If we look around this world, especially now that we have so much access to information, things can seem very chaotic and downright crazy at times. Whatever you might think about the state of the world at this moment in time, one can make the case that everything changes, and that those changes seem to be happening at a faster and faster pace.
From an Alchemical perspective, these changes are the result of an energetic flux, that has both internal (subjective) and external (from the world at large) origins. Further, it can be argued that the major thrust of this flux is quite negative to humanity, and that the origins of this negative aspect of the flux of life, is the result of a titanic force that does not have humanity’s best interest in mind.
But through the correct use of certain energetic techniques, this dark force can actually be used in a transformative way, to get all the things that we may desire, and to break free from the oppressive aspects of this life that we all have in common.

There have been many books written about how to use your mind to change your life. Many of these books will tell you that your entire life is the result of internal subjective states; the beliefs thoughts and ideas that occupy your mind.
There are a number of books that are very helpful and give people hope, and in the best of times they introduce techniques that people can use to better their lives. Often times though, these books can be a bit disappointing because the changes that people want don’t come quickly, or they don’t come at all.

People then, are left wondering why certain techniques work sometimes to some degree.
They sometimes wonder why it is impossible to fight against the system. Even when they are given strategies on how to stop paying attention to this system, so that they may break free from it, they wonder why these techniques fail. They wonder why it is impossible to escape this oppressive cage without walls, and why it is impossible to escape those people that make up the core of this seemingly broken world order.
They also wonder why their attention fails. They wonder why it is so difficult to maintain their thoughts focused on one subject over time; even when those thoughts are about things that they really like or love.
Such questions can have people wondering if they are doing something wrong, or if the techniques that they are being taught are not quite right. Many contemplate the possibility that they are being told only some of the truth, and as a result often waste a great deal of time looking for that perfect technique, that will be able to get them what they want, through the power of their Will and the focus of their attention.

Alchemy can provide the answers to all these questions, and it can also provide a functional way to change our lives for the better, through the power of thoughts, energetic re-direction, and focused attention.

In order to understand the importance of Alchemy, it is best to begin by outlining some of the discoveries that Alchemists have made.

The first discovery is that we are all surrounded by infinity. As you look around, you might think that you are a being that lives in a world surrounded by objects and that you are an object yourself, albeit a sentient one.
Alchemists though, discovered a very long time ago that we are all lost in a perceptive illusion. This illusion hides the fact that there are no objects Out There, there is only energy. While some could argue that there are certain energetic conglomerations, that might act upon humanity in a way that we have learnt to describe as objects, the fundamental reality is that those objects (and the solidity that we ascribe to them) is an illusion. An imposed illusion!
Alchemists would say that we are in fact surrounded by infinity, which could more succinctly be described as an immeasurable Dark Sea.

The second Alchemical finding that I must relate, is that we humans are not the apex predators that we think ourselves to be. Our conceptions of reality, tell us that we are a sentient object, surrounded by other objects that are not sentient, and that within this realm of lesser objects, we are the most powerful creatures because of this supposed greater awareness that we enjoy, the top predatory creature, that preys on the rest of the world.
The Alchemical perspective though, is that we are not this top predator by a long shot, and that there are many creatures Out There that now consider us food. These predatory creatures that consume man, the supposed apex predator, are for the most part completely outside of the human perceptual radar. This is so because these life forms are not considered possible in a world view that only believes in the power of objects.

You see, these predatory creatures are non-organic, that is: they are not objects as we understand the term, and are therefore beyond current rational perception. These beings could be said to be life forms that are not bound by biology, and are in essence a type of energetic conglomeration, that does not require a frequency range that we refer to as physical form.
These creatures vary greatly in shape and size, and there is indeed an incredible variety of them just on this Earth. They can vary in size from something as small as a goldfish, to beings as large as the clouds in the sky. These beings of course are not completely outside of the human perceptive world, and indeed there are a number of occult groups, and occult practices that are specifically geared towards the interaction with these beings, in order to gain power and knowledge.
Further, to the great dismay of ancient Alchemists, they discovered that there is one particular non-organic energetic conglomeration, that rules above all others. This conglomeration could be said, to be the biggest non-organic life form within our human sphere. This non-organic life form has been known by many names throughout history, but the one that perhaps captures the true reality of this titanic force the best, is the name: Archon.

And this leads us to the third and greatest secret in Alchemy, which is this:
Alchemy is solely based on techniques designed to overcome, the ArChonic predatory non-organic life force, that is now consuming the energetic essence of all humankind. Alchemy therefore, concerns itself completely with the accumulation of the energetic essence of the individual human being.
Once an Alchemist has acquired enough of this energy, which is being taken from people by the Archon without their consent, Alchemy concerns itself with how to redeploy these gains in order to change every aspect of the Alchemist’s life; both on a material and spiritual level.

Alchemy could also be described as a different type of causality structure. This new type of causality can be called the Alchemical perspective, one which is completely reliant on energetic movements. From this Alchemical cause-and-effect perspective, which is based completely on an energetic view of reality, we can see the world in a whole ‘new light’.
This new light allows us to begin to discuss and apply a new way of doing things. This energetic view provides answers that explain why things are so seemingly negative. It also explains what is really going on on this planet, And furthermore, it makes available a better methodology for acting in this world.

As the world continues its game of apocalyptic monopoly, Alchemy shows you how to walk off the board, and poke at it until you get what you want. It not only shows you the edges of the board, and how to step off it, it shows you how to move the monopoly pieces with the power of your Intent alone.

If you would like to know more about Alchemy, the Archon, and the many energetic subtleties of the energetic view and the Dark Sea, I recommend the book:
Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy

In this book, I reveal an ancient system of energetic manipulation referred to as Alchemy. And unlike most of the literature that you can find on Alchemy, there are no hidden codes in this book that will only allow the initiated to learn the real truth. This book is not made up of half-truths, metaphors, or riddles. It plainly explains how to use Alchemical energetic techniques.
This book does; provide a way to fight against those forces that are now engaged in the act of enslaving humanity. Forces that have been active in this world for millennia, and seem to be close to consolidating their power on this Earth.