Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

The world can seem all mixed up when we first look at it with our adult eyes. It can make us feel like we are stuck in a big mess with no way out. I have written extensively about the nature of these ‘cages’, as I call them, and how the general organization of the world is designed to limit human potential.

There is indeed a force out there, something akin to a gravity, that settled upon this world a long time ago and is largely responsible for the current state of things. A long time ago, we weren’t like this; we were not static objects, little automatons following the dictates of a cog universe. Instead, in that forgotten past, we were magical things, unbelievable things, creatures without boundaries.”

But for better or for worse, here we are, and while things may seem hopeless, the reality is that the world is constantly leading us out of our cages. You might say that even that dark gravity I mentioned can become an ally, and indeed, it has become a helping force in a way. There is an incredibly powerful collection of entities (which I call an oversoul collective) that is out there using that very gravity to excite an evolution within us, which has the potential to take us even farther down an evolutionary process that may even allow us to surpass those magical beings we once were.

That positive evolutionary force is like a light, surrounding and being part of everything. It makes up the very fabric of our existence, and the glow from it is blinding. But in order to see that light, you must use different eyes, and in order to understand its power, we must learn to recognize and tap into the world’s guidance, into the guidance that this light provides for us. Doing this is an incredibly easy thing, yet for most of us, because we have become so indoctrinated by the gravity of this Earth, it can be the hardest thing in the world.


Following Your Joy and the “Path of Greatest Excitement”

The weight of the world has been pounding down on us from the day of our birth. At first, as children, this weight does not seem so harsh. There is joy and freedom within us when we first begin this journey as physical beings, and it is obvious to see; children are full of bubbling energy, and most of them seem to shine in a hard-to-describe way. Wherever they look, they don’t see cages, but instead, they see mysteries and possibilities.

But as we age, that gravity pulls against us more and more, and the world seems to close around us. Soon, we lose sight of the mystery, and of the grand splendor to be found in endless possibilities. We lose our imagination, and we begin the journey towards static object-hood. What is essentially happening is that we lose sight of the light that is the true source of our being. In the end, many people lose the battle against the gravity of the world. Having no new recourse, not understanding or truly trusting themselves, they eventually lose sight of the light within them completely and settle into the routine that their lives have become.

And yet, the light within us will never be extinguished, even in those last moments. We shine; it never gives up, and at any moment, and at every moment, we can become the shining, glorious thing we were meant to be.

Right from the start, people are trying to tell you who you are and what you’re supposed to be. There is no malice in them; most people are trying to help. But having lost sight of that glorious light within them, oftentimes their advice is not great advice at all.

But the greater world, although it may have its twisted aspects, has its source in that light I keep mentioning, and is constantly trying to guide us towards our greatest self. And interestingly, all you have to do, as absurd and common as it has now become to hear in this ‘New Age’ world, is to just follow your joy.

How sad that is, think about it. Someone says that all you need to do to find who you are, the best version of who you are, is to follow your joy, and yet most people may find such a statement trite, childish, or childlike even. Why is that?

Simple: they have grown up in a world where everyone tells them just that. If they look at the world through the eyes of limitation and the gravity that pulls down on us, then all they will see is hardship and difficulty. They will be told that to get anything done, they must work impossibly hard, do things they don’t want, and follow the rules of the land. This is rationality, the limited excuse for the logic or theology of the times.

Such a person might be told to be rational, to grow up, to just look around and use their common sense. Some might tell them, “All you have to do is just look around; this is a dog-eat-dog world. If you truly want to get ahead, you’d better just get used to pain, because this is a world of pain.”

But what if you were to totally ignore that message? There is a counter to that, usually well-meaning. “If you don’t do what we say, and you just flounder around for the rest of your life just doing what you like, you’re going to end up as some basement dweller, living the rest of your life on the couch, bloated and ill of health.

So, let’s give it a try, let’s test that theory. If you just start doing what you want right at this moment, are you just going to flounder around doing nothing at all? Will you soon end up homeless, jobless, and a sad marshmallow on the surface of this planet?

Well, this is where you need to understand the difference between the myriad voices within you. Specifically, you need to understand the difference between the voices of light and the voices of gravity. Believe it or not, it is the gravity that’s going to turn you into the marshmallow, and it is the light that will turn you into the best version of yourself. This is the problem with most of the advice out there when it comes to following your joy or whatever else. There’s this mixing up of energetic truth, a comingling, a half-truth, as to how it’s told.

So how do you do it properly?

Start where you are and begin to follow your joy, in other words, begin to follow the light within you now, here, where you happen to be right now. That light will not want you to run away from those you love, including yourself. That light will not insist that you tell others what to do. That light will not put you in greater difficulty. That light will insist that you begin from where you are, and where you are is the very center of the universe; you are at the center of the universe, and it all begins from here.

How you begin and what you do first is between you and that light; it has nothing to do with me. It begins with a simple dictum: become more yourself, and that’s it. Slowly but surely, just a little more yourself every day, until one day you may find that the person you were and the person you have become are as different as night and day.


The path of greatest excitement

Follow the path of greatest excitement. To do that, you must look within, and without any shame or self-reproach, you must use the joy within you to find your path. As you look at the things that you want to do, the things that you want to accomplish in your life, the things that give meaning and make you want to strive for more and more, does what you are doing right now give you joy?

You may be surprised at your first response, and this is the important part so listen. Most people fall for the half-lie that I mentioned, they comingle the gravity and the light within them, and sometimes it is difficult to know which voice they are hearing. While asking yourself what the joyous thing is, some might tell themselves that their true joy is actually to just run away and do nothing. All sorts of ideas might pop into their heads about having to break some chains that others have put on them, to fight against some evil foe that they have been told is out there, or to start telling others what to do because this is truly the way to success and self-empowerment. But most often, such actions which stem from the thoughts and beliefs that have been pounded into them by the world at large, come from a place of gravity and not joy; they are mixing one voice for the other or they are listening to both at the same time and mixing it all up, so it fits the narrative of the times.

As I have said, conversations that you have with that light are yours alone, so I will try to keep the preaching to myself. But I think you’ll find that true joy does not seek conflict because in the end all such conflict leads to a chaining down of your being. Light wants freedom, it wants ease of action that feels like utter bliss, like you could fall off a cliff and land in delicious cream, twisting and turning and landing perfectly in order to once again discover some new marvel, some new existence beyond belief.

That bliss is a magical way, an enthralling adventure that is forever changing and captivating, constantly challenging you to withstand the incredible power of what might come next. Bliss and relaxation are not the lethargy that you have been taught in this gravity filled world. It’s not some kind of soft cushy gray state where you fall into utter stupor. These are the lies of the gravity!

Following your joy is just that, joy upon joyous changing. And in following it, you are forever moving forward in the direction that is best for you, that allows you to grow larger and larger, and to become more and more the kind of being that something deep within you says is the true you. Such a motion continually fuels more excitement, more adventure in ways that are uniquely your own. And contrary to the rationale found within the midst of this heavy world, this joyous motion will not funnel you into some kind of self-indulgent prison, it will instead open you up to possibilities far beyond anything in the common world.

If you doubt me, look around. The rational skeptic is seldom the genius creator, they are instead the limiters of possibilities.

In order to tune into your joy, you must begin to let go of the voices outside of yourself. From the very beginning, others have been telling you what to do. Most of this advice is given by honest and caring people, if you are lucky. But no matter what it is, learn to listen to that joy within yourself first.

Learn to sit down every day, take a moment to yourself, and just ask yourself what would bring you joy. And when you are listening, truly listen. Learn to identify all of the voices from without, so that you can separate them from that true joy that is yours alone. This is where the co-mingling of gravity and light happens, so you must be very careful in your listening. Pay attention to your joy and your striving for adventure and freedom, and let go of any gravity that seems to come from without, gravity that would have you create conflict instead of moving forward on your own.

Don’t explain yourself to others; the best that you can do for others is just shine with that joy within yourself and allow them to be themselves. Light allows light; anything else is gravity and constriction.


Understanding the World as a Guide

This world is here to guide you, and it has been guiding you from the beginning. How does it do it?

Well, quite simply, we can start at the basics: to get along, you have to get along. There are things that you need, like food, water, and shelter. You are born in this three-dimensional place, and from the very beginning, you are given challenges. The gravity of this world may have you believe that these are horrors, plights, or reasons for self-pity. But the light within you sees them as challenges, as great obstacles to be overcome through joyful adventure.

The great gravity of the world makes everything seem routine, commonplace, and boring. But like some great protagonist somehow transported into a land of high adventure, you are here to meet the challenges of this place and become the great hero you can be. Whether that hero means being an amazing adventurer in the world or your own unique, quiet soul in the shadows of existence.

Tackle each need in this place, each obstacle, like a challenge instead of a problem. See yourself as an adventurer overcoming great odds, and stop thinking like those lost in the gravity of this world want you to think. Become a child again if that is what you feel you must become in order to understand this magical way, and for a while, just pretend that you are indeed some hero in some weird, alien land. Don’t see everything as routine; instead, see it through the eyes of a deluded fool, see everything as an alien in an alien land full of strange and glorious things.

And if you doubt me, if you truly think that this is not a magical land of utter weirdness, then all you have to do is just look at all the irrational things that are around you. Most people can’t see this, like I said, the rational skeptic is lost in a cage that they may never find a way out of. So don’t be that skeptic; instead, look around and see all the weird things that happen to you all the time.

Why is it that upon thinking something, you see that thing somewhere out in the world? What is synchronicity, why is it that things seem to line up either for good or ill as if someone is planning all of it? Why is it that even those who are thought of as being the most rational, the most logical, keep insisting that we live in a simulation?

The world is weird, brimming with impossible things. Don’t accept the rational skeptic’s version; don’t believe in disbelief; instead, find your own truth and doubt everyone. That odd light in the sky, those fleeting shadows, that odd sound, the planets above you, question everything. Find your own truth and fall headfirst into a magical universe.

There are strange things going on right now all around you. Right now, as you are reading this, turn around and look around. There are strange things everywhere!

Strange omens guide you. The world is trying to tell you something; pay attention to that something.

These strange things, these omens, can act as bridges that allow us to get closer and closer to what we desire. And you will find a connection between following that joy within yourself and those strange events. There is a direct connection between those omens and synchronicities, and getting those things that you desire.

If, in following your joy, and while in the joyous state, or at least a relatively happy one for you, you see a strange thing, don’t ignore that. Look around and see where the world is leading you through those odd events. And if it feels right to you, in accordance with the light that shines within you, then follow that path and see where it leads you. Such events can be sort of like doors opening in space-time, like little wormholes leading you from one place to another. If you can learn to pay attention to those strange and odd things, grab hold of them, you will find shortcuts to your life’s desires.


How the World Can Guide Us for Good or Ill

That light within us means that we are light ourselves. That light means that we are creating our reality with the thoughts and intentions that we keep throughout our day. And that is the important part – throughout our day. How many thoughts do you have in a day?

It is a lump sum of those thoughts that makes your reality, and it is the totality of them that makes up your life. To change your life, you need to change those thoughts, but just like doing a thousand push-ups in a day every day, perhaps all day, this seems like an almost impossible task in the beginning.

But how is it that some people can do such things? How is it that some can climb great mountains? How is it that some can seemingly do the impossible and overcome the gravity of just getting started? How do you overcome the inertia of this world?

Generally, and almost without fail, those that can do such things are those that follow their joy. Contrary to the rationale of the world, which is based on the gravity and the darkness that I speak of, you will not find the energy or the kind of stamina that you need through some kind of rigorous and meticulously planned and invented routine. Such actions never withstand the test of time. Eventually, we all become tired of such endeavors, no matter how much self-discipline we have.

But there is a way to move mountains, a way to never run out of impetus or stamina, and that way is to follow the light that most cannot see. That miracle-creating way is to follow the light, to follow your joy.

If we keep thoughts, have thoughts, and ruminate on thoughts that are generally not our own, but the thoughts of others, the dogma of others, then most likely we will be imprisoned within the prison that imprisons them. In order to break out of that prison, you must let go of the dogma of the world, you must let go of the never-ending rationale, the common sense, the gravity that is projected by the world.

Positive outcome simply means that you are getting what you want, and in order to get that, you must follow your joyous path, not the path or the dogma of others. If you are having trouble with this, because you have heard endlessly that somehow your desires are evil, then think of it as following the light. That light feels like light; it feels like pushing through thick brush to find an open meadow full of wonder and amazing sights. It feels nimble, like you could bounce right into the air, it feels like ease and yet not lethargic, but more like bubbling adventure.

Follow that light, and it will lead you to new and unbelievable places that are yours and yours alone to explore. Become more yourself; you are unique, but that uniqueness is nothing to do with shining more than others, or shining in the face of others. That lightness of you is instead an enigma, a living dream, an actual position beyond the dogma and the ‘collective’ driven world that you see all around you.



The world is not easy from the outset, and in that beginning, no matter how hard you try, you may find yourself facing the gravity of others. And that is a worthy challenge, what a great adventure, truly high adventure.

But the guidance from that light can lead you to incredible and unsuspected places. For example, it can show you how to even work with the gravity of the world so that you turn that weight into actual power. There are those who have followed that light into marvelous, unsuspected places and have discovered how to absorb the negativity in the world, and use that overflowing energy to turn that heavy darkness into even greater light. These are the inner alchemists that I talk about in my work, and if you would like to learn how to turn even the greatest darkness into more energy for yourself, that can then be directed towards freedom and greater light, then I recommend the book, ‘Overcoming the Archon through Alchemy‘.

In following that light yourself, you will become an alchemist, you will learn how to turn the lead of the world, the heaviness, into a light that shines brighter than gold. I encourage you to pay attention to the world’s guidance. I encourage you to follow your individual light. That light is a door that is yours alone and leads to a place that is for you alone to see. In finding this place, you will not only find a new, more expanded reality beyond perhaps even your greatest imagining, you will also find many of your greatest desires manifested as well.

There are individuals who choose to look, while others shy away from going deep enough. There are those who find intrigue in exploring potential opportunities, even if they initially seem absurd. On the other hand, there are people who cannot spare time from their hectic schedules filled with endless work and busy tasks to delve into anything deemed inconsequential by today’s rational society.

It is all crazy from beginning to end.
In the midst of a hectic life, you might momentarily pause, almost by accident, to gaze up at the stars on a dark and lonely night and contemplate what life is about. The fascinating part is that the simple act of focusing on this intriguing question seems to shift your mind for a moment. Within that fleeting window of focused time, as you ponder the meaning of existence, it can occur that a multitude of questions and theories may invade your thoughts. You may recall old philosophical musings or thoughts that you may have heard, or you may recall just the right phrases or ideas that you may have seen or heard from various sources. Some might even wonder at that moment why our minds work this way, that is, we focus on one thing and are instantly flooded by previously unexplored thoughts and concepts. It is almost as if the focus of our attention, in this case the focus on the infinite expanse of the sky above us, simultaneously draws us into that infinity while at the same time pulls into our minds a multitude of questions and theories that we may have pondered for years.

And this is where most people may turn away. Almost unconsciously, sometimes with conscious effort, something else seems to pop into our minds and as our focus shifts, our brief moment of contemplation ends. That prior moment is lost, gone, forgotten, and something else draws your attention away from the dark sky and the glittering stars. And interestingly, you find that you are somewhat relieved that the busyness of life has engaged you once again, so you do not have to think about crazy theories, crazy ideas, crazy feelings that, in the end, do not matter very much at all from the point of view of average life and living.

But those who are crazy enough to openly ponder the dark infinity above them for a little longer than average, begin to discover, through the strange focusing power of the mind, an odd reality that exists alongside the mundane world. It is like they have stumbled across a secret that was right in front of their faces all along but they could not quite see for some reason. This is their first clue that something is strange, something is not quite as they have been told it is.

And upon contemplating the dark yet glittering immeasurable expanse above them, odd questions may arise, such as: why are we here? Is this all there is? Am I just a meat machine? Is there a soul? Is there a heaven? Is there more to me? Are there powers within me that are untapped?

Upon contemplating such questions, there arises this desire, a more accurate word would be commandment, to turn away and think about other things. Some will turn to theology and instantly begin to recite to themselves all of the beliefs that are part of that reality tunnel, almost like a bandage, to try to mend the fracture that they have felt so deeply inside. Others will turn to the modern theology of the times, rational skepticism, and begin to recite in their heads all of the beliefs that are part of that reality tunnel. But whether it is the gods in heaven or the latest scientific theories on space, planets, and gravity, the commandment to look away is obeyed.
Then, infinity and all those other worlds before them turn into something mundane, something easy to handle, something altogether sane. And thankfully, the average person can enjoy the beauty of the sky without worry, and quite literally protect themselves from the onslaught of the great Titans above and beyond the human world.

But what about those who pay attention for just a little longer, while resisting the great commandment to turn the extraordinary into the mundane? Well, for those who are crazy enough to pay attention for sometimes even just a few seconds longer, an odd thing begins to happen.
This process starts as a feeling and it is difficult to put into words. That feeling is like you have uncovered something that was right in front of your face all along. It is like seeing something that was always there but somehow just beyond your vision, just beyond your ability to focus. And as you look up at the immeasurably dark sky and the stars, infinity will pull you. You will feel it in your stomach, almost like something is pulling you up, as if you could fall up. And as that feeling invades your mundane reality, you will finally realize that we are all falling, that the entire world is ever falling into infinity.
It’s like a goldfish looking beyond the edge of its fishbowl and seeing a whole other world beyond its little bubble of existence. Can anyone who is sane be blamed for not wanting to understand or feel in any way the limits of their tiny little world, let alone contemplate the possibility that the fishbowl, one day might shatter!

Sometimes, even a few seconds of looking into the infinite while struggling to fight the commandment to look away can turn you into the walking crazy. We are the walking crazy, we who have realized our precarious position in this tiny little fishbowl. Our limited little goldfish brains might only be able to perceive so much, and our attention span is so small, but for some that glimmering moment is enough to turn them into the walking crazy.
The majority of us have had this kind of moment at some point in our lives, perhaps many, when we have looked up into the dark skies and into infinity and wondered. Some of us have been able to maintain our focus on that infinity long enough, to come to the life-shattering realization that we are merely tiny goldfish in a precarious little fishbowl, a small and fragile little fishbowl that is falling into the very depths of infinity.

Being able to maintain that focus long enough to be able to see the precarious nature of our existence and the infinity all around us, is a burden. Many people speak of wanting to understand the riddle of existence. But the truth is that deep down, few are genuinely interested in such mind shattering revelations.
The infinite is all around us. The odd and the weird are around every bend, and hidden within all of the angles that make up our walls, our cage. But most will not resist, or fight in any way, the commandment to turn the magnificent, the magical, the mysterious, the frightening, into the mundane.
Perhaps you have experienced the way of the walking crazy to some degree. Perhaps in one of those moments, as you stared into infinity, you realized the frailty of our existence and glimpsed the Titans beyond our fishbowl.

Upon becoming the walking crazy, even if it’s for just a fleeting moment, there are three general possibilities for all of us. The first two options are the most common:

The first is that, as you catch a glimpse of eternity and instantly become conscious of the madness that is taking over, you come to your senses and turn away. This is what most of us do. Faced with the madness of eternity, you quickly turn away and try to explain your feelings and realizations as some kind of illusion or mistake. You may then spend the rest of your life trying to ignore or forget about it, wondering at times if that moment and those feelings were real, but in the end, you will come to accept that it was just a momentary delusion that had no consequence.

The second option is that you cannot fight that madness and accept it. But you accept it as any normal human being would. And that is to believe yourself to be sick, afflicted, stricken. You may then walk down that long road of insanity and allow the world to take care of you in whatever way is fashionable for the times. Lost in insanity you can then blame the world for your sickness, but most importantly you can forget about that infinity that you had seen, accepting the fact that it was all a delusion and therefore inconsequential, stupid, sick.

The third option is the option of the walking crazy. After seeing infinity such individuals know that they can never go back. Some may keep looking into infinity, while others might have had enough from just one glimpse. But whatever the case the walking crazy accept the fact that they are crazy, that they can no longer tolerate the mundane facts of the average world. Having accepted their lot as the consciously insane, in accordance to the standards of the modern world, they learn to go on and to hide the fact that they are now a wholly different kind of animal.

In the best of cases, the walking crazy revel in the fact that they are free, and use that freedom as a source of extra energy that they can then channel into further seeing, further exploration farther and farther away from the cage of humanity.

The walking crazy that have accepted their lot and go on can become marvellous beasts. If they are successful in their mission, they will conceal their insanity from the rest of the world, knowing that if their madness is exposed, people will attempt to cure them.
You may recognize these individuals by a sudden, almost feral glint in their eyes, which they quickly try to hide. They may be staring endlessly at the sky or a tree, and often seem lost in thought, as if in some kind of delusion, lost in worlds far beyond the human.
There is no cure for the walking crazy. There is no reward for us because surely it would be madness to believe that after a long and fruitful journey of overcoming obstacles, we may finally find peace at last. There will always be another barrier to overcome, another wall to break. We are fighters seeking the infinite quest for complete freedom, and for us, the reward is not some destination but rather the struggle itself and the endless journey into boundless, immeasurable space. After all, what else would you expect from those who are supposedly insane?

If you would like to know the way of the walking crazy. If you are insane or daring enough to read a book that may just turn you into the walking crazy yourself, then I recommend the book, The Art of transmutation.

As humans, we naturally break down things into parts to better understand them. While this process is helpful, it can also create artificial divisions and separations. One area where this occurs is in the deconstruction of human awareness, specifically the separation between conscious and unconscious. In this essay, we will explore the implications of these divisions and their effects on different aspects of awareness, including human consciousness and the collective unconscious.

The Complexity of Human Awareness: Understanding the complexity of human awareness requires delving into various sources. I recommend reading “The Occult Experience” to gain insights into human perception. Additionally, the trilogy comprising “The Magnum Opus,” “The Way of the Projectionist,” and “The Way of the Death Defier” explores different demarcation points used in inner alchemy and how they contribute to our understanding and manipulation of awareness.

Demarcating Conscious and Unconscious: We need to understand how the division between conscious and unconscious affects not only human awareness but also the awareness of all things, including animals, plants, and even inanimate objects. Inner alchemists believe that all things possess a certain level of awareness. Therefore, we must explore where the line is drawn between conscious and unconscious and how it impacts different beings. Doing so can show us that we are not as conscious as we think, and that animals and even what we consider to be inanimate objects, are not as unconscious or as lifeless as we think they are.

Consciousness and Unconsciousness in All Things: If we accept that inanimate objects and a large portion of the animal kingdom possess a form of unconscious awareness, we can conclude that their consciousness might differ from ours. This assumption, based on the seeing of inner alchemy, helps differentiate between human awareness and other forms of awareness. It suggests that inanimate objects and certain animals have an awareness that appears unconscious from our perspective. For example, “The Magnum Opus” discusses how the Archon placed the conscious-self as a crown upon our unconscious, leading to the birth of sentience and the self-aware ego, and therefore provides a timeline of sorts as to when the animal man became the self aware human.

The Impact of Demarcation on Awareness: Understanding the demarcation between conscious and unconscious awareness provides insights into not only our own awareness but also the awareness of everything around us. By examining this line, we can gain knowledge about the nature of intuition, instinct, and the hierarchy of consciousness in our world. Through deconstruction and understanding of demarcations, we realize that while we may be unique in some ways, we are also interconnected with all things. This collective unconsciousness forms the foundation upon which our individuality is built.

Exploring the Unconscious: One astute commenter questioned whether the unconscious might also possess a rudimentary form of consciousness. To deconstruct this question, we can consider that unconscious awareness represents the true awareness of humanity and all physically perceivable things. But being that we have attained a locality of self, that is we have self awareness and therefore consciousness, it could be said that our total self is made up of at least two distinct selves; the instinctively conscious unconscious, and the ego-self which we refer to as modern consciousness.

Challenges in Describing Awareness: Describing the complexities of awareness is challenging due to the limitations of language. Terms like conscious and unconscious can be misleading when attempting to explain the reality of consciousness. We need definitive terms to define consciousness, unconsciousness, and the extent of each.

Understanding Consciousness and Unconsciousness: In simple terms, consciousness can be defined as the egoistic ability to choose, while unconsciousness is a more holistic awareness that lacks egoistic choice but possesses deep intuition, instinct, and direct action and reaction. And might I add that in accordance to the seeing of inner alchemists, even inanimate objects can have intent, that is, all things are conscious! Inanimate objects affect our world through intent, influencing outcomes that we might perceive as luck, chance, or consequences.

Gradations of Consciousness and Unconsciousness: Consciousness and unconsciousness exist on a spectrum, with varying levels of awareness. Each being possesses a different gradation of consciousness and unconsciousness depending on their energetic complexity. Even non-biological entities like statues can exhibit complex energetic structures and a consciousness that surpasses certain biological organisms.

The Role of Perception and Connection: Perception and the observer’s effect on the observed play a crucial role in understanding consciousness and unconsciousness. The conscious observer can influence the perceived object’s consciousness, creating a shared consciousness through an attention field. By projecting consciousness onto the observed, a conscious being affects unconscious things, blurring the line between conscious and unconscious.

Complexity and Non-local Awareness: Unconsciousness possesses non-local awareness, meaning it does not confine itself to a specific point in space-time. In contrast, consciousness is local, occupying a defined place in space and time. Humans, as conscious beings, have the ability to understand themselves locally, while other beings, such as dogs, exhibit varying degrees of local and non-local awareness. This non-local aspect grants animals a deep connection to instinctual knowledge and intuition.

The Interconnectedness of Consciousness and Unconsciousness: The unconscious is conscious but manifests in different ratios of local and non-local awareness. As conscious beings, we are interconnected with the unconsciousness of all things. Our consciousness affects and shares itself with the unconsciousness of other beings, projecting our individual consciousness onto them. This intermingling shapes our perception of their consciousness, blurring the line between conscious and unconscious. This is a most important point.

Conclusion: Understanding consciousness and unconsciousness requires contemplation and attention. By delving into the intricacies of awareness, we can gradually expand our own consciousness and connect with the vast non-local wave of information that exists in non-local space all around us. Through this process, we realize that all things possess consciousness, albeit in varying degrees, and that our consciousness has the power to shape the world around us. By embracing our interconnectedness, we open ourselves to greater possibilities and a deeper understanding of ourselves and the cosmos.

Alchemy is a term that encompasses a variety of practices and beliefs that aim to transform matter, energy, and consciousness. Alchemy has been practiced in various forms and cultures throughout history, from ancient Egypt and China to medieval Europe and the Islamic world. Alchemy is often associated with the quest for the philosopher’s stone, a mythical substance that can turn base metals into gold and grant immortality. However, alchemy is much more than that. It is also a spiritual discipline that seeks to purify the soul and achieve union with the divine.

One of the main principles of alchemy is the correspondence between the macrocosm (the universe) and the microcosm (the human being). Alchemists believe that everything in nature is composed of four elements: fire, water, air, and earth. These elements are also present in the human body and psyche, and can be manipulated by alchemical processes. Alchemists use symbols, diagrams, formulas, and experiments to represent and perform these processes, which involve three stages: nigredo (blackening), albedo (whitening), and rubedo (reddening). These stages correspond to the phases of death, rebirth, and perfection.

Another principle of alchemy is the concept of transmutation, which means changing the nature or quality of something. Alchemists seek to transmute not only metals, but also themselves. They believe that by refining their physical and mental substances, they can attain a higher state of being. Alchemists also aspire to transmute the world around them, by creating medicines, elixirs, and other wonders. Alchemy is thus a holistic art that encompasses science, philosophy, religion, and magic.


Alchemy is not a static or monolithic tradition. It has evolved and diversified over time and across cultures. Different alchemists have different goals, methods, and views on the nature of reality. Some alchemists are more interested in practical applications, while others are more focused on spiritual enlightenment. Some alchemists are secretive and esoteric, while others are open and public. Some alchemists are influenced by other disciplines, such as astrology, numerology, kabbalah, or hermeticism. Alchemy is therefore a rich and complex field of study that offers many insights into the human condition and the mysteries of existence.

But in every tradition, especially one as widespread as alchemy, there will always be differing opinions and practices. Some of these deviations in practice can be small while others can be huge, especially as these deviations in basic practice and assumption continue over time. One such subset within the practice of alchemy are practitioners that have become known as puffers by more traditional practitioners. The great importance of puffers within the tradition of alchemy and in the history of humanity cannot be overestimated.


What are puffers in alchemy?


Puffers is a term used to describe alchemists who are only interested in the material aspect of alchemy, namely the purely material and mechanical transmutation of base metals into gold and silver. They neglect the spiritual or philosophical dimension of alchemy, which aims at the purification of the soul and the attainment of wisdom. Puffers are so called because they use bellows and forges to heat up their substances, hoping to produce a physical version of the elusive philosopher’s stone.


Puffers are often considered pseudo-alchemists, impostors, or charlatans by the true adepts of alchemy, who regard them as sometimes ignorant, sometimes greedy, and often misguided. Puffers usually lack the proper knowledge, training, and initiation into the true secrets of alchemy, and rely on false or incomplete books and recipes. They also tend to waste their time and resources on futile experiments that often cause inconclusive results or accidents.


Puffers have existed throughout the history of alchemy, from ancient times to the Renaissance and beyond. Secretly and openly on occasion, they have been ridiculed, mocked, and criticized by many practitioners of alchemy. But no matter how well-known the folly of puffers is to more holistic alchemical practitioners, it is the puffers that in the end attained a kind of immortality being that it was their practices that eventually gave rise to the rational and extremely materialistic science of this modern era.

Perhaps it was because true alchemy has always been very secretive; perhaps it is their own insistence on secrecy, symbolism, and a form of elitism. Whatever the case, true alchemy has become completely forgotten by the mainstream world and true inner alchemists now exist in the handful. The only alchemy that people really know about now, is the kind of alchemy that puffers engage in with their bellows and cauldrons, their completely physical potions, and their insistence on believing that the only thing that is responsible for transmutation, is physical, mechanics, and chemical manipulation.


Even though the folly of the Puffer’s has been around for a very long time, it was not until the Renaissance that this subset of alchemy made a mark in society. The puffer’s alchemy can quite rightly be said to be responsible for helping to change the course of our human history.

Contrary to popular notions, we are still evolving as a species and this evolution is usually felt most potently on a consciousness level, meaning that our consciousness is changing, and the nature of this change has greatly altered our reality when this change happens.

Most imagine that this change is slow and steady, like supposedly all evolution happens, slow and steady over thousands or perhaps millions of years. But the reality is that transmutation is often quite quick and sudden, and it happens due to external forces that are invisible to the modern material world.


Alchemy existed as a holistic practice since before recorded history. During that time there have been many changes to these practices as different human cognitive structures have come and gone. Most of what was, the great and powerful houses and dark kingdoms of magic, have disappeared with very few offshoots still existing for the most part in relative secrecy. One of the final nails in the coffin of what once was a tradition that might have had the potential to change human history happened during the renaissance, and this change would mean that the species was now bound to a particular line of causal structure (a very specific and linear rational stance).

Could the world have been different?

Well, the destruction of the old knowledge that could have changed the world cannot fall completely upon external and unconscious forces. The elitism, the incessant need for material power in many of these secret orders, and the nonstop need to hide everything from the general public using selective symbolism and hidden cypher, meant that the days of these old theologies and their power were numbered.


But there were outside forces at work here as well, and change did happen, and it happen far quicker than linear order and general evolutionary principles would assume. Transmutation can happen quickly, and the quickness of this cognitive transmutation can actually be seen and studied within the framework of recorded history. We can in this case examine historical art, in particular how during the European renaissance art changed drastically in a matter of a few hundred years. The quickness of this change can be seen in Renaissance art, where in the matter of a few hundred years art and architectural representation went from fixed and static two dimensional images, to dynamic three dimensional imaginings. And in the case of art the depth and feeling of these images geometrically increased, turning flat things into what now might be considered living and stylized descriptions, more akin to artistic photography than a representation of a more holistic and equal reality between man and nature.

There was a change there, a transmutation of conscious essence in humanity and it happened relatively quickly. This change was an outward manifestation of an inner cognitive change that would greatly alter how the human species saw itself and its connection to the environment. Before this change in consciousness, and deeply embedded within the mental framework of medieval people, there was a sense of interconnection between the self and the other, and this could be seen in the flatness of the images of that time. The distinction between the self and the other was not so pronounced before this artistic change during the renaissance. Before this, humanity did not feel the separation between the self and the environment with such keen distinction, and the world for that earlier humanity was more holistic. Transmutation (the manipulation of essence) happened in accordance with a combination of things that involved not just outer material things, but subjective things as well. Quite simply, magic was a true source of change and power before this change in human awareness.

Although the beliefs, the feelings and the symbolism used in medieval Europe is now construed as being utter superstition, at the time this supposed superstition was in many ways a greater understanding of the complexity of intermingling things, both real and ethereal, in the creation of all reality. The dragon, the unicorn, and the gargoyle were not imaginary superstitious beliefs by inept uneducated people. These magical beings instead were quite real things for those people, perceived things. They were energies, potentials, forces of nature and change that were very real to a very different humanity that was far more connected to the world in ways that the modern ego consciousness could not understand.


During this time, magic was real and at that time even though it was indeed heavily accentuated by fear and superstition in the masses, there were also large conclaves of what now would be termed practicing sorcerer orders that did understand and helped to stabilize the nature of life and change both in a community and in entire nations.

But humanity as a collective chose a certain track, in the same way that it is now choosing yet another track to follow. And in accordance with that desired change and the powerful intervention of external forces that I have described in other articles, this continual evolution by the human species took us all down a particular line of thought…which effectively erased those old traditions from the human collective. This means a new cognitive structure and that new form of cognition allowed for the perception and the use of a very limited form of what was to be mostly external, physical, and material manipulation. This new form of manipulation focused much more heavily on purely physically quantifiable reality, and as this new norm became more established, the only true alchemists became the puffers.


This cognitive change as I have said becomes very prominent during the Renaissance. While it is the case that there was some attempt at three dimensional art before this time, especially in carved reliefs and statues (of course) from far earlier periods, the true epicenter of the three dimensional movement in art happened arguably during the Renaissance in between the 14th and the 17th century, as architects and engineers such as ‘Filipo Brunelleschi’ began to use a vanishing point to give depth and true detail to their creations.

From a purely material perspective it is hard to explain what happened here exactly that changed the technology of the times. Some could argue from a purely modern rational point of view that there was a slow evolution that suddenly just hits some kind of critical mass and a tumbler finally turned, but this is just a superficial attempt at describing an internal event from a purely external point of view. But from another point of view, one that takes into account subtle and unseen energies, such an individual with this particular cognitive ability could learn to directly perceive that the awareness of humanity shifted; a slightly different energetic configuration started to become the norm for humanity at this time.

And as this leap in technology happened, which as I have said is really a change in cognitive awareness, this new way of looking at the world predisposed the people of that era to look at the world in a different way. From that new perspective certain things became clearer while other things were no longer as visible. Certain things faded into nonexistence, while other things grew in prominence and seemed from that general time forward, more rational, more common sense.


The world of the holistic alchemist, the world of magical newts, unicorns, Aether, and quintessence disappeared, they were forgotten and ignored because they no longer seemed as rational from a certain perspective. But other things became more real, and it is at this time that the work of puffers turned into the future science of chemistry, metallurgy, and the flowering and the flourishing of the empirical process.

This new cognitive position that established a whole new kind of rationality could now identify a slightly different causal paradigm that primarily focused on material manipulation. From that new position, puffer alchemists had many failures, but they also had successes, and thanks to those successes a new science would emerge! Some of the successes were the discovery of phosphorus, acids and bases, the production of gunpowder, refining of ores, and several other important discoveries.

This was useful knowledge, it was not knowledge hidden by certain elitist groups, it was a discovery and a wisdom amongst the common people for the most part. It was a science that could be clearly perceived and fully grasped by an evolving human consciousness that was beginning to be able to perceive a far clearer distinction between the self and the other. A human consciousness that was beginning to be able to perceive a clear three dimensionality in everything, a consciousness that was beginning to separate completely from the other and become a far more individually distinct self-identity.


There is good and bad in all evolution and being that more holistic alchemists strive for spiritual evolution and freedom, there is no denying that this new development in consciousness has many positive traits. The separation of the individual from the environment and from other individuals, was an evolving gift that in many ways mirrored the kind of evolution that traditional alchemists sought. But since this evolution was reactionary and unconscious, caused by external forces and a sleeping mob minded humanity that reacted to things in the same way that a stumbling zombie shuffles across a graveyard, this new cognitive evolution was not something that was attained through personal work and sobriety…it was instead a reaction to greater forces that in the end led to different kinds of problems, as the race moved forward in time.

In the end all things must find balance, and unconscious evolution means that this kind of change for the majority of humanity was not really development, but just a change from one perspective to another where we lost as much, or more, than what we gained. In many ways humanity is no better off than it was before, it still plods on in an unconscious way. This kind of reactionary change (as opposed to conscious evolution) is slow, it may lead nowhere, and it has cut us off from powers and abilities that could have greatly benefited humanity as a whole had we had the foresight to understand the powers that we were giving up, by choosing such a drastic separation from the magic inherent in a slightly less separated ego. In this case it means that we have turned our backs on certain possibilities, we have given up the possibility of exploring a far more powerful transmutational causal order, one that does not just rely on rules and rulers of the material space, but one that could also incorporate aspects of the ethereal.


What could this more holistic science have accomplished?


Well, all transmutation could have gone down a different road, meaning that a different science, a different way to manipulate ourselves and our environment, could have evolved. This older but extremely powerful causal structure (something that might even be termed mind science) would have the possibility of incorporating substances and forces that are still considered fanciful superstition and bogus magic in this modern age. Currently, the rationality of the times and the new science that props up this new cognitive position like a true theology, is just barely beginning to understand some of these forces, but these new disciplines such as quantum mechanics and string theory are still distrusted by many. Theoretical physics is still in essence just that, theory. For the most part, modern science is still stuck in a very mechanistic view of reality. It will therefore be a very long time before we begin to seriously use the subtle forces and energies described by these more fringe disciplines in a major way…at least in the common world.


The puffers created the new sciences, they were the first to create the rule and measure that would be a constant in the sciences until this modern era. And even now the science of the puffers controls all scientific endeavor and transmutation. The manipulation of energy and matter are deemed to only be possible in accordance with those highly material and mechanistic codes of conduct and action referred to as the empirical system.

Had we gone down a different road, perhaps our entire reality might now be different. Our locomotion for example might be completely different. Instead of relying on purely physical and mechanical machines and machinery, instead of relying on combustion and explosion to propel mechanical contraptions forward, we could have created different forms of locomotion that relied on more subtle forms of energy.

There are many conspiracies around UFOs, their form of locomotion, and the possibility that we might now understand that propulsion to some degree. Some say that this kind of propulsion can combine things that are still highly etheric from the mechanical and the puffer’s point of view. Some say that recovered UFOs have been able to show humanity a new form of locomotion that uses gravity control and a kind of light tunneling to be able to propel these objects from one point in space to another.

Could a more holistic human consciousness have developed that kind of locomotion?

Was this mechanistic modern era the only possibility for us as our consciousness changed?

Whatever the case, this new world is the world of the puffers and from here we must decide how we will continue forward as a species. I see hope in the changing technologies of the time. In the same way that outer technology and art in the past reflected a far deeper inner transmutation in the cognitive perspective of humanity, new technologies are being incorporated now. Technology is changing, and it is changing very quickly at this time, this means that changes to the cognitive configuration of the race are happening right now as well!

We can only wonder what this new cognitive position will mean for us going forward.

Those that have been lucky enough, or perhaps unlucky enough, to witness the incredible strangeness to be found on this earth, have spoken since time immemorial of a type of life form that science and most of the world do not, can not, accept as real.

I refer to this type of life form as a non-organic being, and I, like certain others call these creatures this because fundamentally they are beings that are alive but that nevertheless do not possess a physical body.  That is, they are living entities, sometimes individual and quite intelligent individualities, that do not need any physical body to contain their life essence and separateness.

The complicated thing about these life forms is that some of them can be larger, more powerful, and at times even far more intelligent other life, that has the ability to trick the mind, trick human perception, into thinking or perceiving that they are…what they are not!

I for example, have often said that many of the creatures and phenomenon that we attribute to one thing, most often what we believe to be a completely physical thing, is in fact the result of these non-organic beings.  Now, this is not to say, nor am I trying to say definitively, that such beings as; Bigfoot, ghosts, poltergeists, certain types of aliens, and a variety of other cryptids, are not physically real and do not exist as separate entities biological or otherwise.  But what I am trying to say, is that these non-organic beings that I am referring to here can trick the mind, can trick human perception, into believing that a person is seeing something that it is not.

And a non-organic life form for example, due to the fact that it is non-organic and as such has vast possibilities beyond the biological, can trick a person into believing that they have come face to face with a creature like a Bigfoot, or a creature usually referred to as a grey alien.  In such a situation, a person might believe that they are face to face with a biological being, a true flesh and blood entity that then acts in a very similar way to what someone might expect such an entity to act like, but always with the odd intent of somehow causing the most emotional upheaval or trauma in the human witness.

As I have discussed in my books and website articles, such terrifying behavior is usually done to have the witness experience huge amounts of emotional trauma, that these non-organic entities then consume as food.

I feel that the presence of these non-organic beings, that do favor certain locations due to the electromagnetic properties of those areas, but that can generally be found all over this planet, do pose a great wrinkle to those that seek strange cryptids and alien life.  As I have said, I am not trying to say that these other types of biological beings do not exist, but it is the case that a non-organic life form can hide its real intention, which is to feed off of human emotional upheaval, and use subterfuge to feed on an unsuspecting person in a secluded area, a power spot or a haunted area, by making such a person perceive things that are not truly there. So, what are often cryptid sightings, might actually be non-organic lifeforms tricking people into believing that they have come face-to-face with a cryptid, while in actuality it is just a non-organic life form tricking human awareness and then using the trauma of such an experience to feed on human energy, which many such entities do need to survive.

But can we learn to see the difference between an actual cryptid and a non-organic life form? Can we learn to see the most often invisible non-organic life all around us?

Yes. The ability to develop the conscious and deliberate possibility of seeing non-organic life, is possible through developed technique and practice, which can then allow us to study them and protect ourselves, being that these non-organic life forms can be dangerous at times. We can learn to perceive beyond our usual limits and in doing so we can extend our awareness, which can then open up an incredible new world, an admittedly scary world, but an amazing one full of power and wonder beyond rational measure.

So, how do we start?

In order to tell you how inner alchemists learn to master the ability to see non-organic life, I will have to reference techniques that I discuss in my books, and I will not be able to describe these fundamental skills in great detail in this article, since they are complex and do require background information and a step by step breakdown of how to perform them. So if you are new to these referenced techniques, I do recommend that you do some research and see if you can discover the ‘how to’ of these fundamental  practices. If you like, you can also check out the books that I will mention at the end of this article. In those books I describe what these techniques are all about, and how to perform them. Without these fundamental techniques under your belt, it is my personal belief that seeing non-organic life is impossible.

In order to begin, it is a very good idea to first master the ability to see auras.  There are many techniques that are employed to be able to master this skill, and I do discuss a pretty easy way to do this in both of the books mentioned below. My belief is that seeing auras is not a difficult thing, most often I find that the most difficult thing is the ability to believe, to truly believe that what you’re seeing is something that is not ‘supposed’ to be real. Once this membrane of disbelief is broken, all that you need to do from then on is keep exercising that skill until you are able to master this technique, which can take a bit of time, and which is marked by the final acceptance that auras are indeed real, and that seeing them is a valid skill to have.

Another technique required to see non-organic life, one that is again in my opinion indispensable, is the ability to use what I refer to as the inner feeling sense (which I describe in detail in the book, The Magnum Opus, mentioned below). I find that of all of the descriptive terms that I have come across, this is the most accurate in describing what this skill is all about.  This is so because the inner feeling sense involves the ability to project an aspect of yourself beyond the body-being, and make contact with the existing energetic essence around you.  Through this ability to project an aspect of yourself, you are able to perceive with a kind of inner sense that can see, that can perceive, that can kind of see-feel-perceive. The inner feeling sense is in essence an inner sense, something that goes far beyond any physical senses, and with it you are able to perceive the world in ways that are far beyond anything possible with just the physical senses alone. When you are able to master the inner feeling sense, the world around you wakes up and for the first time perhaps, you are able to truly feel the spirit that moves through all things.

The final step in the development of this ability to see non-organic life, is the ability to acquire personal energy (which is something that I also described in the book, the Magnum Opus).  That means, that the ability to be able to see auras, and to be able to use the inner feeling sense, and therefore the ability to see non organic life, is directly related to the kind of energy that a person is able to acquire and maintain. More energy equals stronger vision.

But it is my belief, that the average person, with little skill aside from perhaps the ability to see auras clearly, will be able to see displacements and energetic patterns that will allow them to begin to perceive non-organic life.  Using the same kind of perceptive abilities that you use when you see a person’s aura, you can see displacements in energy. Such displacements can be scrutinized with some practice on your part and eventually you can identify individual sentience in that free roaming energy. This means that this is sentient moving and independent energy, alive energy as it were, energy with individual intent. Once you can see that energy, you have discovered a whole new world!

Another way to identify and see non-organic life forms, beyond just looking for odd and displaced energy, is to use your auric vision to pay attention to pulsating frequencies of energy, or sometimes even vacuous spots, that is spots around you were there seems to be no energy at all, sort of like an energy black spot. Pulsating energy can indicate a non-organic life form, being that such non-organic life is usually quite energy intense at times and may begin to pulsate if it becomes agitated. A vacuous patch on the other hand, can mean that a non-organic life form is living, existing, in the vicinity and has consumed the natural energy in the area in order to feed itself. A patch of no energy therefore can mean a kind of grazing area where a non-organic life form might exist.

Someone who is very good at seeing auras, might be able to use such a technique alone to be able to perceive this non-organic life clearly.  It is most likely the case though, that in order to truly be able to perceive this non-organic life, to be able to discern its intention, and even begin a kind of communication with it, the inner feeling sense will need to be used.

Using the inner feeling sense, you can project an aspect of yourself into those displacements that you have been able to perceive with auric vision, and in doing so you will get a deep inner feeling sense, an empathic kind of connection with that sentient energy. Using the inner feeling sense (which I describe how to use in the Magnum Opus book referenced below) you will be able to perceive intention, create relative communication channels, protect yourself, and discern a near infinite number of things depending on your skill level. It is the inner feeling sense that is key in discerning whether that displacement that you can see with your auric vision is actually a sentient non-organic being are not. And with it, you will be able to not only communicate and protect yourself, but you will also be able to (with some practice) understand the nature of this impossible other kind of life. In time and with experience, you will be able to discern many different types of such non-organic life; what their general nature is, what their relative species type is, their general proclivities, their uses and even their weaknesses if such a thing as needed.

Using auric vision and the inner feeling sense, and further combined with the ability to work with energy in order to grow in power, a person can begin to perceive the incredibly varied non-organic life that is all around us during every single moment of our days on this earth. And I must point out that there is an incredible variety to non-organic lifeforms. For example, some non-organic lifeforms can be very small (like small little fish swimming around us) while others can be of titanic size (like giant skyscrapers moving slowly across the land). A nonorganic life form can be a simple conglomeration of energy that functions in many ways like a kind of simple biological organism, while other non-organic lifeforms can be incredibly complex conglomerations of vast intelligence, intelligence that far surpasses human intellect.

The vast majority of the human world is not ready for such revelations, indeed many of them under the weight of such revelations would most likely lose their minds.  But if you think you are ready, and please do proceed at your own risk, then you now have a basic understanding of how this is possible. As always, please note that these techniques are presented here for information purposes only and I cannot take responsibility for your actions, so do make sure that you take responsibility for your own actions here and proceed in accordance with your own steady and sober purpose.

If you would like to know more about how to develop the ability to see auras, to work with energy, and how to develop the inner feeling sense, in order to see the ‘supposedly’ impossible, then I recommend my books:

The Magnum Opus a Step by Step Course

The Occult Experience

I was recently asked about the limiting power of words, how verbal language may trap us, how it may restrict and perhaps even be used as a weapon to keep us all down. Well, in past articles and videos I have discussed some of this, but this is such an important topic that any clarification that I could give I think would be helpful.

To understand the limits of words we must understand the totality of ourselves, and the restrictions imposed on us here in this material dimension. I have said in the past that we are multidimensional beings, this means that we are far more than what we seem to be just from the physical perspective alone.

Using our physical eyes and listening only with our physical ears, then it is easy to suppose, to take it for granted, that we are a certain object quite clearly defined and outlined in three dimensional space. With our physical eyes we can see the beginning and the end of us, and we can define ourselves as a physical body that takes up a measurable amount of room within a three dimensional field of space and time. With our physical ears, we can perceive that this body, this object self, seems to have the possibility of creating sounds and through the manipulation of those sounds create a pattern, and a complex syntax, that eventually allows us all to communicate one object to the other.

But from the inner alchemist’s point of view, this is merely a lie of the physical senses, because we are so much more than physical things all gibbering at each other.

Perhaps the best way to explain this is to try to imagine what a dream experience might be like. In a particular dream you might imagine yourself to be someone you are not, in what might seem at the time to be real life to you. For example, in a dream you might be a person that you are not. In a dream you can be a totally different you. And, generally speaking, most people completely forget about the physical existence that they left behind the moment that they start the dreaming process.

Dreams can take us to a whole different world, and in that world, we are oftentimes different people, and in rare occasions we may even find ourselves in completely different worlds with wholly different laws from the ones that rule our waking reality. Moreover, most of us tend to completely forget our dreams, or may remember only slivers of them when we wake up the next morning. And during this dream, if we can remember any of it when we wake up, we may be incredibly fascinated in an odd and sometimes even morbid way, how it is that we can completely forget during that dream that we are something else while we are awake.

In that sense then, dreams can show us that we have the possibility to exist in other places, and while in those places we have this propensity to forget those aspects of ourselves that we left behind. In the same way that in dreams we can forget the physical being that we are while awake, during physical existence we also forget that we are more than just physicality. What I am trying to say is that physical existence is just a dream, and you are forgetting the fact that you are more than this.

This means that we are now dreaming ourselves as being physical beings, we are a dream dreaming itself as a physical person. And just like any dream, while in that dream we forget about the fact that there are different aspects of us that are beyond this dream, that there are aspects of ourselves not bound to the physical world. While we are dreaming physicality, we forget about the fact that there are different aspects of us existing in other places. Our dream self, the physical being that we become while we are dreaming this physical life in a physical world, forgets that we are far more than this. It forgets that we are multidimensional beings, beings of great proportion, and that only slivers of us, only a small sliver of the totality of ourselves, are caught up in a dream we call reality.

While in that dream, we wholeheartedly believe that we are only that physicality. But in the same way that we sometimes seem to wake up a little bit in our dreams, become lucid for small moments, we can sometimes wake up a little during physical existence. In those moments of fleeting lucidity, we may have glimpses of a larger existence, small little glimmers of illumination, that revealed to us in relative ways just how big we are and just how limiting and constricting this current dream is.

The thing about any dream location, is that while there, the gravity of that place makes us forget about everything else, and it also restricts us within a certain parameter of possibilities. Every dream position has a particular set of laws and principles that are to be found in that location and that are very difficult to break. Indeed, the laws of any particular dream position are impossible to overcome if we forget about the fact that we are a dreamer lost in one particular dream position.

While in this physical dream, we feel that we are bound to words, because the only way that we have to communicate, the only way that we even feel that we can communicate with ourselves even, is through these words. Many of us are so lost in this particular dream, that we often feel that words are the only way that we may know and experience reality. While lost in the gravity of this physical dream we are overcome by the trap of this place, and accept the supposed laws of this place without question. The gravity of this dream makes us believe that rationality and the syntax of rationality, the words and terms that we use, is the only thing available to us.

Such a restriction is the gravity of this place. Further, inner alchemists believe that this gravity is additionally compounded by the titanic force of the Archon, which rules this particular dream position. Such a force makes waking up from the dream very difficult.

During physical existence, this dream gravity that we might refer to as rationality, does not only bind us to words and their arrangement, the syntax of rationality, it also actively pits the parts of us that are experiencing this dream against ourselves, so that in the end we become our own worst enemies. This is the great power of the Archon.

Words will never be able to express the totality of what you are, of what the world truly is. They can only help to describe certain aspects of this particular dream position that we are now in. Moreover, since the gravity of this place affects not only us as dreamers, but also all of the dreamers that are here in this particular dream position with us, we must not only contend with our forgetting, we must also contend with the forgetting of everyone else, and the drive within them to try to bend others to the will of this place, the will of this dream position we call physical reality. This is a most important point.

But the moment you can learn to perceive with more than just your physical senses, is the moment that you start to remember the totality of yourself. This will be the moment that you will start to remember the different aspects of yourself that are scattered across different points in space and time, aspects of yourself that are located in different dream positions.

I refer to this ability as seeing, but it can also be experienced through a technique of inner alchemy that I have referred to as the way of the projectionist. Through the development of such personal ability, you can then begin to understand the true reality of your total self, and in doing so the greater perceptive possibilities available to you. Once this happens you will begin to see that words, the syntax of rationality, are wholly and completely inadequate in explaining and describing the totality of who you are, and the total sum of your potential.

Words limit us, they restrict what is possible by telling us that the only things conceivable are those things that they can describe. The syntax of rationality makes us conclude that everything outside of it) is an illusion, delusion, a form of insanity.

But there is so much more to us, there is far more to us that exists beyond this tiny sliver of physical reality. The greater sum of us exists in locations beyond this one particular dream position.

By letting go of those words and learning to perceive energy directly, either through seeing or through the power of the projectionist, we can then begin to realize that there is an incalculable world out there that we can be a part of. If we can let go of those words, we can also slowly but surely begin to participate in a world where we are not just limited objects, that can only manipulate our world in accordance with the gravity of rationality. If we can let go of those words and therefore the gravity of this particular dream position, true magic begins to open up to us.

It is accurate to say that all of my books are designed to try to reveal the magic of the totality of us beyond the syntax of rationality. But in this particular case, in order to understand the gravity of any particular dream position, and more importantly what is needed to be able to go beyond the syntax of rationality that is almost total in this modern world, I would highly recommend the book, The Way of the Projectionist.

I have discussed in past videos and posts, the idea of the cube. In those posts, I have avoided a finely detailed description of what these cubes are, or what they might represent.

The reason for this is that, as it is the case with all things within the rational perspective, trying to describe this phenomenon can be more unhelpful than helpful. What I mean by this, is that by giving this phenomena certain characteristics and boundaries, in order to try and describe it, I end up creating and propping up characteristics that, depending on the perceivers viewpoint and understanding, may not be entirely accurate. Indeed, these attempts at description through categorisation, and compartmentalisation can end up being destructive, because they force a definition that may not be the most accurate possible, due to slight individual perceptive variations.

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