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Life is risk. We can definitely minimize the amount of risk that we experience in our lives but if we pursue this line of action too much we can end up with lives that are stale and boring. Risk is a natural result of being alive; since it is impossible for us to know every single possibility, since we cannot predict the future, any action that we take involves some kind of risk.

Always be willing to be a risk taker. If you stop taking risks, in many ways he stopped living. Since risk is a natural result of being on this Earth then, you have to come to terms with the fact that you will always be involved in risky action.

While not taking risks can destroy the quality of your life, it is also the case that too much risk is also an imbalance. By looking ahead and imaginatively planning your trajectory, you must always do everything that you can to reduce the amount of risk that you take. There is a saying that goes, “chance favors the prepared.” This is indeed true because time spent on risk preparedness and risk avoidance is never wasted time. The most impeccable thing that you can do is to do everything in your power to foresee any and all circumstances that you might face, prepare for the circumstances as best you can, and then take the plunge; knowing that you did the best that you could and whatever happens is now beyond your control.

Taking a risk really means doing something. Doing something and failing will always be far more productive than doing nothing at all. If you ask any older person in your life what they regret most, I can bet you that what they truly regret most is the things that they did not try. Be willing to take a risk, because this life is built on experience and you cannot have this experience without taking some risk.

Failure is not a bad thing. All great success is really built on a sea of failures. Edison is a great example of the power of failure to create great success. When asked about the number of failures that he incurred while trying to develop the lightbulb, he replied, ”I now know of over 9000 ways in which the lightbulb won’t work”. He also has another wonderful quote that is definitely worth listening to, “many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” By not being afraid of failure or making mistakes, you can get yourself to take more risks. These risks can bring with them great reward if you are persistent.

Never be afraid to laugh at yourself. If you’re able to let go of your self importance, you will discover that failure does not hold so much power over you. Often we fail to take risks because we believe that we will end up looking like a fool. If you are not scared of being the fool then you open up your self to great possibilities; you are no longer held down by how you think others will perceive you.

Always learn from whatever mistake you make. Just like Edison you must be willing to overlook you’re emotional anguish and take careful notes as to what you did wrong. In this way you can learn from all your mistakes and through each one you can discover better ways to achieve your ends. The riskiest part of taking a risk is making a mistake, but if you learn to realize that this mistake is actually just a way for you to learn how to do things better, the risk then does not become a risk at all. Don’t be so scared to take risks, life is to be experienced and not to be watched.







  1. Tony Sardjono

    I fully agree: ‘Never be afraid to laugh at yourself. If you’re able to let go of your self importance, you will discover that failure does not hold so much power over you”
    Thank you

    Tony Sardjono

  2. Yes, being able to laugh at oneself is huge! Also, being afraid of what other people might think is not a great reason to avoid risk. If I had just not worried about that I could have gotten out of a horrible marriage years before I did, and saved a lot of time and bother!

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