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The world can seem all mixed up when we first look at it with our adult eyes. It can make us feel like we are stuck in a big mess with no way out. I have written extensively about the nature of these ‘cages’, as I call them, and how the general organization of the world is designed to limit human potential.

There is indeed a force out there, something akin to a gravity, that settled upon this world a long time ago and is largely responsible for the current state of things. A long time ago, we weren’t like this; we were not static objects, little automatons following the dictates of a cog universe. Instead, in that forgotten past, we were magical things, unbelievable things, creatures without boundaries.”

But for better or for worse, here we are, and while things may seem hopeless, the reality is that the world is constantly leading us out of our cages. You might say that even that dark gravity I mentioned can become an ally, and indeed, it has become a helping force in a way. There is an incredibly powerful collection of entities (which I call an oversoul collective) that is out there using that very gravity to excite an evolution within us, which has the potential to take us even farther down an evolutionary process that may even allow us to surpass those magical beings we once were.

That positive evolutionary force is like a light, surrounding and being part of everything. It makes up the very fabric of our existence, and the glow from it is blinding. But in order to see that light, you must use different eyes, and in order to understand its power, we must learn to recognize and tap into the world’s guidance, into the guidance that this light provides for us. Doing this is an incredibly easy thing, yet for most of us, because we have become so indoctrinated by the gravity of this Earth, it can be the hardest thing in the world.


Following Your Joy and the “Path of Greatest Excitement”

The weight of the world has been pounding down on us from the day of our birth. At first, as children, this weight does not seem so harsh. There is joy and freedom within us when we first begin this journey as physical beings, and it is obvious to see; children are full of bubbling energy, and most of them seem to shine in a hard-to-describe way. Wherever they look, they don’t see cages, but instead, they see mysteries and possibilities.

But as we age, that gravity pulls against us more and more, and the world seems to close around us. Soon, we lose sight of the mystery, and of the grand splendor to be found in endless possibilities. We lose our imagination, and we begin the journey towards static object-hood. What is essentially happening is that we lose sight of the light that is the true source of our being. In the end, many people lose the battle against the gravity of the world. Having no new recourse, not understanding or truly trusting themselves, they eventually lose sight of the light within them completely and settle into the routine that their lives have become.

And yet, the light within us will never be extinguished, even in those last moments. We shine; it never gives up, and at any moment, and at every moment, we can become the shining, glorious thing we were meant to be.

Right from the start, people are trying to tell you who you are and what you’re supposed to be. There is no malice in them; most people are trying to help. But having lost sight of that glorious light within them, oftentimes their advice is not great advice at all.

But the greater world, although it may have its twisted aspects, has its source in that light I keep mentioning, and is constantly trying to guide us towards our greatest self. And interestingly, all you have to do, as absurd and common as it has now become to hear in this ‘New Age’ world, is to just follow your joy.

How sad that is, think about it. Someone says that all you need to do to find who you are, the best version of who you are, is to follow your joy, and yet most people may find such a statement trite, childish, or childlike even. Why is that?

Simple: they have grown up in a world where everyone tells them just that. If they look at the world through the eyes of limitation and the gravity that pulls down on us, then all they will see is hardship and difficulty. They will be told that to get anything done, they must work impossibly hard, do things they don’t want, and follow the rules of the land. This is rationality, the limited excuse for the logic or theology of the times.

Such a person might be told to be rational, to grow up, to just look around and use their common sense. Some might tell them, “All you have to do is just look around; this is a dog-eat-dog world. If you truly want to get ahead, you’d better just get used to pain, because this is a world of pain.”

But what if you were to totally ignore that message? There is a counter to that, usually well-meaning. “If you don’t do what we say, and you just flounder around for the rest of your life just doing what you like, you’re going to end up as some basement dweller, living the rest of your life on the couch, bloated and ill of health.

So, let’s give it a try, let’s test that theory. If you just start doing what you want right at this moment, are you just going to flounder around doing nothing at all? Will you soon end up homeless, jobless, and a sad marshmallow on the surface of this planet?

Well, this is where you need to understand the difference between the myriad voices within you. Specifically, you need to understand the difference between the voices of light and the voices of gravity. Believe it or not, it is the gravity that’s going to turn you into the marshmallow, and it is the light that will turn you into the best version of yourself. This is the problem with most of the advice out there when it comes to following your joy or whatever else. There’s this mixing up of energetic truth, a comingling, a half-truth, as to how it’s told.

So how do you do it properly?

Start where you are and begin to follow your joy, in other words, begin to follow the light within you now, here, where you happen to be right now. That light will not want you to run away from those you love, including yourself. That light will not insist that you tell others what to do. That light will not put you in greater difficulty. That light will insist that you begin from where you are, and where you are is the very center of the universe; you are at the center of the universe, and it all begins from here.

How you begin and what you do first is between you and that light; it has nothing to do with me. It begins with a simple dictum: become more yourself, and that’s it. Slowly but surely, just a little more yourself every day, until one day you may find that the person you were and the person you have become are as different as night and day.


The path of greatest excitement

Follow the path of greatest excitement. To do that, you must look within, and without any shame or self-reproach, you must use the joy within you to find your path. As you look at the things that you want to do, the things that you want to accomplish in your life, the things that give meaning and make you want to strive for more and more, does what you are doing right now give you joy?

You may be surprised at your first response, and this is the important part so listen. Most people fall for the half-lie that I mentioned, they comingle the gravity and the light within them, and sometimes it is difficult to know which voice they are hearing. While asking yourself what the joyous thing is, some might tell themselves that their true joy is actually to just run away and do nothing. All sorts of ideas might pop into their heads about having to break some chains that others have put on them, to fight against some evil foe that they have been told is out there, or to start telling others what to do because this is truly the way to success and self-empowerment. But most often, such actions which stem from the thoughts and beliefs that have been pounded into them by the world at large, come from a place of gravity and not joy; they are mixing one voice for the other or they are listening to both at the same time and mixing it all up, so it fits the narrative of the times.

As I have said, conversations that you have with that light are yours alone, so I will try to keep the preaching to myself. But I think you’ll find that true joy does not seek conflict because in the end all such conflict leads to a chaining down of your being. Light wants freedom, it wants ease of action that feels like utter bliss, like you could fall off a cliff and land in delicious cream, twisting and turning and landing perfectly in order to once again discover some new marvel, some new existence beyond belief.

That bliss is a magical way, an enthralling adventure that is forever changing and captivating, constantly challenging you to withstand the incredible power of what might come next. Bliss and relaxation are not the lethargy that you have been taught in this gravity filled world. It’s not some kind of soft cushy gray state where you fall into utter stupor. These are the lies of the gravity!

Following your joy is just that, joy upon joyous changing. And in following it, you are forever moving forward in the direction that is best for you, that allows you to grow larger and larger, and to become more and more the kind of being that something deep within you says is the true you. Such a motion continually fuels more excitement, more adventure in ways that are uniquely your own. And contrary to the rationale found within the midst of this heavy world, this joyous motion will not funnel you into some kind of self-indulgent prison, it will instead open you up to possibilities far beyond anything in the common world.

If you doubt me, look around. The rational skeptic is seldom the genius creator, they are instead the limiters of possibilities.

In order to tune into your joy, you must begin to let go of the voices outside of yourself. From the very beginning, others have been telling you what to do. Most of this advice is given by honest and caring people, if you are lucky. But no matter what it is, learn to listen to that joy within yourself first.

Learn to sit down every day, take a moment to yourself, and just ask yourself what would bring you joy. And when you are listening, truly listen. Learn to identify all of the voices from without, so that you can separate them from that true joy that is yours alone. This is where the co-mingling of gravity and light happens, so you must be very careful in your listening. Pay attention to your joy and your striving for adventure and freedom, and let go of any gravity that seems to come from without, gravity that would have you create conflict instead of moving forward on your own.

Don’t explain yourself to others; the best that you can do for others is just shine with that joy within yourself and allow them to be themselves. Light allows light; anything else is gravity and constriction.


Understanding the World as a Guide

This world is here to guide you, and it has been guiding you from the beginning. How does it do it?

Well, quite simply, we can start at the basics: to get along, you have to get along. There are things that you need, like food, water, and shelter. You are born in this three-dimensional place, and from the very beginning, you are given challenges. The gravity of this world may have you believe that these are horrors, plights, or reasons for self-pity. But the light within you sees them as challenges, as great obstacles to be overcome through joyful adventure.

The great gravity of the world makes everything seem routine, commonplace, and boring. But like some great protagonist somehow transported into a land of high adventure, you are here to meet the challenges of this place and become the great hero you can be. Whether that hero means being an amazing adventurer in the world or your own unique, quiet soul in the shadows of existence.

Tackle each need in this place, each obstacle, like a challenge instead of a problem. See yourself as an adventurer overcoming great odds, and stop thinking like those lost in the gravity of this world want you to think. Become a child again if that is what you feel you must become in order to understand this magical way, and for a while, just pretend that you are indeed some hero in some weird, alien land. Don’t see everything as routine; instead, see it through the eyes of a deluded fool, see everything as an alien in an alien land full of strange and glorious things.

And if you doubt me, if you truly think that this is not a magical land of utter weirdness, then all you have to do is just look at all the irrational things that are around you. Most people can’t see this, like I said, the rational skeptic is lost in a cage that they may never find a way out of. So don’t be that skeptic; instead, look around and see all the weird things that happen to you all the time.

Why is it that upon thinking something, you see that thing somewhere out in the world? What is synchronicity, why is it that things seem to line up either for good or ill as if someone is planning all of it? Why is it that even those who are thought of as being the most rational, the most logical, keep insisting that we live in a simulation?

The world is weird, brimming with impossible things. Don’t accept the rational skeptic’s version; don’t believe in disbelief; instead, find your own truth and doubt everyone. That odd light in the sky, those fleeting shadows, that odd sound, the planets above you, question everything. Find your own truth and fall headfirst into a magical universe.

There are strange things going on right now all around you. Right now, as you are reading this, turn around and look around. There are strange things everywhere!

Strange omens guide you. The world is trying to tell you something; pay attention to that something.

These strange things, these omens, can act as bridges that allow us to get closer and closer to what we desire. And you will find a connection between following that joy within yourself and those strange events. There is a direct connection between those omens and synchronicities, and getting those things that you desire.

If, in following your joy, and while in the joyous state, or at least a relatively happy one for you, you see a strange thing, don’t ignore that. Look around and see where the world is leading you through those odd events. And if it feels right to you, in accordance with the light that shines within you, then follow that path and see where it leads you. Such events can be sort of like doors opening in space-time, like little wormholes leading you from one place to another. If you can learn to pay attention to those strange and odd things, grab hold of them, you will find shortcuts to your life’s desires.


How the World Can Guide Us for Good or Ill

That light within us means that we are light ourselves. That light means that we are creating our reality with the thoughts and intentions that we keep throughout our day. And that is the important part – throughout our day. How many thoughts do you have in a day?

It is a lump sum of those thoughts that makes your reality, and it is the totality of them that makes up your life. To change your life, you need to change those thoughts, but just like doing a thousand push-ups in a day every day, perhaps all day, this seems like an almost impossible task in the beginning.

But how is it that some people can do such things? How is it that some can climb great mountains? How is it that some can seemingly do the impossible and overcome the gravity of just getting started? How do you overcome the inertia of this world?

Generally, and almost without fail, those that can do such things are those that follow their joy. Contrary to the rationale of the world, which is based on the gravity and the darkness that I speak of, you will not find the energy or the kind of stamina that you need through some kind of rigorous and meticulously planned and invented routine. Such actions never withstand the test of time. Eventually, we all become tired of such endeavors, no matter how much self-discipline we have.

But there is a way to move mountains, a way to never run out of impetus or stamina, and that way is to follow the light that most cannot see. That miracle-creating way is to follow the light, to follow your joy.

If we keep thoughts, have thoughts, and ruminate on thoughts that are generally not our own, but the thoughts of others, the dogma of others, then most likely we will be imprisoned within the prison that imprisons them. In order to break out of that prison, you must let go of the dogma of the world, you must let go of the never-ending rationale, the common sense, the gravity that is projected by the world.

Positive outcome simply means that you are getting what you want, and in order to get that, you must follow your joyous path, not the path or the dogma of others. If you are having trouble with this, because you have heard endlessly that somehow your desires are evil, then think of it as following the light. That light feels like light; it feels like pushing through thick brush to find an open meadow full of wonder and amazing sights. It feels nimble, like you could bounce right into the air, it feels like ease and yet not lethargic, but more like bubbling adventure.

Follow that light, and it will lead you to new and unbelievable places that are yours and yours alone to explore. Become more yourself; you are unique, but that uniqueness is nothing to do with shining more than others, or shining in the face of others. That lightness of you is instead an enigma, a living dream, an actual position beyond the dogma and the ‘collective’ driven world that you see all around you.



The world is not easy from the outset, and in that beginning, no matter how hard you try, you may find yourself facing the gravity of others. And that is a worthy challenge, what a great adventure, truly high adventure.

But the guidance from that light can lead you to incredible and unsuspected places. For example, it can show you how to even work with the gravity of the world so that you turn that weight into actual power. There are those who have followed that light into marvelous, unsuspected places and have discovered how to absorb the negativity in the world, and use that overflowing energy to turn that heavy darkness into even greater light. These are the inner alchemists that I talk about in my work, and if you would like to learn how to turn even the greatest darkness into more energy for yourself, that can then be directed towards freedom and greater light, then I recommend the book, ‘Overcoming the Archon through Alchemy‘.

In following that light yourself, you will become an alchemist, you will learn how to turn the lead of the world, the heaviness, into a light that shines brighter than gold. I encourage you to pay attention to the world’s guidance. I encourage you to follow your individual light. That light is a door that is yours alone and leads to a place that is for you alone to see. In finding this place, you will not only find a new, more expanded reality beyond perhaps even your greatest imagining, you will also find many of your greatest desires manifested as well.


  1. Simply amazing article John, this spoke to me so strongly and helped in multiple ways based on where I’m at right now.

    Thank you!


    1. Thanks D. In the future I will try to dig deeper into some of the things I talk about in the article.

  2. Hello, John.
    I had a question that I don’t think you have addressed before (apologies if you have), and I was curious about your thoughts on it. How do inner alchemists view or approach romantic relationships? It seems that the element of immortality, or at least its pursuit, introduces quite a restriction in searching for a partner if one wishes to keep the same partner indefinitely. Do inner alchemists typically try to pair together?
    I’d love to hear your thoughts.
    Thank you for your time and all your writing.
    Also, sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I wasn’t sure where the best place to ask a general question would be.

    1. I have attempted to address this idea throughout my work, but I perhaps haven’t written specifically about romantic relationships, so thank you for asking.

      I think the best way to address your question is through the concept of agape outlined in my book, The Way of the Death Defier. In that book, I delve into how inner alchemists, or those seeking immortality, engage in outer loving relationships.

      I try to convey in that book that there is no need for such practitioners to shun their family or abstain from romantic pursuits; instead, they should, through their own explorations, begin to see the great reality of love.

      For the inner alchemist, love is a light. It shines freely in the world, and it cannot be trapped. Attempting to control it is inherently impossible, as controlling it changes it. Love is light, and light is freedom, so it is in the pursuit of that freedom that we stumble upon the light of love.

      Once this light begins to grow within the practitioner, they start to shine themselves. They exude this light, and those around them can feel that light within them, but that light (which is love) is free.

      This does not imply the modern concept of free love 😊.

      Rather, it means loving utterly while exuding freedom, and that freedom is good, feels good, and a relationship of any kind (even a romantic one) is more than just loving. A better way to phrase this might be to say that the love at the foundation of all connections does not bind, yet it creates a vibration that is harmonious with those willing (or able) to vibrate at that resonance.

      I apologize for any unusual phrasing; this is a challenging question because it tries to explain a paradox that some have created, which is not actually present, namely the paradox of binding and love. An inner alchemist loves without expecting anything in return. I hope you can understand what I’m trying to convey.

  3. This post reminded me of my decision to model my use of the IN polarity after your illustrated dragon. Genius demonstration, I can feel how mirroring it makes me glow.
    Recently I got to maintaining awareness between my jaws, feet, and hands and the sensation is beautiful. I saw an oscillating, throbbing circle in my forehead at work with eyes wide open while communicating with an individual. The increase in energy over the past few days still spooked me out so I decreased training density and variation yet today, I’m cradling more venom than ever before. I can tangibly feel the cauldron without having to aim my palms at it, and it’s like a day off in comparison to how pathetic I previously felt. Thanks to you revealing the simple but fast path to power I feel like I can make up for the sicker, younger me. I’m talking about being crumpled and hoping for Christ to help me when an old school daoist approach could’ve sufficed all this time. If there’s a such thing as getting close to Christ this is it and I got results to prove it to myself.

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