Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

If we look around this world, especially now that we have so much access to information, things can seem very chaotic and downright crazy at times. Whatever you might think about the state of the world at this moment in time, one can make the case that everything changes, and that those changes seem to be happening at a faster and faster pace.

From an Alchemical perspective, these changes are the result of an energetic flux, that has both internal (subjective) and external (from the world at large) origins. Further, it can be argued that the major thrust of this flux is quite negative to humanity, and that the origins of this negative aspect of the flux of life, is the result of a titanic force that does not have humanity’s best interest in mind.

But through the correct use of certain energetic techniques, this dark force can actually be used in a transformative way, to get all the things that we may desire, and to break free from the oppressive aspects of this life that we all have in common.

There have been many books written about how to use your mind to change your life. Many of these books will tell you that your entire life is the result of internal subjective states; the beliefs thoughts and ideas that occupy your mind.

There are a number of books that are very helpful and give people hope, and in the best of times they introduce techniques that people can use to better their lives. Often times though, these books can be a bit disappointing because the changes that people want don’t come quickly, or they don’t come at all.

People then, are left wondering why certain techniques work sometimes to some degree.
They sometimes wonder why it is impossible to fight against the system. Even when they are given strategies on how to stop paying attention to this system, so that they may break free from it, they wonder why these techniques fail. They wonder why it is impossible to escape this oppressive cage without walls, and why it is impossible to escape those people that make up the core of this seemingly broken world order.
They also wonder why their attention fails. They wonder why it is so difficult to maintain their thoughts focused on one subject over time; even when those thoughts are about things that they really like or love.
Such questions can have people wondering if they are doing something wrong, or if the techniques that they are being taught are not quite right. Many contemplate the possibility that they are being told only some of the truth, and as a result often waste a great deal of time looking for that perfect technique, that will be able to get them what they want, through the power of their Will and the focus of their attention.

Alchemy can provide the answers to all these questions, and it can also provide a functional way to change our lives for the better, through the power of thoughts, energetic re-direction, and focused attention.

In order to understand the importance of Alchemy, it is best to begin by outlining some of the discoveries that Alchemists have made.

The first discovery is that we are all surrounded by infinity. As you look around, you might think that you are a being that lives in a world surrounded by objects and that you are an object yourself, albeit a sentient one.
Alchemists though, discovered a very long time ago that we are all lost in a perceptive illusion. This illusion hides the fact that there are no objects Out There, there is only energy. While some could argue that there are certain energetic conglomerations, that might act upon humanity in a way that we have learnt to describe as objects, the fundamental reality is that those objects (and the solidity that we ascribe to them) is an illusion. An imposed illusion!
Alchemists would say that we are in fact surrounded by infinity, which could more succinctly be described as an immeasurable Dark Sea.

The second Alchemical finding that I must relate, is that we humans are not the apex predators that we think ourselves to be. Our conceptions of reality, tell us that we are a sentient object, surrounded by other objects that are not sentient, and that within this realm of lesser objects, we are the most powerful creatures because of this supposed greater awareness that we enjoy, the top predatory creature, that preys on the rest of the world.
The Alchemical perspective though, is that we are not this top predator by a long shot, and that there are many creatures Out There that now consider us food. These predatory creatures that consume man, the supposed apex predator, are for the most part completely outside of the human perceptual radar. This is so because these life forms are not considered possible in a world view that only believes in the power of objects.

You see, these predatory creatures are non-organic, that is: they are not objects as we understand the term, and are therefore beyond current rational perception. These beings could be said to be life forms that are not bound by biology, and are in essence a type of energetic conglomeration, that does not require a frequency range that we refer to as physical form.
These creatures vary greatly in shape and size, and there is indeed an incredible variety of them just on this Earth. They can vary in size from something as small as a goldfish, to beings as large as the clouds in the sky. These beings of course are not completely outside of the human perceptive world, and indeed there are a number of occult groups, and occult practices that are specifically geared towards the interaction with these beings, in order to gain power and knowledge.
Further, to the great dismay of ancient Alchemists, they discovered that there is one particular non-organic energetic conglomeration, that rules above all others. This conglomeration could be said, to be the biggest non-organic life form within our human sphere. This non-organic life form has been known by many names throughout history, but the one that perhaps captures the true reality of this titanic force the best, is the name: Archon.

And this leads us to the third and greatest secret in Alchemy, which is this:
Alchemy is solely based on techniques designed to overcome, the ArChonic predatory non-organic life force, that is now consuming the energetic essence of all humankind. Alchemy therefore, concerns itself completely with the accumulation of the energetic essence of the individual human being.
Once an Alchemist has acquired enough of this energy, which is being taken from people by the Archon without their consent, Alchemy concerns itself with how to redeploy these gains in order to change every aspect of the Alchemist’s life; both on a material and spiritual level.

Alchemy could also be described as a different type of causality structure. This new type of causality can be called the Alchemical perspective, one which is completely reliant on energetic movements. From this Alchemical cause-and-effect perspective, which is based completely on an energetic view of reality, we can see the world in a whole ‘new light’.
This new light allows us to begin to discuss and apply a new way of doing things. This energetic view provides answers that explain why things are so seemingly negative. It also explains what is really going on on this planet, And furthermore, it makes available a better methodology for acting in this world.

As the world continues its game of apocalyptic monopoly, Alchemy shows you how to walk off the board, and poke at it until you get what you want. It not only shows you the edges of the board, and how to step off it, it shows you how to move the monopoly pieces with the power of your Intent alone.

If you would like to know more about Alchemy, the Archon, and the many energetic subtleties of the energetic view and the Dark Sea, I recommend the book:
Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy

In this book, I reveal an ancient system of energetic manipulation referred to as Alchemy. And unlike most of the literature that you can find on Alchemy, there are no hidden codes in this book that will only allow the initiated to learn the real truth. This book is not made up of half-truths, metaphors, or riddles. It plainly explains how to use Alchemical energetic techniques.
This book does; provide a way to fight against those forces that are now engaged in the act of enslaving humanity. Forces that have been active in this world for millennia, and seem to be close to consolidating their power on this Earth.


  1. Hey John, I’m half way through your latest book and just wanted to say that it is a fantastic book.
    I have one question related to our energy and how drugs and alcohol effect it. Are you able to tell me what happens to our energy/auric field when we injest these substances? I’m guessing that it depletes us of our energy but maybe gives us a spike in energy initially.

  2. Hi Ben, Thanks for the purchase, I hope that you really enjoy the book, and I really appreciate your kind words.
    The effect of any drug varies, in the most basic sense there is a difference between depressants, stimulants, and hallucinogen.
    They all do deplete energy in the long run though as you mention. A depressant like alcohol for example, will relax the body and mind which is good to an extent, but it does open up the energetic centers and there is a great loss of control and awareness depending on how much you drink. Without this control you lose energy in the form of rampant thought and emotional reaction, and through parasitic attack by non-organic predatory beings.
    Stimulants and hallucinogens turn you into a bit of a light bulb, you burn bright for the duration of the drug, but then you blow out because you have lost so much energy during your burning bright phase. Such energetic flares can be bad for the body if you ingest too much of any drug as they can begin to alter your energetic balance. Its like running a great deal of electricity through a small gauge wire, there will be burn-outs and the body will try to create new paths to compensate. These new paths of energy will then affect the personality by creating new emotional response patterns and new patterns of thought.
    I hope that was helpful 🙂

  3. Eric Summers

    Hello, John

    How long should one take to work on Mastering each polarity technique in the book. Should I spend a year working on the In Polarity, and then another year on the void, and then move onto the Out .

    Also I’m interested if any of these teachings are tied to gnosticism or hermeticism. ( I may have posted this questions somewhere here before , but I don’t think it actually posted .)

    1. Hi Eric,
      Your comment did post I just take a while answering sometimes sorry, but I did finally answer. This is probably the best article to comment on your earlier question anyway, so I will go into more detail here.
      As far as how long you should study each polarity, that is most definitely a personal issue. I will tell you this though, the whole of it is most definitely a ‘Life Project’, because the interrelationship between each Polarity is such, and there is so much more to access as the body and the inner essence refines itself, that a person can never stop striving towards greater and greater refinement/purity.

      As far as an initial starting point, which is perhaps what you mean, I would suggest that you master each polarity to the point that they are strong enough/refined enough, to be able to break you from the hold that the great Archon has over you.
      For example:
      With IN, you should be able to absorb all you have lost.
      VOID, contain all that you are at any one point in time without loss.
      OUT, strengthen your WILL enough to ‘begin’ to attain some of what you value in this life.
      This may take months or years for each polarity, we are all different, and we all tend to be more proficient with one polarity than the others. But the basic guideline should always be to break the Archonic hold. This requires great personal objectivity and sobriety, as you must be able to most honestly judge your personal energetic state without interference from your egotistic self.
      As your refinement of the polarities advances, you will note a change in your self, as you have access to more personal energy (through the refinement of the Polarities) and as you are able to move that energy with greater facility (through the refinement of the Polarities). This will change you, slowly but surely, this will begin to and refine the great Stone (Lapis Philosophorum) and as this change happens, new potentials will be activated that will then open up new pathways to greater refinement of the Polarities.
      This endless refinement goes on for the whole of the Alchemist’s life; refinement creates new challenges and opens up new roads to be followed and explored. But the one guiding core is to always move away from the great Archonic hold; that is the Alchemical way.

      The simple answer to the question as to whether these teaching are all tied together is yes, they most certainly are!
      As different roads open up, through the development of the Polarities, different groups of like-minded practitioners decide to explore certain roads. The exploration of one road, or put it in a better way, the dedication to the exploration of one road more than others, means that other roads may not become as prominent within those practitioner’s “Life Works”. Each road though is just as important, and they all lead to the same place, as long as those that follow those roads try to keep egotistical dogma out of the equation as much as possible and always focus on the Energetic View that underlies all creation. Gnosticism and Hermetism represent two such fine roads, and those two Great roads sometimes parallel and often add immensely to what is termed Alchemy.

  4. Eric Summers

    Thank You sooo much for that Amazing response. I sincerely appreciate it .
    I’m grateful and I look forward to participating more here on this site that you have built. I also appreciate you taking the time to tie all of that together I find your explanations to be very helpful. If you ever start a school or any type of institution I’d like to be the first to know about it

    – Eric

      1. So would I!
        Thanks to you for posting, Eric – a school would be great!
        Thanks, John – for your books!

  5. Great book! It looks like you have explored some of Icke’s writings, Castaneda’s, Miguel Ruiz and others.
    Your book is the best description of what many have been wondering about, but could not pinpoint. Are you familiar with Parallel Perception?
    Many Thanks to you!

    1. I have read a little of David Icke’s books, and I have read all of Castaneda’s books I believe. I have not though read anything by Miguel Ruiz, and I had not heard of parallel perception until you mentioned it here. It seems very interesting and I thank you very much for introducing me to it.
      I hope that my book is of help to you and to many others. It seems that this movement that we are on is growing, this movement towards greater energetic perception and control. Perhaps one day…
      Good luck to you on your journey, thank you for your kind words they are much appreciated.

      1. Glad I could introduce you to the Parallel Perception; fascinating work, and his books are interesting as well. Regarding Icke’s work; I am glad he writes about these subjects but he is a tad misinformed on various things, and there is some concern that he is engaging in what many are calling “fear porn”; where an individual reads and reads and does tons of research into all the hidden bad things and winds up a quivering shell of worry, ultimately too afraid to do anything.

        I realized I was going down this sorry road and that I needed to do something about it.
        Then I found your books! Words are not adequate to describe my Thankfulness to you!

        (Speaking of words, I do not use the word “grateful”, because it oftenly brings to mind an attitude of being obsequiously fawning over something or someone, which is silly – unless, of course, one is deliberately engaging in a bit of stalking, utilizing controlled folly, which is very useful in sussing out hidden information.)

        Thanks again!

  6. Eric Summers

    Hello, John I have an additional question. Do you recommend the practice of Solar Gazing , and does Solar Gazing count as a valid method of the IN Polarity.

    1. Hi Eric,
      I would not personally either recommend nor not recommend Solar Gazing as I don’t know enough about it.
      I am no expert so please correct me if I am wrong here. From what I know, this involves lightly gazing into the sun in late afternoons when the Solar UV rays are supposed to be low or non existent. The benefits being that your eyes are able to absorb a great deal of power that can allow a person to eventually get a great deal of energy from the sun directly.

      I personally would say that there is no need to gaze at the sun, you can for example turn your back to the sun during mid day, close your eyes, and absorb energy directly from it in that way.
      While the eyes can indeed absorb a great deal of energy, you can teach yourself, with a bit of effort, to absorb energy with your whole body, and in this way not worry about having to wait for certain times of the day (or night) and not worry about potentially damaging your eyes.

      I believe everything that you would need, to do this is in the book ‘Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy‘. And yes indeed, any type of energy absorption is done through the IN polarity at a fundamental level, but the eyes, the hands, the skin, can be trained to help with this absorption, that then is energetically powered and absorbed directly into the body by the energetic nexus point that I refer to as the IN polarity in the book mentioned.
      The eyes don’t absorb, the IN Polarity absorbs, the eyes are a very good and natural conduit for the IN Polarity, but you can develop other conduit points with as much practice as it takes to do sun gazing every day.

  7. Eric Summers

    Thank You, Mr.Kreiter this explains a lot . Definitely I will follow through with all your suggestions here.

  8. Yes, have heard of the Solar Gazing; it was called Sun Gazing, and is to be done as soon as the Sun is rising at dawn; so the rays would not be so intense on the eyes. Yes, it can be done, however, one has to be very careful with it! John is right, you can absorb this energy with the other areas of your body; not necessarily with just the eyes. For an interesting experiment, you can try standing outside, facing the Sun at sunrise – and at any other time of the day – and raise your palms towards the rays. The hands have chakras in them as well. His book, Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy is the best I have read; get it, read it, and see for yourself; you will be glad you did.

  9. This is a question that I am reposting here because I think it very relevant in this article’s Q&A:

    May I please ask a few follow-up questions related to your new book.
    First, thank you for publishing this new book with an excellent exposition of practical techniques which in my humble opinion is valuable information for both beginners and those with some experience.
    Regarding containment and output of helpful energy. What is preventing the Archon swarm from feeding on any type of energy output?
    Is there a difference between energy released between that which is consciously intentioned and that which is simply an emotional (body chemistry) response to external stimuli?
    Isn’t it true that to categorise a “type” of energy is an intellectual convenience comparable to the superficial distinction between good and bad energy? Thus, is not consciously-intended energy also indistinct from unconsciously released energy?
    Or, is there indeed a clear distinction between the various types energy released?
    What prevents the Archon swarm from capturing output intended for any objective, whether conscious (magic) or semi-conscious (a habitual emotional response), or unconscious (an involountary response to stimuli such as, cold winter wind, and so forth)?
    I suspect the answer may lie in the ‘container’ or VOID step.
    Could you please elaborate on this, or provide the chapter number where this is explained?
    Thank you.

    Hi Anonymous,
    Thank you for your gracious words. I hope you don’t mind but I am also reposting this in ‘this article’ as I find it a better location for questions about the book, “Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy” on this article.
    my response:

    1. Unfortunately it is the case that the Archonic host is feeding on all energetic projections from advanced conscious beings. This mean energy projections that we consider helpful and not helpful.
    All that we can do as ‘truly’ conscious human beings is to control that output so that we are only projecting energy that creates positives in our lives, otherwise, we must conserve as much as possible.
    2. There is a difference between certain conscious and unconscious emotional and intentional reactions, in the same way that there are perceived differences between one sound and another; pitch, intensity, duration, etc.
    The biggest energetic loss though is the conscious emotional flare. By conscious I mean the many many emotional reactions that we have during what we refer to as an awake (as opposed to asleep) state. These emotional experiences are though unconscious for the most part, for most of us, in that we tend to feel emotions and sudden impulses with little conscious knowledge of how these emotional flares were created, and with very little understanding or control of our own psychology.
    The unconscious tends to create (unless you are in a dream state/cognitive position) feelings, that are sometimes very strong and persistent, but it does not create emotions per se. Emotions are a conscious creation; an ego created indulgence generated by a part of the mind that is really an imposition, or implant, that is projected on the human awareness by the Great Archon.
    3. Yes energy is fundamentally energy but there is a difference from the perspective of the perceiver and projector which is dependent on that persons cognitive position; cognitive position changes the quality of energy. And no the difference between projected energy by the conscious is not the same as the subconscious, again because you could say that the subconscious aspect of human awareness occupies a different cognitive position than the conscious.
    4. The great difference between energy released is wholly based on cognitive position, Which as you point out is totally related to the VOID Polarity in that it is this polarity that allows human perception to move from one cognitive position to another.
    –I have tried to put as much as I could in the above mentioned book. Nuances are hard to go into and questions like yours help. I do plan to create more in depth online courses in the future that can help with all of this and perhaps, if possible, I may even try to host seminars where face to face instruction is possible.
    Anyway I hope this helps!

  10. David Espinoza

    I just recently finished your book and I have a question. You say we can achieve our desires (my main point of reading the book) by acquiring the energy which allows us to keep our focus. (I understand that) because really after reading that I started doing the Inward exercises….(I need to be focused) actually I am focusing on things much better….however I don’t consciously seem to have any awareness of any kind of energy movement except during meditation (I can feel cold winds sometimes and see flashes of light at times…I take this to be energy of some type) my main question is about manifesting. You say that the I’m energy can help you manifest by pushing it out while thinking of what you want and pushing the energy out……after doing the out technique would we then take actions toward the goal or should we sit back and see if we notice things show up? I have had things manifest however….I have no idea how I have had these things manifest as they seem completely random as far as reliability goes…..I wanted to meet and have a famous person teach me something and that person became available within about a week…..I had visualized a certain person doing something I felt they would never do for me and the next day they did do exactly as I visualized (but not everything I visualize manifest) I wanted to meet a famous person and I had the radio on and heard that person “wanted to hang out and meet fans” basically I am looking for the switch that makes it work consistently. Is it the inward breath with visulazation or what is the technique or do I need to buy a different book by you? I am just trying to figure it out

  11. David Espinoza

    I also want to mention thinking about Arcon. I read another book reality tranfurring (I had no idea until now actually that it was also an alchemy book) he doesn’t mention Arcon but he says energy sappers are “pendulums” and describes that there is basically an evil “pendulum” that is responsible for the chaos in the world (Arcon) that causes pain and suffering to collect energy but that this thing isn’t defeatable but you can work with it so it has no choice but to push you up because pushing you up would also further it’s cause…the author describes that famous people are made famous in this way….I seem to have had an inner knowing of the pendulum concept however there isn’t any time in my past that I studied up on the concept so I also found that to be weird. I just thought the pendulum concept in thinking about Arcon might be of interest to you. In that book the author suggest mainly visulazation controlling your emotion not getting involved with “pendulums” unless it’s to your benefit…and I think one or two walking in a Forrest exercises.

    1. Well, the switch that you are looking for to make your manifesting perfect is, to be frank, while not impossible, not an easy task to be sure!
      Our minds are full of thoughts which then propel energy from us on a constant basis.
      Perfect manifestation as you want would then require complete mental and therefore energetic control, plus the excess energy to supplant(superimpose) your intent on top of the intent of every other person that you are involved with on this Earth (or at least your particular desire at that time); we all live in a seas of intent.
      Certainly the driving force for the magician, to control the world, but a most difficult goal indeed.
      You seem to be doing very well with your projection of energy as you seem to be getting what you want. The projection of energy that you would like to feel more of, does come in time as you get better at controlling your attention. Because it is attention that naturally projects energy, which is what you are trying to acquire more of by saving energy, so it works like that; we are all like big batteries, absorbing and projecting energy, and attention (both conscious and subconscious) is the primary way that we do all this energy manipulation. Energy is pumping through you right now, all the time, and yet we hardly ever feel any of it, and what we do feel we often attribute to some ‘common’ cause or another.
      In the Archon book I did mention energy projection techniques but these were more focused on the projection of intent on the present moment and for the countering of the intent of others, as this was the main thrust of that book.
      I describe what I think you are looking for in much greater detail in the book, “Manifest Wealth and Prosperity with Thought Forms and Servitors“, so if you are interested you may want to look into that one. It covers how things become manifest and the synchronicity of these actions.
      Thank you, I a have heard and read a little of the Vadim Zeland material, and I would say that, like you say, this information is part of the human inner psyche and we are all aware of it on some level. There are some amazing writers out there. Very interesting material and I will look into it.

  12. Hi again John Kreiter,

    It’s been awhile since I read this article and I was just reading your latest answers in the comments section. May I please add my very strong vote for you to have continuing education on this subject and seminars! I have a small but growing group of people here and we are all reading your books and working with the exercises and the results are amazing and things seem to be evolving quite quickly. So make that several votes.

    Oh right, I had a question! I got all distracted! OK. My question is about the IN polarity. There is a lot out there on the metaphysical significance of the spots on the physical body of the other two polarities and so I understand why they have those locations on the body (like the dan tien, for example). But I noticed on your diagram the IN polarity location and I’d love to know more about why that particular place on the body is why the IN polarity enters there (even though the energy comes in through more than this one spot as you said) and any significance it might have.

    Many thanks again!

    1. Hi Alison,
      It makes me VERY happy to know that groups of you are using this material and that you are getting good results from it!

      I am currently working, slowly but surely, on an online course that will provide more in-depth material on the re-absorption techniques mentioned in my two books “Vampire’s way to Psychic Self Defense” and “Overcoming the Archon through Alchemy”. This course will also provide new material and new and very powerful techniques that I have not discussed. So I am very excited to share it with everyone as it is information that has been very hard to put into proper words.

      I am so glad that you are interested in a live session, and I would love to have some kind of seminar in the future!

      As far as the location of the IN Polarity, there is very little mythology as far as I know, and therefore little metaphysical material on the trinity and the locations of these most basic of all energetic centers. I have hinted at the connection between what we now call Orion’s Belt (which was once called Uru-An-na) and these centers.

      You may find this article interesting as far as what my thoughts on power centers and Chakras.
      I personally feel that you should concentrate on moving and feeling energy as it circulates in your body, and forget about the mythology as this will only get you in trouble in the long run.
      I feel that with enough personal energetic exploration, these centers and their locations, as we perceive them using the perceptive centers available to us humans, become self evident. Concentrate then on these energetic realities and leave the metaphysical to the Puffers; that is, feel the energy as you perform your exercises and prove the routing and the power of the IN Polarity to yourself so that it then becomes an energetic truth for you instead of just metaphysics.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  13. Hi John,

    Thanks for all the great books, which I have read with a lot of interest.

    You do mention in the Out Polarity section of your Alchemy book, that there are 2 ways to manifest.
    Either through a sustained focus of attention, or through one large energy burst of focused energy.

    You also do mention the use of magick (such as ceremonial) to produce such energy bursts, but to my knowledge you never discuss the use of sex magick, and the use of the focussed power of the orgasmic energy.
    I do believe that to be one of the easiest and most natural ways to regularly produce high energy bursts, which can be focussed to produce results, especially if aligned with the In Polarity work you describe so well, to ensure ongoing sufficient energy remains available.

    Could you comment or advise on the use of sex magick methods to achieve the large energy bursts you listed as an option.

    Thank you.


    1. Hi Rui,
      You are quite correct in saying that this is indeed a very powerful way to create a potent burst of psychic energy. I have tended to stay away from the topic of sex magick though because it is such an emotional topic for so many people.
      By that I don’t just mean that there are strong polarizing opinions only, but the fact that the sex magick methodologies have a tendency of creating so many uncontrolled energetic flares; especially while engaging in sex magick.
      So yes this is a most powerful way to create a magical burst quickly, but unless the practitioner has a very high degree of control over his or her own energies, this methodology most often wastes much more than it produces, and it has a tendency to trap a practitioner in that it is so beguiling.

      I find that it is much better to first learn energetic control, and then to explore this topic if a person so wishes. I am sure you are quite aware of the amount of control that is needed when such an intense amount of energy is raised and released in this fashion during orgasm, for example. This kind of control is most often outside most beginners abilities, and dare I say it, even advanced practitioners most often waste a great deal of power during these acts being that their focus of attention is often times not as keen as they sometimes imagine.
      And since this energy build up does require physical stimulation for the average practitioner, this method of raising energy is problematic in that it has a weakness in that sense. It is for that reason that it is very difficult to use these kinds of methodologies while in the Out of Body state, which is of huge importance in future Alchemical development.
      Going forward I will for sure be tackling this topic in a book, as it is important in some aspects of Alchemy, but I still need, I think, to lay down a better foundation of energetic work in a separate book before this.
      Great topic, thanks for the question Rui. I do highly recommend that you combine the Polarities with sex magick as you mention, as you seem to have a great deal on knowledge on the topic already. My only recommendation would be that you continue to work on your ability to raise and manipulate energy without the need for sex magick per se.

  14. Thank you John, for your detailed and very helpful answer.
    Looking forward to further literary work of yours.

  15. Hi John! I love your work. “Out of body experiences, quickly and naturally” is my favorite book on the subject (I like Robert Bruce, Buhlman, Monroe et al, but yours is second to none. Loved “Overcoming the archon through alchemy” too. And, actually, I’m commenting in here to ask you if your working currently on anything else. I hope you are. Thank you for all the knowledge you share my fellow traveller of the dark sea. Truly looking forward for more of your work. Blessings!

    1. Hi David,
      Thank you for your kindness, it is always good to hear from a fellow dreamer like myself. I have actually been working on a course for what feels like forever now. I am hoping to have it done in a couple of months. Of all the things that I still feel that I have to write about, I think that this subject is perhaps the most crucial now, as it is the foundational principal behind all that I work towards. It is quite simply a/the Great Work 🙂
      If you would like to get an email when its available, you can subscribe to this list here, and by the way that will most likely be one of the few emails that you will get from me as I have not written a single email to the people on this list so far. I plan to only email if I feel that it is something really important like a new book or course coming out.

      1. Hey John,

        Awesome! Thanks for the reply. Will be looking forward to your new material.

  16. Happy New Year! John,

    It’s been a while. Hope this note finds you doing well. I just noticed you have a new book out. Will you have a printed book version of this book? You might remeber me. I am the one that once posted that I am old school. I rather read an old fashion book than read from the pc. Pc actually dries my eyeballs. I don’t know how people do it. Would there be anyway possible that this could be offered in printed book version. I have all your books and would really like this one. Anything you can do I would really appreciate…. Thanx in advance……

    Sorry I tried to post this in another page. Not sure if it went thew or not. So I apologize for the repeat

    1. Hi Juan, its nice to hear from you again.
      You know, I do enjoy a lovely library and I am very much old school in that way myself.I think that this new book release is right up your alley because I created it to specifically make a complete course available as a print book, that is also available as an eBook for extra convenience.

      In the book description I wrote the following which I think you may appreciate,
      “Some have asked why present this course as a book? Why not make a video course or some other digital format that is more popular in these times? And the reason for this is quite simply: time.
      I have been around long enough to see many things come and go, and my senses have become keen enough to see some of the intricacies of this world. Through such experience and perceptions, I have seen things peak and wane, and I have seen many things lost within the medium of time.
      Videos and digital formats require a complex system to work and be maintained, and such complex systems are usually the first to fall or change when exposed to the brutal torrents and extreme pressures of time. But a print book (as well as an eBook for your convenience), that is something that you can keep in your personal library for a lifetime with only moderate care. And history has shown us that a simple book can outlast even whole civilizations.”

      So this is a book course, a textbook, with many COLOR illustrations, workout routines and recommended schedules. It is basically a full course that I decided to provide in text book format as opposed to video, and I have provided a really good color eBook version for convenience for those that don’t have the space or the desire for a print book.
      The price is higher than my usual book price, but this is so because I specifically designed to be text-book like FULL course, with a dedicated Q&A webpage, and because the information in this course is so powerful in my opinion. I am literally describing the process of the creation of the Philosopher’s Stone in accordance with Inner Alchemy.

      I tried to have the eBook and the print book come out together but the print book is not connecting to the eBook yet. You can though get it now by following this link:

      I hope that it answers many of the questions that you may have about complete energy re-absorption (which is directly related to Toltec Recapitulation if you know about this technique), the Philosopher’s Stone, and about the creation of the immortal body in accordance with Alchemy! If you have time, let me know what you thought of it.

  17. Hello John, Happy new year.
    1- is servitor and egregore the something?

    2- can a person create more than one servitor?

    3- can a group create a servitor and charge it together?

    1. Happy New Year!
      I will give you a quick answer here but I highly recommend that you read my article on my site:

      In this article you will get a general description of what a servitor is, and most importantly, if you read the comments at the bottom of the article, you will gain an incredible amount of

      knowlege. There are many comments, but the questions, my answers, and the experiences that people share here are invaluable. Great resource I think.

      1. A servitor is a thought that is given form and direction through the power of your focused attention. A servitore is a servant that you create to satisfy some kind of desire.The definition of an egregor seems to vary a great deal depending on who you talk to, so depending on who you ask, a servitor and an egregor could be the same thing.
      2. Yes, I have number of them myself.
      3. Yes, and the group does not need to be together in the same place to create one. All that is needed is that the people in the group share the name and a really strong image of what their

      servitor looks like and what it can do. Then its just a matter of all of them focusing their attention on this description with enough intensity.

  18. Hello again
    Is the kaballah tree of life sphere with the divine names, angels etc can be consider a form of servitor?

    1. I am not familiar enough with the Kabbalah to answer this Vi, but I would suspect that the answer is no. From my understanding, these entities are not created by man but existed before man, as such these beings would fall under the label of non-organic life.

  19. Hey John, thanks for your works, I’ve read your books and am curious for more. Have you ever thought about making a recommended book list? Some of your influences and knowledge that was beneficial for you on your journey? Thanks for considering.

    1. A really great question GR thank you,
      In the book, The Occult Experience, I have provided a ‘Further Reading’ list, and I would say that I would stand by that list as being composed of books that I have found helpful and inspiring. I must say that this is a difficult question for me because even though I find these books to be a good resource, they are not in my opinion tomes of utter and unchanging truth that should be scrutinized and studied in such a fashion. I think that they are helpful in expanding the mind, in clearing out a simple map to follow, but ultimately they do not, and cannot represent my knowledge base; indeed through my own personal discoveries I have found that for ‘me personally’, a number of the propositions discussed in these books are wrong.

      This is a strange answer I know, being that I write books myself, but this attitude is part of my own work as an Alchemist. In my books for example, I try very hard to keep dogma to a minimum, meaning that my books are said to be short and to the point. I do, as I must on occasion, provide as much background information as I think is relevant in order to give the practitioner a map of sorts myself, so that they may stay on course if things get a bit chaotic, but it is always my hope, something that I state quite clearly in my course book The Magnum Opus, that the practitioner do everything in their power to discover their own truths, their own energetic truths, as is the fundamental working principle of all Alchemy as I know it.
      I always try to make my books about the techniques that I have personally verified using those same techniques that I mention in my books. Reading about it for me is not enough, not even close; doing, knowing through direct perception and action (both internal and external) is everything. I therefore always write as much as possible about the techniques, and only use the dogma to provide a map, a fuzzy map at times that can and should be proven right or wrong for the individual reader, because every individual exists in a different aspect of the Dark Sea and therefore in a different world (each individual exists in a separate world! This is energetic truth to me, but it may or may not be dogma or energetic truth to you, you see). My focus in writing is always about techniques so that the reader is able to easily transition into a practitioner, and in that way begin to discover their own energetic truths, which are truths that are unchanging, individual, and cannot be easily described using the written word.

      Sorry for the voluminous answer but this is a sticky point for all Alchemists; data must be proven, it must be re-discovered by the individual self through energetic truth. In my books I always strive to lay out this fundamental proposition so I fear I suppose that by providing more kindling for the dogma fire, the reader will have a harder time transitioning from the reader and into the doer.
      Now, this does not mean that a great book is not a heavenly trasure to be devoured and appreciated. I dream of large libraries with obscure treasures on every shelf, and an infinity of time to pour through every single one of them 🙂

  20. Michelle Evris

    Hi John,
    You are the first person that accurately and systematically explains the oneness of all things. I have learned a lot of what you talk about with great pain, effort , and energy expenditure. It took many years to cultivate. Thank you for putting it all together in the best way I have ever seen. I now have a more clear picture of these ancient teachings. I have experienced the ego disappearing and becoming one with all things. Scared the pants off of me when it happened. It’s great others won’t have to go through that fear and lack of understanding to more easily obtain and understand what they experience with connection.

  21. Hey man, I mean I’m a big fan of your books.
    I would like to ask you some questions.
    1 – Some years ago I have a certain amnesia in certain environments and beliefs conflicts so that I can not feel my emotions or my personality is distorted by oppression of my family and people who want to control how I am, how I could get free my thoughts and let them flow without these blockages? Sometimes simply by remembering the environment I worked in or people I worked with also has this distortion that blocks my thoughts and feelings.
    2 – How many servitors and thought forms can I have at one time? As I said I am in a complicated environment with a lot of control over myself, sometimes when I work a quality on myself they try to harm me at another point in my personality and show me that I am incompetent(sometimes even the techniques learned from your book don’t seem to work because the environment has taken away belief about them and hence a powerful force comes over my mind with amnesia or disability.) it seems to me a good thing besides the negative energy sucking technique to have. various server outbreaks or thoughtforms to keep me well.
    I’m sorry about the long text, but it’s been a few years since I had these difficulties and couldn’t help myself.

    1. Thank you for your kind words.
      I think, and this is only my personal opinion, I am not a certified medical practitioner of any kind, that if we are discussing just the techniques mentioned in The Magnum Opus or in The Vampire’s Way to Psychic Self-Defense, which are techniques designed with a self defence angle in mind (and are therefore the techniques that I recommend) that simplicity is always the best rule. What I mean by this is that if you forget a thing then any energetic problems with this forgotten thing are quite minimal being that you are not thinking about it. The time to work on something is when it is remembered and present in your mind and is therefore draining you of energy by causing you negativity and pain of one kind or another. So a forgotten thing should not be worried about, but when you are feeling something because you are experiencing or remembering something that is somehow negative and painful to you, that is when you need to use the techniques mentioned in my books, to absorb that energy and gain power from it . Then you can use that gained energy later to help you go in a better direction, so that you can get or do something that you really want, that gives you more freedom and joy.

      The number of servitors that a person can have should generally be: the less the better. Why I say this is because each servitor can be like a little piece of yourself that you are projecting out into the universe. Each servitor must be maintained and it must be recharged on occasion, and each time that you do this, you are giving up more energy. Servitor’s in other words are a drain and should be used with great discernment for that reason.

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