• Learn the Power of Concentration +

    Want to learn to make any task easier? Then learn to concentrate. The reason why a person gets bored, is because they are not putting enough concentration into the task that they are doing at the moment. The ability to concentrate is sort of like the ability to put blinders Read More
  • How to Create a Stand Up Comedy Routine +

    It can be a pretty difficult thing to go up and talk to people. We have all found ourselves in situations where we have to make small talk and mingle. Sometimes we also run into people that we like and would love to have just the right thing to say Read More
  • Let Your Inner Genius Out - Part 1 +

    Let us begin by stating right from the outset that there is a big difference between genius and technical intelligence. In our culture we tend to call very intelligent technical people; nerds. A nerd is usually someone that either through choice or through natural ability has focused most of his Read More
  • Let Your Inner Genius Out Part-2 +

    In our previous article we had discussed the fundamental aspect of genius. I had told you that technical knowledge, which is usually tested through the Intelligence Quotient exam, does not guarantee genius. Genius has much more to do with the ability to let go of all preconceived notions about how Read More
  • Master Anything With Borrowed Identities +

    I would guess that we have all had times when we wish we were someone else. I certainly would like to be as debonair as James Bond for example. Unless they are already lady magnets, I am sure that most men can identify with me.This need to want to be Read More
  • Stop Focusing On What You Don't Want And Get Out Of The Box +

    One of the hardest, yet one of the most powerful things that you can do to change your life is to; stop focusing on what you don’t want to happen. We all focus on that which is the most emotional thing in our present reality. What this means is that Read More
  • Learn Self Contemplation and Succeed +

    Learn to question yourself at all times. Many people tend to take this the wrong way and think that I am advocating personal doubt. But this is not what questioning yourself means. What it means is that you must give yourself the time to explore your own being. Questioning yourself Read More
  • Learn To Nurture Your Imagination +

    Always try to nurture your imagination. Your imagination is a powerful ally that you can use in any area of your life. Albert Einstein said that “imagination is more powerful than knowledge”. What he was letting us know is that our logical and objective minds can never encompass the totality Read More
  • How To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing +

    Sometimes it is difficult to realize that we are all creative people. Labeling by others tends to make this even worse; this happens because others begin to label us telling us from an early age that we are either creative or not very creative.It is true that some of us Read More
  • Persuasion Through Logic and Articulation +

    Persuasion is really one of the great human skills. Sometimes the word persuasion can make this art seem negative or underhanded. The reality of the situation though is that persuasion is really the art of great articulation. Seen this way, persuasion, can then be seen for what it really is Read More
  • The 3 Types Of Contemplation +

    I am a firm believer, that contemplation is your greatest resource in the acquisition of inner wisdom. Contemplation is basically the ability to let your mind go into a type of free flow, or inner exploration, where on the one hand you might give your mind complete and free reign, Read More
  • How Do We Attain Genius? +

    We certainly do seem to live in interesting times. At this time in human history we all seem to be at odds with ourselves, perhaps this is how it was always and humanity is perhaps destined to always feel fractured. This is definitely the age of the intellect where we Read More
  • How To Ask Good Questions +

    Asking good questions is a great skill in life. Good questions can allow you to pursue the correct goal without the need to waste time and effort on something that is not required. With the right question you can solve any problem. Whether these problems are external ones that you Read More
  • Technique To Let Your Creative Genius Come Out +

    We all want to be more creative. Being creative is something that is considered to be very important because it can help us in all aspects of our life. Whether we are writers or business people, creativity can help us in our personal professions. Creativity allows us to solve problems Read More
  • People Watching For Fun And Profit +

    There are many strategies to try and deal with others. Many books are written about persuasion, body language, positive emotional interaction, and just about any other thing that you can think of that would allow you to interact better with others. What many forget is that unless they live somewhere Read More
  • Use Metaphors To Discover Creative Solutions +

    Trying to think in a creative solution can be quite difficult sometimes. Trying to make yourself more creative can actually complicate the situation because the more that you try the harder that it gets to come up with a good idea. There are different techniques though that can allow you Read More
  • How To Solve A Visual Problem Quickly +

    Have you ever run across a visual puzzle that you could not solve? Sometimes we are doing crosswords, word jumbles, or sometimes even mathematical formulas that we just can't seem to crack. Often we get so into it and so focused on what we can’t figure out, that we just Read More
  • How To Turn Knowledge Into Power +

    Most of us are very educated people. Most of us have spent many years in schools learning a good many useful things along the way. Some of us continue our studies and go to college or university. Others take public courses in order to learn more about their hobbies or Read More
  • The Difference Between Learning and Understanding +

    I have been accused of a number of occasions of taking way too long to answer a simple question. Some say that I will go on about things that absolutely have no bearing on the subject, before I finally get to the answer to a simple question. I must say Read More
  • A Different Perspective on Nietzsche +

    Nietzsche can be an incredibly difficult philosopher to try and understand. Perhaps I know this better than most since he is one of my favorite writers. I have read many interpretative books trying to explain Nietzsche in one way or another. Some have called him a crazy anarchist while others Read More
  • How to Expand your Perception and Stop 'Black and White' Thinking +

    The one thing that has caused the most grief in the world, can arguably be said to be limited thinking. The problem with many seems to be their ability to only see things in black and white. That is most people tend to only see things in one or the Read More
  • Expand Your Awareness Using E-prime; Communicate Better and Understand More +

    We are a ‘symbological’ creatures. Our entire world is based on our ability to create symbolism in order to explain our perceptions to ourselves and to others. Symbolism plays such an important role in our lives that I think it would be fair to say that without it we would Read More
  • How to Think Outside the Box +

    Have you ever been called a complainer in the past? I sometimes get told that I am sometimes a complainer. I tend to look at things in the world about me and I find many things that are wrong or things that I would do better. But I sometimes ask Read More
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