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I am certain that  you have all felt negative energy in the past. This negative energy can be the result of your own personal beliefs or the result of the beliefs and intentions of the people around you. Negative energy can be felt in different ways; some people for example feel certain physical symptoms like tenseness or low blood pressure, many feel negative energy as emotions, either feeling depressed, scared, or angry. Often times people that feel negative energies as emotions believe that they are the ones who are feeling angry or scared for some reason, while in fact these are emotions that have been projected upon them. Some people experience negative energy by being flooded with negative thoughts, thoughts that seem to come out of nowhere and tend to be very negative in nature. When these feelings seem to just materialize out of nowhere, you must realize that it is quite possible that these emotions, thoughts, and physical symptoms can be the result of external projections; negative energy that others are feeling and that you are picking up on.

In past articles I have given you ways to neutralize negative energy. I have also given you some basic reasons as to why this negative energy is present within you. In this article I want to get even more specific as to the source of these negative feelings and also I want to discuss how to stop them so that you have a set of techniques to be able to eventually neutralize them permanently.

In order to begin you must realize that all negative energy, whether it’s yours or external, is caused by your personal beliefs. While it might seem that external negative influences are beyond your control, this is not the case. You can stop these negative emotions by realizing what beliefs you have that are leading you feel these external projections so strongly. It is quite possible to be able to feel these external projections and be completely unaffected by them at the same time. You can do this by becoming more aware of your internal feelings and beliefs and in this way begin to understand the energies that surround you. An understanding of your beliefs will allow you to control your personal reality and expand your awareness by realizing that these are not your personal feelings but the feelings of those around you.

To begin you must be willing to explore the negative feelings that you are having instead of trying to suppress them. This can be a difficult thing at first and perhaps something that you might not want to try in certain situations; for example it might be easier for you to ride the wave as it were during critical times, when you need to be at your best and you need to focus more on the moment. There will be times though when you will be able to explore these negative feelings, and this is the time when you must not suppress these negative feelings or ride through them, but let yourself experience them fully. In this way you will be able to discover what these feelings and thoughts are trying to tell you about your beliefs.

For example let’s say that while you are riding a bus you are struck by an incredible feeling of fear. If you are able, it is better that you let yourself experience this emotion completely. By allowing this emotion to have complete and free reign, you are able to use it as a natural impetus to find why you are feeling this way.

While you are feeling these emotions pay close attention to the kind of thoughts that you are having. These are great clues as to what is causing this emotion. Also ask yourself why you are feeling what you’re feeling, question yourself and look into your psyche to find the reason for your emotional outburst. By feeling your emotions, following them, and questioning yourself, you will eventually be able to realize the belief behind this emotion. For example it could be that you believe that people are dangerous and that you should always be careful and stay on your toes around them. This belief might even hide deeper beliefs about what you think people are generally and this this might lead to a discovery of all sorts of other personal beliefs about the human species in general.

It is also possible that as you feel this fear and follow the thoughts and emotions that present themselves that you discover thoughts and explore possible future circumstances that seemed quite alien to you. For example you might see thoughts of the bus crashing and perhaps even very specific thoughts having to do with taking care of children or being responsible for another person. If as you explore these thoughts you get a very good sense that these thoughts are alien, because maybe you have absolutely no fear and no beliefs about the dangers of public transportation, then you can begin to realize that these are external projections and that you are essentially picking up on the thoughts and emotions of others. By discovering your beliefs you become very aware of your own self and your own beliefs. You can in this way either discover what beliefs you have that are causing these negative emotions or discover the fact that you are indeed feeling external projections from others. Discovering these beliefs can be a very monumental thing for you. It can be sort of like having a eureka moment where a great revelation has been made to you.

You must explore these beliefs in a logical manner and figure out if these beliefs are fundamentally positive or negative to you personally. You do this by asking yourself if this belief has a positive purpose. There are beliefs that might cause us to feel what we consider negative emotions but that are in reality quite constructive. For example it could be the case that you have a fear of public transportation because the public transportation in your area is quite unsafe and a belief in the fact that it is unsafe is actually helping you become aware and be prepared for a possibly dangerous situation. It can also be the case that this belief is actually old and is something that you should now learn to get over. For example it could be that you are scared of public transportation because as a child you experienced a traumatic situation and from that point believed that all public transportation was unsafe, as an adult you must get over this belief because in many ways it might no longer be applicable.

Personal beliefs can be quite complex like this or they can be quite simple. It is up to you to discover the nuances of your personal life and your individual beliefs. If you are dedicated enough you can discover these beliefs and trace them deeply into your psyche which will allow you to experience incredibly powerful personal revelations.

If you discover that these beliefs are no longer applicable and that they are serving no purpose at all, that they are just providing negative energy and therefore are just a hindrance, you must then take action to change this belief so that you are able to stop negative energy from manifesting in your life. There are a number of ways that you can do this and I will give you the three that are the best in my opinion. Experiment with these and see which works best for you.

1. The first method to change a belief is to use good old-fashioned logic. I personally like this method for changing beliefs the best because it is very straightforward and if you have a logical mind, it can become a very powerful way to get rid of unwanted beliefs and to change them to beliefs that are more constructive to you personally. In the logical method what you are trying to do is to have an honest discussion with yourself. Having discovered your beliefs you logically ask yourself if this belief is constructive. You break down the reasons why this belief is or is not constructive and you realize in a fully conscious way that this certain belief must go. You then come to logical conclusions as to what beliefs would be better suited in your new situation. You tell yourself that you have the power to change these beliefs as easily as you can move books on a shelf. Through this personal realization you can tell yourself in a bold and firm manner that the old negative belief is illogical and that this new belief is truly the correct one. Through this action alone you can eliminate old beliefs by making old negative beliefs illogical and replacing them with far more logical and constructive beliefs.

2. Another way to change your beliefs is through affirmation. If you have realized what your beliefs are and you have surmised that this is a negative belief that you want to change, you have done a great deal of the logical work that is involved in changing a belief. It is possible though that you might want to use a stronger technique because of the intensity of this negative belief, which might be old and therefore deeply rooted in your psyche. Affirmation is definitely a stronger method and one that is very good at changing beliefs and old neurological patterns of thought. In order to use this method effectively I suggest that you come up with a positive phrase that concisely states your new belief. For example a new belief affirmation phrase could be, “I believe that public transportation is safe and secure. I believe that people are good at heart and always have my best interest in mind.” This simple pair of statements can begin to alter your beliefs and change your neurological patterns if it is done correctly. If you would like to learn more about affirmations I suggest that you read the article,”What is Affrimation?”.

3. The final method that I’m going to tell you about, that can be very powerful indeed at changing belief systems, is the method of ‘unbending intention’. In this method you use a form of concentrated effort into a particular intention. How this works is that you pretend for of 5 to 10 minutes that a certain thing is true. In order to perform this technique effectively I suggest that you find a nice quiet place where you will not be disturbed and in this place begin to realize that your intentions at this moment can change future beliefs and therefore can even change future outcomes.

Focused intention on a particular belief can begin to neurologically pattern that beliefs into your mind and as a result begin to create new external probabilities. For example you could focus your mind completely on the above affirmation and for 5 to 10 minutes, using all your effort, make yourself believe with every cell of your being that this statement is true right now. Making yourself believe that this statement is true can be quite taxing and there is no big need to do it for more than 5 minutes or so.

Done correctly the method of unbending intention can change an old belief into a new one in very short order. It’s possible that you might perform this technique once and get results almost instantly. It is also the case you might need to do this technique for longer periods of time, perhaps once a day for a week. The most likely scenario though is that you will need to do this technique once forget about it for a week or so and then repeat it again. You must find your own frequency by exploring your feelings and determining if work on your new belief requires a little more effort. The best way to do this techniques though is to perform it and then try and forget about it as much as possible until you feel that you need to do it again.

How you know that any of these three methods are successful is by how they change your feelings and thoughts. These methods should change your beliefs and therefore change how you feel; they will change the thoughts that you have about certain situations. If old emotions come back, you must again go through the process of identifying what beliefs are causing these emotions. Keeping yourself vigilant in this way you can continually explore your own psyche and determine what course of action you need to follow in order to create the kind of beliefs that will empower you in the future. These empowering beliefs should allow you to stop feeling the negative energy that you had been feeling in the past, completely eliminating your old anxieties.

As I had told you before it is quite possible that some of the negative energy that you perceive is external and has nothing to do with you but is actually the result of projected negative energy which you have picked up on. By understanding your beliefs you can do one of two major things; you can change your beliefs so that you do not have to experience this negative energy and therefore you do not have to experience the negative trauma, or you can learn to be far more aware of these external influences and the power of your own telepathic ability. In this way working on your beliefs can indeed stop the influence of negative energy permanently. It is up to you to decide what you want and how you want to progress in your life. A good affirmation to work with in either case is, “ I only respond to positive influences.”

Beliefs then are the causes of all this negative internal and external energy that you feel. I have given you a good technique on how to discovered these beliefs. I have also given you three very powerful ways that you can use to change these beliefs so that you can let go of old ones and replace them with new beliefs there are far more empowering and suit your purposes better. I hope that with this knowledge you will be able to empower yourself, following your own path into a happier future. You can either stop negative energy permanently, so that you are no longer aware of even external influences, or you can discover new ways to expand your untapped conscious potential.


  1. Hello,
    Read your article, very interesting and knowledgeable. I was wondering if you can shed some light on my experience with work and photos of Francesca Woodman. Since I saw her work/documentary about her, I’ve been feeling negativity and intense fear, and not sure exactly how to treat it, or get rid of it really. It is is extremely annoying. I’ve never experienced this before with any art. Your insight would be greatly appreciated!!

    1. Hi, thank you for your great comment.
      I am aware of Ms. Woodman’s work but I have never seen any of the documentaries. I personally do find her work incredibly powerful and evocative. There’s a certain sense of being trapped, of not being able to step outside of your skin. To me it seems to exemplify that stark loneliness that comes from the flesh not being able to expand and flow into a greater sense of light and reality.

      But my feelings on the subject are not important. What is important is what you feel, and those feelings should be the catalyst to help you find what it is that you believe because when you do this you will discover why it is that you are feeling so negative.

      To do this I would suggest that you take some time to yourself and just freely contemplate her work and how it has changed the way that you feel about everything. First of all ask yourself if you have had these feelings before you saw her work. As you freely contemplate these feelings that you have, and feel them as you do so, ask yourself if you had these feelings in any way before you saw her work.

      If you can honestly, and personal honesty is key here, say that you did not have these feelings before you saw her work in any way, then you can conclude that she was the catalyst to what you are feeling now. As I have said in the article, these feelings can either be the result of an external influence that you might be feeling, which her work intensified, or the result of a personal belief within yourself that was somehow augmented because of her work. If it is a personal belief, as opposed to an external projection, then it must certainly be the case that you had this belief before you saw her work. It is quite possible that her work and her life somehow magnified this belief within you. If this is the case then you must explore what these beliefs are because while I speak of belief, what I’m speaking of is a core belief that usually projects a whole bunch of other beliefs that create a network that you now call your negative feelings.

      Take a piece of paper, and as you contemplate these feelings, ask yourself this simple question; why? When you get a negative feeling, explore that feeling, and ask yourself why you feel this way. This will usually give you an answer that will most likely be, ‘I feel this way because I saw her work’. This is where most people stop. But you must go further and ask yourself why you feel this way when you see or remember her work. Write down what you discover. Keep going deeper and deeper.

      In this simple way you will be able to go further and further back into your own personal psyche. What you want to do is to discover what is referred to as a ’core belief’. The core belief is the fundamental building block of the belief network, without it the whole network collapses and if you are able to deal with it properly then the negativity that you are feeling should collapse.

      If this is an external influence somehow, then you will also be able to deal with it because you will understand that it is not yours and can begin to deduce its origin.

      Let me know if this helps in any way.

  2. Hello,

    I have read a few of your articles and I find them quite enlightening. I am facing a problem with negative energy. I must have a lot inside of me because I am now at point where I can sense something will go wrong and 95% of the time it does. I hate this feeling. i
    It falls on so quickly and I try to analyze that perhaps I am feeling this because I have done something wrong or said something wrong and as a result, something has gone wrong. What I do find weird is that I only can sense when something negative will happen and not something positive. How can I shake this out of me? As I think this negative energy is really holding me back. Your insight plz.

    1. You know this is an incredibly important comment and question so thank you for it.

      I grappled with this problem for a very long time myself and I can truly identify with what you’re feeling because I felt and experience similar things myself. As you might know from having read some of my articles, there are a few instances where I tend to bash what I consider to be the ‘positivity’ movement and I think this question and the problem that you face are the reasons why I do it.

      It seems that the positivity movement tells us that all negative thoughts and feelings are bad; that they will cause bad things to happen to us. We are given general definitions as to what is supposedly good and what is supposedly bad, but basically speaking any kind of emotion or thought that does not meet the standard of goodness/good-feeling is wrong and must be banished at all cost.

      Perhaps you believe, like I do, that thoughts create reality. As such you might consider every negative feeling and thought to be dangerous because indeed you do not want bad things to happen to you or the ones that you care about. When you believe this, and act with this belief in mind therefore, without understanding the great complexity of how it is exactly that thoughts go about creating the basis of this reality, you are indeed putting yourself in a very difficult position, one that could lead you to much grief.

      The reality is that not every thought that you have will create in the way that most believe; that is thoughts do not become instantaneously real like they do in dreams for example. The ‘positivity’ movement uses the fear of the power of thought to imply a certain karma of sorts and makes people fear just like the church once made people fear that they would go to hell if they did or thought the wrong things.

      The world though is far more complex than this black and white reasoning and while it is true that thoughts make up the framework of our reality, it is not true that things are as simple as; you feel good you get good and you feel bad or negative and you get bad.
      Thoughts are actually there to help you and the free-flow of them is critical to good mental health. Feeling negative emotion is necessary and the more that you try to force yourself away from negative feelings, the worse that this battle will become until you finally fail. This eventual failure can even cause mental problems if you are not careful.

      Now I know that this article seems to imply by the name that you should banish all negativity but in reality what it is telling you is that you need to use this negativity in order to discover beliefs that are detrimental to you personally and correct them ‘if you so desire’. Beliefs are the key here, not thoughts.

      With that in mind, try this and see how it works for you:

      First of all, understand that your mind, contrary to popular new age opinion, is not an evil thing that must be destroyed. Realize that your mind is an incredibly powerful tool that is always trying to help you and its job is to make sure that you survive and thrive in any situation. When you feel negative you are most likely thinking something negative ‘for you personally’; these thoughts are not evil and your mind is not trying to sabotage you. It is actually trying to make you win in any situation.

      If for example it plays over and over some terrible scenario then it does so in order to try and warn you of something. Think of it like your early warning system; what do you need to do now in order to avoid this bad occurrence? Trust your feelings and examine this dark mental situation logically; does the fact that you are feeling some negative emotion about your car mean that you need to take it to the repair shop? Perhaps your mind is telling you that you need to be more careful on the road for some reason. The deeper mind has the ability to examine things with a logic that is so powerful that your conscious mind alone cannot fully understand all these permutations. Trust your mind when it speaks to you, don’t just try and banish what you think is a negative thought or emotion.

      Examine your mind and these intuitions by asking yourself, “why?”. Why are you feeling this way? Why are you having those thoughts? If you are having negative thoughts about your car breaking down for example, ask yourself why you feel or think this. Your answer might be simply “because my car sucks” or “because I am a negative idiot”. But don’t stop there; ask yourself “why?” again. Your answer might be, “because it’s an old car” or “because I have evil thoughts”. Keep going like this until you are confident that you have discovered the belief that makes you think what you are thinking. All thoughts and emotions can be traced back to a belief, sometimes it’s even a belief that you are taking at face value but it is actually a belief that someone else has and you are picking up on it in one way or another

      When you discover this belief, decide if it is a worthy thing to believe. Does this belief help you or hinder you? Should you change it? If the answer is yes then logically tell yourself why this belief is wrong every time you experience negativity. For example, you could tell yourself that yes indeed your car is old but there are many good cars out there that have lasted incredibly long and indeed your car could last a lifetime as many cars have.

      Also decide that you will spend some time each day meditating on a more empowering belief to replace the old one. Take 5 to 30 minutes each day and contemplate something better. Perhaps you can contemplate having a great car. Trust that you have the power to change things that you do not like. Know that you are doing all that you can, you are acting impeccably and therefore you can give up worry because there is nothing more that you can do.

      This is a process that you must work on yourself diligently. If you do so, you will find that your negativity will decrease and perhaps go away completely. You will also discover your great intuition and how to use it to your advantage in any situation.

      There once was an old farmer who’s son fell from the roof of his cottage while trying to fix it. Unfortunately the young broke his leg when he fell.
      All the neighbors came over and wept telling the old farmer that he was very unfortunate. The old farmer replied, “good?bad??” and he shrugged his shoulders.
      A week later the country was invaded and all the young men of the village were conscripted to go fight in the war. Because the farmer’s son had a broken leg, he was spared from this awful duty.
      The neighbors ran over to the farmer and congratulated him on his good fortune. The farmer replied, “good?Bad??”, and he shrugged his shoulders.

  3. Thank you John for your reply. It feels like a struggle. I tend to over analyze things.
    When one feels negative energy- do they attract it or is it just a natural intuition? Can this negative intuition or attraction to negative energy work in the opposite direction as well? Meaning, if I do have this intuition of something going wrong, is it possible to get an intuition of something to right ? ( is it possible to attract positive energy) ? If so, how?

    1. Yes I know how you feel, I tend to over analyze everything. But this can be either a positive thing or a negative thing depending on how you frame it;
      If I see my mind as a wild chicken with its head cut off that runs around without rhyme or reason only creating problems for me, then this is a negative for me personally. When I frame my mind in this way, I tend to do so because I BELIEVE that the meanderings of my mind are but crazy thoughts that have no worth, furthermore this belief is usually based on the idea(belief) that the mind is a bad thing, that its some kind of growth that must be removed or at least monitored carefully.

      I can frame my mind a different fashion; I can do this by deciding to BELIEVE that my mind is far more complex and far wiser than I give it credit for. If I hold this belief then I do not dismiss every thought that goes through my mind trying to censor it; focusing on some things and trying not to think on others. I tend to see my mind as what it is; an incredibly powerful part of myself that acts as a bridge between my conscious self and my internal self which holds within its grasp all the wisdom of all the world.

      Does your mind attract negative things? This is a complex answer on many levels because fundamentally positive and negative things do not exist; only creation exists. Now if we are to consider things from your individual perspective, we can begin to narrow this answer a bit but it is quite easy to see how this answer is quite complex even for each individual one of us. For example, I used the idea of a FRAME above and using this method on many things, you can quite easily turn something that could be considered negative by you into something that could be quite positive to you instead. That is what the little story of the farmer is letting you know: is that positive? Is it negative?? Things are more complex than we imagine so shrugging your shoulders is as good an answer as any.

      Perhaps it’s better to think of things this way; think of anything that ever comes into your mind as already existing BUT not existing in the solid here and now that you are used to. Think of the world, think of your life, think of all creation as you know it as being made up of an infinite number of universes all existing at the same time. Each one of these universes is as real as any other but your focus allows you to decide how you will be experiencing one or the other.

      Some of these probabilities, in other words existing universes, you might just experience as a thought in your conscious mind. Another probability might be experienced as a dream and this dream could either be conscious or unconscious, that is a dream that you remember or one of the many dreams that you have had that you will never ever remember in this life. These dreams could be highly intense or they could be just coloring to help develop another dream that might be more important to you. All probabilities exist now and go on their merry way whether you consciously know of them or not, how you focus your attention is how you will experience many of these probabilities BUT these probabilities are not just decided upon by your conscious focus, you must also remember that you have a deeper and more expansive inner self that has its own agenda. This is so because this greater self sees farther and is complex and powerful enough to interact with all possible probabilities and is not just interested in your personal pleasure, it is also interested in your greater growth. Just like the farmer’s neighbors who could not foresee the son’s broken leg as an eventual positive, saving the boys life, you cannot see the greater scope and wisdom of your greater inner self. If you want to read more on probabilities then I suggest reading this article.

      Can you have positive intuition? The answer to this question is the answer to your question about whether you attract negative things that you intuit with your mind. The simple answer is yes.

      You can attract both negative and positive things by your focus; this is a truth but it becomes a half-truth when those in the ’positivity’ movement fail, or don’t know, to mention what I have already stated above about probabilities.

      An intuition therefore is an existing probability. You can bring that probability closer and closer into your frame of reference as a conscious experience now; that is you can experience it as a physical reality for you personally, by a lot focusing of your attention. The greater your focus, the more likely it is to become something within your experienced reality. Now this focus does not guarantee that you will experience the negative things you are imagining as physically real because there is an infinite combination of things all acting together in order to create one probable event within your reality, not the least of which are the desires for fulfillment and growth of your inner self.

      All thoughts, including the very negative ones, are meant as a type of personal growth. Whatever thought you have, you are experiencing in one way or another, and this experience changes to a greater or lesser degree by your focus. If you wish to experience things that you consider more positive, if you would like to have your more positive intuitions become what you consider physically real, then what you need to do is learn to identify the beliefs that you have and change those beliefs to more positive ones.

      As you go about your day experiencing thoughts or physical events, you will decide using your conscious and greater inner self what you consider to be good or bad for you personally. You attract positive energy by focusing on what you consider to be positive BUT, and this is a big BUT, you do not do this by filtering out certain thoughts or feelings, you do this by experiencing everything and then correcting the beliefs that are the basis and creators of these thoughts and feelings. You attract positive energy by changing your FRAME and you change your frame by changing your beliefs. Your beliefs are key; change your beliefs to positive ones and you will get positive energy and outcomes. Change your beliefs and you will have positive intuitions.

  4. Hi!

    I thought that I would add this material in the comments section because I think that anyone that is having problems with negative energy, like the kind mentioned in the article and by the commenters above should check out this book : Vampire’s Way to Psychic Self-Defense
    I can honestly tell you that the methods work and that they can be LIFE CHANGING!
    Please don’t be fooled by the title, which I chose in order to try and explain where the methodology comes from and how it works. You will learn how to literally stop all the negativity that is affecting you now. It will not show you how to stop the negative chatter of your mind, like changing beliefs can, but it will drain all this negativity of energy which means that this negative energy will no longer hurt you emotionally anymore and it will stop it from manifesting any bad things in your life.

  5. Ateser Aldemir

    Hi John,

    I hope you are well. I have read your article and all the comments. It seems extremely useful for me as i am very new to this.

    I probably shouldnt be asking for help here but i need a guide or a starting point about how to get rid of my negative energy.

    As i said i am very new to this and your article is the one of the first ones i have read. I am very convinced about your knowledge.

    My whole whole family is very negative, suspecious, paranoid and dont usualy trust everyone. I really belive this attitude effected me a lot and still effecting me. I belive out come of this is me being very unlucky. So many people says really weird/bad things happens to me or i find myself picked up by a drunk man on the street. And its been like this for ages.

    I have started to realise that i have really strong power. Couple of situations happened about the same subject and at the end of the day i got whatever i wanted just by wanting and thinking about it a lot. But ofcourse this doenst happen a lot and it only happens about the same subject. as i said i am really new to this i dont really know how to use it and where to start learning.

    I a not sure if this is the right spot to write all these but it would be really helpfull if you could lead me litttle bit or if you could tell me where/how to start.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Many thanks

    1. Hi, I’m sorry to hear about your troubles but it seems to me that you are now very aware of what is going on in your life, and this is the most important thing possible, so congratulations!

      My first recommendation to you is to do a little exploration, there is a great deal of information out there and it can be overwhelming at first but looking around will give you a sense of what is possible and available.

      My second would be to get this book. Sorry I don’t mean to push my stuff but I do believe that it can help so much with all kinds of negative energy. It will teach you how to take the negative energy that is all around you now and turn it into something empowering.
      Look at the contents; study the comments of people that bought the book and see if you think that this is something that would help you. Look around Amazon too and see what else might help you.

      You understand your basic problem; there is negative energy all around you, and the power of your directed thoughts can create positive feelings and outcomes in your life. You can’t stop people from being negative, but you can manipulate the energy all around you and you can take charge of your own mind.
      With the book I mentioned above, you will be able to take that seemingly bad energy and turn it into personal power. Then it will be up to you to focus your thoughts in a positive way. With it you will be able to help yourself and all the other people in your life.

      I hope this helps.
      Good luck!

  6. David Elliott

    Hi John ,I just wanted to say that i bought your Vampire self defence book just yesterday read it, used the technique and it worked immediatly, no ifs or buts.I don’t use the reverse breathing because I feel that belly breathing works better for me as I have trained Qi Gong for many years and it is easier for me to build energy this way.I have also fed from old negativity that is stored (childhood trauma,etc), This is without doubt a really powerful technique, so thanks for that and I really mean that.Today I’m going to try your servitor companion book, I’m really lookihg forward to it.Thanks very much,David.

    1. Thank you David, your comment is much appreciated!
      Yes definitely use what works for you. The technique in the book was there just in case the person using it for the first time did not have any experience in energy work.
      I hope you get great results with your servitors as well. As a Qi Gong practitioner you will have a great advantage, just think of it as projecting energy outside your body and then giving that energy form, function, and intent/direction.

  7. David Elliott

    Hi John ,Just that tip on energy projection gave me a better perspective on how to charge my servitor, this is very exciting,Thanks David.

  8. it possible to be free from the effect of external negative energy like a person with bad aura or a person with very strong negativity who reads me,any kind of black magic or entities etc i.e all kind of negativity.i dont even want to be aware or recognize them.i was creating a positive belief system and it was working nice.then a relative i know,was reading my energy from another city and all my thoughts changed or got blocked and felt very heavy emotions. How do i permanently get rid of this sensitivity? It developed when i discovered i could do healing and started doing energy work.i dont want to do it is it possible to change it all by changing my beliefs.and how do i protect my beliefs as well as subconsious mind? I also dont want to believe in chakras as i get blocked all the time

    1. No to my knowledge there is no way to get rid of such gifts, it would be like saying, “flower, become less because you are too lovely”. I suppose you could mask your gifts like some people mask their beauty but that is no answer in my opinion.

      I believe that the only option that you have is to grow more, not grow less. You can do this in two ways;
      -first you could read an implement the information in that book that I keep mentioning endlessly above. You will find then that all that supposed bad energy that you, as a sensitive, are forced to deal with, that hurts so much, and believe me I know how much it hurts, can become a source of power for you instead of a source of pain.
      -Secondly, you can begin to grow by controlling your emotions and attention. I am not telling you to stop feeling, I am saying that you can grow immensely by controlling your attention and emotions so that you only feed, through your feelings and attention, only those things that you want in your life, as opposed to everything that you are forced sometimes to pick up with your very sharp senses.

    2. You could cut the “psychic cords” that you have with any person, especially family members.
      You could also build a “thought form” of a mentality shield that you charge every morning.
      Our only limits are our imagination 😉

  9. Thankyou for the answer.i do wish to grow but my sensitivity limits me due to fear.i still would like to heal people.i have been experiencing painful negativity from people that i think could change by changing belief and also me thinking happy thoughts.the more i knew about chakras,cords and auras, the more it made sense to me comparing with my experiences before knowing about knowing explains it,but it also makes me be fearful when i go to public or low energy places.i start to get punches in my solar plexus or get drained.shielding and cutting cords helped but it was energy and mind consuming keeping in mind that i have to do work with complete concentration in low energy places. So knowing helps, but is it possible to know and make a belief that -there is negative energy but wont effect me.or there is no negative energy… i dont want to get drained or effected and i pray to god that is possible by changing belief.

    1. Beliefs aren’t anything mysterious or highly difficult. You will find everything that you need to change them in this article. Nothing else is needed. All you need to do is just make the effort to change those things you want to change.
      Good Luck!

  10. I’ve read a few of your books, with great interest.

    I was a lifelong skeptic, and then, a few years ago, something happened which started to change my mind. I tried to create things using intent mainly on the premise of “keeping an open mind” (although honestly my real reasoning was to follow the instructions as closely as possible so that I could prove these things don’t work) and soon discovered that I seemed to be able to make remarkable things happen (way beyond just seeming coincidence).

    As my interest grew and I tried to learn more, I came across this person online who claimed to know techniques to essentially make magic effortless and totally predictable. Intrigued, I entered into a dialogue with him, but after a few months I felt so much negative energy from him that I backed off and told him that what he was offering was not for me. He became quite abusive and vowed that nothing would ever work for me again.

    As far as I am aware, consciously I did not take him seriously, I had written him off as a dark little control freak with no real insights. So I was not expecting any bad luck to ensue.

    But I’ve had a torrent of bad luck since that time (significant health and relationship problems he’d predicted, etc), and I’m starting to question whether he could have done something to affect me after all.

    I read your Vampires self defence book, but things do not seem to be immediately improving. Any thoughts?

    1. Whenever we contemplate people or events and have some kind of emotional reaction as we do so, which is quite natural since we are all emotional beings, we project energy and intent at that person or situation.
      Magickal acts require effort in the form of consciously focused attention, there is no such thing as effortless and totally predictably, at least not in this arena. You have to do the work.

      I think Lily that you have to work on yourself here and start from there, that means starting with the techniques described in chapter 4 of the Vampire’s Way to Psychic self defense. Focus on your own flow of thoughts and your own consciousness, there is no unconscious creation that does not go through your conscious first. As soon as you experience negative thoughts, emotions, or feelings of any kind, use the techniques mentioned in the book. You have to stay aware of your own flow of consciousness, which requires effort.
      If you do this, this person will have no more power over you, and any negative energy that he does throw your way will only empower you and make you stronger. You seem like a focused and deliberate person to me, so I think that you will be good at this once you realize that your power resides in your present conscious mental action. Also give it time, sometimes stopping the flow of an energetic wave requires that you focus on disciplined action, even though you don’t see immediate results.

      Stay conscious of you mental flow, use the techniques outlined in the book whenever you feel the presence of this negative wave, and keep doing it until you feel better, even if this means that at first you will need to do all this many times a day. Eventually it will all slow down as the flow ebbs and things will get better and better.
      But as far as it goes, think of it as free psychic food. The more negativity you get, the more food and power for you.

      Good luck!

  11. Thank you for the response John.

    But now you’ve raised another question in my mind. If it’s a all to do with internal negativity, why did I not have bad luck for most of my life prior to this event?

    To be completely honest, up until about the age of 40 I was completely neurotic, and had a constant stream of negative thoughts going through my head (like an evil monkey on my shoulder constantly telling me I was terrible). But my life was good, my health was excellent, I had pretty much anything anyone could want, apart from the particularly abusive voice in my head…. and then my father died, and the unending negative chatter got replaced with a heavy weight. And when that lifted, the chatter returned and I thought I might be losing my mind. At which point, I started to learn about meditation, to calm my thoughts.

    That was about eight years ago. I am much more aware of my thoughts today, and although they are sometimes dark and negative (and sometimes happy, and sometimes peaceful, etc – you know, they are just thoughts, in various varieties) – compared to what they were like say ten years ago, it’s an ocean of calm in there.

    So…. If it’s all to do with negative thinking, why wasn’t I besieged with bad luck and bad health when my brain was filled with non-stop negative thoughts? Why was I so healthy and lucky all that time?

    1. I did not say that it was all because of negative thinking, I said that you needed to start there. I said this because I feel that you have given this person a lot of power in your mind, so it is best to start by dismantling his authoritative power over you.
      Start inside, then work outwardly and consume all the negativity that is projected from the other(s).
      If I did not believe in external negative influence then there would be no reason for the book. And believe me, there is reason for the book.

  12. Okay, thanks – it’s cool to get your responses.

    I really didn’t give him any power in my head initially though. At first I thought he was delusional. When I meant I sensed negativity from him, I just meant I thought he was a nasty person – I thought, “this guy doesn’t know anything except how to try to manipulate people and massage his own ego”. It was only after things started going wrong over a very long period that I started to wonder …and even then, it’s never been a definite, just a “I wonder if he did have some ability to follow through with his threats after all”. The strength of that thought is directly proportional to my health.

    But I’ll keep at it, thanks. I have noticed at least one good sign, on the health front anyway.

  13. Oh – one other thing I’ll mention, in case it’s of interest:

    I have this plant, which has a lot of special associations to me. I have lots of plants, but this one is linked to lots of things, and I’ve had it for many years. At the same time I started getting sick, the plant started getting sick. The poor thing was just being attacked by everything: aphids, fungal infections, viral infections, mould, you name it. I tried everything I could to help it: natural remedies, store-bought remedies, soil additives, sprays, manually removing the pests, etc etc. Occasionally it would rally, but then something nastier would strike. At one point I thought it was completely dead.

    I almost gave up, but I really love this little plant, so I started talking to it and imagining a protective healing sphere around it. I was a little nervous doing that, as I thought, if I can’t even make myself better, maybe I’ll harm the plant rather than helping it. But then, it seemed like it was dead, so I didn’t see that there was much harm left for me to do, so why not give it a go? And miraculously, the plant started to grow again. Within a few weeks, it was back to full health, and still going strong.

  14. Ariel'Lynda Phoenix

    Dear John,
    I am deeply grateful to have recently found all your books. They will be read & re-read until they are fire-branded into my cells.
    You clearly name the rooted, fundamental cause of the hijack and sabotage of human Life [+my] due to direct experience of this archonic energy chokehold. IMHO, the dangerous meme, “ignorance is bliss,” is just one of the myriad hypnotic campaigns to keep humans disempowered using their ‘de-awareness’ programming.
    As a born empath, on a mission to observe/study closely human consciousness (by stealth), I was advised to resist all programming or being in a bonded relationship… when an inner-dimensional teacher revealed itself, at the age of 6. As I review the pitfalls of the past 57 years since (with shame + bemused irony) all circumstances of my childhood & primary-circle individual influences served to knock me to the ground – but with embedded clues to discern true reality behind the veil of perpetuated illusions. In other words, I was thrown to the wolves & left on my own to ‘go splat’ as I discovered the way to staunch and defeat the feeding frenzy…where even many ways to enlightenment, full-awareness and freedom for humans — are mined with nodes (like a GPA) to alert the Archon conglomerate to go on the attack.
    I understand the Archons’ value, as a way to challenge and ‘proof’ humanity’s readiness to enter into
    greater galactic alignment and engagement…but the Archons’ addiction is an alien ‘eating disorder’ threatening to destroy their prey – and themselves. Clearly, this is pure alien insanity!
    Are they functioning at such a primal, primitive level? Ah. I just saw your answer to that question…they DO evolve from the upgraded distillation of the energy food that humans provide. Why humans?!? Because they are ‘sweet meat’ with the: je n’est-ce quoi ‘special sauce’ embedded in the human blueprint w/ sparkle-DNA??
    Your books give valuable insight into pulling the plug on them, one human at a time. I understand that this is a race against time before compulsory interfaces will be installed in every adult/child born (legally enforced nano-vaccines) or added to food/water without human knowledge or consent..
    to control thought & banish free will through hive-mind…the end of humanity as they know it.
    Aside from getting as many humans as possible privy to this information & actively doing the practices of disengaging, what other ‘expedients’ can be used to neutralize the predatory Archons & permanently remove them from this world, as well as prevent them from glomming onto another one?
    I realize this is a larger question for the dark sea of unlimited potentiality, but (I’ll wager) it’s one you have pondered yourself, John.
    Is the destiny of this human race predetermined by an alien force… because of their ‘sugar addiction?’
    I had to put it this way because I find this proposterous to accept!
    If humans only knew the truth! It is against their deeply-ingrained nature to go quietly & willingly into captivity – to be Food, for void’s sake! (I recall an episode of old 60’s sci fi – Outer Limits/Twilight Zone – where a ‘misunderstanding’ gave new meaning to what was thought to be a benign agenda of alien benefactors…to whit: “To Serve Man”…being a cookbook)
    Do we insert a new ‘ripple in the force’ that serves as an updated prime directive? Does it take 51% or more of a population, being of one mind – in concerted effort, to change the tide of the future with a high probability of success?
    Is this even possible without outside intervention?
    I beg you to Please forgive my very long comment and questions. So much has been bottled up in me for so long, with fewer than a handful to whom I can discuss this topic with.

    1. Hi Ariel,
      These are as you say, Large questions.
      There are quick and simple truths that do clear up some possible misconceptions but that are often times not the best policy, being that generally, I have found it to be the case anyway, straight out and out cold fact is not always the best policy.
      The reasons for this, seeming beating around the bush, are not veiled evil or a superiority complex, but rather a desire to not hurt those that you care for. In the same way that you would not tell a dear brother or sister a shocking truth, but would rather give a long explanation with all the background needed, in the hopes that the final truth of it all is revealed to them slowly, without so much pain, as they ponder and discover for themselves, the sometimes seemingly cold ‘Epicness’ that faces all of us humans on this earth.
      So here is a bit of cold fact, sorry friend I think you know this in some ways already, as will those that may read this post in the future;
      We are food, in the same way that a carrot is food for us. A carrot feels, it has a complex relationship with the ground, the plants around it, the sun, the wind, the rain, and the whole of the earth.
      It (the carrot) is special. It may not have an awareness like ours in that it does not have the kind of flexibility of consciousness nor the ability to intend as an aware self (as we can for example), but it is never the less a complex, intelligent, feeling, and a highly connected entity that is in a continual state of inner growth.
      The carrot also has an inner self, an inner being that strides many different dimensional states and takes part in many different types of development; it has what we might term a type of soul.
      But this carrot is food for us and for many creatures. It is delicious and nutritious to those beings that eat them, so much so that some creatures develop different strategies in order to have access to as many carrots as possible. Such strategies may involve the development of a good nose to find them, a good memory in order to know when and where they are most likely to grow, and even the strategy of actually planting carrots and setting up a garden in order to have all that they could ever want.
      But all is not lost for the carrot, and even though it feels much pain at times ( and believe me it does, not in ways that we might consider sentient but in ways that sometimes even surpassess our feelings of pain as human beings), a carrot grows a great deal as it goes from birth to death. And such a journey expands what it is and gives it a chance to become more, always more.
      But rabbits and humans are not evil for eating the carrot. Sure some humans from our point of view may seem to act evil in that they may abuse the power that they have and eat more than they need, or ruin the land trying to grow more and better carrots, but this is just a part of complex growth cycle on the human’s part, as it struggles with those forces that eat ‘it’.

      We humans are very much just carrots to other types of life, and the Great Dark Sea does not seem to really care.
      But on a deeper level, why should that matter. We have been given life, and a chance to become more in whatever way we may choose. That is a blessing, and the striving towards that expansion is the greatest joy we will know. An endless journey to be sure.
      Don’t feel bad for the carrot Ariel; it is on the greatest adventure possible!
      And don’t hate the evil bunny or human that eats that seemingly poor carrot; they are on their own journey and have their own pains and terrible struggles to face.

  15. Hi John,

    I baught 3 of your books in the last 3 days and read each one in…well, a day :)…and i think that i read more than 300 Loa/beliefs/manifestation books in last two years… i must admit i thoroughly enjoyed them and after lots of authors that are really good but speak from the same point about the same topics, you are a breath of fresh air with your, i must say, a bit agressive, don’t let anyone your take your power attitude…

    I wanted to ask one thing that is indirectly connected to this topic, and you mentioned it in your book “Vampire’s way”…at one moment in the book you say that you need to imagine this negative energy as something really dark, even evil and you use it as a predator; you attack/eat/digest it in your gut…you must be master of it…but than, when you include the process of transmution you have to look at it neutrally, like energy that can be whatever you want it to be…i read lots of authors that talk about similar things and they have a kind of different approach to the way you apsorb energy..Michael Brown (and lots of other authors) says that when you feel those negative feelings, you have to accept them with unconditional acceptance, even love and, like you say, feel them in your gutter…Tom Stone (vaporize your fear etc..) says you have to go in to the middle of the vortex of that feeling and that you will eventually reach your end throught it…so i wanted to ask, what is your advice on how to approah it, with a predator stand, neutrally or with the unconditional love…maybe i didn’t understand quite well that transmutation you mentioned in your (great 🙂 book..sorry for my grammatical errors, i’m from Croatia so english is not my first language 🙂

    1. Hi Miro,
      Thank you very much for your kind words, and thank you very much for your purchase!
      I can see how there can be some questions, being that many different authors take different approaches to the same topic.
      I am not sure what these authors may mean, I can only tell you things from my experience as you already know. So what I can tell you from my perspective, and my experience, is that all energy (positive, negative, loving, hating, fear, etc.) is energy, as I state in my books. BUT energy is infinitely flexible and tends to take on different states, different vibratory frequencies, that have to do, in some cases, with the conscious intent of the being projecting that energy.
      And this energy is very real, it is indeed the basis for all the material things we experience on this earth. A physical action for example is the final end result, from our human perspective, of energetic motion. As such you need to be really careful in how you deal with it.
      My personal experience with this, through a great deal of field work as some would say, is humbly that energy is far more powerful than many suspect, and that to transmute it, to make it your own, to wrestle with it, requires a great deal of counter intent. As such, the predatory stance that I mention is the only real way that you will absorb and transmute (change the intent of) this energy without expending a great deal of energy yourself.

      If you meet negative energy with loving acceptance then you are blocking or striking; you are meeting force with force. I know that this is not the popular notion of the time; that is that somehow to love is to accept neutrally supposedly, but the reality is that energetically to face negative with positive is to counter; to attack. So either your loving intent will overcome the negative or vice versa, and all this fighting requires a great deal of energy, energy which in the end is food for other forms of life in one way or another.
      So to counter with love and supposed acceptance is to lose energy, because here you are engaging in a type of energetic fisticuffs.
      And it is true that to enter a vortex of negativity CAN help you to some extent to understand the underlying cause of that negativity that YOU PERSONALLY may feel, but you are greatly underestimating the true power of energy if you do this, because such a technique can put you at the mercy of incredibly powerful forces, that may in the end harm you if you are not vigilant. This is compounded exponentially if that negativity is not your own but comes from someone that may truly hate you.

      From my perspective: all energy is like electricity; neutral.
      Positive or negative; meaning whatever we humans think is good or bad/evil/negative/whatever, is just a point of view; in the end all is equal from the energetic point of view.
      But whatever the case may be for any one person in particular, to absorb is the only real win that any of us have, and to do this properly we need to consume it, to transmute it, to eat it essentially.
      Otherwise you are just losing energy fighting back trying to change the intent of this energy to suit your ego. And if you are letting it envelop you, trying to get to the center of it so that you can somehow understand it and ride the fire out of it, you better hold on because it could turn into a really bumpy ride!

  16. Thank you very much for your anwser 🙂

    Funny thing you mentioned electricity..sometimes, when i (used to) let go completely (meditation,contemplation, alpha/theta brainwavws) i could really feel that energy like electricity, like when i would say yes to it, i could feel (even hurting) electricity in that part of body (solar plexus, throat, heart..) digesting it through my cells…and after that happens i almost everytime have strong diahrea, like my body is cleansing..and i do feel lighter in body/mind all together…i don’t know if that itself is some form of transmuting, do you think if that has it’s purpose or is it just an ego game, a way that energy is trying to trick me to believe i’m doing something usefull for myself..
    sorry for bothering you with all these questions,i started to read “Overcoming Archon..” so i will try to get more understanding, but i must admit i i’m still a bit confused about a topic of transmuting energy and how to aproach it…i started to meditate regulary and i feel like i could catch myself in some transcendental state of inner peace and trust but than an enormous amounts of energy start to apear..i wouldn’t call it bad/negative necessarily but really heavy, dense..and than i don’t know should i try to ignore it and stay in peace or to see whai it wants…and also recently i strated to remember my dreams vividly, but dreams that i dreamt 10 years ago, worlds and feelings so strong that i started to be a bit scared…and i’m not sure anymore if those are dreams or memories…thanks again for your work in helping people, cheers!

    1. I would say that definitely yes your stomach troubles do relate to your energy work and to the cleansing aspect that this work has. Such troubles often have a direct relation between the solar plexus and the energetic center found usually two inches below the navel, sometimes called the Hara. So do make sure that you are not tensing up too much or pushing out too much from those energetic centers.
      Such problems that you are having may stem from energetic blocks. These can be resolved by making sure that you relax the body as much as possible when you feel those electric jolts; relaxation allows the energy to flow. By relaxing, using the techniques described in the Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy book, and most importantly I feel, the techniques described in the book, Vampire’s Way to Psychic Self-Defense, you should be able to face this energy as some authors may recommend, without fearing emotional or energetic blow out; which means that you should be able to face that heavy energy accumulation that you may have without much worry.

  17. Thank You for your answer!

    I’ve read “Overcoming the Archon through Alchemy” and most of the answers that i was looking for happened to be there :)…i must say that it took more time to read it and absorb it than your other books, it certainly is more complex…but i started to practice all of 3 methods (in,out, void) and at on one point i felt like i had so much energy, the night after i did these exercise for one afternoon, i wasn’t able to sleep until morning…but this was not draining energy, it was heavy but in a peculiar way, like something tangible that i could make use of…and after i did the “out” tehniques some weird things started to happen…like people started to aproach me, girls staring and hitting on me, some things with my job started to move…the only thing that confused me is that you said that most of the time shold be spent in “IN” mode while i was getting myself more and more intuned with the “VOID”…like relaxed,feeling peace for a longer time than few deep breaths apsorbing/eating energy… and again and again..and at some point you feel like in video games when your powermeter or how you call it goes full :)…and than the “out” mode…it really is amazing how much easier is to focus on what you want with these tehniqes…great book, i loved your other ones to but i think that material hidden inside this one is priceless…looking forward on that program you’re workin on!

  18. Hello John,

    I was just wondering if you could explain more about ‘unbending intention’ that you mentioned in this article as a way to change beliefs? Is it in one of your books?

    Thank you.


  19. Hi John,

    Thanks for replying. I only read your comment today.

    I started reading your book ‘Overcoming Archon’ in the meantime and it was on page 215 when you said wishing for something with all your heart and page 222 desire that thing we most want for as long as you can. Then it goes into more detail on page 223+.

    This is what I was looking for, although I’ll read what you’ve suggested above too!

    I’ve visualized before, but when you say desire something and go past it so that you no longer feel desire and do this daily is, for me, a better way to give attention without giving up too quickly. In the past I would usually do five minutes a day over several weeks and think ‘nothings happening’ so would stop.

    As this would be for 15-30 minutes, in your experience, do you visualize, contemplate and use self talk to sustain the length of time being given to the desire?

    1. Hi Lisa
      I would say that the key factor here is attention, the giving of attention to the desire. In this way you are not bound by visualization or self talk; its about giving the desire attention and allowing the energy bursts from that inner action to flow naturally.

  20. Fabulous, John! Just purchased The Occult Experience from Amazon, and am really looking forward to it arriving!
    Keep up the Great Work!

  21. Hi John,

    i baught your new book/course and i wanted to ask if it’s neccecary to do all the excersises chronologicly (first the Alien one, then tha Aura excersise etc) or we can pick the ones that we resonate the most at the time…like i already can see auras if i concentrate enaugh so i don’t have to much of an urge to do it…

    Thank you for this course, i was eagerly waiting for it (as all this people that asked you to do something like this)

    1. I think that it would be best to do the exercises in order. They have been arranged so that they can begin to open up the intellect to new possibilities, and then slowly introduce your body and being to more and more powerful energetic actions.
      BUT if you are already quite capable with any of the techniques described in the course, then move on to the next section exercise if you feel that you can. In this way you slowly prepare yourself for the powerful techniques at the end of the course without diminishing their potential power.

      This is a great question Miro so if you don’t mind I am also adding this question to the dedicated Questions and Answers page that I created exclusively for the book. The link for that page is at the end of the book.
      Thank you.

  22. Thanks for your answer John,

    Sorry i posted this question here, didn’t know that you made “Magnum opus” Q&A topic..i’m trying to get through this course patiently and relativly slowly, so i’m pretty sure i’ll be sending you more questions these next few weeks 🙂

    1. I’m glad you are being patient and taking the work seriously, just remember that this is a not an overnight thing (it takes time and unbending intent). I look forward to answering any questions you may have.

  23. Hello John

    Love reading your books and putting them into practice.

    A loved one is experiencing what can only be described as daily repeated attacks via negative entities (Non-Archonic) through sorcery e.g. spirits/djinns/etc – several healers/spiritualists have confirmed same thing. They are experiencing pains, ‘locking’ sensations several times throughout their body, daily.

    Medically there is nothing wrong with them (having consulted multiple doctors/specialist and tests) and all roads seem to point to sorcery/black magick.

    Could you possibly recommend techniques to overcome this ? Will the IN / OUT techniques work ? Any other techniques would also be much appreciated .

    Many thanks.

    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Rob, I am not a medical professional so I cannot give advise of any kind on medical matters. For psychic attacks though I have written one book that I stand by as being the best for dealing with these kinds of problems. The book is, Vampire’s Way to Psychic Self-Defense. I would recommend though that the person who is receiving these attacks learn these techniques as opposed to someone else trying to help them, so that they implement these absorption techniques anytime that they feel they are in trouble.

  24. Hi John,

    I love your books! So far I’ve read Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy, and am now in the middle of reading the Vampire’s Way to Psychic Self Defense.

    I’ve studied energy manipulation for years and find your approach fascinating. But I have a question about dealing with negative energy:

    What would you see as the difference between the in-polarity and draining the negative energy by bringing it into yourself, vs. some of the spiritual techniques out there that use mindfulness or releasing to let go of negative energy? Would the latter perhaps use the void polarity? What would be the difference in effects?

    1. Hi Brandon,
      Thank you for your kind words.
      I am by no means an expert in these other techniques, but what I can perceive when I look into them is that the many techniques vary in accordance to the fundamental intent of the particular person that is using them.
      Generally speaking, it seems to be that the OUT polarity is being used in that the practitioners seem to be trying to directly manipulate the energy they are trying to deal with. They are using the OUT polarity in order to transmute this energies intent from one thing to another. In order to do this, they are most often not engaging this OUT polarity directly but are working on their own beliefs in order to do this. Since they are not using the OUT polarity directly and are instead using internal images and words to try to consciously manipulate energy, it can be that they may end up using any one of the three polarities to finally accomplish what they wish to do. The OUT polarity is the most often one used I think, and the most wasteful energetically speaking.

      I personally find such energetic actions inefficient, and as I have mentioned in my books, I do find that working with just beliefs and internal images to be inefficient; my belief through direct knowledge on this is that the mind should be bypassed and that the pumps (for example) should be engaged directly. This is so because the mind, being that it is a part of us that is being directly affected by the Archonic force, is constantly fighting and creating dualities; it is an opposer that will forever fight itself. What this means is that even though you might have worked with this energy and neutralized some of it, there is always some opposition to this action within your own mind that will make complete energetic transmutation impossible until you have gained a great deal of personal mental efficiency. And of course there’s always the most inefficient aspect about this, which is the fact that since you are most often using the OUT polarity to try and transmute energy, you are wasting energy as opposed to absorbing it and using it for your own energetic gain.
      My perceptions are that such techniques usually employ the OUT polarity and that they also do not work with energy directly, even though this is the general perception of these energy workers, but instead that they work through psychology, beliefs and mental images, as opposed to moving the energy itself directly. Further I find that such manipulations are inefficient because they use energy to change energy but then do not absorb all that hard work. In the end such energy work is most draining and no one can maintain it for long, or could possibly use such techniques against very powerful opposition.

  25. Hi again John,

    Thanks so much for your quick response!

    I have one other question:

    I’ve been focusing a lot on the in-polarity. As I mentioned I’m pretty familiar with the void polarity thanks to my study of eastern philosophy, and the out polarity thanks to my study of the law of attraction, but the in polarity is new to me. I also have quite a bit of energetic sensitivity so I haven’t found the general exercise too difficult.

    However I’m having a strange experience as I perform the exercise you give in your book.

    When I suck the energy into myself and bring it into the location of the cauldron, it doesn’t feel… settled. It feels like it wants to escape, or like it’s creating tension in my body.

    The negative emotion also never quite dissolves as you describe, which tells me perhaps the energy isn’t completely absorbed.

    Also I just feel a lot of warmth and pressure all throughout my body, especially my heart and stomach area.

    I’m thinking perhaps I’ve just taken in too much energy? Or perhaps I’m not relaxed enough? I’m not sure, but thought perhaps you might have an idea.

    1. I think that these problems have multiple reasons. I am not certain what books you have and I do not want to push any extra book upon you, but I think that I cover the problems that you’re having in my latest book the Magnum Opus.
      Firstly, whenever you pull energy into your cauldron, you must make sure that you spend some time using your energy pumps to make sure that your energy is concentrated in that area.or else it will disperse quickly.
      Secondly, whenever you feel that you are not absorbing all of the negative energy that you are trying to absorb, it could be that you are not focusing enough time on doing this absorption. What I mean by this is that often times if you are having recurring bouts of negative emotion as you remember a past event, what you need to do is to reabsorb over and over again until you feel that everything that you need to adsorb is absorbed. This problem may also be due to the fact that you’re not using your predatory intent to the best of your ability when you are absorbing. I would recommend that you go back and reread the part on the predatory intent as this is the most important aspect of these techniques.
      Thirdly, even while you are using the IN polarity to absorb energy, you are to some degree expending energy, and you are stressing yourself out which means that you are tensing certain muscles and you are raising your blood pressure. You need to take it easy in other words; this means that you should listen to your own intuitions and try to not absorb so much at once and that you try to relax a little more when you do so.
      In time these techniques do get easier and the feeling of concentrated amount of energy in your cauldron grows. But like anything else this takes time and practice. Being that you seem to be quite familiar with energy manipulation practices, I think you may have an intuitive understanding of what I’m trying to say.

  26. i’ve been reading (& nearly finished) your book on ‘overcoming the archons through alchemy’. it’s an excellent book-very well written and easy to read considering what would be considered dense information inside.
    i have have some questions if you’re able to provide some elaboration & further insight.
    1) since reading the book i’ve noticed feelings of anxiety arising out of nowhere, negative thoughts also without cause, negativity from others directed at me. all in all an increase in outer influences (including what’s been cultivated within me in the form of the thoughts+feelings). its as though there’s been a large amount of ‘push back’ since reading the book and applying the principles. is this common in your experience?
    2) what is your stance on subliminal recordings/scripts and self hypnosis recordings (along with hypnosis techniques in general that seek to bypass the conscious/waking mind). are these dangerous considering the likelihood that these frequencies have hijacked or very simply the audio technologies themselves may have come about as a result of the influence of the alien mind? further, is it even advisable to have our mind ‘programmed’ by someone (or something) else – particularly when as you’ve said what we think of as ‘our’ mind is largely not our own. not to mention the concept of keeping the mind split by attempting to bypass the ‘conscious’ mind to interface ‘directly’ with the subconscious (without a ‘firewall’ as it were). as you’ve suggested, there’s a large consensus whether in the circles of ‘conscious’ people who take any number of substances or those within the new-age field+religions that view the conscious mind/ego to be the ‘enemy’ when like you said, in actuality, it’s an ally – not to be killed or bypassed.
    3) is there any protection against artificially induced/directed frequencies (such as haarp & other directed energy/frequency based weapons), ‘5g’/wifi frequencies & their influence on our thoughts/minds (as the ‘organic’ alien mind does)? as in, the techniques set out in the book, are they only effective in response to ‘organic’ energetic influence/attacks?

    1. Hi Zos,
      Yes, I would say that this is a common experience. Its sort of like taking off a pair of glasses that had been obscuring your vision, so that as you pay more and more attention to this previously seldom considered thing, the more that it affects your life.
      There are many, more than some might imagine, that would like to just never have to see or know anything about the energetic reality of the world they are a part of. The reason for this is pain, but not the pain of of knowing that they are being depleted of energy, that is no real pain at all; for most it is pleasure to rant and rave, to cry, to fear, to love with utter and silly abandon. The pain that they don’t want is the pain of conscious effort; of consciously taking responsibility for they energetic fate.
      You have decided to face this truth and to make the conscious effort to overcome this negativity and depredation, so now that you are focusing on it, the truth of it becomes harder and harder to ignore, and the extent of it is revealed to you. This can be a slow and ongoing process at times.
      And like a physical exercise that you may have never or seldom done before, it is hard at first, and there is some struggle. But as you continue and your awareness and power grow, you may find that the initial pain is nothing compared to the eventual reward.

      I find that altered states, meaning other states that access different types of mind, are generally favorable and I am currently working on a book that deals with this topic to some extent. To access the other and to use it to your benefit is positive from the Alchemical point of view. But as you point out, to have others try to do the programming, or in other words, to allow others to try to do it to you is indeed spooky to say the least. I personally, and this is my opinion only, feel that it is better to teach myself to work on myself, and to keep the influences of others, no matter who they may be or profess to be, out of my head.

      Human beings are far more resilient and powerful than even I give them credit for on occasion. What I mean by this is that we can adapt to a certain degree to the many radiations that we must endure. As technology progresses, these radiations will only increase in number, and naturally most will adapt in a very organic way, but along with this unconscious adaptation that the body performs, we can augment our abilities by consciously directing how this energy is processed in our body-being. The techniques presented in my books can help with all of this and if a person dedicates enough time and effort to mastering these techniques, they can use them to find balance in any environment that can sustain human life.

      1. thank you for the prompt reply john. what you’ve addressed certainly resonates & serves as confirmation.
        would you say that the archontic forces/alien mind retaliates in it’s own way as a result of coming to this knowledge (& potentially being starved of one of its sources of ‘food’)?
        i’m thinking more in terms of a (relatively ‘neutral’) ‘knee jerk’ reaction rather than what we would call ‘evil intent’.
        thanks zos

        1. Yes, I think that the system is in and of itself set up against us for one. But I honestly don’t think that there are any other alternatives; its either live the life of a cow in a pen or fight back and take your chances. Life is not an easy thing for any of us, but when we do win, even have a small win, it sure feels all there better for the struggle.
          There will always be push back from the Archon and from other predatory forces that dwell here, but it is my hope that through the techniques that I and others are trying to make public, we can all have a fair chance at escaping the cage and overcoming them on all occasion.

  27. thank you for providing further confirmation john & i certainly agree with what you wrote.
    the alchemical path (at least from what is depicted & written of) does indicate that it is not an easy path – but ultimately the most rewarding, illuminating & liberating.
    thank you again for your time in reading/replying & for your part in putting out the information/knowledge that you do.


  28. hi john,
    some time ago now (back in 2019) i ran some questions by you.
    i’ve been applying your techniques where possible but one area still proves to be a worry.
    where we live the people running things i secret tend to ramp up artificial frequencies when they intend to control & spike weather patterns (geonengineering). we’ve seen 20 degree jumps in a day & 10 degree up/down alterations are now the norm.
    my question as it relates to all this is, the impact is splintered – sleeping on nights like this, sleep is broken, dream recall impaired, nightmares are induced (but again, artificial & without logic/substance or anything ‘organic’), mood is impacted & i’ve now been able to ‘hear’ the artificial frequencies (apparently it has a name, ‘microwave hearing’).
    as you can imagine, all this bombardment makes it extremely hard to apply some of your techniques that used to work really well. now, it’s a case of almost ‘topping up’ energetically what’s being spilled out (whether as a result of all the broken sleep at times, the draining aspect of the artificially induced nightmares, fatigue felt, etc).
    are you able to provide further insight into techniques that can possibly help?
    it should be noted that all possible physical steps have been taken to ensure optimal health & as i said, normally (at least when we aren’t hit hard) most of your energy techniques have worked.
    i do remember what you wrote in your archon book about how trying to maintain a constant energetic protective field really is not practical nor is it possible. this is sort of the situation i’m describing now though when the effects of these artificial frequencies are putting the body/mind/soul into a sort of reactive ‘protection’ mode (especially during sleep).
    all this said, i do feel this to be linked to attempts by the alien/archon mind as others have not been as drastically hit as i have been (but then i’m more energetically/bodily aware when ‘something’ intrudes).


    1. Yes I have felt this dark energetic augmentation, as I too have felt this increasing quickening in the world which seems to have hit a peak (and then continued its upwards quickening actually) for me anyway around November of 2019.
      Generally speaking if it is in any way possible, most sensitives have been moving away from crowded places as much as possible. As you know I am no expert in any particular matter and this is my personal opinion only and certainly it is not any kind of professional advice, but generally speaking people that are sensitive tend to be moving away from crowded urban areas as much as possible. This is a trend that’s going to grow more and more over time.
      If this is not possible to move, then the only way to withstand this I feel is to be able to become very good at the techniques that I mention in the archon book you mention; Overcoming the Archon through Alchemy.
      If you find that certain protective shields work for you at times, like certain banishing rituals for example, or the use of certain crystals that might be able to make you feel more energetically relaxed, then I would definitely say that this is a positive that you should continue. But along with that, I would say that the ability to absorb energy, and most importantly relax into this energy, as you absorb it and let it move through you, is most important. Tension will always meet any kind of force, especially energetic force like the kind that is being experienced right now by many people, with resistance. The more that you can relax the body, and to that extent the mind, the more that you will be able to withstand the force of these never-ending waves. It is therefore very important that you learn to relax into these energies and absorb whenever you can so that they end up empowering you as opposed to creating conflict and tension within yourself. This ability to absorb and to roll with the flow of these energies, is quite a psychological trick for us as we are always taught to put our weight into things and to fight against instead of rolling with. But if we can learn this way of dealing with energy, we can learn to take advantage of that energy and use it to empower ourselves. The way to beat this chaos machine is to learn to be empowered by it instead of dispersed and made zombie like by it.

      1. thanks for the time taken to reply john & would certainly agree that what you have suggested is the optimum way forward.
        thanks again


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