible belief.

This hidden or fringe civilization, which to be more precise is made up of a number of different factions or secret orders, cabal -like organizations, is responsible for those tides of change that are now more easily identifiable in this age of mass media and global connectivity.

In order to understand how these hidden orders can exist in plain sight, and how it is that they control society, it is best to understand the term rational skepticism.

So, defining this crucial term, rational skepticism, is an appropriate starting point. However, other terms such as “secular skepticism,” “being realistic,” or “common sense” could also be used to convey the same concept. These words help to establish and define what the typical individual perceives as reality during a specific historical era. Rationality therefore is the pooling of accepted facts that shape what is considered normal and common sense for that particular moment in time. And rational skepticism is the act, the devotional act of zealously believing only the accepted facts of the time, while completely denying and sometimes even vilifying any other possible belief.

Can you see how this is a kind of religion? The average human population that is controlled by this parallel civilization, that is in turn controlled by the secret orders I have mentioned, is conditioned to become a religious zealot at any and every age. This guarantees that the average person will never even contemplate the indoctrinated narrative of the times, and will moreover, squash any dissenting voices crazy enough, to even contemplate something beyond the rationality, the new theology, of the times.

In that sense then, you could say that the average world, the large mass of humanity living at any one particular time, always strives to maintain a status quo with a kind of religious fervor. This common sanity, is sort of like the parameters by which everyone strives to come together and comply with a certain general reality tunnel of existence. The greater the ability of any one group to comply and to wholly believe in the truth of this status quo, the easier it is for that particular society to work together towards particular goals. In that sense then, this kind of coming together of minds can be quite a positive thing, but it also has its very negative aspects.

This status quo, this common beliefs framework, is as I have said the coming together of accepted and sanctioned truths. In its simplest sense it is the ability of everyone to believe the same thing as much as possible. If everyone can believe together, if everyone can agree on the facts, then the ability to maintain a cohesive and orderly society becomes consequential, natural. To control a population then, you must control its beliefs. And in that sense then you could say that rationality, rational skepticism, is not a new thing. Every age has its own version of rationality and common sense. The name for that kind of rationality might be slightly different in other times or in other places. Patriotism and religious faith are well known terms, and I will repeat, these are not bad things. When it becomes bad is when such belief structures are subtly changed to suit certain negative agendas.

Whatever the case, and by whatever name you want to call it, there is a status quo in the world. This status quo says that certain beliefs are true while others are not. For that reason, a great deal of power and effort is made by those that are part of the parallel civilization, to control the nature of that belief reality tunnel, and to turn that tunnel not only into a status quo, but really into the theology, the religion, of the times. And as you may have noticed, regardless of size, societies generally possess an institutional framework designed to regulate and shape the collective experience. These are in that sense the holders of the rationality of the era, the keepers of the theology of the times. These individuals are appointed, nurtured into existence by the secret orders that I am now describing.

This is very important in understanding the secret power that runs this world, because such hidden cabals understand and use the nature of such secular skepticism, to hide in the midst of the common person.

How is this modern version of rationality or common sense being used in the modern age?

Well, generally speaking, people are becoming more and more materially focused. What this means is that they have or are in the process of losing their ability to see the gods and all of the magical creatures all around them. Cyberspace is taking over for dreams, imagination, and the ability to just let go and believe in a reality beyond the physical and the three dimensional. Whether you are a person living a 9-to-5 life in a thriving metropolis or whether you are a person staking out a life in a natural and isolated corner of the world, the smart phone, a million satellites in space, and the World Wide Web, are uniting us all in a common reality.

The world wide web is a good thing. One of the good things is that it allows us to see a broader perspective if we use it properly. And if we are willing to look, we can use it to see how the narrative of the world is shaped through the push of beliefs, endless and repetitive dictates, commandments, as to what is truth, and what is falsehood.

Understanding the nature of the narrative push, as site after site on your smart phone doles out the same insistent message, as certain key phrases and key concepts are repeated over and over again across news and by whatever trusted authority figure, you can begin to see, if you look, the push to control the narrative of the world. Understanding this, you begin to understand the nature of control.

But what is physically perceivable on the internet for example is just the outer surface; this is quite literally the tip of the iceberg that hides within the depths of dark waters a kind of mind science that is quite literally impossible to contemplate by those that are completely bound within the rationality of the times. And this clouding, this binding of people to only accept the meager measure of their physical senses in just a certain controlled way, is done with purpose. It is all designed to blind the average person so that they cannot see the deeper truth.

Whether it is the person living the 9-to-5 life or the person in the outskirts of what some might refer to as the civilized world, the ability to see around the three dimensional materialistic bend is becoming harder, for most I would say it is now almost impossible.

But there are others in the world that are different, and some of those others have become the true rulers of the world. Either through what some might refer to as fate, or through quite deliberate selection, there are elite groups out there that have never believed in the rationality of any time. Those groups, those secret orders, are far more organized than those that even might suspect their existence would believe. And the span of the existence of these orders means that they have dedicated immense lengths of time to exploring alternate ways of looking at and manipulating reality, and this is a true discipline, a power, which on occasion I have termed mind science.

Across the span of eons these secret orders have dedicated themselves to look for cracks in the reality wall that cages the rest of humanity. And once these walls are found, a great deal of focus and effort is made to expand those cracks in order to access technologies, entities, and worlds beyond description.

As I have said, those that are part, that are true members, of these secret societies is few, a highly organized few. And yet their numbers is larger than most would suspect. There are a number of such elite societies or houses, not just one. And there are, generally, two distinct ways of looking at and understanding the power that they seek.

-Some houses believe in power through freedom, through focus on the intangible, and these houses are not interested in material power or in controlling humanity. This is one branch you might say.

-But there are other houses that interest themselves in power through complete control of the material world, and it is these secret houses that have created a vast parallel civilization made up of the elite and the extremely wealthy. It is these houses that are interested in material power, and that now rule the Earth by ruling over and advising the parallel civilization that they have helped to establish.

The average human world is aware of the penchant of great leaders to rely on what the secular skeptics of the world refer to as pseudo psychics and charlatans. Whether it is Reagan or Bonaparte, the mundane world explains these eccentricities as fringe weirdness that the elites sometimes seem to fall prey to. And it is easy to explain from the rational perspective, and it is there plain to see in all of our sanctioned history books, that the reliance on weird psychics and oracles by some elite leaders is just a kind of eccentricity that seems to befall a few of the upper-class.

But hidden beneath the charlatans, the weird oracles, and the seemingly ludicrous rituals that the powerful of the world seem to so delight in taking part in, there exists a hidden science that is no joke, no eccentricity, but is instead calculated power. The keepers of this hidden science are the secret orders, the secret cabal’s, that the secular skeptic and mundane human world will never see. You can think of these secret orders like a kind of hidden priesthood, dedicated to the pursuit of power by other than common rational human means. And their influence can be felt in all major happenings, being that this priesthood will most often advise and on occasion even help to direct, certain key events and social movements. Their numbers are few but there organizations are highly complex, and their form of communication and structure is deliberately designed to be beyond rational linear pattern.

Of these varied hidden secret orders or houses, I will mention three general branches that exist within them that tend to be the most common and can be better understood by the average world.

The first branch is by far, in my opinion at least, the most important. This is the branch of what I would refer to as the seers. These are beings that either as individuals or sometimes working in tandem, task themselves with perceiving far beyond the physical three dimensional world. Their sole task is to not only identify the cracks in the world as it were, but also see into these cracks, sometimes even step deeply into them and then report and organize, in a myriad of different ways, all that they can see beyond the collective matrix, the cage, of humanity.

These seers are the true advisors, to the true elite, that run the world. Their power comes from their ability to see the great energetic tides that assault this planet, and to then advise the leaders of the earth on how best to use such energy currents to truly change the human world in the only way possible, which is to change the collective human perceptive point, their cognition, and in essence their entire belief structure.

Another identifiable branch within these secret orders are what could be referred to as channelers. This branch is not responsible for objective and detached seeing, but for moving into those cracks in reality and making direct contact with forces and entities of sometimes incredible power that exist beyond the mundane human reality. And using such contact, they can then instruct on the development of new technologies if you will, and give dynamic energy to social movements that at times have the potential to change vast stretches of the world.

Finally and for simplicity sake, there are also branches within those secret societies that focus on the mastery of energy manipulation. Such branches focus on controlling the nature and the direction of those unseen forces and powers that assault this world in order to bring about change in accordance to the varied will of these clandestine organizations.

There are orders within orders, and factions within those orders. The complexity and the schemes are, as I have said beyond rationality.

The crazy over-the-top psychics and the sometimes gaudy or silly rituals that are reported on, are most often bad attempts at copying powers and techniques that are far beyond the wanabees and the fashionable nouveau riche of the times. This is just outer theater. The true craft is performed in secrecy, and the power of such true practitioners can at times be staggering.

The world is indeed controlled by an elite few. But the nature of that control, and the true organizational structure of the world will never be known by the average person until they are able to let go of the theology, the religion, the rational skepticism, of the times.

If you would like to delve a little deeper into the true nature of societal change and control, and how to overcome this control, I recommend the book, Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy.

There are individuals who choose to look, while others shy away from going deep enough. There are those who find intrigue in exploring potential opportunities, even if they initially seem absurd. On the other hand, there are people who cannot spare time from their hectic schedules filled with endless work and busy tasks to delve into anything deemed inconsequential by today’s rational society.

It is all crazy from beginning to end.
In the midst of a hectic life, you might momentarily pause, almost by accident, to gaze up at the stars on a dark and lonely night and contemplate what life is about. The fascinating part is that the simple act of focusing on this intriguing question seems to shift your mind for a moment. Within that fleeting window of focused time, as you ponder the meaning of existence, it can occur that a multitude of questions and theories may invade your thoughts. You may recall old philosophical musings or thoughts that you may have heard, or you may recall just the right phrases or ideas that you may have seen or heard from various sources. Some might even wonder at that moment why our minds work this way, that is, we focus on one thing and are instantly flooded by previously unexplored thoughts and concepts. It is almost as if the focus of our attention, in this case the focus on the infinite expanse of the sky above us, simultaneously draws us into that infinity while at the same time pulls into our minds a multitude of questions and theories that we may have pondered for years.

And this is where most people may turn away. Almost unconsciously, sometimes with conscious effort, something else seems to pop into our minds and as our focus shifts, our brief moment of contemplation ends. That prior moment is lost, gone, forgotten, and something else draws your attention away from the dark sky and the glittering stars. And interestingly, you find that you are somewhat relieved that the busyness of life has engaged you once again, so you do not have to think about crazy theories, crazy ideas, crazy feelings that, in the end, do not matter very much at all from the point of view of average life and living.

But those who are crazy enough to openly ponder the dark infinity above them for a little longer than average, begin to discover, through the strange focusing power of the mind, an odd reality that exists alongside the mundane world. It is like they have stumbled across a secret that was right in front of their faces all along but they could not quite see for some reason. This is their first clue that something is strange, something is not quite as they have been told it is.

And upon contemplating the dark yet glittering immeasurable expanse above them, odd questions may arise, such as: why are we here? Is this all there is? Am I just a meat machine? Is there a soul? Is there a heaven? Is there more to me? Are there powers within me that are untapped?

Upon contemplating such questions, there arises this desire, a more accurate word would be commandment, to turn away and think about other things. Some will turn to theology and instantly begin to recite to themselves all of the beliefs that are part of that reality tunnel, almost like a bandage, to try to mend the fracture that they have felt so deeply inside. Others will turn to the modern theology of the times, rational skepticism, and begin to recite in their heads all of the beliefs that are part of that reality tunnel. But whether it is the gods in heaven or the latest scientific theories on space, planets, and gravity, the commandment to look away is obeyed.
Then, infinity and all those other worlds before them turn into something mundane, something easy to handle, something altogether sane. And thankfully, the average person can enjoy the beauty of the sky without worry, and quite literally protect themselves from the onslaught of the great Titans above and beyond the human world.

But what about those who pay attention for just a little longer, while resisting the great commandment to turn the extraordinary into the mundane? Well, for those who are crazy enough to pay attention for sometimes even just a few seconds longer, an odd thing begins to happen.
This process starts as a feeling and it is difficult to put into words. That feeling is like you have uncovered something that was right in front of your face all along. It is like seeing something that was always there but somehow just beyond your vision, just beyond your ability to focus. And as you look up at the immeasurably dark sky and the stars, infinity will pull you. You will feel it in your stomach, almost like something is pulling you up, as if you could fall up. And as that feeling invades your mundane reality, you will finally realize that we are all falling, that the entire world is ever falling into infinity.
It’s like a goldfish looking beyond the edge of its fishbowl and seeing a whole other world beyond its little bubble of existence. Can anyone who is sane be blamed for not wanting to understand or feel in any way the limits of their tiny little world, let alone contemplate the possibility that the fishbowl, one day might shatter!

Sometimes, even a few seconds of looking into the infinite while struggling to fight the commandment to look away can turn you into the walking crazy. We are the walking crazy, we who have realized our precarious position in this tiny little fishbowl. Our limited little goldfish brains might only be able to perceive so much, and our attention span is so small, but for some that glimmering moment is enough to turn them into the walking crazy.
The majority of us have had this kind of moment at some point in our lives, perhaps many, when we have looked up into the dark skies and into infinity and wondered. Some of us have been able to maintain our focus on that infinity long enough, to come to the life-shattering realization that we are merely tiny goldfish in a precarious little fishbowl, a small and fragile little fishbowl that is falling into the very depths of infinity.

Being able to maintain that focus long enough to be able to see the precarious nature of our existence and the infinity all around us, is a burden. Many people speak of wanting to understand the riddle of existence. But the truth is that deep down, few are genuinely interested in such mind shattering revelations.
The infinite is all around us. The odd and the weird are around every bend, and hidden within all of the angles that make up our walls, our cage. But most will not resist, or fight in any way, the commandment to turn the magnificent, the magical, the mysterious, the frightening, into the mundane.
Perhaps you have experienced the way of the walking crazy to some degree. Perhaps in one of those moments, as you stared into infinity, you realized the frailty of our existence and glimpsed the Titans beyond our fishbowl.

Upon becoming the walking crazy, even if it’s for just a fleeting moment, there are three general possibilities for all of us. The first two options are the most common:

The first is that, as you catch a glimpse of eternity and instantly become conscious of the madness that is taking over, you come to your senses and turn away. This is what most of us do. Faced with the madness of eternity, you quickly turn away and try to explain your feelings and realizations as some kind of illusion or mistake. You may then spend the rest of your life trying to ignore or forget about it, wondering at times if that moment and those feelings were real, but in the end, you will come to accept that it was just a momentary delusion that had no consequence.

The second option is that you cannot fight that madness and accept it. But you accept it as any normal human being would. And that is to believe yourself to be sick, afflicted, stricken. You may then walk down that long road of insanity and allow the world to take care of you in whatever way is fashionable for the times. Lost in insanity you can then blame the world for your sickness, but most importantly you can forget about that infinity that you had seen, accepting the fact that it was all a delusion and therefore inconsequential, stupid, sick.

The third option is the option of the walking crazy. After seeing infinity such individuals know that they can never go back. Some may keep looking into infinity, while others might have had enough from just one glimpse. But whatever the case the walking crazy accept the fact that they are crazy, that they can no longer tolerate the mundane facts of the average world. Having accepted their lot as the consciously insane, in accordance to the standards of the modern world, they learn to go on and to hide the fact that they are now a wholly different kind of animal.

In the best of cases, the walking crazy revel in the fact that they are free, and use that freedom as a source of extra energy that they can then channel into further seeing, further exploration farther and farther away from the cage of humanity.

The walking crazy that have accepted their lot and go on can become marvellous beasts. If they are successful in their mission, they will conceal their insanity from the rest of the world, knowing that if their madness is exposed, people will attempt to cure them.
You may recognize these individuals by a sudden, almost feral glint in their eyes, which they quickly try to hide. They may be staring endlessly at the sky or a tree, and often seem lost in thought, as if in some kind of delusion, lost in worlds far beyond the human.
There is no cure for the walking crazy. There is no reward for us because surely it would be madness to believe that after a long and fruitful journey of overcoming obstacles, we may finally find peace at last. There will always be another barrier to overcome, another wall to break. We are fighters seeking the infinite quest for complete freedom, and for us, the reward is not some destination but rather the struggle itself and the endless journey into boundless, immeasurable space. After all, what else would you expect from those who are supposedly insane?

If you would like to know the way of the walking crazy. If you are insane or daring enough to read a book that may just turn you into the walking crazy yourself, then I recommend the book, The Art of transmutation.

Some people might say, and I would personally agree, that the world is a little bit Mad. And it is good to start carefully, certainly it might be slightly frivolous to say that we are the sane ones, while it is the rest of the world that is truly crazy. Indeed, to think such unbalanced thoughts might be a form of insanity after all.

But, from a point of great sobriety, could we say, that the world is, well, bonkers? And that is the odd bit really, either I am insane, you are insane for thinking the world is insane as I do, or the rest of the world is the truly mad one. And if we are all bubbles as they say, if it is a mad little world, perhaps if we have not gone bubbles ourselves already, maybe we should start on a journey towards our own version of crazy, because whatever we do, we are already living in utter lunacy.

The question then becomes, are there benefits to further insanity? Is there a little bit of a silver lining, to be ever so slightly more mad?

I am being slightly cheeky. But do not judge me too harshly, at least so early in my rant. Because hidden in this mad outburst lies wisdom of an unsuspected kind. And this bit of reality-check has to do with inner alchemy, and the hard won lessons of old sorcerers, that discovered very long ago, that the world in the end, that oh so real and supposedly hard as rocks and low lying furniture world out there, well, that world, is merely a point of view, a point of cognition.

It is likely that you have heard the story of the Emperor’s new clothes. In that story, none can supposedly see, but all pretend to see the emperors stylish new gown. The story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” is a hilarious tale about an emperor who is obsessed with his wardrobe. Two cunning weavers convince the emperor that they can make him the finest robe, but the catch is that the clothes are only visible to those who are intelligent and competent. The emperor, not wanting to appear foolish, pretends to see the clothes, as do his advisors and the townspeople. In the end, a child blurts out that the emperor is actually naked, and everyone realizes the absurdity of the situation. The story humorously highlights the theme of authenticity and the fear of appearing foolish. It’s a witty reminder that sometimes the truth is plain to see, even if it’s not what we want to believe.

Now, this is a story of consensual pressure, supposedly. From it you are supposed to get a rather sober idea of just how weighty and foolish the power of conformity can be. But here is a secret, a crazy little secrets, all hidden in there in that simple child’s story. And what the story does not go into, perhaps this is a little too much for a simple story meant for children, but what it does not go into, what it dared not say perhaps, is that the townspeople in that kingdom that did not see the Emperor’s new clothes at first, did in time, with a little pressure from all of the other pretenders around them, did in fact, in time, begin to see, to really see, the Emperor’s new clothes.

This is a terrible secret, kind of hilarious really in a nutter kind of way I suppose. And that secret is that, the townspeople in the story were mad before the con-men, the weavers, arrived. All the people in that kingdom were mad, just like all the people in this world are mad…whether we want to admit it to ourselves or not.

Incredibly, there was, and there now is, a level of madness in all of us. And this is because we all see, to differing degree, that which we are supposed to see instead of what actually is!

In the story, some people saw the Emperor’s new clothes right off, they didn’t even have to be prompted, that is how in sync they were to the crazy of the times. It was real for them, as real as punch, because the greatest authority in the land declared this so by merely acting in a certain way, and there was no questioning such authority. Others, saw snippets, a cuff here, nickers over there, the robe was starting to appear for them. Others saw nothing at all but waited patiently to finally see what they were supposed to see. They knew that in time the world would change for them, that they would finally see.

And that is the state of our world really, our madness is not black-and-white, here or there kind of thing. It is not a yes or no situation, no matter how much our brain likes to simplify things. It is instead the case that our insanity is in degrees. But of greatest concern, the really important slice in all of this, at least for a deeply mad old sorcerer like my loony self anyway, is that the range of that insanity in the world is so very one directional. Human insanity is, quite simply, so uniform, that one could say that for all intents and purpose, it is, a herding mechanism.

So, insanity is rampant in the world, and the insanity in people is by degrees. Some see the emperors new clothes as distinctly as you see your fingers in front of your face. Others see part of it and call themselves silly for not seeing the whole picture. A few see nothing but expect to see it very soon, and hardly any at all even question the madness. But the crazy thing, the interesting thing, the thing that very few talk about ever, even if they notice the rampant insanity of the world, is that human insanity seems to flow in a very specific direction. And in the end, all that one could say is that human insanity seems to be a kind of herding instinct. If the Emperor says that he has new clothes that are invisible and only the intelligent can see, then the herd will see. If the Emperor says that he can fly every time he has the hiccups, then such an assertion instantly becomes fact.

This means that from an individuals point of view, to be a loony of a slightly different kind is most difficult, possibly even dangerous. The world at large practices a kind of homogeneous insanity that is difficult to stand against or overcome because of the sheer scale of the crazy conformity.

But the crazy part, the part that will drive you bonkers thankfully, if you are not loony already, is that since the world is insane in a very conformist kind of way, to be a lunatic of a different variety can have some great benefits if you can manage it safely.

Just like the young boy that refused to see the Emperor’s new clothes, and saw things for what they were, or were not in that case, the way of inner alchemy, is the way of going against the great weight of that mad kind of conformity. By doing so you can see new things. By being a different kind of lunatic you can relieve some of the great weight of this world, find an odd kind of peace, and see, for the first time perhaps, begin to truly see, a different kind of truth.

Let me repeat that in hopefully more understandable gobbledygook. The way of inner alchemy, is the way of going slightly more mad, and on certain occasions completely mad indeed. But mad in your own way, a new way as far away as possible from the conformist madness of society.

The mass of the world sees the emperor’s new clothes to some degree. Some see parts of that new robe that the emperor is wearing, hopefully the knickers at least, but not all of it. Others see it all, perfectly, every bejeweled part of that new robe that the king is wearing. For them it is striking and beautiful and beyond doubt. But whatever the case, whether they do not see and pretend to see, or whether they see it in all its splendor, just like you see the many walls all around you now, the mass of the world is in that sense mad. And, unfortunately, unlike the story, some small child won’t save this planet by screaming out the obvious truth. Instead, you must plan your own individual escape. You must plan for your own individual kind of madness.

This is the escape of the inner alchemist. Since the world is quite mad to whatever conformist degree, then, in such a crazy and mad world, the only truly sane thing to do is to go mad yourself, but in a non-conformist way. You must go mad in your own unique way, well and far away from the herd mind.

You must go mad in a way that turns the robe invisible again, as opposed to visible. You must become so mad indeed, that in time you can turn all the walls and barriers around you ethereal, as opposed to solid and unyielding. Your lunacy must make those walls and that robe so invisible and ethereal, that you can just walk away and past all of the shackles of this place.

And I just bet, that you are one of those odd little lunatics. I see you out there sometimes with that crazy little glint in your eye. I marvel at the sight of you as you take step after step in this crazy world, the courage of you, the sheer audacity. You out there, who are so much more courageous then you realize, I revel and I marvel at the sheer existence of you.

Starting today, my courageous brethren, give yourself a break, give yourself a little selfish gift. Take a hint from this old devil and as the greatest band on earth once put it, go ever so slightly mad!

Look up to the sky, then look down at the world and say those magical words, who cares!

Like the fool in the tarot, stepping off into oblivion with that deer caught in the headlights look on his face, take a step into indifferent oblivion. Dissociate from the madness of this place, and go mad in a different way. Believe me, you won’t regret it.

Smile at it, relax in the face of it. Let it go, let it do itself. Step outside of it, care nothing for it, for anything, just smile and forget the self that’s supposed to care so much about everything. There might be gum stuck on the bottom of your shoe, the sky might be falling, super intelligent robots might take over the world at any moment, and you just remembered that you forgot to pay off your credit card. Well, say who gives a fig about that!

Who gives a blunt about it. Go ever so slightly mad my courageous and wonderful friend. Give me that gift. For a little bit forget to see the Emperors new clothes. Oh, but do not let them know that you cannot see it, that supposedly wonderful robe, those supposedly protective walls. Act as if you are just as insane, I mean rational and lucid, as everyone else. But deep down inside, deep down in places where they at least for now cannot see just yet. There, in that place that is yours alone, just go on the bonkers. Smile your lunatic smile and say to all the walls and authority of this mad little world, who cares!

If you would like to know more about the madness of this world and how to overcome it, I recommend the book, Overcoming the Archon through Alchemy.

And remember, as Bob, your uncle, once said, and I paraphrase, who gives a fig if they can’t take a joke!