The World of High Strangeness and the Unknown


The paranormal is all around us. Whether you want to examine it, idolize it, rationalize it or merely ignore it, there is something weird going on and it just might not be swamp gas. A few things I have learnt along the way are:


  • It is always dangerous to idolize that which you don’t know because that there guppy might be a shark.
  • Rationalizing means that you think you have all the answerss; well show me someone who thinks they know everything and I’ll show you a zealot.
  • If you ignore it then you are just hoping that that which goes ‘bump in the night’ does not bump into you.


How about if we call the Paranormal the Unknown. There is nothing more fascinating to us humans than tackling the unknown. With that Indiana Jones spirit of adventure in mind, these articles are here presented in order to inspire, provide information, and offer your intellect some new possibilities.

  • "The Occult Experience": Question 1, Belief Creation +

    This is an article created in order to help a reader with a question that came up while reading my Read More
  • Aleister Crowley and The Book Of The Law Part 1 +

    Is there a hidden book that somehow explains the reality in which we find ourselves? Is there an odd and Read More
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  • Are Aliens and UFOs Real Part 3? +

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  • Are Aliens and UFOs Real Part 4 +

    Thus far in our series on the possible existence of alien visitors, we have considered a number of facts and Read More
  • Are Things Getting Weirder? Is the Weather Changing? +

    Many people believe that the world is getting stranger by the year. Everything just seems more chaotic; remember that word Read More
  • Are UFOs and Aliens Real? +

    Arguably one of the hottest topics in the paranormal, is the existence of UFOs and aliens. As someone who has Read More
  • Assumption is the mother of all screw ups +

    I thought for a while about what section to put this article in. The reason for my troubles was that Read More
  • Assumption is the mother of all screw ups Part 2 +

    In the previous article I discussed the idea of assumptions. I mentioned that when we assume something we are essentially Read More
  • Exercise to Help You See the Future +

    A key topic in this study of the paranormal, is the study of extra sensory perception. Extrasensory perception is usually Read More
  • How to Banish an Area and Exorcise Negative Paranormal Energy Or Entities +

    When researching the paranormal, it is sometimes the case that you run into people that need help. While paranormal researchers Read More
  • How to Create a Servitor to Do Your Bidding +

    A Servitor is essentially a servant that you create in order to do your bidding. It is a creature created Read More
  • How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities +

    There are many people who believe that they have psychic abilities, and many who defy rational understanding by displaying amazing Read More
  • How to Do Astral Projection Using the Mental Projection Technique +

    Astral projection, has been a very popular subject in the New Age movement for a very long time. You can Read More
  • How to have lucid dreams, Even if you are Not a Good Visualizer +

      Lucid dreaming is a fantastic adventure that anyone can learn to do, if, they are willing to dedicate some Read More
  • Is Santa Claus Real? +

    It seems like an odd question to ask, certainly we are told once we get a little older that Santa Read More
  • Is The Theory of Evolution Wrong? +

    When Darwin wrote “On the Origin of Species” on November 24/1859, it was indeed a monumental occasion for the emerging Read More
  • My Partial Refutation of "The Richard Feynman Series Part 1" +

    I just watched an amazing video by an American physicist called Richard Feynman. In it he lets you know about Read More
  • Our Arbitrary Conception of Life +

    We are all members of a very shortsighted species. As I have discussed in other articles in this paranormal section, Read More
  • Our Energetic Reality, the Unacceptable Truth +

    We are all energy. All that we see about us is energy. We are not the hard unyielding things that Read More
  • Our Mind and How it Clouds Perception +

    Am I here now? This is probably the greatest question that you could ask yourself whenever you are trying to Read More
  • Tapping Into The Akashic Records +

    This is an answer to two comments that were made on the ‘Create a Servitor to do your Bidding’ Page. Read More
  • Ten Questions About My Servitor Books Answered +

    These are questions that were asked about the techniques employed in my three servitor books. I hope that my reply Read More
  • Test to See If You Are Psychic +

    There are many people who would like to be psychic. The interesting thing is that we are all psychic really, Read More
  • The Actor's Need for Psychic Self-Defense +

    This article was written in reply to a question that was asked in the article, ' How to Create a Servitor Read More
  • The Biggest Obstacle for the Paranormal Investigator +

    Having spent time around different paranormal groups, I have always found it very interesting that many of these intrepid paranormal Read More
  • The Cold Truth About Life and Our Place In It +

    After reading my one book, Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy, there are some readers that ask my thoughts, on what Read More
  • The Coming Technological Singularity, A Most Important and Potentially Dangerous Thing Part 1 + There is a great deal of discussion at this time about the singularity. The singularity, in a basic way Read More
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  • The Coming Technological Singularity, Part 3 + In the first two videos in this series, we have discussed the coming technological singularity, and how this conversion Read More
  • The Three Great Secrets of Alchemy +

    If we look around this world, especially now that we have so much access to information, things can seem very Read More
  • Time and Perception +

    When we speak about the paranormal, we tend to be speaking about that which we consider the unknown. The unknown Read More
  • Trans-Dimensional Alien Secrets +

   I have discussed in past videos and posts, the idea of the cube. In those Read More
  • Vampires are real! Their secret history +

    The world is an extremely mysterious place, it is like a giant dark ocean that hides many secrets within its Read More
  • Video: The Dark Sea, The Rulers of the Earth, and the Problem with Perception + This is really the fundamental secret that allows a small few to control the many. Books mentioned in the video: Read More
  • Was H.P. Lovecraft an Astral Traveler? +

    “the world is indeed comic, but the joke is on mankind.” H.P. Lovecraft   Is it possible that H.P. Lovecraft Read More
  • What are Inorganic Beings? +

    When we speak about an entity such as ghosts or poltergeist, what kinds of creatures are these really? Even when Read More
  • What is the 'Guardian of the Threshold'? +

      This article is actually based on a question that was posed to me by a fellow paranormal researcher.   Read More
  • What is The Occult Experience All About? +

    You are sitting in a room, you look about you and you perhaps see a plant or a table. Unless Read More
  • Why Most People Do Not Believe in the Supernatural +

    As a writer I sometimes attempt to create a guest post for another blog. Contrary to my usual modus operandi, Read More
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