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Astral projection, has been a very popular subject in the New Age movement for a very long time. You can find many books, that purport to teach you how to perform astral projection. Some of these books are modestly complex, and give you a number of different exercises that you can try, in order to achieve separation from your body. Other books that try to teach you how to perform astral projection, can be quite complex, and usually involve a set of energetic exercises, that you must perform over a long period of time.

Whether complex or not, these books are usually not always successful. I believe that the problem lies, in the fact that many people find it very hard to believe, that they can leave their bodies and travel at will. If a person does not believe that there is such a thing as an astral body, I mean really believe deep down in the gut, then it is next to impossible for that person to have a projection experience.

The only way for a person to have a successful astral projection experience through these methods, is to continue these exercises over a long period of time. But this is a long and very tedious method, because it might mean that you could be doing the proposed exercises for a very long time, before you get any kind of result at all. It is even possible, that you will never get a positive astral projection experience, if these exercises are not able to convince you, at a deep level, that these Out of Body experiences are real, and that you can replicate them.

For this reason, I have found that it is much more enjoyable and it is much easier, to attain astral projection experiences by first working on what is referred to as ‘mental projection’. Mental projection is very similar, to what is sometimes called remote viewing. What you are actually doing in mental projection, is projecting your mind to another place. This differs from a full blown astral projection, in that you are not projecting your complete astral body, but you are just projecting your mind. In other words when you project somewhere, doing the mental projection technique, you will experience the place you wish to visit, but you will not see yourself in that place, it’s sort of like watching a television show, as opposed to participating in a play.

In order to do mental projection, you must be in a very wakeful state, and you can do it anytime during day or night, whenever you find a quiet moment for 15 minutes to half an hour. Mental projection is much easier for the ego to take, and it is therefore a very good way to become successful at astral projection.

In order to do mental projection:
– Find a nice quiet place, where you can be alone for 15 minutes to half an hour. Try to do this exercise when you are not mentally or physically exhausted, because the trick to this exercise is to try to stay awake, and consciously control the direction of your mind. Take a comfortable position on a chair preferably.

– When comfortable and relaxed, take a few deep breaths. These should be nice and even breaths, that allow you to cleanse your mind and relax completely.

– After about 10 nice deep relaxing breaths, close your eyes and visualize a place where you would like to go. It can be anywhere you want, either the adjacent room, or a place that is many miles away. It is important that at the beginning of these exercises, you know the place where you are going, that is you have been there before. As you become better at mental projection, you can pick new places, where you have never been before, it won’t matter then if this place is on the other side of the world, or the other side of the universe.

– Now, with your eyes closed, imagine this place as vividly as possible. Try to visualize with every one of your senses, that is don’t just try to see the place, but also try to hear the sounds from that place, feel the environment around you, smell the environment, and perhaps even taste the environment if that is at all justified.

– For 15 minutes, try to visualize that place in the most detailed way possible. This can be a very hard thing to do, because the mind has a natural desire to wander, so it is up to you to stay focused on this place where you are trying to project, and to keep bringing your mind back there if it does wander off. After a few minutes, it is also possible that you will start to get a little mentally tired, and you might actually start daydreaming, or even dream a little. If this happens, catch yourself and bring yourself back to a conscious state. The idea is to consciously will your mind to a certain place, and avoid any kind of daydreaming, or wandering by the mind. When you are dreaming or daydreaming, the mind takes off by itself, and it is on autopilot. This is what you want to avoid.

– When you are in this place where you have mentally projected yourself, try to become as aware as possible, of all the things around you. It might be a good idea to have a pen and paper ready, when you come out of your trance, so that you can write down the details of what you saw. While you do want to use your memory to get to that place mentally, when you are there and feel that you are there mentally, I want you to take inventory of the things that you see. If there are certain things that are different from what you remember, write these down when you come out of trance.

– After you have woken, and are looking through your notes, see if there’s any way that you can reconcile, some of the new information that you might have discovered through your mental journey. While this might be a difficult thing to do, it can really help your ego awareness, to understand that it has the possibility of being far more flexible in its perceptions.
For example, you might mentally project to a place where you had gone on vacation, and through this endeavor discovered that there was a change, perhaps a new building that you had not seen before. Proving to yourself that this new building is actually real now, will help your ego awareness to understand that mental projection is possible, and that the information that you gather is legitimate.

But don’t worry if you can’t prove the legitimacy, of some of the data that you acquire through your mental projections. The important thing is to do this exercise on a regular basis, because the act of engaging in it, will allow your body to begin to tune into the possibility of a more flexible perceptive state. Your body’s realization, will eventually become your ego’s realization, and as a result you will find it far easier to believe that astral projection is real, and quite possible for YOU!

If you do this exercise on a regular basis, you will be incredibly surprised as to how powerful mental projection can be. You’ll be able to see, and experience things that are probably quite hard for you to accept right now, especially if you have never had an out of body experience or anything similar. It is quite possible, that you like this exercise so much that you might even forget about the idea of astral projection completely.

Don’t be surprised though, if after doing the mental projection exercises for a while, you find yourself having a complete out of body experience. The mental projection exercise, is far more entertaining than the exercises that you will find in most astral projection books, and is by itself a very valid form of projection, that can allow you to eventually go anywhere you want within the known and unknown universe. Thanks to these personal experiences, you will naturally change your beliefs about the possibility of travelling beyond the confines of your body. This change in belief, will naturally allow you to have out of body experiences.

out-of-body-experiences-quickly-and-easily-cover-3dFor all those interested in in reading more about how to have Out of Body Experiences quickly and easily, please check out my book. In this book I present a radically new way to leave the physical body and have a complete Out of Body Experience, where it is not just your mind traveling, but your entire ethereal body. This method is fast, fun, and efficient. I also go into detail about:

-The different worlds that you can access in the Out of Body state
-The type of beings that you can encounter
-Ways to deal with and overcome the limitations of the ego self
-How to consciously participate in Astral Travel and Lucid Dreaming
-How to create and solidify an Astral body
-How to develop Energetic Containment so that you can travel anywhere you want safely.

If you do the mental projections that I talk about in this Video, the double body projection that I talk about in my book, will be very easy indeed. It is quite possible that through just the mental projection exercises, which I describe here in this video, you will naturally have a double body projection without any other help at all.

It is indeed the case that mental projection, is one of the best ways to have a bonafide astral projection, because the mental projection exercise, works directly on the key component of all this: your personal beliefs about the possibility of travel without the physical body.


  1. Please can you recommend the best technique for having an OBE if you’re not a good visualiser? I’m most strongly kinesthetic, I believe, and I’m not too confident the mental projection exercise will work for me. I also have difficulty stabilising lucid dreams as I tend to wake up straight away before I have a chance to get myself in control. Any advice? Thank you for this interesting website too.

    1. Hi Jane,
      I do think that you should definitely use your strengths instead of trying to force yourself to get from point A to point B using a technique that you are having trouble with. If you are having trouble visualizing yourself doing whatever exercise in order to have an OBE, then stop trying to visualize. That is stop trying to see a picture in your mind.
      Instead use your talents as a strong kinesthetic visualizer, and ‘feel’ yourself doing what you are required to do in these exercises.

      We could say that all these exercises are one form of visualization or another, and that by visualizing most people assume that this means that you have to create a picture in your mind’s eye. But in reality, visualizing could also mean to create a kinesthetic feeling in your body, so that your body feels like it is completely where it is supposed to be, with no mental picture at; just feeling.
      If you can do that, then using the exercise described in this page for example, you could feel yourself being at a distant place, and once there you could feel that place with your body. Again there is no need to see anything if nothing comes into your mind at all.
      In my book that I mention at the bottom of this article, I show people how to create and solidify a Double body, that they can then use to travel in astral dimensions and therefore to have OBEs. Such a technique, as I present it in the book, requires that a person do a lot of visualization. But this does not mean that you are out of luck if you are not good at creating images in your mind’s eye. What you need to do then is to ‘feel’ instead of ‘see’.

      In actuality kinesthetic visualization can be far stronger than a picture in the mind’s eye because the certainty and the power of such visualizations is amazing. My recommendation to you then is to follow your natural talent and visualize kinaesthetically with your whole body instead of using pictures in your mind’s eye. If once you feel yourself there completely, you do get a vision in your mind, since you can see with the astral body usually, then let these happen naturally.

      As far as stabilizing yourself within lucid dreaming, I can honestly say that the only thing that has ever worked for me has been the development of the double body. By creating and solidifying the double body, you increase the amount of energy that can be channeled into your dreams.

  2. Perhaps every one may have this ability, that I do not know. I was born with this and several other gilts as compensation. The dilemma isn’t that they exist but the moral decisions behind there use and for what purpose.

    1. Thank you very much David!
      I am working on a new book that I must say has been rather taxing but I hope that it will be done in a couple of months or so.
      It is essentially about the development of will, and how this force can be used to change your reality. I am taking a very unique perspective on this and it will relate directly to my earlier book “Vampire’s Way to Psychic self Defense”.
      I am hoping that it is something that you will greatly enjoy and can use in your life 🙂

      1. This is exactly what I need — a book on how to develop the will. Are you still working on that book? Any idea when you will have it finished? 🙂 You take a very unique perspective on everything you write about ….which is what makes it great!

        1. Thanks Angels, I really do appreciate your kind words.
          I must mention though that I have actually been dedicating my full time to put together an online course.
          This course will be, hopefully, an online video course on the intricacies of the IN Polarity and Attention.
          It is worth noting though that this course does relate to the Will because the Will and Attention are completely interlinked. I also plan to introduce a new technique that should allow anyone dedicated enough, to accumulate all of the energy that they may ever need to begin to fly beyond this physical realm.

          1. I would love to know when your online course will be available, and about the new technique. Where will you announce it? Is there a newsletter I can sign up for? Also …a couple of people have told me, “Don’t astral project! It will weaken your physical body!”. What do you think of that? If it’s true, would the technique in the Vampire’s Way to Psychic Self Defense remedy that problem?

          2. Hi Angela,
            My course should be done in a couple of months. Sorry for the delay, it has become a bigger project than I intended but I feel that the extra material is a must as it should provide a foundational block to the true power behind Alchemy as I know it.
            I do have a private mailing list that will get a direct email from me when this course is up, you can sign up for it here.

            As to Energetic Body Projections weakening your physical body, well that in my personal opinion is not right. I am not a health expert and would have you seek help from a qualified health practitioner if you feel you have any issues, but the act of Out of Body Travel is in my personal opinion invigorating, not draining physically. The mere act of fortifying and using the astral body, as I discuss in this book for example, is in my opinion actually good for the physical body because it allows for the redistribution of energy throughout the physical body system in the same way that Yoga or Chi Kung may help move energy in the physical body and therefore increase health.

  3. Thanks. I have been looking for a valid mental projection. I have problems keeping conciousness during astral projection. I want to really project when I go to bed. Do you have some specific techniques for that. Thanks.

    1. Hi Layne,
      I personally think that the mental projection technique outlined in this article would work great for projecting from bed. In my book, Out of Body Experiences, Quickly and Naturally I talk about how such a mental exercise as this one can help you to alter your conscious state, so that you do end up getting the same results as what most people refer to as Astral Projection. In the book I discuss how you can alter you consciousness so that you don’t have to awaken in your sleep or try to attain a half awake/half asleep state to project.

  4. Eric Summers

    This is very similar to Franz Bardon’s Mental Wandering Technique found in Franz Bardon’s Initiation Into Hermetic , I see that you have an article of Crowley, what do you think about Bardon, what do you think about his Books ?

    1. Hi Eric,
      Sorry I must admit that I have not read his books. It seems very interesting though so I will have to check them out.

  5. Hi John
    I am having some trouble Turning the Dial as you mentioned in your book Out of Body Experiences. I think I am actually quite good at the Here and Now Point. I am just not able to turn the dial right now. I went through all the steps. Any advice how I can break through?

    1. Hi Darius,
      Thank you for getting the book!
      If you are having trouble moving the dial then I would first suggest that you try to force yourself to daydream. We all constantly fluctuate between the H and N point and many others throughout the day, the trick is to catch yourself in these other points and then begin to feel what it is like to go from the Here and Now to one that is just slightly off from it.
      Try therefore to see if you can start daydreaming. Try asking yourself, “what would a day in a tropical island be like?” Then imagine this perfect day. While imagining, you have moved from the H and N point; because you can’t imagine such a distant place and be here at the same time. So you could say that you may be 95% Here and 5% at that tropical place.
      Now try to extend that feeling so you are 15% at the tropical island. Do this by making your visualization more vivid; more like you are there. And as you do so you will be less in your body, less aware of your body sense.
      This is vibrational movement, and this is the beginning of all astral or energetic travel.
      Try that and let me know how it goes.

      1. Hi John
        I appreciate the tips but I am still unable to turn the dial. I do get some strong sensations when doing the visualization day-dream exercise so that might mean I’m close and just need more practice. I’ll continue to practice that exercise and also the one where you try to shift awareness to that cup or cushion right beside you after going into the H and N.. Both exercises should compliment each other. A side effect of doing the visualization day-dream exercise is i’m remembering my regular dreams more and they are vivid but without being lucid unfortunately.

        1. Yes the more vivid dreams are a definite sign that you are on the right track. But don’t rely on this as this ‘symptom’ goes away and comes back; its hit and miss. So don’t get discouraged and just keep practicing. I would also recommend you do the ‘internal monologue’ technique mentioned in Chapter 4 as this is very powerful at getting you moving internally.

  6. Very interesting article! I learned to do this on my own as a kid and I didn’t know there was a name for it or that anybody else did it.

  7. This is a question that Dan had asked me that I think would be of benefit to others being that it is a really good question:

    Hi John, sorry to message you out of the blue like this. I am a huge fan of your work, but I have been struggling to achieve consistent results through your OBE instructions (based on what you wrote in your OBE book) basically I am stuck at the first stage, which is developing the double body, when walking around in my double body I can only picture it for a few minutes at a time (2 to 3 I think) then the room does not make sense, my mind just flickers off onto something else – it is very frustrating! I was wondering if you could offer any advice in order for me to strengthen my focus so I can retain my double body for longer amounts of time?

    My reply:
    Hi Sean, This is the question of questions in a way because it is the question of attention, and attention is everything. I would recommend that you start by trying to develop your attentive power first, which you could do by doing the exercises in the this article. Then I would recommend that you try not to focus your attention on any one thing in the scene but to only look at things in glances; keep your eyes moving and let the world be what it wants to be no matter how weird it may seem to you at first. If you stare at anything at this stage, it will change into something else and that change may take you right out of the scene and into a regular daydream.

    His reply:
    Oh thanks so much for getting back to me, the exercise you have sent a link to seems to be the perfect solution (I try closed eye meditation but become too aware of deeper levels of myself that I’m not sure if I should ignore or not ) and yes please feel free to post this on your wonderful webpage. I ‘ve been reading your books for a while now, and I read a lot of books about out of body travel and the sort, and you are by far leaps and bounds ahead of any other authors I have come across. I would very much be interested in hearing about your own out of body travels – do you plan on writing them up in a book form one day?

    My reply:
    Thanks Dan! I am not sure whether to write about such things as it feels a little egotistical and I tend to be rather private as you might suspect, but if I think that it will help others then I will definitely do it.

  8. I have to say this is the absolute best book I have read on the subject of oob and inner travels.
    Very easy to read and the exercises work really well..
    Thank you for that..

  9. Hello. I have read your book about astral projection and I must say that I’m impressed, it’s very good stuff that actually works. There’s one question I’d like to ask, however. How does your method compare to the works of Robert Monroe, where you need to reach the state of vibrations before doing an OOBE?

    1. Hi Mark,
      Sorry I am not very familiar with that technique, but I would say that with my technique(s) such an emphasis on ‘make it or break it’ depending on whether you can get to that vibration state is not emphasized. The most important part to me is the being conscious, and the following the procedure of having the double and then using it to just move anywhere. Such a focus of attention will naturally start many processes in the body and these should be allowed if or when they happen, but one should not seek such feelings, one should just do and let it happen (or not), or else you may never get anywhere.
      These feelings I think are just indicators that the body and mind have achieved a very deep trance state, which will happen naturally if you follow the techniques I outline in my book.

      1. Here’s a brief description of this technique: .

        I used your technique and verified for myself that it works, even though I still can feel my physical body while also being in my double’s body.

        What I personally found interesting is that usually other techniques I’m familiar with mention complete detachment of the feeling of the physical body. I’m wondering if there are many methods that work or perhaps reach the same aim, or maybe there are many “types” of OOBE.

        That’s just my two cents to this 😉 I will keep you updated if I find out something about it.

  10. I’ve been doing the double body exercises from the OOB book 3-4 times a week for about one YEAR and a half. So far the result is ZILCH apart from somewhat improved visualization skills (which may be due to the exercises or because of something unrelated). I never felt it to be “real” and even never “saw” it, I always have to maintain the visualization consciously. I was very enthusiastic in the beginning, but now I believe that either the method doesn’t work, or there must be more to it, some sort of key to make it run…

    1. I seems to me that your problem may be due to a rigidity in your consciousness. What I mean by this is that you may have a problem shifting from this physical place and location to another. Often such a rigidity comes from the inability of the conscious ego to let go and to accept as valid any other form of perception other than the one that it has become so used to (the physical dimension).
      I would personally recommend that you take the time to do a lot of practice with the streaming techniques that I mention in the book in chapter 4. Sorry I do not mean to impose another book on you but in my book, The Occult Experience I go into this kind of breaking away from the static of the mind in great detail, and you may wish to try the hypnogogic techniques that I mention there, along with their potential risks, and generally everything in chapter 6 on breaking the biggest routine of all (sleep).
      This should help your ego consciousness to let go and understand that there is more possible to be perceived than what it is currently willing to accept as real. Do this until you feel that your consciousness has become more fluid, less skeptical.

      Then once you resume the double creation techniques, I recommend that you start first and foremost by believing that you are truly and completely in that other place where your double is, no matter how much your conscious ego wants to rebel and be skeptic of this notion. Secondly, don’t expect that you will instantly wake up in a new place sort of like being on a start trek teleporter, but that you slowly begin to accept that what you perceive in these other places with your double will always seem different, kind of chaotic at times, and not always reliable in relation to what you consider this time, and logical in the physical world.
      Do realize that you are at other places experiencing things as another kind of you that is not the physical you, and that the senses that you think are eyes and ears are in actuality not eyes or ears but are different things and therefore sense the world in a different ways; in a way that must be learned about slowly through experience, and that it will never be just like the physical experience that is so dominant here in physical space.

  11. Global Citizen

    Hi Sir, it’s been a few days since I’m trying to have OBEs. The problem I encounter is when I completely indulge myself in mentally picturing(lying on bed because i don’t feel comfortable sitting for long), I’m unable to have even breathing & thus this brings my mind back to my physical body, disrupting the mental picture. In fact any mere movement ( caused by an itchiness or an urge to move) of the body breaks the entire process altogether.
    Could you please suggest me something that can help?

    1. Hi Global Citizen,
      This is a problem that many people face when they first try to focus on mentally picturing one particular thing for extended periods of time. What you need to do is to train your attention as much as you can, and you will see that it time your attention power will improve so much that you may not even be aware of your physical body for extended periods of time.
      The Mental Projection technique outline on this particular webpage is actually very good at training the attention, but if you would like to use a more fundamental and powerful technique, I would suggest that you try this technique first until you are able to concentrate on the dot for the recommended time without any mental deviation. Once you are able to do this, return to this Mental Projection exercise and see how you do.
      As you engage in either of these exercises, I do suggest that you try to get as comfortable as possible. I would not recommend that you do the Astral Projection technique lying down though as it is really easy to fall asleep until the focus of your attention becomes stronger.

  12. CactusHeart


    It seems I have a particularly difficult problem with AP that has had me stuck for decades that NO ONE has an answer for and I hope you might help.

    When I was a child, I did it so often and it was so natural, I didn’t even know what it was. I didn’t have anyone to talk to about it, when I tried, I was judged as being crazy or having a wild imagination. Then there came a time when, for whatever reason, I couldn’t anymore. But it gets worse. I can only succeed so far, like reach perhaps the ceiling. I then feel a hard “yank” sensation from my abdomen and then I feel myself getting reeled back in to my body and now I’m trapped inside again. I have tried everything under the sun: meditation, hypnosis, visualization, imagery, every book I could get my hands on, etc. If any at all help, they all fail and leave me in the same exact place where I get stuck. Where I feel that dreaded yank like I’m at the end of a tether and I’m getting reeled back in to my body. I have fought and clawed my way to stay out, doesn’t work. I have been told to relax even more and that would prevent me from getting reeled in, no that doesn’t work either. I have been advised to summon angels to help, what a goddamned joke that is. So called “experts” that I have come to have no answer for me if I’m even lucky enough to get a response back! Like I said, I have been stuck for decades. Seeking help to no avail. The only thing I can think of that might have caused this is…something deeply personal that I’d absolutely never share in public, and you appear to have no contact page for me to tell you personally. Is there any way you can help in spite of this? Thank you.

    1. Hi,
      I am only accessible through this public website, and I am afraid that I could not help you with anything of such a private nature anyway, as I am not qualified to help in that manner.
      What I have noticed in problems with Astral Projection, where a person feels like they are being yanked back to their physical body, is that this is usually the result of some kind of fear.
      In order to deal with this yanked back to the physical body problem, you could try to explore the belief that may be causing this fear in a most conscious way, by following the techniques described on this page. In this way you may find a point where you have a contradiction. For example: The belief that Out of Body experiences are possible and good, but that they are also dangerous because they leave your physical body vulnerable and therefore they are not feasible really, not safe. Through your own conscious questioning of what you believe about Astral Projection, you can discover any such possible contradiction in beliefs. You can then work on this negative belief by trying to consciously convince yourself that your physical body is not vulnerable during this time.
      Another way, and my preferred way, to deal with this fear is energetically. I have not written about these energetic techniques in this website, but I do discuss them at length in my books, The Magnum Opus, and The Vampire’s Way to Psychic Self-Defense. Using these techniques, you can drain the power of this fear by absorbing it, so that when you either feel a fearful emotion or when you feel that you are just about to be yanked back into yourself, you can consciously absorb this debilitating energy/emotion/feeling, and this absorbed energy can then be refocused into the desire to project even farther.
      I would suggest that you try exploring your beliefs in this matter first through personal introspection, and then see if that is of any help. If you feel that you might need energetic techniques, then you can look into the books.

      1. Hi, John
        I asked you some questions earlier in the week but I have not received a reply?
        Kind regards

        1. I am glad to see that you are enjoying my books Tricia. I am sorry I have not replied to you but please note that answering the many comments that I get takes a great deal of time, and I also have other work that sometimes can be very time consuming.
          As to the eye being a guard, well honestly such interpretations can be subjective. I personally have run into these eyes myself. I for example saw a spectacularly large reptilian one before, while I was floating on a ship off Istanbul in the Bosporus Strait, and I was able to note that this being was the local non-organic of the area, a powerful thing, humongous, that was not so much interested in guarding anything but in feeding off of the people (off of that same energy that you work with as a Reiki practitioner), of this large city.
          I would suggest that you keep looking in and find your own answers. In the book you mention I have shown you self defense techniques that will help you if you need them, and on all occassion generally I would suggest that you find your own truth in all things even if they are a bit scary at times.

  13. Hi , I am enjoying your books, a friend recommended the way of the projectionist as he knew that I am open minded and interested in other ways of working.
    I have been teaching Reiki for over twenty years, and like the flexibility of it. I work on chakra and aura system daily so sitting in meditation is ok for me. I love the way you present the work and different learning styles allowed for.
    So I set my timer for 10 minutes and settled into believing dreams are real , then a large crocodile eye appeared and opened and looked at me, I looked back at it. Then it was gone and my timer rang out.

    I text my friend and he said that reptiles represent prison guards at the the boundaries of this reality. ??
    When working with Reiki my forte’ is the healing and working with the energies, rather than the mediumship ( which I am not that interested in )

    As I am now 71 and have a vested interest not wanting re incarnation but getting out of the onion your books I find interesting.

    Kind regards

  14. Hi John , I m wondering when your next book is coming out ? You released last 2 with approximately 1 year interval , so ?

    1. Hi Alp,
      I have been a bit delayed this on as I had some issues to take care of, and it is the case that this book is a lot more difficult for me to put out as some of the concepts and techniques are quite intricate for me personally to put together. But I do feel that I will most likely have this book done before the fall of this year. Sorry for the wait and thank you very much for being so patient and for caring about my material, I really appreciate it.

      1. My Pleasure , When I saw your books years ago , I knew by intuit they were what I m looking for , since then I m following your publications. Currently I m on first chapters of the Projectionist . I have lucid dreams when I read books about it but till this day I couldn’t developed a technique for consistency. They re still arbitrary for me.

  15. Hi John , what is status on your new book , is it coming out around end of august ?

    1. Thank you for asking Alp. I am currently focusing as much time as I can on it and I really hope to be done sometime in middle October. It might be sooner or it might be a little later but I am working as fast as I can on it right now.
      If you’re interested, you can join this email list here. I use it to only let people know exactly when a certain new book is out, and I will let everyone on this list know as soon as the book is available.

      1. Looks like I already subscribed to your mailing list long time ago.
        8/8 is coming and they say it s very powerful time period with couple days after and before. So avail from the opportunity…
        Okay then , I ll look forward for your book. Take care

  16. I would just add that taking a nap around 3-6pm and then going to sleep before 10pm, will give you just enough energy to POP out of your body, after doing the mental projection technique, before you go back to sleep. Works like a charm!

  17. Hi,
    I’m reading your OBE book and want to know if I could / should use binaural beats such as those from the Monroe Institute or YouTube when doing the exercises in the book?

    Ricky Louis

    1. If it has been helpful in altering your states of consciousness, and those states seem to be the lucid ones required, then yes you should definitely use it if it works for you. This is a good starter if it is helpful, in the future though see if you can try to attain that relaxed conscious state needed without any external assistance, in that way you are using such external aid in the proper manner; using it as a help in the beginning but right from the start trying to learn to go beyond it.

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