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Humanity has the potential to follow many future roads. What I mean is that we humans seem to be following a direct line, where our past pushes us forward in a certain inevitable direction, in a certain and most expected direction. But there are other alternatives, other roads, other futures, other alternate life tracks that we can travel down as a species.

For the most part, we all perceive and believe, being that we have completely focused ourselves on the existential possibility of time as being only a linear and sequential thing, that there is only one future for us, that this future is pretty much a guaranteed thing within the parameters that we feel to be possible. Certainly, there are times when we might say that this particular event in our history might have changed what we became in the future. We may say that this battle, this particular theology, this new law and set of principles that was created at this time in the past, changed aspects of our present and the future to come. But generally speaking, we believe that the future is set, there is only one possible future for humanity, because whether we like to admit it to ourselves or not, we tend to have the idea that our future is very much set, just like our past; that ultimately neither the past nor our future can be really changed at all.

This belief has to do with the linear idea of time, we think, often times quite unconsciously, that since the past is unchangeable, the future is as well. This is a difficult concept to grasp because we have such an inbuilt and comfortable idea about reality, but the unconsciously believed fact is that if the past cannot be changed, then the future cannot be changed either, the future must be as unchangeable as the past.

We often make brave speeches as to how we can all change, how we will get better, but really, unconsciously for the most part, we have a sense that the future is set as well. We also tend to presuppose that since time only moves forward, evolution is also only a forward moving vehicle; this means that we do not think that things from our past can evolve in that past, they can only evolve going forward in time. This is a difficult concept and I want you to contemplate what this truly means, because for those stuck within the throes of rationality, such a concept, even if it is mildly and quickly entertained, can be earth shattering.

Since we believe that evolution is only a forward moving entity, the past is lesser than what we have now. And of course, this also means that our future must be better, because it will be more evolved than the past. Moreover, being that we have pursued a very specific kind of technological reality, that better future that we envision must involve a technological evolution in a very particular direction. And yet, it is this very modern insistence on a linear time model that actually creates this inevitable future, because awareness shapes reality, not the other way around, and our current awareness, so focused on mechanical and linear conceptions, must only be able to create a very limited range of future possibilities. And those possibilities seem to all involve an external device driven science.

But is this particular ‘evolution driven’ road that leads to a technological future full of devices and contraptions really inevitable?

Well, this future is inevitable only because this is how we view time, and how we perceive and work with our reality. From the inner alchemist’s point of view, the inner creates the outer, we create our future through our beliefs which narrow our focus, and it is this narrowing of focus on only one particular belief system that is in essence giving us the future that we feel we must have.

What I mean is that, because we believe in linear time, because we believe that time is a force outside ourselves, we must therefore believe that there is always an external cause before an effect. We must believe that all things, all change, happens outside us, beyond us, and therefore our technological advancements must follow such laws, which means that only one type of technology is most likely possible, and that this technology is mechanical in nature; you hit this and this hits that, which does this, and all such cause and effect, happens outside ourselves.

But such a causal understanding not only limits the potential capabilities of human technologies, it also limits the power that is available for us to work with and infuse into these technologies. Further our causal order due to our limited perception of time, also regulates our understanding of ourselves and the other, we believe that all things are external to us, that we are surrounded by things, our technology therefore is a technology of external devices, external contraptions of all sorts.

By limiting our ideas of time, we limit our potential. It is the case therefore that many people tend to think in a rather black-and-white manner about what we can do, about what is possible for us as human beings. Our future is set therefore, there is nothing else but this possibility; we are quite literally stuck. As such, the majority of us tend to believe that we will either blow ourselves up due to some catastrophic war, have mass death due to some man-made event, or we are bound to move to the stars and become some spacefaring civilization, akin to something that you might see in a typical sci-fi or cyberpunk movie.

But there are different ways to perceive and therefore eventually to work with time, there are other causal structures that we can begin to work with, if we are willing to at least soften some of our very rigid current conceptions of time and reality.

At this point in history though, our technological growth, our evolution, must be more external devices and better and better machines. Machines after all are the future and the future is better, it is evolution. And it is therefore not only prudent but inevitable, say the rationalists, that these external machines and devices end up actually becoming part of ourselves, end up becoming actually attached contraptions, machines in our brains or our bodies, until eventually we too must become partially or mostly machine ourselves. Machines are the future so they are better, we must therefore become better by becoming more like machines.

Our human future is a future filled with artificial intelligence, computers of increasing complexity and power, electronic implants, robotics that do most of our work, and a future humanity that looks more and more like a dystopian cyberpunk reality. In this future world there seems to be this push more and more lately, towards a more commune or community based human reality, where individuality and many of its inherent freedoms must be given up so that more orderly, more machinelike that is, communities may be established. A new future where people may need to become more like drones in a hierarchical order, instead of individual beings pursuing their own individual interests.

While it is the case that many argue that there will be ways to escape this future, perhaps by escaping from the clutches of large organizational structures perhaps, the reality is that most technology is in the hands of large corporations and organizations that will make such escape as difficult as possible. In order to study this potentiality, we can review what has already happened with the smart phone.

While it is possible to have a phone connected independently to the global network, no contract or plan connection, this ability is becoming more and more difficult over time. Such increasing control over the technology of smart phones, and the increasing complexity and intrusion possible by the many applications, apps, available to smart phones, makes it easy to see that the promise of power and privilege of the smart phone comes with a great cost.

Many may argue that such freedoms are really just an intrusion into personal privacy and not control, but such people are deluding themselves into thinking that all of this information that is gathered cannot be used to later create passive control techniques, that in time may nudge and sometimes even force them, into certain directions and actions. In other words, the great control of mass information allows for the control of the masses.

Now, many are talking and working towards a future, where a smart phone like device or at least a device that could interact with a smart phone, could soon be attached to the human brain. Imagine then all of the possible difficulties that we now face, as far as security and personal freedoms just with smart phones that are in our pockets. What might our future be like when the smart phone is actually in our skull? Who will control the design and the functional parameters of the hardware and software that will go into those embedded computer devices.

It is not my desire in this article to create some kind of angst against future technological endeavors. I personally find that much of our technology is very useful, and as a modern person I too have benefited from this technological advancement. But I do believe that there is the possibility, of an encroaching future that we might not want, and as such, I am asking, is it possible to find different ways to offset that future? At least a small part of that future, one where such devices become part of our brain.

Well, one possible way, is to expand our conception of reality and to develop a different type of technology, a technology that I am calling ‘mental science’ or mental technology. Such a technology would need to be able to create all of the things required from the mechanical one, in short it would need to provide for us anything that we have been able to do through our modern conception of technology. But doing this through a wholly different kind of mental technology, would mean that we would have to completely change our deep and core beliefs about the very nature of reality.

When we think of time as being a linear and sequential thing, we do so because our minds have been conditioned for a very long time to think in such a way. For such a long time actually that to think anything else is considered lunacy, and for such a long time that our external senses, our physical senses, are the only allowed perceptions that fit within the parameters of this understanding, of this belief. Such conditioning has given birth really to the modern technological world, and as I have said, this modern world is a device driven mechanical one.

As to what this mental science might look like and what it could provide in the short term?

Well, in my books I write about a very old other type of technology, a mental science that I refer to as inner alchemy. Such a mental science states that time is not linear at all. It states that time is actually a thing that exists all here and all now, that time is an infinite moment point that contains within it both what we think of the past and the future events. As such, our ability to alter, to see, and to work with time, is in some ways more complex but it is also very rewarding and powerful. Such a conception of time as being an ever-present event, opens up the mind to new possible directions, to new causal laws and therefore new potential technologies that do not need to focus so exclusively on the current causal framework. This new causality framework posits that time is a fluid affair, and that both the past and the future can change, do change, just like this present moment is constantly and ever changing.

What might be possible through such a framework?

Well, it may be too late in our history to change completely and to begin a new type of probable world where mind science dominates everything, but we might still be able to use some of that causal understanding from this alternate form of science to offset the encroaching restrictions to individuality, that a purely mechanical and devise driven technology is creating.

We could for example, delay or permanently change the need to have mechanical and electric devices implanted in our brains. Instead of needing electronic inputs plugged into our heads so that we might experience virtual realities and download information, we could instead learn to access different dimensional existences, different modes of mental perceptive points, so that we may expand our awareness enough that such external and invasive devices and contraptions would not be necessary. At the least limit these until it is, or it becomes absolutely necessary to use them to, maintain or repair biological functions in people with disabilities.

Through the ability to control personal awareness, we could perform any of the things that implants promise to provide a healthy body and mind. We could communicate telepathically, access infinite information, manipulate external objects, experience a far more powerful kind of internal reality, not through virtual environments but through the ability to move, quite literally, across many dimensions, across real and complete other worlds. And in mastering all of this mental ability, we could grow intellectually in ways that I believe would surpass any physical computer or general intelligence network.

It is my personal belief and personal perceptions, that such a technology does exist and has existed on this planet in our past, a past where the modern linear conception of time did not rule the human psyche. And I do believe that snippets, that clues to such mental science can be found if we are willing to look deeply within available data on the subject, and are willing to work with diligence, using scientific principles, as we now do in other scientific and technological directions.

Using the techniques of inner alchemy, it is possible to be able to acquire incredible amounts of knowledge, and to free ourselves to an incredible extent from the three-dimensional world that binds us, from the mechanical world of linear time that seems to be chocking our individuality more and more, as we move seemingly forward through time. It is possible for us as human beings, to be able to experience unbelievable other spaces and other worlds, and it is possible for us to do this naturally through a kind of mental science, instead of for example, losing ourselves in a particular virtual-reality video game or headset. Certainly, these techniques are not plug and play like most of our modern electronic devices, but you may find that the work required to develop these abilities, may also have other benefits, such as expanding your own idea of self and of the possible freedoms that we do have access to now, as individuals.

We do not need to give up our current technology, we do not need to take a step backwards in that regard. We can incorporate both the science of the mind and the technology of devices in order to create a future that is our best possible future.

If you would like to explore the potential of such a mental science, and in particular, this ability to travel and to do and know in dimensions beyond conception, then I would recommend to you my book, Out of Body Experiences Quickly and Naturally, and if you are interested in very advanced techniques and methodology in this area, then I would recommend, The Way of the Projectionist.

It ain’t your mind, if you are reflecting everybody else’s!


So, what is your true self then? Who are you really?

I have always said that the way, is the way of individuality, but what is it really, to be an individual?

There are many counters, and measures, and techniques that can be used, and each one of these does have its merit, if it is used properly.

One that can be used, and a particularly favored one by me, one that might be favored by you in this time as well, where there is not as much desire for theological pomp, faith in and for the mythic, or for that matter, steady ritual, is the measure, the act, the technique, of going against the crowd.

This is one of the ways, a way, that leads to the discovery of your true self. It may not reveal who you are straight off, in a straight line, but it will indeed show you the great power, the terrible gravity, of the collective of humanity, and how this mob mind affects the very core of you.

Take any aspect of the mob, pop culture, popular culture, dive down to its deep beating heart, and take any topic that best suits you, and in this heavy dive into it, you will discover the binding power of a collective that holds you down like a vice to the common, the average, the milk toast, the discolored and terminally heavy earth. We may in this case for the sake of this article, for the sake of this showing, take the popular, the populist, the common, the widespread, the most beloved and listened to music of the times, and in this way discover the power of the mob mind, and of the resonant quality of it to create a time, a history, the mind of the times, the mind that is reflected by the mass of humanity in whatever way, and that mind that must be gotten away from, in order to discover the true self, the true you.

Go to any music store, if such things still exist where you are, or search the digital web of interconnection, and there, simply do a search for, music. In that place, whether physical or digital, you will find vast amounts of the greatest and the best, and by that, what is meant is the most popular, the most listened to, the greatest resonance of the group mind of humanity, the tidal flow of it, the tsunami of pop culture.

If you are in a physical store, look at the crowds of people there, and go to the least favored part of the store, the place where the least amount of people are. Go to that place where the least amount of people are shopping for music, that part of the store where hardly anyone goes. There you will find the odd music, and by odd, I mean it is the music that is not listen to anymore, the forgotten.

This is the music that is no longer part of pop culture, part of the popular, meaning that it no longer resonates within the collective human mind very much anymore. It now stands at the edges of that collective, it is now unusual, peculiar, weird, irregular, as in not regular, not the common, not anymore. It is in accordance to the mass, not cool.

By looking away from that tide and the mass of popularity, by listening to forgotten music, using a simple exercise like this if it is possible for you, you will be led to what is now the odd and the unusual, perhaps even the weird. And there, you will find the beginning of magic, because there in that technique of countering the collective tide of the mind of humanity, by letting go of the popular culture of the times, you will begin to understand how and why it is so important to let go of the mass, the mob, the collective mind of humanity.

It ain’t your mind, if you are reflecting everyone else’s.

In order to not reflect the collective mind, begin by trying to counter it through the unusual, the lost, the forgotten. Do that, listen to that, use the fashion that, at one time was popular, but it is not popular now, that which is forgotten by the popular attention of humanity now. That which at one time resonated because everyone listened to it, but something which at the moment no one listens to anymore. There, you will find that underlying resonance still, the resonance of all the attention of humanity that once made that thing so popular long ago, and from it you will find a hidden power, and inner quickening that can take you even deeper into odd and forgotten periods and times. And through those portals you may fly into now forgotten realms of mental possibilities.

That forgotten resonance is within that odd music still. The attention of the collective, of the mass of humanity, has now moved away, as time progresses, what once was popular culture is not popular anymore, the weight of human attention has turned its head to the next cool thing. But that power created by all that past attention is there still, it is dormant, it waits for you. And you can still tap into that power, and use it to go to places beyond the imagining of popular culture. Those times exist still, they are there vibrating at different levels, different dimensions, different periods in history that are with us still. By tapping into that quickening that still exists, that odd in that weird, you may fly to those dimensions and discover secrets of untold power, in now hidden places.

But this is just the beginning of such wonderment. This is so because such a search for, and the doing of the odd, the forgotten, will also help you to begin to understand at a deep and intuitive level, hopefully an energetic level over time, just how profound the influence of the collective is on all of us, how heavy the collective is on all of us. From that past resonance, look in a detached way at the modern resonance, and from that position, see the true weight and the binding power of the collective mind, the entrapping mind of the mob.

Through the resonance of what could be termed popular culture, the mass of humanity is led in a certain direction, so that it is led and weighed down, simultaneously. Like a pool of vibrating particles, the more particles that vibrate to a certain tune, the more likely that such collective of particles has the possibility of affecting more and more particles, and as this cascade begins and continues through such a quickening, perhaps created as a result of one spark of creativity, a spark of energy brought in from a different dimensional source, an inspired source, this quickening begins a motion, and that motion turns into a trend, and that trend creates a wave, that wave a tsunami, and that tsunami at tidal force that lays waste to all before it, changing the collective, massaging it, either pushing the mavericks out of the way or turning them to that same resonance, and all from that original quickening.

To fly free, you must let go of the weight of humanity. To understand this weight, look at the now odd and forgotten. There you will find a dormant power that can take you to other times, other lost times. From there see the binding of those times, and in that revelation, see the binding of this time, your time, this modern time, this modern pop culture, this modern mob mind.

The power of other times lies dormant, waiting for you to tap into it, and use it to experience forgotten histories, hidden places, now walled off regions where the true magic of the earth sometimes finds refuge. Outside of time, out there, you will see, and what you see will blow your mind, literally