Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

If we look around this world, especially now that we have so much access to information, things can seem very chaotic and downright crazy at times. Whatever you might think about the state of the world at this moment in time, one can make the case that everything changes, and that those changes seem to be happening at a faster and faster pace.

From an Alchemical perspective, these changes are the result of an energetic flux, that has both internal (subjective) and external (from the world at large) origins. Further, it can be argued that the major thrust of this flux is quite negative to humanity, and that the origins of this negative aspect of the flux of life, is the result of a titanic force that does not have humanity’s best interest in mind.

But through the correct use of certain energetic techniques, this dark force can actually be used in a transformative way, to get all the things that we may desire, and to break free from the oppressive aspects of this life that we all have in common.

There have been many books written about how to use your mind to change your life. Many of these books will tell you that your entire life is the result of internal subjective states; the beliefs thoughts and ideas that occupy your mind.

There are a number of books that are very helpful and give people hope, and in the best of times they introduce techniques that people can use to better their lives. Often times though, these books can be a bit disappointing because the changes that people want don’t come quickly, or they don’t come at all.

People then, are left wondering why certain techniques work sometimes to some degree.
They sometimes wonder why it is impossible to fight against the system. Even when they are given strategies on how to stop paying attention to this system, so that they may break free from it, they wonder why these techniques fail. They wonder why it is impossible to escape this oppressive cage without walls, and why it is impossible to escape those people that make up the core of this seemingly broken world order.
They also wonder why their attention fails. They wonder why it is so difficult to maintain their thoughts focused on one subject over time; even when those thoughts are about things that they really like or love.
Such questions can have people wondering if they are doing something wrong, or if the techniques that they are being taught are not quite right. Many contemplate the possibility that they are being told only some of the truth, and as a result often waste a great deal of time looking for that perfect technique, that will be able to get them what they want, through the power of their Will and the focus of their attention.

Alchemy can provide the answers to all these questions, and it can also provide a functional way to change our lives for the better, through the power of thoughts, energetic re-direction, and focused attention.

In order to understand the importance of Alchemy, it is best to begin by outlining some of the discoveries that Alchemists have made.

The first discovery is that we are all surrounded by infinity. As you look around, you might think that you are a being that lives in a world surrounded by objects and that you are an object yourself, albeit a sentient one.
Alchemists though, discovered a very long time ago that we are all lost in a perceptive illusion. This illusion hides the fact that there are no objects Out There, there is only energy. While some could argue that there are certain energetic conglomerations, that might act upon humanity in a way that we have learnt to describe as objects, the fundamental reality is that those objects (and the solidity that we ascribe to them) is an illusion. An imposed illusion!
Alchemists would say that we are in fact surrounded by infinity, which could more succinctly be described as an immeasurable Dark Sea.

The second Alchemical finding that I must relate, is that we humans are not the apex predators that we think ourselves to be. Our conceptions of reality, tell us that we are a sentient object, surrounded by other objects that are not sentient, and that within this realm of lesser objects, we are the most powerful creatures because of this supposed greater awareness that we enjoy, the top predatory creature, that preys on the rest of the world.
The Alchemical perspective though, is that we are not this top predator by a long shot, and that there are many creatures Out There that now consider us food. These predatory creatures that consume man, the supposed apex predator, are for the most part completely outside of the human perceptual radar. This is so because these life forms are not considered possible in a world view that only believes in the power of objects.

You see, these predatory creatures are non-organic, that is: they are not objects as we understand the term, and are therefore beyond current rational perception. These beings could be said to be life forms that are not bound by biology, and are in essence a type of energetic conglomeration, that does not require a frequency range that we refer to as physical form.
These creatures vary greatly in shape and size, and there is indeed an incredible variety of them just on this Earth. They can vary in size from something as small as a goldfish, to beings as large as the clouds in the sky. These beings of course are not completely outside of the human perceptive world, and indeed there are a number of occult groups, and occult practices that are specifically geared towards the interaction with these beings, in order to gain power and knowledge.
Further, to the great dismay of ancient Alchemists, they discovered that there is one particular non-organic energetic conglomeration, that rules above all others. This conglomeration could be said, to be the biggest non-organic life form within our human sphere. This non-organic life form has been known by many names throughout history, but the one that perhaps captures the true reality of this titanic force the best, is the name: Archon.

And this leads us to the third and greatest secret in Alchemy, which is this:
Alchemy is solely based on techniques designed to overcome, the ArChonic predatory non-organic life force, that is now consuming the energetic essence of all humankind. Alchemy therefore, concerns itself completely with the accumulation of the energetic essence of the individual human being.
Once an Alchemist has acquired enough of this energy, which is being taken from people by the Archon without their consent, Alchemy concerns itself with how to redeploy these gains in order to change every aspect of the Alchemist’s life; both on a material and spiritual level.

Alchemy could also be described as a different type of causality structure. This new type of causality can be called the Alchemical perspective, one which is completely reliant on energetic movements. From this Alchemical cause-and-effect perspective, which is based completely on an energetic view of reality, we can see the world in a whole ‘new light’.
This new light allows us to begin to discuss and apply a new way of doing things. This energetic view provides answers that explain why things are so seemingly negative. It also explains what is really going on on this planet, And furthermore, it makes available a better methodology for acting in this world.

As the world continues its game of apocalyptic monopoly, Alchemy shows you how to walk off the board, and poke at it until you get what you want. It not only shows you the edges of the board, and how to step off it, it shows you how to move the monopoly pieces with the power of your Intent alone.

If you would like to know more about Alchemy, the Archon, and the many energetic subtleties of the energetic view and the Dark Sea, I recommend the book:
Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy

In this book, I reveal an ancient system of energetic manipulation referred to as Alchemy. And unlike most of the literature that you can find on Alchemy, there are no hidden codes in this book that will only allow the initiated to learn the real truth. This book is not made up of half-truths, metaphors, or riddles. It plainly explains how to use Alchemical energetic techniques.
This book does; provide a way to fight against those forces that are now engaged in the act of enslaving humanity. Forces that have been active in this world for millennia, and seem to be close to consolidating their power on this Earth.


  1. Hey John, I’m half way through your latest book and just wanted to say that it is a fantastic book.
    I have one question related to our energy and how drugs and alcohol effect it. Are you able to tell me what happens to our energy/auric field when we injest these substances? I’m guessing that it depletes us of our energy but maybe gives us a spike in energy initially.

  2. Hi Ben, Thanks for the purchase, I hope that you really enjoy the book, and I really appreciate your kind words.
    The effect of any drug varies, in the most basic sense there is a difference between depressants, stimulants, and hallucinogen.
    They all do deplete energy in the long run though as you mention. A depressant like alcohol for example, will relax the body and mind which is good to an extent, but it does open up the energetic centers and there is a great loss of control and awareness depending on how much you drink. Without this control you lose energy in the form of rampant thought and emotional reaction, and through parasitic attack by non-organic predatory beings.
    Stimulants and hallucinogens turn you into a bit of a light bulb, you burn bright for the duration of the drug, but then you blow out because you have lost so much energy during your burning bright phase. Such energetic flares can be bad for the body if you ingest too much of any drug as they can begin to alter your energetic balance. Its like running a great deal of electricity through a small gauge wire, there will be burn-outs and the body will try to create new paths to compensate. These new paths of energy will then affect the personality by creating new emotional response patterns and new patterns of thought.
    I hope that was helpful 🙂

  3. Eric Summers

    Hello, John

    How long should one take to work on Mastering each polarity technique in the book. Should I spend a year working on the In Polarity, and then another year on the void, and then move onto the Out .

    Also I’m interested if any of these teachings are tied to gnosticism or hermeticism. ( I may have posted this questions somewhere here before , but I don’t think it actually posted .)

    1. Hi Eric,
      Your comment did post I just take a while answering sometimes sorry, but I did finally answer. This is probably the best article to comment on your earlier question anyway, so I will go into more detail here.
      As far as how long you should study each polarity, that is most definitely a personal issue. I will tell you this though, the whole of it is most definitely a ‘Life Project’, because the interrelationship between each Polarity is such, and there is so much more to access as the body and the inner essence refines itself, that a person can never stop striving towards greater and greater refinement/purity.

      As far as an initial starting point, which is perhaps what you mean, I would suggest that you master each polarity to the point that they are strong enough/refined enough, to be able to break you from the hold that the great Archon has over you.
      For example:
      With IN, you should be able to absorb all you have lost.
      VOID, contain all that you are at any one point in time without loss.
      OUT, strengthen your WILL enough to ‘begin’ to attain some of what you value in this life.
      This may take months or years for each polarity, we are all different, and we all tend to be more proficient with one polarity than the others. But the basic guideline should always be to break the Archonic hold. This requires great personal objectivity and sobriety, as you must be able to most honestly judge your personal energetic state without interference from your egotistic self.
      As your refinement of the polarities advances, you will note a change in your self, as you have access to more personal energy (through the refinement of the Polarities) and as you are able to move that energy with greater facility (through the refinement of the Polarities). This will change you, slowly but surely, this will begin to and refine the great Stone (Lapis Philosophorum) and as this change happens, new potentials will be activated that will then open up new pathways to greater refinement of the Polarities.
      This endless refinement goes on for the whole of the Alchemist’s life; refinement creates new challenges and opens up new roads to be followed and explored. But the one guiding core is to always move away from the great Archonic hold; that is the Alchemical way.

      The simple answer to the question as to whether these teaching are all tied together is yes, they most certainly are!
      As different roads open up, through the development of the Polarities, different groups of like-minded practitioners decide to explore certain roads. The exploration of one road, or put it in a better way, the dedication to the exploration of one road more than others, means that other roads may not become as prominent within those practitioner’s “Life Works”. Each road though is just as important, and they all lead to the same place, as long as those that follow those roads try to keep egotistical dogma out of the equation as much as possible and always focus on the Energetic View that underlies all creation. Gnosticism and Hermetism represent two such fine roads, and those two Great roads sometimes parallel and often add immensely to what is termed Alchemy.

      1. John.

        Will the inner alchemy process after our death allow us to visit those family and animals who left us during our life. Or is that part of the trap to keep us in the system?

        Please advise.

        1. This is actually a pretty complex question, but if I understand the basics of it then in the simplest sense you can say that yes it is part of what keeps us trapped in the system. But there is also a great deal of nuance that must be explored in order to answer this completely. For example, what is it and who are we exactly after physical death? And to answer this I have to talk about the transitory phases that we participate in after physical death, just like this physical life is a transitory phase in the totality of who we are.
          The totality of who we are is complex and answering this question means that to answer fully and completely I must outline the many transitory phases that we go through, and how in the course of these many transitory experiences in the life and death cycle, we can visit and revisit those individuals that we share physical life with. I do go into all of this in the book, The Way of the Death Defier, describing what happens as we physically die, what happens exactly after this physical death, and what follows even beyond this transitory period. I think if you are interested in the complete answer, you will find everything that you are looking for in that book.

  4. Eric Summers

    Thank You sooo much for that Amazing response. I sincerely appreciate it .
    I’m grateful and I look forward to participating more here on this site that you have built. I also appreciate you taking the time to tie all of that together I find your explanations to be very helpful. If you ever start a school or any type of institution I’d like to be the first to know about it

    – Eric

      1. So would I!
        Thanks to you for posting, Eric – a school would be great!
        Thanks, John – for your books!

  5. Great book! It looks like you have explored some of Icke’s writings, Castaneda’s, Miguel Ruiz and others.
    Your book is the best description of what many have been wondering about, but could not pinpoint. Are you familiar with Parallel Perception?
    Many Thanks to you!

    1. I have read a little of David Icke’s books, and I have read all of Castaneda’s books I believe. I have not though read anything by Miguel Ruiz, and I had not heard of parallel perception until you mentioned it here. It seems very interesting and I thank you very much for introducing me to it.
      I hope that my book is of help to you and to many others. It seems that this movement that we are on is growing, this movement towards greater energetic perception and control. Perhaps one day…
      Good luck to you on your journey, thank you for your kind words they are much appreciated.

      1. Glad I could introduce you to the Parallel Perception; fascinating work, and his books are interesting as well. Regarding Icke’s work; I am glad he writes about these subjects but he is a tad misinformed on various things, and there is some concern that he is engaging in what many are calling “fear porn”; where an individual reads and reads and does tons of research into all the hidden bad things and winds up a quivering shell of worry, ultimately too afraid to do anything.

        I realized I was going down this sorry road and that I needed to do something about it.
        Then I found your books! Words are not adequate to describe my Thankfulness to you!

        (Speaking of words, I do not use the word “grateful”, because it oftenly brings to mind an attitude of being obsequiously fawning over something or someone, which is silly – unless, of course, one is deliberately engaging in a bit of stalking, utilizing controlled folly, which is very useful in sussing out hidden information.)

        Thanks again!

  6. Eric Summers

    Hello, John I have an additional question. Do you recommend the practice of Solar Gazing , and does Solar Gazing count as a valid method of the IN Polarity.

    1. Hi Eric,
      I would not personally either recommend nor not recommend Solar Gazing as I don’t know enough about it.
      I am no expert so please correct me if I am wrong here. From what I know, this involves lightly gazing into the sun in late afternoons when the Solar UV rays are supposed to be low or non existent. The benefits being that your eyes are able to absorb a great deal of power that can allow a person to eventually get a great deal of energy from the sun directly.

      I personally would say that there is no need to gaze at the sun, you can for example turn your back to the sun during mid day, close your eyes, and absorb energy directly from it in that way.
      While the eyes can indeed absorb a great deal of energy, you can teach yourself, with a bit of effort, to absorb energy with your whole body, and in this way not worry about having to wait for certain times of the day (or night) and not worry about potentially damaging your eyes.

      I believe everything that you would need, to do this is in the book ‘Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy‘. And yes indeed, any type of energy absorption is done through the IN polarity at a fundamental level, but the eyes, the hands, the skin, can be trained to help with this absorption, that then is energetically powered and absorbed directly into the body by the energetic nexus point that I refer to as the IN polarity in the book mentioned.
      The eyes don’t absorb, the IN Polarity absorbs, the eyes are a very good and natural conduit for the IN Polarity, but you can develop other conduit points with as much practice as it takes to do sun gazing every day.

  7. Eric Summers

    Thank You, Mr.Kreiter this explains a lot . Definitely I will follow through with all your suggestions here.

  8. Yes, have heard of the Solar Gazing; it was called Sun Gazing, and is to be done as soon as the Sun is rising at dawn; so the rays would not be so intense on the eyes. Yes, it can be done, however, one has to be very careful with it! John is right, you can absorb this energy with the other areas of your body; not necessarily with just the eyes. For an interesting experiment, you can try standing outside, facing the Sun at sunrise – and at any other time of the day – and raise your palms towards the rays. The hands have chakras in them as well. His book, Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy is the best I have read; get it, read it, and see for yourself; you will be glad you did.

  9. This is a question that I am reposting here because I think it very relevant in this article’s Q&A:

    May I please ask a few follow-up questions related to your new book.
    First, thank you for publishing this new book with an excellent exposition of practical techniques which in my humble opinion is valuable information for both beginners and those with some experience.
    Regarding containment and output of helpful energy. What is preventing the Archon swarm from feeding on any type of energy output?
    Is there a difference between energy released between that which is consciously intentioned and that which is simply an emotional (body chemistry) response to external stimuli?
    Isn’t it true that to categorise a “type” of energy is an intellectual convenience comparable to the superficial distinction between good and bad energy? Thus, is not consciously-intended energy also indistinct from unconsciously released energy?
    Or, is there indeed a clear distinction between the various types energy released?
    What prevents the Archon swarm from capturing output intended for any objective, whether conscious (magic) or semi-conscious (a habitual emotional response), or unconscious (an involountary response to stimuli such as, cold winter wind, and so forth)?
    I suspect the answer may lie in the ‘container’ or VOID step.
    Could you please elaborate on this, or provide the chapter number where this is explained?
    Thank you.

    Hi Anonymous,
    Thank you for your gracious words. I hope you don’t mind but I am also reposting this in ‘this article’ as I find it a better location for questions about the book, “Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy” on this article.
    my response:

    1. Unfortunately it is the case that the Archonic host is feeding on all energetic projections from advanced conscious beings. This mean energy projections that we consider helpful and not helpful.
    All that we can do as ‘truly’ conscious human beings is to control that output so that we are only projecting energy that creates positives in our lives, otherwise, we must conserve as much as possible.
    2. There is a difference between certain conscious and unconscious emotional and intentional reactions, in the same way that there are perceived differences between one sound and another; pitch, intensity, duration, etc.
    The biggest energetic loss though is the conscious emotional flare. By conscious I mean the many many emotional reactions that we have during what we refer to as an awake (as opposed to asleep) state. These emotional experiences are though unconscious for the most part, for most of us, in that we tend to feel emotions and sudden impulses with little conscious knowledge of how these emotional flares were created, and with very little understanding or control of our own psychology.
    The unconscious tends to create (unless you are in a dream state/cognitive position) feelings, that are sometimes very strong and persistent, but it does not create emotions per se. Emotions are a conscious creation; an ego created indulgence generated by a part of the mind that is really an imposition, or implant, that is projected on the human awareness by the Great Archon.
    3. Yes energy is fundamentally energy but there is a difference from the perspective of the perceiver and projector which is dependent on that persons cognitive position; cognitive position changes the quality of energy. And no the difference between projected energy by the conscious is not the same as the subconscious, again because you could say that the subconscious aspect of human awareness occupies a different cognitive position than the conscious.
    4. The great difference between energy released is wholly based on cognitive position, Which as you point out is totally related to the VOID Polarity in that it is this polarity that allows human perception to move from one cognitive position to another.
    –I have tried to put as much as I could in the above mentioned book. Nuances are hard to go into and questions like yours help. I do plan to create more in depth online courses in the future that can help with all of this and perhaps, if possible, I may even try to host seminars where face to face instruction is possible.
    Anyway I hope this helps!

  10. David Espinoza

    I just recently finished your book and I have a question. You say we can achieve our desires (my main point of reading the book) by acquiring the energy which allows us to keep our focus. (I understand that) because really after reading that I started doing the Inward exercises….(I need to be focused) actually I am focusing on things much better….however I don’t consciously seem to have any awareness of any kind of energy movement except during meditation (I can feel cold winds sometimes and see flashes of light at times…I take this to be energy of some type) my main question is about manifesting. You say that the I’m energy can help you manifest by pushing it out while thinking of what you want and pushing the energy out……after doing the out technique would we then take actions toward the goal or should we sit back and see if we notice things show up? I have had things manifest however….I have no idea how I have had these things manifest as they seem completely random as far as reliability goes…..I wanted to meet and have a famous person teach me something and that person became available within about a week…..I had visualized a certain person doing something I felt they would never do for me and the next day they did do exactly as I visualized (but not everything I visualize manifest) I wanted to meet a famous person and I had the radio on and heard that person “wanted to hang out and meet fans” basically I am looking for the switch that makes it work consistently. Is it the inward breath with visulazation or what is the technique or do I need to buy a different book by you? I am just trying to figure it out

  11. David Espinoza

    I also want to mention thinking about Arcon. I read another book reality tranfurring (I had no idea until now actually that it was also an alchemy book) he doesn’t mention Arcon but he says energy sappers are “pendulums” and describes that there is basically an evil “pendulum” that is responsible for the chaos in the world (Arcon) that causes pain and suffering to collect energy but that this thing isn’t defeatable but you can work with it so it has no choice but to push you up because pushing you up would also further it’s cause…the author describes that famous people are made famous in this way….I seem to have had an inner knowing of the pendulum concept however there isn’t any time in my past that I studied up on the concept so I also found that to be weird. I just thought the pendulum concept in thinking about Arcon might be of interest to you. In that book the author suggest mainly visulazation controlling your emotion not getting involved with “pendulums” unless it’s to your benefit…and I think one or two walking in a Forrest exercises.

    1. Well, the switch that you are looking for to make your manifesting perfect is, to be frank, while not impossible, not an easy task to be sure!
      Our minds are full of thoughts which then propel energy from us on a constant basis.
      Perfect manifestation as you want would then require complete mental and therefore energetic control, plus the excess energy to supplant(superimpose) your intent on top of the intent of every other person that you are involved with on this Earth (or at least your particular desire at that time); we all live in a seas of intent.
      Certainly the driving force for the magician, to control the world, but a most difficult goal indeed.
      You seem to be doing very well with your projection of energy as you seem to be getting what you want. The projection of energy that you would like to feel more of, does come in time as you get better at controlling your attention. Because it is attention that naturally projects energy, which is what you are trying to acquire more of by saving energy, so it works like that; we are all like big batteries, absorbing and projecting energy, and attention (both conscious and subconscious) is the primary way that we do all this energy manipulation. Energy is pumping through you right now, all the time, and yet we hardly ever feel any of it, and what we do feel we often attribute to some ‘common’ cause or another.
      In the Archon book I did mention energy projection techniques but these were more focused on the projection of intent on the present moment and for the countering of the intent of others, as this was the main thrust of that book.
      I describe what I think you are looking for in much greater detail in the book, “Manifest Wealth and Prosperity with Thought Forms and Servitors“, so if you are interested you may want to look into that one. It covers how things become manifest and the synchronicity of these actions.
      Thank you, I a have heard and read a little of the Vadim Zeland material, and I would say that, like you say, this information is part of the human inner psyche and we are all aware of it on some level. There are some amazing writers out there. Very interesting material and I will look into it.

  12. Hi again John Kreiter,

    It’s been awhile since I read this article and I was just reading your latest answers in the comments section. May I please add my very strong vote for you to have continuing education on this subject and seminars! I have a small but growing group of people here and we are all reading your books and working with the exercises and the results are amazing and things seem to be evolving quite quickly. So make that several votes.

    Oh right, I had a question! I got all distracted! OK. My question is about the IN polarity. There is a lot out there on the metaphysical significance of the spots on the physical body of the other two polarities and so I understand why they have those locations on the body (like the dan tien, for example). But I noticed on your diagram the IN polarity location and I’d love to know more about why that particular place on the body is why the IN polarity enters there (even though the energy comes in through more than this one spot as you said) and any significance it might have.

    Many thanks again!

    1. Hi Alison,
      It makes me VERY happy to know that groups of you are using this material and that you are getting good results from it!

      I am currently working, slowly but surely, on an online course that will provide more in-depth material on the re-absorption techniques mentioned in my two books “Vampire’s way to Psychic Self Defense” and “Overcoming the Archon through Alchemy”. This course will also provide new material and new and very powerful techniques that I have not discussed. So I am very excited to share it with everyone as it is information that has been very hard to put into proper words.

      I am so glad that you are interested in a live session, and I would love to have some kind of seminar in the future!

      As far as the location of the IN Polarity, there is very little mythology as far as I know, and therefore little metaphysical material on the trinity and the locations of these most basic of all energetic centers. I have hinted at the connection between what we now call Orion’s Belt (which was once called Uru-An-na) and these centers.

      You may find this article interesting as far as what my thoughts on power centers and Chakras.
      I personally feel that you should concentrate on moving and feeling energy as it circulates in your body, and forget about the mythology as this will only get you in trouble in the long run.
      I feel that with enough personal energetic exploration, these centers and their locations, as we perceive them using the perceptive centers available to us humans, become self evident. Concentrate then on these energetic realities and leave the metaphysical to the Puffers; that is, feel the energy as you perform your exercises and prove the routing and the power of the IN Polarity to yourself so that it then becomes an energetic truth for you instead of just metaphysics.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  13. Hi John,

    Thanks for all the great books, which I have read with a lot of interest.

    You do mention in the Out Polarity section of your Alchemy book, that there are 2 ways to manifest.
    Either through a sustained focus of attention, or through one large energy burst of focused energy.

    You also do mention the use of magick (such as ceremonial) to produce such energy bursts, but to my knowledge you never discuss the use of sex magick, and the use of the focussed power of the orgasmic energy.
    I do believe that to be one of the easiest and most natural ways to regularly produce high energy bursts, which can be focussed to produce results, especially if aligned with the In Polarity work you describe so well, to ensure ongoing sufficient energy remains available.

    Could you comment or advise on the use of sex magick methods to achieve the large energy bursts you listed as an option.

    Thank you.


    1. Hi Rui,
      You are quite correct in saying that this is indeed a very powerful way to create a potent burst of psychic energy. I have tended to stay away from the topic of sex magick though because it is such an emotional topic for so many people.
      By that I don’t just mean that there are strong polarizing opinions only, but the fact that the sex magick methodologies have a tendency of creating so many uncontrolled energetic flares; especially while engaging in sex magick.
      So yes this is a most powerful way to create a magical burst quickly, but unless the practitioner has a very high degree of control over his or her own energies, this methodology most often wastes much more than it produces, and it has a tendency to trap a practitioner in that it is so beguiling.

      I find that it is much better to first learn energetic control, and then to explore this topic if a person so wishes. I am sure you are quite aware of the amount of control that is needed when such an intense amount of energy is raised and released in this fashion during orgasm, for example. This kind of control is most often outside most beginners abilities, and dare I say it, even advanced practitioners most often waste a great deal of power during these acts being that their focus of attention is often times not as keen as they sometimes imagine.
      And since this energy build up does require physical stimulation for the average practitioner, this method of raising energy is problematic in that it has a weakness in that sense. It is for that reason that it is very difficult to use these kinds of methodologies while in the Out of Body state, which is of huge importance in future Alchemical development.
      Going forward I will for sure be tackling this topic in a book, as it is important in some aspects of Alchemy, but I still need, I think, to lay down a better foundation of energetic work in a separate book before this.
      Great topic, thanks for the question Rui. I do highly recommend that you combine the Polarities with sex magick as you mention, as you seem to have a great deal on knowledge on the topic already. My only recommendation would be that you continue to work on your ability to raise and manipulate energy without the need for sex magick per se.

  14. Thank you John, for your detailed and very helpful answer.
    Looking forward to further literary work of yours.

  15. Hi John! I love your work. “Out of body experiences, quickly and naturally” is my favorite book on the subject (I like Robert Bruce, Buhlman, Monroe et al, but yours is second to none. Loved “Overcoming the archon through alchemy” too. And, actually, I’m commenting in here to ask you if your working currently on anything else. I hope you are. Thank you for all the knowledge you share my fellow traveller of the dark sea. Truly looking forward for more of your work. Blessings!

    1. Hi David,
      Thank you for your kindness, it is always good to hear from a fellow dreamer like myself. I have actually been working on a course for what feels like forever now. I am hoping to have it done in a couple of months. Of all the things that I still feel that I have to write about, I think that this subject is perhaps the most crucial now, as it is the foundational principal behind all that I work towards. It is quite simply a/the Great Work 🙂
      If you would like to get an email when its available, you can subscribe to this list here, and by the way that will most likely be one of the few emails that you will get from me as I have not written a single email to the people on this list so far. I plan to only email if I feel that it is something really important like a new book or course coming out.

      1. Hey John,

        Awesome! Thanks for the reply. Will be looking forward to your new material.

  16. Happy New Year! John,

    It’s been a while. Hope this note finds you doing well. I just noticed you have a new book out. Will you have a printed book version of this book? You might remeber me. I am the one that once posted that I am old school. I rather read an old fashion book than read from the pc. Pc actually dries my eyeballs. I don’t know how people do it. Would there be anyway possible that this could be offered in printed book version. I have all your books and would really like this one. Anything you can do I would really appreciate…. Thanx in advance……

    Sorry I tried to post this in another page. Not sure if it went thew or not. So I apologize for the repeat

    1. Hi Juan, its nice to hear from you again.
      You know, I do enjoy a lovely library and I am very much old school in that way myself.I think that this new book release is right up your alley because I created it to specifically make a complete course available as a print book, that is also available as an eBook for extra convenience.

      In the book description I wrote the following which I think you may appreciate,
      “Some have asked why present this course as a book? Why not make a video course or some other digital format that is more popular in these times? And the reason for this is quite simply: time.
      I have been around long enough to see many things come and go, and my senses have become keen enough to see some of the intricacies of this world. Through such experience and perceptions, I have seen things peak and wane, and I have seen many things lost within the medium of time.
      Videos and digital formats require a complex system to work and be maintained, and such complex systems are usually the first to fall or change when exposed to the brutal torrents and extreme pressures of time. But a print book (as well as an eBook for your convenience), that is something that you can keep in your personal library for a lifetime with only moderate care. And history has shown us that a simple book can outlast even whole civilizations.”

      So this is a book course, a textbook, with many COLOR illustrations, workout routines and recommended schedules. It is basically a full course that I decided to provide in text book format as opposed to video, and I have provided a really good color eBook version for convenience for those that don’t have the space or the desire for a print book.
      The price is higher than my usual book price, but this is so because I specifically designed to be text-book like FULL course, with a dedicated Q&A webpage, and because the information in this course is so powerful in my opinion. I am literally describing the process of the creation of the Philosopher’s Stone in accordance with Inner Alchemy.

      I tried to have the eBook and the print book come out together but the print book is not connecting to the eBook yet. You can though get it now by following this link:

      I hope that it answers many of the questions that you may have about complete energy re-absorption (which is directly related to Toltec Recapitulation if you know about this technique), the Philosopher’s Stone, and about the creation of the immortal body in accordance with Alchemy! If you have time, let me know what you thought of it.

  17. Hello John, Happy new year.
    1- is servitor and egregore the something?

    2- can a person create more than one servitor?

    3- can a group create a servitor and charge it together?

    1. Happy New Year!
      I will give you a quick answer here but I highly recommend that you read my article on my site:

      In this article you will get a general description of what a servitor is, and most importantly, if you read the comments at the bottom of the article, you will gain an incredible amount of

      knowlege. There are many comments, but the questions, my answers, and the experiences that people share here are invaluable. Great resource I think.

      1. A servitor is a thought that is given form and direction through the power of your focused attention. A servitore is a servant that you create to satisfy some kind of desire.The definition of an egregor seems to vary a great deal depending on who you talk to, so depending on who you ask, a servitor and an egregor could be the same thing.
      2. Yes, I have number of them myself.
      3. Yes, and the group does not need to be together in the same place to create one. All that is needed is that the people in the group share the name and a really strong image of what their

      servitor looks like and what it can do. Then its just a matter of all of them focusing their attention on this description with enough intensity.

  18. Hello again
    Is the kaballah tree of life sphere with the divine names, angels etc can be consider a form of servitor?

    1. I am not familiar enough with the Kabbalah to answer this Vi, but I would suspect that the answer is no. From my understanding, these entities are not created by man but existed before man, as such these beings would fall under the label of non-organic life.

  19. Hey John, thanks for your works, I’ve read your books and am curious for more. Have you ever thought about making a recommended book list? Some of your influences and knowledge that was beneficial for you on your journey? Thanks for considering.

    1. A really great question GR thank you,
      In the book, The Occult Experience, I have provided a ‘Further Reading’ list, and I would say that I would stand by that list as being composed of books that I have found helpful and inspiring. I must say that this is a difficult question for me because even though I find these books to be a good resource, they are not in my opinion tomes of utter and unchanging truth that should be scrutinized and studied in such a fashion. I think that they are helpful in expanding the mind, in clearing out a simple map to follow, but ultimately they do not, and cannot represent my knowledge base; indeed through my own personal discoveries I have found that for ‘me personally’, a number of the propositions discussed in these books are wrong.

      This is a strange answer I know, being that I write books myself, but this attitude is part of my own work as an Alchemist. In my books for example, I try very hard to keep dogma to a minimum, meaning that my books are said to be short and to the point. I do, as I must on occasion, provide as much background information as I think is relevant in order to give the practitioner a map of sorts myself, so that they may stay on course if things get a bit chaotic, but it is always my hope, something that I state quite clearly in my course book The Magnum Opus, that the practitioner do everything in their power to discover their own truths, their own energetic truths, as is the fundamental working principle of all Alchemy as I know it.
      I always try to make my books about the techniques that I have personally verified using those same techniques that I mention in my books. Reading about it for me is not enough, not even close; doing, knowing through direct perception and action (both internal and external) is everything. I therefore always write as much as possible about the techniques, and only use the dogma to provide a map, a fuzzy map at times that can and should be proven right or wrong for the individual reader, because every individual exists in a different aspect of the Dark Sea and therefore in a different world (each individual exists in a separate world! This is energetic truth to me, but it may or may not be dogma or energetic truth to you, you see). My focus in writing is always about techniques so that the reader is able to easily transition into a practitioner, and in that way begin to discover their own energetic truths, which are truths that are unchanging, individual, and cannot be easily described using the written word.

      Sorry for the voluminous answer but this is a sticky point for all Alchemists; data must be proven, it must be re-discovered by the individual self through energetic truth. In my books I always strive to lay out this fundamental proposition so I fear I suppose that by providing more kindling for the dogma fire, the reader will have a harder time transitioning from the reader and into the doer.
      Now, this does not mean that a great book is not a heavenly trasure to be devoured and appreciated. I dream of large libraries with obscure treasures on every shelf, and an infinity of time to pour through every single one of them 🙂

  20. Michelle Evris

    Hi John,
    You are the first person that accurately and systematically explains the oneness of all things. I have learned a lot of what you talk about with great pain, effort , and energy expenditure. It took many years to cultivate. Thank you for putting it all together in the best way I have ever seen. I now have a more clear picture of these ancient teachings. I have experienced the ego disappearing and becoming one with all things. Scared the pants off of me when it happened. It’s great others won’t have to go through that fear and lack of understanding to more easily obtain and understand what they experience with connection.

  21. Hey man, I mean I’m a big fan of your books.
    I would like to ask you some questions.
    1 – Some years ago I have a certain amnesia in certain environments and beliefs conflicts so that I can not feel my emotions or my personality is distorted by oppression of my family and people who want to control how I am, how I could get free my thoughts and let them flow without these blockages? Sometimes simply by remembering the environment I worked in or people I worked with also has this distortion that blocks my thoughts and feelings.
    2 – How many servitors and thought forms can I have at one time? As I said I am in a complicated environment with a lot of control over myself, sometimes when I work a quality on myself they try to harm me at another point in my personality and show me that I am incompetent(sometimes even the techniques learned from your book don’t seem to work because the environment has taken away belief about them and hence a powerful force comes over my mind with amnesia or disability.) it seems to me a good thing besides the negative energy sucking technique to have. various server outbreaks or thoughtforms to keep me well.
    I’m sorry about the long text, but it’s been a few years since I had these difficulties and couldn’t help myself.

    1. Thank you for your kind words.
      I think, and this is only my personal opinion, I am not a certified medical practitioner of any kind, that if we are discussing just the techniques mentioned in The Magnum Opus or in The Vampire’s Way to Psychic Self-Defense, which are techniques designed with a self defence angle in mind (and are therefore the techniques that I recommend) that simplicity is always the best rule. What I mean by this is that if you forget a thing then any energetic problems with this forgotten thing are quite minimal being that you are not thinking about it. The time to work on something is when it is remembered and present in your mind and is therefore draining you of energy by causing you negativity and pain of one kind or another. So a forgotten thing should not be worried about, but when you are feeling something because you are experiencing or remembering something that is somehow negative and painful to you, that is when you need to use the techniques mentioned in my books, to absorb that energy and gain power from it . Then you can use that gained energy later to help you go in a better direction, so that you can get or do something that you really want, that gives you more freedom and joy.

      The number of servitors that a person can have should generally be: the less the better. Why I say this is because each servitor can be like a little piece of yourself that you are projecting out into the universe. Each servitor must be maintained and it must be recharged on occasion, and each time that you do this, you are giving up more energy. Servitor’s in other words are a drain and should be used with great discernment for that reason.

  22. Laura L Moore

    Hello and Good Day John~

    I usually do no write any type of reviews. BUT, in this case i have to! I have been reading every book like this, and related subjects since “The Secret,” by Rhonda Byrnes came out. Literally hundred and hundreds. if not thousands, of books. It is my opinion that you have the best grasp on the subject of “creating our reality,” that I have EVER read!
    I mean it! Your information is superb and your writing is fantastic! So many authors “dangle carrots,” to set you up for their next book. So many authors are more concerned with trying to impress the readers with their grasp of the English language that you have to look-up word meanings constantly. Your writing is grammatically correct, clear and crisp. Thank you
    I am almost through all of your books and then I am going to reread them!
    I have bought several dozens of your books and given them to friends! I am nobody special but I am now a loyal fan of yours for life. My prayer is that you lead a long and healthy life and are prolific in your teachings/writings.
    Thank you so Much
    A 70-year old in Oregon (Your never to old to learn)

    1. Thank you so much Laura!
      Such lovely words are more help than most could imagine and do indeed help me to continue.
      As far as nobody, well I am torn in a way because it is, as you know, my belief that each individual one of us is special and holds within them the possibility of being far more than they can imagine.
      And yet the perfection of nobody is beyond question and can so help us to overcome the folly of the world. I think that this poem by Chuang Tzu and translated by Thomas Merton says it best:

      “The man of Tao remains unknown
      Perfect virtue produces nothing
      ‘no-self’ is ‘true -self.’
      And the greatest man is nobody.”

      So from this nobody that is also still learning, to you my dear nobody,
      Thank you.

  23. Hello, John.
    What would the mind be absorbing the truth of others instead of its own? I have difficulty learning and maintaining my truths, these truths are as fragile and the truth of the other enters my head and I feel an emotional blockage as if I’m not expressing myself as I am. Is there any defense for this or help? I have trouble even reasoning.
    I’m sorry for the google translator english.

    1. Hi Andre,
      Yes this is a problem, and one that not too many people contemplate. What we think of as being our mind is sometimes the mind of the collective, the mob mind that we all share as humans on this planet.
      But there is the possibility of finding your own you, the individual you. This individual you is connected to the group mind, to all the many beliefs, memes, emotions, and fads of the time and of other times. But if you can learn to identify the real you underneath all of that, it is actually incredible to watch and feel all of these foreign thoughts, ideas, and impulses go through you. It, as you seem to already know, feels like tides breaking against you and washing past you endlessly.
      To find your individual you, you have to pay more attention to your own mind; not turn it off or not pay attention to it, but pay more attention to it so that you can ‘tame it’ and put it in its place. It’s really hard to do this at first because our attention span is short for the most part, but if you just watch all the thoughts, emotions, ideas, memories, feelings, images, etc., that are going across your mind all the time, you can eventually begin to see that underneath all of this, there is a watcher, a being that is watching all of this, even watching you trying to watch yourself.
      That being is the real you. Well it is the individual part of you, the part that can learn to take action and do things independently of the mob mind, the part that can look for truths and see them over and over so that it does not forget who it is, it is the part of you that is a free and individual being.

      To find that you, I suggest you just close your eyes for 15 minutes or so every day and just do nothing else but watch all the thoughts, images, etc., that go through your head. Then slowly try to pay more and more attention to that part of you that is trying to pay attention to itself. This will be difficult, especially at first because it’s really easy to get lost in a train of thought; one second you are paying attention to yourself thinking about your last vacation, and then you just lose yourself, you kind of fall asleep for a second, and ‘wake up’ to the fact that you totally forgot to pay attention.
      But keep at it, eventually you will find the real you, the watcher, and as you keep going, that awake part of you will become stronger, and it will be able to remember its own truth.

  24. Hey John with Alchemy is it possible to use the out polarity to manifest sexual attraction in other people and have an awesome sex life?

    1. You could use the OUT Polarity for just about any desire, in the same way that certain magical groups create all sorts of techniques and spells to satisfy whatever physical desire that tey may have. But from the Alchemists point of view such use of the OUT Polarity should be carefully examined in the most sober manner. Often times such desires are a waste compared to the wonderment Out There.

  25. Jason Andrews

    Hi John,

    I came across your books while working through the Franz Bardon system and looking for more information on the alchemy aspect. Thank you for your clarity on the subject and the practices.

    When reading your works, one thing that immediately struck me is how your ideas form the key “missing piece” that when combined with ideas of several others – Mark Stavish, Jason Louv, Julius Evola, and Dion Fortune to start – form a remarkable coherent picture of what’s happening in the world today.

    There’s a lot to this but I’ll keep this short with one example: Stavish recently wrote a short book called Egregores in which he describes entities with many of the same characteristics of what you refer to as the Archon: Egregores are energetic beings created and fed by emotion, ritual, and belief by groups of people gathered for a common purpose, and can eventually take on a life of their own and influence people to the point of controlling them in many ways. He traces the writing about them and most consider them negative in the end, because as they get larger they tend to get out of control.

    It sounds like the Archon may be a kind of mega-egregore, perhaps not created by humans?

    Stavish also gives examples of how to reduce or break egregores. Interestingly he doesn’t mention alchemy, but talks about using ridicule/blasphemy, fire, and certain disconnection rituals.

    If the Archon is some form of egregore, or can be treated like one in certain ways, I wonder if some of those methods could also work in handling the Archon?


    1. Hi Jason,
      Thank you for getting my books and for your kind words. My desire in writing them was to bring to light the underlying principles behind what some may term magick and the occult, and to show my readers how to work with these forces without all the metaphor.

      You bring up many interesting possibilities that I feel can only be answered fully when we personally define what we consider life and awareness and the many stages(orders of) of it.
      From my perceptive point, which is shared by those that I refer to as Inner Alchemists, there is a difference between an egregore and the Archon being that the Archon is perceived as being non-organic life of a completely alien and much older order of life than man, and far more powerful; far more cohesive and cunning than any lesser force. But your idea that the Archon could be a thought-form created by different, perhaps far older and more powerful beings than man is certainly a very interesting possibility.

      I have written extensively on smaller order thought-form creations in my series of books that begins with, Create a Servitor. In this book and in the two that follow,, I try to show how thoughts can become form and how that form can then be used to manipulate what we refer to as things.
      Egregores from that belief structure then are thought-forms created by man that are indeed sometimes titanic in size (you may find this article interesting in this regard). I do find that all such large and unwieldy super thought form structures though, are forms that were never created in a systematic and contained way, but that they were actually created in a somewhat irresponsible manner. I feel that this is the case because a servitor for example is a maintained entity that is created with specific ideals, kept and corralled like a true and strong servant so that no matter how powerful (big) it gets, it is always the server not the master. Indeed it can even be pruned, like any kept plant in a garden, if the need arises. An Egregore from that standpoint then is a large thought form that is often chaotic psychologically and that tries to be a master any chance that it gets, but that can nevertheless be directed by a strong human attention if that person is powerful enough.

      Alchemy from my perceptive point again, so please forgive me as I don’t want to step on any toes, is foremost about the manipulation of attention and therefore without saying so perhaps, the techniques you mention are indeed Alchemy: Fire (burning the thing to forget the form), and ridicule (belittling the sum of the thing in order to not desire to pay attention to the form) are again practical ways to manipulate attention.
      As far as using such techniques to deal with the Archon, I find them most interesting and have written a book on comedy, in order to deal with the Archon in people. Ridicule to exorcise, or at least disorient the Archon for a little while at least, in the mind of the person and thus charm them to get what you want; to remove the Archon for just long enough to get what you may need from others. This I find possible but it is very temporary, very short lived.

      But ultimately I personally feel that these techniques you mention are not able to deal with the Archon because it, being that it is a titanic non-organic alien life form, as opposed to a human created large thought form, it cannot be turned into a servant, it is a master on this planet; it cannot be directed by even the strongest groups no matter how much they may argue to the contrary. The only way, I feel, to deal with it ultimately is through the techniques that I mention in the Overcoming book and the course book that I have written called The Magnum Opus.

      1. Jason Andrews

        Hi John,

        Thanks for the reply. I spent some time thinking about it and rereading Overcoming the Archon.

        I keep coming back to the similarities between the Archon and things like the “Whore of Babylon” or spirit of licentiousness, the Judeo-Christian concept of the adversary / devil, Greek Pan, etc. They might all be referring to the Archon (or the effects of the Archon) with different metaphors.

        But what I’ve noticed is that every Western tradition (and many Eastern traditions) seems to have some counterforce – the Christ, Krishna, the redeemer, the sacrificial god, the ascension of the tree of life, etc. Even Jains and Buddhists, who have no gods, have the Thirtankaras and the Bhodisattvas, who have ascended and assist others in attaining nirvana, i.e. mastery of the void polarity and escape from the Archon.

        So in an Archonic cognitive position, is there no counterforce, external to humanity, to the Archon?


        1. Well, yes and no. And the reason why I give such a non-commital answer to start is that to counter is to shield or to fight against (to oppose), and as I mention in the Overcoming the Archon book, such opposition will always ultimately fail. Even if you win in the short term through vigorous energy, eventually your energy will wane as is the nature of energy, and then you will fail and fall back into the trap. Even the masters of the VOID polarity have a tendency to fall as I write about in the aforementioned book. That is why a counter-force can never beat the Archon, it can only create a ceaseless enclosed loop (closed system).
          But back to the point. Once we remove the counter, the opposition psychology, from this: Yes there is a deliverer. That deliverer in Alchemy is the Trinity: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.
          I am currently working on a course book (part two of the Magnum Opus trilogy) that is about the deliverance from the complete Archonic trap through the trinity.
          I commend you for having discovered the next step in this ascension through your own internal work.

  26. Hi John,

    I’ve read all your books and I found very higher teachings in that. Amazing!
    I just wonder if you have the intention to write another book, maybe about the immortal body.

    Thank you a lot

    1. Hi Elia,
      Thank you very much for your kind words.
      You must have an intuitive sense because I have just finished putting together a new course book, on this very subject. It is now with my editor and it will be a few weeks before it is out, but if you would like a heads up when it is out, you can subscribe to my email list as I will be sending out an email on the day that the book is available.

  27. Hey John,
    In my search for truth I’ve went down most of the rabbitholes, initially childishly naively thinking that one of them would be the “right” one finally leading me to THE Truth. Eventhough some of the holes seem pretty all-encompassing and complete I’ve come to learn now things are not as simple as I once imagined. I feel that no matter how much I seemingly expand my conciousness the new doors opened up by that expansion allow for so much more potential expansion sometimes it all is very overwhelming (paradoxically also infinitely empowering and exciting).
    Alchemy is something that always was hanging around in the background through all my searching and I always sensed there was something there what could be of benefit to me but I just never got around to actually start studying it. Also I feel I have some kind of wierd connection with the name Hermes.. (?)
    Aaanyhow, sorry for the long intro.
    I just finished Overcoming the Archon and I’m most probably looking to get the Magnum Opus aswell. I have a few questions if that’s okay.
    My research and intuition is pointing me in a direction of neutrality and detachment from this world (to be “in it but not of it”), for this reason when I’m entertaing the thought of what I would desire and attract using the OUT polarity the only worthwhile thing that comes to me is “liberation from this false reality” and “being a master of my own energy”. My question about this is that is this too general? Will those things naturally come about just by being more self-aware? I don’t really desire physical things since I’m physically already where and how I want to be, starting a small (aiming to be self-sufficient) community with like minded people.
    My second question is about the absorbing of energies, since I have 2 kids and neighbours with more, emotional flares are the standard mode of operation here. However I feel a bit wierd about the idea to absorb the energy the kids produce, also absorbing negative outbursts of my girlfriend seems somehow “wrong”, but maybe I’m just stuck in some wierd belief system about the whole thing, I mean if I take the energy then the AI archontic interdimensional parasite whatever doesn’t get it right?

    One last thing that’s ‘bothering’ (I mean taking up my mental space) me lately is the concept that most of what I know as “myself” is just basically a very avanced algorithm live updating itself to keep itself alive and avoid detection as the false self. Because of this I’m mindfucking myself lately because I’m thinking that i.e. the affirmations I say to myself (cause it’s not really the real me talking) are just another layer of the deception pulling me further into the illusion under the guise of being “me” trying to break it.
    Thanks for your time, I wish you all the best!

    1. Hi Matias, thank you for getting my books. I think that it is wonderful that you find this work exciting and empowering because it is really this desire to have more and more of it, that will eventually get you to where you want to be, if you let it.

      Let me put it to you this way, and I hope you don’t see this as some way to try and promote my books, but as being an ordered way, a tri-fold way which is ultimately the way of alchemy, and it is this; the desire to ‘be a master of your own energy’ does indeed begin with the magnum opus, as this is the first and fundamental principle. The second part, which is ‘the liberation from the false reality’, is the way of the projectionist and can only be achieved if both channels of intent (or paths of the tri-fold way) are followed simultaneously. So in other words, your thoughts on this are not too general in the sense that they are quite simply that two most important aspects in alchemy (the two paths of intent) that lead to the third. From that point of view then, your personal desires are very much in line with your intuitive connection with the fundamental principles of Alchemy itself.

      He, he…I can understand your description of life around children and it is very heartwarming and nice. Any time you find yourself feeling such guilt, I would just be due two basic things:
      The first, would be to develop your inner feeling sense so that you can see/feel the energetic boundaries of the people that you love and in that way make sure that you are never invading into their personal essence in your energy absorption.
      Secondly, as you begin to perceive the energy that those people around you that you love project, try to note, that is try to perceive, where this energy goes and what it does after it leaves them; after they have projected it away from the themselves through a huge burst of emotion. You will note that the majority of this energy is never re-absorbed or used in any constructive way by those that have projected it. Quite often these emotions seem to just dissipate into the environment, into the dark sea, and whatever is left usually tends to just be used to propagate even more, usually negative emotion.

      Through your understanding of where this emotional energy goes and what the boundaries of the people around you are energetically, you will find the compromise between what, where, and when to absorb, and when to just allow people around you to engage in their own lives in their own way.
      In the end, you don’t have to absorb any person’s energy, you can always just work on your own personal energetic absorption and containment. Start by working on containing and reabsorbing all of your personal energetic flares that you find detrimental and wasteful, and once you master that you can see what you want to do about the wasteful energy all around you.

      1. Thanks for your quick answer.
        I would like some clarification as to the polarities. Should I throughout my day focus as much as I can on actively being in one of the polarities i.e. actively focusing on absorbing energy from my surroundings or trying to stay contained in my own field? Is it in any way ‘detrimental’ for me to actively try to put as much attention on this even when going about my daily tasks or should I start with doing energetic work ONLY when I actually have time to sit and focus on it completely? It can be hard for me to find a lot of that kind of time with 2 little ones so I’m trying to be efficient. I consider myself very novice at energy work eventhough my perception of reality is very feeling-based. I also am completely unable to visualize (found out it’s called aphantasia) and that’s a big reason why when in the past I came across meditation techniques or energetic practices which had heavy emphasis on that I quickly lost interest. Now I’m determined however to become a master of my energy with visualizations or not, I will find my way.
        To add a bit to the question to be completely clear about this
        If let’s say I’m trying to stay in the IN polarity for an extended period of time, should my concious attention then basically be on that pulling feeling and my Cauldron the whole time, both while breathin in and out or should I always hold my breath for a few seconds and then just release with a sigh and start another cycle? Is it only negative outbursts I should reabsorb? I’m a pretty high energy guy most days and like to put on a show for my kids and friends and I laugh a lot, should I directly after having a laughing fit try to pull that energy back to me aswell? How long after the outburst can I reabsorb it before it’s too late? For a very long time now I’ve been looking for a baseline that I can use to use those moments throughout the day when I become ‘aware’ and am able to direct my attention where I wish but so many times I just don’t know where to put it, usually I default to some lukewarm new agey affirmation like “i love myself” but I’m sure there is something better to do with my awareness, which polarity would you recommend for that purpose and why?
        Thank you and I’m sorry, I promise that’s all for now. Have a blessed one!

        1. I would personally say that the best way to start is to start slowly. That great energy that you have to begin this project of energetic balance can wane and as it does so, your interest may diminish, and this can make continuing your journey difficult.
          Focusing your attention on the techniques and how you feel about going forward is very good and this is a great first step. The more attention you focus on this, after the initial energy of commencing begins to wear out, will allow you to progress a great deal without even formally engaging in any particular technique; the act of thinking about doing, does.
          I would also recommend that you take even 5 min. In your day, no matter when you can find a small bit of time, to engage in formal exercise sessions as opposed to trying to fit them throughout your day when you remember. In this way you will be able to focus more deeply on doing the exercises and discover your own approach and your own feelings on the subject. It is not good to focus on any one particular polarity forever throughout your day, balance is always a most fundamental principle. Focus your attention on creating a timeline and routine for your exercises, and balance your approach to the polarities by not focusing overtly too much on any one.
          As far as visualization, as I discuss in my books, the propensity to be completely focused on visual images when trying to visualize, is not a correct one. It is only a correct approach if you are a very visual person. It is possible to visualize using feeling, that is visualize a feeling or a sensation. It is also possible to remember a past event and in that way discover how you can see things or feel things in your mind’s eye. Remember what I say in my books and reread if you have to, as this can be a great way to keep your attention focused on the material and can allow you to discover the nuances of these techniques.
          P.S. In the beginning stages and until you become quite adept at these energetic techniques, I personally would recommend that you just focus on what you consider to be ‘negative energy’ absorption. For now, keep the positives in your life as such and allow them to unfold in your life freely (spontaneously); there is enough to work on with what you feel is negative emotion, so there’s no need to monitor or to question the joyous moments in your life.

          1. Thanks a bunch!
            “the act of thinking about doing does” made me have a small bulb go off. It feels for me that I know a lot of this stuff already intuitively but my constant need to be sure I’m doing the “right” thing and look for validation from my “gurus” gets in the way off me just getting on with it… Well now I’m getting on with it.

  28. Hi John,

    I have the ability to stop my thoughts for brief periods of time which makes me think I am accessing a VOID state that you have referred to with regards to some traditions such as Buddhism. Is this skill useful for an inner alchemist or should I cease practising it?

    1. Yes it is very useful and I commend you in your ability Matt. In the simplest of terms, such an ability allows a person to overcome the many ingrained, conscious self, restrictions imposed by the Archonic force that binds people to 3D space for example.
      In my latest book, The Way of the Projectionist, I go into the deep benefits of the VOID polarity, and mention for example that this ability can allow a projectionist to travel deep and far across the cosmos.

  29. Chris Inman

    Just discovered your work, with the IN POLARITY you vonnect the energy channel by placing the tongue on the palate of the mouth to form a circuit. Threw my knowledge of Reiki, Qigong and other energy work is there a reason why you don’t close the Hui Yin to form the micro cosmic orbit. Just want to make sure I’m not missing anything. Your work has helped me to piece together 20 years worth of personal research. I’m trying to find a way back to what I describe as the great abyss that I experienced 8 years ago during a Salivia divinorum experience. I believe your techniques will prepare me to have the energy and attention to not go to the light and pierce the energetic field that enslaves us and swim in the abyss that I experienced as home. Thank you for your time and expertise.

    1. I feel that this is a strictly personal issue Chris. For an advanced practitioner like yourself, you may wish to see the kind of energy loss that you are having through this energetic point as you do the exercises. Why I don’t mention it personally, is that I find that there’s little energy loss in this area unless there is some kind of stimulation there.
      But this might not be the experience for you in your practice thus far. My personal opinion so far, is that the major one is the tongue circuit and then as people become more aware of their energetic body, they can see about closing anything that they find draining.
      I’m very happy to know that I am of help to you, and it is always nice to discuss such topics with energy workers like yourself.

      1. Chris Inman

        Thanks for that John I’ve always struggled with trying to use the Hui yin it becomes a distraction from sensing the energy flow. I think it a case of what’s best for each individual and I’ll stick to your technique. Your predatory defence stance is a breath of fresh air in an era of love and light. As Don Juan said “We exist in an hostile universe, so be it!!”. Nice to know I’m not the only on this path.👍

  30. John, hi,

    Your book Magnum Opus is the first of three books of a structured course. The second, is The Way of the Projectionist. I didn’t find any info regarding the third, could you please let me know?

    Thank you, and know that I have profound respect and admiration for your work.


    1. Hi Tertius,
      Sorry that is my bad for not mentioning this, I have not written the third book in the trilogy yet. These books have become incredibly difficult for me to put together as I find the information incredibly complex and hard to put into linear order, and I am honestly still trying to come to grips with ‘some’ of the information uncovered for the third and final book in this trilogy; something that unfortunately, I am not able to rush.
      If you subscribe to my email list, I promise that I will let everyone know when this book is ready but honestly I am not certain when this book may be ready at the moment.

  31. Tertius Carvalho

    Thank you John for your response. I’ll be eagerly waiting to the launching of the third book in this trilogy. Be well.

  32. Hi John,
    Thank you so much for these books, your techniques have greatly improved my magick practice by enabling me to weild power.

    I want to know how to merge techniques in your two books. In “Vampires psychic defence” book we create a void through reverse breathing, and in the “defeating the Archon” book, we have the IN-polarity and storage of the energy… can I use the Vampires breathing as a substitute of the IN polarity?
    I wonder why you separated these, it would have been logical to use the method in the Vampires book as the base method for IN polarity.
    I have been using these methods and I can confess that there is a rush of energy for the in-breath.
    The most exciting part is the OUT when being used in concentration. – Orgasmic

    Also sorry for butchering the titles of your books… looking forward to your comments soon

    1. Yes you can definitely combine these two cai.
      The reason why I separated the in polarity from the different forms of absorbing energy (reverse breathing, and psychic pumps) is in order to give I more understandable and action based form of energy absorption while at the same time telling the reader where exactly all of this energy actually comes in to the energetic body.
      In other words, there is a physical aspect to absorbing energy which can be felt as that surge of energy, but where this energy actually enters the body, where it actually penetrates the system so that it can then be stored in the storage area, is the IN polarity point. In other words, in other words, when you absorb energy it may feel as if it’s going into your bones directly, but in reality it is actually being absorbed into the center of the mass of your energetic body through the IN polarity Centre. I hope that makes sense.
      But yes, I am very happy that you are combining techniques and that you are finding your own methods and it seems even going beyond the techniques written in my book to find new techniques that work for you.
      The only point that I would make would be that you may want to be careful with the OUT projections of energy. While these projections may feel pleasant, you are essentially projecting energy out from yourself, so unless you can spare this energy, which is something that I am sure you can decide quite well for yourself, it is usually better to store energy instead of projecting it out again.

  33. Hey John, I’m seeking out your counsel again on a few questions on my mind.
    I’ve been using the energetic techniques from “Overcoming..” on and off for the last 7-8 months or so. Lacking will-power and time restriction due to fatherly duties have kept me from being more consistent in my practice. I have noticed however that in periods when I’m doing a lot of work i.e. absorbing energy and practicing the different polarities, I seem to be having emotional outbursts more than normal, sometimes being able to contain and absorb them, but sometimes just loosing control and wasting a big deal of the energy I’ve accumulated on stupid shit. You think this could have to do with me absorbing more than I can handle? Should I push more energy out? Am I not having an enough predatorial stance and thus just consuming negative energy as it is and later releasing it in that same form again? Is it that the archon itself is messing with me and seeing my buildup of potential and projecting increasingly difficult emotional situations for me so as to keep me in lower states..?
    I have developed my energetic sensitivity a lot since having started to practice your techniques, I just many times forget to employ the techniques in “the heat of the moment” and thus just reverting to the “standard energetic behavior”.
    Also thanks to your books and the comments here on your site I finally figured out that I’m a kinestheticly and audibly (?) strong visualizer. After having spent a lot of time in self-pity over not being able to see even a single image in my minds eye I have now found out that I just feel and hear objects instead so I want to thank you for that.
    I have an additional question to the topic of what’s known as “the magicians circle” and particularly to casting it before doing any energetic/magickal work. Some people who seem to know what they’re talking about (from my perspective) seem to swear by this and advice against doing anything before having your circle drawn. I would just like to know your take on this, if you have an opinion.. Seems to me the techniques you propose are more to be used “on the fly” in real world situations and rendering these extra “ritualistic” steps unnecessary.. Being a novice in energy manipulation however I’m trying to cover all the bases as it were..
    Oh and one last thing I’ve been wondering about but it’s not really anything I can find anyone’s opinion on from Google or whatever and it correlates quite well to what you speak of in “Overcoming..” in regards to beliefs. The example you give in the book of somebody who deep down believing that hard work must always precede accomplishments will then attract and create for himself situations that will mirror this belief. How do you see it then working when the majority of the zombies believe in a reality where for instance; elections are not rigged, false flag events are organic (not planned) events, there’s no hidden force guiding the events of the world etc.. While the people more aware of the intricacies of reality will believe that elections are rigged and everything is being orchestrated according to a script which provides the biggest benefits to the top of the hierarchy at the expense of those at the bottom. Who is then creating the “overall baseline collective reality”? The masses? The “woke” people? Both? The archon? I get (and believe) that to a certain degree we live in a subjective bubble of reality, but we must still get influenced by the “collective reality bubble” also.. So the point I’m getting at here that it seems to me then paradoxically that the people who are asleep, are creating a benign reality in which no bigger evil force is at play and at the most the problems of the world are attributed to human idiocy. And on the other hand the “awakened” people are then creating and feeding a reality where this top-down control grid is in place and thus possibly furthering their own enslavement. Which when you think of it is pretty smart by the archon, to get the people who would have the self-awareness to move beyond this system trapped into feeding it more. Or perhaps the only way out of here is “through” the archon so we have to face it at some point anyway.. I don’t know if my question became apparent from these ramblings but thanks anyway for reading and making yourself available to everyone like this!

    1. There are a few questions to address here.
      First off, the fact that you have noticed that you are a little more irritable than usual is actually a good sign. The reason for this is that the more energy that you have, the more that you can do, which from the average human perspective, in the most basic and fundamental fashion, means that you have more emotional energy, more potential for emotion. The trick then is to try as you say, not waste this energy on random emotions that you feel are not helping you in any way, but instead to use this energy in a more positive direction.
      If you find yourself overwhelmed, my suggestion would be to use this energy to visualize or to focus your attention on something that you desire. In this way you will be using this energy in a conscious direction towards the thing that you want as opposed to randomly expelling this energy for no good reason at all in the form of an emotional outbursts.
      Secondly, you’re right I do not tend to focus too much on any kind of circle of energy. The most important reason for this is the fact that I am not interested in ritual magick and therefore find myself seldom wanting to either pool energy, or protect myself using an energetic circle, which honestly is often only as powerful as the belief in the power of the circle and the ritual itself. What I mean is that such circles usually lack energy, and even if they have some energy, the entirety of the supposed sphere that should be holding negativity back, is never as stable or as coherent all the way around as it were, as some would imagine. So in the end a sphere of energy as a source of protection, is often more of a psychological, or belief based, protection, in the same way that a supposed magical phrase might be for example.
      Now, your third question, this one is a big one and I really don’t think I could answer it simply. Honestly I do believe that something like this would require a book in and of itself to try to explain. From the point of view of what you’re trying to ask, I believe that the best answer would be to say that the human world, and the creations of this humanity that we are all a part of, is far more complex than most would imagine. In the simplest of terms, we could see humanity, each individual person, as a particle floating within a fluid. We can then further imagine that each one of these particles has the random possibility of creating an external churn, a kind of external paddling effect.
      Now, if we take 8 billion such particles and imagine them to be in a relatively large fluidic container, to which we further add this random ability by each individual particle to have the potential to create a random amount of a churn ( turbulence or agitation) then we can see how these particles within this fluidic medium create over time different currents and waves that seem to create over time, an almost conscious or stable current. That is, even in this chaotic environment, this highly complex system, there will be a time when a kind of order is achieved; a current.
      Humanity believes that this order (this current) is reality, and for each individual particle, no matter where it is positioned within this fluidic medium, it will (if we assume that this particle has a possibility of being somewhat conscious) believe that its position within the fluidic medium is the center of the universe and that this point within the medium also represents the actuality of reality (true reality). Each particle therefore experiences its own reality but is nonetheless affected by the current created by the entire fluidic mass. There are orders that look down on this mass. The current is of no consequence. The order is illusion (it is just a random event in time created in a complex system, and this order will change, IS constantly changing). All that matters to those higher orders is the churn and the strength of that churn.
      As to where the inner alchemist fits in all this, they are like little surfers particles that ride those currents instead of feeding the churn. They spend lifetimes learning to master their surfing skills so that one day they may gain enough momentum (may have the chance/possibility) to fly right out of that fluidic medium that now traps them.
      I do believe that the answers to your questions are to be found in that analogy.

      1. Thank you for your answer, it definitely gave me some food for thought. A follow-up thought occurred to me though from that last paragraph.. If we can then assume some kind of continuity of the soul through incarnations, which gives a cumulative effect on the buildup of energy and momentum, then is this time (2020-2030) somehow more significant than any other times? It seems like some huge buildups of energetic waves are moving in our realm at this time.. Would souls who through interdimensional timeline-hopping or whatever have chosen to be alive in this specific timeframe? A lot of my research in regards to the whole AI/singularity/hive-mind thing seems quite alarming.. What I’m saying is that some say that if we don’t make “the shift”/the escape/ascension process NOW (!) before the whole AI-grid goes fully online and starts to fully integrate into the minds of “the sheeple” (who’s to say that isn’t already so), then there will be no more chances, since when the AI overlay attaches to your soul (or whatever terminology they use) then you will forever be stuck to that system and escape will become impossible.. Is this a fear-mongering tactic to keep me so paralyzed and in fear so I won’t be able to stay centered in my soul? Or is there some truth to this? And in that case, again my question about these specific times becomes relevant.. If we are indeed playing with such high bets right now in this moment in time then these coming years are in fact a culmination of hundreds of thousands of years of spiritual warfare? I get that all this in regards to the actual flow of time becomes somehow irrelevant from higher perspectives but it’s still quite a thing to wrap your mind around.. If I don’t make it this time around it’s game over forever???
        Oh and one more.. Within my makeup, if I wish to “focus within” and “center” and connect with my true self; is that part where my attention should be directed then the Cauldron? I understand that different schools of thought say differently but assuming my mind basically belongs to the archon, then what part is mine? As in my souls’.. Is it as simple as the “observing part” of my consciousness? If I would for example die, where should I focus my attention to “stick together” as a soul so as to not get recycled or dispersed? That leads me to another thing.. Is liberation only possible during an actual physical incarnation?
        I know there’s a lot here, part of me wants to apologize for bothering you but another part of me doesn’t care about anything but getting to the bottom of all of this.

        1. There are indeed many questions here, and when you say getting to the bottom of all of this, yes this is the answer that I suppose many people seek and perhaps it is a book that I should tackle in the future? But then again, as I will explain shortly, perhaps this is not the best thing. I will definitely consider all this
          As far as your first question and point, I have honestly said this as well. I have said that there is a time coming when neural mental interfaces will become so common, that reaching humanity after this point, reaching their spirituality and the potential that is within them, might be impossible.
          This would then mean that indeed the next few decades are quite telling as far as how humanity will progress, but then again we do not live in a closed system and it is always possible that just about anything might happen.
          There are so many questions, and there is always a need to answer them and to occupy the mind in a way that makes it seem that the world is just about to end. This kind of thinking has been happening, as you may know, since the beginning of recorded history. It was always the case that the world was just about to end, and in some ways perhaps they were right in that humanity from certain points in time change so much that there was indeed a kind of ending at those times.
          In the end, the answer to all these questions, and the desire to find the truth in all existence, is a great impetus for growth. I feel personally that each person should strive to find those answers for themselves. It is for that reason that I usually try to stay away from answering questions like this, and instead focus on showing people techniques that can allow them to answer those questions for themselves. The loss of this impetus, this desire to find your own truth, without you using your own abilities to do so, in the end in my opinion anyway, is a kind of crime and I would therefore suggest that you try to seek your own answers.
          In regard to finding your own answers, I have written a number of books thus far that explain some of this and most importantly how it is that you might find your own answers. As far as your concentration points and who you are, what part is yours as you say, well ‘I have answered these questions’ in the book, the way of the projectionist. In the appendix there I think you will find many of these answers, specifically where I talk about the true self, the true mind. And you will also find there many of the questions you might have about the cauldron and other things.
          I am also currently working on the third book in this trilogy which should answer many of the questions that people might have about the after death condition.

          1. Good evening John. First of all thank you again for straightforward and honest answers.
            I’ve contemplated the last days on the idea of ‘why’ I have this need to get answers that seem ‘definitive’ and final from someone outside myself. I believe my mind to show signs of “learned helplessness”, this general feeling of uncertainty and distrust of my own perceptions. Also because I continuously experience what I can only call “energetic truths”, and because of the highly subjective and personal nature of these moments of gnosis I experience, it’s a tough pill to swallow for my analytical mind who likes to have a definitive confirmation from somebody else telling me “yes, it’s like that”, to just accept and kind of take on faith (self-faith) that what I experience is truth.

            I know how untrustworthy our senses can be so somehow this carries over to my inner feeling sense and sometimes I just think I’m imagining things even though I’m very confident I’m at times also tapping into some quite real stuff. I guess I just have to work on believing in myself more and not look/care for verification from others. How ironic that I’ve been telling people for many years already to “not care what others think” and now I seem to be fighting this same meme, but on another level.

            You’ll be happy to know I am now in possession of Vampires Way… and Magnum Opus, and hopefully within this month The Way of The Projectionist will be arriving. I have a question about the absorption technique of the IN polarity. In the Vampires Way.. you mention the use of the solar plexus and perineum to suck in even more energy. I tried this and felt the energy to be much more potent already the first time. I hope I’m doing it correctly, guided by intuition. I was wondering if there’s a reason you left this part out from “Overcoming..” ? I don’t know if you mention it in Magnum Opus, I’m taking a slow and methodical approach with that book and am currently only at Chapter 4 so I don’t know, maybe you mention this added piece of information in that book. Is the contraction of the perineum basically contracting your sphincter? As in ‘the reverse of farting’?

            Another question that I would like your input on, to understand more the nuances of the OUT polarity, more specifically about the implementation of Desire as Action. My question is basically; is it better to direct the attention – the wanted result, the desire – as something that I am creating and pushing out into the world, or as a desire of how the world conforms to my desire. To give two examples to understand where I’m coming from; for instance I’m walking in the supermarket, and I don’t wish to wear a mask, so as I enter I basically desiring to be left alone, my mantra is “I want to move freely”. So then I am creating this “tunnel” (I really resonate with this terminology) where I am allowed to move freely. Is it then that the factors in my reality (in this case i.e. the security guard) that oppose my personal desire get ‘blocked’ from interacting with me, or what is your perception on this? Would it be more effective for me to actually ‘target’ the security guard with my desiring, for instance -> “I want HIM to NOT be in my way”, or is the first option better? Is desiring in the negative advised against?
            The other example just because it’s funny and because I’m interested if you can tell me how this works; when I help my kids sleep (toddlers) I am experimenting with desiring them to sleep directly, or desiring that the room be flooded with ‘calm, sleepy energy’, and all the variations in between. I’m wondering how they are experiencing this energy, many times I can sense their receptiveness to it almost immediately, and I’m wondering what kind of energy they would feel from this telepathic/intent-based communication. This was probably the most longwinded way to ask a simple question, but that’s life eh? Can you share any of your thoughts in answer to my thoughts?

          2. Hi Matias,
            as far as describing what and where the perineum is exactly, I think that the best way to understand it is to think of it as the muscle that you use when you stop urinating. It would be that muscle you used to try to stop urinating whenever you are in mid-flow as it were.
            As far as me discussing it in other books, my general purpose in adding certain material in one book but not in others has to do with my desire to try to provide as many techniques as possible that you can as an individual and elaborate on pending on how well they work for you, how they feel to you in an intuitive sense.
            I do not discuss this perineum technique in those other books but I do discuss other techniques and it is my hope that in trying all of them, as I’m happy to know you truly do, you can discover your own best methods.
            This question on the use of desires action is actually a very important one in a rather complicated one that I will be tackling in a future book I am sure, but for now let me answer it as simply as I can because as I said this is very important. It is very important first off that you not think of desires as action as projecting something outwardly, but that instead you think of it as pulling something towards you so in that sense it is more related to the IN polarity as opposed to the OUT. This has to do with energetic principles and the caution that the constant use of the OUT polarity is not only weakening in the long run but it can also lead to physical problems having to do with too much exertion. For that reason, it is best to think of it not as something that you’re projecting or pushing outwards but is something that you bring towards yourself.
            As far as the specifics of this desires action, I feel that it something that really you need to explore on your own and discover what works best through your own best results. Generally speaking, for me I tend to feel that it is best to focus on the ultimate outcome that you desire and try to stay away from directly trying to control another person, for example it would be best to just think of what you ultimately want, which is just to get in there and have no one bother you, as opposed to trying to get each and every single person to not be able to see you, which is quite a difficult thing indeed. In that sense it is also better to try to think of a greater outcome as opposed to any kind of individual push as it were on another person, I hope you get what I mean there.

  34. Hey John, I do get your point, thanks for letting me know.
    I wish to correspond once more with you before I will hopefully take a break from bombarding you with questions, since something came up this evening while I was doing the re-absorption of a past event. The thing is that while pulling IN I seem to be tensing a lot, my physical body that is. When I contract my abdomen and assist with the perineum I am seemingly tensing up a lot, but I am getting SO STRONG pulling power in my Cauldron. I felt a huge amount of energy come in on what became the last pull, which I took to mean that that memory was done for now (was the second time I re-absorbed from this particular event), and oh man, I was pretty overwhelmed at the potency of this energy, and as you can imagine also quite happy to have such tangible results in a relatively short time. The question however is; what is the amount of physical force you deem acceptable to be used with these techniques? I know you advise against using muscle power of any kind during the refinement process but seems to me that when absorbing and re-absorbing there will always seem to be some tension. Until one perfects the use of what you call the First Pump I guess. But even then, you mention that the ability to be incognito as it were while doing these practices can be important. How much should I be focusing on actually having most manipulation take place on a completely subjective (internal) level, not physically noticeable?
    And this thing about the desire as action leaves me a bit confused right now.. I have currently lent out my copy of Overcoming.. so I can’t check this to be a 100% certain, but I thought that when you mention the example in the book of loosing weight, to have a daily “desiring session” which would involve breathing OUT and if I don’t remember wrong also pushing energy OUT? If not, then when exactly am I actually engaging the OUT polarity “in the field” as it were, instead of just when projecting/visualizing? Is the Inner Feeling Sense a part of the OUT polarity?
    One last question to top this all off.. I am assuming that the energy I am learning to manipulate (chi, prana, life force) is in essence the most sexual energy available to us, it’s the force of creation basically.. So I’m just wondering if it’s normal (whatever the hell that is) to be feeling sexual arousal when absorbing big amounts of energy? I was doing a VOID meditation/packing my Cauldron session and began to feel incredibly strong general-good-feeling (with a sexual undertone) energy and every breath I took I felt like I was going to explode laughing. I believe I was on my way to having an OBE as well but as I got so excited it was hard to stay relaxed.. Are you telling me I’m just supposed to try to relax through these immensely powerful waves of energy I am starting to feel more and more strongly??!
    Thanks a bunch John!
    Hope you’re enjoying yourself! I extend a big thank you for what you do, and wish you all the best!

    1. A lot to unpack here as usual. Let’s start with the desires action as this is perhaps the biggest issue from my point of view: I’ll start by saying that it is in essence my own fault for trying to describe briefly techniques that require a lifetime of effort and are infinitely nuanced in many ways. By referencing the IN technique I am in some ways trying to have you avoid experiencing what actually directly relates to your second question as to how much ‘physical’ force you should be using in your absorption techniques.
      If you’re a young and strong person, then the use of what you refer to as physicality, that is physically moving parts of yourself in order to assist you, can be relatively a good thing because it allows you to work with certain muscular force to assist you. But in time you will realize that as your body ages, and as you become far more adept at working with this energy, you will need less and less of that muscular and physical force to be able to move this energy. Indeed, there comes a point that you often hear about through old tall tales, of ancient masters that are able to effortlessly move the biggest thing without seemingly using any physical force at all. What the stories are referencing is the idea that our muscles will not have the same potency, from a physical point of view (and again I am referencing you here, physicality from my point of view is in many ways an illusion, remember I am an inner alchemist and to me ALL is energy) throughout your life, the vigor and the strength that you now have physically, because of the many boundaries of the physical world itself, will in time, even if you can extend that time through the kind of work that you are now doing, will come to an eventual conclusion. Further. Such potent physical vigor while performing certain actions can cause strain and sometimes damage even at a young age, in the same way that you might pull a muscle while engaging in some strong physical action of some kind. For all of the above reasons I have referenced the IN polarity in order to have someone engaged in this action NOT develop a hernia for example while trying to manifest with all effort, in other words using the OUT polarity to push out. And instead, learning while a person is more vigorous ‘physically’ to engage in deeper and far more powerful aspects of their true power that does not require muscular force.
      As far as the nature of the energy that you’re working with, yes you’re quite right it is basically the creation force of the universe, and as such as you increase in energy you will feel stronger, more alive, more vigorous, more potent. The trick then becomes to try to control that energy and focus it into something conscious instead of just giving it up for just ‘physical’ pleasure. We all have our own decisions to make in this regard obviously, and I’m not telling you to do one thing or another, but I am just pointing out the general pattern here. I hope this helps and I hope you get what I’m trying to say.

      P.S. while it might not seem like it from the title, I think that a book that you would honestly greatly benefit from when it comes to your understanding desires as action, is the book, Manifest Wealth and Prosperity with Thought Forms and Servitors. In that book I go over a great deal of material that while it does not relate directly to the polarities as I later more intricately define them, it does give a great deal of information about how things become manifest in the first place and the general mental, that is inner work, requirements of making such desire as action possible. An important book I feel in that regard.

  35. Hi John, I read Overcoming the archon through alchemy. I have read many occult books ; i found yours to be more specific and detailed in explaining the three polarities. However, I have a query on IN polarity. You recommend the method where we absorb “ALL” Energy to store in the hara Chakra. I have two questions :
    1) If I absorb “ALL” Energy i will also absorb negative energies from people and maybe entities as well. In that case would I not absorb other people’s negative karma and suffer the consequences ?
    2) If I absorb a lot of energy and store in the body would it not overload my system and fry my nerves, so to say.

    1. Hi Sachin, thank you for your question.
      It is in answering questions like this that I’m often forced to admit that there is a great interrelation between all my books. For example the two questions that you ask here are best explained by either reading the book, Vampires Way to Psychic Self Defense, or, the Magnum Opus.
      In order to answer your first question, I would have to reference for example that first book, the vampires way to psychic self defense, where I talk about the predatory stance. Most basically this is a stance that you take, a kind of psychological stance, where you allow yourself to absorb all of the energy and turn it into your own energy, being that energy is just that…energy; and in essence what you are doing is separating the energy from the intent.
      I would honestly recommend that book as I go into great detail on to how to do this there, and there are a number of nuances that you might want to study in-depth on your own.

      Your second question is I believe answered to some degree in the vampires psychic self defense book mentioned above, but it is far more intricately described in the book the magnum opus, where I discussed the use of this cauldron, the movement of energy through the body, and eventually the ability to refine this energy in that cauldron in order to create the philosopher’s stone which is in essence the best use of that energy from the inner alchemist point of view.

      There’s a great deal of nuance to working with energy and I suppose it is the case that I have had to extend this knowledge across many books.

    1. I am not sure if you have read any of my books on alchemy, but in order to answer this question we would need to better define the term alchemy. If by alchemy you mean the alchemy that is usually talked about in the world, which in my books I refer to as ‘puffers’, then I can’t honestly speak about that because I do not practice this kind of alchemy.
      Now, from the point of view of inner alchemy, which is what I practice, it is possible to extend physical existence. This can be done in two basic ways, the first being energetic containment; the better that an inner alchemist is at energetic containment, the longer that they are able to maintain vigor and strength and this can greatly increase physical existence.
      The second is through the use of the philosophers stone in accordance to inner alchemist techniques. An inner alchemist can tap into this energetic configuration in order to extend their physical life if that is what is needed.
      But these methods can only extend physical existence only so long as there is always a termination point for physicality and all things within this heavy gravitational dimension.

        1. Thank you very much Celso,
          where you will find these particular techniques described in best detail are the books, overcoming the archon through alchemy, and the magnum opus.

  36. in your books you mention the “host”; could explain more about this topic.

    1. As I mentioned in my books, terminology is a very tricky subject because it really involves dogmatic belief and understanding that in the end matter little without actual practice.
      For that reason I tend to try to use different terms that I feel are able to express certain detail while at the same time are able to take the readers intellect, their ghost, into projections of attention that may allow them to come to better conclusions through a form of direct perception.
      In this case the term host, from my point of view, is a term that I use to describe the multidimensional aspects of the Archon. What I say is that the Archon is sort of like a giant body existing out there, like a blanket that encompasses the whole of humanity, the whole of the planet. This blanket or body, is made up just like ours of many cells, and just like ourselves each one of these individual pieces of it are alive, they are individual in a way sort of like a collective or a hive all working together.
      This hive of the Archon is the Archon and each one of these pieces can and does come down and affect certain individuals or groups of individuals. Collectively it unites with the Archon (this individual cell of the Archon unites to form the blanket, the complete body) that it is a part of and in this hive like way feeds itself and at the same time feeds the whole of the Archon, I hope you get what I mean.
      The host therefore is my term for this hive, and moreover it can be used in some ways to expand on this notion of non-organic entities, parts of the hive that is the Archon, to ALSO describe the incredibly diverse non-organic lifeforms that are also a part of this dimensional zone but that are not part of the Archon, and that also prey on the intensities of humanity.
      The host therefore represents the entirety of the nonorganic predatory lifeforms that are currently taking energy from humanity.

  37. love your books I brought a good 5 books on amazon, completed 3 in about a week which I’ve never done your explanation are simple and honest. I’m pretty blown away my best so far is overcoming the archons threw alchemy. I do have a question about.
    I do wonder if the archons have some link to astrology ? and if, are they the influencers of the planets, my ideology is the perception, that thoughts are the zodiac signs and planets would be thought forms, resulting from the fixed stars(of the zodiac signs), my question is where do the arcons play in the dark sea, because I have being practising energy containment and it works !! I tried it last week in a strange scenario, and I traced it back to a planetary transit which shown exact on the day, and considered it to be an influence to some degree, but I’m still in question as to were do they play in the stars what are there positions ? (archons)

    1. Thank you for getting my books!
      This is actually a very difficult question to answer, and indeed it could be a very intriguing one for someone who wishes to pursue the relevance of this going forward.
      In the simplest of terms, the archon, being a non-organic entity, does not occupy space-time in the same way that a planet or a constellation might occupy space-time. The archon is in essence a nonlocal entity but the non-locality of it does not mean that its influence is not felt or that it does not present itself within certain galactic (zodiac) equivalents.
      As a wave of cosmic energy flows across the solar system affects all the planets, and in that fashion creates new positional possibilities that may require eons to present themselves, it is the case that such a non-local entity may affect either the positions of the stars themselves, or even the perception of those positions by human viewers.
      Generally speaking though, I would say that the most basic answer to your question is that the archonic cloud is quite simply a wave function existing in nonlocal space. As such, it might be easier to try to identify certain intensities within our dimensional space-time, and how these may relate to certain astrological positions and planetary conversions, as opposed to trying to identify its exact location of it within the outer cosmos.
      I hope you get what I mean.
      An example is that there seems to be a correlation between the phases of the moon and the intensity of this cloud.

  38. Hello John
    you comment that we have a single life and after physical death individuality dissolves. This information is different from the dogmas we are taught.
    Should we understand that our individuality is finite and do we still live with this ignorance?

    1. I can only speak from the inner alchemist point of view and from what I have directly perceive myself using those techniques to ‘see’ that I discuss in my books. Using such direct perception, and in accordance to the beliefs of inner alchemists, there is only one individuality and this individuality has a termination point.
      I do plan to go into fine detail on this matter in my latest book in the magnum opus trilogy, there I wish to expand on the nature of the life-and-death cycle. For now I can say that, yes there is only one individuality and this individuality does end, but there is great complexity and nuance to this. As such, the true length and breath of that individual awareness that is you exists for far longer, dependent on a number of factors, then many would suspect. We are, even though this has been hidden from us, multidimensional beings.

      1. Thank you very much for your reply.
        I hope your new book will be published soon.

  39. Hi John,

    Yet again, I’m finding it hard to articulate my questions given the hugeness, complexity, and still in many cases newness of these concepts. But I’ll try!

    I’d like to ask — Is the archon able to control non organic beings the same way it controls humans? That is to say, is the archon able to insert part of itself into non organic beings just like it’s done to humans? Or, does it just control non organic beings through the more general power of its intent?

    I’m wondering specifically about those non organic beings that human practitioners and certain streams make deals with for power, for example. I’m trying to figure out how directly they (these specific non organic beings) are used by the archon to create balanced dis balance in the world.

    I know that the archon and the non organic beings are after different kinds of energy to feed on, but I’m wondering if that means there is some sort of non compete contract between them? Whereby the archon leaves the NOBs free to do what they want but the NOB agenda just happens to line up with what the archon wants? And would this just be because the power behind the archon’s intent is so strong, or are they, too, infected by the archon in some way?

    Is there any overlap on the types of energy the archon and non organic beings feed on, i.e. is it possible for them to feed on the same kind of energy or is it always different kinds?

    Is the presence of predatory non organic beings at least partly a symptom of the archon’s intent for humanity? I guess what I’m also trying to ask is, is it the archon’s intent that drives the actions of those beings who make deals with humans and give them power, and if so would that archonic intent override the intent of the non organic beings themselves should they behave in a manner inconsistent with the goals of the archon?

    Thank you so much for taking the time to help with these concepts. They have really helped me a lot in very tangible ways and continue to do so.

      1. Thank you so much! The video was most helpful. I had another question. I think I know the answer to it but I’m curious as to your thoughts on it. And I hope you haven’t answered it already and I’ve just forgotten, which seems to happen more often than I’d like. But is it possible to drain the negative energy from future events as well as present or past ones? Since the archon spans dimensions and times, I thought maybe it would be possible to do this for future probabilities. Like, say there is an event coming up at which you strongly suspect negative people or archonic interference will be present, and you would like to turn it into a more delightful and positive experience. Could you pre-drain the negativity?

        1. As you say, future probabilities. And how is it that these future probabilities come about within your awareness?
          Most likely they are thoughts, idea gestalts within your mind that you might have throughout the course of your day and that can, depending on their emotional intensity, weaken you, drain you.
          When these thoughts, these potential future probabilities pop into your mind, you can at that moment drain them, pull back that energy that is being pulled away from you. In doing so you are fundamentally pulling back the energy that can create such a future probability and making it less likely that it will happen being that the energy that is the foundation of it is disappearing. So yes, you can pre-drain negativity and this is a great use of these techniques, so I am very happy that you are experimenting with how to empower your life with them.

          1. So would that be considered … “pre-capitulation”? 😂 Sorry, I couldn’t resist! The word popped into my head and now I can’t unthink it so I had to share even though I feel like an alchemy nerd for saying it. 😁

  40. John, in your overcoming book you write that in order to get what you want you should keep up a desire paired with intent towards it, and never let it degrade to mere expectation. So far so good, however in your wealth servitor book you teach about detatched expectancy in order to attain your goal. This confuses me. Which technique do I use in which situation? Can you combine them and use both at the same time to superboost your results or do they contradict themselves? They seem different enough, the former supposes you don’t have your goal yet but you are actively pulling it towards you with invested energy while the latter seems to act as if you have it already in order to let the secret king make it so. It appears to me that expectation is different from detatched expectancy, and expectation is the one you should avoid because in this modus neither are you actively pulling it towards you nor do you have it already. Not sure if I’m correct, I hope you can explain more.
    Best Wishes and thanks for all your work!

    1. This is a really good question Knight, and one that I am addressing in the book that I am currently writing, which I hope will be out early next year sometime. If you are subscribed to my email notice board, I usually send an email to everyone when a new book comes out.
      You are quite right in that these are different techniques. The techniques mentioned in the servitor book are meant to relate to servitor and thought form creation and they do rely on the assistance of an outside source, namely the servitor or the thought form. As such there is a need for different working principle as you describe in your question.
      In this future book that I am currently working on, I am going to address the techniques of what I refer to as a natural person, and how it is that they go about using those techniques mentioned in the book, Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy to work in a more direct way with their energy.
      Both of the techniques you mention are quite powerful but separate in that they access different types of energetic deployment. I would personally say you should stick to one or the other and until I publish this book. This technique that I will be talking about in my latest book as some intricacies that need to be understood well, things that I think are not very well understood (in some cases) in some of the modern books such as books on manifestation and the like.

  41. Hi john,

    Your books are amazing and i would like to know more about alchemists.
    I think it is in the vampire way that you talk about what alchemists have fought and study in order to know more about increasing life span.
    Can you give me some books titles, internet sites, well everything that is related to the experiences they had and how this knowledge had been transmitted ?

    1. Sorry, my knowledge is not based on such books for the most part so I really could not particular books are sites for you to study. Instead, I say that what you need to do is learn to see energy yourself directly, and in that way discover your own truth. Or, you might say that I also say that you should learn to become a projectionist, and in that way travel deeply to discover your own truths yourself directly.

  42. Hello John,

    I’ve been practicing seriously your techniques for transmutating any undesirable energy for quite some time, and in your book you outline a threefold technique of sorts involving focused visualization, intention and breathing to transmute energy but as I start getting more confident it begins to feel unnecessary to state something in my mind or even breathe deeply at all. All I do is focus lightly on desiring to devour the energy (with some added inner sense finesse) and it works! One interesting thing that happens when I do this is that my lungs start filling themselves with air almost subconsciously in a very relaxed manner. It makes my practice feel more light which I enjoy but I wonder if I’m shooting myself in the foot by not exploring breath techniques as I transmute such as the reverse breathing you mentioned which I find quite hard to do still. Would you recommend I keep working like this? Thank you for all you do.

    1. It seems to me like your hard work (your focused attention) is paying off. At first we always need a procedural system to make sure that we are moving in the right direction, but as we do so and we begin to find our own way, our body-being naturally starts to develop greater facility and expertise. I feel that you are doing quite well and that you should continue with the progress that you have made, trusting your own direction.
      As you begin to acquire more and more energy using these techniques, you will (or perhaps you already have) begin to wonder about this extra energy, and what to do with it. If you absorb energy but then lose it in the same way that you had lost it before, through some kind of unconscious emotional outburst, then all of your work in this area will become more difficult. It is at this point that you may want to learn how to store your energy. You may find that you at this time then, will need to work on breathing techniques again to master these new skills, so as to contain that energy in the philosopher’s stone (as I have outlined in the Magnum opus book). If this is the case, then at that point those breathing techniques will become important to you again. But in time, you may find that as your familiarity and your expertise grows, you will not need those breathing techniques anymore. I hope you can see what I am trying to say. Follow your own development and trust in yourself. But always make sure that you return to the original techniques to make sure that all of your hard work is progressing in the right direction.

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