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It ain’t your mind, if you are reflecting everybody else’s!


So, what is your true self then? Who are you really?

I have always said that the way, is the way of individuality, but what is it really, to be an individual?

There are many counters, and measures, and techniques that can be used, and each one of these does have its merit, if it is used properly.

One that can be used, and a particularly favored one by me, one that might be favored by you in this time as well, where there is not as much desire for theological pomp, faith in and for the mythic, or for that matter, steady ritual, is the measure, the act, the technique, of going against the crowd.

This is one of the ways, a way, that leads to the discovery of your true self. It may not reveal who you are straight off, in a straight line, but it will indeed show you the great power, the terrible gravity, of the collective of humanity, and how this mob mind affects the very core of you.

Take any aspect of the mob, pop culture, popular culture, dive down to its deep beating heart, and take any topic that best suits you, and in this heavy dive into it, you will discover the binding power of a collective that holds you down like a vice to the common, the average, the milk toast, the discolored and terminally heavy earth. We may in this case for the sake of this article, for the sake of this showing, take the popular, the populist, the common, the widespread, the most beloved and listened to music of the times, and in this way discover the power of the mob mind, and of the resonant quality of it to create a time, a history, the mind of the times, the mind that is reflected by the mass of humanity in whatever way, and that mind that must be gotten away from, in order to discover the true self, the true you.

Go to any music store, if such things still exist where you are, or search the digital web of interconnection, and there, simply do a search for, music. In that place, whether physical or digital, you will find vast amounts of the greatest and the best, and by that, what is meant is the most popular, the most listened to, the greatest resonance of the group mind of humanity, the tidal flow of it, the tsunami of pop culture.

If you are in a physical store, look at the crowds of people there, and go to the least favored part of the store, the place where the least amount of people are. Go to that place where the least amount of people are shopping for music, that part of the store where hardly anyone goes. There you will find the odd music, and by odd, I mean it is the music that is not listen to anymore, the forgotten.

This is the music that is no longer part of pop culture, part of the popular, meaning that it no longer resonates within the collective human mind very much anymore. It now stands at the edges of that collective, it is now unusual, peculiar, weird, irregular, as in not regular, not the common, not anymore. It is in accordance to the mass, not cool.

By looking away from that tide and the mass of popularity, by listening to forgotten music, using a simple exercise like this if it is possible for you, you will be led to what is now the odd and the unusual, perhaps even the weird. And there, you will find the beginning of magic, because there in that technique of countering the collective tide of the mind of humanity, by letting go of the popular culture of the times, you will begin to understand how and why it is so important to let go of the mass, the mob, the collective mind of humanity.

It ain’t your mind, if you are reflecting everyone else’s.

In order to not reflect the collective mind, begin by trying to counter it through the unusual, the lost, the forgotten. Do that, listen to that, use the fashion that, at one time was popular, but it is not popular now, that which is forgotten by the popular attention of humanity now. That which at one time resonated because everyone listened to it, but something which at the moment no one listens to anymore. There, you will find that underlying resonance still, the resonance of all the attention of humanity that once made that thing so popular long ago, and from it you will find a hidden power, and inner quickening that can take you even deeper into odd and forgotten periods and times. And through those portals you may fly into now forgotten realms of mental possibilities.

That forgotten resonance is within that odd music still. The attention of the collective, of the mass of humanity, has now moved away, as time progresses, what once was popular culture is not popular anymore, the weight of human attention has turned its head to the next cool thing. But that power created by all that past attention is there still, it is dormant, it waits for you. And you can still tap into that power, and use it to go to places beyond the imagining of popular culture. Those times exist still, they are there vibrating at different levels, different dimensions, different periods in history that are with us still. By tapping into that quickening that still exists, that odd in that weird, you may fly to those dimensions and discover secrets of untold power, in now hidden places.

But this is just the beginning of such wonderment. This is so because such a search for, and the doing of the odd, the forgotten, will also help you to begin to understand at a deep and intuitive level, hopefully an energetic level over time, just how profound the influence of the collective is on all of us, how heavy the collective is on all of us. From that past resonance, look in a detached way at the modern resonance, and from that position, see the true weight and the binding power of the collective mind, the entrapping mind of the mob.

Through the resonance of what could be termed popular culture, the mass of humanity is led in a certain direction, so that it is led and weighed down, simultaneously. Like a pool of vibrating particles, the more particles that vibrate to a certain tune, the more likely that such collective of particles has the possibility of affecting more and more particles, and as this cascade begins and continues through such a quickening, perhaps created as a result of one spark of creativity, a spark of energy brought in from a different dimensional source, an inspired source, this quickening begins a motion, and that motion turns into a trend, and that trend creates a wave, that wave a tsunami, and that tsunami at tidal force that lays waste to all before it, changing the collective, massaging it, either pushing the mavericks out of the way or turning them to that same resonance, and all from that original quickening.

To fly free, you must let go of the weight of humanity. To understand this weight, look at the now odd and forgotten. There you will find a dormant power that can take you to other times, other lost times. From there see the binding of those times, and in that revelation, see the binding of this time, your time, this modern time, this modern pop culture, this modern mob mind.

The power of other times lies dormant, waiting for you to tap into it, and use it to experience forgotten histories, hidden places, now walled off regions where the true magic of the earth sometimes finds refuge. Outside of time, out there, you will see, and what you see will blow your mind, literally


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