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I am a firm believer, that contemplation is your greatest resource in the acquisition of inner wisdom. Contemplation is basically the ability to let your mind go into a type of free flow, or inner exploration, where on the one hand you might give your mind complete and free reign, to flow in whatever direction it wants, and in the other you stay focused, so that you are able to keep track of every single thought, that enters your mind. This is a tricky give and take, because if you focus too much on keeping track of your thoughts, you can impede the natural flow of these thoughts. Personal internal contemplation is an art, that must be practiced and perfected, but it is also a very fun activity, that can be very relaxing and incredibly mentally stimulating.

You can use internal contemplation, to find answers to problems that have stumped you in the past. This contemplation is very powerful, because it allows you to access information that is usually buried in your subconscious, and as such, not easily available to your conscious mind. Contemplation then, is the bridge between the conscious and the subconscious. It is very powerful, and it has been used by the great geniuses of the past to discover thoughts, ideas, and concepts that have been far ahead of their time.

It is indeed the case that contemplation, is a type of active dreaming, that is, it is in essence a way to project the personal consciousness outside of the body. In my book, Out Of Body Experiences, Quickly And Naturally, which is available in the kindle book store, I discuss in detail how the conscious self can be projected from the body. I discuss how this projection can be done, starting from a fully awake state, and how human consciousness naturally creates its own mental propellants, that allow the self to exit the confines of the physical body.
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Contemplation, when done properly, can be used in this way to overcome the limits of the body, which then lets a person discover greater truths, and the answers to questions that might seem outside of the realm of human understanding.

There are three types of contemplation, or contemplative practices;

The First is Free flow:

This is when you allow your mind complete freedom, to go anywhere it wants. You must remember though, that you have to keep track of your thoughts, and you must be aware of them as they happen, but you must at the same time give your mind free reign. This can be a difficult task at first, but once this fine give and take is mastered, you will have access to amazing knowledge.

In a quiet relaxed place, allow your mind to just flow freely as you watch it from a distance, and you watch your thoughts flow by like a fine calm river. This type of free flow contemplation, is an incredibly powerful way to discover your inner thoughts and feelings. These thoughts and feelings can give you clues about your beliefs and about your life in general. I don’t think that I would be overstating the fact, by saying that through prolonged free flow contemplation you can attain a deep sense of personal enlightenment, which can improve your entire life. This type of contemplation is even a wonderful form of meditation, that can relax your being and settle your soul.

The second contemplation method is, Directed contemplation:
Perhaps as you begin to do free-flowing contemplation, you become interested in a particular train of thought or concept. When this happens, you must change your contemplation into a more focused endeavor. You do this by lightly focusing your mind on this particular concept, while at the same time not trying to interfere with this natural free flow of thought. This is again a tricky accomplishment, because any strong personal intention will instantly stop this natural flow of thought, so you must discover just the right touch of focus needed to direct your mind. If this natural flow stops, do not worry, just allow yourself to relax and your flow of thoughts will soon begin on its own again. All of this mental action is quite subjective, so it is difficult to give you a step-by-step guide, you must find your own methods, and discover the natural flow of your own mind. It is perhaps helpful, to realize that this natural flow of thoughts in your mind is always there, you must just be relaxed enough, and be internally focused enough, to be able to pay attention to it. Then in the most gentle way possible, you must direct your focus in a way that won’t interfere with your natural mind.

The third contemplation method is, No thought contemplation :
Once you have been doing some kind of contemplation for a while, it is quite possible that you will get sleepy. This natural desire to sleep, is perhaps the result of the wonderful relaxation that contemplation creates. This feeling of sleep though, can allow your mind to take a final step into its contemplative practice. If you follow this sleepy feeling, but at the same time try to stay as conscious as possible of the thoughts in your mind, you will find that this feeling has the ability to stop thought altogether. It is as if that wonderful river of thought just disappeared, and there is just a very nice and relaxing void left in its place. If you are able to keep your concentration on this void, you will be able to discover an incredible new deeper level of thought, visions, and sounds that begin to take on the quality of dreams. This final type of contemplation is difficult for the beginner, and can only be developed through personal work. The trick, is to follow and experience that wonderful sleepy feeling without falling asleep. If you are able to get to this level, then you will discover entire universes that you can explore at your leisure. Universes that can open up your being, to a world of infinite mental possibility.

When doing these contemplative techniques, it is often a very good idea to keep a pad and pen next to you. In this way you can write down, or draw, anything that you see or experience. The reason for this, is that these contemplative practices have a way of changing your conscious state, which means that when you wake up to normal consciousness, you most often forget a great deal of the material that you may have discovered, in very much the same way that a dream can be forgotten. It is therefore a good idea to write everything down when it is fresh in your mind.

These are the basic three methods of contemplation. With them you will be able to do anything that you want in your contemplative ventures, they will allow you to develop a direct bridge to your subconscious. This bridge, is the beginning of an unbelievably deep understanding of self and the universe, and are the beginning of your journey into a vast and infinite inner sea of awareness, where the possibilities are endless.


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