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How to have lucid dreams, Even if you are Not a Good Visualizer


Lucid dreaming is a fantastic adventure that anyone can learn to do, if, they are willing to dedicate some time and effort to develop this skill.

Lucid dreaming is basically the ability to become conscious in a dream, that is the ability to realize that you are dreaming, and then be able to actively and quite consciously, move within, and change aspects of that dream event.
A lucid dreamer for example, can easily make him or herself float and fly within a dream, and indeed this is my most favorite thing to do, when I am lucid dreaming. Lucid dreamers can do just about anything that they want in a dream. Indeed when a lucid dreamer develops enough skill at manipulating within a dream, the dream world becomes a private virtual reality chamber, where they are able to be and do whatever they want.

Many people therefore would love to learn how to be able to have these experiences, and I am often asked how a person can learn to have lucid dreams, and increase their frequency.
My answer is always to recommend the only technique that has really helped me, and that is to, create, develop, and solidify the Dreaming Double body.
This technique basically involves the act of creating another self, that is a second body, a thought-form or energy body.

By doing this, a person is able to work on two very important aspects of the lucid dreaming experience:

  • Firstly, a person is able to create a more cohesive and solid dreaming body. This is important because it is this dreaming body, that becomes your active body when you are in a dream. When you are dreaming, you leave behind the physical body, comfortable and safe in your bed hopefully, and engage a new body; a dreaming body that is far more powerful than the physical body that you left behind.
    By engaging in the act of creating, developing, and solidifying your Dreaming Double, or energy body, you help to consolidate your dreaming form in the dream state. The more stable that your dream form becomes, the easier it is to wake up in the dream, and the easier it is to move and manipulate, your self, and your dream environment once you become lucid.
  • The second, and perhaps most important thing that the creation of the Dreaming Double does, is that it helps to create a deep bond between the ego consciousness and the dreaming body. In this way the ego consciousness, which is your waking self, can then be linked in a way to the dreaming consciousness. This link, this expansion of the ego self, makes the possibility of becoming lucid in a dream much more likely.
    This is so because dream lucidity, that is, becoming awake within a dream, is really the act of joining the dreaming self, and the waking self.

This joining of the dreaming and the waking self, is best done in my opinion, by allowing the waking self, that is the ego, to expand itself, to become more aware of other deeper portions of the totality and of the whole being, of which it is part. In this way, and through the technique of creating, developing, and solidifying a Double body, the ego becomes more complex, stronger, better able to deal with, and control, the dreaming portions of the whole self.

The technique of creating, developing, and solidifying the Double body is a type of augmented visualization, and as a result, people that don’t believe that they are good visualizers can feel  left out, thinking that they cannot take part in using this technique.
The thing is though, that there is far more to visualization than just seeing something in the mind’s eye.
If you are a person for example, that is having trouble visualizing, that is you are having trouble seeing yourself in your mind doing this thing or that, then what you need to do is to stop trying to see yourself doing whatever the visualization demands, in order to create a Double body. That is, stop trying to see a picture in your mind.

Instead, if you are really good at feeling things for example, instead of visualizing pictures, use your talents as a strong kinesthetic (that is feeling) visualizer, and feel yourself doing what you are required to do in these exercises.
We could say that most energetic exercises, including the development of the Double body, are one form of visualization or another. But when the term visualizing is used, most people assume that this means that you have to create a visual picture in your mind’s eye.
But in reality, visualizing could also mean to create a kinesthetic feeling in your body. So that in the case of visualizing a Double body, you could visualize feeling what it would feel like to be in your Double body. No mental picture is needed at all, just feeling.

There is no need to see anything if nothing comes into your mind, just feel your way through the exercise.
This then means that you are not out of luck, if you are not good at creating images in your mind’s eye. What you need to do is just feel; instead of ‘see’.
In actuality kinesthetic visualization can be far stronger than a picture in the mind’s eye, because the certainty and the power of such feeling visualizations, is incredibly powerful.
My recommendation then, is that if you think that you are a bad visualizer, that is you feel that you are bad at creating images in your mind’s eye, that you visualize kinesthetically with your whole body instead. In this way, you will be able to do any visualization exercise, and I think you will be very pleasantly surprised when you discover, that these experiences can be incredibly powerful and life changing.

If you would like to know more about how to create, develop, and solidify the Double Dreaming Body, about dream states, and about Out of Body Travel in general, then I recommend the book,
Out of Body Experiences, Quickly and Naturally.

The Cold Truth About Life and Our Place In It


After reading my one book, Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy, there are some readers that ask my thoughts, on what I sometimes refer to as, the Big question.

That big question is in the background of all our minds, whether we consciously realize this or not, and this question has many different facets, because like all big ideas, its complexity straddles many different perspectives, possibilities, and potential future problems.

This big question though, is only really consciously faced by a select few. These few are usually, but definitely not always, people that have the daring to ponder the big picture, and face courageously the possibilities that this big picture reveals. And this big question, as I have said, is a complex one; with many different angles.

It goes something like this:

Upon a true and deep examination of the world, that sometimes happens as a result of an accidental or worked at expansion of awareness, a person comes to realize that, there is something that is preying on us, eating us, and imprisoning us, within a cage of egoistic and self centered ignorance, all for its own benefit.

These select few begin to truly realize that there is a great dark force out there, just beyond the power of our sensual awareness, that survives by feeding on humanity, and looks down on the people of this planet, in the same way that we may sometimes look down on an insect.
And so, through these insights, the question, the big question; basically boils down to: Why?
Why are we prey for this evil thing, Why do these evil predators exist, What is the meaning of this struggle, and, what else can we do to stop it.

This is indeed a Big set of questions with many facets, and there are quick and simple truths that do clear up some possible misconceptions, but that are often times not the best policy, being that generally, as I have found it to be the case anyway, straight out and out cold fact is not always the best policy.

The reasons for this, seeming beating around the bush, when talking about the reality of life and our place in it, is not veiled evil, or a superiority complex I think, but rather a desire to not hurt those that you may care for. In the same way that you would not tell a dear brother or sister a shocking truth, but would rather give a long explanation with all the background needed, in the hopes that the final truth of it all is revealed to them slowly, without so much pain, as they ponder and discover for themselves, the sometimes seemingly cold ‘Epicness’, that faces all of us humans on this earth.
But once some of this knowledge is discovered, it is best to make a few things plain, so that these cold facts can help to bring even greater understanding and personal empowerment.

So here is a bit of cold truth, with great love and humbleness, for those that have faced the big picture and are asking the questions that such revelations may bring.

And these truths, begin like this:

We are food for other types of life, in the same way that a carrot is food for us.
A carrot feels, it has a complex relationship with the ground, the plants around it, the sun, the wind, the rain, and the whole of the earth. The carrot is a distinctive living being. It may not have an awareness like ours, in that it does not have the kind of flexibility of consciousness, nor the ability to intend as an aware self (as we can for example), but it is never the less a complex, intelligent, feeling, and highly connected entity that is in a continual state of inner growth.

The carrot also has a type of inner self, an inner being that strides many different dimensional states, and takes part in many different types of development, it has what we might term a type of soul. But this carrot is food for us and for many creatures. It is delicious and nutritious to those beings that eat them, so much so that some creatures develop different strategies, in order to have access to as many carrots as possible. Such strategies may involve the development of a good nose to find them, a good memory in order to know when and where they are most likely to grow, and even the strategy of actually planting carrots and setting up a garden, in order to have all the carrots that one could ever want.

But all is not suffering and slavery for the carrot, and even though it feels much pain at times ( and believe me it does, not in ways that we might consider sentient feeling, but in ways that sometimes even surpass our feelings of pain as human beings), this carrot grows a great deal, as it faces the many challenges it must face, through its life and death cycle.
And such a journey expands the carrot’s awareness, and gives it a chance to become more, always more.
The carrot is on a journey, we are ALL on a journey.

And so, one cannot say that rabbits and humans are evil for eating the carrot, there are no black and white answers. Certainly some humans from our point of view may seem to act in an evil way, in that they may abuse the power that they have and eat more than they need, or ruin the land trying to grow more and better carrots. But this is just a part of the complex growth cycle for humans, as they struggle against the forces that prey on them.
After all, lest we forget, we humans are very much just carrots to other types of life, and the Great Dark and infinite sea that surrounds us does not care, it is too big to care.
So we are equal really, humans, carrots, rabbits, and the Great Archon. None of us are any better than anything else.

And on a deeper level, why should such a cold reality matter.
We have been given life, and a chance to become more in whatever way we may choose. That is a blessing, and the striving towards that expansion of being is the greatest joy we will know; an endless journey to be sure.
So in the end, we should not feel bad for the carrot, it is on the greatest adventure possible!
And we should not hate the evil bunny or human, that eats that seemingly poor carrot, because they are on their own journey, and have their own pains and sometimes terrible struggles to face.

All that we can do as humans on this earth, is to accept our fate in humbleness, and see the ‘Epicness’ that we face as a great challenging adventure. A challenge worthy of the monumental beings, that we are working to become.

And when we get melancholy, and feel that we are losing this battle, we must focus on that massive expanse, that dark and infinite cosmos all around us, and let the fear of that sight embed itself into the marrow of our bones, as we imagine all the freedom and endless possibilities that will be available to us, the moment that we can defeat this old and nebulous foe!

The Three Great Secrets of Alchemy

If we look around this world, especially now that we have so much access to information, things can seem very chaotic and downright crazy at times. Whatever you might think about the state of the world at this moment in time, one can make the case that everything changes, and that those changes seem to be happening at a faster and faster pace.
From an Alchemical perspective, these changes are the result of an energetic flux, that has both internal (subjective) and external (from the world at large) origins. Further, it can be argued that the major thrust of this flux is quite negative to humanity, and that the origins of this negative aspect of the flux of life, is the result of a titanic force that does not have humanity’s best interest in mind.
But through the correct use of certain energetic techniques, this dark force can actually be used in a transformative way, to get all the things that we may desire, and to break free from the oppressive aspects of this life that we all have in common.

There have been many books written about how to use your mind to change your life. Many of these books will tell you that your entire life is the result of internal subjective states; the beliefs thoughts and ideas that occupy your mind.
There are a number of books that are very helpful and give people hope, and in the best of times they introduce techniques that people can use to better their lives. Often times though, these books can be a bit disappointing because the changes that people want don’t come quickly, or they don’t come at all.

People then, are left wondering why certain techniques work sometimes to some degree.
They sometimes wonder why it is impossible to fight against the system. Even when they are given strategies on how to stop paying attention to this system, so that they may break free from it, they wonder why these techniques fail. They wonder why it is impossible to escape this oppressive cage without walls, and why it is impossible to escape those people that make up the core of this seemingly broken world order.
They also wonder why their attention fails. They wonder why it is so difficult to maintain their thoughts focused on one subject over time; even when those thoughts are about things that they really like or love.
Such questions can have people wondering if they are doing something wrong, or if the techniques that they are being taught are not quite right. Many contemplate the possibility that they are being told only some of the truth, and as a result often waste a great deal of time looking for that perfect technique, that will be able to get them what they want, through the power of their Will and the focus of their attention.

Alchemy can provide the answers to all these questions, and it can also provide a functional way to change our lives for the better, through the power of thoughts, energetic re-direction, and focused attention.

In order to understand the importance of Alchemy, it is best to begin by outlining some of the discoveries that Alchemists have made.

The first discovery is that we are all surrounded by infinity. As you look around, you might think that you are a being that lives in a world surrounded by objects and that you are an object yourself, albeit a sentient one.
Alchemists though, discovered a very long time ago that we are all lost in a perceptive illusion. This illusion hides the fact that there are no objects Out There, there is only energy. While some could argue that there are certain energetic conglomerations, that might act upon humanity in a way that we have learnt to describe as objects, the fundamental reality is that those objects (and the solidity that we ascribe to them) is an illusion. An imposed illusion!
Alchemists would say that we are in fact surrounded by infinity, which could more succinctly be described as an immeasurable Dark Sea.

The second Alchemical finding that I must relate, is that we humans are not the apex predators that we think ourselves to be. Our conceptions of reality, tell us that we are a sentient object, surrounded by other objects that are not sentient, and that within this realm of lesser objects, we are the most powerful creatures because of this supposed greater awareness that we enjoy, the top predatory creature, that preys on the rest of the world.
The Alchemical perspective though, is that we are not this top predator by a long shot, and that there are many creatures Out There that now consider us food. These predatory creatures that consume man, the supposed apex predator, are for the most part completely outside of the human perceptual radar. This is so because these life forms are not considered possible in a world view that only believes in the power of objects.

You see, these predatory creatures are non-organic, that is: they are not objects as we understand the term, and are therefore beyond current rational perception. These beings could be said to be life forms that are not bound by biology, and are in essence a type of energetic conglomeration, that does not require a frequency range that we refer to as physical form.
These creatures vary greatly in shape and size, and there is indeed an incredible variety of them just on this Earth. They can vary in size from something as small as a goldfish, to beings as large as the clouds in the sky. These beings of course are not completely outside of the human perceptive world, and indeed there are a number of occult groups, and occult practices that are specifically geared towards the interaction with these beings, in order to gain power and knowledge.
Further, to the great dismay of ancient Alchemists, they discovered that there is one particular non-organic energetic conglomeration, that rules above all others. This conglomeration could be said, to be the biggest non-organic life form within our human sphere. This non-organic life form has been known by many names throughout history, but the one that perhaps captures the true reality of this titanic force the best, is the name: Archon.

And this leads us to the third and greatest secret in Alchemy, which is this:
Alchemy is solely based on techniques designed to overcome, the ArChonic predatory non-organic life force, that is now consuming the energetic essence of all humankind. Alchemy therefore, concerns itself completely with the accumulation of the energetic essence of the individual human being.
Once an Alchemist has acquired enough of this energy, which is being taken from people by the Archon without their consent, Alchemy concerns itself with how to redeploy these gains in order to change every aspect of the Alchemist’s life; both on a material and spiritual level.

Alchemy could also be described as a different type of causality structure. This new type of causality can be called the Alchemical perspective, one which is completely reliant on energetic movements. From this Alchemical cause-and-effect perspective, which is based completely on an energetic view of reality, we can see the world in a whole ‘new light’.
This new light allows us to begin to discuss and apply a new way of doing things. This energetic view provides answers that explain why things are so seemingly negative. It also explains what is really going on on this planet, And furthermore, it makes available a better methodology for acting in this world.

As the world continues its game of apocalyptic monopoly, Alchemy shows you how to walk off the board, and poke at it until you get what you want. It not only shows you the edges of the board, and how to step off it, it shows you how to move the monopoly pieces with the power of your Intent alone.

If you would like to know more about Alchemy, the Archon, and the many energetic subtleties of the energetic view and the Dark Sea, I recommend the book:
Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy

In this book, I reveal an ancient system of energetic manipulation referred to as Alchemy. And unlike most of the literature that you can find on Alchemy, there are no hidden codes in this book that will only allow the initiated to learn the real truth. This book is not made up of half-truths, metaphors, or riddles. It plainly explains how to use Alchemical energetic techniques.
This book does; provide a way to fight against those forces that are now engaged in the act of enslaving humanity. Forces that have been active in this world for millennia, and seem to be close to consolidating their power on this Earth.

The Actor’s Need for Psychic Self-Defense

This article was written in reply to a question that was asked in the article, ‘ How to Create a Servitor to do your Bidding‘. The question and answers are as follows:


Hi John,

I have a question about creating thought forms and servitors. I’m a professional actor and often have to play many different types characters. I recently had to play a character in an intense Shakespeare play and found myself very affected by the energy of the play and the character. In acting we are taught to “become” this character and act truthfully under imaginary circumstances. What I noticed is the more truthful I become in portraying these characters, the more I am affected by the energy. My question is how do you portray a character and be able to act in different plays without it affecting my personal life?




Hi Jay,
May I say that I find your question VERY interesting. If I understand you correctly, what you are asking is how to deal with intense subjective experiences and external thought forms that are created by you as an actor.
Indeed as a strong method actor you will be creating very powerful emotions and intense thoughts as you engage in believing something that isn’t truly real, outside of the play and the performance. These intense thoughts and emotions, that are created when you play with your beliefs as an actor, do have a great deal of similarity to the kinds of manipulations of awareness that a magician needs to partake in order to manifest his or her will.
It is interesting to note that in ancient times actors were considered magicians and the craft of the Bard was considered to be a very legitimate way to attain magical power and enlightenment.

Such forces then, created within the subjective mind and without as powerful free-roaming thought forms, can be very difficult to deal with if a person does not know how to banish such energy effectively. When a servitor is created it is usually bound to the creator and a good creator makes sure that his creation follows his or her will implicitly.
An actor though, who is not engaged in creating a bound thought form for a specific task, can sometimes find himself feeling the after-effects of the intense ‘manipulation of their awareness’ that a good artistic performance usually demands. This difficulty increases proportionally by the amount of energy (emotional or otherwise) expended in this performance and the amount of time that the actor must continue with this play.

Such problems usually arise because the strong manipulations of awareness usually begin to manifest very strong thought forms that will linger after the performance. These performances can also over time rewired the neural patterns in the brain; for example making a certain emotion a more common feature of a personality or perhaps making a certain belief truly believable within the mind of the actor.
And if the character portrayed in the play is of a dark or destructive nature, then this characters psyche can invade the actors regular life after the play is done with negative consequences.

In order to deal with these psychic creations and neurological alterations, a strong method actor needs to develop some kind of banishing ritual that allows them to break the hold of his creations. There are a number of banishing rituals that you can find online in order to try and protect yourself from the consequences of the manipulations of awareness that you might go through.
I personally do not find many, if any, of these banishing rituals to be very powerful. As such I have written a book explaining the only banishing ritual that I would personally advocate. The name of this book is, “Vampire’s Way to Psychic Self-Defense”, and honestly without trying to sell you on anything, I would deeply recommend this book to you.

The fundamental premise of this book is the idea that we are able to ingest the psychic energy that we push out from ourselves every day in the form of intense emotions, thoughts, and feelings. If you have any experience with Chi-Kung, Reiki, or perhaps Pramayana, then you know about energy manipulation and about how to ingest the psychic energy all around you. The book though does deal with the many complexities of this energetic technique in relation to psychic attack which I believe is invaluable and I therefore recommend my book for the serious practitioner.
The book does specifically have a chapter on dealing with negative thought forms and also deals with how to overcome predatory non-organic life forms, which is probably something that you might not be very interested in.
In any case, if the book does not interest you then I would suggest that you do some research into the ingestion of psychic energy through one of the above mentioned schools of energy manipulation. You can find some good information online and the techniques once mastered are essential for someone in your line of work. Once you understand what this basic technique entails, which I assure is easy enough to master with some dedication and the correct information, use this technique in the following manner:

Right after every performance and most definitely at the end of the play cycle, you should engage in ingesting all of the psychic energy that you have expelled from yourself during your performance in this play.
To do this, what you need to do is find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for a while and begin to suck into yourself all of the psychic energy expelled as you relive the play in your mind.
For example, close your eyes and relive the play in your imagination. As you’re doing this you might find that you will begin to experience some of the emotions and some of the intensities that you experienced while actually playing this character on stage. When these intensities present themselves, you should use that energy ingestion methodology to suck up the energy that you feel. Continue to do this as you experience the whole play in your imagination.
Throughout your day as well, as you find yourself experiencing the emotions and intensities that you think are directly related to the performance that you had to give, use that same methodology to suck up that energy, so that you drain those thoughts and intensities of all energy. Continue to do this as often as is needed until you find relief.

Such a technique will allow you to take away the energy that is responsible for whatever problems you might have after your performance. In time, as you remove the energy from the new neural patterns you have created, this extra energy will allow you to create new neural patterns that are more in line with your true personality.
In this way you take away the energy that you give up to your performance and can then use that energy to re-establish your real personality once again. Through this technique you are not essentially banishing something from existence, which can be bad because such old creations can come back to haunt you again when you least expect it, instead you are actually ingesting the energy that brought that psychic event/creation into existence.

Sorry that’s a bit of a long-winded reply but I did want to give you the best possible answer that I could.
Thank you very much for asking such an interesting question, and I hope that my answer helps in some way.

Good Luck!

Vampires are real! Their secret history

vampire2smallThe world is an extremely mysterious place, it is like a giant dark ocean that hides many secrets within its depths. Within those depths for example, there is an infinite variety of life, most of which, contrary to what science would tell us, exists completely outside of humanities purview. Besides being an infinitely mysterious place, this world is also a predatory world, it is generally the case that one life form will need to consume, some or all of another life form, in order to survive.

In our modern society, vampires have become a very powerful archetype, for the hidden predatory life that exists outside the purview of man. I find this very fitting, because it is my opinion that no other creature bridges the gap, between man and that predatory darkness better than the vampire.

One large reason why I believe that a vampire, is the perfect archetype of that vast darkness all around us, is because the vampire is considered a fictional creature by mainstream society. It is the case then, that when we see a vampire in the movies, we dismiss such creatures as pure fantasy, which allows us to enjoy our books and movies without distress. And when we see or hear about people that like to dress up and act like real vampires, most people tell themselves that all of this is the result of delusion and too much free time.

Similarly, when authors or occult practitioners speak about the epic forces that surround humanity, about the sentience of these great forces, and about the fact that such forces are predatory, most people dismiss such talk as fantasy, which makes life far more enjoyable and easier to tolerate.

But the truth is, that we humans are mere specks floating around a mere speck of a planet, that circles the outer edge of a tiny galaxy, in a dark cosmos that is so big that we can’t even begin to ponder its volume. And within that unfathomable space, there are things that are so vast and indifferent to us, that humanity, and the science that it practices, cannot begin to deal with it in any other way than to ignore it, and call it the stuff of over active imaginations.

Perhaps the best that we have done, the best that we can do, within the mainstream of our shared human society, is to create a small little window into that outer darkness, one that allows us to take a quick peek every once in a while, but one that is not too large, so that we are able to easily restrain our collective fears of the dark unknown. A wonderful representative of that window, which most dismiss as fantasy and pseudo-science, is the vampire.

If for a moment, we are able to look into the vampire myth with an open mind, and ponder the possibility that within this vast and unknown universe, it might be possible that the vampire could be real, what might we find?

We could begin with a general definition of the vampire mythos, because it provides a wonderful encapsulation, of the greater reality that faces all humans on this planet, and it hints at the potential within us all, if we are willing to embrace the reality, of this darkness that surrounds us.

silhouette-66683_1920smallThe vampire mythos tells us that the vampire protagonist, or antagonist, is generally born a regular human, and that through some dark necromantic alchemy, this human is turned into an undead creature of great power, that needs to feed on the living.

A vampire then is a human being that has embraced, or has been impelled to embrace the darkness. As a result of this dark embrace, he or she gains great power, which he or she usually uses for rather mundane human affairs. But as we, along with this tragic vampiric hero or villain, contemplate the immortality that this creature now possesses, we begin to contemplate the possibilities available to a being that in many ways has left the human world far behind.

Indeed this enduring myth of the tragic vampire, has overtaken popular western culture like a slow storm. There are many books and movies written about vampires, both fiction and non-fiction, and as a result, social media and our social spheres, are full of vampire references and even vampire clubs and groups.

These vampire groups have actually become incredibly popular in the last few decades, with many people joining vampire houses, or covens, because they are either interested in the vampire mythos, or because they truly believe that they are vampires themselves.

As the subculture has expanded, those people that believe that they are vampires, tend to have many different beliefs about what a vampire is, and how he or she should go about exercising his or her vampire persona.

Generally speaking, these modern groups believe that a vampire is a human being who for one reason or another, has the need to feed on other people, in order to acquire a vital energetic substance that he or she is not able to produce naturally. Such practicing vampires believe that there are three basic methods to acquire this energy;

  • The first is through the ingestion of a small bit of blood,
  • the second method is through the ingestion of psychic life force,
  • and the third method is the ingestion of psychic energy, through the sexual act

As a result of this incredible growth in all things vampire, and because of all of the individuals that are now coming out of the coffin as it were, proclaiming or discovering that they are vampires, there have been a number of great alterations in the vampire mythos, in essence altering what a vampire is, or can be.

Interestingly, at least to me, this taking over of the vampire mythos by self-proclaimed human vampires, has actually enhanced our understanding of what the real truth behind the vampire legend is. I imagine that there are two major reasons for this,

The first is that we are now using modern language and ideas, to explain realities that were once only being expressed, using archaic and mediaeval language and conceptions. Instead of blind fear and superstition, we are now quite openly looking at, and talking about something that defies easy explanation. Instead of using simplistic and prejudiced terms and concepts, to try and explain something that was once considered offensive or off-limits, we are now developing clearer, more complex, and open-minded concepts in order to answer occult questions.

The second reason that I believe that this new vampiric blossoming, has helped us to understand the true reality of what the vampire really is, is that human beings are far more intuitive and capable than most would imagine. When a large collective of human minds is focused in one direction, it can mean that a certain energetic wave has been activated, and such a collective pooling of human attention, can uncover hidden truths. It can also allow some to begin to develop new talents and abilities.

I am grateful for this energetic wave and for this continually developing vampire culture, within their ranks I see many kindred spirits.

Now, I cannot speak about the many beliefs, that the vampires within these groups might have about the reality of vampires. All I can do, is share what I have been able to discover about the vampire, through my own investigations and travels.

full-moon-1372783_1920smallTo start off, from what I have been able to discover, the biological human vampire does not seem to exist. What I mean by this is that, aside from vampire bats and a few other biological lifeforms that do indeed ingest blood in order to sustain life, the biological human vampire does not seem to exist. There are to my knowledge, no sentient flesh and blood creatures out there, with some special gland or organ, that allows them to ingest blood in order to live forever. Certainly there are human beings out there that do like to wear fangs, and that do like to drink blood because they believe that this will prolong their lives, or because it is necessary for them in some way, but actual flesh and blood vampires, like in The Strain novels for example, don’t seem to exist. I at least have never run across a true biological vampire in any of my investigations or travels on this earth, and I suspect that if such creatures are real, they must be very good at staying hidden, or must be very few in number.

That being said, I have discovered that vampires do in fact exist, and some of them are indeed flesh and blood creatures.

In order for what I have said to make sense, I must make the distinction that the real vampires of which I speak, do not need blood in order to sustain life, and to escape deaths final trap and become immortal.

This again does not mean that the spilling of blood, and the token ingestion of some of this blood, does not exist within the true vampires customs and rituals, it just means that blood, biological plasma, is not a critical aspect of vampirism.

All real vampires then, as far as I have been able to discover through my personal investigations, are psychic vampires. Even those that find it absolutely necessary to ingest blood, are in actuality psychic vampires, that are predominantly only able to ingest this energetic life- force, through the blood ritual.

What I am saying, is that all real vampires, that is, all vampires that truly exist within this realm, or that can travel in and out of it, are in essence creatures that survive by ingesting the psychic life force of other creatures. These creatures can be said to be predatory in that they consume the life of others in order to survive.

Many living beings on this earth can be said to be predatory, humans for example are predatory beings, because they too need to ingest other living things in order to survive. Vampires though are creatures that have been able to finely hone their digestive processes, so that they are able to consume the true essence of all life. Within the human spectrum, these psychic vampires vary in their need for actual material food. Most of the human vampires that you see in the popular clubs, and in covens, are people that need to eat as much as anyone, but that use that extra energy that they get from vampiric feeding, to overcome an energetic lack in themselves.

If such vampires are able to enhance their abilities over time, they can sometimes change, and become beings that end up requiring less and less actual food to stay alive. These enhanced human vampires, like certain Indian Yogis, are able to survive without the need for so much physical food,, Until there comes a time when such vampires require little, or no food at all. Once this stage in development is achieved, I find that it is better to refer to such creatures as alchemists, instead of vampires, because they have developed the ability to transmute certain life energies within their own beings.
And like all true alchemists, the final challenge left for such beings, is to develop a continuous self-awareness, that is able to endure physical death.

illussion-53369_1920smallWhile the existence of such vampires and alchemists might seem astounding, in my opinion the truly astounding thing is that, within the realm of the psychic life force ingesting vampire, there are two fundamental varieties. The first is the Flesh and blood human vampire or alchemist.. The second, is a truly astounding creature, a creature that is non-organic in its composition!
Firstly, as I have mentioned, there truly are on this planet, human beings that have the ability to drain the psychic life force from another person, and can use that force in order to enhance their own life. And there are even those that can further refine this life force that they have ingested, so that they are able to greatly prolong their earthly existence, and that can, through great struggle, eventually even cheat death altogether.

And if that is not amazing enough, there is a far older vampire life form that has been on this planet for millennia. What is really incredible about this older and far more powerful vampiric life form, is that it is not flesh and blood.

The best name, in my opinion, for these creatures is non-organic predatory beings. I call them this because they are creatures that do not have flesh and blood bodies, and yet they are nevertheless alive and aware beings. Besides being inorganic,, these creatures are predatory in nature. What I mean by this, is that they survive by consuming the life force of other creatures, most often biological creatures, that is creatures that are made up of flesh and blood, like you and me.

My research has shown me, that it was the non-organic predatory beings that were the first vampires on this Earth, and that they were the catalyst that created human vampires. The first human vampires, who could more accurately be called priests, witch-doctors, sorcerers or alchemists, either through direct interaction with, or through meticulous observation of, non-organic predatory beings, found out how to consume psychic life force, and how to use this life force to increase health, awareness, and longevity. Eventually these practices by human alchemists, allowed them to cheat death.

It is the case then, that the entirety of the vampire mythos, originates from either these non-organic predatory beings interacting with the human population, or as a result of regular people interacting with these ancient human alchemists, who stole the secrets of immortality from non-organic beings.

mask-1441592_1920smallHow these inorganic creatures, interacted with humanity in the past, and how it was that certain human beings could learn to consume life force as these creatures did, and do, can be explained in a general mythic pattern, that is consistent throughout the whole of the planet.

Generally, non-organic beings, either predatory in nature or not, were worshiped by ancient people as Gods. This is a complex topic that would require its own video to explain in any decent detail.

Suffice it to say that many of the ancient gods, and many of the effects attributed to modern gods, are the result of non-organic beings interacting with people. Simply, the old gods are not dead, they move among us still. They have not changed, it is man that has changed. It is modern man that can no longer see them, and it is modern man, through his rational stance, that can no longer even see the very real effects that these non-organic beings can create.

Proof of the power of these non-organics can still be found on this planet, if you are willing to look far enough. The proof of inorganic interaction with humans can be seen in voodoo ceremonies, in spirit possessions, in shamanic rites, in some poltergeist activity, in some spirit channeling, and even in some of the extra-terrestrial encounters that people report with such frequency.

When these non-organic beings, that were worshiped as gods, were of a predatory nature, these entities would often demand sacrifice of one kind or another. This sacrifice most often involved the killing of organic life, that is, the blood of a living creature would be spilled over sacred altars, in order to please the many deities that were worshiped.

In our modern times, most people believe, and rightly so, that blood is the liquid that keeps us all alive, basically, when we are drained of it, we perish. These are modern rational ideas based on scientific understanding.

But no matter how hard some of us try, we still seem to know that when this blood is not just randomly spilled, but actually given to another being or entity, this blood takes on a sacred quality. Then an instinctual component of man screams at him, telling him that the blood of life is sacred, that it is part of the life-giving force that holds the energy of the human soul itself. Perhaps this instinctual knowledge is present, because our ancient forefathers spilled so much blood to these ancient gods, or perhaps it is still with us, because the average man is able to somehow intuit the true significance of these blood rites.

Nevertheless, the average person, even in those far gone days, saw these sacrifices as an act of allegiance to the gods, but the priests often knew better, they knew that this was quite literally food for the gods. Whether it was seen as devotion or food for the gods, all hoped, that through these sacrifices, the gods would grant their wishes and provide general prosperity.
What a very select group of priest uncovered however, through untold years of meticulous study, was that what these gods were really after was not the blood itself, but the life force that was projected by those that were partaking in these rituals, and the great torrents of life force, that was projected by those dying on the altars.

What this means, is that these non-organic predatory beings were interested in the life force that came from these sacrificial events, they were not interested in the blood. The blood was just a symbol or representation of this life force, and to the average person, seeing the blood on the sacred stone was the perfect symbol for the gods desires being satisfied. In reality, what the gods really wanted was psychic life force.

thailand-1309527_1920smallAfter that monumental discovery, it was only a matter of time, albeit a very long time of meticulous research, until these priest were able to replicate the vampiric techniques of these non-organic predatory life forms. Such priest then devoted their entire lives in the pursuit of this life force, they created great ruling houses, and working in tandem, were eventually able to manipulate their own awareness in infinite ways. During this quest for power that lasted for thousands of years, they were to face great upheaval, as one civilization came and others left.

Eventually these ancient alchemist, all but died out, as their own arrogance allowed them to fall at the hands of the many new human empires that grew around them. There are tales that some of these ancient alchemists are still around, living seemingly immortal lives in the fringes of human awareness. These ancient alchemists, like their non organic predatory masters, have become a type of non-organic life form themselves, and consume, when they can get it, a very special form of life force that has allowed them to live for thousands of years.

So yes, according to my investigations, vampires are very real. Thanks to a very large energetic wave and a confluence of human attention, certain human beings are awakening to the once hidden power of the vampire. Their dabbling is still for the most part at a fledgling level, but who knows what the future holds for them.

And yes, The most powerful vampires are still among us. These are those ancient non organic beings, who were and still are, worshiped as gods. And  within their ranks, one can now also find those ancient alchemist that have managed to cheat death and become non organic beings themselves.

Of these non organic creatures, one could say, that their power is growing at a geometric rate, as the human population increases more and more.

But what if all of this, sounds too much like the many fiction vampire stories, that have become so popular at this time? How can you, discover the proof of the existence of vampires yourself?
Well, you could go to one of the places were human vampires gather, one of their covens, or perhaps to a vampire ball, and see for yourself what you might discover there. If you are able to look with an open mind, at the many startling exploits that are being performed there, hidden beneath all the fake fangs and Victorian dress, I think that you will be greatly surprised by your discoveries.

But, what about non organic vampires? How do you find the proof of their existence for yourself?

Well, in some ways this is actually an easier thing to investigate, as long as you are willing to look at the world in a truly detached way. To find them, you need to look deeply into human history, and ask yourself why there is so much struggle, suffering, and war, in a world that is able to easily provide everything that a human being needs.

You must use this detached vision to try and discover why, even though we humans have now advanced technologically by leaps and bounds, we still can’t seem to grow at all spiritually. You must try and discover why, even though we now possess enough technological prowess, to create anything that we could ever want, people still struggle, and suffer all over the world.

If you are really courageous, you could also try and take part in a voodoo ceremony, or find and listen to those that have reported being abducted by extraterrestrials. I don’t mean watch videos, I mean actually go and do these things yourself, and see what you can discover .

Finally you could wait until the sun goes down, turn off all the lights in your house, and with an open mind, try to feel the darkness all around you.

And as you feel the dark embrace, ask the inner part of you what it feels. If you are lucky, you will see the shadows out of the corners of your eyes. And a part deep inside you will know, that you are not alone in this darkness.

Ten Questions About My Servitor Books Answered

These are questions that were asked about the techniques employed in my three servitor books. I hope that my reply helps to answer questions that some of you might be having.

Original questions in black and my reply in blue:


Hello John,

I have read the first two books and am nearing the end of the third book on servitors. You’re books are very well said with simple language and easy to understand concepts. Your examples had me laughing at myself a few times. It was like you were speaking to me directly. You’ve helped me to see the laws of manifestation in a different way. Like many of your examples, I was finding frustration and beginning to think “The Secret” was BS. I could not maintain a positive mind set 24/7 as much as I tried. I will re-approach it now with a slightly different perspective now. I also greatly appreciate the fact that your eBooks are very reasonably priced. I get the feeling that you are more interested in helping than turning a profit and it’s why I decided to buy three of your books. I usually do not do such things at all with “internet gurus”. I’ve grown weary of people making money off peoples need for spiritual answers. Thank you for sharing your personal wisdom with the world. I h
ope to p
ay it forward one day.

I wanted to read all your books before attempting servitor creation. As I near the end of the third book, I find I have many questions and need some clarification. Here’s my list of questions:

1) Does distance matter?
(i.e. if I live in Florida and someone I wish to help with a servitor is in Australia, does it take time for the servitor to travel there or is it instant? Will distance affect the power or effectiveness of the servitor to do it’s job? Will the distance affect my ability to charge it?)

Yes and no. Now right off the bat we start off with a rather dubious answer and I’m sorry for that. The thing that you must understand though is that from a mental perspective, and from a greater reality perspective, there is no such thing as space (or time).
For the sake of brevity and more concise and to the point answers, I will keep it simple. Generally a person’s servitor is affected by distance in that the farther that they have to go, the more that energy has to be expended in order to have a more cohesive (powerful). This then answers the question simply by stating that farther means more effort, so yes distance matters.
But this effort that you output in order to have your servitor affect someone else who is far away is not expended because of physical distance, because space is a psychological construct that we impose on ourselves and something that servitors are not affected by unless we believe that they should be affected.  When it comes to servitors then, try to think of space as a psychological construct, as opposed to a physical phenomenon because from a mental perspective, and from a greater reality perspective, there is no such thing as space or time (sorry to repeat myself but that is an important point). As such, there is no difference between a servitor affecting someone next to you in Florida or affecting someone halfway across the world in Australia; the barriers imposed on it are imposed by you.

Since it should be the case that we should do our best at whatever we engage in, creating the best servitor that you can fixes distance problems. In creating a servitor to affect something or someone close or far away, what is most important is your focus; that is, how clearly you can see your servitor as a real entity, how cohesive it is and how well you have commanded it to do its job.
The short answer is, and remember this because it will apply to other questions that you have asked, how much do you believe in the power of your servitor.

Belief seems like an etheric thing that could not be powerful enough to affect solid reality. And yet if you believe that your servitor is before you then you will see it, if you believe that your servitor bumped into you then you feel it, and if you believe that your servitor has the power to go to Australia to help someone you love then it will; in direct relation to how much you believe that it can.
The fact that a belief is a psychological/internal ACTION, does not make it any less a ‘real’ in what we consider to be the objective world. What we call belief is in really a highly focused and concentrated burst of attention and psychic energy that manifests (for lack of better words) a  physical event or object over what we consider time (which is as much an illusion as is space remember). A belief can and does rewire your very physical brain. A belief is a psychic act. A belief is real. Beliefs create objective reality.
Make a strong and detailed servitor using the charging techniques I have outlined through the manipulation of your belief and attention. If you do this as best you can then distance and time become irrelevant.  Explore your feelings,; do you believe in the power of your servitor? If no then change it to yes using the techniques outlined.
2) Does time matter?
(Can one send a servitor to a past event and diminish its impact on the present/future?)
(Can one send a servitor to a possible future event and bring back information/advice/guidance on how best to achieve that event or avoid it?)

Yes and Yes. I hope my reply to question one answers this question generally. Use your creativity here; a type of servitor advisor would be good for the latter problem.
3) Can a servitor be used to assist in lucid dreams?
(Such as setting a trigger, “When I am dreaming you will let me know I am dreaming.”)

Yes. Ask your servitor to meet you in your dreams, when you see him, his presence will wake you inside your dream. Patience is key in any kind of dream-work.
4) Can one give additional functionality to an existing servitor?
(Such as creating a servitor for home protection, but later adding invisibility or guarding to it, such as walking to the car and wanting to not be noticed.)

You can if you want; your creativity is your only limit. But remember what I have said about schizophrenia in your servitor, if you add to it try to keep the in line with what its original function has been.
5) On the same line of thought as the above, can one combine existing servitors into one after they have been charged and working successfully for a time?
(…Because I could think of a dozen or more different kinds of servitors to create and it seems like it would be drain upon me to keep them all charged. But I also recall in your books that servitor workers must be made simple to work effectively. How far could this line be pushed?)

 I personally believe that it is better to have many different but specialized servitors. Complexity is not always an advantage and the drain is minimal unless you are sending more than one servitor at a time to do work for you. I tend to stick to one task, do it right, then move on.
6) Can a servitor be created to modify personal behavior?
(i.e. instead of having a nervous reaction to a crowd of people, you feel calm, clearheaded, and graceful.)

Yes, but it can’t change you per se; it can only help you to help yourself. Don’t create one to try and change your feelings but instead create one to remind you to change your feelings or to help change the energy of the environment around you (through the projection of love or happiness for example).
A good idea would be to create one to run a little movie in your head, like an inspiring event that really inspires you with confidence, or gives you a step by step procedure that you are studying on how to handle yourself in large crowds.
Use your creativity.
7a) Can a servitors actions be triggered by thoughts or actions?
(i.e. Everytime I think/do ‘X’, my servitor does ‘Y’.)

This is not a good idea. Your servitors should always be under your conscious control (verbal commands work best I think). Can you honestly say that you are aware and in control of everything that runs through your head? Complications can arise because of the huge complexity of our subjective reality. Keep it simple.
7b) If the answer to the above is yes, would this work on others?
(i.e. Every time person ‘A’ thinks or does ‘X’, my servitor does ‘Y’ to/at/for them, or me.)

Again no. Send servitors to do one specific thing at one specific time. This involves more work on your part but control should always be a priority.

8) Can one create a servitor to heal the emotional scars of ones self or another?

Yes. Each case is different, so use your creativity here and design a servitor that you think would do the job best.
9) With regard to obtainablity mentioned in your third book, what if what you need to achieve a goal really does require an ‘unbelievable’ amount of money/resources and there’s no baby steps to get there? How does one overcome this obstacle?

Obtainability, like time and space, is in greater terms a psychological distance. As you know from the third servitor book, our psychology is built upon the scaffolding of our beliefs. When you say ‘an unbelievable sum’ you reveal a belief that you have or a belief of people in general within your sphere. If beliefs are essentially an incredibly intense form of psychic energy projection and attention then what you need to do is to work using servitors or thought forms until your idea of what is obtainable changes; you’re essentially working on your beliefs through direct thought constructs. Everything is thought construct.
Remember to use the techniques that I mentioned in the third servitor book, especially Detached Expectancy as outlined in the third book; my personal experience is that this is one of the best ways to do this.

One additional question to the above…

10) When writing out the statement of intent, description, powers, and so forth, must it be handwritten? Does it need to be hand-drawn as well?

I find it easier to get my thoughts out on my keyboard. I can edit more efficiently. If I wrote it all out, it would take up about 3 pages. I thought perhaps I could type it out on my computer, print out the text, and leave the areas blank for where I need to draw the pictures, or perhaps insert a graphic image for the detailed drawing part. I’d probably leave the name and logo handwritten/drawn since I won’t think of a name or logo until after I have printed out the page and thought on it for a while.

No, you can write or type as you wish. My ‘belief’ is that ritual is for the most part a mental crutch [like space and time 🙂 ]. I therefore try to keep it as simple as possible in that regard. The framework I use, as far as creating the sheet for fleshing out your servitor, etc. is there to help you to focus more easily, it is not a ceremonial procedure.
Do what works best for you. The really important part is: the focus, belief manipulation, the persistence.

Thank you!

I hope that this answers your questions. I know that there is some vagueness there but that vagueness is there because it is impossible for me to provide a step-by-step procedure for you personally. It is my desire that you explore your subjective self and discover what works best for you. We are all different and unique in that our internal symbology and the psychological hurdles that we face are uniquely personal.
Your work is your own,
Good Luck!

Tapping Into The Akashic Records

This is an answer to two comments that were made on the ‘Create a Servitor to do your Bidding’ Page. I have decided to post this as a separate article since it is a rather long answer and it does deviate somewhat from the servitor paradigm.

The first comments are as follows:

I’d be much obliged to hear your insights. I want to make a servitor to get information for me. For example, it might be interesting to find out how Hatfield made it rain, or how Orffyreus made a perpetual motion machine that convinced learned men that it was genuine. I could send the servitor to get the information for me.

My question is, “How would the servitor give me the information?” How would it communicate to me what it has learned?

Thank you kindly for your consideration.



 I did give George a short answer:

I must say that I love your project, a wonderful adventure indeed.

My personal opinion is that you should not use a servitor for this purpose. The reason is that it is difficult to get a detailed description of things from a servitor. Even a ‘servitor advisor’ (which I discuss in this book) would have trouble with such a task I think.

I would actually recommend that you use this method to get the information that you seek. I think that you will be surprised by what is possible using this methodology. What you can do then is to create a servitor for protection or to help navigate.
I certainly would recommend a little protection if you are planning on visiting certain places in space and time; the dark side of the moon for example is place where I would like servitor protection with me.

But when Peter asked a similar question, I wanted to make sure that I gave a proper response to both:

Hi John, I have a question. Please enlighten me on this: can you create a servitor with specific task of retrieving information
from the Akashic Records? Thanks



This is a very similar question to the one that George made above.

Theoretically you should be able to create a servitor to suit this purpose but my position has always been that it would probably be better for you to learn to tune into this field instead of creating a servitor to do this.

The Akashic records are like Morphogenic fields or it might be better to say that the whole sum of all morphogenic fields existing (or that will ever exist) make up the Akashic records. This information, like all information, is non local, meaning that it exists in all space and time like a wave or a force.

The power of this force is variant depending on frequency and not on space/time. That is there is no space out there as we understand it, there is only vibrational frequency. We think of space (and time) as defining the length and breadth of our physical existence, and we can see this space variance mathematically by how a certain force or object tends to affect another. We say that the stronger that a certain thing is affected by a certain thing, the closer that it is to it, but this is only a concept that we have developed because we have senses that perceive frequency in this way.

There is no physical movement therefore, there is only frequency modulation.

So if you create a servitor to tap into the Akashic records, or George creates a servitor to go back in time, you are both basically doing a similar thing. You are both creating a servitor capable of modulating its frequency in order to pick up certain information from these non-local fields.

Now you could get very clever and create a servitor similar to a television or a radio that would be able to pick up this information by modulating its frequency to the frequency that you desire. The trick would then be to be able to have the servitor complex enough to modulate to just the right frequency that you want, this is difficult but not impossible.

But the bigger trick would actually be to be able to receive and understand the information that this servitor picks up. The reason for this is that information is not stored in video format as it were; it’s not going to be a simple transmission in other words. It will actually be this gigantic jumble of information that will resemble a dream. You will not see a filtered message, but the whole sum of all possible potentials within that one frequency (that one point in space/time or one particular band in the Akashic records). When your radio servitor picks up this information, it will most likely be overwhelmed by all this information and you would then not be able to receive anything coherent from it. A servitor is a simple being after all and no matter how complex you try to make it, it won’t be able to store or directly transmit huge sums of data. This data is non-linear and highly complex and is more akin to an energy surge than to an event in space/time as we understand it.

But your mind could pick up this information and modulate it with some experience. In other words, your mind is capable of discerning the giant sum of information at our disposal through these non-local fields, just like a trained mind can make sense of dream data, but a simple servitor would be overwhelmed and would most likely just give you convoluted static, as it were.

So the final answer is yes, a servitor could be used for this purpose but I personally think that it would be more trouble than it is worth.
I would recommend this method to you as well, just as I did with George. With this method you will have to get out there into those fields just like George would have to go to the past himself instead of sending a created servitor, since this is the only way to really understand the highly complex information that you gather.

Sorry for the long worded professorial like dissertation but it’s the only way that I could think to answer these questions properly. I didn’t want to give you a simple answer that would leave you with more questions than answers.

I hope this helps. Good luck in your travels, or should I say frequency modulations.

What is the ‘Guardian of the Threshold’?


This article is actually based on a question that was posed to me by a fellow paranormal researcher.



We’ve read your book Servitors and the other one on “psychic energy self-defence” (the “vampire way”); very interesting. The former (1st) one, in particular, has answered most of our questions on the case of Johnny Doe, who inadvertently created some “servitors” in his sleep while repressing some wishes. We recommended Johnny to practice the reverse breathing + all the visualization in your latter (2nd) book, along with some dissolution meditations.

We got a question, since we are also into psychic research. Have you heard the term “Guardian of the Threshold”? We understand this as a set of false creations within the psyche with 3 main aspects: emotional (astral), intellectual (mental) and volitional (will, causal).

Would it be the case that the “Guardian of the Threshold” (in its 2nd aspect) is prompting the creation of a “servitor” in the first place?

[We have more than 36 years of experience in psychic research.]

Please let know what you think on this “Guardian of the Threshold”

Thank you.


A. K.


Thank you very much for purchasing my books and I do hope that they continue to be a source of help for you.

Yes I do indeed believe in the ‘Guardian of the Threshold’ and my interpretations are similar to yours as stated above.

If you will allow me though, I will give you some of my thoughts and personal experience on this entity. I personally do not like the word ‘Guardian of the Threshold’ very much. While this is a very good and descriptive phrase that can help us to understand certain aspects of this force, this nomenclature also binds this force within certain parameters that make it difficult to understand what one is going through when one begins to encounter it.

By calling it the Guardian of the threshold I think that a certain implication is made which is not accurate in my opinion, because this guardian force is actually a many headed Hydra. While it is the case, that many who fight to overcome this force will eventually have one large battle, a battle where they feel that they are finally confronting this one Guardian, in actuality to get to this point they have already fought innumerable smaller battles.

The naming of this force in such a way therefore can make one think that this guardian force exists in a certain place in space/time as a single entity perhaps, guarding a particular door. In my opinion this can be an erroneous assumption since the Guardian is active now in every place. It would be better to think of the Guardian in the form of a wave function (that is, it is non local, existing in all places at once as a type of force) as opposed to a particle(or entity) which occupies a single measurable place in space and time.

It has been observed (by Jung in particular) that this force loves to act upon the human psyche through synchronicity. Using synchronicity this force confronts a person’s psyche directly and makes that person question his/her sanity. Experiencing wave upon wave of seemingly impossible coincidences, the neophyte begins to question consensual reality until they are confronted with the possibility that they are either going insane or there is an outside force that is acting very directly upon their life. Some who have faced this force have gone insane, most though simply walk away from the path of knowledge because they have been defeated by the very fear of it all.

Synchronicity is a funny thing, let me give you an example;
In one of my books “The Occult Experience”, I refer to this force (which some call ‘The Guardian of the Threshold’) as Chapel Perilous. I call it Chapel Perilous in a small tribute to Robert Anton Wilson who first coined the phrase for use in a supernatural sense and because using this name is more descriptive in my opinion of what this force is really like.I had been contemplating the use of this term in my book and hoped that the term was not too fanciful. I was hoping, and still hope that the reader is able to get what this amazing force is all about. Then I receive a comment by an investigator like myself by the name of Arthur King who tells me that he has read two of my books and is wondering about my opinion on The Guardian of the Threshold.

Synchronistically: I must inform you that this topic has been much on my mind as of late. That of the books mentioned, you have perhaps not read the one book that is basically dedicated to the seeking and the overcoming of The Guardian of the Threshold (The Occult Experience). That a person by the name of Arthur King (You) asks me about a subject I refer to as ‘Chapel Perilous’ which was coined by Sir Thomas Malory as a setting to write stories about King Arthur!

You must realize that it is most fortuitous (as in highly synchronistic) for me to see this comment now on the page dedicated to answering questions about the topic that I had been contemplating, and that in answering this question I am assured and re-enlightened about my thoughts on the matter. Perhaps, if you have not read the book “The Occult Experience”, then it is a highly synchronistic and fortuitous for you to comment here and to find out that some of the questions that you have, can be answered by reading my one book that you have not read yet, but on whose page you are commenting. And that my term for this force that we were both contemplating is derived from stories about your namesake King Arthur.

What caused these synchronicities? Was it the power of the mind to manifest reality? Was it simple coincidence and the mind’s ability to create patterns within random events? Or was it an outside force that is literally slapping us in the face and screaming, “There is so much more here than you realize.”?

Certainly simple coincidences like these can be easily handled by the mind, and the average skeptic, but as the seeker goes deeper and deeper into his/her inner psyche, these synchronicities become more and more powerful and life changing. Coupled with a greater ability to see into the spiritual realm, there finally comes a point when this seeker truly comes face to face with an entity that holds the keys to the other side. An entity dredged up from the deep inner psyche that goes far beyond synchronicity, but that is still a part of that underlying force. That is the final test of Chapel Perilous.

In regard to your question then;
No I don’t personally believe that this force can create anything on its own per se. But a person’s psyche, affected by the great pressure that this force can bring to bear, could create powerful thought forms that could seem to be coming from an external source, but that in reality are being created by the individual.
How do you overcome all this? Well you could run away as most people do, you could become an agnostic as Mr. Wilson proposed (but in my opinion this is almost the same as running away), or you could go insane and get sent to an asylum like some have. In my book I propose another method.

Hope this helps, Good luck in your research!

How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

There are many people who believe that they have psychic abilities, and many who defy rational understanding by displaying amazing feats of perception, such as; telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, psychometric, etc. It is perhaps the case that there are inherent gifts within all of us and it is therefore inevitable that many of us experience things that make us question the extent of our own perceptual potentials.

Personally I know that most of the people in my life experience strange occurrences all the time, to the point that what we call sanity seems to actually be our ability to rationalize or forget the many strange events that are a constant part of our lives. The current rational approach to reality leaves much to be desired when it comes to understanding and dealing with human awareness. The rational approach to reality after all is just based on one-dimensional mechanistic concepts that tend to constrict human awareness within a very small box. Essentially anything that cannot be re-created in the laboratory is considered bogus and suspect.

Unfortunately it is not possible to contain human awareness and perception within the bounds of existing laboratory methodology, because this methodology is based on a belief system that has no room for anything that cannot be measured with a ruler. This current rational reality, current because it has not always been a part of human beliefs, tends to bind the entirety of our human perceptions within laws that bind our psyche, and make us question the natural flow of our minds.

Perhaps this ultra-rational approach to reality is a kind of boomerang effect that happened as a result of the overly superstitious world view that we maintained during the dark ages. One can only hope that we will eventually even ourselves out here in the West, so that hopefully someday we can develop and incorporate a logic that can deal with both our physical objectivity and the magical intuitiveness of the subjective self.


Some of our most constricting rational laws are those that we apply to space and time. While mathematics and physics make leaps and bounds into the incredibly complex nature of space and time, human beliefs still operate within the framework of old mechanical systems. These old belief systems posit that our senses work in a rather mechanistic fashion, very much like the mechanical or electronic gadgets that surround our lives. Rational beliefs do not allow for any proof that contradicts the laws that these beliefs create, and we are then stuck within a world view that denies any evidence of psychic ability.

For example, we currently insist that time happens in a linear fashion; to contradict this belief is akin to denying the existence of God during The Dark Ages. Current rational laws make it very clear that time happens in a sequential fashion and that there is no possibility of interacting with or perceiving future time. This current all-encompassing belief does not allow for the possibility of precognition of any kind and any evidence found to contradict this view is considered to be deceit or dementia.

Physics though has finally discovered something that was taken as a given by many ancient civilizations, and that is the fact that time does not exist in a linear fashion, but that it is actually existing all at once. In other words, physics has discovered that there is no past or future; time could actually be best described as a spacious present. Human perception of time may well be more of a psychological construct, or perhaps even a physiological one since it ‘seems’ that it is quite difficult for the conscious mind to deal with a large amount of information all at once.

Our rational ideas about space have also greatly restricted what we believe to be normal human awareness. Again modern science and ancient civilizations know/knew that space does not exist in the way we believe it does. We tend to believe that space is separated, one thing apart from another, by time, so that in order to get from one point in space to another we need to traverse (or is it perhaps better to say engage) through the medium of time. While not as restricting as our ideas of time, these rational laws about space still do limit what we believe we can perceive.

Rationally speaking therefore, we can only perceive through our five senses and these senses cannot deviate from the mechanical laws that have been established. We are not able to hear a song being sung in the future or see what is on the other side of a wall. Just like a microphone, our ears are supposedly designed to only hear within a certain very limited range, and our eyes, just like a video camera, could not possibly see beyond what we currently believe to be optically possible. Any evidence to the contrary is either deceit or dementia.


1)      The first step then in developing your psychic abilities has to be your willingness to question current rational laws; especially those that have to do with space and time. Questioning an established belief and deciding to believe in something completely different can be very difficult, some might even say dangerous. Unfortunately, the only way that you will be able to develop your psychic abilities and increase your potential, is to question all those supposed laws that would hold you back. Fortunately even realistically considering the possibility of something that is considered an impossibility can have amazing results upon the psyche; so question, question, question!

2)      The second step in developing your psychic powers is the ability to focus on your subjective reality.  Our subjective reality is the internal reality of our minds; our thoughts, internal feeling, impulses, and desires.  All psychic perception happens in the subjective realm, so it is infinitely important that you begin to pay close attention to your internal universe. Once you have spent some time exploring your subjective reality, you will realize that this internal universe is incredibly complex and in many ways it is far more sensual than physical/objective reality. It is the case that without the subjective experience, the physical realm would be lifeless and tragically static; it would indeed become that mechanical horror that science loves to promote as the modern rational world.

Developing your psychic powers means focusing more and more on your subjective world, and you do this by simply paying extra attention to your thoughts and feelings. We tend to ramble on all day in our minds and most of us are used to paying little attention to this background subjective noise. Therefore you will then need to retrain yourself so that you pay more attention to this internal reality, until you are able to go the whole day paying attention to the physical (or objective) world and to the subjective one with equal measure.

As you pay more attention to the subjective realm you will begin to find instance after instance where you might know things and experience things that should be beyond rational possibility. For example you might know when you are going to see someone randomly that you have not seen in a long time, or you might realize that you had a feeling that the phone would ring before it rang.

3)      The third thing that you need to do in order to develop your psychic powers is to start a journal. The journal will be used to write down pertinent subjective thoughts and feelings so that you can correlate these with the objective world. Writing some of your subjective experiences in a journal will allow you to remember these experiences, and this is a very good thing because you will soon discover that remembering the subjective is almost as hard as remembering your dreams.
And as you write down all of the instances where you felt something subjectively before you experienced something objectively, you will realize that there are way too many such instances to assign to coincidence, and that coincidence couldn’t apply to some of these weird experiences at all.

Here is a fun exercise that you can try with your journal:
First thing after you wake up in the morning, write down the first 5 things that pop into your mind. For example you might write down:
-I am remembering the time me and my friend Anna had coffee
-fluffy bunnies
-a wrist watch
-I wish I had bacon and eggs
-the bus

Then at the end of the day, see if any of these thoughts or feelings add up to any kind of precognitive reference. Did you see your friend Anna? On the Bus? Did you see anything that made you think of fluffy bunnies? Did you go to a pet store? Etc. Do this for a week.

The next week do the same exercise above but this time try to actively predict 5 things about your day.


Since you can’t seem to be able to have a clairvoyant episode without some skeptic telling you that you are deluded and just don’t understand the science of reality, I challenge you to become a skeptic as well; a skeptic of that very rational world that would tell you that you are deluded or stupid because you don’t agree with the priests of science!

Is Santa Claus Real?

It seems like an odd question to ask, certainly we are told once we get a little older that Santa Claus is not real. But could it be that our parents desire to have us ‘grow-up,’ is really a type of short sightedness on their part?

That’s the funny thing about reality, specifically our shared Western reality. For a long time we did believe in those pretend creatures, those fairy tales, that magical world that existed in a subjective realm. Then we experienced a type of revolution, one could call it a scientific or rational revolution. During this time and for a few hundred years after that, the belief in such fairy tales became far less prominent.

People would quite literally believe in creatures like Santa Claus or Krampus, back in those old days. The rational revolution changed all that, and for a very long time now, the West no longer believes in these creatures. Most people in the West can no longer believe in such things, because science cannot prove that this type of existence could be real.

During this change in Western perspective, people literally went from one end of the spectrum to the other. They went from superstitious individuals, looking to often times appease creatures within the magical realms, to ultra-rationalistic types, that eventually began to ridicule those that would show any sign of believing in things, that science could not prove.
So we now find ourselves in an era where children can play their pretend games for a while, but sooner or later they must be made to realize that Santa Claus is not real, because it is money, and not magic that is really responsible for their gifts.

But science, that fantastic modern vice, keeps expanding and growing. Often times against the grain, it pushes forward and delivers new ideas and theories. Theories that eventually even it can prove, using ever more refined instruments and techniques. And so, slowly but surely, science has begun to understand more about the subtle realms. It has begun to explore infinite probabilities, quantum worlds, memes, morphic resonance, and chaotic order.

Thanks to these discoveries, we can once again ask questions that would seem idiotic not too long ago. Against the grain and against most of practical and rational humanity, we can ask ourselves in a new light, is Santa Claus real?

Science has a very long way to go, before it begins to really understand the more subtle aspects of reality, but thanks to many discoveries that scientists have made in some of the above mentioned fields, we can now take a more sober approach to a somewhat subjective realm, the realm of thoughts and the power of the mind.
We can do this in a more sober manner now, because science is beginning to re-discover what ancient and modern mystics have known from the beginning; that human attention, and human thoughts, have power.

In order to understand it from a more ‘rational’ perspective, we could take a quick look into the study of memes, the power of attention within quantum fields, and the psychology of personal intention.
Memes are usually defined as cultural versions of genes. That is they pass along information, like genes, from one individual to another, very much like a flu might be passed from one person to another. The only difference is that memes do this through cognitive processes, instead of wholly biological ones.
But in order to really understand the power of memes, it must be realized that it is thoughts and internal subjective structures that are being amplified and spread across a broad population group. So what this science is telling us, is that these supposedly ethereal things we call thoughts, can affect human reality and quite literally change the course of the world. If you doubt this, then all you have to do is to see how certain religious and political movements have changed the course of our world.

In order to understand how mere thoughts can change concrete human reality, we must understand a little about the power of human intention as it is studied within psychology. This science tells us that human action, is the result of biological need or conscious intention. This biological need or intention creates desire, and this desire causes physical action. Psychology has been able to show that thoughts can affect autonomic body functions and processes, and the study of memes has shown that intentional (or conscious) mental processes can be affected by large and powerful ideas held by a mass majority.
Thoughts therefore can create biological need, and they can cause a person to believe a certain thing and therefore act in a certain way. This essentially means that, thoughts can shape our physical reality by making us feel, and as a result desire, certain things that force us, and those around us, to act in a certain way.

But this is just the beginning, or perhaps it is better to say, this is just one objective end result of internal action, because if quantum mechanical laws are correct, and now there is great evidence to prove that it is, then thoughts and attention might be far more powerful than most would suspect.
Along with providing a far more elegant, and larger model of our physical world, Quantum physics also opens up a new door, that reveals to us a world where there is definitive relation between consciousness, and the quantum state of all matter.  The significance of this cannot be underestimated, because it could fundamentally mean that consciousness might be responsible for matter.
A quote by Max Planck, who won a Nobel Price for his work in quantum physics might be most appropriate here.
“I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.”

Because of my belief in the power of human thought and intention, I often write about how certain techniques, can allow you to focus this power in order to attain certain positive results. Some of my books deal with Servitors, which are in essence highly charged and powerful thought forms.
As a result of this experience, I sometimes have readers asking me if it is possible to create a super powerful thought form, that might be able to provide far more comprehensive help in certain matters. In an effort to answer these questions, I mentioned the possibility of using very complex thought forms. As an example of a very complex thought form, I often use Santa Clause.

I realize how someone hearing or reading this answer might feel that I am joking, but believe me this is no joke. Highly powerful thought forms like this, created by millions of people focusing on one particular gestalt of thoughts, just like a large cultural meeme is created, can become so strong that they can be said to take on a life of their own.

Thoughts are created and experienced by people on a regular basis. Any time that a person focuses his or her attention on a particular mental image, he or she is essentially creating a thought form. Thoughts spring from the mind effortlessly and we are essentially creating thoughts, formed thoughts, in a very similar manner to breathing.

With a little knowledge and effort, we can create slightly more powerful thoughts that can take on certain forms and even develop a type of intention. This type of thought form can be called a Servitor because it is essentially a type of little servant, that one can create in order to accomplish a desired task. These thought forms are intentionally created and intensified through the use of highly focused attention.
Besides these consciously created thought forms, there are also,  huge thought forms existing, ‘out there,’ that were not created in such a conscious manner, and these thought forms can exert a huge amount of power in their own way.

A thought form like this is created, when a large number of people focus their attention on a certain image and characteristic. Santa Claus is a good example of one such thought form. Whether Santa existed as an actual person, or whether Santa is a modern representation of an ancient God, is not a relevant question within the parameters of this video. What is important as far as this video is concerned, is that in some ways Santa is quite real right now.

Because of all of the attention that he has received over the years, Santa Claus has become a very powerful thought form. Every time that a child writes a letter to him, every time people think about him or sing his songs, this thought form is being intensified and charged more and more.

Think of the Santa Claus thought form as a very large magnet. This very large magnet attracts any thoughts or emotions that relate to it in some way, so that every time a person has a thought about Santa, or has an emotional reaction because of the image or characteristics of Santa, that thought is magnetically attracted to this one large magnet. The more thoughts that it acquires, the more powerful this magnet becomes, and with each thought this magnet changes somewhat so that it grows more complex, and develops certain characteristics and certain intentions. Each thought helps to define this giant magnet/thought form, and each emotion that is felt in relation to it gives this thought form more cohesion and magnetic power. A thought form grows and develops in this way, and does not stop until human attention is no longer focused on it.

Big and powerful thought forms like this are created all the time, so that you could have a thought form for, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, the Easter Bunny, Marvel superheroes, or anything else that becomes popular in the human subjective realm. These thought forms dissipate slowly over time, once human attention has been focused into other areas, but these thought forms are actually quite long-lived and can be easily activated with the right focus of attention.

Are these thought forms alive? I suppose it would come down to your definition of what life is, but certain sensitive individuals can relate to these thought forms in ways, that makes it seem like they are indeed living beings. There are methodologies within ceremonial magic for example, that have been developed in order to tap into the power and wisdom of these giant thought forms. Using certain symbology, in order to attain a type of intensified focus, a practitioner of ceremonial magic, can make direct contact with a large thought form, sort of like a radio tuning into a certain frequency. Once this frequency has been established, the magical practitioner can tap into this great reservoir of power, in order to attain knowledge or perform highly complex effects.

Is Santa Claus real? Can he get you the presents that you want?
If you can tap into his frequency, and tap into this great reservoir of power, yes he is, and yes he can!



Assumption is the mother of all screw ups Part 2

In the previous article I discussed the idea of assumptions. I mentioned that when we assume something we are essentially taking it for granted that a certain thing is this way or that; we are essentially assuming that a belief is true.

While it might seem quite natural, and it is for all of us, to engage in the act of believing in something; blind belief without question is always a perceptive funnel. The moment that you believe something without question is the moment that you limit your perceptive abilities. It is true that believing something without question can have some favorable aspects; as I mentioned in the last article it is sometimes good to believe something that is positive for you and in this way engender more of it. But a belief has the great ability to focus perception and once that perception is narrowed you are essentially walking around with blinders on.

Believing everything without question is easy, you don’t really need to try, all you need to do is just experienced something often enough. Questioning beliefs and challenging assumptions is hard and requires you to consciously determine what you are going to believe. When you do this you begin to control your personal awareness and therefore your personal experience. Manifestation and ‘The Law of Attraction’ are based on these principals and you can indeed become healthier and wealthier by controlling what you believe.

But by questioning all our assumptions we can also begin a great adventure; the exploration of the inner realms. This inner exploration has an abstract quality; this is so because while the exploration of the inner realms can be pleasurable, this exploration involves more than just pleasing the self. Within these inner realms you will find that the outer self that you find so comforting is but the tip of a gigantic iceberg and that there’s far more to you and to life than mere personal satisfaction.

In order to begin such an exploration, you will need to let go of assumptions. If you have read my book, you will know that there are certain things that some can do in order to expand their perceptive abilities. Think of this as one of those little exercises and see if you can go for an entire month questioning all those assumptions that you hold so dear.

In order to do this, you will need to begin by first identifying your personal assumptions. It is a very difficult task actually to be able to identify personal assumptions because they tend to hide and are easily overlooked. When you believe something without question, when you assume, you tend to take it for granted that the things are so and so and therefore you do not think, you just act like a mindless robot. Identifying and overcoming assumptions therefore is the act of breaking a very nasty routine, one that has held you in sway and has limited your inner growth and perceptions.

The next time that you have a little time to yourself, I want you to just sit down and relax in a comfortable quiet place. In a relaxed and playful way I want you to lightly contemplate the assumptions that you hold. Take something that is quite simple so that you understand how these assumptive beliefs work and in this way learn how to apply what you are about to do to more personally important beliefs later.

Perhaps you find yourself in your living room; if this is the case then contemplate a piece of furniture in this room. Do you take it for granted that that piece of furniture is hard and quite solid? Perhaps you think you believe what your senses have told you so since the moment of your birth, but it is also quite possible that you believe what you believe, and experience this belief, because people have been telling you that this furniture is hard since the moment of your birth. I know that this sounds silly and I know that this seems like a waste of time but it is only so because this is a belief that you have taken so for granted that to question it seems utterly insane.

But please try and questions this assumption; that this piece of furniture is hard. Do not assume that this is fact, do not assume that there is no other way, do not assume that you are infallibly right. Remember there are no facts, in fundamental logic there are only possibilities and probabilities; all else is an assumption and an assumption is not fundamentally logical or right.

Try out my crazy logic for a little while; follow this line of ‘assumption’ and see if it leads you into a different kind of perception. Experiment and see if this assumption provides some benefits, some profit that you might find useful in some way. You might even wish to question this assumption, as I have told you that should with any assumption, but in order to do this you will have to experiment and in order to experiment you will have to try.

So question the assumption that this piece of furniture is solid and hard. Think of the fact that this piece of furniture being hard is only one possibility in an infinite amount of possibilities for perception. If it is not hard then what else could it be? You could logically say that it is hard sometimes but there is also the possibility that at other times it is something else. If it is possible for this furniture to sometimes be something other than hard then what is it at those other times? And can you perceive that furniture when it is something else?

If you touched this piece of hard furniture now, can you imaginatively experience it as something else? Use your imagination to try and think of different possibilities, different states for this one piece of furniture. For example think of this piece of furniture as just being information or perhaps direct energy. Experiment with these ideas. Play with these new possibilities and allow your intellect to expand naturally.

Doing this little exercise doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your present reality. You don’t need to stop believing that things are hard per se; I certainly do not want to put you into the loony bin. But perhaps you can begin to conceptualize a new type of mental construction, one where furniture can be hard generally but also has the possibility of being something else. Mathematics and advanced particle physics tell us that we are constantly surrounded by probabilities and while it is difficult to run tangent to any one line of probable action, there’s always the possibility for change. These sciences also tell us that what we think is out there isn’t really out there at all.

On a different day, during another quiet moment, try and question another assumption that you might have. Try to questioning an assumption that is more important to you personally. Do this for a month and notice if there have been any changes to you personally. Sometimes these changes are difficult to judge at first because they can seem subtle but you might end up discovering that you are now a little more imaginative or perhaps a little more penetrating when it comes to certain perceptions and experiences.

Assumption is the mother of all screw ups

I thought for a while about what section to put this article in. The reason for my troubles was that assumption is responsible for so many of the problems that we have. Whenever we assume something, we take it for granted that a certain thing is this way or that. To assume something is really to believe something without question, without any logical thought at all.

I like to define reason as the act of making assumptions and for this reason I suppose I find assumption to be very reasonable. I define it this way because it is quite easy to see that any individual is considered reasonable when he or she is able to follow the status quo; that is when they believe what is generally believed by everyone around them and is reasonably acting in accordance to those beliefs. To be a person of reason is to be someone who is not insane and to not be insane you must believe, or at least act, like everyone else.

Interestingly, reasonable people tend to find that they are very logical but reason is actually quite far from logic. Reason seems logical when you assume that all the beliefs that you have are facts but facts are really assumptions. You might feel justified in assuming that your facts are correct because these facts (beliefs) were given to you by some type of authority figure/structure but really what you are doing is taking something for granted because doing so has been profitable in some way for you in the past. Logic in its purest form holds no facts, there are only possibilities and probabilities; there are theories and there are experiments that reap certain benefits but there are no facts because fact is based on the assumption that perception is infallible.

“Reason is a lie; for there is a factor infinite and unknown; and all their words are skew-wise.”

Aleister Crowley

Assumption can be wonderful at times; it can allow you to function much more quickly and as I said it can help you fit in. Generally speaking we all tend to assume a lot and doing so allows us to function much more effectively because we do not need to question every single thing that we do or are about to do. Assumptions in other words can be good; for example it is quite a good assumption to believe that you are in a safe place and will wake up in a safe place in the morning, or that certain things will work just like they have always worked; in a fine and reliable way.

This article though is interested in some of the negative aspects of assumption and the reason for the article is that we naturally tend to assume things but it is much harder for any of us to question; questioning takes effort while assumption takes no effort at all, it only takes repetition. The objective of the article is to have you consider doing something very clever (or insane); question your assumptions.

I finally settled on the idea of placing this article in the paranormal section of my website because one of the most disparaging aspects of assumption is its ability to control how we perceive and:



When we think of the paranormal, we think of ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot, and perhaps magic or some kind of sorcery; these things are in essence the Occult.  But the occult is just that which is hidden and it is hidden from us because of our inability to perceive.


Assumptions = Perceptions

I am often asked how it is possible to extend our personal awareness, how is it possible to be able to see and experience more of the magic of life; how to experience the paranormal. I was asked so often that I actually wrote a book on the subject. And while the book might give you a very detailed way to identify and break the barriers of your personal perceptions, one could quite easily say that the heart of all our troubles, when it comes to our very limited sensual capabilities, is our insistence on making and maintaining assumptions.

If you have ever come across a hard-core skeptic in anything then you have run smack dab into someone who is very good at making and maintaining assumptions. They assume that what they believe is true and this assumption is so strong, it is so overpowering that it does not allow that person to see your personal views as anything more than delusion. Assumption is so powerful that it totally overrides logic and those that are passionately ruled by their assumptions tend to be so adamant that they will argue and sometimes even hurt you in order to try and prove to you that their logic, their reason, is correct.

Assumption in many ways can be referred to as a routine, a routine of thought. We are so used to believing that this is so, we have done this certain thing so many times before, that it is quite natural for us to assume that things will always be the same. These routines though can bind us, they can narrow our perception and make us believe that what we see out there is all there is;

A ghost could not possibly be real because in a consistent basis we have not seen them, those around us have not seen them, those that we trust (scientists/priests) to find answers to the riddles of life have not seen them either, therefore it is quite reasonable to assume that they do not exist and are but delusions of those that are highly unreasonable. Seems very logical doesn’t it?

But there is more to life and there is more to reality; all we have to do is break the barrier of our assumptions and doing this is as easy (sarcasm emoticon here) as breaking a routine.

“The Occult Experience”: Question 1, Belief Creation

This is an article created in order to help a reader with a question that came up while reading my book; “The Occult Experience”. The Question is in blue and my answer follows.


Regarding the belief exercise in your book, why the long break after only a week of the exercise?

Also, While I’m doing the above exercise, am I saying to myself that I believe with all my heart? This one is kind of confusing to me. When I look back at all the things I believe, the beliefs were established over time–sometimes many years. I don’t know how to sit and believe something with all my heart. I guess you could say the process of belief in my life was a slow, passive process. If you’d be so kind to help me understand I’d really appreciate it.



You are correct, beliefs generally are created over a long period of time. In the first three chapters of the book, this is the kind of belief creation that I am talking about. Generally speaking such beliefs take a long time and a lot of repetition. This type of belief creation relies on authority figures (your mom and dad, your teachers, the intelligentsia, society at large) repeating things over and over until your awareness matches what they believe and what they are also experiencing themselves. Repetition and time create new neuronal pathways within your brain that you then learn to accept and call reality. This process can take decades, your entire life perhaps.

But there’s also another way that beliefs are created. This method involves a highly powerful emotional experience. While most beliefs are created through the long repetitive method, this second method can completely alter a person’s belief structure in a very short period of time. An example of this would be a highly traumatic event in a person’s life where after experiencing a grave situation, one that creates a huge emotional moment, they no longer see the world in the same way anymore. What has happened here is that this dramatic event has stamped a whole new neuronal pattern in their brains, one that alters what they believe and therefore what they experience through their senses. It doesn’t have to be a negative emotion of course, it can also be a very intensely happy one.

The exercises that I mentioned in the book rely on breaking neuronal patterns first and foremost and then using the deep belief exercises that you mention to create whole new neural pathways that should allow you to begin to perceive things in a completely different manner over time. You see those old schools that I talk about in the book, realized that they did not have decades to re- train a person’s psyche. Certainly the younger that you could start training the better, but generally speaking they needed a faster way to create new belief structures and therefore needed to use the latter method. This latter method took on all sorts of ‘Weird’ and ritualistic aspects depending on what school you are talking about but the fundamental methods, the technique without the glam, is the exercise that I provide in the chapter called “The Power of Beliefs”.

When doing this exercise, it is perhaps better that you begin approaching it as a game. Think about when you were a child, if you remember back I’m certain that you will remember a time when you would pretend something. Children find it incredibly easy to pretend to do or be the most incredible things; they could pretend that they are zombies, that they are astronauts, that they are in the middle of an ocean while sitting on top of their bed in their cozy bedroom. While they play these games, they are masters in the art of pretending.
Essentially believing something in the way that I mentioned in the book, involves pretending. Instead of believing with all your heart, which can sound a little cryptic or perhaps intense, try instead to just pretend for that allotted time. As you play this game, you will find that your mind will wander, and as a result you will need to make an effort to refocus, and this effort will cause a tension. This tension will move energy through your system and this energy movement is essentially the same thing as a mild emotion.

When you get comfortable treating this exercise as a game of pretend, you will also be able to read certain physiological changes within yourself and perhaps certain psychological intensities that you will have to endure in order to pretend for the time that you have allotted for your game. With these discoveries you will be able to understand what I mean by believing with your whole heart, or perhaps a better way of saying it would be to believe something with every fiber of your being.
Let me know if this helps in understanding how this exercise should go.

As far as taking a break, this is essential because your brain needs a break. When these exercises are done properly, what you are essentially doing is rewiring your brain. In order for this to happen you need to give your brain a rest, just like when you exercise you can’t exercise every day or else you will end up damaging your body and losing muscle tone as opposed to gaining it. The brain needs time to adjust to these new imprints that you are getting. During this break time, do keep an eye on yourself as it were; study yourself and see if you have certain changes emotionally or if you have certain desires that you did not have before. Follow your impulses if they tell you to go somewhere or do something. There will be a great desire to ignore certain impulses because your original beliefs will be telling you, perhaps screaming at you, that what you are doing is silly. Ignore those desires but keep an eye out for others that are more in line with what you wish to accomplish, and then follow those.

With a slow and repetitive way of creating new beliefs, it could take decades to change your belief structures. With the latter method it could take months or less but you need to follow the rules as I set them down in the book. You need to do these exercises only within certain time frames, and then forgetting about these exercises afterwards. You also need to give your brain a break every once in a while so that these new emotional stamps as it were can begin to take hold within your psyche.
But if you do feel like you need to push yourself a little, then do so. Trust your intuitions on this as this is fundamentally a personal matter. What I write down in the book are the basic guidelines, it is up to you to study your own personal psyche and to follow your own intuitions.

I do hope that this helps you. Please comment at the bottom of this article if you need any more help and I will be very happy to offer whatever help that I can.

Why Most People Do Not Believe in the Supernatural

As a writer I sometimes attempt to create a guest post for another blog. Contrary to my usual modus operandi, I tend to be quite reserved and a bit of a misanthrope, I will sometimes make an attempt to create an article that I might pitch to another writer or organization.

During one of these attempts, I happened to notice something very peculiar about myself. I noticed that I took the existence of paranormal phenomena quite for granted. That is I believe in the paranormal and tend to believe that most people have the same beliefs as I do.

While it could be somewhat true to say that many do believe in the existence of the supernatural, most do not act with those beliefs in mind when they engage in many situations. There are many people that might believe things such as bad luck, the evil eye, and even perhaps alien visitation, but these people will most definitely not let others know that they believe these things. The simple reason for this seems to be that believing in such things denotes a simple mind.

Perhaps that is a partial answer to the question that I imply in the title of this article; why most people do not believe in the supernatural?  It’s possible that there are many people out there that do believe in the supernatural in one way or another. It is also possible that people have become accustomed to being cautious when speaking about their beliefs about things considered paranormal. The Western world has become highly reasonable and telling others that you believe in witches or Bigfoot can cause many to raise an eyebrow, at the very least.

I also personally believe that many of the people that believe in the supernatural are not fully aware that they have these beliefs; that is these beliefs tend to be unexamined and therefore completely bypassed them consciously for the most part. There are many highly reasonable individuals out there that will not walk under a ladder, open an umbrella indoors, or sit comfortably in a dark and lonely room. They are afraid of the dark, they are afraid of things that go bump in the night, but they don’t exactly know why. If push comes to shove, they’ll tell themselves that it’s some kind of primate thing; a remnant from some ancient ancestor that once feared the dark because of the predators that might hide there. This is a rather simplistic explanation if you ask me but it is a favorite among the priests of science.

There are of course those that don’t believe in the supernatural or anything metaphysical at all. These people seem infinitely strange to me because I could not easily imagine a world where science has explained everything. I suppose this is difficult for me because if current scientific theory is correct, then the world is quite a cold mechanical place. I suppose I need the magic, and I would imagine that deep down inside most people do as well.

Nevertheless, whether people believe truly in the supernatural or not, people generally act most of the time as if the paranormal does not exist, period. I found this out when I tried to write a guest post for a certain site that shall remain nameless. It was actually quite a good experience, writing a proposal for this site, there was a forum and the people in it were quite nice and very helpful. I must also say that I deeply enjoy this site and I am glad that it is there. But I found it amazing that certain subjects within this site were quite taboo because of the fact that they could not be verified.

Now verification according to the status quo, including the people participating in the site I mention, means that the current scientific body has proven to their satisfaction that whatever certain concept or thing is fact. That is these people, these highly powerful new clergy called scientists, give their stamp of approval and consider this, that, or the other thing to be fact. Without this approval, the existence of whatever concept or thing is essentially mumbo-jumbo.

This is the point where some readers might start to get upset. They start to get their debate hackles up, imagining how they would enlighten me on the ideas and ideals of the modern era. Believe it or not, I happen to agree with these people in many cases. The benefits of science and the technological advances that we have made because of it are easy to see. One could say that I’m an amateur logician of sorts and as such the very logical premises of science make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Unfortunately the scientific establishment, and the current status quo, is not an altruistic band of kindly or logical souls. The scientific establishment, our modern Western church, is made up of people, and unfortunately people make mistakes. People are also greedy and seem to generally think of themselves before they think of others.
I happen to love science and its precepts, unfortunately many of the people that make up these giant scientific organizations do not share my ideals. These giant bureaucratic agencies tend to be more interested in money and politics. True scientific inquiry is usually superseded by greed and bureaucratic gain.

It is always a good idea to question our beliefs; to find out where they come from, how they came to be our beliefs, and what ‘personal’ proof we have for those belief.

It is so easy to look back in history and think about how terrible the Middle Ages were for example. If you think about all the strife and horror that people in Europe seem to have had to go through during this time then it’s easy to see why these times are generally referred to as the dark ages. Beyond all the strife and cruelty, try to imagine an oligarchy like the Catholic Church of that time controlling every thought and deed, having the power of life and death; seems like a terrible thing indeed.

Certainly I would not make a direct comparison between the modern scientific establishment and the Christian church during the Middle Ages. But looking back in history is a wonderful way to realize that while many things change there also many things that stay the same. Fortunately the cruelty seems to have gone away, I’m hoping that there will not be a return of the Spanish Inquisition, but in many ways science holds rein over the Western world just like the Catholic church used to.

Many would believe me insane for even mentioning such a thought but if you detach yourself and truly look at our modern era, you will realize that there is a constant battle for our beliefs (just like in the old days) and there is punishment to be had for those who would step outside of the current belief structure. Perhaps people are no longer drawn and quartered but they can be ostracized, let go from a job, and sometimes even jailed when they express divergent beliefs.

The new church of science prints the gospel and to question the gospel can sometimes cause great strife.

Our new church tells us that we must take certain drugs to cure certain diseases, it creates a map of the universe and tells us where we stand in that universe, it tells us who is rational and who is not, it tells us how we were created, it tells us about our future and how we will get there. If you question these ‘proven’ theories (which most spout as facts), we are put in a certain place and are considered to be a little eccentric and or deluded. If we become very successful at arguing our point then it is possible that we might get ostracized, and if we get very very good at making our point and converting others to what we believe then it is quite possible that we could end up in a cell somewhere.

If you don’t believe me, the next time you find yourself in a rather eclectic social environment; try expressing beliefs contradictory to the greater status quo. Try telling the people around you that you believe that aliens created human beings or that magic is real. If you are successful, you might get a real good example of what a scientifically minded person must have felt like talking to the status quo during the Middle Ages.

If you are thinking, “well yeah, but the difference is that scientists are right while most people in the Middle Ages were uneducated peasants.” Then I suggest that you really examine those beliefs and hopefully realize that you are far from being a true scientist when you say this, or sounding that educated yourself. A true scientist does not make assumptions, assumptions made on hearsay.

  • Were they really that dumb in the Middle Ages?
  • Did everyone question and fear the church as we are led to believe?
  • Or was it the case that they believed in that church as we now believe in science?
  • Were they so wrong and are we so right?

Some scientists have done research and created experiments that seem to show that our senses are not half as good as we think they are. These studies seem to show that what we think is out there is not really out there at all.
Other scientists working on individual and large-scale human behavior, have found data that seems to show that we are not the individuals that we imagine ourselves to be. This data seems to show that we are rather easily convinced and tend to usually act with a kind of mentality that is exemplified by the phrase, “the mob rules”.
Conmen and stage magicians have been fooling people for a very long time using similar theories.

So why is it that people find it so hard to believe in the supernatural?

I believe that people find it hard to believe in the supernatural because beliefs are sort of like fashion. It’s no longer fashionable to wear powdered wigs or shoulder pads, and it’s also not fashionable to believe in dragons, witches or ogres.

And just like fashion, most people do not manage and create their own beliefs but look to authority figures outside of themselves; they look towards organizations like Versace or Tommy Hilfiger to tell them what to wear, when to where it, and even how much to pay for it.

Belief in the supernatural is not currently fashionable so those that believe in it hide their beliefs so that they are not considered eccentric or weird. Most people though can’t believe in the supernatural because somebody else told them that the supernatural isn’t real. The average academic that spouts off about the stupidity of believing in the supernatural is just a person quoting a group of ‘facts’  that he or she read in an organizationally sanctioned textbook; it is quite doubtful that they examined anything scientifically or partook in any kind of personal open-minded experiment to prove or disprove any aspect of the paranormal. Academia has very few scientist but it has a huge number of priests and bureaucrats.


Final caveat: please do not believe that I am telling you to stop believing in science. As I said I truly do believe in the scientific principle, I believe in the power of correct observation, and in the power of logical thought.

I’m not saying that you should not believe in something or that you should believe in something else. What I’m saying is that perhaps you should examine your beliefs and take nothing for granted, not even those things that are written in finely published textbooks or expounded by individuals with many letters after their names.

And if you are interested in more ideas about how our beliefs are created and how they control our personal realities, then I suggest you check out my book “The Occult Experience

Are Things Getting Weirder? Is the Weather Changing?

Many people believe that the world is getting stranger by the year. Everything just seems more chaotic; remember that word ‘chaotic’, we are going to come back to it because it is very relevant to what we are going to talk about in this article.

The weather is weird; all you have to do is look out your window or look at the news and you will realize that meteorologically speaking things seem to be in a bit of a mess.

  • Three times this last month the temperatures went from the minus teens to the positives in a 24 hour period here where I live. That’s a pretty drastic temperature change but it seems to be the norm now in Alberta.
  • This is the second year in a row that the northern continent has been absolutely battered by super-cold weather fronts. It was starting to look like an ice age out there:

But it’s not just the weather that’s getting more unpredictable and strange; there is also high strangeness everywhere you look.

Everything from plagues of spiders attacking villages, to strange sounds and odd lights in the sky, it seems everything is just getting weirder and weirder. If you don’t believe me, go on YouTube and look up something like;  ”strange events of 2013” or something similar; you’ll get a host of YouTube videos that might just make your hair stand on end.

But how do we explain all this? Can we explain all this?

All the cool kids are talking about global warming. Certainly scientists have proven this to be the case; the world is getting hotter? Right?

In actuality, proving global warming is actually quite a tricky affair. Believe it or not, that last sentence was a very difficult one to write down. The reason for this is that the global warming agenda has gone beyond a mere theory into a type of theological fact. To disagree with this ‘theory’ of global warming can be akin to debating religion.

But in order to discuss the high strangeness of all things as of late, we must start with this rather large wrinkle.

This article is not written to try and prove or disprove global warming nor is it written as a launching point to try and debate global weather models. It is an article that proposes a theory to try and explain why things seem so strange in this brave new world.

The accuracy of global warming models, the ones used to try and predict global weather changes and give credence to the global warming theory, are not as accurate as some might suppose. A simple example of this fact can be ascertained by examining your local weather forecast.

While the weatherman can predict certain atmospheric conditions, the accuracy of these predictions is usually not that good over time. Certainly within the first two or three days, most weather forecasts are pretty good but this accuracy tends to diminish quite quickly as greater amounts of time are added to the equation. In other words meteorological models do well when it comes to tomorrow’s weather and perhaps the next day but they fail quite miserably when it comes to telling you what the weather is going to be like next week or the week after.

Most meteorological forecasts use a type of global weather modeling. The mathematics and software used to study tomorrow’s weather are nearly identical to the ones used to study global warming. Large and highly complex programs are put together and are run through powerful computers. These programs try to replicate current global conditions and using logical algorithms try to predict past and future global weather conditions. The accuracy of these models is good but not perfect, they can’t predict every possible variation and as a result their accuracy fails over time; as can be easily seen by studying the accuracy of local weather forecasts. If the accuracy of these models fails over time, then using these models to predict global warming can be quite difficult to say the least.

Using these highly complex mathematical models, scientists try to ascertain past global temperatures, and predict future ones. Now while the local weatherman uses similar models to try and predict the weather within a couple of days and weeks, larger more complex models are used to try and ascertain and predict global temperature changes within thousands of years.

Certainly there’s a lot more being studied when it comes to global warming. But as I have said this is not an article written to debate the issue; this is an article that tries to explain the ‘high strangeness’ of our current world, and my theories have a direct relation to the mathematical models that are being used now to study global weather patterns.

Why is it that these mathematical models are so bad at predicting the weather, especially over time? Why is it that with the processing power of our current supercomputers, we can’t seem to be able to predict what the weather is going to be like next week?

The simple answer to this is: Chaos.

To be more precise we can say that the answer lies within the realm of chaos mathematics. This is a branch of mathematics that tries to study dynamic systems. The best way to explain this would be to think about a moon orbiting a planet:

If you have one moon orbiting a planet like we have here on earth, then it’s pretty easy to predict the orbit of that moon over time. But as soon as we introduce another moon into this equation, predicting the orbit of a particular moon becomes very difficult. The prediction actually goes from hard to impossible the further that you try and predict that orbit over time.

Now imagine introducing ten more moons into the orbit of a planet. Each moon affects the orbit of the other moons making any kind of prediction impossible over time. Also don’t forget that this is not a closed system; the gravitational pull from other planets and stars might affect the orbit of our moons as well, for example. This is the problem with statistical future measurement or most model based predictions for that matter. The better the model the better that it is at predicting both past and future events but all these models fail over time.

If you have heard about chaos mathematics, then you most likely have heard about the butterfly effect as well:

This basic theory tells us that small actions can be the cause of large effects on a deterministic nonlinear system.  The mathematician Edward Norton Lorenz coined the phrase “The butterfly effect” in order to try and explain how very small actions (like the flaps of a butterfly’s wings) could cause huge effects (like a hurricane) in a complex interrelated system over time.

Using the above analogies you can see how predicting the weather would be such an incredibly difficult thing using current weather models. These models are made up of a huge number of ‘sets’ that act very much like a moon or a butterfly. If it is impossible to predict the trajectory of a pair of moons over a certain length of time, then imagine how difficult it would be to try and predict meteorological configurations that are made up of thousands (millions) of freewheeling probabilistic units.

Now might be the time when you ask yourself; so what does all this have to do with strange weather and strange events?

The answer to all of it, based on my theory, is simply: human population

587px-World-Population-1800-2100.svgImage from Wikipedia.

If we think of the Earth as our nonlinear system and we think of every single individual human as being a butterfly then you could see how the introduction of billions of new individuals (butterflies) could have an incredibly powerful effect on that system.

When you add more random units to a particular system, the system becomes more complex. Generally speaking when the system becomes more complex there is a tendency towards greater randomness; in other words more chaos.

As you can see, this idea does not discount global warming. Global warming could help to explain much of the weird weather that we are experiencing but ’proving’ that global weather temperatures will be escalating over time without any deviation is most difficult and as far as I’m concerned it’s still a theory.

There is something though that you can prove using chaos mathematics right now; and that is that the introduction of so many new human beings into the earth ecosystem is making the system more random, more chaotic, and stranger. If a butterfly in the Amazon can help create a hurricane halfway around the world then imagine what 7 billion and counting humans can do.

Sure that might explains the strange weather you say, but what about all the other strange stuff that’s going on?

Well we can certainly consider the possibility that the world was always this strange, the only difference being that now there’s a heck of a lot more people carrying around digital recording devices. Perhaps nothing has changed, there’s just more people watching and recording.

But there’s another theory that we could consider; the possibility that it is the very thoughts and intentions of these 7 billion plus individuals that is making the world stranger and stranger every day.

If you are reading this article on this site, then it is possible that you believe in the power of thought. This website after all is dedicated not only to self-improvement but to the possibilities and potential of thought and intention.

I believe that thoughts are things that internal intention creates external effect and since you are reading this article then I would assume that you perhaps believe the same thing.

Now using our possibly mutual belief, consider what an ever increasing population must be doing to the world. If the power of intention and thought is real, and the probability of the manifestation of a thing increases with the amount of thought energy applied to it, then what must billions of intentions be doing to the planet right now?

We can consider thoughts, and beliefs for that matter, as being like a weather pattern in and of themselves. This pattern flows in and around the planet as different people think and feel different things. As different memes settle in and take over certain areas, they can in many ways be seen as storms gathering momentum and sweeping over the continents.

Thoughts of Jesus, Armageddon, freedom, fear, the new world order, and perhaps Mickey Mouse, all intermingle. Thoughts of a similar nature come together and coalesce into bigger thought patterns, perhaps even growing into a full blown memes with the capability of changing the hearts and minds of millions.

If thoughts are things, then the reason for the high strangeness is quite obvious; more people. And since we know that the human population is increasing we can definitely count on one thing:

Things are going to get weirder!